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Archived Papers for Journal

The Journal of Zhytomyr State Technological University. Series: Engineering >>

Vol.2, No.80

Publisher: Zhytomyr State Technological University

Publishing Date: 2017-12-25

  1. Visual evaluation of the possibility of rational product orientation in layered building at additive technologies installation

    Authors: Ya.M. Garashchenko

  2. Determination of the optimal cutting speed for milling of complex-profile thin-walled elements of parts

    Authors: A.I. Hermashev; V.O. Lohominov; O.B. Kozlova; V.O. Kryshtal; E.V. Kondratiuk

  3. Determination of the regularities of formation of the profile error at the grinding of products-shells from brittle non-metallic materials

    Authors: L.P. Kalafatova; S.Yu. Oliynyk

  4. Influence of the microstructure of a diamond-containing composite material on the tool cutting ability when grinding a diamond single crystal

    Authors: A.M. Kuzei; V.Ye. Babich

  5. Stands for testing the strength of welded pipe materials under the action of a corrosive medium

    Authors: M.A. Kolodyi; H.V. Skybа

  6. Investigation of the durability of the welded teeth of shale piles by means of experiment planning

    Authors: V.V. Kustov; O.M. Bohachenko

  7. Stand for investigation of the characteristics of screw downloaders

    Authors: O.L. Lyashuk; V.M. Klendii; O.Ya. Gurik; L.M. Slobodian

  8. Increase of operational reliability and durability of square sectoral working bodies of flexible screw conveyors

    Authors: O.L. Lyashuk; T.D. Navrotska; M.D. Radyk; A.I. Pik; R.M. Kotyk

  9. Parametric optimization of circular compensatory holes in disc milliing cutters in SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION environment

    Authors: O.L. Melnyk; N.O. Balytska; V.V. Syerov; A.V. Solovyov

  10. Nanotechnology for the production of stone material from fiery liquid technogenic waste to produce products

    Authors: V.O. Neviedomskyi; O.V. Chernyshov; O.O. Chernyshov

  11. Grinding gears by CBN wheels

    Authors: S.V. Riabchenko; L.H. Polonskyi; V.D. Holovnia; V.A. Yanovskyi; Ya.A. Koziar

  12. Research of the reliable zone of suitable fits in the case of automated design

    Authors: V.A. Salo; A.P. Gorbunov; V.M. Nechyporenko

  13. Investigation of the influence of the metal excipient of the termite charge on the qualitative parameters of the alloy, deposited by the IMS method

    Authors: I.E. Skidin; O.M. Zhbanova; L.N. Saytgareev; V.V. Tkach; V.T. Kalinin

  14. Influence of the plasma effect on the diffusion saturation of contacting surfaces in the chip formation zone

    Authors: V.O. Soshko; M.I. Podolskyi; D.D. Fedorchuk

  15. Mathematical model of heat exchange in the turnover of the surface grinding machine

    Authors: Stepanov; P.I. Lytovchenko; L.P. Ivanova

  16. The investigation method of unevenness of temperature impedance of adjacent parts of metal plate

    Authors: Yu.Y. Striletskyi

  17. Technological complex of field synthesis of products from nonmetallic composites

    Authors: M.L. Kheifetz; O.M. Pynkin; D.V. Semenenko; M.L. Gretskiy; K.O. Antonchik

  18. Influence of Nonlinear Environmental Properties on the Process of Pulse-Stimulated Compulsory Combined Scattering under Femtosecond Pumping Conditions

    Authors: V.L. Dobryakov; P.P. Moskvin; V.A. Romanko

  19. Digital signals processing using non-linear orthogonal transformation in frequency domain

    Authors: E. V. Ivanichenko

  20. The use of statistical methods for predicting the retention time of metrological serviceability and estimating the intercalibration intervals of FTZs

    Authors: І.А. Omelchuk

  21. Improved mathematical apparatus for determining the observed area of the landed earth region in space monitoring problems

    Authors: P.V. Friz

  22. Problems and requirements of automation of motor transport enterprise

    Authors: M.F. Efremov; V.M. Efremov; Yu.M. Efremov

  23. Formalization of processes in the land relations of Ukraine

    Authors: K.О. Meteshkin; M.A. Kukhar

  24. Influence of the seasonal factor on the long-distance passenger correspondence

    Authors: K. Dolia

  25. Improvement of construction and technology of manufacture car suspension ball bearing

    Authors: M.M. Kosiiuk; S.A. Kostiuk

  26. Models of sequential-parallel arrangement of transport operations

    Authors: Т.M. Loktikova; А.V. Morozov; V.O. Skachkov

  27. Estimation of the effectiveness of the destruction of natural stone oversized by a hydraulic hammer

    Authors: V.G. Kravets A.Shukurov K.Y. Vakhrushev A.V. Panasyuk A.Yu. Baranovsky

  28. Research of environmentally-friendly utilization methods of the crushed stone waste on granite quarries

    Authors: V. H. Levytskyi; O. M. Tolkach

  29. Stressed-deformed state of mountain rocks in elastic stage and between elasticity

    Authors: A. М. Samedov; V. V. Vapnichna; V. O. Shlapak; O. M. Sidorov

  30. Probabilistic-Stochastic Model of Distribution of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Soft Mineral Rocks

    Authors: O.O. Sdvizhkova; O.S. Kovrov; T.V. Mnishenko

  31. Standards for seismic security during blasting in quarries

    Authors: D.V. Hlevnyuk; V.V. Boyko; A.O. Kuzmenko

  32. System principles and evaluation criteria of reliability for optimization of technological parameters of coal deposits

    Authors: A.О. Khorolskiy; V.H. Grinev

  33. Management of waste of stone processing in the framework of Euro integration of Ukraine

    Authors: V. I. Shamrai; V. V. Korobiіchuk; R. V. Sobolevskyi

  34. The formation of separation cracks in the extraction of block stone

    Authors: S.M. Stovpnik; A.I. Kovtun; N.F. Kachynska; O.S. Pryt

  35. Establishment of the effective modes of the slowdown explosion by rocks destruction at quarries

    Authors: О.О. Frolov; A.V. Kuliapina

  36. Influnce of the cutting conditions on voltages in the dangerous zone of the cutting tool

    Authors: V.S. Antonyuk; L.O. Petrusenko

  37. Investigation of the mechanism of solid-phase recovery of the titanomagnetite concentrate of Krapivensky deposit

    Authors: D.Yu. Baboshko; S.M. Zima; G.V. Gubin; L.N. Saytgareеv; O.S. Vodennikova

  38. The choice of diamond powder for vibro-abrasive processing of cutting inserts from composites based on cubic boron nitride

    Authors: V.I. Burlakov

  39. Finished technologies of processing parts with coatings

    Authors: V.V. Burykin; Yu.О. Kharlamov; V.M. Nochvai

  40. Production of nanostructured instrumental materials based on cubic boron nitride

    Authors: P.O. Vitiaz; V.T. Senyut; M.L. Kheifetz; A.M. Moskalenko; V.V. Zakorzhevsky

  41. Technological dispute for manufacturing population

    Authors: B.M. Gevko; N.M. Marchuk; M.G. Levkovich; P.V. Kazmirchuk

  42. Calculation of the parameters of the elastic-sources mushroom of fine green conveyor

    Authors: T.S. Dubiniyak

  43. Study of powerful parameters of formation of gulf elements of different profile

    Authors: A.Ye. Dyachun; T.D. Navrotska; R.M. Kotik; M.I. Klendii

  44. Improvement of performance of finishing of details with a cutting tool

    Authors: S.A. Klimenko

  45. Engineering consulting technology in production engineering intelligent mobile machines

    Authors: S. V. Kovalevskyy; O. S. Kovalevska

  46. Research of wear of working surfaces of a diamond tool at the elimination of emergency situations in areas of destruction of building structures

    Authors: A.M. Kuzej; V.Ye. Babich

  47. Study of wear resistance of diamond grinding tool, a layer which contains the dispersed abrasive powders of composite materials

    Authors: V.І. Lavrinenko; V.G. Poltoratskiy; V.V. Skriabin; V.Yu. Solod

  48. Effect of the tangent of the cutting blade on the performance of machining

    Authors: V.Ya. Lebedev

  49. Processing accuracy control at the stage of CNC machines setting up for a program operation

    Authors: О.I. Leshchenko

  50. Evaluation influence of machining parameters on shape form errors in turning of machine parts clamped in the chuck with adaptive jaws

    Authors: I.V. Lutsiv; V.N. Voloshyn; R.O. Bytsa; O.O. Stahursky

  51. Topography and area of weared flank surface of radial nose PcBN cutter when turning hardened steel

    Authors: O.S. Manovytskyi; S.A. Klimenko; M.Yu. Kopeykina

  52. Theoretical research of probability of wedging of particulate matters at polishing

    Authors: V.F. Molchanov

  53. Computer simulation of temperature fields in a six-punch high-pressure apparatus with a change in the composition of the composite heater

    Authors: T.S. Panasiuk; O.O. Lieshchuk; P.M. Prysiazhniuk

  54. Methods of control the machining process

    Authors: Yu.V. Petrakov

  55. Research of the stress condition of cast billets blade chisel

    Authors: T.O. Pryhorovska; L.Ya. Ropiak; I.S. Kohut; V.H. Panchuk; L.O. Borushchak; I.O. Shuliar

  56. Increase of manufacturability of manufacturing of difficult profile details

    Authors: О.Ye. Semenovskiy

  57. The algorithm of the software zero recalculation for the horizontal boring center DOOSAN DBC 110

    Authors: A.A. Symonova; V.O. Sokolenko

  58. Multivariate statistical modeling in the study of processes in the technical processing of metals

    Authors: I.P. Siminchenko; О.V. Malygin

  59. Technological process for formating of spherical surfaces of horny department working organ

    Authors: O.L. Lyashuk; R.V. Komar; V.M. Klendіі; T.D. Navrotska

  60. About the influence of lubricating-cooling agents on the cutting process

    Authors: O.I. Sochko

  61. Mechanoplasmic box – the butt of the nanomaterial on practice

    Authors: V.O. Soshko; Ye.E. Berher

  62. Research in the field of development of a new generation of metal-processing machines

    Authors: L.Tanovich

  63. Improving the effectiveness of detailed processing by dynamic control of processing with high sports range

    Authors: Yu.V. Shapoval; V.O. Zaloga