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International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.4, No.5

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2020-09-08

  1. Art of Managing Business Ethics with Global Perspective

    Authors: Vishal Dineshkumar Soni

  2. Global Perspective Cyberlaw, Regulations and Compliance

    Authors: Syed Meharanjunisa

  3. Octagonal Fuzzy Transportation Problem Using Different Ranking Method

    Authors: P. Rajarajeswari G. Menaka

  4. The Finite Element Analysis of G 6 Steel Frame with and without Bracing Elements Performed using Staad

    Authors: Bharath V B Kuldeep Singh Solanki Musaddik Yakubu Adam

  5. Design and Implementation of Smart Monitoring Systems in Hospital Wagon using IoT Technology A Case Study

    Authors: S. Kirthica S. Priyadharsini

  6. Bioterrorism An Introduction

    Authors: Paul A. Adekunte Matthew N. O. Sadiku Sarhan M. Musa

  7. The Influence of Economic Teachers Attitude towards the Implementation of Continuous Assessment in Economics in Secondary Schools in the North West Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Mbong Mary Wallang Dr Agborbechem Peter Tambi

  8. A CFD Study on Plate Heat Exchanger using Nanofluid with Different Corrugated Channels Configurations under Forced Convection Flow

    Authors: Madhuri Singh Animesh Singhai

  9. Integrated Methodology for Big Data Categorizing and Improving Cloud System Data Portability with Security

    Authors: Ashika S Shrihari M R

  10. A Review on Echinacea Purpurea L. Purple Coneflower Bioactive Compounds used as Belligerent

    Authors: Priyanka Gupta

  11. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Information Booklet on Knowledge Regarding Sex Education among Higher Secondary Students in Selected School of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

    Authors: Joohi V Ajay K Deepanshi S Ms Kritika M Pooja Y Shivani P

  12. Dynamic Learning Program for Millennial Learners

    Authors: Jenny P. Manatad

  13. A Complete Analysis of Corona Based Energy Efficient WSN Protocols

    Authors: Meenakshi Kirti Bhatia Shalini Bhadola

  14. Fuzzy Based Decision Making System for the Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy

    Authors: Ratish Neeru Malhotra Vishav Kapoor

  15. Performance Analysis of MIMO System on Different Modulation Scheme over Rician Channel

    Authors: Mona Ranjan Praven K Patidar

  16. Strum Liouville Problems in Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions

    Authors: B. Kavitha C. Vimala

  17. Using of Cloud Technologies in the Process of Preparing Future Specialists for Professional Activity

    Authors: Usanov Mehriddin Mustafayevich

  18. The Concept of Duty in Kalidasa’s Works

    Authors: N. Venkatesha Rao

  19. Seismic Performance of RC Frame Building with Different Position of Shear Wall

    Authors: Bharath V B Kuldeep Singh Solanki Aashutosh Raj Yadav

  20. A Pre Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Information Booklet on Knowledge Regarding Breast Self Examination BSE among Higher Secondary Girls Student of Selected Higher Secondary School of Lucknow

    Authors: Astha Malviya Durgeshwar Pratap Singh Harshita Sharma Saumya Patel Shikha Mehra

  21. Review on Strategies and Prospective of in Situ Nasal Gel

    Authors: Jyoti Lokhande Smita More

  22. Experimental Study on Light Weight Concrete by Partical Replacement of Cement and Fine and Fine Aggeregates by Fly and Termocal

    Authors: Bharath V B Kuldeep Singh Solanki Savitha S Biradar Vivek Kumar

  23. Generation of Electric Power through Gas Turbine

    Authors: Saurav

  24. Understanding Stock Returns as a Combination of Speculative and Fundamental Growth An Emperical Study

    Authors: Sanishtha Bhatia Anshika Lara Danvi Shah Shanav Jalan Shreejit Sawant

  25. ‘No Free Lunches’ and Their Efficacy Analyzing the Role of Foreign Aid in US Foreign Policy

    Authors: Abdul Hannan

  26. Formation of Professional Competencies of Future Technicians Mechanics in the Conditions of Educational Standarts Implementation

    Authors: Sharof Qarshiboev

  27. Managing Underprivileged People – Wings to Fly

    Authors: Nidhi Sompura Harleen Mahajan

  28. Study and Development of PIC Microcontroller to PC Communication via USB

    Authors: M. N. Islam H. Akhter M. Begum

  29. A Mathematical Analysis of Blood Flow through Artery with Mild Stenosis

    Authors: Karm Veer Singh Sushil Kumar A. K. Yadav C. S. Yadav S. S. Yadav

  30. Determination of Stability Constants and Gibbs Free Energies of Cefotaxime Zn II Complex at Different Temperatures

    Authors: O. V. Ikpeazu I. E. Otuokere K. K. Igwe

  31. Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Organ Donation among Adult Population at Kalyanpuri, East District, Delhi

    Authors: Pooja Rani

  32. Prevalence of Anaemia among Adolescent Girls in Palani Block

    Authors: M. Abirami K. S. Pushpa

  33. Awareness of Consumer Rights and Provisions of Consumer Protection Act

    Authors: Amulya. M

  34. Qualitative Effect of Solar Eclipse on Non Conventional Sources of Power Generation

    Authors: Gourav Vivek Kulkarni

  35. Perceived Influence of Perceived Salesperson Relationship and Customer Satisfaction on Customer Retention of Telecommunications Network Users

    Authors: Ojo Adeshina Akinwumi Obi Ugochukwu. E

  36. Fraction Step Method for Solving Incompressible Navier Stokes Equation

    Authors: Devansh Purohit

  37. A Study on the Quality of Work Life of Women Employees of Mahathma Eye Hospital, Trichy

    Authors: K. Arun Prasad

  38. Occupational Stress Index of Indian Footwear Factory Workers

    Authors: Kiran Sharma

  39. The Effectiveness of Occupational Therapy Based Mindfulness Program on Sleep Quality and Stress Level in Elderly Population

    Authors: Kiran Sharma

  40. Role of Big Data Science in the Emerging World

    Authors: Prabhu Prasad

  41. Content Evolution in South Indian Cinema Mediated by Digital Technologies of 21st Century

    Authors: Valarmathi Subramaniam

  42. Emerging Roles of Artificial Intelligence in ecommerce

    Authors: Vishal Dineshkumar Soni

  43. Project Planning and Scheduling

    Authors: P. B. Sudha K. Vidhya

  44. Credit Card Fraud Detection using a Combined Approach of Genetic Algorithm and Random Forest

    Authors: M. Bhavana Lakshmi Priya Jitendra Jaiswal

  45. Impact of COVID 19 on the Aviation Industry in Nigeria

    Authors: Siyan Peter Adegoriola Adewale E Agunbiade Olabode

  46. Study of Effectiveness of Various Promotional Strategies used by Honda

    Authors: Neha Gakhare Mayur S. Raut Mayur Y. Ghagre

  47. Assess the Knowledge of Breast Self Examination Due to Cancer, and to Find Out Relationship between Socio Demographic Variables

    Authors: R. Manohari

  48. Towards an Effective University E Learning

    Authors: Nagi Zomrawi Mohammed

  49. Colorimetric Determination of Stability Constant of Trimethoprim Cu II Complex at Different Temperatures by Continuous Variation Method

    Authors: O. V. Ikpeazu I. E. Otuokere K. K. Igwe

  50. The Decentralization of the Administration of Basic Education to Councils and its Effectiveness on Educational Supply

    Authors: Nkwomen Moses Alama

  51. Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Exhaust Heat Exchanger for Ted A Review

    Authors: Abhimanyu Pal N. V. Saxena

  52. Burnout Syndrome, Shift Work Disorder, Work Rumination and Quality of Work Life among Nursing A Valuable Staff

    Authors: Shikha Gupta

  53. Effect of Urea on the Production of Chitinase by Trichoderma Viride

    Authors: Noha Laj Abhinsha Z

  54. Herbs and Herbal Drugs Remedies for Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Jubuti Kutum Kaushal K Chandrul Bhanumati Mili

  55. A Review on User Grouping Based Two Phase Transmission Protocol for Achieving Ultra Reliability in Wireless Factory Automation

    Authors: Hiba Abdul Rahman Sribi. M. P

  56. GC–MS Analysis of Bioactive Compounds Present in Ethanol Extract of Combretum Hispidum Laws Combretaceae Leaves

    Authors: O. V. Ikpeazu I. E. Otuokere K. K. Igwe

  57. Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme Regarding Post Operative Care on Knowledge and Practice among Caregivers of the Children with Anorectal Malformation at Department of Paediatric

    Authors: Monika Pal Rina Kumari J. D. Rawat Anugrah Charan

  58. Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme Regarding Post Operative Care on Knowledge and Practice among Caregivers of the Children with Anorectal Malformation at Department of Paediatric

    Authors: Monika Pal Rina Kumari J. D. Rawat Anugrah Charan

  59. RFID Based Product Identification in a Closed Box

    Authors: B. Sharmila K. Srinivasan T. Devendraprabhu

  60. Analysis of Thermal and Non Thermal Equilibrium Cryogenic Model A Perspective View

    Authors: Govind Patidar N. V. Saxena

  61. Impact of School Based Health Education on Knowledge and Practice Regarding Oral Hygiene among the Primary School Children in A Rural Community of Karnataka, India

    Authors: Mamta Kunwar Bince Varghese

  62. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Information Booklet on Knowledge Regarding HIV Infection among Auto Rickshaw Drivers at Selected Areas of Lucknow

    Authors: Anand Sonkar Amisha Shrivastava Piyush Gautam Priyam Patel Ramesh Yadav Rashmi Panday Supriya Maurya

  63. A Review on Wireless Sensor Network Security

    Authors: Vijay Kumar Kalakar Hirdesh Chack Syed Tariq Ali

  64. A Review on Overview of Image Processing Techniques

    Authors: Hirdesh Chack Vijay Kumar Kalakar Syed Tariq Ali

  65. Proposed Protocol for Improving Staff Nurses` Awareness and Self – Efficacy with Novel Coronavirus SARS Cov 2 Outbreak

    Authors: Lamiaa A. Elsayed Soad M. Hegazy Rania M. Abueldahab Manal A. Ahmed Salwa O. Elkhattab

  66. Knowledge Attitude and Factors Responsible for and Vitamin D and Calcium Deficiency among Youth

    Authors: Uzma Aijaz Ramesh K. Goyal

  67. Mini CNC Plotter and Laser Engraver

    Authors: Aishwarya Gunjal Ashwini Deshmukh Priyal Narkar Ameya Jadhav

  68. Overview of Hemolytic Disease of Fetus and Newborn Erythroblastosis Fetalis

    Authors: Sipu Kumari

  69. A Pilot Study on the Consumption of Mainstream Media and it’s Negative Impact on Teenagers

    Authors: Manjunatheshwar Prasad J Sai Shri Ramamurthy

  70. Strength Assessment and Restoration of RC Structures by Structural Health Monitoring Techniques

    Authors: A. Karthikeyan R. Manirasu

  71. Studies on Phytochemicals, Antioxidant and Anticancer Potentials of Evolvulus Alsinoides using Lung Cancer Cell Line

    Authors: Shaleesha A. Stanley T. Yazhini

  72. Studies on Phytochemicals, Antioxidant and Anticancer Potentials of Evolvulus Alsinoides using Lung Cancer Cell Line

    Authors: Shaleesha A. Stanley T. Yazhini

  73. Effect of Artificially Roughness in Solar Air Heater A Review

    Authors: Sanjay Kumar Patel Abhishek Kumar

  74. Service Encounter Quality and Patients’ Loyalty The Moderated Mediation Role of Gender Difference and Patient Satisfaction

    Authors: Bentum-Micah Geoffrey Ma Zhiqiang Wang Wenxin Atuahene A. Sampson Bondzie-Micah Victor Moses A. Ameyaw

  75. Relationship of Authoritarian Parenting with Self Esteem of Adolescents

    Authors: Aastha Jain

  76. Great Expectations A Manifestation of Gothicism and Romanticism

    Authors: Zakir Ullah Ahmad Ullah Haroon Iqbal Zohaib Zahir Akbar Zaman

  77. Mystery of Uterine Leiomyosarcoma Possible Reasons for the High Prevalence of Hematogenous Metastases

    Authors: Takuma Hayashi Kenji Sano Ikuo Konishi

  78. On the Radio Number of Certain Classes of Circulant Graphs

    Authors: Kins Yenoke

  79. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Influence of the Flow Rate on Heat Transfer Characteristic on the Plate Heat Exchanger

    Authors: Zaw Htet Win Mi Sandar Mon

  80. Different Techniques of Water Harvesting and Reuse of Water

    Authors: Ar. Apoorva Ajmera

  81. GC–MS Analysis of Bioactive Compounds Present in Ethanol Extract of Panicum Maximum Jacq Leaves

    Authors: O. V. Ikpeazu I. E. Otuokere K. K. Igwe

  82. Polychaetes of Palk Bay, South East Coast of India

    Authors: S. Lazarus A. Renu S. Balasubramanian

  83. Self Efficacy and Achievement Motivation as Correlates of Job Performance among Employees of Arik Air

    Authors: Ojo Adeshina A Adeleke Tajudeen Debowale Bambi Titilayo Adebisi Mosope Akinkunmi Agbebi

  84. Steps Taken by Reserve Bank of India and Government of India Intended for Financial Inclusion

    Authors: Pawan Sharma D. P. Warne

  85. Cardiovascular Diseases Major Mortality Factor in Modern Era

    Authors: Rashmi Kumari

  86. FPGA Implementation of QPSK Modulator and Transmit Channelizer for Satellite Communication

    Authors: Apoorva T R Deepika Sankari G Santhosh B

  87. TIDDY An Artificial Intelligence Based Floor Cleaning Robot

    Authors: Bhumika T J Harshitha U Meghana S Ganashree T S

  88. Inspiring Prosocial Behaviour in the Classroom through Collaborative Learning A Case Study

    Authors: Deepthi Karunakaran P. B. Beulahbel Bency

  89. Relationships between Men and Women in Islamic Organizations

    Authors: Mansoore Ansari Gulab Mir Rahmany

  90. Legal and Moral Aspects of Humanitarian Interventionin International System

    Authors: Noor Mohammad Hashmat Gulab Mir Rahmany

  91. Control of Technical Condition of Vehicles in Auto Transport Companies

    Authors: Oqbuta Adilov Mirqosim Abdurahmonov

  92. Reviewing the Multidisciplinary Lessons of the Covid 19 Pandemic

    Authors: Francisca Oladipo

  93. Is the Dimension Time Three Directional

    Authors: Günter Muchow

  94. A Case Study on the Methods of Intervention in Inclusive Classrooms

    Authors: Sai Shri Ramamurthy

  95. Analyze Production Efficiency and Scale Efficiency of Rice Farming Households in Hau Giang Province

    Authors: Nguyen Quoc Nghi La Nguyen Thuy Dung

  96. RP 132 Formulation of Solutions of a Very Special Standard Quadratic Congruence of Prime Power Modulus

    Authors: Prof B M Roy

  97. Quine and the Abortive Scientific Revival of Metaphysics

    Authors: Abdu Karimo Baji Chatue Jacques

  98. Efficacy of Demonstration on Practice Regarding Cardio Pulmunory Resusitation among Teaching and Non Teaching Staff at M.G.M Co.Ed School and Kemfort Public School of Bhopal

    Authors: Jubin Varghese Saniya Susan Issac

  99. Triple Bottom Line Accounting on Financial Performance of Quoted Industrial Goods Firms in Nigeria

    Authors: Laime Isaac Odogu Pereowei Anderson Obalakumo Timinipre Joseph Okpobo

  100. Bacteriological Profile and Antimicrobial Sensitivity Pattern of Blood Culture Isolates among Septicemia Suspected Patients in the University Teaching Hospital UTH Yaoundé, Cameroon

    Authors: Jude Tsafack Zefack Ngwa Fabrice Ambe Tanyi Pride Bobga Ateh Stanislas Ketum Derick Ngwa Awambeng Chi Nicsen Kelly Zuo Beltus Fuh Mafany Efange Henry Velinge Mentoh Ajem Abungwi Benjamin Pokam Thumamo

  101. Basic Concept of Radiation and Detail Study of Biological Effects of Radiation

    Authors: Nirjar Vrind

  102. Attitude of Prospective Consumers towards Impulsive Buying, Online and Offline An Empirical Analysis

    Authors: G. R. Gayathiri V. R. Ragavan M Sridhar

  103. Comparative Analysis using Gabor Wavelets, SVM and PCA Methods for Face Recognition

    Authors: M. Swapna Yogesh Kumar Sharma BMG Prasad

  104. Marketing through Green Consumerism in Skin Care Products A Case Study of WOW Skin Science V S Mamaearth

    Authors: Saranya Thaloor

  105. Measurement of Radon Exhalation Rates from the Samples of Soil and Rocks

    Authors: Ashima Sandeep Kansal Sanjay Aggarwal

  106. Justiciability of the Right to Access to Water in Cameroon

    Authors: Masah Tise Vigiline

  107. A Review on Beam Steering Techniques in Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch

    Authors: Osaf Baig Shailendra Singh Pawar

  108. Discussion on the Development Path of Chinas Laser Industry

    Authors: Xiaoyan Li Di Li

  109. A Research on Study on the Behavior of Concrete using Waste Glass and Rice Husk

    Authors: Rakshak Rappria Er Gaurav Tanwar

  110. Content to Develop the Love of Malati and Madhav

    Authors: Subrata Kumar Manna

  111. Factors Affecting Enterprises Access to Formal Credit in Can Tho City, Vietnam

    Authors: Nguyen Quoc Nghi La Nguyen Thuy Dung

  112. Low Cost Design of Water Quality Monitoring System

    Authors: Raghav Arora Sahil Mehta

  113. Text and Object Recognition using Deep Learning for Visually Impaired People

    Authors: R. Soniya B. Mounica A. Joshpin Shyamala D. Balakumaran

  114. The Influence of Machine Language and Data Science in the Emerging World

    Authors: Anitha. S

  115. The Driving Force for the Development of Green Politics in Europe and its Reference for Chinas Green Development

    Authors: Hu Tao Zhang Fangfeng Fu Cong

  116. The Driving Force for the Development of Green Politics in Europe and its Reference for Chinas Green Development

    Authors: Hu Tao Zhang Fangfeng Fu Cong

  117. Anacyclus Pyrenthrum An Unexplored Ethanomedicinal Plant

    Authors: M B Narkhede V B Patond N G Ratnaparkhi S D Mhaske

  118. Tolosa Hunt Syndrome A Case Report

    Authors: Vicky Mary Johnson Vinty Mary Johnson Aksa Simon

  119. Satellite and Land Cover Image Classification using Deep Learning

    Authors: Roshni Rajendran Liji Samuel

  120. Anatomical Exploration of “Makarasana”

    Authors: Somlata Jadoun Sunil Kumar Yadav

  121. An Analysis of the Intellectual Property Rights Protection Obligations and Joint Liabilities of E Commerce Platform Operators

    Authors: Changjun Wu Xu Yong

  122. An Analysis of the Personal and Property Security Obligations and Corresponding Responsibilities of E Commerce Platform Operators

    Authors: Changjun Wu Yaoting Cheng

  123. E Commerce Platform Data Ownership and Legal Protection

    Authors: Changjun Wu Xinhui Zhang

  124. Isolation and Characterization of PGPR from Paper Mill Effluent Infested Area

    Authors: Ananya Roy Chowdhury

  125. Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition for Automated Driverless Cars Based on SSD

    Authors: Aswathy Madhu Veena S Nair

  126. Real Time Translator for Sign Language

    Authors: Jeni Moni Anju J Prakash

  127. Automated Waste Segregator

    Authors: Shweta Chandrakant Mahadik

  128. Impact of Metropolitanization on Covid 19 Cases in India using Entropy Weights Based Topsis Approach

    Authors: Sanu Dolui Sayani Chakraborty

  129. Analysis of Satisfaction of Work Units in Service State Budget and Budget System SPAN in the Covid 19 Pandemic Period at the State Vocational Service Office KPPN Tebing Tinggi City

    Authors: Jus Samuel Sihotang

  130. Real Time Number Plate Recognition

    Authors: P. Harini K. Harish V. Gnanaprakash

  131. A Review on Transomal Gels Therapy for Fungus Disease

    Authors: Bajrangi Poddar Hariom Sharma Jaya Singh

  132. CFD Investigation on Effective Utilization of Waste Heat Recovery from Diesel Engine Exhaust using Different Shaped Fin Protracted Heat Exchanger

    Authors: Aditya Animesh Singhai

  133. A Study on Cyber Forensic Science to Diagnose Digital Crimes

    Authors: Upasana Borah

  134. Chatbot for Insurance Business

    Authors: Subham Singh

  135. A Comprehensive Review on Impact of Pandemic Covid 19 on Socio Economic Status in India

    Authors: Prakash S Ragi

  136. Microsponge An Aeon in Therapeutics

    Authors: Prajakta Shinde Nilesh Bhosle Vijay Munde

  137. A Survey of DDOS Attacks and Solutions using Packet Filtering Mechanism

    Authors: Usman Aijaz N

  138. Tree Protection on Construction Site Knowledge and Perception of Polish Professionals

    Authors: Sakshee Singh Rakesh Sakale Hirendra Pratap Singh

  139. SEM and EDX Analysis of Waste Paper Sludge Ash and Cement

    Authors: R. Murugaboopathy

  140. Repair and Strengthening of Damaged RC Beams using Ferrocement Laminates

    Authors: R. Murugaboopathy

  141. Urbanization and the Politics of Identity in Buea A Sociological Perspective

    Authors: Fanny Jose Mbua

  142. The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics

    Authors: Jamshed

  143. The Emerging Process of Modern Marketing Management

    Authors: Vinay Dubey

  144. The Global Impact of Online Resources in Business Management

    Authors: Indrajit Dutta

  145. Earthquake Resistant of RCC Structures

    Authors: Gomasa Ramesh Doddipati Srinath Mandala Sheshu Kumar

  146. CFD Based Simulation and Analysis of Thermal and Non Thermal Equilibrium Cryogenic Model

    Authors: Govind Patidar N. V. Saxena

  147. Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Exhaust Heat Exchanger for TED

    Authors: Abhimanyu Pal N. V. Saxena

  148. Determinants of Poverty Status among Small Scale Catfish Farmers in Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria

    Authors: Adeleke O. A Ajiboye Abiodun R. O. Akintola Fajobi D. T Adeleke H. M

  149. Estimating Farm Level Technical Efficiency and Elasticity of Production among Small Scale Catfish Farmers in Alimosho Local Government Area, Lagos State, Nigeria

    Authors: Adeleke O. A Akintola R. O Fajobi D. T Adeleke H. M

  150. Design and Implementation of Low Power Adiabatic System for Power Recycling in Frequency Divider

    Authors: K. Mahalakshmi S. Jabeentaj V. Kaviyamalai R. Thirumurugan

  151. Some New Operators on Multi Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Matrix Theory

    Authors: P. Rajarajeswari J. Vanitha

  152. Polychaetes of Gulf of Mannar, South East Coast of India

    Authors: S. Lazarus A. Renu S. Balasubramanian

  153. Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction and Productivity of Sewing Line Workers A Study on Selected Readymade Garment Industries in Myanmar

    Authors: Aung Myo Lwin Yin Yin Tun

  154. Physical Characteristics of Cement Mortar Containing WPS Ash and PF as Partial Replacement of Cement and Sand

    Authors: R. Murugaboopathy

  155. Mechanical Characteristics of Cement Mortar Manufactured with WPS Ash and PF as Partial Replacement for Cement and Sand

    Authors: R. Murugaboopathy

  156. Performance Analysis of Different Radiation Pattern using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Rahul Pandya Praveen Kumar Patidar

  157. Quality by Design A Present to Future Perspective

    Authors: Rajesh Dumpala Jaini Bhavsar Chirag Patil

  158. Anti Social Behavior, Prison Condition and the Development of Stable Personality by Minor Prisoners

    Authors: Lyonga Marlvin Njie Joseph Lah Lo-ol

  159. Test Anxiety and Academic Achievement in Thiruvannamalai District

    Authors: R. Muthaiyan J. Lingeswaran

  160. A Critical Study of Impact of COVID 19 on Online Learning

    Authors: Jasvin Kaur Gurjeet Kaur Punam Aggarwal

  161. Qualitative and Quantitative Phytochemical Screening of Citrus Peel

    Authors: Arti Chandanshive Ashpak Tamboli Naziya Khan Priyanka Karande

  162. Detection of Drowsiness using Electroencephalograph Sensor

    Authors: S. M. Ajitha J. Aadhinarayanan I. S. Akashkumar A. Muhammed Jaisel R. Sadeesh

  163. A Review on Rakshakarma, the Concept of Sterilization in Ayurveda

    Authors: Gujrathi Miteshkumar Dilipkumar Wasnik Sumedh Vyankatesh

  164. Design of Low Power Dynamic Comparator using Reversible Logic

    Authors: Mounica. E Saranya. B Shanmika. K Balakumaran. D

  165. Bioelectronics The Revolutionary Concept

    Authors: Anshika Gupta

  166. Prediction of Size and Elemental Compositions of Groundnut Shell Ash and GGBS using SEM and EDX Analysis

    Authors: R. Murugaboopathy

  167. A Research on Concrete using Crumb Rubber and Round Crimped Steel Fibre

    Authors: Shivank Singh Parihar Rahul Pandey Ajeet Saxena

  168. Law and Economic Analysis of the Ownership of Artificial Intelligence Creation

    Authors: Changjun Wu Fuyao Xiang

  169. The Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of China E Commerce Credit System Construction

    Authors: Changjun Wu Xiaohan Sun

  170. Issues and Challenges before Teaching Personnels in Tribal Areas – A Case Study of an Up Graded High School

    Authors: Arun Kumar Tripathy

  171. Multilabel Image Annotation using Multimodal Analysis

    Authors: Pavithra S S Chitrakala S

  172. Fabrication and Study the Effect of Mechanical Properties of Coconut Shell Powder and Rice Husk

    Authors: M. Venkata Rami Reddy K. Viswanath K. Pavan Kumar Reddy

  173. Orthodontic Management of a Maxillary Midline Diastema using Beggs Mechanics Case Report

    Authors: Vivek Shinde Priyanka Bawa

  174. A Research on Affordable Housing

    Authors: Mohit Sahu Nitesh Kushwah

  175. Covid 19 Pandemic and the Socioeconomic Development in Nigeria Evidence from Toda and Yamamoto Procedure

    Authors: Zahraddeen Mallam Saleh Kabiru Saidu Musa

  176. Advancement of Zone Based Energy Efficient Protocol for WSN

    Authors: Anita Kirti Bhatia Shalini Bhadola

  177. Internet for Everyone

    Authors: Anshika Gupta

  178. Experimental Approach to IoT Based Secure Online Voting System using Raspberry PI and Extended Facilities with Arduino UNO

    Authors: Ashok P. Mane Vimokshavardhan. A. Daware

  179. Species Composition and Abundance of Riceland Spiders in Yezin Area, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

    Authors: Zaw Linn Myo Htun Htar Htar Naing Thi Tar Oo

  180. Results Research on the Choice of Optimal Parameters of the Laser Saw

    Authors: Sh. Imomkulov X. Isaxanov Z. Abdukahhorov

  181. Effect of Twisted Tape Insert on Heat Transfer Enhancement in Counter Flow Co Axial Double Pipe Heat Exchanger using CFD

    Authors: Arvind Singh Piyush Pathak

  182. Microcontroller Based High Voltage Low Voltage Protection System

    Authors: Sadaf Qasim Ajeet Chauhan Anuj Mishra Saurabh Singh

  183. New Design Criteria in Performance Based Earthquake Engineering

    Authors: Azer Arastunoglu Kasimzade Emin Nematli Vagif Mammadzada Gencay Atmaca

  184. Evaluation of Plant Growth Parameters, Enzymatic ROS Scavenger and Non Enzymatic ROS Scavengers in Soybean “Glycine Max. L. Merril” Under Pesticides Stress Triazole

    Authors: Aabshar Khan Umesh Kumar

  185. Technological Advancement Strategy and Performance of Listed Construction Company in Nigeria

    Authors: Oyakhire Victor Alaba

  186. Techniques to Apply Artificial Intelligence in Power Plants

    Authors: Anshika Gupta

  187. A Study of Derivative Market in India

    Authors: Pallavi Sarma

  188. A Review on Fire Impacts on Concrete Structures

    Authors: Shoib Bashir Wani

  189. Registering Resistance Ambiguity of the Native Narratorial Voice and the Colonial Folklorist in Nineteenth Century India

    Authors: Arijit Goswami

  190. First Aid Management of Epilepsy in School Children

    Authors: Nisha Varghese

  191. Expermential Investagation and Analysis of Bitumen Modifaction Using Fly Ash

    Authors: Mohammad Ather Ul Jahangeer Er. Pannu Ovais Manzoor Er. Sajad Ahmad Mir

  192. Reducing Maternal and Child Mortality in West Africa Improve Health Indicators for Mother and Child Well Being

    Authors: Ahotovi Thomas Ahoto Lokmani Giri Stanley Kofi Alor

  193. Objective Look at Abortion Legalization The Case of Nepal

    Authors: Lokmani Giri Ahotovi Thomas Ahoto

  194. Development of Wavelet Based Image Denoising

    Authors: Jyoti Kirti Bhatia Rohini Sharma

  195. The Future Trends on Marketing

    Authors: S. Balaji A. Jayaprakash K. Prabhakaravarman

  196. Extraction of Valuable Elements from Ash of Fuel Shale of the Aktau and Sangruntau Deposit

    Authors: Almatov Ilhomjon Mirzabek Ogli Sagdiyeva Muyassar Gaybullayevna Yusupkhodzhaev Asad Makhamatovich

  197. Globalization and its Effects on Nso Cultural Educational Practices A Pedagogic Retrospection

    Authors: Kibinkiri Eric Len Happiness Yinyuy

  198. Money Transfer Regulation and the Fight against Terrorism Related Activities in Cameroon

    Authors: Lukong Alban Bongwong

  199. The Quest of a People to be heard The Continuous Struggle of Anglophone Cameroonians from Nigeria to Cameroon

    Authors: Ngwainmbi Isaiah Djam

  200. Improvement in Productivity by Lean Approach Method in Amararaja Industries

    Authors: R. V. Vijayendar Reddy N. Phani Raja Rao K. Pavan Kumar Reddy

  201. Modeling the Consequence of Multi Intervention Campaigns for the Spread of Malaria

    Authors: Fekadu Tadege Kobe Tigabu Abera Nune Nuriye Hakima Kadiso

  202. Using Design of Experiments Approach to analysis Factors Effecting on the PV Cells

    Authors: Malik Al-Abed Allah Mahdy Migdady

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