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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.3, No.1

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2014-01-05

  1. Health Implications Associated with Fluorosis in Children Residing in the Low Fluoride Endemic Afflicted Areas of Chittoor District

    Authors: V. Lakshmi

  2. A Holistic Approach for Weight Management through Dietary Management

    Authors: V. Lakshmi

  3. Case Report of a Rowell's Syndrome

    Authors: Devang Solanki Ekta Dalal Nishita Darji

  4. Study of Risk Factors for Preterm Neonates

    Authors: Mayur Bavaliya; Bela Shah; Sucheta Munshi

  5. A Genetic Algorithm Based Railway Scheduling Model

    Authors: G. Nirmala; D. Ramprasad

  6. Evaluation of the Effect of Hexose Oxidase on the Bread Baking Properties of Flour from Three Kenyan Wheat Varieties

    Authors: Nicholas Mwangi Maikweki; Anakalo Shitandi; Abdul Faraj; Rose Ogata Bitonga

  7. Endoscopic Surgical Approach to CSF Rhinorrhoea-Analysis of 30 Cases

    Authors: Rajesh Vishwakarma; Kalpesh Patel; Dipesh Darji; Zeenat Ekkiswala; Divya Agrawal

  8. Sensitive Spectrophotometric Methods for the Determination of Nicardipine in Pharamaceuticals Using Bromothymol Blue and Methyl

    Authors: Y. Suneetha; N. V. S. Naidu

  9. The Challenges of Recruitment and Selection of Employees in Zimbabwean Companies

    Authors: Alice Z Zinyemba

  10. Role of Antioxidants on Thyroid Hormones in Wister Rats

    Authors: Karan Peepre; U. Deshpandey; P. S Choudhary

  11. Evaluation of Similarities Measure in Document Clustering

    Authors: Hemalatha Immandhi

  12. Practices Regarding Child Birth and Basic Newborn Care among Urban - Slum Population

    Authors: Manisha Khunt; Anuya Chauhan; Gargi Pathak

  13. Selected Factors Influencing Effective Implementation of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Projects in Kimilili Constituency, Bungoma County, Kenya

    Authors: Leonard W. Kibebe; Priscillah W. Mwirigi

  14. Review on Drowsy Driving: Becoming Dangerous Problem

    Authors: Kusuma Kumari B. M

  15. Identification of Software Rot Using Range Control Limits

    Authors: Harinder Kaur; Raveen Bajwa

  16. Curving the Path of Bullets - A Hypothetical Case Study of Applications of Bernoulli's Principle

    Authors: B. Vishal Babu

  17. Physical Activity: A Basic Need for All

    Authors: Shiv Kant

  18. Keyword Search in XML Database with Relevance Ranking and Maintaining Stored Websites

    Authors: Anitha J; K. Jeyalakshmi

  19. Assessment of Dietary Management of Patient during Dialysis

    Authors: Shadia Mohamed; Amani Lafe Abdullah

  20. Levels of Some Basic Amenities in the Slums and Their Impacts on Ecology: A Case Study of Jorhat City, Assam

    Authors: Diganta Kumar Phukan

  21. Cost Comparison of RCC Columns in Identical Buildings Based On Number of Story and Seismic Zone

    Authors: Samyog Shrestha

  22. Evaluation the Effect of In-Office Bleaching on Color Changes on Restorative Composite Resins

    Authors: Ameer AL-Ameedee; Hala Ragab; Ziad Salameh; Essam Osman

  23. Construction of Microcontroller Based Digital Voltmeter

    Authors: Md. Imran Hossain Jony; Md. Moshiur Rahman

  24. Detection Disease of Sugarcane Streak Mosaic Virus (SCSMV) Via Serological Test on Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.), Weed and Insect Vector

    Authors: Dimas Bagus Prabowo; Tutung Hadiastono; Toto Himawan; Lilik K Putra

  25. From Vision to Performance through Balanced Scorecard Effect

    Authors: Constana IACOB; Mihaela Cristina GHEORGHE

  26. Database Migration over Network

    Authors: Kanimozhi N; Thresphine J. R

  27. Factors Affecting Procurement Performance in the Milk Processing Firms In Kiambu County

    Authors: Samuel Mburu Karanu; A. Njeru

  28. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - An Overview

    Authors: Dalia Tewary; Jayita Dey Mondal; Samadrita Mukherjee Sardar

  29. Quantitative Analysis of Digital Image Stabilization

    Authors: K. Dastagiri

  30. Improving Security and Efficiency in Attribute-Based Data Sharing

    Authors: M. Pratheepa; R. Bharathi

  31. The Efficiency of Three Methods of Teaching on Students' Performance in Introductory Statistics

    Authors: Gamaliel A. Senoc

  32. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia - An Overview

    Authors: Jayita Dey Mondal; Dalia Tewary; Samadrita Mukherjee Sardar

  33. Data Consistency for Cooperative Caching in Mobile Environments

    Authors: P. Nithiyalakshmi; V. Udhaya Kumar

  34. Glass Ceiling Effect: A Focus on Pakistani Women

    Authors: Farhat Shafiq

  35. Physical Education: A Healthy Way to Develop Personality

    Authors: Shiv Kant

  36. Current States of Aspect Oriented Programming Metrics

    Authors: Esubalew Alemneh

  37. A Genetic Model with Semantic Analysis for Feedback Classification

    Authors: Shanmuga Priya.A; Vijayakumar.P

  38. Solitons: A Promising Technology in Optical Communication

    Authors: S Sreedevi Nair; Vipal Prem

  39. A Comparative Study of Midazolam and Propofol for BIS Guided Sedation during Middle Ear Surgery under Local Anesthesia

    Authors: Shivang Joshi; Gauri Panjabi

  40. Enhanced Channel Estimation and Traffic Monitoring for Misbehaviour Nodes in Disruption Tolerant Networks

    Authors: M. Rubini; N. Tajunisha

  41. A Spam Filtering Technique Using Svmlight Tool

    Authors: Agrawal Rammohan Ashok; Gaurav Shrivastav

  42. Influence of Individual Characteristics, Organizational Culture and Work Motivation to Satisfaction and Performance of Hand-Rolled Cigarette Workers at the Cigarette Industry in Madura

    Authors: A. Azis Jakfar

  43. Performance of Low-Cost Bio Adsorbents for the Removal of Metal Ions - A Review

    Authors: Naba Kumar Mandal

  44. Complaint Handling and Service Recovery Analysis at Low Cost Carrier Airline and Effects on Customer Satisfaction in Indonesia

    Authors: Adie Sapar Sudradjat; Gatot Kunta Kumara; Nila Susandi

  45. The Jayakarta Bandung Boutique Suite Hotel&Spa Brand Perfomance Effect to Guest Stay Decision

    Authors: Indah Nur Agustiani; Rimayang Anggun Laras

  46. Case Study the Environmental Literacy of Fast Learner Middle School Students in Indonesia

    Authors: Fera Maulidya; Ahmad Mudzakir; Yayan Sanjaya

  47. Cloud Computing Adoption and Utilization amongst Zimbabwean NGOs: A Case of Gweru NGOs

    Authors: Tinashe Gwendolyn Zhou; Caroline Gosho; Giyane Maxmillan

  48. Switching Median Filter Based on Iterative Clustering Noise Detection

    Authors: Chingakham Neeta Devi; Keisham Pritamdas

  49. Image Enhancement Using Dynamic Region Merging

    Authors: Rupali B. Nirgude; Shweta Jain

  50. Role of Nanotechnology in Shaping the Future of Mobile and Wireless Devices

    Authors: Supriya Lokhande; Rupali Pate

  51. A Survey on Website Structure Improvement Techniques

    Authors: Chhaya Shejul; Padmavathi

  52. Nanotechnology: Green Innovation

    Authors: Jyoti M Gadekar; Kiran D Kadam

  53. Study on Characteristics of Distributed Feedback (DFB) LASER as Light Source for Optical Fiber Communication System

    Authors: Md. Mahfuzul Haque; Rabeya Ferdousy

  54. Symbolic Language War in Cellular Advertisement: A Critical discourse Analysis

    Authors: Emma Bazergan

  55. Efficient Aircraft Traffic Scheduling using Population Heuristics with CART Algorithm

    Authors: R. S. Priyaa; S. Saravana Kumar

  56. Microstructural Studies of (Barium Strontium Hexaferrite-Barium Strontium Titanat) Composite System by Mechanical Alloying Process

    Authors: Novizal; Azwar Manaf

  57. A Simulation of the Fundamental Attributes of Autonomous Computing

    Authors: Sugandh Shah; Hatib Zeeshan

  58. Modulated Backscattering Coverage in Wireless Passive Sensor Networks

    Authors: Anusha Chitneni; Karunakar Pothuganti

  59. Comparison of Health of Height-Weight Matched Young-Adult Female Athletes and Non-Athletes in Selected Anthropometric Measurements

    Authors: Sanjib Mridha; Prasenjit Barman

  60. Effects of Sowing Dates on Variability of Perineal-Pattern of Meloidogyne Incognita

    Authors: Sheila Shahab

  61. A Study of the Relationship between Banking Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Algerian Public Banks

    Authors: HALLOUZ Wafaa; BENHABIB Abderrezzak

  62. Analysis of Potentiality of HVDC in Future Power System in Bangladesh

    Authors: Rupak Kanti Dhar; Md. Rifat Hazari

  63. The Use of Public Relations and Advertising as a Tool for Re-Establishing and Rebranding Failing Products: A Study of VITAFOAM Nigeria Plc

    Authors: Awobamise Ayodeji

  64. Solvent and Concentration Effects on Electrocoagulation of Quinones

    Authors: V. N. Mkpenie; E. A. Essien; U. J. Etim

  65. Research on Kinematics Modeling of a Welding Robot

    Authors: Meheretu Embabo

  66. Maternal and Perinatal Outcome in Cases of Placenta Previa

    Authors: Anand D. Bhatt; Aarti Meena; Malini R. Desai

  67. Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Empowerment of Business Leaders in Zimbabwe

    Authors: Catherine Muchechetere; Lakshmanan Ganesh; Silas Karambwe

  68. Vehicle Number Segmentation and Recognition by Using Region Properties and Thresholding

    Authors: D. Bharath Kumar; V. E. Chandrashekar

  69. Sociological Examination of Role of Women in Crime Control and Prevention: A Study of Nigerian Women

    Authors: Archibong. E; Udobong. R; Antia. C

  70. A Novel Approach on RCDA with Deffie Hellman in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Maheshwari D; Pavithradevi N

  71. Review on Single-Phase Fluid Flow Distribution in Manifold

    Authors: Jafar M. Hassan; Wahid S. Mohammed; Thamer A. Mohamed; Wissam H. Alawee

  72. A Review on Available Evidence for Effects of Ethanol Fuels on Air Pollutant Emissions from Motor Vehicles

    Authors: Sumit Sharma; Ashish Nayyar

  73. Biosorption of Copper (II) by Aspergillus flavus (ED4)

    Authors: Mathan Jayaraman; Rajendaran Arumugam

  74. Efficient Lossy Image Compression Technique Based On Seam Identification and SPIHT Coding

    Authors: K. Mallikarjuna; S. Ifthukar

  75. Efficient Designing of Communication Link with PSK Modulation using Adaptive Equalization

    Authors: Shalini Garg; Pragati Kapoor

  76. Modeling and Simulation of Single Stage Voltage Controlled Oscillator using Adaptive Voltage level Technique

    Authors: Neeta Yadav; Nitin Saluja

  77. Performance Evolution of Routing Protocols for MANETS Based on CBR and FTP Application Agents

    Authors: N. Padmavathi; K.C.K.Naik

  78. Games to Combat Tuberculosis

    Authors: Anjali Singh

  79. In Vitro Free Radical Scavenging Activity and Total Phenolic Content of Kigelia Africana (LAM)

    Authors: Abdulkadir Nasiru; Adedokun Oluwasegun

  80. Edutainment based Mobile Phone Games for Health Communication in India

    Authors: Anjali Singh; Aparna Khanna

  81. Changing trends among Adolescents in Schools: Lifestyle, Career and Happiness

    Authors: Anjali Singh

  82. Real-Time Data Distribution System of Disaster Reduction Information for India

    Authors: Jha Ashutosh Sonelal; Chainika Das

  83. Conducive Classroom Environment in Schools

    Authors: Anjali Singh