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Archived Papers for Journal

Galician Medical Journal >>

Vol.22, No.4

Publisher: Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University

Publishing Date: 2015-12-30

  1. Investigation of Eye Hydrodynamics in Patients with Different Clinical Forms of Endocrinous Ophthalmopathy

    Authors: A. M. Nykoliuk

  2. Main Problems of Teaching Pediatric Immunology at the Department of Children Diseases of Postgraduate Medical Education Faculty

    Authors: V. B. Semianchuk

  3. Retrospective Analysis of Quality Indicators of Transduodenal Endobiliar Interventions without Anaesthesia

    Authors: S. V. Melnyk; O. L. Tkachuk; I. I. Titov

  4. Morphological Aspects of Diabetic Gastroparesis

    Authors: I. O. Kostitska; B. M. Mankovsky; O. Ya. Zhurakivska; V. M. Pertsovych

  5. The Condition of Glutathione Redox System in Cases of Pneumonia in Children Who Often Suffer from Acute Respiratory Diseases

    Authors: I. I. Pyliuk

  6. Thiotriazolin Influence on Blood Pressure Changes in Patients with Myocardial Infarction and Concomitant Arterial Hypertension Who Underwent Remedial Treatment and Physical Rehabilitation

    Authors: O. M. Prytuliak

  7. Pharmacological Correction of Neurological Disorders in Case of Multiple Sclerosis

    Authors: A. A. Nefedov; V. I. Mamchur

  8. Experience of Differentiated Approach to Treatment of Various Forms of Premenstrual Syndrome

    Authors: L. V. Pakharenko

  9. Features of Life Quality Evaluation in People with Chronic Liver Diseases

    Authors: I. M. Drapchak

  10. C-reactive protein for differential diagnosis of sepsis and systemic inflammatory response syndrome

    Authors: I. M. Yachnyk

  11. Study of Etiological Factors of Chronic Pancreatitis Complicated by Biliary Hypertension

    Authors: V. I. Pylypchuk; O. L. Dyriv; S. M. Hedzyk

  12. Cytogenetic Aberrations in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C and Concomitant Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: O. V. Marynchak; L. Ye. Kovalchuk; O. Ya. Pryshliak; O. P. Boichuk

  13. Changes in No-Synthase Activity in Liver Homogenate of Rats with Hypofunction of the Thyroid Gland on the Background of Microelementosis

    Authors: T. V. Guranich

  14. Changes in Coagulation Profile During Planned Laparoscopic Operations

    Authors: I. M. Gudz; O. O. Tkachuk-Grigorchuk; O. L. Tkachuk

  15. Methodological Characteristics of Teaching Microbiology, Virology and Immunology in Accordance with Modern Educational Requirements

    Authors: H. P. Hamorak

  16. Efficacy of Microelements, Antioxidants and Nitric Oxide Donators Use for the Correction of NO-Synthase System in the Myocardium of Rats with Hypothyroid Dysfunction on the Background of Combined Iodine and Selenium Deficiency

    Authors: L. V. Nykolyshyn; N. M. Voronych-Semchenko; S. M. Voronych; N. S. Storozhuk

  17. Analysis of the Epidemiological Situation of HIV/AIDS among the Population of Ivano-Frankivsk Region and Ukraine in Dynamics over 2008-2014

    Authors: T. P. Basaraba

  18. Features of Clinical Reasoning and Skills Formation in Curation of Medical Patients during Practical Classes in Outpatietn Practical Training of the Fifth Year Students in Terms of Credite-Modular System of Education

    Authors: T. V. Merhel

  19. Modern aspects of Formation of Medical Students’ Professional Competencies at the department of microbiology

    Authors: H. P. Hamorak

  20. Immunological Blood Parameters in Infected and Noninfected Biliary Peritonitis

    Authors: O. V. Bilookiy; Yu. Ye. Rohovyy; V. V. Bilookiy

  21. Changes in Blood Lipid Profile in Patients with Psoriasis Secondary to Metabolic Syndrome

    Authors: N. G. Virstiuk; M. M. Nykyforuk

  22. Electrolyte Imbalance in Cardiology Practice

    Authors: M. O. Vatseba

  23. Improvement of Diagnostic Process in Case of Damage to Coronal Portions of Front Teeth

    Authors: O. V. Bulbuk; M. M. Rozhko

  24. Method of Cooperative Learning Groups as a Means of Optimizing Learning Process in Medical Education

    Authors: A. M. Nykoliuk

  25. Structural and Volumetric Characteristics of Cerebral Damage in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome

    Authors: T. I. Nasonova

  26. Organization of Practical Training under the Conditions of Credit-Modular System for the Fourth Year Students of Faculty of Dentistry

    Authors: N. S. Melnyk; L. Yu. Plaviuk; S. V. Fedorov

  27. Features of the final module control in “Clinical Pharmacology”

    Authors: R. I. Belehai

  28. Diagnostic Criteria in Choosing a Method of Deciduous Teeth Periodontitis Treatment

    Authors: O. V. Sheshukova

  29. Features of Liver and Pancreas Pathomorphological Pattern in Case of their Combined Alcohol-Induced Injury

    Authors: K. M. Skoropad; O. I. Deltsova; V. G. Mishchuk

  30. Assessment of Clinical Course Intensity of Premenstrual Syndrome

    Authors: L. V. Pakharenko

  31. Indices of Immunohistochemical Markers in Women with Genital Viral Infection

    Authors: I. V. Kravchuk

  32. Application of the Specific Imunoglobulin Therapy in The HIV Infected Persons with Chronic Toxoplasmosis

    Authors: I. H. Hryzhak

  33. Quality of Life of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Receiving Hemodialysis with Concomitant Chronic Heart Failure and without It

    Authors: T. I. Salyzhyn; R. I. Yatsyshyn

  34. Influence of Glutargin on Functional State of the Liver in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

    Authors: N. G. Virstiuk; O. Ye. Cherkashyna

  35. Coarctation of the Aorta in Adults: is It Cardiac or Cardiac Surgery Problem?

    Authors: A. V. Sudus; N. M. Serediuk; I. M. Budzan; T. B. Hudzenko; U. D. Ivasiuk; O. Yu. Stefanskyi; O. V. Hretchyn; N. V. Rohiv; S. M. Hrychyniuk; V. M. Ivanyshyn

  36. Peculiarities of Gout Progression in Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

    Authors: S. I. Smiian; S. V. Danchak

  37. Clinical Peculiarities of Recurrent and Chronic Bronchitis in Children (Part 1)

    Authors: M. V. Makian; V. A. Harhaun; V. H. Maidannyk

  38. Treatment of Patients Suffering from Glossalgia Accompanied by Xerostomia

    Authors: O. V. Rybalov; I. A. Korolenko

  39. Role of 5382 insС Mutation in BRCA 1 Gene in the Development of Hereditary and Multiple Primary Tumors (Clinical Case)

    Authors: O. V. Paliychuk; Z. I. Rossokha

  40. Effectiveness of Correction of Metabolic Disturbances in Rats with Combined Iodine and Iron Deficiencies

    Authors: Yu. V. Bortnyk