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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.5, No.3

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2021-04-01

  1. Study on Properties of Concrete using Rice Husk Ash and Fly Ash with Sisal Fiber as Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate and Cement

    Authors: Yash Dixit Nitesh Kushwaha

  2. Knowledge of the Implementation of the Malaria Control Program in Four Health Districts in Yaounde, Cameroon

    Authors: Djam Chefor Alain Ndale Wozerou Nghonjuyi Njem Peter Kindong

  3. Effect of Determinants of Financial Reporting Timeliness on Reporting Timeliness An Empirical Study of Nigerian Banks

    Authors: Ogbodo Cy Okenwa Jiagbogu Nwadiogo K

  4. Creative Accounting Dynamics and Financial Reporting Quality in Public Corporations in Nigeria

    Authors: Otse Amos Egwurube

  5. Prediction Analysis of Gaming Cost By Employing Data Mining Algorithms

    Authors: Rhineul Islam Nakib Aman Turzo Pritom Sarker Bishal

  6. Family Motivation, Ethical Leadership and Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviours A Review of Integrated Literature

    Authors: Nicolas Kasanda Wa Kabamba Wang Xiao Chen

  7. Customization of BMIDE at Customer End as per Business Requirement

    Authors: Narangale Digvijay Dhondiram Sayyad Shafik R

  8. Antecedents of Functional Food Purchase Intention of Sri Lankan Consumers The Mediating Effect of Consumer Attitudes

    Authors: R. M. K. S. Rasanjalee

  9. Business Students’ Self Perceived View of Their Competence of Performing Employability Skills in Their Future Careers

    Authors: Paramesswari. N V. C. Praveen Priyaa

  10. Diagnostic Biomarker Candidates Including NT5DC2 for Human Uterine Mesenchymal Tumors

    Authors: Takuma Hayashi Kenji Sano Tomoyuki Ichimura Susumu Tonegawa Nobuo Yaegashi Ikuo Konishi

  11. Development and Performance Evaluation of an Intelligent Electric Power Switching System

    Authors: Popoola A. I Akinpelu E. O Ewetumo T

  12. Control on Blast Furnace Skip Car Derailment by use of Pareto Analysis

    Authors: Gourav Kumar Verma

  13. Participatory Rural Development in Nigeria An Assessment of the 3’I’s Initiatives in Ondo State

    Authors: Fapetu Oluwadamilola V Siyaka Mohammed

  14. Upsurge of Money Ritual among Youths in Nigeria and National Security

    Authors: Saka-Olokungboye N Fapetu O. V Agbi Nelson Ologun C. A

  15. Teaching Competencies of Elementary Teachers in Northern Samar Basis for Action Plan Development

    Authors: Argie L. TY Felisa L. Sanico

  16. Optimal Allocation Policy for Fleet Management

    Authors: Mohamed Khalil Ibrahim Ahmed Khaled Abdelwahed Rania Ahmed Elsayed Ellaimony

  17. Expert Systems and Decision–Making

    Authors: Arjumand Ali

  18. Critical Appraisal of National Education Policy 2020 with Special Reference to Research and Development

    Authors: Farheen Rafat Sayedil Islam

  19. Overview and Exemplar Components of the Research Methodology on the Research Writing Process for Senior High School Students

    Authors: Almighty C. Tabuena Yvon Mae C. Hilario Mhelmafa P. Buenaflor

  20. Emotional Dissonance and Emotional Exhaustion Influence over Job Satisfaction in Shree Vari Energy Systems Pvt Ltd., Trichy

    Authors: G. Balamurugan S. Divyabharathi

  21. Education in Jammu and Kashmir Issues and Challenges

    Authors: Tawheed Lateef Rather Mohd Aamier Malik

  22. Seismic and Wind Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Multistory Building under Different Zone’s

    Authors: Aakash Deep Manendra Pratap Verma

  23. Performance Analysis of MGNREGA A Micro Study of Gadapadar GP of Jeypore Block

    Authors: Arun Kumar Tripathy

  24. The Impact of Innovation in Marketing Strategy

    Authors: Maksud Kurolov

  25. Analysis of Existing Models in Relation to the Problems of Mass Exchange between Autotransport Complex and the Environment

    Authors: Shavkat Giyazov

  26. Effect of Incentives and Motivation on Employee Performance in Pt. Sinar Asia Medan

    Authors: Helmud Fransiscus Sitanggang Silvia Winda Sari Lbn. Raja Edward A. Lbn. Raja

  27. Experimental Study of Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete with Marble Dust and Recron Fibre as Admixture

    Authors: Krishnendra Kumar Shukla Hirendra Pratap Singh

  28. Dust Monitoring Systems and Health Hazards in Coal Mining A Review

    Authors: Brajesh Kumar Kori Himanshu Agrawal

  29. Problems of the Tourist Services Quality and its Influence on the Formation of Financial Resources

    Authors: Susanna S. Alieva

  30. Constraint to Effective use of ICT on Islamic Education A Critical Analysis of Public and Private Secondary School

    Authors: Mustapha Garba Muhammad Adam Mustapha Garba Garba Sufiyanu Mustapha

  31. Predictors of Mobile Payment Adoption among Informal Sector in South East Nigeria

    Authors: Anyaeneh Vivian Kamsoluchi Irenus. C. Nwaizugbo

  32. Biophysical Characteristics and the Anthropogenic Activities in San Roque River, Northern Samar

    Authors: Elvin L. Jarito Gerald T. Malabarbas

  33. Impact of Covid 19 on Restaurant Industry

    Authors: Akhilesh Pandey

  34. Labour Incentives and Organisational Growth of Public Corporations in Rivers State

    Authors: Orlu Chukwuemeka

  35. Experimental Study on the Effect of CuO DI Water Nanofluids on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in a Circular Tube with Inserts

    Authors: P. Arunkumar S. Anbu K. Velmurugan K. Gurunath

  36. Is Online Assessment the Panacea for E Learning During this Pandemic Medical Students’ Outlook

    Authors: R. Ravi Sunder B. Ramesh I. Jyothi Padmaja Neelima. P

  37. The Subjective use of Noise Safety Practices as an Intervention Strategy for the Protection of Hearing Threshold Levels, of Workers Exposed to Occupational Noise in Woodwork Settings

    Authors: Liengu Lyonga Josephine

  38. Agnikumara Rasa A Herbo Mineral Formulation Review

    Authors: Megha Gp Sulochana Rathod Ravi R Chavan

  39. The Influence of Social Media Usage and Personality Traits on Personal Relationship and Job Performance

    Authors: Dong-Jenn Yang Oyun-Erdene Tsedevsuren Tsung-Kuang E. Ma

  40. Impact of Teachers’ Identification of Written Mathematical Points on Students’ Learning

    Authors: Napthalin A. Atanga

  41. Indigenous Instructional Strategies and the Curriculum of Secondary General Education in Cameroon

    Authors: Chongwain Lilly Oyoma Jehovah

  42. A Comparative Study of Adjustment of Boys’and Girls’ Rural College Students

    Authors: Inderjeet Singh Bhatia

  43. The Nubia Sandstone Nubia Group , Western Desert, Egypt An Overview

    Authors: Khaled Abdel-Kader Ouda

  44. Factors Affecting the Decision on Bank Loan A Case of Individual Customers at Agribank O Mon, Can Tho City, Vietnam

    Authors: Vo Tu Vinh

  45. Problem Solving Ability and Academic Achievement among Ix Standard Students in Ariyalur District

    Authors: R. Muthaiyan

  46. Determinant of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and its Impact on Companys Market Performance

    Authors: Imam Mas'ud Moch. Shulthoni Aisa Tri Agustini

  47. Fundamentals of Parameterised Covering Approximation Space

    Authors: Kedar Chandra Parida Debadutta Mohanty

  48. A Pharmaceutico Analytical Study of Vahni Rasa and Laghumashadi Taila

    Authors: Bishnupriya Sethi Shankaragowda

  49. China’s Cheap Labour Capitalism and its Reality – A Detailed Analysis on the Purchasing Power Parity and Welfare of Workers in Communist China

    Authors: Paulman Karippai

  50. Effects of Covid 19 Pandemic on International Financial Management

    Authors: Chi-Koffi Linda Christelle Yapo Wang Weidong

  51. Kindness and Pedagogical Tact in the Teachers Courtesy

    Authors: Azimova Nasiba Ergashovna Nasimova Zarina Isomiddin Qizi

  52. Recognizing of Text and Product Label from Hand Held Entity Intended for Visionless Persons

    Authors: Arunkumar. V Aswin M. D Bhavan. S Gopinath. V Kishorekumar. A

  53. An Application of Multivariate Analysis on Development Indicators – A Study of Ahmedabad District

    Authors: Mahesh H. Vaghela Sanjay G Raval

  54. Self Development through Learners Learning Ability

    Authors: Ansari Bushra Batool Qaiser Hussain

  55. Effect of Financial Reporting Quality on Corporate Performance Evidence from Listed Banks in Nigeria

    Authors: Anichukwu Salome A Ekwueme Chizoba M

  56. The Fourth Angle of the Leadership Triangle

    Authors: Mohan Gopinath

  57. Customer Satisfaction from the Context of Brand Promise in E Commerce Companies in India

    Authors: Ashwini Sanpurkar

  58. Face Recognition Based Attendance System using Machine Learning

    Authors: Benazir Begum A Sreeyuktha R Haritha M P Vishnuprasad

  59. General Formula for Optimum Location of Chip Breaker in Tool Inserts for Industrial Safety

    Authors: Gourav Vivek Kulkarni Ajay Parulkar

  60. RP 165 Solving Some Special Classes of Standard Cubic Congruence of Composite Modulus

    Authors: Prof B M Roy

  61. Prevalence of Anti SARS CoV 2 Antibody in COVID 19 Patients in Japan

    Authors: Takuma Hayashi Ikuo Konishi

  62. Stress among the Teachers in the Development of Quality Teaching

    Authors: Ameer Bee Mirza Abdul Aziz Baig

  63. Timed Announcement and Billboard with Internet Access

    Authors: Abdülkadir Çakir Enes Açikgözoglu

  64. Effectiveness of Aggregate Determinants of Deficit Financing on Capital Formation in Nigeria An Approach Based on the ARDL Model

    Authors: Justin. C. Alugbuo Emeka Eze

  65. Effect of Different Drying Methods on Chemical Composition of Unripe Plantain Flour

    Authors: Segilola V. O Amodu S. O Olatunji C. A

  66. Survey of the Causes and Consequences of Examination Malpractices in Selected Secondary Schools in Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria

    Authors: Olowolabi Segun

  67. Effect of Contextual Teaching Learning Approach on Students’ Retention in Chemistry in Secondary Schools in Anambra State

    Authors: Obikezie Maxwell Chukwunazo Abumchukwu Adanna A Chikendu Rebbeca Ebonam

  68. A Review on the Comparison of Box Jenkins ARIMA and LSTM of Deep Learning

    Authors: Stavelin Abhinandithe K Madhu B Balasubramanian S Sahana C

  69. Research on Employees Job Satisfaction Factors, Levels of Job Satisfaction and‘Relationship’ in Different Group

    Authors: Maheshkumar Devendra Mohite

  70. The Role of the Communication Oriented Approach in Teaching EFL

    Authors: Eshniyazova Tamara Matenovna

  71. The Easy Solution A Banker’s Answer

    Authors: Mohan Gopinath

  72. CFD Analysis on Forced Convection Heat Transfer of KNO3–Ca NO3 2 TiO2 Molten Salt Nanofluid in Circular Tube

    Authors: Om Prakash Sourav Raj

  73. Using Traditional Assessment in the Foreign Language Teaching Advantages and Limitations

    Authors: Urazbaeva Dilbar Turdibaevna

  74. Design of SCADA Failsafe Industrial Valves for Hazardous Chemicals from Chemical Kinetics Perspective

    Authors: Gourav Vivek Kulkarni

  75. Classification of Authentic Materials in the EFL Teaching to Improve Students’ Communicative Skills

    Authors: Ibragimova Yulduz Urunbaevna

  76. Optimisation of Biogas Production using Nanotechnology

    Authors: Srinivas Kasulla S J Malik Ahmad Allam Siddiqui

  77. Design, Development, Fabrication and Testing of Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbinev

    Authors: Mukesh Kumar Lalji

  78. Design and Drawing for Multi Storied Apartments for High Income Group

    Authors: Mukesh Kumar Lalji

  79. Survey on Key Phrase Extraction using Machine Learning Approaches

    Authors: Preeti Sondhi Aakib Jabbar

  80. Cultivation of Crops using Machine Learning and Deep Learning

    Authors: A. Benazir Begum Ajith Manoj Nithya E Anamika S S Sneshna

  81. Geographical Analysis of Covid 19 Its Relationship with Socio Economic Conditions in India

    Authors: Gyanendra Singh Chauhan

  82. Application of Entropy Weight Method in Curriculum Evaluation System

    Authors: Ren Ji Yu Jiaqi

  83. Evaluate the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding First Aid Management among School Teachers in Selected Schools

    Authors: Sangeetha Mohandas

  84. Acute Oral Toxicity Study of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Celosia Argentea in Female Albino Rats

    Authors: M. Sridevi B. Senthilkumar K. Devi

  85. The Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR in Dispute Settlement of Logistics Activities

    Authors: Gao Quan

  86. Environmental Dynamism and Corporate Vitality of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies in Rivers State, Nigeria

    Authors: Gabriel J. M. O George B M Adim C. V

  87. The Effect of Incentives and Motivation on Employee Performance at CV. Y2K Mobile Computing Medan

    Authors: Citra Eliawati Lbn. Raja Rafika Ester Debora Simamora Amril

  88. Production of Oral IgY Antibody A Novel Immunotherapy against Clostridium Difficile

    Authors: R. Mahenthiran Sornambiga Ravi Sri Alamelu. K. V

  89. Personal Health Record Management System

    Authors: Chinmayee Y. Raut Bushra R. Inamdar R. G. Yelalwar

  90. Review on Heat Sink Design and Material

    Authors: Somesh Deshmukh Chandrashekhar Nagendra

  91. A Study of Computer Knowledge among the Pupil Teachers of B.Ed. Course in Aurangabad City

    Authors: Shaikh Mateen Latif

  92. Design Development and Analytical Process of Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

    Authors: Mukesh Kumar Lalji

  93. Design, Planning and Analytical Process for Multi Storied Buildings

    Authors: Mukesh Kumar Lalji

  94. Regular Left Derivations on P Semisimple Bcik Algebras

    Authors: S Rethina Kumar

  95. The Importance of Supply Network Development and Firm’s Capabilities in Building Business Performance A Theoretical Review

    Authors: Robertus Sigit Haribowo Lukito Lena Ellitan

  96. Piroxicam Nanostructured Lipid Carrier Drug Delivery System

    Authors: G. Jagadish Rita Mourya Amith Nayak

  97. An Android Application on AITR Management and Bus Tracking System

    Authors: Arshi Sheikh Priyanshu Dhameniya

  98. Implementation of Medical Image Analysis using Image Processing Techniques

    Authors: Kode Keerthi Parasurama N

  99. Features of Encumbrances Related to Construction in the Russian Federation Quarterly Development of Residential Complexes

    Authors: Motylev Roman Vladimirovich Faress Sami Ahmed Aldebyat

  100. An Empirical Study on Quality Management Practices Related to Hatsun Products

    Authors: Saravanan. S Menaka. G

  101. Exploring Molecular Targets for Repositioning of Hypertensive Drugs

    Authors: Bhawna Singh Asmita Das

  102. The Emergence of Kurash on the World Stage

    Authors: Nurekeev Bayram Temirbaevich

  103. Methodology of use of Information Technologies in the Lesson Process for Primary School Teachers

    Authors: Jumamuratov Allamurat Polatovich

  104. An Empirical Investigation into Employees Personality Characteristics on Organizational Effectiveness

    Authors: G. Balamurugan A. Padmavathi

  105. Application of GUI Interface using Android Studio

    Authors: T. Aboorva Kaviya T. Aishwarya S. Deepika R. Pavithra R. Rethika

  106. Formulation Development and In Vitro Evaluation of Microsponge Drug Delivery System of Antifungal Drug

    Authors: Vilas S. Bhagat Sanjay R. Arote

  107. Microbial Status and Identification with Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns of Enteric Pathogen Escherichia Coli and Vibrio Cholerae Isolated from Different Street Foods Sold in Dhaka City, Bangladesh

    Authors: Shanzida Sultana Shamarjit Das Prity Lata Chakraborty Rajia Sultana

  108. Adequate Characteristic of Higher Education in India

    Authors: Shaikh Mohsin Shaikh Latif

  109. Study of the Degree of Lightning and Filterability of a Suspension

    Authors: Rosilov Mansur Sirgievich

  110. A Conceptual Study on Investment Pattern Followed by Salaried Women

    Authors: Saravanan. S Arunkumar. N

  111. Factors Associated with Antenatal Care Service Utilization among Women with Children under Five Years in Sunyani Municipality, Ghana

    Authors: Stephen Owusu Sekyere Kodua Freda

  112. Embedded Implementations of Real Time Video Stabilization Mechanisms A Comprehensive Review

    Authors: Mohammed Ahmed Laxmi Singh

  113. Assuring Quality in the Management of Secondary Schools in Nigeria Issues, Challenges and the Way Forward

    Authors: Osaat Dinah Sunday Nzokurum Joy

  114. Thermal Characteristics of Different Shaped Fin Protracted Heat Exchanger in Diesel Engine Exhaust using CFD

    Authors: Ranjeet Arya Rahul Ade

  115. Antibiotic Enteric Resistant Bacteria are Abundant on Lettuce from Urban Agriculture in the City of Yaounde

    Authors: Brunelle Tchakounte Betbui Merveille Tamema Masse Blaise Pascal Bougnom

  116. Important Characteristics for Teachers Significant in Teacher Training

    Authors: Ameer Bee Mirza Abdul Aziz Baig

  117. Regularity of Generalized Derivations in P Semi Simple BCIK Algebras

    Authors: S Rethina Kumar

  118. Burnt Weed Smoke Can Enhance Plant Growth A Proper Weed Management

    Authors: Shaiphali Saxena

  119. Preparing Ecommerce Website to Handle High Traffic on Sale Events

    Authors: Parameswara Rao Kandregula

  120. Mathematical Concepts and its Theories in the Vedas

    Authors: Subhajyoti Borgohain

  121. Man Go Pack, All Mode VHF UHF HF Portable Go Kit, on and Off Grid, for Emergency Communications System

    Authors: Dexter M. Toyado

  122. Inulin a Crucial Component in Food Industry A Review

    Authors: Zahara Ali Shams Nikita Wadhawan

  123. Role of Solar Photovoltaic Technology in Development of Social Work

    Authors: Vijay Aithekar Sheenu Bhadauria

  124. Impact of Compost Prepared from Invasive Alien Species in Alleviating Water Stress in Tomato Solanum Lycopersicum L

    Authors: Sandhya Bind A. K. Sharma

  125. Study the Effect of the Untreated and Treated Fly Ash on the Mechanical Properties of the Polymer Composites Based on a Mixture of Bisphenol a and Bisphenol F Epoxy Resin Cured by Kingcure K11 Hardener

    Authors: Bach Trong Phuc Pham Duc Trinh Nguyen Thanh Liem

  126. Lane and Object Detection for Autonomous Vehicle using Advanced Computer Vision

    Authors: G. Monika S. Bhavani L. Azim Jahan Siana N. Meenakshi

  127. Manless Advanced Shopping with Smart Cart

    Authors: M. Narasimman M. Lavanya M. Nandhini S. Nandhini

  128. Difficulties in Higher Education for Persons with Disabilities An Overview

    Authors: Ansari Bushra Batool Qaiser Husain

  129. Predicting Beijing Air Quality Data Based on LSTM Method

    Authors: Zeng Guojing Jin Renhao

  130. An Empirical Study of Human Capital Management on Organizational Effectiveness

    Authors: G. Balamurugan A. Dhanvarsha

  131. Quality Management System A Much Needed Tool to Ensure Total Quality Management

    Authors: Soumya Pathak Swarnima Negi Sachdev Yadav

  132. An Assessment of Covid 19 Strategies for Selected States of India – Lessons Learned for Future Pandemics

    Authors: Saif Nihal Anjali Sharma

  133. Modernization of the Education System as a Factor of Social Development

    Authors: Nazirova Dilfuza Nalibaeva Zulhumor

  134. Keystroke with Data Leakage Detection for Secure Email Authentication

    Authors: V. Hemalatha V. Boominathan K. Harithas P. Raj Kumar S. Vijaya Bharathi

  135. Facial Emotion Recognition using Convolution Neural Network

    Authors: Raheena Bagwan Sakshi Chintawar Komal Dhapudkar Alisha Balamwar Sandeep Gore

  136. Color Based Object Tracking with OpenCV A Survey

    Authors: Vatsal Bambhania Harshad P Patel

  137. A Review on Modeling and Analysis of Multi Stage with Multi Phase DC DC Boost Converter

    Authors: Mukesh Kuma Manoj Kumar Dewangan Maheedhar Dubey

  138. Review on Design and Analysis of Front Bumper

    Authors: J Chakravarthi Alok Sharma

  139. Deep Unified Model for Intrusion Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Network

    Authors: Dhanu Shree D Fouzia Fathima A Madhumita B Akila G Thulasiram S

  140. Carotid Artery Syndrome Associated with Anomalies of Middle Cranial Fossa Foramina Encountered in a Dried Human Skull

    Authors: Neelima. P R. Ravi Sunder

  141. Analysis of Traditional Assessment in the EFL Teaching

    Authors: Kaljanova Umit Aitbayevna Tajenova Sayora Bayronovna

  142. Study on Behaviour of Permeable Concrete in the Utilization of Chemical Processing of Ash

    Authors: V. Geetha M. Gunasekaran

  143. Chairside Diagnosis of Periodontal Diseases A Review

    Authors: Sumeet Khanna Smarth Khanna Parul Goel

  144. A Review on Concept of Trividha Karma in Shalya Tantra

    Authors: Mote Sheshraj Wasnik Sumedh Mahesh Joshi

  145. Agricultural Waste Materials as Potential Adsorbent for Treating Industrial Waste Water

    Authors: S. Shanmathi M. Gunasekaran A. K. Arunagiri Murugan S. Christian Johnson

  146. Examining the Dimensions of Rural Economic Development in South Sudan

    Authors: Wek Mamer Kuol

  147. Ian Fleming’s Sir Miles Messervy, the Ultimate Leadership Enigma

    Authors: Mohan Gopinath

  148. A Retrospection of Hydrogen Sulphide Removal Technologies in Biogas Purification

    Authors: Srinivas Kasulla S J Malik Salman Zafar Aparna Saraf

  149. Socio Cultural Analysis of Conflict between Farmers and Herdsmen in Ondo State

    Authors: Saka- Olokungboye N Agbi Nelson Ayodeji Esther Oluyemi Adanri Opeyemi

  150. DNA Fingerprinting and Phylogenetic Relationship of the Genus Chlorophytum Ker Gawl, from India using AFLP

    Authors: Kale KA Pohekar PV Malode UA Lakhe M. B

  151. The Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises’ SMEs Performance in Yobe State

    Authors: Jamaluddeen Abubakar Usman

  152. Research in Teacher Education

    Authors: V. Manikandan V. Ambedkar

  153. Study on Behaviour of Concrete by Replacing Cement Partially with Powdered Glass and Sandling Wood

    Authors: B. M Kumaravengateswaran A. Thomas Eucharist

  154. Development and Characterization of Cardanol Based Polymer Reinforced Fibre Bicomposites

    Authors: Iheoma Chigoziri Nwuzor Jeremiah Lekwuwa Chukwuneke Chinomso Macanthony Ewulonu Paul Chukwulozie Okolie

  155. Study on Behavior of Concrete with Artificial Substance and Metallurgical Slags

    Authors: Shanmathi M. Gunasekaran

  156. Heptagonal Fuzzy Numbers by Max Min Method

    Authors: M. Revathi K. Nithya

  157. Organizational Satisfaction, Meaningfulness and Work Engagement among Educators of Quezon City Polytechnic University

    Authors: Glenda A. Rebucas

  158. Ways of Utilization of Dust from Cement Plants

    Authors: Xidirova Yulduz Xo'janazarovna Rosilov Mansur Sirgievich Badalova N

  159. Internet of Things IoT Anytime Anywhere Anything Connectivity

    Authors: Nidhi Chadha Ramandeep Kaur

  160. Quality Management and Sales Growth of Selected Manufacturing SMEs in Port Harcourt and Aba, Nigeria

    Authors: Akpa Victoria O Egwakhe Johnson A Aigboje Patrick O

  161. Media and Information Literacy Skills of Senior High School Students of Andres Bonifacio College

    Authors: Mark C. Rusiana Leo C. Naparota

  162. A Proposed Fuzzy Inventory Management Policy

    Authors: El-Sayed Ellaimony Mohamed Khalil Ahmed Taha Mohamed Osman

  163. Design and Performance Analysis of a LCD Laboratory Lantern

    Authors: Nwadike Emmanuel Chinagorom Azaka Onyemazuwa Andrew

  164. Literature Review of Solar Energy Engineering

    Authors: Mukesh Kumar Lalji

  165. Quality Product Supply Using Block Chain in Agriculture

    Authors: Jerald Astin D Vignesh Raj R Ahmed Mudassar Ali

  166. Pay Transparency Will It Work

    Authors: G. Hima Bindu Kollarapu Dinesh

  167. Detection and Prevention of Food Wastage by Tracking Real Time Data through Mobile Application

    Authors: Keerthana R Pavithra M Reddy Chetana K Chithra D

  168. Toxic Effect of Paracetamol on Mitotic Index of Onion Root Tip

    Authors: Satya Shandilya Anuraj Md Adnan Najam Khan

  169. Impact of menstruation on academic performance among female nursing students

    Authors: Preeti Bahuguna Premlata Singh Shashi Sagar Shivani Simranjeet Kaur

  170. IoT Based Water Quality Monitoring System for Smart Cities

    Authors: A. Guna Selvi S. Vibhithra A. John Clement Sunder

  171. Analysis and Simulation of Solar PV Connected with Grid Accomplished with Boost Converter and PWM Based Inverter

    Authors: Abhishek Verma Anup Mishra Brahma Nand Thakur

  172. An Insight to Wernicke Encephalopathy

    Authors: Blessy Rachal Boban Sherin Alexander

  173. Prognosis of Theories of Intelligence in Counter Terrorism The Case of the Northwestern Nigeria

    Authors: Jonjon Emmanuel

  174. Kidnapping of School Pupils and Myth of Security in Northern Nigeria Causes and Solutions

    Authors: Jonjon Onyeihnfie Emmanuel

  175. Application of Savings and Loan Cooperative Services

    Authors: Dimas Indra Laksmana Maranatha Wijayaningtyas Kiswandono

  176. Effective of a Structured Teaching Module Regarding Care of Children in the Cardio Thoracic Intensive Care Unit on the Knowledge and Practice of the Nurses

    Authors: Lata Kabdal Yogendra Garg

  177. Security Enhancement and Eminent Verification Measures of Global Distinctive E Passport

    Authors: R. Mohana Priya V. Bharanitharan S. Clementinbaraj R. Kirubaharan

  178. Character Formation Has Education Failed Us An Academic X Tray on Today’s System of Education in Nigeria

    Authors: Azebeokhai Benedict O

  179. Comparative Study of Housing Loan Financial Conditions of SBI and HDFC Banks

    Authors: Smt. Prem Parihar

  180. Credible and Non Corruptible Supply Chain Management using Blockchain Technology

    Authors: Manish Verma

  181. Semantic Peculiarities of Antonyms Based on the Works by I. Yusupov

    Authors: Bayrieva Maryam Jangabaevna

  182. Semantic Analysis of the Verbal Phraseological Units on the Examples in the German, English and Karakalpak Languages

    Authors: Ametov Jamaladdin Muxtarovich

  183. Some Aspects of Teaching the Russian Language in Foreign Languages on the Example of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    Authors: Kurbaniyazova Dinora Saparbayevna

  184. Modelling and Analysis of High Rise Structure Using Different Shapes of RC Shear Wall for High Seismic Zone Using Flat Slab

    Authors: Aakanksha Vaman Chaudhari Nitesh Kushwaha Afzal Khan

  185. Optical Character Recognition Using Python

    Authors: Ponvizhi. U Ramya. P Ramya. R

  186. Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Environmental Health among Women in Selected Setting, Chennai

    Authors: Mrs P. Umalakshmi

  187. Teenagers Use of Hard Drugs and Mental Health Problems in Bayelsa State, a Case Study of Okaka Correctional Service Centre

    Authors: Oyeinfie E. Jonjon

  188. COAL Covid Social Distance Alert System

    Authors: Nikshep Chatta

  189. On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Transportation Problem Using Pentagonal Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers Solved by Modi Method

    Authors: P. Parimala P. Kamalaveni

  190. The Significance of Improving Intercultural Communicative Competence in Educational Process

    Authors: Tadjimova Shaxnoza Rashidovna

  191. The Proper Use of Active and Passive Voice in Sentence Construction among First Year College Students of Andres Bonifacio College

    Authors: James O. Baes Leo C. Naparota

  192. The Ethical Practices Among Tourism Workers in The First and Second Congressional Districts of Zamboanga Del Norte A Basis for Proposed Intervention Program for Local Tourism

    Authors: Shaizilou B. Labadan Leo C. Naparota

  193. IoT Based Smart Water Monitoring and Distribution System For An Apartments

    Authors: R. Mohana Priya M. Sathyamoorthy S. Surya V. Vishnu Gopal

  194. Method Development and Validation for Simultaneous Estimation of Dasatinib and Erlotinib by Using RP HPLC in Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

    Authors: Dara. Varun Kumaraswamy. Gandla R. Lalitha M. Muralikrishna

  195. Individual’s Leadership Style Changes Due to Different Culture in the UK

    Authors: Mohammad RashedKhan

  196. RP 163 Solving a Special Standard Quadratic Congruence Modulo an Even Multiple of an Odd Positive Integer

    Authors: Prof B M Roy

  197. The Study on Blockchain Based Library Management and its Characterization

    Authors: Manish Verma

  198. Use of Recyclable Material in Civil Construction

    Authors: Arpit Mathur R. C. Patil

  199. A Study of Implementation and Impact of Total Quality Management on Construction Industries Approach to Small Construction Organization

    Authors: Dhananjay Rakesh Sakale

  200. Modeling and Analysis of Influenza A H1N1 Outbreaks in India

    Authors: Stavelin Abhinandithe K Sathya Velu R Madhu B Sahana S Sowmyavalli R Bibin John Balasubramanian S

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