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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.2, No.4

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2013-04-05

  1. Infant Feeding and Weaning Practice of Mothers in Hail

    Authors: Shadia Mohamed; Bedor Mohsen Al zagam

  2. Analysis Design Performance of Microprocessor based Multilevel Inverter

    Authors: Lalit Mohan; S. K. Agarwal; Dharam Vir

  3. Temporal Analysis of Water Quality Evaluation using Fuzzy Logic and Ideal Point Analysis

    Authors: Jayasree K; Bharathi M B

  4. Phytochemical Constituents of some Medicinal Plants

    Authors: Mbadianya J. I; Echezona B. C; Ugwuoke K. I; Wokocha R. C

  5. An Assessment of the Factors that Affect the Productivity and Production of Small Scale Farmers in Three Selected Districts of Zimbabwe

    Authors: Angela Maposa

  6. Factors Impacting Employability Skills of Engineers

    Authors: Varwandkar Ajit; Deshmukh P.B.

  7. A Literature Survey of Routing Protocols in MANETs

    Authors: M. Ravi Kumar; N. Geethanjali

  8. Applications of Meromorphic Multivalent Functions Associated with Differential Subordination

    Authors: S. M. Khairnar; R. A. Sukne

  9. A Study of Dynamic Characteristics of Spectral Hole Burning in Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers

    Authors: N. Sindhu; Lekshmi. S. R

  10. Can C - reactive protein As a Marker for Fasting Hyperinsulinemia in Subclinical Hypothyroidism

    Authors: Anjaneya Prasad V; Pradeep Babu KV

  11. Novel Highspeed Architecture for Median Filter

    Authors: G. Isaac Jerose; R. Senthamizh Selvi

  12. Antennal Sensilla of Cashew Stem and Root Borers Plocaederus Ferrugenius and P.obesus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

    Authors: Vasanthi P; T. N. Raviprasad

  13. Cell Phone Tower: A Gift or Curse

    Authors: A. Yuvarani; R. Latha

  14. Mobile Ad hoc Network

    Authors: R. Marutha Veni; R. Latha

  15. Enhancement of Security for Data Storage in Cloud

    Authors: M. Hemaanand; K.Varalakshmi

  16. Cluster Based Load Rebalancing in Clouds

    Authors: S. Aravind Kumar; R. Mangalagowri

  17. Comparison of Various Short Range Wireless Communication Technologies with NFC

    Authors: Manas Pulipati; K. Phani Srinivas

  18. Mobile Ad hoc Networking (MANET): Routing Protocol Evaluation Considerations

    Authors: Margi Patel; Vishal Chhabra

  19. Transient Stability Analysis of Multi Machine System

    Authors: Kiran Mishra; S. V Umredkar

  20. Dynamic Deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks using Enhanced Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

    Authors: Vibin M Valsalan

  21. Smart Shopping Based on the Mobile Commerce Pattern Mining and Prediction

    Authors: Sharija P M

  22. Enhancement of ECG using Empirical Mode Decomposition

    Authors: Lakhvir Kaur; Vikramjit Singh

  23. Web-Accessible Liquid Distillation Column Temperature Monitoring and Control using ilab Shared Architecture

    Authors: Isack Bulugu; Alfred Mwambela

  24. Simple and Efficient Method of Image Acquisition using Internet for Real Time Application

    Authors: A. R. Kittur; P. C. Bhaskar

  25. Computation of Error Factors in GPS Signals

    Authors: K. R. Desai; R. H. Chile; S. R. Sawant

  26. Overview of Automation Systems and Home Appliances Control using PC and Microcontroller

    Authors: Hari Charan Tadimeti; Manas Pulipati

  27. Nature of Electromagnetic Wave in Uniform Dusty Plasma

    Authors: M. S. A. Khan; S. Sultana; M. Salimullah

  28. Database Systems and Query Processing in Mobile Environment: A Survey

    Authors: Kshama Raichura; Nilesh Padhariya; Kishor Atkotia

  29. Economic Power Dispatch using Particle Swarm Optimization

    Authors: Kishan Bhayani; Jaydeep Gajera; Nitin Kumar Barasara

  30. Comparative Analysis of Various Biometric Techniques for Database Security

    Authors: Harpreet Saini; Kanwal Garg

  31. Sonographic Assessment of Pelvic Pathology among Post-Menopausal Sudanese Women

    Authors: Moawia Gamersddin; Maha Bihairi; Mariam Mohammed; Mohamed Yousef

  32. Interfacing between High Performance Drivers and Low Power Devices using ABP Bridge

    Authors: N. Sudhakar; M. Kiran Kumar

  33. Experimental Study of the Inhibition Efficiency of 3; 5 Substituted Piperidin-4-ones

    Authors: K. Rathidevi; A. Selvaraj; T. Mohamed Ikramuddeen

  34. Effects of Hilly Terrain on UHF Band Radio Frequency Propagation

    Authors: Famoriji John Oluwole; Olasoji Yekeen Olajide

  35. A Survey on different DNA Cryptographic Methods

    Authors: Asha Cherian; Surya R. Raj; Abey Abraham

  36. A Survey on Performance Analysis of DES; AES and RSA Algorithm along with LSB Substitution Technique

    Authors: B. Padmavathi; S. Ranjitha Kumari

  37. Enriched Encephalon Tumor Segmentation using Tessellation Automata with High Performed Levelset using Radiosurgery Applications

    Authors: Kamalam. N; Muthumari. A

  38. A Novel Pass Transistor Logic Based Pulse Triggered Flip-flop with Conditional Enhancement

    Authors: Shakthipriya.R; Kirthika.N

  39. Comparative Study of Radiated Emission in Various Microstripline Structures on Printed Circuit Boards

    Authors: P.Rajeswari; Krithika Venkatesh; S.Shunmuga Lakshmi

  40. Application for Detecting and Preventing SQL Injection Attacks using Web Service

    Authors: Anuja A. Patil; Ketaki H. Pangu

  41. To Design an Intrusion Detection System based on Honeypot using Mobile Agent and IP Traceback Technique

    Authors: Surabhi Thukral; Rutba Maqsood; Divya Upadhyay

  42. An Existential Review of Word Sense Disambiguation Approaches

    Authors: Jaspreet Kaur; Navjot Kaur

  43. Detection&Selection of Skin and Skin like Background under Complex Background

    Authors: Sangita Gudadhe; Priti Subramanium

  44. Intelligent Crop Management System for Greenhouse Environment

    Authors: Jay S. Sharma; Gautam D. Makwana

  45. Developing Secure Social Healthcare System over the Cloud

    Authors: Jithendra K; Thanapal P; Prabhu J

  46. Bioaccumulation and Biochemical Response of Liza parsia to Copper

    Authors: J. S. I Rajkumar; Samuel Tennyson

  47. A Survey of HDLC Controllers

    Authors: S. D. Samudra; S. P. Gaikwad

  48. Analyzing the Performance of Supply Chain using Topsis

    Authors: Nagendra Sohani; Purvendu Sharma

  49. Integrated Approach on Inventory and Distribution System

    Authors: Nagendra Sohani; Hemangi Panvalkar

  50. Design and Analytical Calculation of Reactor Pressure Vessel

    Authors: Patel Nikunj S; Ashwin Bhabhor

  51. Measurement of Heart Rate Variability by Methods based on Chaos Theory

    Authors: Hoang ChuDuc; Thuan NguyenDuc

  52. A Survey on Data Loss prevention Techniques

    Authors: Surya R Raj; Asha Cherian; Abey Abraham

  53. An Approach to Detect and Prevent SQL Injection Attacks using Web Service

    Authors: Shabnam R. Makanadar; Vaibhav V. Solankurkar

  54. A Survey on Data Clustering Algorithms based on Fuzzy Techniques

    Authors: L. Divya Sivanandini; M. Mohan Raj

  55. Mobile Phone Sensing System for Health Monitoring

    Authors: Snehal D. Nanhore; Mahip M. Bartere

  56. Current Status of E-Governance in Hospitals

    Authors: Vertika Verma

  57. Simulation of Multipulse Converter for Harmonic Reduction using Controlled Rectifier

    Authors: Madhuri Saxena; Sanjeev Gupta

  58. Simulation and Analysis of Z-Source Inverter Fed PMBLDC Motor

    Authors: Honey Sharma; C. S. Sharma

  59. Exploration of New Simulation Tools for Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: B. Sai Chand; K. Raghava Rao; S. Sreedhar Babu

  60. The Incidence of Renal Cystic Masses in Kassala State: Sudan

    Authors: Moawia Gamereddin; Elatia Mustafa; Mohamed Yousef

  61. A Study of Non-Performing Assets on Selected Public and Private Sector Banks

    Authors: Priyanka Mohnani; Monal Deshmukh

  62. Strength of Binary Blended Cement Composites Containing Coconut Husk Ash

    Authors: L. O. Ettu; J. C. Ezeh; O. M. Ibearugbulem; U. C. Anya; K. O. Njoku

  63. Recording of Intimacies using Mobile Phone Cameras: An Exploratory Study into the Factors behind the Consent of Female Counterparts

    Authors: I. Goswami; Rani Premkumar

  64. Data Mining: Finding Outliers from Different Types of Data using Dissimilarity Data Structure

    Authors: L. Sunitha; M. BalRaju; J. Sasikiran

  65. Facial Expression Recognition using SVC Classification&INGI Method

    Authors: Ashamol Joseph; P. Ramamoorthy

  66. An Existential Review of Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Sandeep Singh; Amandeep Kaur Virk

  67. Biometric Identification System using Lips

    Authors: Reshmi M. P; V. J Arul Karthick

  68. Digital Programmable Power Supply

    Authors: John Mashurano

  69. Cloud Computing - A Birds Eye View

    Authors: S.Kalaiselvi; S.V.Revathi

  70. Supplier Selection Methods for Small Scale Manufacturing Industry: A Review

    Authors: Ajitabh Pateriya; Devendra Singh Verma

  71. Hybrid Objective Metric for Image Quality Assessment

    Authors: D. V. N. Koteswara Rao; Gutti Prasad; Rahul Lakkakula

  72. Review on MIMO System using Transmit Diversity and Relay Selection Algorithm

    Authors: Sanjeevani Jenekar; M. K. Demde

  73. The Model of a Unified Human Resource Management Application for Tertiary Institutions on the Cloud

    Authors: Amadi E. C.; Ndukwe G. I; Nwakanma I. C.

  74. Collectional Activities Forecast via Insertion using Social Networking Sites

    Authors: D. Harika; Y. S. Lakshmi. K; K.V.V. Satyanarayana

  75. An Improved Weighted Median Filter for the Image Processing Application

    Authors: Jasdeep Kaur; Mamta Garg

  76. Robust Face-Name for Movie Personality Recognition in Graph Matching Technique

    Authors: K. Yogitha Sri Lakshmi; K.Subrahmanyam; D. Harika

  77. GSM based Fire Sensing and Extinguishing Robot

    Authors: V. Vimala Bharathi; M. V. D. Prasad

  78. Customer Relationship Management Practices In Selected Organized Retail Outlets: A Case Study of Indore City

    Authors: Dheeraj Verma; Devendra Singh Verma

  79. Mobility Enabled Trustworthy Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: G. Mangalesh; S. T. Uma

  80. Bluetooth-Based Remote Monitoring of Medical Condition

    Authors: Tejashree Vaidya; Pradnya Patil; Shwetali Rajput; Swapnila Saindane; Kavita Thorat

  81. Solar PV Energy Achievements and Prospects in Development of Rural Bangladesh

    Authors: Mohammad Samir Ahmed; A S M Monjurul Hasan; Md. Habibullah; Sohel Ahmad

  82. Effectiveness of Task Oriented Training in Improving Level Surface Walking in Patient with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

    Authors: Ankit Nariya; Keyur Dobariya

  83. Accurate Target Tracking using Kalman Filtering and Location Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Karthika. G; Ramalakshmi. K

  84. Efficient Framework to Mitigate DDoS Attacks and Response System

    Authors: Saravanan S; P.Siva kumar

  85. Secured Data Communication using Novel Modification to Hill Cipher Algorithm with Self Repetitive Matrix

    Authors: Rahul. R. Ravan; Atul R. Nigavekar

  86. Studies on Crude Thermostable Amylase Produced by Bacillus Spp. Isolated from Starch Waste

    Authors: Oluwafemi Adedire; Wuraola Ogundipe; Adekunle Farinu

  87. Image Mining

    Authors: P. Srividya Sarvani; Y; Madhavi Latha

  88. Comparative Analysis of Vector Control of Induction Motor using PI Controller with Fuzzy Logic Controller

    Authors: Raghvendra Tiwari; S. Chatterji

  89. Hepatic Lesions Spectrum in Sudanese Patients by using Computed Tomography

    Authors: Maram A. Fagiri; Mustafa Z. Mahmoud; Ikhlas Abdelaziz Hassan; Leina Mhmoud

  90. Performance Characteristics of Rectangular Patch Antenna

    Authors: Kolli Ravi Chandra; Bodepudi Mounika; Rayala Ravi Kumar

  91. Integration Satellite Multi Resolution Image Data Using Wavelet Transform to Identify Soil Moisture Dynamics at Lampung Tengah, Indonesia

    Authors: Dwi Rustam Kendarto

  92. Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Nove fused 4-(3H) Quinazolinone Derivatives

    Authors: V. K. Singh; S. K. Singh; Lakshmi Gangwar

  93. Signal Jamming and its Modern Applications

    Authors: Alaparthi Pardhasaradhi; Rayala Ravi Kumar

  94. Latest Technologies in Surface Computing

    Authors: Chandra Vivek Singh; Suresh Angadi

  95. Design of Congestion Prevention Algorithms in Computer Networks

    Authors: Vinod Babu Vellank; Suresh Angadi

  96. Benefits of Agroforestry Farming Practices among Rural Households in Kenya: Experiences among Residents of Busia County

    Authors: Agnes Mugure; Peter Oino

  97. Farmer-Oriented Factors that Influence Adoption of Agroforestry Practices in Kenya: Experiences from Nambale District, Busia County

    Authors: Peter Oino; Agnes Mugure

  98. Character Recognition with Minimum Edit Distance Method

    Authors: Parul Vashist; K. Hema

  99. Heavy Metal Analysis of Blends of Methyl Esters Obtained from Four Virgin Tropical Seed Oils

    Authors: O. G. Igbum; K. Asemave; C. A Nwadinigwe; N. Y. Akaasah

  100. A Superficial Expos of Data Warehousing: An Intrinsic Component of Modern Day Business Intelligence

    Authors: Oyerinde; O.D; Adekunle; A. Y; Ebiesuwa; O.O

  101. Wireless Energy Meter and Billing via SMS

    Authors: P.V. Santhoshi Roja; B. Kiran Babu; V. Samson Deva Kumar

  102. The Relation between Outsourcing Employee Perception to Recruitment Process and Status with Employee Morale

    Authors: Shinta Oktafien; Susy Siti Suryati

  103. Managerial and Institutional Ownership Analysis to National Private Banking Profitability at Indonesia Stock Exchange 2005-2009

    Authors: Ikaputera Waspada

  104. A Novel Study on Complex Fuzzy Logic

    Authors: K Rajesh; D. Rajeswara Rao

  105. Reduction of Power in Active Mode by Automatic Monitoring and Control System

    Authors: Kollu Vamsi Krishna; Kiran Babu B

  106. Remote Control of Electrical Appliance using Wireless Technology GSM

    Authors: Sindhuja Alla; B.Kiran Babu

  107. Modeling of Dynamic Voltage Restorer to Improve the Voltage Quality in Distribution Network

    Authors: Srilakshmi Tumpudi; B.Kiranbabu

  108. Haptic Technology and its Implementation in Medical Field

    Authors: P. V. Phani Teja; R. Ravi Kumar

  109. Enhancement of Power Factor using Converters

    Authors: Swati. E

  110. Maximum Speed Data Transfer using SOGR EM Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Network

    Authors: R. Srithulasiraman; R. Poornima

  111. Non Conventional Methods of Power Generation for Future Power Outage Problems

    Authors: Mule Sai Krishna Reddy; SK Rasool Ahemmed

  112. Modernizing the Pollution Control Equipment in Power Plants

    Authors: K. N. V. D. Maheswari; B. Kiran Babu

  113. Need of Ethical Hacking in Online World

    Authors: Monika Pangaria; Vivek Shrivastava

  114. Off-Design of a Steam Condenser in a Mathematical Model

    Authors: MSK Chaitanya; K Srinivasarao; CH Pramod baba

  115. Bluetooth Enhancement using AODV

    Authors: Chalamalasetty Uttam Kumar; Pillem Ramesh

  116. Governing Principles of Rocket Flight

    Authors: HemaSree Vemuri; Abhishek Pathri; Uday Bhaskar.PV

  117. Pulmonary Complications in Falciparum Malaria

    Authors: Manish B. Patel; Wasimahmed Sachora; Chirag Saparia

  118. Role of ICT in Sustainability of Research: A Conceptual Framework

    Authors: Geeta Marmat

  119. Information Retrieval using Poisson Query Generation Model

    Authors: S. Vasanthakumar

  120. Basic Concepts of Expert System Shells and an Efficient Model for Knowledge Acquisition

    Authors: Emmanuel C. Ogu; Adekunle; Y.A.

  121. Six Sigma Approach to Quality Assurance in Global Supply Chains

    Authors: V. Manoj Kumar; M. Vijay Kumar

  122. Land Cover Change and Deforestation in Gazetted Maji Mazuri Forest, Kenya

    Authors: Chege Moses Gichuho; Njoroge Simon Mburu; Wanjau Faith Wambui

  123. Nitrate Pollution of Aya Watershed in Vandeikya Rural Area of Benue State Nigeria

    Authors: Mile; I.; Amonum; I.; Chenge; I.

  124. FPGA based Real Time 3D-RISS / GPS Integrated System for Position Tracking

    Authors: S Sandeep Kumar; R Ravi Kumar

  125. A New Approach to the Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling

    Authors: Kundeti Monesh Teja; Pallipogu Vijay

  126. Hand Gesture Recognition Technique

    Authors: Malav Raj Solanki; Shailendra Mishra

  127. The Pattern of Expansion of Urban Residential in Eldoret Municipality, Kenya

    Authors: Munialo Evans Wafula; Chege Moses Gichuho

  128. Influence of Selected Socio-Demographic Factors on the Response of College Students towards VCT Services: A Case of Selected Middle Level Colleges in Nairobi Province, Kenya

    Authors: Macharia Joyce Mghoi; Chege Moses Gichuho