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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.5, No.5

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2016-05-05

  1. The Muslim-Ethical Norms Combat against Corruption; Are Islamic Perspective been Met in Practice?

    Authors: Aina-Obe Shamsuddin Bolatito

  2. Depression Symptoms among Diabetic Pregnant Women in Beni-Suef

    Authors: Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan; Amel Abd Elazim Mohamed; Mona Mohammed Ibrahim

  3. Load Balancing in Public Cloud Using Partitioning Mechanism

    Authors: Sudhir A Shinde; Kapil N Vhatkar

  4. Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome: A Rare Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Md. Tabrez Aziz; Dr. Md. Omar Tabrez

  5. Effectiveness of Pursed Lip Breathing Exercise on Selected Physiological Parameters among COPD Patients

    Authors: Jincy Ealias; Binu Babu

  6. The Prevalence of Urinary Tract Infection among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic at Atertiary Care Centrein AlRass, Al Qassim

    Authors: Upendra Lele; Amjad Al Essa; Varsha Shahane

  7. A GIS Based Assessment of Selected Sites of Kota Barrage of Rajasthan with Special Reference to Water Quality Parameters

    Authors: Dr. Kiran Choudhary; Dr. Krishnendra Singh Nama

  8. Study of Normalized Moments of Relativistic Charged Shower Particles Produced in 12C-Nucleus Collisions at 4.5 A GeV

    Authors: Praveen Prakash Shukla; H. Khushnood; M. Saleem Khan

  9. Design Ontology for Open Learning Domain

    Authors: Dr. Mohammed Awad Mohammed Ata Elfadiel; Eiman Alsiddig Altayeb Ibrahim

  10. Quality of Life in Patients with Thalassemia Major

    Authors: Mohit Gupta; Ritika Jindal

  11. Reduction of Vinyl Chloride Monomer Concentration in Poly Vinyl Chloride

    Authors: Shukla Harsh B; Shukla Akanksha H

  12. Constraints Faced by the Mango Growers in Adoption of Plant Protection Measures

    Authors: Sayali V. Thakur; V. S. Shirke

  13. Thermodynamic Performance Evaluation of Single Stage Vapour Compression System Equipped with Liquid Vapour Heat Exchanger Using Eight Ecofriendly Refrigerants for Reducing Global Warming

    Authors: Shobhit Mishra; M. Emran Khan

  14. The Amelioration of Carbon Tetracholride ? Induced Toxicities by Methanolic Extract of Buchholzia coriacea Leave in Male Albino Rat

    Authors: AKINYEDE Kolajo.A; OYEWUSI Habeebat.A; OLOGUNDE Charles.A; ADENIYI Olayemi.A

  15. Design and Simulation of Boost Converter Using P & O Technique for PV System

    Authors: Patel Mamta Z.; T. B. Maniar

  16. The Management of Second Twin and its Perinatal Outcome in Comparison with First Twin

    Authors: Dr. T. Shobha; Dr. Rohini

  17. Comparison between Traditional Intermittent & New Continuous Episiotomy

    Authors: Dr. Manchanda Prabhjot DNB; Dr. Tolia Dhvanit DNB

  18. Analysis of Amorphous Metal Core Distribution Transformer

    Authors: Pandav Sharoniben.J; Parmar Jaydipsinh.K

  19. Infosecurity Management

    Authors: Dr D S Kushwaha; Dr A S Vidyarthi

  20. The Effective Role of Literary Texts in Developing Paragraph Writing

    Authors: Mahir El-Rufai Babikir Ibrahim Salim

  21. Clinical Profile in Patients of Organophosphorous Poisoning

    Authors: Dr Manisha Panchal; Dr Dipti Trivedi

  22. IDS System against Gray Hole Attack in VANET

    Authors: Gurtej Kaur; Amandeep Kaur

  23. Automatic Steering System

    Authors: Manish Kumar Mishra; Arjun Maurya; Rajiv Ranjan Dev

  24. Which Female Prefer Longer Penises?

    Authors: Kim M. DRASA Jr.; Vaso Vasili

  25. Analysis of Vehicle Service Queuing System Using Arena in Authorized Workshop

    Authors: Janar Dehantoro; Didih Sumiardi; Osep Hijuzaman

  26. Diagnosis of Non-Malignant Uterine Cervix Pathologies

    Authors: Denisa Bajraktari; Avenir Balili; Odeta Hoxhaj

  27. Frequency of Computer Vision Syndrome & Ergonomic Practices among Computer Engineering Students

    Authors: Hafiz Muhammad Junaid Hassan; Sarah Ehsan; Hafiz Sheraz Arshad

  28. Perceived Causes and Intervention Options for Sustainable Resolution of Conflicts Among Cattle Herdsmen and Arable Crop Farmers in Ebonyi North Zone, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

    Authors: Umeh; G.N; Chukwu; V.A

  29. A Class of QT Bezier Curve with Two Shape Parameters

    Authors: Reenu Sharma

  30. Socioeconomic Perspectives to Arable Crop Farmer-Herder Conflicts in Ebonyi North Zone, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

    Authors: Umeh G.N; Chukwu V.A

  31. Integrated Approach for Solving Haziness in an Image Using Dark and Bright Channel Prior

    Authors: Jyoti Tomar; Shweta Bandhekar

  32. Thermo-Optical Study of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal and Mixtures

    Authors: Radha Srinivasan; Dr. Rita Gharde; Bhave Manisha

  33. Content Based Image Retrieval Using Enhanced Vocabulary

    Authors: Gunita Wankhede; Amit Yerpude

  34. To Study the Strength Characteristics of Concrete Using Waste Marble Powder and Recycled Coarse Aggregates

    Authors: Sukhdev Vashist; Dr. Sanjeev Naval

  35. Common Fixed Point Theorem in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Space Satisfying Integral Type Inequality

    Authors: Preeti Malviya; Vandna Gupta; V.H. Badshah

  36. Secondary Treated Wastewater in Construction

    Authors: Vidhya Lakshmi.A; Arul Gideon.R

  37. Collision Informer Using Augmented Reality

    Authors: Aakash Agrawal; Gourishankar Bawade; Samruddha Shete; Roma Maity

  38. Shifting an Object by Robot Using Haptic Shared Control System

    Authors: Merline.G

  39. Review Paper on Wireless Power Transmission for Energy Harvesting System

    Authors: Priyanka Sinha; Ritesh Diwan

  40. Clinical Profile and Outcome in Patients with IgA Nephropathy

    Authors: Dr. Dipti Trivedi; Dr. Manisha Panchal; Dr. Devang Patwari

  41. Cyber Security for Remote Patient Monitoring System

    Authors: B. Manjulatha

  42. USB Detection in Industrial Espionage Cases

    Authors: Aparna Chandran; Harsha V

  43. Significance of Residual Artifacts from Random Access Memory

    Authors: Sreelakshmi K; Princy Sugathan

  44. Recovering Deleted Files from NTFS

    Authors: Rincy Roy Oommen; Princy Sugathan

  45. The Investigation of Representation Symmetry of Free Atoms and their Atomic Energy Level Splittings in the ZnO Crystalline Field

    Authors: Niyongabo P.

  46. Calcium Concentration in Ground Water of Punjab Satluj Floodplain (India): Spatio-temporal Analysis from 1970-2011

    Authors: Harsimrat Kaur Gill

  47. Enrichment in Heavy Metal (HM) and Rare Earth Element (REE) in Fluvial Placer Deposits: Case Study of Zambesi River (Mozambique)

    Authors: Emanuela Marin; Carmela Vaccaro; Dario Di Giuseppe; Monia Procesi; Alessandra Sciarra; Francesco Zarlenga

  48. A Hybrid Switching Inverter for High -Efficiency Traction Motor Drives

    Authors: Juluri Shiva Prasad; Narra Narender Reddy

  49. A Survey on Delay Constraint Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Pallavi P. Bambal; Deepak C. Mehetre

  50. Impact of Business Incubators on Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship Development

    Authors: Ogutu V. O.; Kihonge E.

  51. Practices and Challenges of Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT) Programme: The Case of Haramaya University

    Authors: Koye Kassa; Yonas Amdemeskel

  52. Invitro Studies on Antidiabetic Effect of Aegle Marmelos Plant Aqueous Extract

    Authors: Marypatience Muyuka. Msc

  53. Query Expansion Based on a Personalized Mobile Search Engine-A Review

    Authors: Anita B. Dombale; Suhas M. Patil

  54. Bacteriological and Physical Analysis of Dug Wells in South Darfur (Tolus town) for Indication of Pollution by Enterococus E. faecalis and Coliform

    Authors: Omar.B; Nada.A; Mohmad.A; Mustafa.S

  55. Thermal Influence Occurring Deviations in the Parameters of the Laser Beam Propagating through Atmospheric Air

    Authors: Omar B. Yousef

  56. Risk Factors of Hamstring Strain in Football Players

    Authors: Shahid Shafiq; Umer Maqsood; Hafiz Sheraz Arshad

  57. E-Commerce: A Boon for Human Being in Recent Era

    Authors: Monalisa Hati

  58. Stegano-Cryptographic Technique for Online Polling System

    Authors: Monalisa Hati

  59. Extended Hybrid Block Simpson's Method of the 5th and 6th Step-Sizes for Ordinary Differential Equations

    Authors: Y. Skwame; Kumleng G.; Donald J. Z.; J. Sunday

  60. Mitigation of Azimuth Ambiguities in SAR Images Using Restoration Techniques

    Authors: Aashna Hassan

  61. Optimization of Micro WEDM Process Parameters for Machining on TI-6AL-4V Alloy

    Authors: Jagdish Singh; Karamjit Bhambri

  62. Exploring Problems Facing Second-Year Secondary Students in Paragraph Writing

    Authors: Mahir El-Rufai Babikir Ibrahim Salim

  63. Constitution and Adventitious Domain Relevance for Establishing Features in Opinion Mining

    Authors: D. D. Patil; Hafsa N. Mohd Yusuf

  64. Effect of Selected Yogic Practices on Vital Capacity among University Men Students

    Authors: Dr. Baljit Singh Sekhon; Dr. P. V. Shelvam

  65. An Application of Queue management Systems for Congestion Control in Revered Places of Uttarakhand India

    Authors: Jagdish C. Purohit; O. K. Belwal

  66. A Study to Assess Awareness and Perceptions of Employees towards Performance Appraisal System in a Corporate Super-Specialty Hospital in Amritsar

    Authors: Prabhjot Kaur Dilawari

  67. Research about the Influential Factors of Insider Trading under the M and A: Based on the Perspective of Corporate Governance

    Authors: Dihui Wu; Du Li

  68. Difference of def-t and DMF-T Index of Autism Children and Normal Children

    Authors: Yetty Herdiyati Nonong; Eka Chemiawan; Prima Abigail Gayatri

  69. Intelligent Compression and Secure Auditing in Cloud

    Authors: Dr. K. Sundeep Kumar; Meghashree.M

  70. A Comparative Study between Laparoscopic Hernia Repair and Open Lichtenstein's Hernia Repair

    Authors: Dr. Arjun Athmaram Dr. Saptarshi Paul Dr. Harishchandra B

  71. Passeriformes Bird Species as Documented from Conservation Reserve Beed, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, India

    Authors: Vikas Jangir; Meera Srivastava

  72. Frequency of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Nurses Working in Hospitals of Lahore

    Authors: Faizan Asghar; Sarah Ehsan; Hafiz Sheraz Arshad

  73. Linkage Effects of Rural Non-Farm Income Diversification on Poverty Reduction among Farm Households in Southeast, Nigeria

    Authors: Odoh; N. E.; Nwibo; S. U.

  74. Protective Effect of Garcinia kola Seed and Honey Mixture against Cadmium-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Wistar Albino Rats

    Authors: D. G. Tamuno-Emine; A. F. Anyia

  75. Performance Analysis of Adaptive Filters for Noise Cancellation in Audio Signal for Hearing Aid Application

    Authors: G K Girisha; S L Pinjare

  76. Ship Detection on Space borne Image Using Machine Learning Techniques

    Authors: Prathima V R; Manasa C H

  77. A Survey Paper on Location Based Device Management Policy Framework for Smart Phone Users

    Authors: Chinar Bhandari; M. D. Ingle

  78. Cervicalcytopathology: Evaluation of its Efficacy in Detecting Cervical Precancerous and Cancerous Lesions, As Evidenced by Colposcopic Biopsy

    Authors: Dr. T. Shobha; Dr. Sindhuma Davuluri

  79. Green Engine Working on Coal Water Fuel (CWF)

    Authors: Rohit Choudhari

  80. Optimization of Process Parameters of Powder Mixed Dielectric EDM for MRR and Ra by Grey Relational Analysis Method

    Authors: M. S. Bembde; J. K. Sawale

  81. Farmers Awareness towards Drip Irrigation System and Flood Irrigation System in Coimbatore District

    Authors: Dr. Mrs. P. Maheswari

  82. H-Bridge Configuration for Wide Range Speed Control of DC Motor

    Authors: Vinayak.S.W; K. M. Kavitha

  83. Apply Total Quality Management to Innovate the University Management in Vietnam

    Authors: Nguyen Quang Giao Ph.D.

  84. Effectiveness of Laughter Therapy on Stress among School Teachers

    Authors: Dr. R. Shankar Shanmugam; Dr. C. Susila; J. Anitha

  85. Secure Authentication and Cyber Crime Mitigation for Social Networking Sites

    Authors: Anjitha T; Harsha V

  86. A Sophisticated Approach to Detect Email Frauds

    Authors: Sruthi Sree J S; Maniveena C

  87. A Storage and a Research Model of Medical Imaging in a Hospital Information System

    Authors: Mohamad Ali Cheaito; Marwan Nasri Cheaito

  88. Ergonomics Assessment and Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Construction Workers

    Authors: Rabia Anwar; Wajeeha Mahmood; Hafiz Sheraz Arshad

  89. Knowledge and Practices of Agricultural Extension Officers in Management of the Invasive Tuta Absoluta Meyerick (Gelechiidae) in Tanzania

    Authors: Maneno Chidege; Secilia Mrosso; Christopher L. Materu

  90. Fibre Synergy in Concrete Matrix

    Authors: J. Vikram

  91. Generation of Electrical Power Using Solar Energy and to Design Simple Inverter Circuit with Large Power Output

    Authors: Vinayak.S. W; K. M. Kavitha

  92. Assessment of Ground Water Quality in Shrirampur Tehsil: A GIS-Integrated Approach

    Authors: Dr. S. P. Cholke

  93. Fingerprint Based Authentication System using ARM7

    Authors: Ambavarapu Bhavana; M. Jasmine

  94. Ground Water Quality Assessment for Land Productivity Mapping using GIS Techniques in Shrirampur Tehsil (Maharashtra)

    Authors: Dr. S. P. Cholke

  95. High Speed Digital Protection of EHV Line Using Travelling Waves

    Authors: Harpreet Kaur; Dr. Gursewak Singh Brar

  96. An Economic Comparative Assessment using Mi-2 Helicopter and Seed Drill in (Sowing Seeds, Foliar Feeding and Weed Control) Operations on the Wheat Fields at Some Egyptian Governorates

    Authors: Hamdi Z. Abouleid; Ahmed Osama Saad; A. Y. Hammad

  97. High Impedance Fault Modelling on 11Kv Feeder Using Matlab Simulink

    Authors: Shyam Salona

  98. Electronic Research Project Proposal Management System using Spring and Hibernate Framework

    Authors: Preetham; Manimozhi

  99. Students Engagement Variables as Correlates of Academic Achievement in Economics in Senior Secondary Schools in Anambra State, Nigeria

    Authors: Ohamobi Ifunanya N.; Ezeaku Stella N.

  100. Psychiatric Disorder and Violent Behaviour

    Authors: Lefter Sinani; Fabian Cenko

  101. A Study to Compare the Knowledge of Hand Hygiene among Nurses in a Public Tertiary-Care and a Private Corporate Hospital in Amritsar

    Authors: Vardeep Singh Dhillon

  102. Qualitative and Quantitative Impact of Honeybee Pollination on Apple Production in Shimla Hills of Himachal Pradesh, India

    Authors: V. K. Mattu; Dimpal Nirala

  103. The Universe is Almost All Perfect, Accurate, Regular and Appropriate but Never All Perfect or Accurate or Regular or Appropriate: The Universe Only Has The Knife Edge Accuracy or Large Scale Accuracy but not Absolute Accuracy

    Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

  104. Energy Yield Value Evaluation of a HHO Technology Induced Diesel Engine

    Authors: Vignesh Sai; Alok Kumar Nayak

  105. Secure Distributed and Auditing Reliability for Deduplication

    Authors: Soumya S. M.; Sarvamangala D. R.

  106. Assessment of Breast Feeding Practices among Mothers of Cleft Lip and Palate Babies

    Authors: Pravisha Pandey; Mukta Singh

  107. An Efficiently Subcontracted the Identity-Based Encryption for Revocation in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Soujanya M A; Lalitha L A

  108. Theoretical Design of a Non-Cyclic Cooling System using Pykrete as a Cooling Material and Considering the System as a Heat Exchanger

    Authors: Divyashree Deore; Sarthak Sharma

  109. Risk Stratification and Clinical Profile of Newly Detected Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Rural India

    Authors: Srikanth Evuru

  110. ?5th Generation Mobile Technology? - A New Milestone to Future Wireless Communication Networks

    Authors: Satya Prakash Rout

  111. A Study to find out the Frequency of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Post Partum Females

    Authors: Bukhtawer Shabab; Gulnaz Zaheer; Hafiz Sheraz Arshad

  112. Physical, Dietary, Sedentary, Behavior and Gender Differences among these Factors of Adolescents in Lahore

    Authors: Kainat Ameer; Wajeeha Mahmood; Hafiz Sheraz Arshad

  113. Tectonic Hazards and its Effect on Man and Environment

    Authors: Kaushik K Ghosh

  114. Enhancement of Performance of Proxy Server by Reducing Web Traffic using Web Usage Mining

    Authors: Nitish Patil; Mahesh Kumar Singh

  115. Impacts of Heavy Metals in Soil Profile of Surrounding Municipal Solid Waste Dump Site

    Authors: Anjanapriya.S; Lalitha.S

  116. Extension of ?-? B-Spline Curves and Its Application in Surface Modelling

    Authors: Reenu Sharma

  117. PATA: A Protocol for Mobile Sensing Privacy-Aware and Trustworthy Data Aggregation

    Authors: Devendra Hapase; M. D. Ingle

  118. Analysis of Web Phishing Methods

    Authors: Rishav Shaw; Utkarsh Opalkar; Nayan Mathur; R. Manjula

  119. Tweet Segmentation and Enhancement of Tweets

    Authors: Sonam Meshram; Hirendra Hajare

  120. Finite Element Analysis of Guyed Masts under Seismic Excitation

    Authors: Adlin Nelofer J; N Saravana Kumar

  121. Result Evaluation of Contention Based Attribute Prediction Model in Information Security

    Authors: Neha Mourya; Margi Patel

  122. The Influence of Annealing Temperature on Optical Properties of Tin Oxide (SnO2) Thin Films Prepared by Thermal Evaporation Process

    Authors: S. K. Tripathy; T. N. V. Prabhakar Rao

  123. Energy Detection Using NI USRP 2920

    Authors: Sowmiya M; Sangeetha M

  124. Overview on Head Posture Valuation from a 2D Face Image

    Authors: Seema N. Shaikh; Sushil Kumar N. Holambe

  125. Cadaveric Donation - A 10 Years Retrospective Study at D. Y. Patil Medical College, Kolhapur

    Authors: Dr. Vasudha R Nikam; Dr. Ashalata D Patil

  126. Tensile Strength Properties of Rice Husk-Rice Husk Ash Filled Plastic Drinking Bottle Waste Hybrid Composite with the Addition of Glycerol as Plasticizer

    Authors: Maulida Lubis; Faisal Bukhory Harahap

  127. Real Time Based Recommendation System for Taxi Ride Sharing

    Authors: Amruta N. Deshmukh; K. K. Chhajed

  128. Weldability Analysis of 316 Stainless Steel and AA1100 Alloy Hollow Tubes using Rotational Friction Welding Process

    Authors: Y. Lekhana; A. Nikhila; K. Bharath; B. Naveen; A. Chennakesava Reddy

  129. An Assessment of Business Income Taxpayers? Tax Knowledge, Tax Complexity, and Tax Compliance: A Case of Amhara Regional State of Ethiopia

    Authors: Samuel Alemnew Belay; P. Viswanadham

  130. Dwindling Electrical Power Supply in Nigeria: Causes and Possible Solutions

    Authors: S. D. Fabiyi; A. O. Abdulmalik; H. A. Tiamiu

  131. Frequency of Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain after 3 Months of Stroke in Lahore

    Authors: Ramsha Aslam; Gulnaz Zaheer; Hafiz Sheraz Arshad

  132. Enhanced Active Power Filter Action for Renewable Power Generation Systems

    Authors: Sayini Harish Naidu; Narra Narender Reddy

  133. Report on Study Tour Programme of IVLP in Madanapalli Cluster

    Authors: Dr. P. M. Muniswamy Reddy; M. Ramesh

  134. Identify Certain Physiological Indices Associated with Tillering, Number of Leaves and Leaf Area in Tolerance in Rice

    Authors: Rita Tiwari; S. P. Singh

  135. The Study of Professional Stressor Factors in Nursing and Midwifery Community

    Authors: Esmat Bandani; Mohammad Ghasemi; Hakimeh Shahryari

  136. History, Challenge and Opportunities of Beles (Oppuntia ficus indica L.) in Tigray, North Ethiopia

    Authors: Shushay Welderufael

  137. Management of Cervical Fibroids in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Females

    Authors: Dr. Mukti S. Harne; Dr S. K. Rath; Dr. G.S. Aher

  138. Design Issues of Wearable Antennas

    Authors: Tejas Patel; Madhusmita Sahoo

  139. Comparison of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Disease Remission in the European Union and United States

    Authors: Siva Narayanan

  140. Legal Status of Children Born Outside Marriage in Hindu Community of Bali (Human Rights Perspective)

    Authors: Dr Ida Ayu Sadnyini SH.; MH.

  141. Enzymatic Finishing of Textiles

    Authors: Khushboo Shrimali; Ela Dedhia

  142. Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Antenatal Care among Pregnant Women

    Authors: Pinal Bhabhor; Sijo Koshy

  143. Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Anthropometric Measurements in Secondary School Children in Mumbai, India

    Authors: Thakur Anuprita; Yardi Sujata; Arora Anu

  144. Human Assets Administration Practices & Job Satisfaction: A Obtain Competencies of Hotel Industry

    Authors: Dr. Rajeev Singh

  145. Comparative Study of Steel and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Composites

    Authors: Tejas R Patil; Ajay N. Burile

  146. Cattle Stomach Contents Concentrate as Supplemental Lysine and Methionine Source for Single Combed White Leghorn Layers on Plant Protein-Based Diets

    Authors: Dr. Angelito L. Lacadin; Joel John P. Humag

  147. Effect of Concept Attainment Model on Achievement in Social Sciences

    Authors: Dr. Ruchi Bhargava

  148. Accessing Credit Finance by Artisanal Fishermen: The Case of Lake Victoria in Kisumu, Kenya

    Authors: Richard O. Akuno Nyangaya; Oloo Jack Onyango

  149. Dimensional Stones: Weathering Nature and Technical Properties

    Authors: S. R. Jakhar; Rajendra Mathur

  150. Survey and Vegetational Analysis of Nrupatunga Betta

    Authors: Agadi S. N.; Emmi S. N.

  151. Poetry as a Tool of Instruction: A Study of John Milton's Paradise Lost and Bammera Pothana's Bhagavat

    Authors: Dr. J.V.N. Mallikarjuna; Bangla Bharathi

  152. The Relationship between Sleeping Habits and Academic Performance among Medical Students in King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Abdulrahman Ahmad Al Naim; Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Ahmari; Mohammed Ahmed Al Omari; Sayed Ibrahim Ali

  153. Comparison of Onset, Duration of Action and Intubating Conditions of Three Dosages 0.3 mg/kg, 0.6 mg/kg, 0.9 mg/kg of Rocuronium Bromide

    Authors: Dr Chanda Khatri; Dr Kishore Khatri; Dr Vijaylaxmi Jain

  154. Simulation of Droplet Combustion for Monopropellants

    Authors: Nikhil Jain; Mahavir Choudhary

  155. Energy Conservation in Air Supply Unit Used for Ventilation Purpose in Automobile Industries

    Authors: Prakash B. Salunkhe; P. P. Mahajan

  156. Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beam with Hollow Core at Various Depth

    Authors: Nibin Varghese; Anup Joy

  157. Image Transmission Technique via Mosaic Image Steganography

    Authors: Athira Leeladharan; A. S. Vibith

  158. Performance Evaluation of Cluster Based Algorithm used for Text Document Classification

    Authors: Rohit S. Patil; Manish Bhardwaj

  159. Thermodynamic Analysis of Single Effect Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Cycle

    Authors: Md. Meraj; Dr. M. Emran Khan; Rashid Imam

  160. Studies on the Mode of Action of Bacteriocin Produced by Lactobacillus fermentum CrT21

    Authors: Oluwafemi Adedire; Omowumi Adegboye; Adebayo Osesusi

  161. Frequency of Lumbago and its Risk Factors among Medical Students of Fatima Memorial Hospital College of Medicine & Dentistry Lahore

    Authors: Fahad Tanveer; Sana Shahid

  162. Prevalence and Risk Factors for the Development of Upper-Crossed Syndrome (UCS) among DPT Students of University of Lahore

    Authors: Sana Shahid; Fahad Tanveer; Atif Dustgir

  163. Physical Activity and Wellbeing Advancing Practices in Female Physiotherapy Students of the University of Lahore

    Authors: Fahad Tanveer; Sana Shahid

  164. Effect of Debridement on Posttraumatic Soft Tissue Coverage in University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

    Authors: Ozinko M.O.; Otei O.O.; Isiwele E.; Urom S. E.

  165. Effect of Allium sativum on the Carbohydrate Metabolism of Haemonchus contortus

    Authors: L. Veerakumari; N. Chitra

  166. Performance Evaluation of CNTFET Based Ternary Basic Gates and Half Adder

    Authors: Gaurav Agarwal; Amit Kumar

  167. A Novel Experience in Diagnosing Bone Lesions by FNAC

    Authors: Dr. K. Rekha MD; Dr K R Umadevi M D

  168. Job-related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Bus Drivers of Lahore, Pakistan

    Authors: Muhammad Wajahat Aslam; Fahad Tanveer; Hafiz Sheraz Arshad

  169. Academic Leadership through E- education in India

    Authors: Abdul Karim Siddiqui

  170. Impact of ISO 9000 Certification on TQM Practices: Empirical Study in Ethiopian Manufacturing Companies

    Authors: Dr. R. Satya Raju; Haile Yeshanew Baye

  171. A Study on Behaviour of Cohession Less Soil with Square Plate

    Authors: Ahmed Mohmed Ahmed Blash; Hussein Mohmed Hussein Ahmeed

  172. A Study to Identify the Factors Influencing Quality of Life in Patients With Pulmonary Tuberculosis and to Develop A Self Instructional Module to Enhance the Quality of Life of Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Selected Dots Centres of Delhi

    Authors: Shabana Khatun

  173. CFD Analysis of Temperature Variation in Semi-Circular Fins Under Forced Convection

    Authors: Roma Singh; Umang Singh

  174. Enhancement of Solar Cell Efficiency in Solar Manufacturing Plant

    Authors: N Sindhu; P Mabuhussain

  175. Smart Grid Technology and Renewable Energy Integration in the Ghanaian Grid System

    Authors: Kingsley Akom; Bernard Adjei-Frimpong; Kwadwo Ntiamoah-Sarpong

  176. A Study of Serum Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Prolactin Levels of Infertile Females

    Authors: Dr.Omer Mohamed Shoaib; Dr. Elhashmi E Hassan

  177. Irrational Use of Antibiotics among University Students

    Authors: Elagib H. M.; Al-Tamimi R. KH.; Alolaiqi G. F.; Algharbi N. A.; Alsamaan B. A.; Alsharedah D. N.; Almohaimel N. M.

  178. Smart Flatterer: A Two-Stage Flatterer for Efficiently Bring in Deep-Web Interfaces

    Authors: Vaishnavi S; Sailaja Thota

  179. Influence of Limestone and Fly Ash (Class F) as Partial Replacement Materials on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete

    Authors: Pathan Maaz Khan L.; Farhan A. Vahora

  180. Comparative Study of Conventional Structure with Monolithic Structure

    Authors: Haaris M. Mal; Prof. Umang Parekh

  181. Semiparametric Multi State Model for Time-To-Event Data

    Authors: Ramakrishnan.M; Viswanathan.N

  182. PAP Smear and Colposcopic Evaluation of Uterine Cervix

    Authors: Denisa Bajraktari; Odeta Hoxhaj

  183. Appraisal of Managerial Skills of Business Operators in Anambra State

    Authors: Nwankwo Leopold Arinze

  184. Uncemented Total Hip Replacement Using Ha Coated Stem in Avascular Necrosis of Femur Head: Minimum Follow Up of 3 Years

    Authors: Archadhaa Sivakanthan; Sharath KR; Ramneesh Kohli

  185. Business Metadata: Linking Enterprise Goals with Data Warehouse

    Authors: Ruchi Thakur; Anika Gupta

  186. Analysis of Image Classification and Annotation Methods for Smartphone

    Authors: Lekhraj D. Vilhekar; Dr. M. B. Chandak

  187. Green Synthesized Gold Nanoparticle from Kigelia Africana Enhanced the Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities: An In Vitro Approach

    Authors: Gunasekaran Vetrichelvi; Kannan Elangovan; S. Niranjali Devaraj

  188. Evaluation of Antianxiety Effect of Oxytocin in Rats

    Authors: K. Raadhika; M. Malathi

  189. A Cross-Sectional Study on the Health Status of Menopausal Women in Jharsuguda District, Odisha

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