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Archived Papers for Journal


Vol.10, No.2

Publisher: Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi State Pedagogical University named after Hryhoriy Skovoroda

Publishing Date: 2012-02-01

  1. Analysis of the speech activity of military servicemen

    Authors: Bespalova T.M.

  2. Vocal etiquette as a constituent part of the image of future teacherof a higher educational establishment

    Authors: HreilihO.O.

  3. Reality of mental representations in psycholinguistic experiment

    Authors: Zasiekina L.V.

  4. Specific features of dialogic communication of military college and higher school students and its influence on the mental development of personality

    Authors: IlyinaY.Y .

  5. Tendencies of psychological theory of activity as a world outlook position of actionable psycholinguistics

    Authors: Kalmykov H.V.

  6. Renewal of educational psycho communicative technologies in the interaction with vocational school students

    Authors: Karpiuk M.D.

  7. To the problem of optimization development of communicative competence of a specialist in professions of “man ? man” type

    Authors: Korniaka O.M.

  8. Ethical experiences as a problem of theoretical analysis in native psychology of the XIX-th century

    Authors: Koroliuk T.I.

  9. Specific features of word’s sensation and perception in foreign language vocal activity

    Authors: Lyla M.V.

  10. Development and place of speech thought operations in the structure of linguistic activi

    Authors: Mamicheva Î.V.

  11. The main areas of analysis of childrens’ communicative development in the domestic pedagogics

    Authors: Mogileva N.M.

  12. ?ntentional bases of choosing the means of speech influence

    Authors: Pavlova N.D.; Hryhorieva A.A..

  13. Linguistic common character and difference of conscious and unconscious spheres

    Authors: Polyanichko O.M.

  14. Problem of shaping the speech culture in future psychologists in the process of their professional preparation

    Authors: Semychenko V.A.

  15. Psychological peculiarities of manifesting the students’ informational position

    Authors: Hvorost H.Y.

  16. The development of the English speech of the pre-school children on the way of game

    Authors: Cernyakova O.I.

  17. Discourse and pragmatic markers of the state of emotional stress of an English speaking politician in the interview: psycholinguistic aspect

    Authors: Yanovets A.I.

  18. Interconnections of conscious and unconscious in the context of the problem of psychological protection

    Authors: Yatsenko T.S.

  19. Structural and functional analysis of the semantics of communicators in deep correctional process

    Authors: YatsenkoT.S; Pedchenko O.V.; Ovcharenko O.V.

  20. Sreznes’kyi and the present times: methodic of teaching children the language

    Authors: Bohush A.M. I.I.

  21. Specifics of intertextuality expression in the modern theatrical journalism (on the material of specialized periodical publications of the Independent Ukraine)

    Authors: Halytska V.L.

  22. Variability of manifestations of metalinguistic activity in speech ontogenesis

    Authors: Dobrova H.R.

  23. Psychological and aesthetic functions of a diary discouse

    Authors: Ihnatieva S.Y.

  24. Psychological factors of shaping Ukrainian linguistic consciousness in the situation of bilinguals (on the material of recollections of B. Antonenko-Davydovych)

    Authors: Masenko L.T.

  25. The visual component in communicative perspective of the creative writing tex

    Authors: Mironova T.Y.

  26. Semantic and stylistic changes of sport lexicon in modern Ukrainian language

    Authors: Naval

  27. The model (pattern) of production of modern English nomenclatorial (common) names of mammals

    Authors: Rybalka N.S.

  28. Speech influence in communicative interaction

    Authors: Selivanova O.O.

  29. Metaphor as means of psychological characteristics of the lyric ñharacter in the poetry of Mykola Vingranovs’kyi

    Authors: Tupytsia O.S

  30. Rules of the language in ontoliguistic perspective

    Authors: Tseitlin S.N.

  31. Blog-recording as a genre of Internet communication

    Authors: Artamonova

  32. Social memory as literature-communication experiment

    Authors: Belichenko O.L.

  33. Influence on the formation mechanism of mediacontent under an authoritarian system

    Authors: Bradov V.V.

  34. Inmutation in network communications

    Authors: Horodenko L.M..

  35. Publishing business and editing: theoretical searches and social effects

    Authors: Zelins

  36. Àccess to information and digital inequality in the informational society

    Authors: Ivanov V.F.

  37. Mediamorphosis of journalism in global digital empire

    Authors: Yevtovych Z.; Vulych T.; Pavlovych D.

  38. Language as a determinant of axiology balance in the informational space

    Authors: Kuznietsova T.V.

  39. Advertising activity of Zaporizhia Cossacks

    Authors: Moroz V.Y.

  40. Providing communicative operations of a state

    Authors: Pocheptsov H.H.

  41. Sketches to methodology of investigations in social communications

    Authors: Rizun V.V.

  42. Apply to the category of symbol in the modern Ukrainian advertising myth

    Authors: Khavkina L.M.

  43. Inmutation of the valued orientations and settings of volunteers

    Authors: Holod O.M.

  44. Ethnic mass-media of Karaite community in Poland

    Authors: Yablonovs