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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering and Techniques >>

Vol.4, No.1

Publisher: International Research Group

Publishing Date: 2018-04-25

  1. Study on Sustainable Planning, Design and Management of Micro-Watershed for Basavana Bagewadi Taluka of Vijayapur District

    Authors: Nagraj S. Patil Basavaraj B. Hosamani Nataraja M. Nagendra

  2. Design and Development of Solar Roof Top PV Power Systems

    Authors: Y. Pradeep Kumar V.Tejaswitha

  3. Removal of Congo Red From Dye Wastewater Using Adsorption

    Authors: M.RaviKumar BedewiBilal

  4. Advances in Land Use classification of Urban Areas from Hyperspectral Data

    Authors: Ajay D. Nagne Rajesh K. Dhumal Amol D. Vibhute Dhananjay B. Nalawade Karbhari V. Kale Suresh C. Mehrotra

  5. Thermal Analysis of Solar Air Heater in Natural Convection

    Authors: Shyam Kumar

  6. A New Approach for Body Monitoring Machine Using LPC2148 & IOT

    Authors: Chilakaraju Sowjanya P.Koteswar Rao

  7. A New Appoach for Excessive-Precision Vehicle Navigation in City Environments Making Use of an Mem’s IMU and Single-Frequency GPS Receiver

    Authors: Pravalika T Vinay Kumar

  8. A New Procedure for People Manipulate Dwelling Home Equipment Using Zigbee Technology

    Authors: Pamula Mamatha S.Shilpika

  9. An Included Cloud-Situated Clever Dwelling Administration Procedure by Group Ladder

    Authors: Dhonoju Usha Mahammad Saira Banu

  10. Polymer Electrolyte Films for Solid State Polymer Batteries

    Authors: V.Swetha

  11. Vibration Analysis of SPUR Gear by Mass Reduction and Changing Material

    Authors: Nilofar H Pathan

  12. CFD Analysis of Novel Micro-Channel Heat Exchanger for Natural Gas Cooling Process

    Authors: Shiva S Dhanne Anandkumar S Malipatil

  13. Creation of Oscillation Death from Amplitude Death in Non-Identical Dual Channel Coupled Chua Circuit

    Authors: S. Chakraborty

  14. Different Methods of Fertility Treatments – A Study

    Authors: N.Nandakumar R. Thangavel K. Shanmugasundaram

  15. Video Steganography using Mid-Point Circle Algorithm and Spatial Domain Technique

    Authors: M.Mary Shanthi Rani S.Lakshmanan G.Deepalakshmi

  16. A Review Paper on Home Automation

    Authors: Nikita Baidya Prem Kumar S

  17. Analysis of Polarization Ratio of Greenland Ice Using L-Band ALOS PALSAR Data

    Authors: Deepak Singh R.D. Garg P.K. Garg

  18. Characterization of Simulator for Water Level Control in the Tank – Single Loop

    Authors: Iwan Rohman Setiawan

  19. CFD Analysis of Solar Water Heater With Helix Inserts

    Authors: Zuber Ali Anandkumar S Malipatil

  20. A secure Bluetooth-ZigBee gateway for IoT

    Authors: A.S.Prakash B.S.S.Tejesh S.Neeraja N.Sri Babu

  21. An Investigation on Basic Concepts of Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for VLSI Design

    Authors: Rajeswari.P Afsana R Chadachana Dr.Theodore Chandra S

  22. Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network and IOT for Real Time Forest Fire Warning System

    Authors: S.Varunkumar P.V Yokeshraj V.Vignesh S.Tamilselvan

  23. Security System Based on Knock-Pattern Using Arduino and GSM Communication

    Authors: R.Sai Charan Reddy P.Vamsi Krishna M.Krishna Chaitanya M.Neeharika K Prabhakara Rao

  24. Neural Networks for Hydrological Modelling (A Detailed Review)

    Authors: Lateef Ahmad Dar

  25. Experimental Study of Rubberized concrete

    Authors: S. D. Jamdar U.S Ansari

  26. Autonomous Penetration testing for web applications using raspberry Pi

    Authors: Rakesh R Jeeva N

  27. Increase Comfort and Security in a Smart Home Using a Prediction Algorithm and Z-Wave Protocol

    Authors: Fifit Alfiah Septiana Ningtyas Tuti Sudaryanti Rika Astuti R Tommy Gumelar

  28. Data Mining Systems to Determine Sales Trends and Quantity Forecast Using Association Rule and CRISP-DM Method

    Authors: Fifit Alfiah Bagus Wahyu Pandhito Ani Trio Sunarni Deni Muharam Pradiko Roliwinsyah Matusin

  29. Performance of Micro Strip Patch Antenna for Dual Band Application

    Authors: Sandeep Tripathi Er.Rohini Saxena Er.Mukesh Kumar Prof A.K. Jaiswal

  30. Tracing the Way of Data in a TCP Connection through the Linux Kernel

    Authors: R.Karthikeyan Muthumani M Muthuraj E

  31. An Efficient File Hierarchy Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Gummala Brahmani J Rajasekhar V Sridhar Reddy

  32. Well-Dressed Crawler by Using Site Locating & in-Site Exploring Stages

    Authors: N.Priyanka DR.Shaik Abdul Nabi

  33. Optimization of Hydraulic Cylinder Design used for container lifting device using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Prof.U.V.Shah G. H. Upadhyay

  34. Modified GSO Based Kurtosis Maximization Criterion for BSS in Hindi Speech Processing System Help of LDA

    Authors: Meena Patil J.S. Chitode

  35. Limited Supply, Load Scheduling and Solar Energy Combined Cost Optimization for Consumers in Developing Countries

    Authors: Amit Suresh Closepet K Uma Rao

  36. Effects of Recycled Waste Tire Rubber as Coarse Aggregate on the Performance of Concrete

    Authors: Imran Khan Sanjay Sharma Mir Aijaz

  37. Analyzation of Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) Protocols

    Authors: Jeshvina.S Sneha.P Saraanya.S

  38. A Survey on Data Storage & Security in Cloud Using RDIC & ID by PKI

    Authors: MD Yaseen Reena G Ravindra Bharathi

  39. Characterization of Hydroxyapatite from Bovine Bone by Mechanical Combination Method

    Authors: Burmawi Novesar Jamarun Syukri Arief Gunawarman

  40. Internet of Things (IoT) : an Overview of Security Concerns

    Authors: M.N.Nachappa M. C. Aparna M.N.Varun Somanna

  41. Migration of Cloud ERP into E-Commerce

    Authors: M.N.Nachappa A. M. Bojamma M.N.Varun Somanna

  42. An Methodical Encroachment on Rooting out System for Networks

    Authors: T.Augusty Chandija Lincy S. Murine Sharmili

  43. Implementation of Logistic Management System Using IOT and Open Source Hardware

    Authors: N.Sri babu B.S.S.Tejesh S.Neeraja A.S.Prakash

  44. A Survey on Neural Network Centric Classifier and Clustering Approaches

    Authors: Nilamadhab Mishra

  45. Application of Wiener Filtering Techniques for Extraction of Evoked Potential

    Authors: P H S Tejo Murthy Prasanna A V

  46. Detection of Mental Stress using EEG signals

    Authors: Natasha P Nikitha T Shreyansh Bhatter Subhashish K Harshitha R

  47. Managing Immaculate India Dreck Management System Using Sensor with IOT

    Authors: N. Ashwini M. Indra P. Monisha R. Salini.

  48. CRM through Mining of Customer Online Reviews and Touch Points

    Authors: A.Arokia Marshal Roach G.Raja Raja Cholan.

  49. A High-Speed FPGA Implementation of an RSD-Based ECC Processor

    Authors: K Durga Prasad M.Suresh kumar.

  50. Design of Radix- 4 Signed Digit Encoding for Pre- Encoded Multipliers Using Verilog

    Authors: V.Indumathi P.Nagaraju.

  51. Area efficient design of FM0/Manchester Encoding for DSRC Applications

    Authors: Suresh Kumar Meenige Anivireddy Posiyya

  52. Level Converting Retention Flip-Flop for Low Standby Power Using LSSR Technique

    Authors: D.Naga Jyothi S.L.Siva Jyothi

  53. Traffic Signal based Control of Vehicle Ignition System

    Authors: Kavitha H.Shravan E.Vignesh R.S.Vasanth

  54. Dielectric Study of Soil at X Band Microwave Frequency and Physiochemical Properties

    Authors: Manisha Dhiware S. B. Nahire Sushant Deshmukh

  55. A Study on Phytochemicals, Antioxidant, Antidiabetic and Antimicrobial Activity of the Leaves of Solanum Trilobatum

    Authors: Fabiola V. Judia Harriet Sumathy

  56. A Study on the Antioxidant Potential of Chaetomorpha Antennina

    Authors: J. Jebamalar V. Judia Harriet Sumathy

  57. A Study on Toluene Degrading Bacteria

    Authors: D.V. Varshini V. Judia Harriet Sumathy

  58. A Comparative Study on the Application of Algae for Bioremediation of Cooum Water

    Authors: Puja Prabha Tripathi V. Judia Harriet Sumathy

  59. Comparison of Heavy Metal Resistance of Microrganisms Isolated from Coal Mining Environments of Neyveli

    Authors: Makkena Sree Lekha V. Judia Harriet Sumathy

  60. Production of Biofertilizers From Agro – Wastes

    Authors: Vidhya Devi V. Judia Harriet Sumathy

  61. Design and Application of D.C. Vacuum Cleaner using Axial Flow Fan

    Authors: Vijit Gajbhiye Naved Ahmad M. S. Tufail

  62. Power Quality Improvement by Hybrid Series Single Phase Active Filter without transformer

    Authors: Nitin Pardeshi Ashish Bhargav Priyanka Mishra

  63. A Study and Reliability Analysis of Composite Steel Structure Under Different Truss Element

    Authors: Y. Sombabu

  64. Study on HDPE Components with Abrasive Wear in Rotation for Industrial Applications- A Review

    Authors: Macharla Ashok M Manzoor Hussain

  65. Spectrum Sensing Technique in Cognitive Radio

    Authors: Narsaiah Domala M Swapna B Saireddy Raghavendra Kulkarni

  66. Integration of Linear Displacement Encoder and Servo Motor for 180 Ton Powder Compacting Press

    Authors: V.Mahes Kumar K.S Balasubramanian S.Immanuvel V.Logesh Kumar B.Vishnu Prasath

  67. Local Maximum Edge Binary Patterns for Medical Image Segmentation

    Authors: Dr.Nookala Venu Mrs.Asiya Sulthana

  68. Recognition of Diseases in Human caused by Worms via Wireless Capsule Endoscopy

    Authors: R. Augasthega R. Ravi

  69. Proposed Development of a Solar Powered Automated Incubator for Chickens

    Authors: David O. Agbo Odinya J. Otengye Shittu H. Dodo

  70. Smart Pollution Monitoring In Automobiles Using IOT

    Authors: Dr.C.Chellamuthu M.V.Saikishan V.Vignesh N.Manojkumar

  71. An Enhancement in Finding the Characteristics of CI Engine with Methyl Ester Mango seed Biodiesel as Blends-A Review

    Authors: Valmiki Srinivas Abhimanyu R. Posanagiri

  72. A Review of Optimization Techniques Implementation in Production Industries

    Authors: Venkata Ratna Kishore.S Y.Sajjan Rao

  73. The Role of Mobile Network-Apps Security Using Network Techniques

    Authors: S.Amutha

  74. E-Mail Security Using Spam Mail Detection and Filtering Network System

    Authors: M.Lakshmi

  75. Managing Immaculate India Dreck Management System Using Sensor with IOT

    Authors: N. Ashwini M. Indra P. Monisha R. Salini

  76. Wettability assessment of Zirconium oxide by Radio Frequency Magnetron sputtering

    Authors: Nikhil Soni Sujal Patel Krutarth patel Dharmesh Chauhan Divyeshkumar Dave

  77. Monitoring and Protection of Distribution Transformer Using GSM Module

    Authors: Jenifer A Bharathi B R Shanthi Mounika B

  78. Role of Computer and Information Technology in Education System

    Authors: Dr.Neetu Dabas

  79. A Study on Image Registration Schemes

    Authors: R. Kokila

  80. A Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication System

    Authors: B.Harish Goud Indurthi Ravindra Kumar

  81. Research on Extracting Facial Image for Bimodal Emotion Recognition Based on Speech Signal and Facial Expression

    Authors: Chuanghong Su Wei Zhang Tianhua Feng

  82. Design of River Flow Floating Portable Micro-Hydro

    Authors: Parea Rusan Rangan Andrea Stevens Karnyoto Yusri Anugerah Manapa Ambabunga Abedneigo Carter Rambulangi

  83. Enhancing Personalized Web Search Protection Using Cryptography Algorithm

    Authors: S. Dhinakaran J. Thirumaran