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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.3, No.2

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2019-21-1

  1. Rectus Sternalis Muscle - A Rare Variant

    Authors: Surendra Chaudhary Uma B. Gopal Muteeba Naz Jeevan Kumar Giri Simi C. P. Daiarisa Rymbai

  2. Studies on Hybrid Material Reinforced Copper Based Composites- A Review

    Authors: Goutham M Mahesh V M Muralidhara B K

  3. Experimental Enhancement of Bio Gas Production from Industrial Wastage

    Authors: M. Shanmugaraj

  4. Robotic Automated External Defibrillator Ambulance for Emergency Medical Service in Smart Cities

    Authors: Nasir Ahmad

  5. An Empirical Study on the Rural Consumer Behaviour with Reference to Refrigerator

    Authors: S. A. Parbadiya M.Com. B.Ed. M.Phil

  6. Food Law

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Tolulope J. Ashaolu Sarhan M. Musa

  7. Bioengineering A Primer

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Tolulope J. Ashaolu Sarhan M. Musa

  8. Traditional Indian Medicine

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Tolulope J. Ashaolu S. R. Nelatury Sarhan M. Musa

  9. Innovative Teaching Strategies in Mathematics and Statistics

    Authors: Kalpana Abhay Ghatpande

  10. Impact of Capital Expenditure on Working Capital Management An Application on Hotel and Travel Companies Listed in Colombo Stock Exchange

    Authors: Piriya Muraleetharan

  11. Energy Management System Using Renewable Energy Sources

    Authors: Shweta Doddamallappanavar Deepa S Haveri Asst. Chaitanya K Jambotkar

  12. Smart Grid Communication Protocols

    Authors: Sahana V Sangam Sahana S Kulkarni Asst. Chaitanya K Jambotkar

  13. Evolution of Electronic Aid for Navigation

    Authors: Afroz Sultana Pathan Athar Mustafa Imran Khazi Chaitanya Krishna Jambotkar

  14. Significance of Catalyst Terminologies in Management Publications

    Authors: Mohd Ridzuan Nordin Haizal Hussin

  15. A Retrospective Study on Evaluation of Patients with Uterine Fibroid in a Tertiary Care Hospital

    Authors: Anju Mam Thomas Blessy Rachal Boban Jiya Ann Mathew

  16. Finite Element Analysis of Micro End Mill and Simulation of Burr Formation in Machining a Review

    Authors: Aman Singhai H. S. Sahu

  17. Cyber-Stalking Threat to People or Bane to Technology

    Authors: H. M. Shambhavee

  18. An Overview of Conflict and Insurgency with Special Reference to Assam

    Authors: Bhaskar Gogoi

  19. An Internet of Things Approach for RFID Smart Tollgate Automation

    Authors: S. Nedunchezhian

  20. Golden Era of Indian Textile Industry

    Authors: Rohit Agarwal

  21. Computational Analysis of RNA Nucleotide Sequences

    Authors: Shall Juneja Deepayan Mukherjee Sachi Garg

  22. Modeling and Analysis of Energy Efficient Cellular Networks

    Authors: Iram Masood Hamdani Raj Kumar Jain

  23. Application of Geographic Information System GIS For Urban Renewal A Case Study of Yelwan Tudu of Bauchi State, Nigeria

    Authors: Efunnuga Oluwayemisi Bunmi Ituma Chijioke Gideon Idakwo Victor Iko-Ojo

  24. Seismic Analysis of Soil-Foundation Interaction under a Bridge Pier Due to Chauk Earthquake Excitation of 0.12g to 0.5g

    Authors: Zin May Hnin Nyan Myint Kyaw Kyaw Kyaw

  25. The Rating Based Recommender System using Textual Reviews A Survey

    Authors: Mohd. Danish Meharban Ali

  26. Smart Home Automation using Wi-Fi

    Authors: Er. Bharti Sood Er. Rahul Gupta

  27. Automatic Parking Monitoring System using IOT

    Authors: Er. Bharti Sood Er. Rahul Gupta

  28. A Review on Green Technology Material Processing Through Microwave Energy

    Authors: Zaheerabbas B. Kandagal. V. G. Akkimaradi A. N. Sonnad

  29. Smart Water Monitoring System using Cloud Service

    Authors: Divya YA

  30. Socio - Cultural Concern in Margaret Atwood's Novels

    Authors: S. Selva Priya T. Poornima

  31. The Role of HR Analytics in the Global Village

    Authors: Prajyakti Bakre

  32. Study on Social Network Mental Disorder Detection Based Markov Model

    Authors: Teena Patidar Avinash Sharma

  33. The Influence of Binaural Meditative Sounds on Menses-Prosex Processes

    Authors: Gabriela Iorgulescu Liliana Neagu

  34. Gender Inequality in Politics Lesotho

    Authors: Mukurunge Takura Bhila

  35. An Investigation into Gaps in the Flow of Communication at Institutional Level Case of Universities in Lesotho

    Authors: Mukurunge Takura Bhila

  36. Detection of Vampire Attacks in Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Network Evaluation and Protection

    Authors: Anand. M

  37. Smart Door Access using Facial Recognition

    Authors: Amit Deshwal Mohnish Chandiramani Umesh Jagtap Amruta Surana

  38. Bifid Xiphoid Process- A Case Report

    Authors: Manu Krishnan. K Uma. B. Gopal Pranav Krishnan SantoshKumar Singarapu Akshata. BK Jeevankumar giri

  39. Security using Location Based Key LBK System for Effective Multipath Attack and Protection for Location Discrimination in Wireless Sensor Systems

    Authors: G. Karpaga Rajesh M.E. Vaishnu Priya. R Kaviya R Jaya Divya Aj

  40. Impact of Prior Knowledge of Engineering Materials by Students of Metalwork Technology Education for Effective Practical Work

    Authors: Akegbejo David A. Ikuesan Daniel A. Oyeka Nzubechukwu

  41. Performance Evaluation of the Effect of pH and Temperature on the Biogas Yield of Co-Digestion of Pig Manure and Water Hyacinth

    Authors: Nse Peter Essang

  42. Simulation and Modelling of Pipeline Corrosion and Integrity Management in Oil and Gas Industry

    Authors: Nse Peter Essang

  43. IoT Based Smart Farming in a Agriculture

    Authors: Vijayalakshmi M. M

  44. Forensic Existence of Blood as a Dynamic Evidence

    Authors: Sanya Sharma Shipra Rohatgi

  45. Development of Srinagar under Ashoka

    Authors: Tariq Amin MC Dubey

  46. The Study on Relationship between Gold and Oil - A General Perspective

    Authors: S. Mahalingam K. Perumal

  47. Productivity as an Indicator of Proper use of Human Resource Management of Presbyterian Secondary Schools in Cameroon

    Authors: Lemnyuy Bongajum Dora

  48. Green Waste Disposal

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Nana K. Ampah Sarhan M. Musa

  49. Capital Punishment

    Authors: V. Anandavenu

  50. Efficacy of rice-stubble allelochemicals on vegetative growth parameters of some oil-yielding crops

    Authors: S. P. Adhikary

  51. Productivity of Horticulture in Remote Tribal Areas of Andhra Pradesh

    Authors: Appalanaidu Pappala

  52. An Analysis of Zeno's View Regarding Motion

    Authors: Sudipta Chattopadhyay

  53. Problems of Agriculture in Doda District

    Authors: Mukhtyar Ahmed

  54. Study of Barthel Score among CKD Patients Belonging from Tribal Areas in Tertiary Care Hospital, Chhattisgarh

    Authors: Dolly Ajwani Ratre Rashmi Nande Navin Kumar Ratre

  55. Assessment of Climate Change Awareness and Risk Perception Among Rural People in Funtua Local Government Area, Katsina State, Nigeria

    Authors: Abdulrahman Isah Hazo Bulus Ajiya Sawa Mamman Musa

  56. Cross-Cultural Mistakes by Renowned Brands - Evaluating the Success and Failures of Brands in Host Nations

    Authors: Mohan Dass Dr Sree Sunny Vinnakota

  57. A Study of Rehabilitation of CKD Patient's on Hemodialysis in Tribal Population

    Authors: Dolly Ajwani Ratre Rashmi Nande Navin Kumar Ratre

  58. Viability of Narrowing Global Marketing Strategies to the State Level A Study of Domino's Glocal Strategies in Ahmedabad City

    Authors: Sonal Gogri Minouti Jani

  59. To Study the Genomic Fingerprinting of Relatedness in Strains of Bacillus Sp. by RAPD Analysis

    Authors: Sasmita Das Pratima Pradhan Ajay Kumar Sahu

  60. Analysis of Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Machine Performance with Different Configuration of Water Supply

    Authors: Anil Kumbhar Viveka Kaur Sunil S. Bhagwat

  61. Energy Efficient Routing Strategies for Large Scale Wireless Sensor in Heterogeneous Networks

    Authors: O. Sampath . P. Suryanarayana Babu

  62. The Status of Corruption in Chennai District

    Authors: M. Govardhana Singh

  63. A Review on Bandwidth Improvement using Metamaterial

    Authors: Varsha Chavan Uday Patil

  64. Machine Learning in Medicine A Primer

    Authors: Matthew N. O Sadiku Sarhan M. Musa Adedamola Omotoso

  65. JomSecurity Localized Attack of IPS

    Authors: Siew J. X. Lim J. T.

  66. Equilibrium Study of Natural Non Toxic Solvents for Recovery of Trans- Aconitic Acid by Reactive Extraction

    Authors: R. P. Nimbalkar R. P. Ugwekar S. K. Deshmukh

  67. Food Politics

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Tolulope J. Ashaolu Sarhan M. Musa

  68. Overconfidence Bias in Thirukkural

    Authors: Subramaniam V. A.

  69. Media Trial - an Overview

    Authors: K. G. Prithvi M. Punnagai

  70. A Study on Global Warming and its Effects

    Authors: S. S. Patil

  71. The Evaluation of Teaching Practice from the Perspective of Cooperating Teachers

    Authors: Ambei Moses Chu

  72. Study and Analysis of Nonlinear Constrained Components A Study of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

    Authors: Sadia Andaleeb

  73. An Automated Solution for Extracting and Counting of White Blood Cells in a Blood Smear Images

    Authors: Chaya P

  74. Modelling and Control of STATCOM in Power System under Fault Conditions

    Authors: Simranpreet Singh

  75. STATCOM A Review on Different Configurations and Topologies

    Authors: Simranpreet Singh

  76. Fuel Cell System and Their Technologies A Review

    Authors: Rameez Hassan Pala

  77. Operation and Control of Grid-Connected Fuel Cell System

    Authors: Rameez Hassan Pala

  78. HVDC System a Need for Future Power Transmission

    Authors: Mohd Liaqat

  79. Modelling and Operation of HVDC Based Power Transmission System

    Authors: Mohd Liaqat

  80. Mother Tongue-Based Bilingual Education and Concept Formation in Children in Bafut Sub-Division

    Authors: Angu Roland Nji

  81. The Distribution of Human Intestinal Stool Parasites with Respect to Gender and Age in a District Hospital Setting in Biyem-Assi Yaound: A Retrospective Study

    Authors: Ekwale Emilia Ada

  82. Social Security for Women Workers in Unorganized Sector A Study

    Authors: Ranjith Kumar Ramya M

  83. Analysis of Thermal Criteria on Cryogenic Pressure Vessel

    Authors: Chintu Jagadeesh K. Srinivasa Rao

  84. CFD Analysis of a Double Pipe Heat Exchanger by using Fluid Based Nanomaterials

    Authors: Golkonda Venkata Apparao K. Srinivasa Rao

  85. Assessment on Accumulation of Heavy Metals and its Effect on Liver Tissues of Harpodon Nehereus from Mumbai Coast of Maharashtra, India

    Authors: Archana Oza Leena Muralidharan

  86. Approach to the Social and Political Problems of Female Agricultural Labourers

    Authors: Sanjay Babu

  87. Invitro Assessment of the Growth and Biomass Level of Chlorella in Textile and Tannery Wastewater

    Authors: P. S. Subashini P. Rajiv

  88. Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks A Survey on Energy-Based Routing Techniques

    Authors: Soumya Dath G

  89. A Study on Bellier Turbidity Temperature Test BTTT as Tool for Identification of Groundnut Oil from Different Seed Varieties in India

    Authors: Dr Shashikant Pardeshi

  90. Analysis and Evaluation of the Effect of Heavy Metals in Fruits and Vegetables

    Authors: Hassan Abdullahi

  91. The Effect of Gender, Self Concept, Socioeconomic Status of Parents and Type of School on Students General Academic Achievement and Students Achievement in Biology

    Authors: Ekwale Emilia Ada

  92. Design, Construction, and Simulation of a Solar Fish Dryer

    Authors: Sule Salisu Oyejide Oluwayomi Joel Akusu Onomine Murray

  93. Biosorption Capability of Kambu-Ay Pila ampullacea Shell as Accumulation Indicator for Local Monitoring of Lead Pb and Mercury Hg Pollutions In Agusan Marsh

    Authors: Jennyvi H. Papellero Anthon Mark Jay A. Rivas Bianca A. Munez Farrah Leah U. Ebe El Veena A. Rosero

  94. A Review on Genetic Dominant Disorder-Polydactyly

    Authors: Akshata. B. Kichadi Uma B Gopal Santhosh Singarapu Chaitra. S Manukrishnan. K Jeevankumar. Giri

  95. Remedial Instruction in Language Disfluencies in the Non-Psycho-Expert Lens

    Authors: Mick Mars P. Silvano LPT Maelt Evelyn C. Bandoy LPT EdD

  96. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Objective Structured Clinical Examination OSCE in Nursing Education A Literature Review

    Authors: Izzeddin A. Abu Bdair Hala F. Abuzaineh Hala M. R. Burqan

  97. Corporate Governance and Corporate Profitability Empirical Study of Listed Land and Property Companies in Sri Lanka

    Authors: S. Anandasayanan H. Thavarasasingam

  98. Implication of Educational Technology on Quality Teaching Appraisal from the Perspective of Secondary Schools in the South West Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Mbah Emmanuel Teke

  99. Prevalence of Gene Polymorphisms in Intervertebral Disc Degenerative Diseases

    Authors: C. Marimuthu V. Pushpa Rani V. Judia Harriet Sumathy

  100. Digital Pedagogy

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Adedamola Omotoso Sarhan M. Musa

  101. Electrical Properties of Enamel Wire Insulation

    Authors: Asiwe Uchechukwu M Edema Anthony Edeafeadhe Godspower

  102. Novel based Approach Schema for Processing Vehicle Tracking System through GPS SMS Gateways

    Authors: Sermakani. A. M Veena. T Julia Faith. S

  103. Mandukparni Centella Asiatica L. Urban and Indigenous Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Potential through Biopesticides A Review

    Authors: Lalit Raj Singh Karan Singh Rupam

  104. Experimental Study on "Risk Management in Residential Building Project"

    Authors: Susheel Tiwari Rakesh Sakale Hirendra Pratap Singh

  105. Analysis of Tunnel Form Building Retrofitted with CFRP using Finite Element Method

    Authors: Mahmoud Ziada Sertaç Tuhta Eren Hayati Gençbay Furkan Günday Yosra Tammam

  106. Novel Sources of Saccharomyces Species as Leavening Agent in Bread Making

    Authors: Umeh S. O Okpalla J. Okafor J. N. C.

  107. Public Perception on the Factors that Affecting Turkish Public Administrators Manager Choice

    Authors: Akin Erdemir Ramazan Erdem

  108. Algebra in Real Life

    Authors: S. Ambika R. Mythrae S. Saranya K. Selvanayaki

  109. Prevalence of Disabled People in India

    Authors: Chiranjit Majumder

  110. Experimental Study on Performance of Gap Graded Concrete using Partial Replacement of Titanium Dioxide and Msand

    Authors: Angel Benish M Uma Nambi J

  111. Study on Behaviour of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composites

    Authors: Meena J Uma Nambi J

  112. The Role Played by Internal Locus of Control and Self Regulation in Learning Outcome

    Authors: Mme Lysinge Magdalene Limunga

  113. Multi-Response Parameter Optimization Hardness and Unevenness Effect of Hardox Cutting Plate by High Tolerance Plasma Arc Cutting System

    Authors: Patel Jitendra Kumar

  114. Performance Analysis of CIR and Path Loss Propagation Models in the Downlink of 3G Systems

    Authors: Mohamed Bechir DADI

  115. Reactive Power Compensation with Fuzzy Logic in Electrical Facilities

    Authors: Didem Altun

  116. Youth in Contemporary Politics Roles and Benefits in Nigeria

    Authors: Patrick Oromareghake Oluka Nduka Lucas

  117. Comparison of Land use Practices and Their Limitations in Five Agrarian Communities in Southeastern Nigeria

    Authors: Asadu C. L. A. Onyeme E. A. N. Asadu

  118. An Overview of MSME Sector in India with Special Reference to the State of Uttarakhand

    Authors: Simranjeet Kaur Virk Pinnacci Negi

  119. A Study on "Radar Helmet for Soldiers"

    Authors: Rakshanda Kadam Mayuri Kothavale Madhura Ghane Jyoti Mali

  120. Green Supply Chain Management A Primer

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Adedamola A. Omotoso Sarhan M. Musa

  121. A Study on Linear Programming Problem

    Authors: Sempavazhaam D Jothi K Kamali S Nandhini A Princy Rebekah J

  122. CFD Analysis of Fluid Flow in Sand Casting

    Authors: Rajiv Kumar N Umar Ahamed P Mohamed Anwar A U

  123. Impact of Employee Cadre towards Performance Management Outcomes An Empirical Study

    Authors: P Madhavi Lakshmi R Sireesha

  124. A Scrutiny on Differential Calculus in Criminology and Forensic Science

    Authors: S. SathyaPriya R. Ramya Priya R. Deepa

  125. Effect of Audit Quality on the Financial Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

    Authors: Muotolu Peace Chikwemma E. O. Nwadialor

  126. Biosorption studies of lead II from aqueous solution by immobilized Sugarcane bagasse Saccharum officinarum L. onto alginate Polvinyl glutaraldehyde

    Authors: Anukthi C Poojari Satish A. Bhalerao

  127. Multiple Method Development and Validation for Simultaneous Estimation of Chlorzoxazone and Nimesulide in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

    Authors: Swetha Yarramsetti A. Elphine Prabahar Rama Rao Nadendla

  128. A Study on Customer Purchasing Behaviour on Durable Goods in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

    Authors: E. Murali Darshan Boosa Ravi Teja

  129. Social Media Analysis using Optimized K-Means Clustering

    Authors: K. Madhuri K. Srinivasa Rao

  130. A Smart Association Rule Bit Vector Matrix for Mining Behavioral Patterns from Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Uppada Venkateswara Rao Somaraju Mouli

  131. A Tree Structure for Mining Behavioral Patterns from Wireless

    Authors: Nandigam Srinivas Simma Seshagiri

  132. An Identity-Based Mutual Authentication with Key Agreement

    Authors: B. V. S. Manikya Rao Y. Triveni

  133. Cloud Cryptography

    Authors: Padmapriya I Ragini H

  134. Analysis of Imbalanced Classification Algorithms A Perspective View

    Authors: Priyanka Singh Avinash Sharma

  135. Design and Analysis of a Multiple Cutting Hacksaw Automatic Machine

    Authors: Hemant Singh Raghuwanshi

  136. Business Analytics using Microsoft Power BI and AWS Redshift

    Authors: Prashant Dutta

  137. Study on Coping Strategies and Factors Associated with Stress, Among Nurses Working in Intensive Care Unit, New Delhi, India

    Authors: Sunil Kumar Sondhi Tarika Sharma Anjana Williams

  138. Comparing Methods of Estimating Missing Values in One-Way Analysis of Variance

    Authors: Eze Francis Chkwuemeka Chukwunenye Victor Gozie

  139. A Study on Beta Analysis of Banking Sectors Listed in NSE

    Authors: B. Nisha

  140. Challenges and Opportunities of Global Entrepreneurship and its Impact on Developing Country

    Authors: N. Paramesswari

  141. Parents Sex Differentiated Behaviours and Adolescent Girls' Educational Achievement and Career Interests in Lebialem Division, South West Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Efuetngwa Diana Fobellah. Njungwa Zinkeng Martina.

  142. The Role of NSCDC in Crime Prevention in Nigeria Conceptual and Emperical Analysis

    Authors: Usman Suleiman Sarki Mansur Ya'u

  143. The Role of Human Resource Accounting for Gaining Competitive Advantage

    Authors: Supriya. Gk

  144. Exterior Beam Column Joint An Assessment

    Authors: Pramod Verma Pratiksha Malviya

  145. Why are Humans so Afraid of Insects

    Authors: Vidya Jose

  146. Fatigue Life Prediction of Leaf Spring used in the Suspension System of Light Commercial Vehicle

    Authors: B. M. Swami Punniakodi N. Karthik

  147. Experimental Analysis of a Diesel Engine Run on Different Biodiesel Fuel Blends

    Authors: Vidya Sagar Mishra Nitin Tenguria

  148. Adsorption Characteristics and Behaviors of Natural Red Clay for Removal of BY28 from Aqueous Solutions

    Authors: Omer Lacin Ali Haghighatnia Fatih Demir Fatih Sevim

  149. Flame Retardants Finish on Hand Mittens of Woollen Fabs

    Authors: D. Anitarachel Abilash Kumar. B

  150. Social Media Marketing and Small Business

    Authors: Ramandeep Kaur

  151. Analysis of Heat Transfer for Solar Air Heater - A Perspective View

    Authors: Shashi Shukla H. S. Sahu

  152. Application of Modern Security Devices in Senior Secondary Schools A Tool for Addressing Safety Schools Management under Insurgency

    Authors: Ibrahim Mohammed Mohammed Goni Isa

  153. A Complete Reference for Informatica Power Center ETL Tool

    Authors: Abhishek Gupta

  154. Experience of Vascular Interventional Procedures of Adana Numune Research and Training Hospital

    Authors: Abdurrahman Sönmezler Semih Giray

  155. Sympathetic Skin Response in Children with Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Authors: Abdurrahman Sönmezler Mahmut Abuhandan Tahir Kurtulus Yoldas Yesim Oymak Mustafa Çalik Bülent Güzel Hakim Çelik

  156. Theoretical Study of Thermodynamic and Elastic Properties of Ti50Be34Zr16 BMG - A Pseudopotential Method

    Authors: Alkesh L. Gandhi Aditya M. Vora

  157. Review Paper on Study on Properties of Black Cotton Soil using Stone Dust and Sisal Fiber

    Authors: Wankhade Ashutosh Purushottam Pratiksha Malviya

  158. Review Paper on Properties of Concrete of by Partial Replacement of Sand and Cement with Copper Slag and Rice Ask Ash

    Authors: Agnimesh Singh Tomar Pratiksha Malviya

  159. Novelty Governance Mechanisms to Govern Cameroon to Sustainable Peace, Prosperity and Thriving Growth

    Authors: Maxwell N. Achu

  160. Research of Practical and Scenario Method in the Teaching of Cost Accounting

    Authors: Wang Meiying Li Deheng

  161. Evaluate Impact of Water Metabolism on Metalwork Craftsmen for Effective Job Performance and Productivity

    Authors: Akegbejo David A. Asaaju Raymond O. Eludire Isaac I

  162. Bacopa Monnieri - A Review

    Authors: Siva Rami Reddy E

  163. A Basic Review on Diabetic Neuropathy

    Authors: Siva Rami Reddy E

  164. Air Cushion Mobility System

    Authors: Nitesh A Pachpor Priti P Lad

  165. Studies the Effects of Imidacloprid on Enzymatic Activities in Clay Loam Soil

    Authors: Aloke Purkait Dipak Kumar Hazra Pabitra Kumar Biswas Ashim Chowdhury

  166. Tribologoical Properties of Vinyl Ester Based Hybrid Composite with Tio2, Al2o3 and Mos2 Fillers

    Authors: Kuruba Harish D. Harshavardhan A. Ramesh

  167. Optimized Intrusion Detection System using Deep Learning Algorithm

    Authors: Prof P. Damodharan K. Veena Dr N. Suguna

  168. Analysis of Accounting Standards IFRS and IND AS

    Authors: Rishi Agarwal R. K. Agarwal

  169. Gongronema Latifolium A Plant with Cardioprotective Potentials

    Authors: Justin Atiang Beshel Favour Nyoh Beshel Clement Oshie Nku Daniel Udofia Owu

  170. Computational Mechanics

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Adedamola Omotoso Sarhan M. Musa

  171. Immunoauppresive Drugs for Renal Transplantation

    Authors: Neha Sharma

  172. Library and Information Science Literacy in India History- Development, Growth and Present Status of LIS Literacy in India

    Authors: Raj Kumar Sharma

  173. Analysis of Text Classification Algorithms A Review

    Authors: Nida Zafar Khan S. R. Yadav

  174. Burzahom Burzohama a Neolithic Site in Kashmir

    Authors: Sartaj Ahsan Bhat M C Dubey

  175. Proton Beam Therapy for Prostate Cancer An Overview

    Authors: Suhag V Sunita BS Vats P

  176. Thyroid Abnormalities in Correlation with Stage of CKD in Tribal Population of Chhattisgarh

    Authors: Priya Banjare

  177. Basics of Nephrotic Syndrome

    Authors: Savita Sahu

  178. Towards Sudan Investment Map

    Authors: Sahar Ismael Mohieldeen Adil M. A. Elsinnari

  179. Inception Modelling for Sudan Investment Map

    Authors: Sahar Ismael Mohieldeen Adil M. A. Elsinnari

  180. Use of Waste Material in Concrete

    Authors: Salman Mr Chitranjan Kumar

  181. Unit Testing to Support Reusable for Component-Based Software Engineering

    Authors: Khin Moe Sam

  182. Thermal Transport Properties Analysis of MWCNT-RT21Nanofluids

    Authors: V. Vigneshwaran V. K. Aravindraman K. Venkatachalam V. Raveendran

  183. Renal Transplantation in Children

    Authors: Sangeeta Dewangan

  184. A Study of Customer Purchasing Behaviour of Automobiles in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

    Authors: Mayuri Chaturvedi Baddam Harish Reddy

  185. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

    Authors: Devkunwar Salam

  186. Tumors of Kidney

    Authors: Surbhi Markam

  187. Student Teachers' Self-Efficacy Appraisal from the Perspective of Professional Competence

    Authors: Lysinge née Magdalene Limunga Njoh

  188. Implications of Gender on Teachers' Teaching Efficacy

    Authors: Lysinge Née Magdalene Limunga Njoh

  189. The Impact of Principals use of Information and Communication Technologies ICTS in Effective Administration in Public Secondary Schools in Fako Division

    Authors: Ligondo Joseph Mwambo

  190. Psychosocial Factors that Contribute to Underachievement among Pupils in Rural Areas of Fako Division

    Authors: Zora Ikala Ekonde

  191. Comedy of Manners in the Importance of Being Earnest

    Authors: M. Kokila S. Abarna

  192. Earnings Management, the Influence of Size, Indebtedness and Performance The Case of Moroccan Listed Companies

    Authors: Baghar Nezha

  193. An Internet of Things Approach for RFID Smart Tollgate Automation

    Authors: Poorani. P Kiruthika. K Lavanya. A

  194. JomNetwork GLBP in Medium Size Enterprise

    Authors: Siew J. X. Josephng P. S. Lim J. T.

  195. Dynamic Analysis of Model Steel Structures Retrofitted with GFRP Composites under Microtremor Vibration

    Authors: Sertaç Tuhta Furkan Günday Hakan Aydin

  196. Conceptual Framework on Reward Systems in Organizations for Success and its Impacts A Wide View

    Authors: G. Balamurugan A. Princia

  197. A Study of Customer Behaviour towards Online Shopping in Hyderabad

    Authors: E. Murali Dharshan Japa Asritha Reddy

  198. Managing Guidance and Counselling Services for Patriotism and Values Re-Orietation among the Students of Colleges of Education in Ankpa Education Zone of Kogi State

    Authors: Yakubu Hassan Shaibu Leonard

  199. Emerging Trends in Financial Services Sector and its Implications

    Authors: P. Hima Jagathi

  200. Marketing Research in Project Ukrainian Studies Platform Demobilized Soldiers of the Ato Area - The Educational Action Plan A Step to Entrepreneurship

    Authors: Margarita IÅ¡oraite

  201. Studies on Lysine Accumulation in the Broth Culture of Bacillus Species using Carbohydrates as Carbon Sources and Seed Meals as Nitrogen Sources

    Authors: Okpalla J. Ekwealor I. A.

  202. Development of Solar Energy Dryer for Fish and Meat Tested in Modibbo Adama University of Technology Yola

    Authors: D. Y. Dasin A. I. Zakari I. Yahuza

  203. A Survey Paper on Leave Automation

    Authors: Snehal Vijay Kamble Amruta Shivaji Kamble Priyanka Sanjeev Babar Sushmita Shrimant Kakmare Nilesh D. Ghorpode

  204. An Assessment of Parallel Foreign Exchange Market as a Veritable Source of Low Income Residential Real Estate Development Finance in Enugu Urban Area, Nigeria January - December, 2017

    Authors: Onwuka Nnenna Egbe Aniagolu Celestine Obinna Iyi Edmund Amuezuoke

  205. New Approach to Find the Maxima and Minima of a Function

    Authors: Parameswaran. P

  206. Effects of Deforestation on Environment Special Reference to Assam

    Authors: Bipasha Baruah Rekhamoni Barua

  207. The Mathematics of Mobile Networks

    Authors: Durga Devi S Mythrae R

  208. Intelligent Agriculture Mechanism using Internet of Things and Image Processing

    Authors: Shubhada Bagal Tejasvini More Ankita Paranjape Supriya Yadav