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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.1, No.5

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2018-07-30

  1. Earthquake Resistance Architecture: A Study for the Architectural Design of Buildings in Sesmic Zones

    Authors: Y. P. Singh

  2. Legalization of Corporate Social Responsibility in Dealing with Environmental Issues 'œExamples from Moroccan Arab Countries'

    Authors: Raed Awashreh

  3. Language through Literature through Language

    Authors: Vineet Kaul

  4. Visible Light Communication for Visually Impaired People using Sustainable LEDs

    Authors: Pradnya Kulkarni M. B. Tadwalkar

  5. Comparison of Software Cost Estimation Techniques: An Overview

    Authors: R. Poorna Chandra Sekhar G. Anjan Babu

  6. Impact of Environmental Factors on Secondary Metabolite Diversity and Free Radical Scavenging Activity of V .vinefera (Jumbo Seedless) From Nashik Valley

    Authors: Anita V. Handore Sharad R. Khandelwal

  7. Evaluation of the Service Process to Students in the Payment Area Applying Simulation

    Authors: Gonzalez Torres Arturo Romero Arellano Silvia Chávez Hernández Noemí

  8. Evaluation of Technological Competences, Case Study: Teachers of Superior Level

    Authors: Ramírez Castañeda Iscander A. Velázquez Reyes Sara M. García Carrillo María C.

  9. Effect of Swift Heavy Ion irradiation on Optical properties of Poly vinylidene chloride (PVDC) Films

    Authors: Kusam Devgan

  10. Analysis of Percentage of Employability, Case Study Licensee in Administration

    Authors: Ramírez Castañeda Iscander A. Velázquez Reyes Sara M. García Carrillo María C.

  11. Evaluation of Interpersonal Relations in University Students

    Authors: López Lazcano Sara B. Medina Molina Yearim Rodríguez Cuellar Ruth

  12. Evaluation of the Cognitive Level in Adults over 60 Years

    Authors: López Lazcano Sara B. López Lazcano Judith N. Muñoz Martiñon Rodolfo

  13. Evaluation of the Process of Attention using the Simulation of Processes

    Authors: Muñoz Martiñon Rodolfo Robles Ramírez Diana P. Vanessa Zamudio Hidalgo

  14. Customer Service Evaluation Applied to Pedagogy Degree

    Authors: López Lazcano Judith N. Jaimes Pérez Josué Iván Vega Torres Gisela

  15. Fixed Points in Continuous Non Decreasing Functions

    Authors: M. RamanaReddy

  16. MIMO Systems with Degraded Actuators and Sensors

    Authors: Chieh-Chuan Feng

  17. Control Systems in the Presence of Actuators or Sensors Degradation

    Authors: Chieh-Chuan Feng

  18. Study of The Health Status of Adolescent Boys and Girls (14-16 Years) of D N High School, Anand - Gujarat

    Authors: Bhavana Y Chauhan

  19. Effect of Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi) Powder on Hyperlipidemic and Hyperglycemic Male Patients

    Authors: Bhavana Y. Chauhan

  20. A Comparative Study of Nutritional Status of Children Aged 11-14 Years of Low and High Economical Background, Surat

    Authors: Bhavana Y Chauhan

  21. Effect of Date Ball on Haemoglobin Level of Rural and Urban Adolescent Girls

    Authors: Bhavana Y Chauhan

  22. Consumer Perception of Mobile Advertising Values and their Attitude Towards Mobile Advertising in Anambra State, Nigeria

    Authors: Okwuchukwu Marcus Anyasor Njideka Nancy Umeadi

  23. Effect of Investor Sentiment on Future Returns in the Nigerian Stock Market

    Authors: Udoka Bernard Alajekwu Cyprian Okey Okoro Michael Chukwumee Obialor N. S. Ibenta

  24. Hawking and Climate Change: Irreversibility

    Authors: Jan-Erik Lane

  25. Co Variants and Adjustment of Disabled Children: A Study in Elementary Schools in Uttar Pradesh

    Authors: Ajay Kumar Singh Chhatrasal Singh

  26. Effects of Nutritional Intervention on Weight Gain During Pregnancy

    Authors: Bhavana Y Chauhan

  27. Study on Nutritious Multigrain Weaning Mix

    Authors: Bhavana Y Chauhan

  28. Situational Analysis of Diet and Nutritional Profile of 21 to 70 Years Urban Population with Respect to BMD Impact

    Authors: Bhavana Y. Chauhan

  29. The Empirical Study of the Evolution of the Next Generation Firewalls

    Authors: Manisha Patil Savita Mohurle

  30. To Compare the Efficacy of Deep Transverse Friction Massage and Ultrasound in Patients with Upper Trapezius Trigger Points

    Authors: Jaspinder Kaur Tanu Kapila

  31. To Compare The Effect Of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and Static Stretching on Flexibility of Hamstring Muscle: A Comparative Study

    Authors: Tanu Kapila Dilpreet Kaur Jaspinder Kaur

  32. Interfacing of Grid Connected Wind Energy Conversion System Based on PMSG through NPC Inverter

    Authors: Anita Satish Kumar

  33. Asset Allocation as Determinant of Bank Profitability in Nigeria

    Authors: Gloria Obiageli Izundu Clem Nwakoby Cyprian Okey Okoro Udoka Bernard Alajekwu

  34. A Reiew on Different Configurations and Control Strategies for PMSG based WECS

    Authors: Anita Satish Kumar

  35. Stress Annealed CoFeNbB Alloy : A Structural Study

    Authors: Shailendra Singh Khinchi

  36. An Analysis and Study of HAAR Wavelet Based Method for 2D Image Compression

    Authors: Chetankumar R. Dudhagara

  37. Fe75-xCoxCu1Nb3Si15B6 Alloy with Rapid Stress Annealing

    Authors: Shailendra Singh Khinchi

  38. Qadriya Sufis: Restoration of Peace in Kashmir Society

    Authors: Syed Damsaz Ali Andrabi

  39. Comparison of Septic and Octic Recursive B-spline Collocation Solutions for Seventh Order Differential Equation

    Authors: Rajashekhar Reddy

  40. Effect of Temperature on Electrical Conductivity of Multi Walled Carbon nano Tube / Epoxy Nano Composites

    Authors: Seenaa Ibrahem Hussein

  41. Thumb Rules for Sustainabile Learning Environment

    Authors: Monika Shekhar Gupta

  42. Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

    Authors: Mohd Ashraf Mir Vibha Doorwar Syed Damsaz Ali Andrabi

  43. Aliasing Frequency Detection In a Communication Receiver

    Authors: Om Prakash Sajal Kumar Das N. Rajesha

  44. An Empirical Study of Organizational Development through HR Services Satisfaction Index'“ A Case Study

    Authors: Ruchi Goyal

  45. Privacy in Advertisement Services using Big Data: A Survey

    Authors: Jitendra Soni Imran Uddin

  46. Socio-Economic Profile and Planning of Street Venders in Surat

    Authors: C. N. Ray

  47. Solar Power Tree - An Artistic Design

    Authors: Mohd Nissar Aziz Ahmad

  48. Investor Patterns in Mutual Fund Investment in Farrukhabad District, Uttar Pradesh, India

    Authors: Mohit Gangwar Sapna Singh

  49. A New Hendecagonal Fuzzy Number For Optimization Problems

    Authors: M. Revathi M. Valliathal R. Saravanan K. Rathi

  50. Alternative Low Cost Building Materials on Beams

    Authors: G Khaja P Sai K Siva Sankar

  51. Capital Structure and Profitability: A Correlation Study of Selected Pharmaceutical Companies of India

    Authors: Dhamelia Hardita

  52. The Impact of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Business Performance: A Study of SMEs in Horticulture Sector

    Authors: Sameer Ahmad Shalla

  53. An Altering Distance Function in Fuzzy Metric Fixed Point Theorems

    Authors: Dr C Vijender

  54. œA Pre Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Program on the Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Anaemia Among Adolescent Girls in Selected Government Senior Secondary School'

    Authors: Chinna Devi Jyoti Jyoti Panda Khushboo

  55. Price Spread, Marketing Channel of Banana in Southern Tamil Nadu

    Authors: Dr Rajendran T S.T.Pradeepkumar M.Suruthi

  56. High Performance Triplex Adder using CNTFET

    Authors: G. Naveen Balaji S. Chenthur Pandian D. Rajesh

  57. Compressive Strength of Conventional Concrete Using E Waste

    Authors: Anil kumar Sharma Bharat Nagar

  58. Social Media as A Global Platform for Business and Branding: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

    Authors: Nagaraj Halliyavar Shruthi PK

  59. Rural Marketing Mix

    Authors: N. Md Faiyaz Ahmed

  60. Make in India : Growth and Future Scenario of Foreign Direct Investment

    Authors: Suresh Sachdeva Mohd. Azhar-ud-din Malik

  61. Influence of Penstock Outlet Diameter and Flat Blade Lateral Twist Angle on the Performance of A Simplified Pico Hydropower System

    Authors: Daniel T. Ipilakyaa Alex O. Edeoja Aondohemen Kulugh

  62. Significance of Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Micelles and its Characteristics

    Authors: Tejas Joshi

  63. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

    Authors: Abhishek Kishore Ameen Uddin Ahmad

  64. Assessment of Sulphur Dioxide Levels in Selected Sites in Athi River, Kenya

    Authors: Birgen J. Wafula G. Yusuf A. Onyatta J.

  65. Voice Activity Detection and Pitch analysis in Pathological Voices

    Authors: G.B. Gour V. Udayashankara

  66. An AHP Approach to Assess Hospital Websites

    Authors: A.V.S. Prasad Dr.Y. Raghunatha Reddy

  67. Production of Eco-Friendly Bricks from Copper Mine Tailings through Geopolymerization in India

    Authors: Tanveer Ahmad Sheikh Masoom Reza

  68. Adoption of Green Building Technique: Replacement of Steel by Bamboo

    Authors: Syed Mohd Masood Zeeshan Khan

  69. Comparative Study on the Effect of Cutting Fluids on the Flank Wear of High Speed and Carbide Tipped Cutting Tools

    Authors: Ipilakyaa T. Daniel Tuleun L. Tyovenda Gundu D. Terfa

  70. Challenges Faced in Indian Construction Sector

    Authors: Danish Shakeel Zeeshan Khan

  71. Dynamic and Non-Linear Charge Transfer through Opto-Deportation by Photovoltaic Cell

    Authors: G. Naveen Balaji S. Chenthur Pandian S. Giridharan S. Shobana J. Gayathri

  72. Vellore - A Hub for Medical Tourism

    Authors: N.Md Faiyaz Ahmed

  73. ECG Signals Processing using Adaptive Linear Filters

    Authors: Chhavi Saxena P.D Murarka Hemant Gupta

  74. Strong Regular L-Fuzzy Graphs

    Authors: R. Seethalakshmi R.B. Gnanajothi

  75. Environment in Water Issue and Management

    Authors: L.P Parmar

  76. Smart Attendance System using Raspberry Pi

    Authors: Pradeep Kumar M S K. Suresh Indumati T Kishor kumar R

  77. Study on Economic Development by Adoption of Recommended Groundnut Production Technology among the Farmers of Sehore District of M.P, India

    Authors: Versha Patel Sandhya Choudhary Abhay Wankhede

  78. A Study on Issues, Challenges and Application in Data Science

    Authors: Mukul Varshney Shivani Garg Jyotsna Abha Kiran Rajpoot

  79. Job Satisfaction of Employees in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Tiruchirappalli

    Authors: K.Saravanan Dr.K.Muthulakshmi

  80. Visual and Thermal Inspection of Power Substation by Robot

    Authors: Tushar Patil Ameen Uddin Ahmad

  81. The Political Economy of Criminal Justic System Reform in Nigeria (2000-2009)

    Authors: Gbenemene Kpae Comfort Nwideeduh

  82. Mixed Bonding Method of High Voltage Cable

    Authors: Manish Kumar Ameen Uddin Ahmad

  83. 0.18µm CMOS Comparator for High-Speed Applications

    Authors: G. Naveen Balaji S. Karthikeyan M. Merlin Asha

  84. Advanced Security System using PIC through Bluetooth

    Authors: G. Naveen Balaji K. Saravanan R. Poorani T. Vishnu Priya R. Reka Raj

  85. Green Plastics: Poly-lactic Acid Synthesis from Waste Tamarind Seed Powder & its Applications

    Authors: R. P. Ugawekar Payal N. Bhautik Kuldeep Singh

  86. Visualizing Chrome Browser History using Exploratory

    Authors: Dharani Kumar.C G.Vadivu

  87. Study of Intermolecular Interactions through Freelength, and Internal Pressure of Ternary Liquid Mixture of Alcohol, Formic Acid and Tri-Ethyl Amines

    Authors: P J Thakare J B Thakare N G Belsare

  88. Ego Network Analysis for Predicting Students Performance

    Authors: V. Dilli Ganesh G Vadivu

  89. Rapid Prototyping of a Mining Application for Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin

    Authors: Henna Abdul Azeez G Vadivu

  90. Implementing the Structural Hole Theory to Analyze Academic Networks in Tertiary Institutions

    Authors: Nyasha F. Thusabantu G Vadivu L. Thusabantu

  91. Source-Area Weathering, Composition and Paleo-Redox Condition of Stream Sediments from Ijero-Ekiti, Nigeria

    Authors: Henry Y. Madukwe

  92. Employment Guaranteed Act: Instrument of Change in the Position of Women, A Case Study of Shopian District in J & K State

    Authors: Syed Damsaz Ali Andrabi

  93. Review Use of Demolished Concrete in Pavement Construction

    Authors: Munesh Kumar Sumesh Jain

  94. Use of Demorlished Concrete in Pavement

    Authors: Munesh Kumar Sumesh Jain

  95. Significance of Elating the Entrepreneurial Initiatives through Education among MBA Students

    Authors: A.Abirami A.Mahadevan A.Thangaraja

  96. Job Cards in MGNREGS Registered: Based on Need or Caution: A Micro Level Analaysis

    Authors: A. Santhappan

  97. Seismic: A Self-Exciting Point Process Model for Predicting Tweet Popularity using Hashtags

    Authors: Karthick.D G. Vadivu

  98. Strategic Corporate Communications

    Authors: Vineet Kaul

  99. Physio-Chemical and Microbial Screening of Selected Potable Water Sold in the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi Campus

    Authors: P.N. Ogueche P.A. Ejiribe R.U. Udeh C.O. Obiezue A.G. Obalim N.C. Nwankwo J.O. Uzoigwe I.C. Maduka

  100. Challenges of E-commerce

    Authors: Ashwini Jagdale Rupnawar Ashwini

  101. Improving Properties of Concrete by Adding Pozzolonic Material Such as, Silica Fumes and Ground Glass Blast Furnace Slag in India

    Authors: Mohd Ismail Wani Zeeshan Khan

  102. The Elaboration of Algorithm for Selectionand Functions Distribution of Multifunctional Personnel

    Authors: Irakli Basheleishvili Sergo Tsiramua

  103. Financial Inclusion for Self Help Groups

    Authors: ThotaNagaraju TalluriSreekrishna

  104. Investment Behavior Among Generational Group

    Authors: Angelin S. Kiruba S.Vasantha

  105. Animosity towards Acid Attacks - Critical Study on Acid Victimization

    Authors: Chandrashekar.S.V Eldo Johny

  106. Educational Development and Nation Building in Nigeria, 1842-2015

    Authors: S. I Okoro

  107. Comparison between Effectiveness of Hand Arm Bimanual Intensive Training and Repetitive Facilitation Exercises on Upper Limb Functions In Post Stroke Hemiparetic Patients

    Authors: Shilpy Jetly Sukhwinder Kaur Jaspinder Kaur

  108. Effect of Price Subsidy on Nutritional Status

    Authors: Divya Sharma Supriya Anand

  109. Application of Space Science and Technology in Administration and Finance

    Authors: Asekhamen Richard Abdullahi Ayegba

  110. Impact of Information Technology on Global Business Strategies: Globalization Effect

    Authors: Prof.Roshan S. Patel

  111. Connecting Financial Performance of Firms with Merger and Acquisitions through Review of Literature: A Global Perspective

    Authors: Asif Amin Kuchey Anisa Jan

  112. Performance Analysis of Bayesian Methods to for the Spectrum Utilization in Cognitive Radio

    Authors: Abdul Hameed Ansari Narode Sweety S.

  113. Determination of Heavy Metals from River Benue around the Makurdi Metropolis

    Authors: Ezekiel Gube Ibrahim Nathaniel Yakubu Eneji Ishaq

  114. Analysis of Individual Investors Behaviour of Stock Market

    Authors: Arup Kumar Sarkar

  115. Implementation of TI-SEPIC Converter for Optimal Utilization Of PV Power

    Authors: A.S.Valarmathy

  116. Investigation of Effect Ion Refocusing From the GaP(001)<110> Surface at the Grazing Incidence Ne+ Ions

    Authors: Kutliev UchkunOtoboevich Tangriberganov Ismoil Urazboyevich Karimov Muxtor Karimberganovich Otaboeva Kamola Uchqun qizi

  117. Stock Market Performance Indicators and Standard of Living in Nigeria- Entrepreneurial Approach

    Authors: Akpunonu Uju Evans Obialor Michael C. Dim EthelMary O. Egungwu Ikenna

  118. Correlation of Outdoor Games and Lung Function of School Going Children

    Authors: D.Savita V.Raji Sugumar

  119. Impact Analysis on Skill Development with Abacus Users

    Authors: Yogesh K. Tiwari Pavitra D. Patil

  120. Comparative Analysis of AODV and DSDV Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    Authors: Anurag Misra

  121. Rural Electrification by Solar Power LED's

    Authors: Dr.D.R.V.A.Sharath Kumar J.Nageswar Reddy

  122. Evaluation of Antifungal Susceptibility Profile of Candida Species Isolated from Female Patients Attending Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH)

    Authors: Taura D. W. Yakubu G. Panda T. W. Dagona A.G.

  123. Control Strategies of Frequency Regulation in Wind Based Power System: A Review

    Authors: Faisal Raina Gagan Deep Yada

  124. A Glimpse towards Bitcoin and its Reality Analysis on Mining and Protocol

    Authors: K. Vinitha S. Vasantha

  125. Outcome of Swa- Prerit Adrash Gram Yojana & Project Interventions among Rural Population of Budhera Village, Gurugram, Haryana

    Authors: Rashmi Negi Chinna Devi

  126. Trends and Levels of Female Literacy in Belagavi District

    Authors: Manjunatha N K S M Hurakadli

  127. To Study the Behavior of Fresh and Hardened Concrete by Using Waste Rubber as Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregates

    Authors: Taweel Awzal Masoom Raza

  128. Effectiveness of Diabetic Risk Reduction Package on Knowledge, among Prediabetic Employees in Selected Instiututions, Thiruvallur District

    Authors: Aswathi. K.V S. Vijayalakshmi

  129. Demonetization - Necessity and it's Impact on Indian Economy

    Authors: Prof.Roshan S. Patel

  130. Microbial Decolorization of Leather Dye Effluent

    Authors: Jitender Kumar Navleen Kaur Chopra

  131. Pharmacognostical study of monocot medicinal herb kyllinga triceps rottb

    Authors: Amit Upadhyay Suman Jain

  132. Critiquing the Quest Archetype : Thinking Across Boundaries

    Authors: Anupam R Nagar

  133. Impact of Urbanisation: A Comparative Overview of Four Mega Cities in India

    Authors: Pooja Sharma Sumit Sharma

  134. Effect of Government Agriculture Investment on Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana

    Authors: Michael C. Obialor Samuel M. Nzotta Chinedu Blessing-Mike Obialor

  135. Effect of Stakeholder Power on the Employee Information Disclosure of Nigerian Listed Firms: A Panel Study

    Authors: Ilechukwu Felix Ubaka M. S. Ifurueze

  136. An Interruption Discovery Structure Depend on Cluster Centres and Adjacent Neighbours

    Authors: V.Ravi Kishore Dr.V.Venkata Krishna

  137. Recent Scenario of Solar Power Street Light(SPSL) with Auto-Intensity Control and How to Increase it Efficiency

    Authors: Rizwan Mohd Ilyas

  138. An Assessment of the use of Language in Ifeoma Okoye's Men without Ears

    Authors: Unubi Sunday Abraham Ikani Eneojo Friday

  139. Infrastructural Development as a Means of Attracting Foreign Direct Investment for Economic Development in Nigeria

    Authors: Eze Friday John Ndubuisi-Okolo Purity.U. Anekwe Rita Ifeoma

  140. A Comparison of the use of Language in Ifeoma Okoye's Men without Ears and Ayi Kwei Armah's the Beautyful ones are not yet Born

    Authors: Unubi Sunday Abraham Ikani Eneojo Friday

  141. Privacy Preserving Approaches for High Dimensional Data

    Authors: Tata Gayathri N Durga

  142. A Discourse on Gender Disparity: A Study on Taluks of Belagavi District

    Authors: Manjunatha N K S M Hurakadli

  143. Microwave Assisted Synthesis of some new Chromone and their Antibacterial Activity

    Authors: Tejaswini S.Bante M.M.Rathore

  144. An Application of the Universal Design in Integrated Living Arrangements for Elderly People in Thailand

    Authors: Supakit Yimsrual

  145. Fourier Filtering Denoising Based on Genetic Algorithms

    Authors: Jiahe Shi

  146. Application of Satellite Remote Sensing, GIS and Geoelectrical Resistivity Methods for Groundwater Potential Mapping for Jos and Environs, Plateau State, North Central Nigeria

    Authors: Gujahar Rengje Danlami Rogers Abdullahi Ayegba

  147. Corrossion: It's Impact and Prevention

    Authors: Deepti Shikha Rita Awasthi

  148. Application of Electric Generators Driven by Tractor in Agriculture

    Authors: Mohammad Hakim Osman

  149. A Survey on Ethnoveterinary Medicines used by the Tribal Peoples of Kalasapadi Hills, Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu

    Authors: Rajesh P Meenakshi R Rajkumar R Selvam K

  150. Socio-Demographic Determinants of Improved Sources of Domestic Water used by Households in Rural Southern Ghana: Evidence from INDEPTH Network Member Site

    Authors: Alfred Kwesi Manyeh David E Akpakli Sefiamor Baah

  151. Women Entrepreneurship in India

    Authors: N.Md Faiyaz Ahmed

  152. Decolorization of Textile Dye- Malachite Green

    Authors: Jitender Kumar

  153. Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Sargassum Cinctum J. Agardh and their Potential for Seed Germination

    Authors: Suparna Roy P. Ananthraman

  154. An Efficient OCR System based on the Regional Feature using the ASVM as Classifier

    Authors: Maninder Kaur Manjeet Kaur

  155. An Adaptive Model to Classify Plant Diseases Detection using KNN

    Authors: Rajneet Kaur Manjeet Kaur

  156. A Comparative Study on Consumer'S Behaviour towards Organized and Unorganized Retailing in Central Chennai

    Authors: D.Manimegalai L.Saeeswari S.Rathika S.Ajitha S.Sathiya Naveena

  157. Tax Saving Instruments of Income Tax in India: A Study on Tax Assessee in Trichy City

    Authors: K.Saravanan Dr.K.MuthuLakshmi

  158. Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Attitude on Prevention and Control of Dengue Fever to the Common People in the Community Set Up in Delhi

    Authors: Rashmi Negi Shweta Handa

  159. Nehru and Indian Foreign Policy

    Authors: Hasina Jabeen Mohd Azhar Ud Din Malik

  160. Cell Cycle Dependent Regulation of Microtubule Dynamics by Microtubules Associated Proteins (MAPs) and its Misregulation causes Aneuploidy

    Authors: Aijaz Rashid Shazia Ahad

  161. FtsZ, A Tubulin Homologue Spatiotemporally Regulates the Bacterial Cell Division

    Authors: Aijaz Rashid Shazia Ahad

  162. Fuzzy Logic Based Parameter Adaptation of Interior Search Algorithm

    Authors: Dr.Prabha Shreeraj Nair

  163. Generation Rescheduling Using PSO Based OPF

    Authors: Dr.Prabha Shreeraj Nair

  164. A Study based on Legalized Scenario for Safety and Protection of Environment

    Authors: Lav Mohan Deepanshu Agarawal