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International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT) >>

Vol.3, No.5

Publisher: Somil Mayur Shah

Publishing Date: 2014-05-30

  1. Design and Analysis of CPW Monopole Antenna for Wireless Applications.

    Authors: Amaresh Singh; SrivatsunG

  2. Study on Abrasive Wear Characteristics of Fe-Cr-C Hardfacing Alloy and Effect of Welding Parameters.

    Authors: K. M. Kenchireddy; C. T. Jayadev

  3. Numerically Analysis of Corrosion Resistance and Control Plate.

    Authors: Sanjay Kumar.k; k.Rajalingam; G.R.Kannan

  4. Design of Quantifiable Real-Life Security Matrix for Cloud Computing.

    Authors: Santanu Kumar Sen; Sharmistha Dey; Debraj Roy

  5. Soybean (Glycine max L): A Synonym for Nutrition, Health and Longevity.

    Authors: Preeti Verma; Sheel Sharma; Nidhi Agarwal; Shivanki Aggarwal; Shilpi Singh

  6. Image Super Resolution Enhancement using IBP Method.

    Authors: Sruthi Mohan; A.Vinotha Vasuki

  7. Improved Adaptive Position Update for Geographic Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

    Authors: C.Nallusamy; A.Sabari; N.Suresh

  8. Flexural Behavior of Beam made by Partial Replacement of Natural Aggregates with Coarse Aggregates from Old Concrete.

    Authors: Bashir Ahmed Memon; Ghulam Shabir Bhatti

  9. Air Quality Index of an Industrial District of Jharkhand, India .

    Authors: Bhawna Dubey; Asim Kumar Pal; Gurdeep Singh

  10. Intelligent Vehicular Communication System for Safe Driving using CAN Bus.

    Authors: Madhavi S. Salunkhe; Roopa A.Thorat

  11. Devanagari Handwritten Numeral Recognition Using Probabilistic Neural Network.

    Authors: Abhay S. Lengare; Suhas S. Patil

  12. Hierarchical Clustering with Multiviewpoint Based Similarity Measure for document Clustering.

    Authors: V. Dhanalakshmi; M. Sabrabeebe

  13. Enhanced Technique for Protecting Web Service Composition from Privacy Attack.

    Authors: Sabrabeebe.M; Dhanalakshmi.V

  14. Green House Energy Management System Using ZigBee Communication through Comparison of Energy Usage.

    Authors: Ritu Ranjan Kumar

  15. An Empirical Study on the Ways of improvement in Chiller Efficiency by Variation of Various Performance Parameters.

    Authors: Shabahat Husain; Suhail Ahmad Siddiqui

  16. Thermoelectric Energy Conversion by Rankine Bottoming Cycle Technique: An Approach towards Waste Heat Recovery from IC Engine.

    Authors: Aqib Khan; Suhail Ahmad Siddiqui

  17. A Survey on Infrastructure less Multicasting Routing Protocols in Mobile Adhoc Networks.

    Authors: Gurjeet Singh; MK Sharma

  18. Missile Detection by Ultrasonic and Auto Destroy System.

    Authors: Samir Chopra; Suman Bharti; Tarun Singh Negi; P.D Kulkarni

  19. Enhancing Heat Removal by Optimizing Fin Configuration in Air Compressor.

    Authors: P.Ragupathi; V.R.Sivakumar

  20. Survey of Acknowledgement based Vector Routing for Opportunistic Networks.

    Authors: Prashant Rewagad; Mrs Dipti Sonawane

  21. Hybrid Design and Analysis of Advanced Propeller Shaft.

    Authors: P.Palanisamy; D.Sureshkumar; ME.; S.Balamurali

  22. An Innovative Cryptographical Scheme for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Security using Certificate less Public key Cryptography

    Authors: Surbhi Tahanguria; Deepak Kumar Xaxa

  23. Autonomous Building Map Exploration Robot for First-Responder and Military Operations.

    Authors: S.Kannadhasan; S.Venkatesh; S.Rengasamy; Saravanaperumal

  24. Novel Carboxymethyl Chitosan-β-Cyclodextrin Nanoparticles as a Drug Delivery System; Preparation and Characterization.

    Authors: Joseph Asamoah Asare; Yangde Zhang; Yuxiang Chen; Caiping Ren; Mo Fongming

  25. MPPT Using Fuzzy Logic Control and Buck Converter for Photovoltaic System.

    Authors: C.Thulasi Priya; Syed Faseeha Sheereen; G.Divya Srihitha; M.Rukmini; B.Hemanthi

  26. Private Social Network ?“Orbit”.

    Authors: Mane S.M.; Swami S.S.; Hiremath S.S.; Sagare O.S.

  27. Shore Line Shifting of Namkhana Island of Indian Sundarban, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India, Using Remote Sensing &GIS Techniques

    Authors: Jatisankar Bandyopadhyay; Ismail Mondal; Nirmal Samanta

  28. Intelligent Drip Irrigation System.

    Authors: Dnyaneshwar Natha Wavhal; Manish Giri

  29. Active and Reactive Current Control in UPQC for Enhancement of Power Quality in Distribution System.

    Authors: Jibin Joseph; A.Rathinam

  30. Finite Element Analysis of Mono Composite Leaf Spring: A Review.

    Authors: Jagbhooshan Patel; Veerendra Kumar

  31. Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Fin Tube Heat Exchanger by Vortex Generator-A Review.

    Authors: Dhananjay Kumar; Alok choube

  32. Increasing Wind Turbine Efficiency by Reducing Tower Shadow Effect and Scouring Effect

    Authors: S.Rajkumar; S.Sivakumar

  33. Heat and Mass Transfer on MHD Boundary Layer Flow of a Chemically Reacting non-Newtonian fluid over a Stretching Sheet with Suction.

    Authors: G. Sarojamma; B. Ramana; K. Vendabai

  34. Neural Network Modeling and Sorption of As III with Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Bounded on Activated Silica using Ocimum Sanctum.

    Authors: Gnanasangeetha D; SaralaThambavani D

  35. Advanced AODV Routing Algorithm with Energy Efficiency in MANET.

    Authors: Shaily Goyal; Prof Aparna N. Mahajan

  36. Analysis of Diverse Reversible Watermarking Methods in Image Processing.

    Authors: S.Balu; C. Nelson Kennedy Babu; P.Shanmugapriya

  37. A Survey of Benchmarking Techniques for Network Performance.

    Authors: A.Selvakumar; Surender Dhanasekaran

  38. Characterization of Pr6O11-Ag2O-B2O3 Glasses.

    Authors: Jagadeesha Gowda.G.V; B.Eraiah

  39. Performance Based Location Privacy in Sensor Networks against a Global Eaves Dropper.

    Authors: K.Venkatesh; A.Kannammal

  40. High-Resolution Image Retrieval Using Support Vector Machine

    Authors: Lekshmi Surya S.L

  41. Power Quality Improvement of Hybrid Wind, Solar & Diesel Generator Energy Systems using Fuzzy Logic and Hysteresis Loss Current Control of D-Statcom, with Power System Planning

    Authors: S.UmaMaheswari; G.VijayaGowri

  42. Comparative Study on Gasification of Chicken Litter with Rice Husk and Saw Dust

    Authors: Dr B S Dayananda; Dr L K Sreepathi

  43. Case Study: Exergy and Energy Analysis of Hot Water Loop and Branch Network Using Two CHP

    Authors: Mahmoud Mazarji; Hamid Mokhtari; Mostafa Mostafavi; Leila Ershadi

  44. Performance Enhancement of Household Refrigerators with Cooling of Compressor: A Review

    Authors: Krishna Kant Dwivedi; R. C. Gupta

  45. A Study on Different Feature Level Learning and Prediction Approaches

    Authors: Shikha; Shikha Khera

  46. Wide-Band Current Starved Ring CMOS Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) using 0.18 μm CMOS Technology

    Authors: Arpit Patel; Rakesh Chaudhari; Sarman K. Hadia; Nilesh D.Patel

  47. Partial Purification of Alpha-Amylase Produced by Brevibacillus Borstelensis R1

    Authors: K.Suribabu; K.P.J Hemalatha

  48. High-Speed Pool of Aggregated Data in Multi-hop Wireless Network.

    Authors: A.Saranya; R.Kavi Priya

  49. Discriminative Pattern Identification using Rule Based Approach.

    Authors: Bhushan Mahajan; S. S. Nandgaonkar

  50. Effective Analysis on Remote to User (R2L) Attacks Using Random Forest Algorithm

    Authors: S. Revathi; A. Malathi

  51. A Competitive Assessment on Fly-Ash Bricks and Clay Bricks in Central Gujarat Region of India Using Chi-Square Test(χ2) through SPSS Software.

    Authors: Dhrumil S. ChokshiA; Jayeshkumar Pitroda Ashish H. Makwana

  52. An Efficient Behavior Trust EvaluationSystem for Wireless Sensor Networks.

    Authors: D. Ramya

  53. Experimental Investigation of Material Removal Rate on H-13 Using Powder Metallurgy and Conventional Electrodes.

    Authors: Gaurav Mittal; Sumesh Kapila

  54. Effect of Fibrous Concrete Layers on Behavior of Self-Compacting Concrete Slabs under Uniform Load.

    Authors: Ahmed S. D. AL Ridha

  55. Analysis of Effectiveness of ALERT Protocol against Wormhole Attack in MANETs.

    Authors: Devendra Kumar; Deepak Kumar Xaxa

  56. An Extension of Enestrom-Kakeya Theorem.

    Authors: M. H. Gulzar

  57. Computer Aided Detection of Ischemic Stroke Using Verilog HDL.

    Authors: P. Arivalagan; K. Adalarasu

  58. A Protocol Design for Mobility Assisted Delay / Disruption Tolerant Network Nodes.

    Authors: Samreen Fiza; Priti S. Pavale

  59. Design Analysis and Optimization of Piston and Determination of its Thermal Stresses Using CAE Tools.

    Authors: Deovrat Vibhandik; Ameya Pradhan; SampadaMhaskar; Nikita Sukthankar; Atul Dhale

  60. Review on Link Break Avoidance of AODV Routing Protocol in MANET.

    Authors: K. Hanumanthu Naik; A. Ravi Chandra Reddy; V.Raghunatha Reddy

  61. Analysis of Performance & Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled with different types of Biodiesel ? A Review Study.

    Authors: Niraj N. Raja; Sheikh Yasin

  62. A Study on Image Fusion Techniques for Image Enhancement.

    Authors: Sarabdeep Singh; Shikha Khera

  63. Assessment of Biomedical waste management in Amravati (M.S).

    Authors: Anurag V. Tiwari; Prashant A. Kadu

  64. Cu2O - TiO2 Nanocomposite: A Novel Material for Humidity Sensing.

    Authors: Amit Sachdeva; Annubhawi Annu

  65. Comparative Study of Surface Morphology and Spectroscopic Analysis for Corona and Chromic Acid Treated Polyethylene Film for Water Based Ink Printing.

    Authors: Rohit S.Tarade; Vikrant V; Shertukde

  66. Design Development and Analysis of Escalator.

    Authors: P.Saravanan; K.Rajasuthan

  67. Galois Field and Security for Online Data Storage in Cloud Computing.

    Authors: Rakesh A.Raval; Suhas A. Patel; Dhaval B. Patel

  68. Production of Ethanol from Sweet Potatoes.

    Authors: D.N.V.Satyanarayana; K.Ramesh Chandra

  69. Space Time block Codes :An Orthogonal Structured Codes for Wireless Fading Environment.

    Authors: Farha Siddiqui

  70. An Efficient Wavelet Based Algorithm for Echocardiogram Video Compression in Medical Application.

    Authors: Arun Prasad; T.Rajesh

  71. An Intelligent Power Management approach for Battery Operating Robotic Vehicle.

    Authors: Tom Mathews; V. Gopi

  72. Finite Element Method Based Analysis into Rotary Forging of AXI-Symmetric Aluminium Disc.

    Authors: Debabrata Rath; Samir Kumar Panda

  73. Performance comparison between CNFET & Conventional CMOS based Arithmetic Logic Unit.

    Authors: Sabina Rahaman; Abhijith Bharadwaj; Vanitha K; Yashasvini K.G; Savitha V

  74. ON Soft GR-Separation Axioms in Soft Topological Spaces.

    Authors: C.Janaki; V.Jeyanthi

  75. Comparison of PI and FUZZY Logic Controller Based STATCOM in Wind Turbine Fed FSIG under Asymmetric Faults.

    Authors: G.Ravi; P. Karthigeyan

  76. Comparison of UPQC and STATCOM in Wind Turbine Fed FSIG under Asymmetric Faults.

    Authors: G.Ravi; P. Karthigeyan

  77. Multi Model Medical Image Fusion under Non Subsampled Contour let Transform Domain.

    Authors: R.E.Satheesh Kumar; T.Rajesh

  78. Multi Parametric Approach Using Fuzzification on Heart Disease Analysis.

    Authors: Upasana Juneja; Deepti Dhingra

  79. Risk Assessment in Residential Construction Projects by SPSS.

    Authors: Patel Ankit Mahendra; Jayeshkumar Pitroda; Jaydevbhai J. Bhavsar

  80. Detect Time Series Sequences by Using Pattern Discovery.

    Authors: A S Prabaharan; K.Tamilarasi

  81. Resource Allocation for Multi-Cell OFDMA Based Downlink Network.

    Authors: Maruti Irappa Patoli; A Sreenivasan

  82. Simulation of Interleaved Boost Converter Using Closed Loop Fuzzy Logic Controller.

    Authors: R.Karthikeyan; Argha Paul

  83. Matlab Simulation of Very High Frequency Resonant Converters for LED Lighting.

    Authors: Avinash.C.M; Sharad Darshan.H.C

  84. Matlab Simulation of Very High Frequency Resonant Converters for LED Lighting.

    Authors: Avinash.C.M; Sharad Darshan.H.C

  85. Experimental Studies on Mortar Using Glass Fibers.

    Authors: Divyeshkumar D. Paradava; Jayeshkumar Pitroda

  86. Experimental Studies on Mortar Using Glass Fibers

    Authors: Divyeshkumar D. Paradava; Jayeshkumar Pitroda

  87. The Design and Implementation of Convolution into FPGA.

    Authors: Banoth Kranthi Kumar

  88. Savitzky-Golay Filter Based Vertical Handoff between LTE and WIFI Network.

    Authors: Sridhara R; Arathi R Shankar

  89. Review on Code Generation from UML Diagrams.

    Authors: Prajkta R. Pawde; V.Chole; P.S. Prasad

  90. Genetıc Algorıthm Optımızatıon Method in the Tımetable Schedules of Publıc Transportatıon.

    Authors: Taylan ENGIN

  91. A Highly Secure Connectivity Coverage with Scalable Key Management Scheme For Wireless Sensor NetworkS.

    Authors: M.Ayyappan; V.Anitha

  92. Short Term Weather -Dependent Load Forecasting using Fuzzy Logic Technique.

    Authors: Monika Gupta

  93. Short Term Weather -Dependent Load Forecasting using Fuzzy Logic Technique.

    Authors: Monika Gupta

  94. Measurement of the illuminance using a Signal Conditioning Circuit.

    Authors: Sameer Pratap Singh; Sathya P

  95. Finite Element Analysis of Shock Absorber for Spring Steel and Carbon Fibre.

    Authors: R.Kannan; C.Rajaganapathy

  96. Demand Management at Congested Airport in India.

    Authors: Krutika Lokhande; H.G. sonkusare

  97. A Review on LEACH & PEGASIS Routing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks.

    Authors: Neelima Arora; Charanjit Singh

  98. Structural Analysis of Chassis Frame and Modification for Weight Reduction.

    Authors: S.Prabakaran; K.Gunasekar

  99. Dynamic Big Data Storage on Cloud with Efficient Verifiable Fine-grained Updates using Secure Erasure Code-Based Cloud Storage System

    Authors: Suganya .S; Sumathi .D

  100. Efficient Analysis of Brain Tumor Detection and Identification Using Different Algorithms

    Authors: Richa Aggarwal; Amanpreet Kaur

  101. Calibration and Field Performance of MPT Seed cum Fertilizer Drill for Paddy Cultivation

    Authors: Jalam Singh; J.S.Nikhade

  102. Minimal Grasper for Pick-and-Place Tasks

    Authors: Janifer Akhila .A; S Saraswathi

  103. Designing of Energy Efficient Security Techniques for Multimedia Applications

    Authors: Anshula Bardak; Sunita Sangwan; Darshana Hooda

  104. Design Optimization of Stationary Platen of Plastic Injection Molding Machine Using FEA

    Authors: Dheeraj Mandliya; Yogesh Agrawal; G.V.R Seshagiri Rao

  105. An Assessment of Tail-Pipe Emissions from Petrol and LPG Fuelled Vehicles in Ghana

    Authors: Maxwell S. Akple; Robert K. Biscoff; Richard F. Turkson; Seth T.K.Dzokoto

  106. Effective Use of Data Mining in Banking

    Authors: Sandeep Sharma; Sashi Tarun; Pankaj Sharma

  107. Analysis of Mechanism of Polarimetric Hyperspectral Imaging

    Authors: Supriya P. Gaikwad; Vijay R. Dahake

  108. Optimized Design of Digital Phase Locked Loops for RF Carrier Acquisition

    Authors: Abhilasha N.S

  109. An Intelligent AGV with Lane Detection and Obstacle Avoidance Using ARM

    Authors: Sowndar Paul.J

  110. Human factors in Aviation: A Survey

    Authors: Minuthi H U; Dattathreya

  111. Implementation of Triple RSA

    Authors: Sapna Sejwani; Prema K.V; Sarvesh Tanwar

  112. Exergy Performance Assessment of Vapour Compression Based System Components

    Authors: N.Suguna Ramu; P.Senthilkumar

  113. Detection of Optic Cup Disc using Morphological Pixel Classification Technique

    Authors: R.SubbuLakshmi; P.Mariselvam

  114. An Investigation on Generation of Electricity Using Foot Step

    Authors: Siba brata Mohanty; Sasank shekhar Panda

  115. A Review on Adaptive Approach for Degraded Document Binarization

    Authors: Shivani Goyal; Naresh Kumar Garg

  116. Evaluation and Analys is Study of TSRT- Lightweight Time Stamp Synchronization Approach in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Surendra Rahamatkar; Sunil Vijay Kumar Gaddam

  117. Design of OFDM Transceiver to Improve PAPR using Clipping Technique

    Authors: Rashmi N; Asha G. H.; Abhishek V; Akshay M; Karthik P; Mahesh Kumar S

  118. Model For Assessment And Evaluation Of Tensile Strength Based On Applied Load, Percent Elongation And Change In Length Of Mild Steel Weldment

    Authors: Adzor; S. A.; Ihom; P. A.; Gundu; D. T.; Adaga; G. T.; Onochie; C. A.

  119. Seismic Performance of RC Structure Using Different Base Isolator

    Authors: Ashish R. Akhare; Tejas R.Wankhade

  120. A Review Survey on Deadlock Detection in Multithreading

    Authors: A. Mohan; P. Senthil Kumar

  121. Skin Whitening and Anti-aging Effect of Fine Hydro-gel Cream Formulation with Botanical Oil Complex Using PIT Emulsifying System

    Authors: Hyun Dae Cho; In Young Kim

  122. Automatic Test case Generation from UML Activity Diagrams

    Authors: V.Mary Sumalatha; Dr G.S.V.P.Raju

  123. Manufacturing of Industrial Fire Retardant Gloves using Blends of Cotton and Synthetic Fibers

    Authors: Engr. Muhammad Qamar Khan; Muhammad Sabeeh ul Hassan; Sajida Hafeez; Fazul ur Rehman; Muhammad Ayyaz Shaikh; M.Yousif Zaman

  124. Low complexity Pipelined Implementation of Vector Precoding for MIMO systems

    Authors: M. Bala Krishnan; S. Sobana; K. Meena

  125. An Eye Tracking Scheme Employing Viola-Jones and Template Matching Algorithm

    Authors: Lakshmi Sagar H.S; Saneesh Cleatus.T; Roshini Seshadri; S Kala Rubini; Sahana Sathyanarayana

  126. Isolated Word Recognition System for Autistic Speech

    Authors: Akshata M Sonnad; Anjana Gopan; Divya S; Sailakshmi N R; Ambika R

  127. Effectually Global Position Finding Of Accident Detection Using Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: S.Parasakthi; G.Nithya; R.Latha; Revathi.C

  128. Leaf Recognition Algorithm Using MLP Neural Network Based Image Processing

    Authors: Ekshinge Sandip Sambhaji; D.B Andore

  129. Empirical Study of Open Source ERP Systems

    Authors: Priya Vartak; Aaditya Desai; Shridhar Kamble

  130. Evaluation and Performance Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms

    Authors: Shridhar Kamble; Aaditya Desai; Priya Vartak

  131. Knowledge Management System- A STUDY

    Authors: Nidhi Agrawal

  132. Enhanced Multipath Approach for Prevention and Elimination of Black Hole Attack in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks considering the Enhancement of Network Throughput

    Authors: Maninderpal Singh; Manmohan Sharma

  133. Design and Analysis of High Carbon Steel Milling Cutter

    Authors: S.Arun; M.Palpandi

  134. A Review on Various Techniques of Machine Translation

    Authors: Richu Mittal; Naresh Kumar Garg

  135. A Novel Framework for Composite Network Security Situation Assessment Using HRCAL Approach

    Authors: Ankita Patil; Vijay Prakash

  136. City Bus Tracking System

    Authors: S.V.Dhole; Jay Shrivastava; Garima Sachdeva; Komal Kalra

  137. Performance of Open Core Gasifier with Briquette of different Crop Residues

    Authors: Khardiwar; A.K.Dubey; D.M.Mahalle; S Kumar

  138. To Compare the Pulse Performance value on Multi User DS-CDMA System

    Authors: Vivek Pandey; A.C. Tiwari

  139. Relativistic Computing Model Applied in Corporate Networks

    Authors: Chau Sen Shia; Oduvaldo Vendrametto

  140. Accumulative distance based Optimization of Handover delay in LTE Femtocell Network

    Authors: Akkamahadevi.M.B; Arathi R Shankar

  141. A Novel Fast Acquisition Method for L2C Code for GPS Based Radio Occulted Systems: A FPGA Based Implementation

    Authors: Anila K; H.C. Srinivasaiah

  142. Enhanced Security for Two Party Confidential Data

    Authors: G. Sumathi; M.Indumathi

  143. Studies on Removal of Methylene Blue Color Using Waste Tea Power as an Adsorbent

    Authors: L.Nageswara Rao; Feroz Shaik

  144. Commercial Buliding of Reinforced Concrete design

    Authors: Mohd Abrar; Waseema Masood

  145. ARM9 Based Navigation System for Vehicles

    Authors: S. Lokesh; Y. Pavan Kumar Reddy; Y. Sunanda; T. Prahlad Reddy

  146. Prediction and simulation of Chromium (VI) ions removal efficiency by riverbed sand adsorbent using Artificial Neural Networks

    Authors: D. Sarala Thambavani; B. Kavitha

  147. A Critical Analysis of Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) Safety Systems

    Authors: C.E.Okon; E. J. Uwah

  148. Static Analysis of Connecting Rod Using Forged Steel

    Authors: K.Karthick; John Panner Selvam

  149. Design and Optimization of IC Engine Crankshaft

    Authors: P.N.Rohini; S.Nagu