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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT) >>

Vol.2, No.11

Publisher: Somil Mayur Shah

Publishing Date: 2013-11-30

  1. An Investıgatıon of Wınd Characterıstıcs for Optımum Wınd Energy Utılızatıon at the Campus of Rajıv Gandhı Technıcal Unıversıty, Bhopal,Indıa

    Authors: Nida Rehman; AnuragGour

  2. Reparametrization of Interval Bézier Curve on Rectangular and Circular Domain

    Authors: Megha Jain; Pranjali Arondekar

  3. Analysis of Zinc Phosphate as a Lubricant in Surface Grinding Process Based on the Taguchi Method

    Authors: R. N. Patil; B.B Ahuja

  4. A Study of Agile Software Development

    Authors: Shevali Agarwal; Anurag Punde

  5. SPG-Separation Axioms

    Authors: S. Balasubramanian; C. Sandhya

  6. SPG-Separation Axioms

    Authors: S. Balasubramanian; C. Sandhya

  7. Augmenting the Protection of Data in International Data Encryption Algorithm (Idea) By Increasing Steps of Operation

    Authors: Archita Bhatnagar; Vivek Shrivastava

  8. Modelling and Simulation of Solar Photovoltaic array for Battery charging Application using Matlab-Simulink

    Authors: P.Sathya; G.Aarthi

  9. Tri-State DC-DC Buck Converter with Efficient Conversion Ratio

    Authors: T.Yuvaraja

  10. Polymeric Fluid Flow Obeying ECTN Model in an Inclined Circular Tube with Permeable Wall

    Authors: S. Sreenadh; B. Govindurajulu

  11. A New Approach for Detecting Outliers in Data Streams

    Authors: S. Vijayarani; P. Jothi

  12. Experimental Investication of DI Diesel Engine Using Biodiesel Blends With Different Injection Pressures

    Authors: M.Varathavijayan; T.Ponvel Murugan; DR.S.Mohanamurugan

  13. Application of Modified Gain Extended Kalman Filter for Underwater Passive Target Tracking Using Angles Only Measurements

    Authors: Ashok Kumar.N; Dr.K.RajaRajeswari

  14. Convexity in Linear Fractional Programming Problem

    Authors: Anita Biswas; Smita Verma

  15. Role of Cationic Micelles and Reductant for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage in Photogalvanic Cell

    Authors: A.S. Meena

  16. Role of Cationic Micelles and Reductant for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage in Photogalvanic Cell

    Authors: Kallu Sahitya; Praviya Bharathi

  17. A Remote Sensing & GIS approach for Land Use Planning in Champhai District, Mizoram, India

    Authors: R.K.Lallianthanga; Robert Lalchhanhima Sailo

  18. Performance Prediction Methods for Reducing Losses in Intermediate Pressure Steam Turbine by Using Steam Path Appraisal

    Authors: H.G.Patil; V.G. Arajpure

  19. Cascaded MliBldcMotor Drive

    Authors: Ravi Teja Jannu; Lakshma Reddy Induri

  20. Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Ajita Srivastava; Kumar Rahul Dev

  21. Free Convective MHD Jeffrey Fluid Flow between Two Coaxial Inclined Permeable Cylinders

    Authors: S. Sreenadh; P. Madhu Mohan Reddy; E. Sudhakara; A. Parandhama

  22. Total Quality Management in Educational Process Focused on Quality Improvement of Institute with Customer Satisfaction & Teaching Improvement

    Authors: Abhishek Soni

  23. Studies on Removal of Methylene Blue Color Using Sawdust as Adsorbent

    Authors: Dr.L.Nageswara Rao; Dr.M.Venkateswara Rao

  24. A Memory Implicit Self-Reconditioning Based On Configuarable Substitutes

    Authors: B.Prasuna; Vasu Naik.B

  25. Capturing the Data Packet by Setting the NIC Card in Promiscuous Mode

    Authors: R. Prajwala Rani

  26. Reducing Runtime of RSA Processors Based On High

    Authors: Prabha N.

  27. FinFET- Benefits, Drawbacks and Challenges

    Authors: Mayur Bhole; Aditya Kurude

  28. An Efficient Way of Decreasing the Latency of Flip Flops with Floating Point Multiplier

    Authors: G Lalitha Rani

  29. A Study of Different Approaches for Information Extraction

    Authors: Shevali Agarwal

  30. Proposed Algorithm for Network Traffic Classification Based On DB Scan

    Authors: Shevali Agarwal; Anurag Punde

  31. Management of Traffic Noise on Express Highway-An Ergonomic Approach

    Authors: S.U.Bande; M.P.Nawathe

  32. Compact Microstrip Patch Antenna with Comb-Like Slot for WLAN Applications

    Authors: P. Prasanna Kumar; R. Nakkeeran

  33. OTA Model Used in Active-Passive Filter for Lowering Power Consumption

    Authors: Ashu Soni; Sumit Kumar

  34. Improving Security and Efficiency in Distributed Data Sharing and Data Leakage Detection System

    Authors: A.Rani

  35. The Efficient Way of Estimating the Cost of Software by Exploiting the Assumptions Using Fuzzy Analogy

    Authors: Disha

  36. Formulate a Hit Item Replacement and Propose Cluster Ensembling (CE) Algorithm for Data Compression

    Authors: E. Vasantha

  37. Comparative Analysis in Content Based Image Retrieval System Using Color and Texture

    Authors: K. Nirmala; A. Subramani

  38. Design of Modified mattresses for patient handling in Hospital

    Authors: Arvind T. Wadgure; R.D. Askhedkar

  39. Implementing Body Sensor Network with Biomedical Signal Processing Through Wireless System

    Authors: B. Kiranmai

  40. Eigen Decomposition based Blind Source Separation

    Authors: Amir A Khaliq; I M Qureshi; Jawad A Shah; Suheel A Malik

  41. Buckling Anlysis of Laminated Composite Plates Using Finite Element Method

    Authors: K.Mallikarjuna Reddy; B.Sidda Reddy

  42. LPG Leakage Monitoring and Multilevel Alerting System

    Authors: Selvapriya C; Sathya Prabha S

  43. Wireless Automation of an Electrical Drive using Bluetooth

    Authors: Ruta A. Bhave; Mitali S. Gogate

  44. Selection of Cationic Collector for Reduction of Alumina and Silica in Iron Ore Slimes of an Operating Plant by Flotation

    Authors: T V Vijaya Kumar; S J Gopalkrishna

  45. A CPW Fed Octagonal Patched Antenna for UWB Applications

    Authors: Abhishek Kumar; T Shanmuganantham

  46. Estimation in Step Stress Partially Accelerated Life Tests for Rayleigh Distribution Using Type-I Censoring

    Authors: Shashi Saxena; Shazia Zarrin

  47. An Image Steganography Technique with High Hiding Capacity Based On 24 Bit Color Image

    Authors: Manoj Kumar Sharma; Noor Mohd

  48. Performing Age Group Clustering in Breast Cancer Datasets Using FCM Algorithm

    Authors: B.Durgadevi; Dr.S.Rajalakshmi

  49. Elucidate the Separation Mechanisms of Continuous Microwave Radiation Systems (CMWRS) Using Crude Oil Emulsions

    Authors: N.H.Abdurahman; N.H.Azharib; Y.M.Roslic

  50. Review on: Identification of all True Vessels from Retinal Images

    Authors: K.V.Patil; P.R.Thorat

  51. High Performance AlGaN Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Ultraviolet Photo Detectors

    Authors: S. Benzeghda; F. Hobar

  52. Grading of Fruits Basis on Color Shape

    Authors: Unmesh Sagare; VinayMandlik

  53. Weather Parameters Monitoring based on Zigbee and AVR Microcontrollers

    Authors: Abdul Aziz; NavinSrivastava

  54. Steganography Using Particle Swarm Optimization-A Review

    Authors: Navdeep Kaur

  55. A Study of Web Mining

    Authors: Prashant Sharma

  56. Web-based Collaborative-network & Facebook in TVET to Enhance Teaching

    Authors: Abu Raihan; RashedulHuq Shamim

  57. Eliminating Illiteracy by Integrating ICTs in CLCs: An Innovative Lifelong Learning Approach in Bangladesh

    Authors: RashedulHuqShamim; Abu Raihan

  58. Wireless Hotspots: Current Challenges and Future Directions For Next Generation Hotspot

    Authors: Divya Aggarwal; Pankaj Mehendiratta

  59. Static, Fatigue and Modal Analysis of Connecting Rod under Different Loading Conditions

    Authors: Sahil; Jiten Saini