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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT) >>

Vol.2, No.12

Publisher: Somil Mayur Shah

Publishing Date: 2013-12-30

  1. Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithm for Crime Dataset: An Analysis

    Authors: D.Usha; K.Rameshkumar

  2. Computer Aided Generalized Method of Synthesis of Four Bar Mechanism

    Authors: Prashim K. Kamble; C.C.Handa; P.N.Zode

  3. 3 Utilization of Zeolite Adsorbent for Defluoridation of Drinking Water

    Authors: Dr Neena Sohani; Ms Rati Trivedi

  4. Multiview Clustering Based on Tensor Solutions

    Authors: Dr.Bharathi.A; Anitha.S

  5. Denitrification by Fluidized Bed Biofilm Reactor Using Stone Dust as Biofilm Carrier Media

    Authors: S. P. Burghate; N. W. Ingole

  6. Speed Control of Induction Motor Drive Based on Indirect Vector Control Using PI Controller

    Authors: P.Nagasekhar Reddy

  7. Flow and Heat Transfer in a Viscoelastic Fluid Due To a Stretching Surface ? An Analytical Solution Using Ham

    Authors: Rajeswari Seshadri; Shankar RaoMunjam

  8. Utilization of DVTS for Power Dissipation in Submicron Fabrication

    Authors: Shivani; Ravi Jangra; Ashu Soni; Sumit kumar

  9. To Reduce Power Consumption By Add and Shift Multiplier Design Using BZFAD Architecture

    Authors: Badikala Rameshbabu

  10. Detection of MIMO Systems using MMSE-Based Lattice-Reduction Using Front End Design

    Authors: Sampath

  11. A Review of Modern Controlling Technologies in Doubly Fed Induction Generators(DFIG)

    Authors: Rojin R.K

  12. Mean Flow Characteristics of a Three-Dimensional Wall Jet on Concave Surface in the Radial Decay Region

    Authors: DVS Bhagavanulu

  13. Energy Efficient Refrigeration System with Evaporative Cooling

    Authors: Mohit Yadav

  14. A Comprehensive Survey on Various ICIC Schemes and Proposed 3G RF Interference Mitigation Techniques for OFDM Downlink on Cellular Networks

    Authors: Walid M. Raafat; Mohamed I. Youssef

  15. Research on Friendly ARM Board for Data Transfer between Two USB Devices without Computer

    Authors: Subhash Suman; A.A Shinde

  16. Review Study of Natural Convection Heat Transfer on Heated Plate by Different Types of Fin Array

    Authors: Ramkrushna S. More; Rajan I.Mehta

  17. High Data Rate UWB System Design

    Authors: Mr J.K. Ravan; Mrs S.R. Chougule

  18. To Enhance the Effort Estimation Accuracy of Cocomo Model Using Function Point

    Authors: Inderpreet Kaur Walia; Manpreet Kaur

  19. Compact and Wideband Cylindrically Conformed Printed Elliptical Monopole Antenna with Modified-Shape Ground Plane

    Authors: Shrikant Verma

  20. Waste Water Treatment by Adsorption and Coagulation

    Authors: S. K. Waghmare

  21. An Efficient MR Image Brain Tumor Segmentation Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and Region Growing Algorithm

    Authors: V. Ramya; G.P.Rameshkumar

  22. Key Concept of 5G: Future Mobile Technology

    Authors: Prof.N. S. Gawai

  23. Routing Strategies in Adhoc Network

    Authors: Himanshi Redhu; Jyoti Kumari

  24. Effect of Adding Alcohols, Superficial Gas Velocity and Solid-Suspended on Design Parameters in Circulation Loop Bubble Columns

    Authors: Ali Abdul Rahman

  25. Collision Avoidance Algorithm with Jitter in Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Network

    Authors: Rakesh Kulkarni; Makarand Jadhav

  26. Anti-Jamming For Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Naveen Kumar; Pankaj Kumar; Naveen Budshera; Monu Kumar

  27. Effects of Adding Alcohols, Electrolytes and Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose (CMC) on Design Parameters in Internal Loop Airlift Bubble Column

    Authors: Ali Abdul Rahman

  28. Solitude Preservative Public Auditing With Access and Permission Control for Confidential Cloud Storage

    Authors: T.Lavanya; C.Srimathi

  29. Finite Element Analysis of Truck Chassis

    Authors: Monika S. Agrawal; Razik

  30. Demineralization of Indian Coal by Using Solvents

    Authors: Rajat Subhra Samanta; DrChanchal Mondal

  31. Experimental Investigation of Diesel Blend with Esterified Cotton Seed Oil on Cooper Diesel Engine

    Authors: J. P. Hadiya

  32. Implementing Concept of Case Base Reasoning for Component Selection in Component Based Software Engineering using Rating Factor

    Authors: Gagandeep Sethi; Amandeep Kaur

  33. Real Time Embedded Implementation of Face Recognition Using Beagle Board

    Authors: G.Johny; P.Vijay Daniel

  34. Shape Matching Technique vs Bounding Volume Technique in 3D Object Picking

    Authors: K.Merriliance; Dr.M.Mohamed Sathik

  35. Cellulose Extraction from Castor Shell

    Authors: Noridah Abdullah; Ghazi Faisal Najmuldeen; Mimi Sakinah

  36. Sleep EEG Event Detection Using Fuzzy_Neural Approach

    Authors: Sapana Sonar; Ashwini Charantimath; Shivaleela S Patil; Dhanshree Tijare

  37. Malicious Codes in Mobile Phones

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  38. Life Beyond the CIRCLE

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  39. Code Emulation Technique For Computer Virus Detection

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  40. Communication among Neural Networks

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  41. Quines: A Survey

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  42. A Survey on Improving Robustness of Image Watermarking By Using Gradient

    Authors: Dnyandevi W.Shrirao; Sonal Honole

  43. A Review on Different Models for Heat Transfer Assessment in Hydrocarbons Fires

    Authors: Yashwant Buke; Sanjay Jain

  44. Quality of Service Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks for Peer to Peer Topology

    Authors: Sunil Patel; Surendra Kumar Kurmi

  45. Design and Performance Analysis of Patch Antennausing Metamaterial

    Authors: Sachin Chalisgaonkar; Santosh Sharma

  46. Efficient Implementation of 64-Point FFT/IFFT for OFDM on FPGA

    Authors: Shreyas D. Deshmukh; Deepali Sale

  47. Performance Analysis of Quality of Service Evaluation in IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Surendra Kumar Kurmi; Navdeep Kour Saluja

  48. Home Energy Management System Using Cloud Computing

    Authors: Rupali A. Patil; Vaidehi V. Deshmukh

  49. Speech Operated System using DSP: A Review

    Authors: Jeevanesh J. Chavathe; P. V. Thakre

  50. How best Capacity Planning can be done in an IT Organization

    Authors: Srinivasa Rao Kosiganti; R. Hari Singh

  51. Kinetics Study of Sewage Sludge Treatment by Ultrasonic Membrane Anaerobic System (UMAS)

    Authors: Mazza S. Adam; Abdurahman. H. Nour; Said Nurdin; Norazwina B. Zainol; Mohammed B.Suliman

  52. Theoretical Survey and Experimental Assessment on the Comercial Surfactants to Produce Stable Water-in-Petroleum of Miri Light and Kuwait Heavy Crude Oil Emulsions

    Authors: Souleyman A. Issaka; Abdurahman H. Nour; Rosli Mohd Yunus

  53. Security Issues in MANET: A Review

    Authors: Pulkit Berwal

  54. Design and Analysis of Routing Algorithm for 3D Network on Chip

    Authors: A. N. Shire; Shilpa P. Meshram

  55. Mobile Printing using near Field Communication

    Authors: Sukeshini S. Tabhane; Venkat K. Jadhav

  56. Aspects of Geology of Ganawuri Area of North Central Nigeria: Evidence from Field, Petrographic and Geotechnical Studies

    Authors: Ibeneme Sabinus I.; Nwosu Chinedu O.

  57. AlN thin Film Coated Cu Substrates as Heat Sink for High Power LED Applications

    Authors: S. Shanmugan; P. Anithambigai

  58. Analysis of Vector Modulation in Three-Phase Z-Source Inverters

    Authors: T.Yuvaraja; M.Gopinath

  59. Optimization of Badarawa/Malali Water Distribution Network Using Genetics Algorithm

    Authors: A Saminu; IAbubakar; U Tsoho; I Abdullahi

  60. Modifications of Optinet work Software for the Implementation of Advance Genetic Algorithm on Existing Water Distribution Network

    Authors: A Saminu; I Abubakar; L Rabia; U Tsoho; G Haruna

  61. Simulation of Regulated Power Supply for Solar Photo-Voltaic Model

    Authors: Mushtaq N. Ahmed AL-Duliamy; Mojgan Hojabri; Hamdan bin Daniyal Ali Mahmood Humada

  62. Improving the Innovative Ability in the Teaching of Analytic Geometry and Functional Analysis

    Authors: Hongkui Li; Xueting Liu

  63. Linear Project Second Order-Cone Programme

    Authors: Zhenhua Li; Wenling Zhao

  64. Power Quality Disturbance Classification Based on IGWT-SNHMM

    Authors: Xueting Liu; Youquan Wang

  65. Modeling and Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of DVR Inverter

    Authors: Yanlei Zhao; Jingjing Yan

  66. Analysis on Topology of DVR Used in Low-voltage Distribution Grid

    Authors: Yanlei Zhao; Chuanxiao Wang; Jingjing Yan

  67. Reconfiguration Method Based on DC/DC Central Converter within Different Mismatch Conditions

    Authors: Ali Mahmood Humada; Mojgan Hojabri; Mortaza B. Mohamed; Mushtaq N. Ahmed

  68. Analysis of Classification Techniques in Data Mining

    Authors: K.S.Thirunavukkarasu; S.Sugumaran

  69. Efficient Load Balancing With Distributed Hash Tables in Cloud

    Authors: M.Manimegalai; A.Kannammal

  70. Vigorous Source Provisioning With Virtualization through Skewness in Cloud

    Authors: T.Sujitha; S.Shobana

  71. An Exploration on Wi-Fi/802.11b and WiMAX/802.16 Networks with Performance Enhancements

    Authors: Merin Skariah; Suriyakala C D

  72. Secure Data Aggregation Using Fussy Logic in Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Rachana B.S; Nita Meshram

  73. Efficient Power Saving during Handovers in Heterogeneous Network Scenario

    Authors: Bhavna Ambudkar; Nehal R. Dharamshi

  74. Design of High Speed Based On Parallel Prefix Adders Using In FPGA

    Authors: B Pullarao; J.Praveen Kumar

  75. A Comparative Study of Various Brain Tumor Detection Algorithms

    Authors: Richa Aggarwal; Amanpreet Kaur

  76. Two way Communication Wireless Sensor Network between Teacher-Student Interaction System based on WI-FI and RFID

    Authors: K.V.Kalyani; V.Dhanaraj

  77. To Effective Search Of Outsourced Data In Cloud By Using RKS

    Authors: Deepthi

  78. Distributed Generation Grid Infrastructure using Smart Meters Modeled with Renewable Energy Sources and Power Trading

    Authors: P.Gokula Krishnan; K.Arunachaleswari

  79. Series Connection Effect on the Current Shunt Measuring Technique for Large Area Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

    Authors: Hala A. Mageed; Ali El-Rifaie

  80. TO Convert Based on DC?DC Based on 3SSC and VMC

    Authors: Sunusha

  81. Artificial Neural Network Approach for Economic Load Dispatch for varying Loads

    Authors: Sanjay Kumar Mathur; G.K. Joshi

  82. Modeling and Controlling of MC-UPQC to Enhance Power Quality

    Authors: David Voraganti

  83. PMSM Mathematical Model Comparison with Simulink Model

    Authors: NarahariKarthik Varma; Vurimi Homasekhar

  84. Vehicle Detection Using Gabor Filter

    Authors: B.Sahaya Priya; S.Sivakumar

  85. Design and Control of Internet of Things Enabled Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: N.Selvi; Balamurugan

  86. DTLS & COAP Based Security For Internet of Things Enabled Devices

    Authors: D.UthayaSinthan; Balamurugan

  87. Overview of Mobile Computing: A Review

    Authors: Pulkit Berwal

  88. Progress Of Different TCP Variant


  89. Stability analysis of linear contraints nonholonomic systems based on conserved quantity

    Authors: Xueting Liu Zhaolei Chen

  90. A Different Techniques and Strategies for Software Testing

    Authors: Divya Bhargava; Aditya Veda

  91. Cloud-based E-learning System Architecture

    Authors: Divya Bhargava; Aditya Veda