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Archived Papers for Journal


Vol.6, No.1

Publisher: The IJBMT

Publishing Date: 2022-02-28

  1. The Threat of Cross-Sea Understanding Drones to State Defense Systems

    Authors: Alsodiq Amarulla Octavian Agus H.S. Reksoprodjo

  2. The Impact of COVID-19 on Stocks Prices Change and Transaction Volume at Companies in Indonesia (Case Study at PT. Ramayana Lestari Sentosa, Tbk)

    Authors: Desi Astuti

  3. The Impact of Board Characteristics on R&D Intensity: The Case of Chinese Machinery Industry

    Authors: Zhi-hong Song Wen-jing Kang TaoNie Dai-jiao Zhou

  4. A generic framework of an agile supply chain to confront the consequences of COVID-19

    Authors: Chaimaa BENTAHER Mohammed Rajaa

  5. Management of Fuel Oil in Preserving Indonesian Marine Sovereignty

    Authors: Mellya Syafira Khariunisa Fatima

  6. West Kalimantan Government Readiness for Thorium Power Plant in Support of Regional Energy Security and National Defense

    Authors: Agung Beny Saputra Nurbaiti Fauwaz Ahmad Raihan

  7. An Arbitral Award


  8. Past and Future of Psychological empowerment in Chinese banking sector


  9. Characteristics of the Board of Directors and Performance of Family Businesses in Cameroon

    Authors: KOUAKEP Olive Stéphanie CHEGUEM SHUPO Davine Myskinole

  10. Challenges and Sustainability of Hotel Industry amidst the Pandemic: A Survival Quest

    Authors: Alex Labial Señara MJ Shairah Mae A. Tabas

  11. Tourism Policy and Governance as Mediator of Community-Based Ecotourism and Sustainable Development in Davao del Norte

    Authors: Mara Laurice E. Ocay MITHM Kymwell R. Hinlayagan DBM

  12. Implementation of the Defense and Security of the Universal People in Preventing the Spread and Abuse of Narcotics as a Non-military Threat in West Kalimantan

    Authors: Adi Nugroho Agus Sudarya Pujo Widodo UllyNgesti Pratiwi

  13. The role of "green shipping" in reducing the greenhouse effect. Alternative fuels. Economic implications and investments for the global shipping industry

    Authors: Dimitrios Parris Konstantinos Spinthiropoulos

  14. Job Satisfaction and Work Engagement of Millennial Employees of the BPO Industry

    Authors: Jennifer C. Gonzaga Rey Mangarin Marlon Montaño

  15. Industry Characteristics and Performance of Philippine Coffee Manufacturing Firms: MSMEs Perspective

    Authors: Michael G. Consignado Ernesto D. Dimaculangan

  16. Supply Chain Risk Management of Production in PT Pindad (Persero)

    Authors: Naafi Rahmatul Ummah Afifi Ida Bagus Made Putra Jandhana Khaerudin

  17. Covid-19 and Hawking Practices on Informal Sector & Smes: Solutions for Kisumu County, Keny

    Authors: Wanyonyi Renson Wayono Kunyoria Joseph Ogora Akoth Matilda Ajwang Wakhaya Charles Musumba Ongati Evance Ochieng Donald Indiya Gulali

  18. The Impact of Foreign Directors, Executive Character, Institutional Ownership, and Auditors on Tax Avoidance: Leverage as an Intervening Factor

    Authors: Danang Priyo Sambodo Zulfikar Zulfikar

  19. Improving Productivity of PANDU (Integrated Rice and Shrimp Farming System) towards Sustainable Aquaculture of Indonesia

    Authors: Angkasa Putra Ilham Fitriska Hapsari Sahabuddin Sarifah Aini Rakhma Fitria Larasati Nabilah Rizqia Ramadhanty Early Septiningsih Hidayat Suryanto Suwoyo Herianto Suriadin Andi Sahrijanna Erfan Andi Hendarajat Agus Nawang

  20. Green Hydrogen Energy Technology for Zero Carbon Emission Realization in Indonesia

    Authors: Nyimas Aljaniah Zahra

  21. Food Security Problems in Marine Resources (Case Study of Marine Debris)

    Authors: Dhimas Rudy Hartanto Widodo Panji Suwarno Irza Utami

  22. Nuclear Power Plants Technology to Realize Net Zero Emission 2060

    Authors: Irza Utami Maydi Aula Riski Dhimas Rudy Hartanto

  23. Analysis of Rice Food Logistic Readiness in West Java to Support Wars

    Authors: Dian Kusumah Jupriyanto Susilo Adi Purwantoro

  24. Analysis of Rice Food Logistic Readiness in West Java to Support Wars

    Authors: Dian Kusumah Jupriyanto Susilo Adi Purwantoro

  25. Women in the Lines: A Case Study of Packing Workers

    Authors: Jennifer Chua-Gonzaga DBM

  26. The Impact of Strategic Environment on Indonesian Arms Procurement

    Authors: Avira Durrotul Rasyida Nengah Putra Apriyanto George Royke Deksino

  27. Financial Distress and Financial Perfomance: Investigating Moderating Effect of CSR

    Authors: Aulia RahmaNisa Zulfikar Zulfikar

  28. Innovation of Products and Processes in the Textile Garment Enterprises: Viewing From Vietnam's Policy

    Authors: Nguyen Thi Lan Huong

  29. Improving Human Resource-Based Energy Security at The Indonesia-Timor Leste Border

    Authors: Mila Utami Sari Nyimas Aljaniah Zahra Abdulloh Ubaid

  30. Stages of Human Resource Planning for National Cyber and Crypto Agency to Support Defense

    Authors: Riri Andani Yusuf Ali Frega Ferdinand Wenas Inkiriwang

  31. Phillip Morris International, Inc.: A Case of Difficulties in Justifying Corporate Social Responsibility

    Authors: Gerard G. H. Th. Bruijl

  32. Utonomy of sport and the state interventionCase of provisional sport committees in Morocco

    Authors: Abderrazak El AKARI

  33. Risk Analysis of Supply Chain of SS2 Weapon Raw Materials Procurementat PT Pindad (Persero)

    Authors: Asma Aulia Zikra Hanum Ardi Timbul Siahaan Ida Bagus Made Putra Jandhana

  34. TDABC, A Practical Solution to Calculating the Cost of Revenue for MSMEs in the Convection Service Sector: A Case Study on MSME “XYZ” in Indonesia

    Authors: Lim Jade Faliany Steffi Octaviany Synthia Madya Kusumawati

  35. Green Hydrogen and Green Investments in the New Era, in Accordance with Directive (EU) 2016/802 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union

    Authors: Konstantinos Spinthiropoulos Dimitrios Parris Alexandros Koliopoulos

  36. The Role of Geospatial Intelligence to Support Education in Indonesia

    Authors: Pramudita Wardani Sobar Sutisna Makmur Supryatno Yulinda Nur Fitriana

  37. The Importance of Quantum Technology in National Defense in the Future

    Authors: Soufi Jayanti Ningsih Achmad Farid Wadjdi Setiyo Budiyanto

  38. The Role of Intelligence in Dealing with the Threat of Hybrid War

    Authors: Arum Wahyu Pramitasari

  39. Methodology for improving technique in the first phase of the 100-m race

    Authors: Alberto Miguel Morales-Fabregas; Juan Manuel Perdomo-Ogando; Alberto Bautista Sanchez-Oms; Antonio Jesus Perez-Sierra; Ana Erika Gutiérrez Valdez

  40. Analysis of Strategic Environment and Characteristics of the World’s Defense Industry

    Authors: Abraham Benedict Cahyasusila Timbul Siahaan Jupriyanto

  41. Utilization of Geospatial Intelligence for Agriculture

    Authors: Giant Nugroho Trismadi Gentio Harsono Rudy A.G Gultom

  42. Grievance Handling Procedure in an Indian Sugar Industry: Outcome and Sustainability

    Authors: Anupama Nalkurti Prof.G.L.Narayanappa