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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.2, No.3

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2018-08-02

  1. Method Devlopment of Apremilast (API) in Methanol by UV-Visible Spectroscopy

    Authors: Deepak Chandra Sharma G. Rajan Pranshu Tangri Preeti Kothiyal

  2. MIMO-OFDM's BER and Design Performance for Wireless Broadband Communications

    Authors: Shuja Behna Neetu Sikarwar

  3. Effects of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Cashew (Anacardium Occidentale) on Paracetamol Induced Hepatotoxicity of Adult Male Wistar Rats

    Authors: Okonkwo C. O. J Oguaka V.N. Edeh A.I.

  4. The Effect of Homemade Drink on Exercise Endrance Time in Young Adult Females

    Authors: Okonkwo C. O. J Oguaka V.N. Mbachu P

  5. Study on Laser Communication: Features, Application, Advantages

    Authors: Atul A. Padghan Ankit P. Jaiswal

  6. Challenges and Emerging Technology in 5G

    Authors: Kiran Likhar Shraddha Karale Rashmi Bhat

  7. Alert System for Unmanned Railway Crossing using GPS - A Survey

    Authors: Noorul Shajitha Banu H Sangeeth T Saravana Pandi M Swathi M Vishnu R

  8. Survey on Identification of Hacker by Trapping Mechanism

    Authors: C. Ramprasath J. Varun Ms S. SriHeera

  9. Knowledge level of dairy farmers about improved breeding and health care practices in Punjab

    Authors: N Laldinpuii S K Kansal H K Verma J S Bhatti

  10. Design and Fabrication of Bottom Fixture in Robot Soldering Machine

    Authors: M. Nandhagopal M. Suresh Kumar J. Arulmurugan M. Aravind

  11. Investigation on Dissimilar Metal Welds by Resistance Spot Welding Process

    Authors: Vikash Siddhu Naveen Kumar Navneet Arora

  12. Text Detection from Natural Images using MSER Algorithm

    Authors: Lokendra Singh Banafar Lalita Gupta

  13. Defensing Confidentiality During Complete Packet Inspection On A Middlebox

    Authors: K. Geetharani K. Kowsalya A. M. SenthilKumar M. S. Vijaykumar M. Saravanakumar

  14. Web based application for farmers using new trends in web technology

    Authors: Sathya Bama S J. Preethi

  15. Design Evaluation and Optimization of IC Engine Connecting Rods '“ A Review

    Authors: N. Mohammed Raffic K. Ganesh Babu K. N. Arun Kumar

  16. A Study on the Medical Service Quality and its Influence upon Level of Patient's Satisfaction with Special Reference to Selected Major Multispeciality Hospitals, Chennai City

    Authors: Thenmozhi Arukutty

  17. Health Care Monitor with Emergency Support

    Authors: K. Ratna G. Shruthi R. Sorna Manjari S. Suryakala V. Rathinapriya

  18. Manufacturing of Bio Plastic from Waste Vegetable

    Authors: Rajat. R. Wade Anurag. D. Choudhari Shubham Punvantwar

  19. Automatic Real Time System for Traffic Security and Violation Detection

    Authors: Piyush Raj Deepak Dhormare Samrika Singh Snehal Nawade R. U. Yawale

  20. Isolation and Optimization of Protease Producing Bacteria from Marine Sediment

    Authors: P. Maheswari S. Mahendran A. Kamilabanu

  21. Value Inculcations in Teacher Education

    Authors: Devangna Anilbhai Patel

  22. A Case Study on Projectile Motion

    Authors: Vivek. S Rohini. R Dhanya. G

  23. Role of Lok Adalats in India

    Authors: Kshirod Kumar Moharana

  24. Review on Tri Band Antenna for Remote Sensing Applications

    Authors: Priya Kumari

  25. Rehabilitation of Buildings for Functional Unsuitability: Need of Structural Health Monitoring

    Authors: Utkarsh Nigam Rajneesh Sharma

  26. Assessment of Water Quality Status of Godavari river around process industries at Manuguru, Telangana State

    Authors: Suresh Shukla M. A. Singaracharya

  27. Operating System a Case Study

    Authors: Sumanta Kabiraj Anjli Gupta Subhashis Kumar Chandra

  28. China-Nigeria Economic Relations: The Need for Greater Resource Management for Development

    Authors: Sheriff Ghali Ibrahim Zainab Gimba

  29. The Impact of Marketing Mix Variables on Consumer Behavior in the Brewery Industry- A Study

    Authors: Etumbih Elvis Akweli Dr Swati Pandy Mishra

  30. The Mythical element of Margaret Laurence's 'œThe Stone Angel'

    Authors: S. Selvaperiya K. Gayathri

  31. Administering Developmental Projects in Africa: An Analysis of Infrastructure Model under the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC)

    Authors: Sheriff Ghali Ibrahim zainab gimba Olamiriki Oluwaseun

  32. Brain Tumor Detection Segmentation Techniques

    Authors: R. Deepa P. Narendran

  33. Speech Disturbance in Bilingual Female Alzheimer's Disease Patients

    Authors: Parvaiz Ahmed Shah Deeba Aazfa

  34. Critical Review on Rasaprakash Sudhakara: A Pharmaceutical Book

    Authors: Amzad Ali Ansari Kavita S. M. Parhate T. R. Singh

  35. E-Mail Security Algorithm to Filter Out Spam E-mails using Machine Learning

    Authors: R. Aswin E. Ganesh M. Babu

  36. Experimental Investigational Study on the Physical Properties of a new Concrete Mixture Prepared with Recycled Aggregate

    Authors: Bhupendra Kirar K G Kirar

  37. Design and Fabrication of a Convertor Ladle and Treatment Chamber

    Authors: N. Nandhini S. Gokulakrishnan M. Gowtham R. Bhuvaneshwaran

  38. Automatic PVC Pipe Cutting Machine

    Authors: P Manikandan K Krishnakanth Prof P Mathan Kumar

  39. Performance Based Seismic Analysis of Buildings

    Authors: Sonal S. Ambhaikar Satyajit D.Patil Rajbansi S Kognole

  40. Secure Authentication to Identify the Human using Finger Printer Profile in Voting System

    Authors: B. Chandraganesh J. Nareshkumar S. Thirumal

  41. A Study on the Academic Performance of College Teachers based on Key Performance Indicators

    Authors: K. Anuradha B. Subasri S. Vignesh

  42. Effect of Permittivity on Breakdown characteristic of Transformer oil based Nanofluid

    Authors: Mihir A Bhatt

  43. Pattern Recognition of Jharkhand Tribal Language

    Authors: Ritushree Narayan Puja Mishra

  44. Automatic Car Window Opening System by using Oxygen and Sound Sensor

    Authors: M. Sathish V. K. Harikrishnan Prof A. RamaKrishan P. Kavin

  45. Design and Fabrication of Mechanical Maize Decobber

    Authors: Prof M. Suresh Kumar T. A. Ajay Chakravarthi N. Arun Kumar S. Hariprasaath

  46. Green Marketing Practices: A Retailer's Perspective

    Authors: Ashok. M. V Richa Bhalla

  47. Skewing Impact on Stray Losses of an Induction Machine

    Authors: Uju Isidore U. Asiwe Uchechukwu M.

  48. Utilization of Waste Glass as Cement Replacement in PPC Concrete

    Authors: Sudhir Kumar Manish Chaudhary

  49. An Effective Routing Algorithm to Enhance Efficiency with WSN

    Authors: Anita Gracios Arun Jhapate

  50. A Case Study of the Impact of Culture on the Construction Projects in Tamil Nadu

    Authors: A. M Naveen Vidhya Priya. P

  51. Callus culture of Azadirachta indica employing its stem

    Authors: Saurish Sarkar

  52. The Impact of Employee Engagement on Employee Loyalty

    Authors: Niranjan S Mary Thomas

  53. Challenges Faced by Geography Teachers: Implications on Students' Academic Performance in Meme Division of the South West Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Tala Patience Maforche. M.Ed

  54. Artificial Neural Network Based Automated Escalating Tools for Crises Navigation

    Authors: Murugan Venkatesan S. Gokul R. Indra Gandhi

  55. Impact of Integrated Handloom Cluster Development Scheme (IHCDS) on Social Conditions of Weavers: The Opinion of Member Weavers in Andhra Pradesh, India

    Authors: K. Rama Mohana Rao Kakumanu Kiran Kumar

  56. Rurbanization in Telangana

    Authors: Boda Ramesh

  57. Diasporic Disorder in Amitav Ghosh's The Glass Palace

    Authors: K. Shenbahapriya R. Krishnaveni

  58. A Search for Identity in Margaret Laurence's A Jest of God

    Authors: V. Sangeetha B. Suganthi

  59. Division of Jane Austen Novels

    Authors: B. Suganthi K. Swarnamuki

  60. The Art of Interviewing

    Authors: M. Kokila P. Felciya S. Thavamani

  61. Employee Data Mining Based on Text and Image Processing

    Authors: Vijay More Ankita Shetty Aishwarya Mapara Rahul Ghuge Rohit Sharma

  62. Impact of Job Satisfaction on Employee Retention of IT Professionals

    Authors: Pavithra. P V. M. Anitha Rajathi

  63. Growth Analysis of Stock Market in India: An Empirical Study

    Authors: Prasanta Kumar Dey

  64. A Study on Job Satisfaction towards IT Employees in Coimbatore

    Authors: J. Sheeba T. Manimegalai K. Akila

  65. Agricultural Motor Control and Monitoring

    Authors: Mahesh Lahase Ashish Gupta Pradip Maske

  66. Nurses Grief as a Reaction to Patient Death in Pediatric Units of BPKIHS

    Authors: Basant Kumar Karn Upendra Yadav

  67. Opinion Mining of Customer Review for Amazon Product

    Authors: Heenabahen D. Chothani Sumitra Menaria

  68. Online Ticket Booking and Automatic Buspass Generation using QR Code

    Authors: Aakansha Gupta Bharti Samrit Nazish Khan

  69. Review Paper On An Efficient Encryption Scheme In Cloud Computing Using ABE

    Authors: Rutuja G. Kaple S. B. Rathod

  70. A Case Study in Application of Vectors in Three Dimensional Spaces

    Authors: S. Sathyapriya D. Harshini Devi N. Priyanka

  71. Exploring the Role of Culture on Graphic Designs

    Authors: Leena Philip

  72. Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension with Intelligent Active Suspensioning System

    Authors: M. Boopathi S. R. Gauthamnithin S. Harikrishnan G. Kumaresan

  73. Personal Income Taxes and Growth of Small Firms in Nigeria

    Authors: John-Akamelu Racheal Chitom Iyidiobi Felicia Cheluchi

  74. Automatic Image Captions for Lightly Labelled Images

    Authors: Raju Janagam K. Yakub Reddy

  75. Development and application of Liquid Chromatographic method for determination of Caspofungin Acetate in sterile, lyophilized powder for Injection

    Authors: L. Satyanarayana Sumalatha Reddi

  76. Characterization of Al/WC/Fly ash Metal Matrix Composites

    Authors: Nithin K

  77. Simulation of active scheme Three Phase to Seven Phase Transformation using Special condition Transformer Connection

    Authors: Aakansha Shrivastava Manish Kurre Lumesh Kumar Sahu

  78. Rumour Source Identification in Network

    Authors: M. Anitha P. Ananthi S. P. Rajagopalan

  79. A Game Based Graphical Password Authentication System to Prevent Shoulder-Surfing

    Authors: C. Asvin Parthasarathy R. Purushothaman

  80. Anomaly Threat Detection System using User and Role-Based Profile Assessment

    Authors: U. Indumathy M. Nivedha K. Alice

  81. Critical Time '“Motion and Economic Analysis of Linear and Rotary Gravity Conveyor for application One man multi-machine setup as low cost automation in material handling

    Authors: Deokate A. Y. Mundhe V. L. N. G. Narve

  82. Non-Formal Educational Resources and The Employability Impact of Youths in The South-West Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Emefua Rose

  83. Vehicle Density Based Traffic Control System

    Authors: Anand Gaikwad Shreya Shivani Patil

  84. Maintaining Secure Cloud by Continuous Auditing

    Authors: M. Kanimozhi A. Aishwarya S. Triumal

  85. Meaconing and Spoofing Attacks Evaluation with Enhancement in Security for Satellite Communication

    Authors: Tarun Varma Akhilesh R. Upadhyay

  86. The Analytical Review on Futuristic use of CRISPR-Cpf1 Aided Gene Drive Technology

    Authors: Rohit Satyam Nishtha Singh Tulika Bhardwaj

  87. Evaluation of Bioactivecomponents and Antistaphylococcal Activitiesof Ethyl Acetate and Dicloromethanefractions of Moringa Oleifera Root Bark on Clinical Isolates of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

    Authors: Agboke A. A. Attama A. A.

  88. Geometric Modeling, Design and Analysis of Custom-Engineered Milling Cutters

    Authors: R. R. Karthi B. Tamilarasu S. Mukesh K. M. Naveen Kumar

  89. Cloud based accessibility of Electronic Health Record from android application

    Authors: Abinaya R Devapriya A Purushothaman R

  90. Detecting Malicious Facebook Application using Digital India Scheme

    Authors: M. Divya M. Monika N. Kanimozhi

  91. Text investigation for fine-grained object using Context technique

    Authors: N. Bakya M. Gayathri R. Krithika

  92. A Study on Evaluation & Effectiveness of Training and Development of Employees in Tirupur Garment Indusrty

    Authors: T. Sreerekha H. Labiba

  93. Development Project Affect the Environment of Assam

    Authors: Mohon Rongphar

  94. An Assessment of Problems and Preferences in Medical Imaging of Pediatric Patients

    Authors: Tamijeselvan S

  95. A Review on Fast FPGA Development of RSD based ECC Processor

    Authors: V. Surega

  96. Automatic Identification of Potential Respondents to Subjective and Objective Questions

    Authors: Sonali U. Tapase K. B. Manwade

  97. A Review on Bus Tracker via GPS using Android Application

    Authors: Mohammad Altamash Swapnil Mahalle Nusrat Anjum

  98. Three-Term Linear Fractional Nabla Difference Equation

    Authors: G. Pushpalatha R. Ranjitha

  99. A Survey on Garbage Monitoring System using Internet of Things

    Authors: V. Praveen T. Arunprasad R. Naveen P. Gomathi

  100. Characterization of Soil Microbes and Viability Assessment of Liquid Microbial Consortium and Its Effect on the Growth and Yield of Vignaradiata L

    Authors: Tamilkodi. R Victoria. J

  101. Energy Emphasis Fault Tolerance Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Nainesh Belapurkar Manmohan Singh

  102. Singular Third-Order Multipoint Boundary Value Problem at Resonance

    Authors: G. Pushpalatha S. K. Reka

  103. Time Delay and Mean Square Stochastic Differential Equations in Impetuous Stabilization

    Authors: G. Pramila S. Ramadevi

  104. Oscillation of Even Order Nonlinear Neutral Differential Equations of E

    Authors: G. Pushpalatha S. A. Vijaya Lakshmi

  105. Lab scale production and optimization of PHB Biopolymer using orange peel by Pseudomonas spp. and Bacillus spp

    Authors: Mayur N. Rohi Shivani Parwar Ashok V. Gomashe

  106. Efficiently Data Analysis and Transmission for consumer using grid computing

    Authors: Sindhuja R Vasuinthira N

  107. Location tracking using Google Cloud Messaging on Android

    Authors: G. Sunderesh Kumar M. Gokulnath S. Priya

  108. Trafficking of Women and Girls for Commercial Sexual Exploitation: An Analysis on Impact of Violence in Kolkata's Brothel

    Authors: Awkash Kumar

  109. Study on Risk And Return Factors of Selected Banks in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

    Authors: Ebrahim Al-gamal Abbokar Siddiq

  110. A Study on Investors' Perception Towards Mutual Funds and its Scopes in India

    Authors: M. Rangeela G. Balamurugan

  111. Liquid Microbial Biofertilizers (LMF) for enhancing soil fertility '“ A Review

    Authors: Tamilkodi. R Victoria. J

  112. Development of 1.8 M Diameter Dish Reflector using Fiberglass Materials at Ku-Band Applications

    Authors: Olabisi Olusegun

  113. Biodegradation of Plastic by AspergillusSP

    Authors: Kannahi M Thamizhmarai T

  114. Smart Polyhouse Farming using IoT Environment

    Authors: Raja. G Rajarathinam. D. R. P Abhiraj. R Arunkrishnan Febin Malik Jesu Jorof Divin. J

  115. A Review on Rapid Prototype Technology

    Authors: Saurabh Bobde Satish Sonwane Chetan Mahatme

  116. Secure Authentication for Advanced Voting System using Fingerprint and RFID

    Authors: B. Shalini M. Sakthi Prabha R. Krithika

  117. Run-Time Re-configuration using FPGA for Bio-Medical Application

    Authors: Ajinkya A. Bandegiri Pradip C. Bhaskar

  118. Critical thinking skills and its development strategies

    Authors: Govind Singh

  119. Review Paper on Biomedical Image processing using Wavelets

    Authors: Nishigandha M. Sawarkar S. S. Mungona

  120. Study on utilization of fly Ash in Bitumen and in Flexible Pavements

    Authors: Abdula Zain Ul Aabideen Dar Mohd Zeeshan Khan

  121. An Adaptive IoT Framework: using FPGA Based SOC for varying Applications

    Authors: Komal Gophane P. C. Bhaskar

  122. Business Excellence Model: A Selective Study

    Authors: Thenmozhi Arukutty

  123. Deployment of ID3 decision tree algorithm for placement prediction

    Authors: Kirandeep Neena Madan

  124. Classification on Missing Data for Multiple Imputations

    Authors: A. Nithya Rani Antony Selvdoss Davamani

  125. Experimental Investigation on Surface Roughness and Vibration Parameters in Turning of EN8K steel using PTFE / Nylon66 Liners for Carbide Insert Cutting Tools

    Authors: Taware S. B Mundhe V. L Narve N. G

  126. Protection of Medical Data Sharing and Intrusion Avoidance Based on Cloudlet

    Authors: M. Babu V. Priyadharshini R. Punitha V. Reena

  127. Fibrillation Detection using Accelerometer and Gyroscope of a Smartphone

    Authors: Arun Pranav K. R Elavarasan C

  128. Hospital Information System using Cloud

    Authors: S.Gayathri S. Megalai K. Jaisharma

  129. Speaking Hand using Raspberry Pi 3

    Authors: Deepak Dhuri Aditya Gaushal Roshan Sawant Tanaji Renose Mansi Kolwankar

  130. Advance Safe Locker Security System using Dactylogram

    Authors: S. Prabhakaran P. Sridhar R. Alexander

  131. Problems and Future Prospects in Marketing of Kota Doria

    Authors: Ms Ruchika Malik Bindu Chaturvedi

  132. Palm Karnel Shell Ash as a Partial Replacement for Cement in the Production of Paving Blocks

    Authors: Ottos C. G. Isaac O. E.

  133. Food Safety Control Using Hyperspectral Imaging

    Authors: Prathama V Thippeswamy G

  134. Data Prevention from Network Hacking

    Authors: A Prasanth P Sankar Ganesh S P Raja Gopalan

  135. Pedagogical Suicide, Philosophy of Nihilism, Absurdity and Existentialism in Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus and Its Impact on Post-Independence Odia Literature

    Authors: Santosh Kumar Nayak

  136. Hybrid Biomass-Solar Power System with Establishment of Raw Material Procure

    Authors: Vikash Pooniya Pravin Kumar Deepika Chauhan Asif Iqbal

  137. Brief Review on Al6351 Composite

    Authors: Mrs M. Vijaya Dr K. Srinivas

  138. Form of Sentimentalism in Sheridan's 'œThe Rivals'

    Authors: T. Poornima M. Priyanga T. Thilagavathi

  139. Defiant Daughter in Anita Rau Badami's 'œThe Hero's Walk'

    Authors: M. Kokila S. Thavamani

  140. A Comparison between Relational Databases and NoSQL Databases

    Authors: Behjat U Nisa

  141. A Modified Method for Preventing Blackhole Attack in MANETS

    Authors: Mukul Dhakate Humera Khan Anwarul Siddique

  142. Database for Mobile Application

    Authors: Jasra Nisar Owais Noor Trumboo

  143. Dynamic Modeling of PEMFC and SOFC

    Authors: Pratik Mochi Mihir Bhatt

  144. Solar Energy Programs for Rural Electrification: Experiences and Lessons from South Asian countries

    Authors: Shipra Pachauri Deepika Chauhan Asif Iqbal

  145. Facial Authentication for Controlling Mouse Cursor with Hand Motion Detection using Webcam

    Authors: T. Manigandan S. Rohit R. Prakash

  146. Role of Artificial Intelligence in Transforming Human Resource Management

    Authors: Amol Murgai

  147. In-vitro conservation of Momordica cymbalaria Hook. f. by Leaf culture

    Authors: S. V. Madhale N. S. Chavan

  148. A Review Paper on Leveraging Data Duplication to Improve the Performance of Storage System with CLD and EHD Image Matching in the Cloud

    Authors: Pooja M. Khandar H R. Deshmukh

  149. Implementation of Real-Time Taxi Ride Sharing

    Authors: Nikit Sonule Khatib Farhenna Shaikh

  150. CAMPRO-G: An Autonomous Mobile Robot Guide for Campus using IoT

    Authors: V. Hemalatha K. Arun Kumar M. Sathya P. Gomathi

  151. A Survey on Credit Card Fraud based on Phishing Attack

    Authors: S. Asha C.Bala Krishnan

  152. Review on CDSS implementation with CDA generation and integration for health information exchange in cloud

    Authors: Pooja N. Umekar H R. Deshmukh Prof O A. Jaisinghani

  153. Study of Contractual Labour in India

    Authors: M. A. Maroof

  154. An IOT based solution for Road Accidents

    Authors: A. Geetha Shahanaz Khan N Sneha Rajagopal Soundariya B

  155. Impact of Abusive Supervision on Employee Turnover Intention: The Moderating Effect of Emotional Exhaustion

    Authors: Sher Alam Khetran Sikandar Wali Muhammad Yar Khan Jawaria Mushtaq

  156. Freedom of Press & its Implications

    Authors: Gurpreet Kaur Brar

  157. Hybrid Power Generation System Using Solar -Wind Energy: A Review

    Authors: Rajkumar Yadev Mayank Sharma

  158. Nutraceuticals, trace metals and radioactivity in edible seaweeds for food safety: An overview

    Authors: Suparna Roy P. Anantharaman

  159. Thermal Energy Production From Closed Geothermal Reservoirs

    Authors: Bhupesh Saini Mayank Sharma

  160. Analysis of amylase production from different substrate

    Authors: Nimavat Madhavi Darshan Marjadi

  161. Stock Prediction System Based on Key Statistics for S&P 500 With Linear SVC

    Authors: G. Saminath Krisna R. Indra Gandhi

  162. Educational Institute Future Intake Prediction System Based on Linear SVC

    Authors: G. Saminath Krisna R. Indra Gandhi

  163. Crack problems concerning boundaries of convex lens like forms

    Authors: Doo-Sung Lee

  164. Present Scenario and Technical Review of Smart Grid in India

    Authors: Rahul Yadav Kushaldeep Sharma Deepika Chauhan

  165. Avoiding Data Piracy in Artworks using Blockchain

    Authors: Arun Kumar G Hariharan A Ms D Sasikala

  166. A Competent Multi-Keyword Exploration Scheme over Encrypted Data in Cloud

    Authors: Saranya K Manohari J Haripriya H

  167. Biosynthesis of Eco-Friendly Silver Nano-Particles: The Efficiency of Fresh Leaves and Dried Leaves in the Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles

    Authors: Ihom P. Aondona Godwin EdemEssien Otobong Simeon Thompson

  168. Utilization of Melon and Snail Shell Waste Mixtures in the Carburization of Mild Steel

    Authors: Adzor S. Abella Ihom P. Aondona Edibo S.

  169. Biosynthesis of Eco-Friendly Silver Nano-Particles using Dry Fluted Pumpkin (TelfairiaOccidentalis)Leave Extractas Reducing Agent

    Authors: Ihom P. Aondona

  170. Self-help group and Women Empowerment through Bank linkage- An impact study of Himachal Pradesh

    Authors: Vipan Kumar Bhulal Sandesh Kumari

  171. Recognition of Indian Sign Language using SVM classifier

    Authors: Padmanabh D. Deshpande Sudhir S. Kanade

  172. A Review on Power Electronics based Compensators in Grid Connected WECS

    Authors: Zahid Hassan Gagan Deep Yadav

  173. Role of UPQC in Distributed Generation Power System: A Review

    Authors: Sajid Bashir Gagan Deep Yadav

  174. Solar and Thermal Power Generation

    Authors: Rahul Verma Deepika Chauhan

  175. AES Algorithm: Encryption and Decryption

    Authors: Shivangi Wadehra Shivam Goel Nidhi Sengar

  176. School Environment and Inclusive Educational Settings: Policy Implications and Mitigation Strategies Emerging from the South West Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Ambei Ruhama Faizefu

  177. Modeling of Predictive interaction of Water Parameters in Groundwater

    Authors: Ottos C. G Isaac E. O

  178. A Review on Substation Monitoring and control technologies and Problems

    Authors: Yogendra Singh Amba Lal Mathur Deepika Chauhan

  179. A Review on Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

    Authors: Yogesh Choudhary Ankita Bhatia Asif Iqbal

  180. A Review on Various Methods of Transformer Protection

    Authors: Anand Sharma Deepika Chauhan Vijay Kumar Mahawar

  181. A Review on Biomass Energy Production using Different Technologies and its Utilization in India

    Authors: Vishal Soni Pravin Kumar Deepika Chauhan

  182. Social Group Recommendation based on Big Data

    Authors: Nikita S. Mohite H. P. Khandagale

  183. A cram on the interpretation of myth in Ngugi's 'œThe River Between'

    Authors: V. Sangeetha K. Swarnamuki

  184. A Survey on Significance for Changes Student's thoughts using Data Mining

    Authors: K. Prakash R. Praveenkumar K. Kanniyarasu S. P. Santhoshkumar

  185. Optimized Carry Speculative Adder

    Authors: B. V. Pavan Kumar M. Lalitha Bhavani Y. Himanth

  186. Structural Analysis and Design of Structural Elements of A Building

    Authors: Potharaboyena Vinay Kurimilla Srilaxmi

  187. Feasibility analysis of using waste fish oil as an alternate fuel

    Authors: J. S. Binoj

  188. Factors Shaping Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: A Study of Gujarat State

    Authors: Yashasvi Rajpara Komal Mistry

  189. An Efficient Reconstructing Routing Path in Dynamic and Large scale networks using Extensive hashing

    Authors: A. Satish Kumar P. Hari Priya V. Navya V. N. Anshitha Shabeena

  190. Payments Innovation

    Authors: Umamaheswari K Santhiya R Ragavi J

  191. Adaptive Conflict Resolution Mechanism for Multi-party Privacy Conflicts Resolving in Social Media

    Authors: Tadisetty Nagamani SD Nagul Meera Sayyed

  192. Booster in High Dimensional Data Classification

    Authors: Paruchuri Geethika Voleti Prasanthi

  193. Enabling Privacy-Preserving Location Proofs for Mobile Users

    Authors: Immisetty Radhika K. Anuradha

  194. Security and Privacy Enhancement Framework for Mobile Devices using Active Authentication

    Authors: S Udith Narayanan P Vignesh T Manigandan

  195. Alzheimer Patient Tracking and Alert Systemc

    Authors: Haroon Dar Shreyansh Jain Jyoti Shukla V. M. Sardeshmukh

  196. Extraction of Struvite from Wastewater

    Authors: M. Kamal Nath G.Karthik S. Muhaideen Kani S. Anu Prathap

  197. Current Trends in Smart grid Technology

    Authors: Ashok Praveen Agarwal

  198. Hidden Wisdom in Daniel Gerhard Brown's 'œThe Lost Symbol'

    Authors: R. Umagandhi R. Sindhuja

  199. Support Network of Visually Challenged Women in Tiruchirappalli City, Tamil Nadu

    Authors: Rajathurai Nishanthi S. Sampathkumar

  200. Design and Fabrication of Turning Fixture and Drilling Jig for Exhaust Manifold

    Authors: S. G. Bhatwadekar Aditya Arvind Yadav Akshay Vilas Arekar Sushant Subhash Chougule Shrinath Yallapa Shirage Yogesh Rajendra Ghodake

  201. Imparting Curriculum with Bodily / Kinesthetic Intelligence to Foster Active Learning Among the Elementary School Children

    Authors: Amitha V A. H. M. Vijayalaxmi

  202. Student Library Attendance using Face Recognition

    Authors: K. Ravikanth Mishra D. Brahmeswara Rao A. Dinesh Chowdary

  203. Fault Analysis Using Stft and Travelling Wave Method

    Authors: Rajesh Saini Deepika Chauhan Brijraj Singh

  204. A Comprehensive Review of Applications of Stem Cell Therapy

    Authors: Vanshita Jashika Puneeta Ajmera Sheetal Yadav Harish K. Satia Mahavir Singh

  205. Ecotoxicology-Study aspects

    Authors: Deepthimahanthi Divya

  206. DCT Based Robust & Secured Digital Image to Audio Watermarking Algorithm

    Authors: Ikchha Pandey Siddarth Bhalerao Papiya Dutta

  207. Promoting Device-to-Device Communication in Cellular Networks by Hashing Techniques

    Authors: K Sandeep K. Monisha G. Navya D. Harika T. Aasritha

  208. Comparative Studies of various Digital Image & Audio Watermarking Techniques

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