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Archived Papers for Proceeding

7th International Conference Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (IMES 2019) (IMES)

Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze

Editors: Ondřej Dvouletý; Martin Lukeš & Jan Mísař

ISBN: 978-80-245-2316-3

Date: 2019-05-30 - 2019-05-31

Conference Venue: Prague, Czech Republic Czech Republic

Proceeding URL:

  1. Impact of Personal Characteristics of Human Resources Managers on Implementation of Diversity Management Practices in Egypt

    Authors: Ayman Alshaabani

  2. Evaluating the Impact of Marketing, Organisational and Process Innovation on Innovation Output of Information Technology Firms: Czech Republic and Estonia

    Authors: Henry Junior Anderson, Jan Stejskal

  3. Brazilian Students' Entrepreneurial Intentions, Confidence and Competences

    Authors: André Fleury, Diane Reis

  4. Verification of the Organizational Structure Evolution Model of Retail Trade Organizations Using Cluster Analysis and the Method of Rotated Components

    Authors: Alexander L. Bobkov, Igor V. Denisov, Oxana V. Kuchmaeva, Oksana V. Savchina

  5. Exploring the Ability of Tomorrow'S Leaders to Support Smart City Projects

    Authors: Djida Bounazef, Nathalie Crutzen

  6. Improving the Methodology for Monitoring Trends in the Digital Development of Economic Systems

    Authors: Natalia Buletova, Olga Demushina

  7. Business Development Patterns of Small Knowledge Intensive Enterprises from Czech Republic

    Authors: Veronika Bumberová, František Milichovský

  8. Litigate or Not to Litigate? Similarities between Visegrad Countries

    Authors: Csilla Kohlhoffer-Mizser

  9. Differences between Companies by Size in Access to Financing

    Authors: Simona Činčalová, Jaroslav Jánský

  10. Innovation, Competition & Contingent Work

    Authors: Matthijs den Besten, Issam Laguir

  11. The Awareness of Digitisation in Strategic Sustainabilty Reporting in Banking

    Authors: Florian Diener, Miroslav Špaček

  12. Statistical Approach to the Determination of Numerical Values of Risk-Benefit Ratio in Investment Processes

    Authors: Margarita Doroshenko

  13. Entrepreneurial Activity in Slovakia: Selected Regional Aspects and the Role of Governmental Environment

    Authors: Ondřej Dvouletý, Anna Pilková, Juraj Mikuš, Miroslava Rimská

  14. Forecast of Investment Financing in Russia in Terms of Funding Sources

    Authors: Valentina Edronova, Daria Maslakova

  15. Social Innovations in the Cultural Field: an Essay

    Authors: Daniel Ericsson

  16. Digital Payments – How New Technologies Disrupt Money Transfer Systems in Africa

    Authors: Kenzie K. Ferguson, Michael Neubert

  17. Gender Pay Gap in the State Administration of the Czech Republic

    Authors: Michael Forman

  18. Value Creation through Digital Technologies in Product Development on Russian Telecommunications Markets


  19. Transformation of Business Model of Generating Companies in Russian Energy Sector

    Authors: Maria Gorgisheli, Irina Volkova, Anna Yakovleva

  20. Nascent Entrepreneurs' Business Proposals Qualities and Their Relationship to Financial Indicators when Applying for Angel Investment

    Authors: Robert Hanák

  21. Fuzziness Versus Randomness in Managerial Project Evaluation

    Authors: Simona Hašková

  22. Principles of Data Definition for the Use of Measuring Governance

    Authors: Christian Hitz, Milomir Vojvodic, Greyson Wicki

  23. How Enterprising Are Non-Business Students?

    Authors: Marian Holienka, Jana Holienkova, Peter Gal

  24. Comparison of Portfolios Using Markowitz and Downside Risk Theories on the Czech Stock Market

    Authors: Zuzana Janková

  25. 7799Innovative Activity of Enterprises in the Health Care Sector in Cooperation with Other Entities Based on the Example of the Lodz Province

    Authors: Jadwiga Kaczmarska-Krawczak

  26. Digital Entrepreneurship: Reskilling and Upskilling with Mobile Massive Open Online Courses

    Authors: Ladislava Knihová, Štěpánka Hronová

  27. Innovation Typology: Comparative Study on Central European Countries

    Authors: Lucia Kohnova, Ján Papula, Nikola Salajová

  28. The Assessment of Labor Resources Quality Improvement Models by Entrepreneurs

    Authors: Alexandr Kokovikhin, Andrey Yevgenyevich Plakhin, Ekaterina Sergeevna Ogorodnikova

  29. Aplication of Artificial Neural Networks for Forecasting in Business Economy

    Authors: Andrea Kolková

  30. Integrating the Principles of Responsible Management Education According to the Needs of CSR Learning

    Authors: Irina Kostadinova, Svilen Kunev, Diana Antonova

  31. Entrepreneurship as a Career Path for PhD Holders in Slovakia?

    Authors: Janka Kottulová, Andrea Jaseňová

  32. The Role of Social Innovation in Managerial Practice

    Authors: Petra Krejčí, Jarmila Šebestová

  33. Technological and Market Assessment of the Innovative Business Models for Demand Response in the European Buildings

    Authors: Dawid Krysiński, Agnieszka Kowalska, Ricardo Rato

  34. Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Managerial Responsibility

    Authors: Dušan Kučera

  35. Factors Affecting Entrepreneurial Intent Among Students – Initial Findings from India

    Authors: Shivam Khetan, Arya Kumar

  36. The Social Responsibility of Professional Football Clubs in the Czech Republic

    Authors: Vilém Kunz, Michal Tomčík

  37. Product Managers for the Digital and Collaborative Age

    Authors: Georgy Laptev, Dmitry Shaytan

  38. Eu Law on the CSR Reporting – Puzzling Maze?

    Authors: Radka MacGregor Pelikánová, Robert Kenyon MacGregor

  39. Evaluation of Temporal Growth of Russian Cities

    Authors: Inna Manaeva

  40. Elements of Organizational Structure Supporting Ethical Management of Organizations

    Authors: Radim Maňák, Vendula Fialová

  41. The Impact of Innovations on Enterprise Productivity in Russia

    Authors: Oleg Mariev, Natalia Borisovna Davidson, Karina Nagieva

  42. Clustering Russian Regions by Innovative Outputs Using a Multi Indicator Approach

    Authors: Oleg Mariev, Andrey Pushkarev

  43. State Support and Prospects for the Development of Agriculture In Russian Regions

    Authors: Maria Markhaichuk, Natalia Kovalenko, Andrey Chekunov

  44. Intellectual Capital as a Basis for Innovative Development

    Authors: Maria Markhaichuk, Natalia Kovalenko, Andrey Chekunov

  45. Measuring the Level of Sustainability in a Small and Medium Companies: EAN Sustainability Index Case

    Authors: José Alejandro Martínez Sepúlveda, Dario Mauricio Reyes

  46. Cultural Diversity and Innovation: The Case of the Czech Republic in Comparison to the EU

    Authors: Manuel Mayerhoffer

  47. Social Entrepreneurship and the Honourable Businessmen: Old Ethical Business Performance in a New Coat?

    Authors: Hartmut–Heinrich Meyer

  48. Nascent Social Ventures and Their Quest for Legitimacy: An Exploratory Study of Organizational Emergence

    Authors: Moriah Meyskens

  49. Urbanization Dynamics of European Coasts: Implications for Innovation Policy

    Authors: Andrey Sergeevich Mikhaylov

  50. Spatial Patterns of Innovation Geography: Knowledge Generation Domain in Russia

    Authors: Andrey Sergeevich Mikhaylov, Irina Yu. Peker

  51. Spatial Econometrics: Sustainable Urban Development - Transport Infrastructure Development and Real-Estate Values

    Authors: Györgyi Nyikos, Attila Béres, György Jablonszky, Tamás Laposa

  52. The Relationship between Decision-Making Style of Entrepreneurs and Their Financial Literacy

    Authors: Jasmina Okičić

  53. The Phenomenon of Entrepreneurship Among Students

    Authors: Karolina Palimąka

  54. Innovations for Sustainable Protein Systems

    Authors: Ari Paloviita

  55. Interregional Tourism Flows Modeling as the Response to Optimise National Competitiveness

    Authors: Ekaterina Panarina

  56. Organizational Culture – A Factor of Innovativess in Homestay Accommodation Services: The Case of a Croatian Island

    Authors: Nadia Pavia, Marta Cerović

  57. Preffered E-Promotion Strategies of International Hotel Chains – Insights and Evaluation

    Authors: Loris Pilar, Iva Slivar, Tamara Floričić

  58. Senior, Youth And Women Entrepreneurship In the European Regions

    Authors: Anna Pilková, Juraj Mikuš, Ján Káčer

  59. Reinvestment Possibilities and Evaluation: A Literature Review

    Authors: Pavla Pokorná, Jarmila Šebestová

  60. Path Dependence and Regional Paths of Process Changes in the Russian Industry

    Authors: Svetlana Rastvortseva

  61. Are There Any Economic Impacts of Business R&D Support? The Case of the Czech Republic

    Authors: Tomáš Ratinger, Vladislav Čadil, Sylvester Amoako Agyemang

  62. Measuring Scaling-Up Awareness among Incubator Mentees

    Authors: Vivek Sharma, Sudhir K. Jain, Kusha Sharma

  63. Employer'S Responsibility in the Context of Company Occupational Pension Schemes in the Czech Republic and Germany

    Authors: Thomas Schiller

  64. The Role of Organizational Culture for Information Technology Management in Digitalization

    Authors: Marcel R. Sieber

  65. The Universal Dimensions of Industry 4.0 Maturity Models from the Business Informatics Perspective

    Authors: František Simetinger

  66. Teleworking as a Modern Method of Work

    Authors: Pavel Sládek, Tomáš Sigmund

  67. The Importance of Social Competencies for the Development of Creative Organisations

    Authors: Aneta Sokół, Karolina Drela, Agnieszka Gozdek

  68. Risk Evaluation of Incremental Innovation in Logistic Information System

    Authors: Adam Sorokač, Luca Rigali

  69. Youth Labour Market in Slovakia: From Education to Self-Employment

    Authors: Paulína Stachová, Magdaléna Musilová

  70. Evaluation of Cluster Policy in Russia. Analysis of Publicly Supported Innovative Territorial Clusters

    Authors: Ekaterina Stepanova, Elizaveta Kolchinskaya

  71. Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Studies on Online CSR Communication

    Authors: Richard Szántó

  72. Innovations or Modernisation? The Implementation of Agricultural Progress in Individual Farms in the Region of Lower Silesia

    Authors: Barbara Szczepańska, Jacek Szczepański

  73. Performance Measurement Systems: Approaches and Problems of SMES

    Authors: Maroš Šlenker, Zuzana Papulova, Silvester Krčméry

  74. Social Marketing Campaigns Carried Out by Brand. A Case Study

    Authors: Beata Tarczydło

  75. Innovation and Flexibility in Services Provided by Manufacturing Companies

    Authors: Eva Tomášková, Lucie Kaňovská

  76. Strategy Orientations and the Performance Effect in International New Ventures

    Authors: Rosalina Torres-Ortega

  77. Factors Affecting the Timeliness of Financial Statements: Empirical Research in Vietnam

    Authors: Hung Tang Tri, Phuong Thi Kim Tran, Ngan Le Vu Thanh

  78. What are the characteristics of Syrian refugee enterpreneurs in Turkey?

    Authors: Neslihan Gokce Uygur

  79. Regulatory Conditions for Peer-To-Peer Lending for Small and Medium Businesses

    Authors: Augustinus (Stijn) van der Krogt, Cecilia López Badano

  80. Data Stewardship Leadership Impact on Vertical Integration in Governance Program

    Authors: Milomir Vojvodic, Christian Hitz

  81. Analysis of Companies Operating in the Construction Industry in the Czech Republic Based on Kohonen Networks – Identification of Leaders in the Field

    Authors: Jaromír Vrbka, Petr Šuleř, Jakub Horák

  82. CSR of the City-Forming Enterprises of Nuclear Industry in Russian Monocities

    Authors: Ekaterina Zaitseva, Galina Bannykh, Svetlana Kostina, Vladimir Zapariy

  83. Prospects of Development of Innovation Clusters. A Case of Russia

    Authors: Ekaterina Zaitseva, Galina Bannykh, Svetlana Kostina

  84. Explore Entrepreneur's Personal Very First Export Decision Based on Bounded Rationality

    Authors: Yi Zhang, Utz Dornberger

  85. Table of Contents

    Authors: Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (IMES 2019)

  86. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (IMES 2019)

    Authors: Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (IMES 2019)