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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Research (IJSER) >>

Vol.5, No.7


Publishing Date: 2017-07-05

  1. Analysis of Tightening Torque in Fasteners

    Authors: Swapnil Thigale; Pranjali Aher

  2. A Review of Gear optimization Methods

    Authors: Kaushal Barot; Ronak Barot

  3. Analysis of Blast Loading on Structural Components

    Authors: Suryakant S. Birajdar; Prof. Jawalkar G. C.

  4. Quantitative Estimation of Secondary Metabolites from Mimusops elengi L.

    Authors: Vineeta Singh; V. N. Pandey; Kalawati Shukla

  5. Analysis of Product Life Cycle and Management Strategies: A Case Study on Patanjali Products

    Authors: Gurdeep Singh Saluja; Dr. Devendra S. Verma

  6. Seismic-Based Environmental Effects of Petroleum Exploration Activities in Parts of Tropical Forest Areas of Nigeria

    Authors: Madu Anthony Joseph Chinenyeze; Ugwu Richard Ekene; Agbo Christian Chukwudi; Emmanuel Uzoechi

  7. Effect of Shot Size and Peening Pressure on the Low Stress Abrasive Wear Behavior of Inter Critically Annealed Medium Carbon Steel

    Authors: S. L. Ahirwar; D. P. Mondal; Mukesh Pandey; Shyam Birla

  8. Dynamics of Saliva Ph Change in Children Following Intake of Some Homeopathic Medications

    Authors: Antoniya Pomakova; Nataliya Gateva; Nina Miltcheva

  9. Effect of Algae as Liquid Fertilizer on Growth and Biochemical Constituents of Groundnut

    Authors: R. B. Borse

  10. NDT for Pavement Exploration using GPR

    Authors: Parag Darade; Dr. Sumedh Mhaske

  11. A New Extension of Dynamic Programming to Evaluate Linear Model

    Authors: Bonoshree Saikia

  12. Measuring Shear Wave Velocity Using MASW Method to Reduce Cost and Time required in Construction Projects

    Authors: Nitesh Pawar; Dr. Sumedh Mhaske

  13. Deploying Efficiently MapReduce Applications in Heterogeneous Computing Environments using Novel Scheduling Algorithms

    Authors: Dr. Shubhangi D C; Bushra Sultana

  14. Elastic Behavior of Cubic Perovskites

    Authors: Madan Lal; Shikha Kapila

  15. Integrated Conceptual Framework of Draft Development Plans, MDP-2031, JoDA and MP-2042 for JPMIA

    Authors: Ansuya Tater

  16. Implementation of Cloud Deduplication Mechanism Using Sentence Based Chunking On Hybrid Cloud Architecture

    Authors: Arti Walzade; Vidhate S.P

  17. Role of Micro-Finance Banks & Institutions in Creating Self-Employment

    Authors: Madhushree Sur

  18. Economic Feasibility Analysis of Repowering a Wind Farm in South India

    Authors: Anand John; Anjali Nair; Antony JK

  19. Landuse & Land Cover Changes of Drought Prone Anantapur District Using Geo-Spatial Technology

    Authors: Dr. V. Sreenivasulu; Dr. M. Karunakara Rao

  20. Effects of Tool Geometry, Process Parameters and Fiber Orientation Angles on Hole Quality of (GFRP)

    Authors: Ahmed M. Easa; Abeer S. Eisa

  21. * Derivations in Nearrings

    Authors: Dr. D. Bharathi; K. Sreenivasulu

  22. * Derivations in Prime Gamma Nearrings

    Authors: Dr. D. Bharathi; K. Sreenivasulu

  23. Design of CMOS Current Comparator FVF with VF Level Shifter using for Low Power Applications

    Authors: R. K. A. Nageswari; G. Vimala Kumari

  24. Studies on the Physico-Chemical Parameters of Ground Water Quality Analysis in and around Kalburagi, Karnataka, India

    Authors: Rekha S. Choudhary; Dr. Mohan I Naik

  25. Infrared Thermography: A Tool for Defect Identification

    Authors: Akash Padole; Dr. Sumedh Mhaske

  26. Forecasting Insists for Place to Stay at Resort

    Authors: C. Premila Rosy; Dr. R. Ponnusamy

  27. Pulse Oximetry for Pregnant Ladies

    Authors: Naziya Pathan; Dr. Mukti E. Jadhav

  28. CAD Modern Technology System

    Authors: Dr. R. Karmakar

  29. Graphical Passwords ? YAGP: A User Study

    Authors: Rajashree Chaurasia

  30. Capacity Planning and Layout Optimization

    Authors: Shivendra Hazari; Dr. Nagendra Sohani

  31. Extent of Adoption of Recommended Groundnut Production Technology among the Farmers of Sehore District of M.P. India

    Authors: Versha Patel; Sandhya Choudhary; Dr. Abhay Wankhede; Dr. V. K. Swarnakar

  32. Signal of Dynamical Long-Range Rapidity Correlation among Pions in Ultra-Relativistic Nuclear Interactions

    Authors: Md. Abdul Kayum Jafry; Dipak Ghosh

  33. A Review of National Agricultural and Water Resource Policies and Practices in India with Case Studies on Uttarakhand and Sikkim

    Authors: Shivani Sharma

  34. Functionalized Novel Nano Composites in Ni(II) Removal from Aqueous / Effluent Media

    Authors: G. Gohulavani; N. Muthulakshmi Andal

  35. Removing an Object Using MRF Patch-Based Image Inpainting

    Authors: Sonali Pramod Zatale; Archana Chaugule

  36. Optimal Irrigation Management at Mundoghat Canal Command Area of Hirakud Canal System using Particle Swarm Optimization

    Authors: Ashutosh Rath; Sandeep Samantaray; Prakash Chandra Swain

  37. Bacillus thuringiensis SNKr10, As Bio-Control Agent

    Authors: Nisha Sharma; Baljeet Singh Saharan

  38. Lattice Controlled Hot Electron Mobility in 2DEG at Low Temperature

    Authors: A. K. Ghorai

  39. Study of the Sustainability and Impact of Ashes as a Stimulant of the Active Ingredient on Lactation of Unmated Rats: Euphorbia Hirta cases

    Authors: ADEPO Yapo Prosper; BOLOU Gbouhoury Eric-Kevin; BONNY Aya Carole

  40. Scour Prediction around Bridge Pier without and with Collar using ANFIS

    Authors: Virender Kumar Sarda

  41. Tourism Impact Assessment in Forested Land Using Geo Informatics

    Authors: Subin K. Jose; Radhulakshmi V S

  42. Impact of Socio-Economic Status on Career Choice of Commerce Higher Secondary Students

    Authors: Dr. Shweta Talesara

  43. An Experimental Study on Steel-Nylon Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete for M-25 Grade

    Authors: Sachin Gupta; Vikram

  44. Liver Transplantation: Case Study - Offering Hope to End-Stage Liver Disease Patient

    Authors: Supriya

  45. Bioremediation of Sewage Waste Water using Rhodobacter Capsulatus

    Authors: Dr. Praveen Kumar Agrawal

  46. Biochemical Studies on the Influence of Different Organic Manures on the Growth of Mulberry in Anantapuramu Dist. of Andhra Pradesh, India

    Authors: Mandoji Mansoor Khan; S. Sankar Naik

  47. Clustering Analysis Based Learning of Web Mining

    Authors: Aparna Upadhyay; Ravindra Gupta

  48. Usability Evaluation of Social Network

    Authors: Shamsu Shehu

  49. An in Vitro Study on the Antibacterial Activity of Kefir Milk, Labzyme, Biozyme and Some Antibiotics against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia colicauses Lameness in Broiler Chickens

    Authors: Abdullah A. Mohammed; Auda A. Twaina

  50. Effect of Slag as a Fine Aggregate on Mechanical, Corrosion, and Nuclear Attenuation Properties of Concrete

    Authors: R. M. El Shazly; M.M. Sadawy

  51. A Practical Approach on Revenue Equivalence Theorem

    Authors: Afsal K; Sainul Abideen; Dr. V Kabeer

  52. Analysis and Detection of Weeds in Agricultural Area using various Image Segmentation Algorithms

    Authors: K. Deepa; Dr. N. Sujatha

  53. Design and Simulation of Unconstrained Coupling and Extinction Ratios in Compact Symmetrical Optical Directional Coupler on SOI Substrate and Study the Polarization Dependent Insertion Loss with Coupling Parameters

    Authors: Nagaraju Pendam; C. P. Vardhani

  54. Mathematical Modeling of the Biological Pest Control of Rice Stem Borer using Logistic Model and its Equilibrium Points

    Authors: P. Sujatha; Dr. S. Udayakumar

  55. Non Linear Programming Approach for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning with Partial Volume Constraints

    Authors: NVSL Narasimham; S P Kishore

  56. Effect of Concentration of CuSe Thin Film as Photo Anode on its Morphology and Photovoltaic Response

    Authors: Kavita Gour; Preeti Pathak

  57. Effect of Different Inter-Electrode Distances on Order-to-Chaos-to Order Transitions in Co-Axial Electrode DC Glow Discharge

    Authors: R. Kumar; R. Narayanan

  58. An Addition to Spider Fauna from the Vicinity of Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary of Kolhapur District

    Authors: Dr. Lazarus P. Lanka; Subhash S. Kamble; Dr. Atul K. Bodkhe

  59. Euler - Darboux Equation Involving Exp x of Convolution Type-I

    Authors: U. K. Bajpai; V. K. Gaur

  60. Application of Cloud Computing in Healthcare Domain

    Authors: Sudersan Behera

  61. Study of Mechanical and Tribological Behaviour of Cu-SiCp Metal Matrix Composites

    Authors: Rabinarayan Sethi; Rajesh Kumar Ojha; Madhumita Sahoo

  62. VCD Impact on Tata Motors Limited

    Authors: Ashish Kumar Rai

  63. Identification of Perceived Stress and Stressors along with Coping Strategies Adopted by Elderly Persons in selected Old Age Homes of Kolkata, West Bengal

    Authors: Anita Paul (Samanta)

  64. Design of Twin-Charged Quadruple Spark Ignition W20 Engine

    Authors: Thombare Shreyash Shripad

  65. Effective Implementation of CSFs in SPC Using Pareto Analysis Approach

    Authors: R. V. Patil; Shyamal Dey; Rajeev Ranjan

  66. Vision Based Analysis of Hand Gesture Recognition for Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

    Authors: Nidhi Sikri; Navleen Singh Rekhi

  67. Azwain (Trachyspermum Copticum) Seed Extract as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Aluminum in Trichloroacetic acid

    Authors: Jetal J. Patel; K. N. Patel

  68. Role of Physical Education Teacher in Schools

    Authors: Shashidhara; Dr. P C Krinshnaswamy

  69. Intelligent Waterdrop and Partitioning Scheme for New Call and Handoff Call Management

    Authors: Harmandeep Kaur; Dr. Manjit Singh Bhamrah

  70. Hydrological Studies in the Hial Area of Bolangir District, Odisha with Reference to Water Pollution due to the Limestone Mining in Order to Find Out Suitability of the Available Ground Water Resources for Agricultural and Industrial Use

    Authors: S. R. Barick; B. K. Ratha

  71. The Conundrum of Human Soul

    Authors: Khwaja Ayub Zickriya

  72. Design of Shift Register using Pulsed Latches to Reduce Area and Power Dissipation

    Authors: Lakshmi Chinnammalu R; V. N. Lakshmana Kumar

  73. Urban Sprawl and Land Use / Land Cover Analysis of Sonipat City Using Remote Sensing Technology

    Authors: Seema; Dr. Suman; Dr. Satya Parkash Kaushik

  74. Study on Nest Predation Rate on Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) in Relation to Average Vegetation Density at Hokersar and Haigan Wetlands Kashmir

    Authors: Ishrat Jan; G. Mustafa Shah; Ulfat Jan

  75. Tribunals and Contempt of Court: A Study

    Authors: Prof. (Dr) Mukund Sarda

  76. Polyaspartamides as a Drug Delivery Platform

    Authors: Sayan Basak

  77. A Novel VM Allocation Method for Dedicated Servers in Large Scaled Data Centers

    Authors: Minu Bala

  78. Implementation of Logic Gates using the Dual Mode Logic and their Applications

    Authors: Manjusha T; Dr. Shaik Mastan Vali

  79. Influence of Surface Texture on the Performance of Hydrodynamic Porous Journal Bearing

    Authors: Ashish Kumar; Dinesh Kumar

  80. Study of Ammonia Water Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Chiller Run by Solar Thermal Energy

    Authors: Ezaz Ahmad Ansari; Sohail Bux

  81. Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Management of Hyponatremia: A Review

    Authors: Kamal Mehta

  82. A Comparative Study of Import and Export of Services under Services Tax and GST Law

    Authors: C.A. (Dr.) Pramod Kumar Pandey

  83. Considerations and Open Issues in Flying Ad Hoc Network

    Authors: Sunil Kr Maakar; Yudhvir Singh; Rajeshwar Singh

  84. Evaluation of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Latipada Dam for Habitat of Fresh Water Sponges

    Authors: D. N. Shinde

  85. An Analytical Study on Growth of Mutual Fund Industry in India

    Authors: Nilesh; Dipsh Dhanda

  86. Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of N2, N4-dip-tolylquinazoline-2,4- Diamine and N2, N4-bis(4-chlorophenyl) quinazoline2,4diamineQuinazoline Derivatives

    Authors: A. A. Kale; K. M. Durgade

  87. A Study on Problems of Agricultural Labours Relating to Farmer Cultivation in Selected Area in Erode Districts

    Authors: A. C. Deepa; M. Prakash

  88. An Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Concrete by Using Polypropylene Fibers

    Authors: Vinodh Kumar Balaji; Chinnakotti Sasidhar

  89. Design of K-band Bandpass Filter for Satellite Ground Terminal using Substrate Integrated Waveguide

    Authors: Nitika Sharma; Garima Tiwari

  90. Automated Area Surveillance Robot (AASR)

    Authors: Ganeshaanand .B; Soorya .S; Hari Krishna Menon .S

  91. Properties of Operations on Total Regular Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs

    Authors: N. Abdul Ali; C. Yasmin; K. Sivasankari

  92. Heat Transfer Enhancement in Cross Flow Heat Exchangers Using Oval Tubes and Multiple Delta Winglets

    Authors: K. Lakpathi; J. Vadivel; K. Chaitanya

  93. Implementation of Tissue Culture Technique for the Production of Triploid Plants of Mulberry (MORUS. L.)

    Authors: Mandoji Mansoor Khan; S. Sankar Naik

  94. Knowledge and Attitude of Choosing Dental Loupes among Dental Students - A Questionnaire Survey

    Authors: A. Ashwatha Pratha; Dr. R. Sandhya

  95. The Chiru's Moroi: Forgotten Indigenous Food Product of Manipur

    Authors: Partakson Romun Chiru; Dr. Rajmani Singha

  96. Securing ATM by Facial Recognition Authentication

    Authors: P. Muniasamy; S. Joney Babayal

  97. Reduction to the Pole and Analytic Signal Interpretation Techniques of Magnetic Data in Equatorial Area, Ethiopia

    Authors: Lingerew Nebere

  98. Utilization of Management Skills for Effective Uses of Solar Energy for 100 % Electrification of Tribal Gadchiroli District

    Authors: S. R. Ladke

  99. Temporal Evolution of Gas Temperature in the Afterglow of Pulsed ICP Discharge Using Rayleigh Scattering

    Authors: Mansour ElSabbagh

  100. Impact of Plastic Formwork over Conventional Formwork

    Authors: Imtiyaz Mohi U Din; Chitranjan Kumar