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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.3, No.8

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2014-08-05

  1. Study on Aberrant Renal Arteries in South Indian Population

    Authors: Dr. Girish V. Patil; Dr. Shishirkumar

  2. Study on Renal Artery Segmental Branching Pattern in South Indian Population

    Authors: Dr. Girish V. Patil; Dr. Shishirkumar

  3. Adaptation to Best Fit Learning Rate in Batch Gradient Descent

    Authors: Mohan Pandey; B. L. Pal

  4. H-Airframe Benefits for Constructing Quad- Rotor Unmanned Helicopters

    Authors: Petar Getsov; Svetoslav Zabunov; Garo Mardirossian

  5. Morphological Image Processing Approach Using K-Means Clustering for Detection of Tumor in Brain

    Authors: Meenakshi S R; Arpitha B Mahajanakatti; Shivakumara Bheemanaik

  6. Study of Power Quality for Northern Grid in India

    Authors: Surjya Neogy; Vijay Kumar Arora

  7. A Comparison of Data Mining Tools using the implementation of C4.5 Algorithm

    Authors: Divya Jain

  8. Effect of Bioinoculants and Organic Manure (Phosphocompost) on Growth, Yield and Nutrient Uptake of Trigonella foenum-graecum L. (Fenugreek)

    Authors: Sanjukta Biswas; D. Anusuya

  9. Rural Entrepreneurship: A Catalyst for Rural Development

    Authors: Kushalakshi; Dr. A. Raghurama

  10. Indian Economy: Reality and Expectation

    Authors: Dr. Veena Sharma

  11. Bony Tubercle on the Anterior Border of Foramen Magnum - A Case Study

    Authors: Dr. Girish V. Patil; Dr. Shishirkumar

  12. Bony Tubercle on the Posterior Border of Foramen Magnum - A Case Study

    Authors: Dr. Girish V. Patil; Dr. Shishirkumar

  13. Energy Efficient Request Pool for a Green Private Cloud Architecture with Global Collaboration

    Authors: Vidya D. Chachar; Nandkumar P. Kulkarni

  14. MHD Turbulent Flow in a Porous Medium with Hall Currents, Joules Heating and Mass Transfer

    Authors: Job Oqhoyho Mayaka; Johana Sigey; Mathew Kinyanjui

  15. Design of Microstrip End Coupled Band Pass Filter Using Fractal to Operate at 6 GHz

    Authors: Vikas Nehra

  16. Dynamic Power Reduction in CMOS Logic Circuits using VID Technique

    Authors: Preeti Sahu

  17. A Framework for Parallel Data Processing in Cloud Systems

    Authors: Shripad S. Lokhande; Manoj Limchand Bangare

  18. Real Time Wireless Flood Monitoring System Using Ultrasonic Waves

    Authors: Abubakr Rahmtalla Abdalla Mohamed; Wang Guang Wei

  19. Optimization of Solar and Wind Hybrid System

    Authors: Shashi Shanker; BSSPM Sharma

  20. Extracellular Production of Thermostable Endoglucanase by Thermophilous Fungi

    Authors: Ashok K. Shukla

  21. Pathogenresistant and Insertion of Monellin in Sugarcane by Fusion Protein and Particle Bombardment (Sugarcane for Diabetic Patients)

    Authors: Madiha Arshad

  22. Review on Bioremediation of Heavy Metals with Microbial Isolates and Amendments on Soil Residue

    Authors: Akshata Jain N; Udayashankara T. H; Lokesh K. S

  23. Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Neeraj Mangla; Jaspreet Kaur

  24. Housing Finance in India and Appraisal Process of Home Loans with Specific Reference to Indian Overseas Bank

    Authors: Souvik Ghosh

  25. Ensuring Security in Multi-Cloud Computing

    Authors: Y. Madhusekhar; Snehal P. Rokade

  26. Effect of Cryogenic Treated and Untreated Tool on its Tool Life-Review

    Authors: Nagraj Patil; Dr. ShriShail Kakkeri; Sangamesh

  27. Decentralization, Local Governance and Types of Transportation in Brazzaville

    Authors: Nzoussi Hilaire Kevin; Li Jiang Feng

  28. Enhanced Watermarking Technique using Computational Wavelet and Cosine Transformation

    Authors: Harmandeep Kaur; Simarjeet Kaur

  29. A Study on the Influence of Yogic Practices on Self Concept and Locus of Control among School Going Students

    Authors: Dr. Tarak Nath Pramanik; Dr. Uday Bhanu Kundu

  30. BER Analysis for MC-CDMA

    Authors: Nisha Yadav; Vikash Yadav

  31. Credit Scoring Techniques: A Survey

    Authors: Thabiso Peter Mpofu; Macdonald Mukosera

  32. Study of Optimization in Fragmented Item-sets for Business Intelligence

    Authors: Rajesh V. Argiddi; Bhagyashri U. Kale

  33. The Application of Ultrasonic Sensor and Atemega 328 Arduino to Measure the Ploughing Depth Elevation of Drainage Channel

    Authors: M. Hariansyah; Setiawan R.P.A; Desrial; Made D.S; Asep Sapei

  34. Quality of Reproductive and Child Health Care in the Private Sector in India: Issues and Options

    Authors: Dr. Kranti Suresh Vora; Dileep V Mavalankar

  35. Supply Chain Management Practices and Supply Chain Performance Effectiveness

    Authors: Dr. Siddig Balal Ibrahim; Abdelsalam Adam Hamid

  36. Combustion Chambers in CI Engines: A Review

    Authors: Arka Ghosh

  37. Identifying the Data Leaker by Using Sample Data Request Strategy

    Authors: Lata Dudam; Dr. S. S. Apte

  38. Algorithms used for Updates in Streaming Data Warehouses by Scalable Scheduling

    Authors: Shraddha S. Deshpande

  39. Seismic Analysis and Design of Vertically Irregular RC Building Frames

    Authors: Himanshu Bansal; Gagandeep

  40. Assessment of Psycho-Social Challenges that University Pregnant Girls Face: A Pilot Study in School of Education, MOI University, Kenya

    Authors: Njiiri Anne Njango; Chege Moses Gichuho

  41. Generic Method for Prevention of Software Piracy

    Authors: Nadeem Sajjad; Rohit Maheshwari

  42. Evaluation of Antioxidanat Activity of Melia azedarach On Depression Induced Rat Brain Tissue

    Authors: A A. Leelavathi; V A Doss

  43. Attitude of Pre-Service Teacher Trainees towards the Use of Computers in Mathematics Instruction in Secondary Schools in Kenya

    Authors: Polycarp Ishenyi; Edwin Masibo; Sarah Likoko

  44. Effect of Four Herbal Seeds on Blood Parameters in Turkey Poults

    Authors: Darshana B. Bhaisare; D. Thyagarajan

  45. Scabies in Relation to Hygiene and Other Factors in Patients Visiting Liaquat University Hospital, Sindh, Pakistan

    Authors: Dr. Nudrat Zeba; Dr. Din Muhammad Shaikh; Dr. Khalida Naz Memon; Dr. Haji Khan Khoharo

  46. Allium cepa Root Chromosomal Aberration Assay: An Efficient Test System for Evaluating Genotoxicity of Agricultural Soil

    Authors: Rajneet Kour Soodan; Jatinder Kaur Katnoria; Avinash Nagpal

  47. Image Retrieval: A Novel Approach

    Authors: Jason Wayne

  48. PCR Amplification, Sequencing of 16S rRNA Genes with Universal Primers and Phylogenetic Analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

    Authors: K. Amutha; V. Kokila

  49. Automatic Object Tracking with Particle Filter Coupled To Edge Detectors

    Authors: Dinesh H R; Jharna Majumdar; Kiran S

  50. Cost Reduction of Fix Jaw of Rear Vice of Horizontal Band Saw Machine using Topology Optimization

    Authors: N. V. Hargude; Prashant H. Patil

  51. Improving Post-Secondary Students Algebraic Skills in the Learning of Complex Numbers

    Authors: Aslia Warda Ahmad; Masitah Shahrill

  52. Agricultural Development in India - An Overview

    Authors: Dr. D. Kumuda

  53. Hospital Admissions for Tuberculosis in an Indian Metropolitan City

    Authors: Dr. Shraddha Bhagwat; Dr. Vishwanath Pujari; Dr. Sourabh Rajurkar; Dr. Rahul Lokhande

  54. Women Crime in India - An Analytical Framework

    Authors: Dr. D. Kumuda

  55. Modeling Breast Cancer Risks Using Artificial Neural Network: A Case Study of Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya

    Authors: Rachael Wanjiru Njoroge; Dr. Anthony Waititu; Dr. Anthony Wanjoya

  56. Opportunities and Needs in Development and Adoption of Urban Agriculture for Food Security in Sub Saharan Africa

    Authors: Never Assan; Edmore Nhamo

  57. PSO Based PID Controller for Hard Disk Controller

    Authors: Yuvraj Singh Rathore; Charvi Mittal

  58. Reviewing Benefits and Barriers Associated with the Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Sport, Exercise, Physical and Leisure Activities

    Authors: Edmore Nhamo; Patrick Sibanda

  59. Preference and Performance of Deviation during a Short Sprint

    Authors: Riadh DAHMEN; Nasr Chalghaf; Fedia ZGARGAR; Siwar FENDRI

  60. Using Fuzzy Classifier for Cholera Analysis

    Authors: Okpor. M. D

  61. Assessment of Availability and Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Resources in Energy Research Centre, University of Nigeria Nsukka: An Empirical Study

    Authors: Jonathan N. Chimah; Chukwubuisi H. Chikwelu

  62. Probe Fed Patch Antenna Array Using Rohacell Dielectric Material

    Authors: Suma S.; Syed Younus; A. N. Shivaram

  63. Study of Isothermal Crystallization of Poly (4-Methyle-1-Pentene) [P4MP] from Melt Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry

    Authors: Dr. Y. S. Yadav; Surender

  64. Screening and Partial Characterization of Cellulose Degrading Bacteria from Decayed Sawdust

    Authors: R. P. Maruthamalai Rasi; P. U. Mahalingam

  65. Multi Model Air Pollution Estimation for Environmental Planning Using Data Mining

    Authors: A. Vinayagam; Dr. C. Kavitha; Dr. K. Thangadurai

  66. Representation Theorem for the Distributional Fourier-Laplace Transform

    Authors: V. D. Sharma; A. N. Rangari

  67. Effects of Physical Facilities on Performance in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination in Public Schools in Bungoma South, Kenya

    Authors: Juma Bakari; Sarah Likoko; Fredrick Ndinyo

  68. Some Triazolic Compounds as Corrosion Inhibitors for Copper in Sulphuric Acid

    Authors: A. Soumoue; B. El Ibrahimi; S. El Issami; L. Bazzi

  69. Recovery of Alanine aminotransferase from Lead exposed freshwater fish, Anabas testudineus (Bloch, 1792)

    Authors: Shaikh Afsar; R. P. Mali

  70. Registration and Tracking by using Mean Shift Algorithm

    Authors: Kavya G; Jharna Majumdar

  71. Analysis and Simulation of Multilevel DC-link Inverter Topology using Series-Parallel Switches

    Authors: Raj Kiran Pandey; Ashok Verma; S. S. Thakur

  72. An Experimental Method for Customized Mandible Fabrication and Image Preparation: A Rapid Prototyping Approach

    Authors: Rahul M. Sherekar; Dr. Anand N. Pawar

  73. Study Effective Compressive Strength of Polymer Composite by Ultrasonic Wave Test at 35 KHz

    Authors: Meethaq M. Abed; Mohammad H. Al-Maamori; Salsbeel K. Burhan

  74. Opportunities of Tourism in Kolar District of Karnataka-A Study

    Authors: M. N. Raghu

  75. Strategy Design Pattern

    Authors: Renu Bala; Kapil Kumar Kaswan

  76. Study on Significance of C- Reactive Protein Estimation in Early Diagnosis of Neonatal Septicemia

    Authors: Dr Yatish Goswami; Dr Prashant Jadav; Dr Bhumika Rathod

  77. Physico Chemical and Rheological Properties of Wheat Flour Bun Supplemented with Orange Peel Powder

    Authors: Aastha Raj; Dorcus Masih

  78. Dew - The Little Monster; A Boon or Bane for the Day and Night Cricket Matches

    Authors: Shyam Bahadur Singh

  79. On a Subclass of Multivalent Harmonic Functions Defined by a Linear Operator

    Authors: Waggas Galib Atshan; Huda Khalid Abid Zaid

  80. The Influence of Hinterland Transport Inefficiencies on the Performance of Ports-A Case Study of Kenya Ports Authority

    Authors: Charles Kipkoech Kotut; Dr. Fred Mwirigi Mugambi

  81. TL Properties of X-ray Irradiated Li2O-MO-B2O3 (MO=ZnO, CaO, CdO) Glasses Doped with Europium Ions

    Authors: J. Anjaiah

  82. Design and Mapping of Underground Sewerage Network in GIS, a Case Study of Islampur Town

    Authors: J. A. Patil; Dr. Mrs. S. S. Kulkarni

  83. Review of Scalability and Security Sharing of Personal Health Records Using Attribute-based Encryption in Cloud Computing

    Authors: K Pradeep Kumar; Ashwini M Sangolkar

  84. Teachers Socioeconomic Status and Its Relationship with Teachers Work Morale and Teachers Job Performance at State Senior High Schools in Merauke Regency - Indonesia

    Authors: Basilius Redan Werang

  85. Fatigue Life Estimation of Chassis Frame FESM Bracket for Commercial Vehicle

    Authors: Shivakumar M.M; Nirmala L

  86. Bilateral Facets on the Posterior Border of Foramen Magnum - A Case Study

    Authors: Dr. Girish V. Patil; Dr. Shishirkumar

  87. The Effect of Extension Based Treatment Technique in McKenzies Derangement Syndrome on Recruitment of Multifidus and Endurance of Back Extensor Muscles

    Authors: Ajit Dabholkar; Linda Raphy

  88. Comparative Efficacy and Economic Feasibility of Certain Bio Rational Insecticides and Endosulfan against Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Eggplant

    Authors: Namram Sobharani Devi; L. B. Singha

  89. Comparative Study of Different Noise Models and Effective Filtering Techniques

    Authors: Dr. Aziz Makandar; Daneshwari Mulimani; Mahantesh Jevoor

  90. Effect of Filter Coffee and Instant Coffee Consumption on the Fasting Plasma Homocysteine Levels of Healthy Female Volunteers, Who Are Non-Coffee Drinkers

    Authors: Janaki S

  91. Implications of Procalcitonin as a Prognostic Marker in Neonatal Sepsis

    Authors: Arghyadip Sahoo; Priyanjalee Banerjee

  92. Antioxidant Activity of Value Added Ready to Eat Millet Based Food Products

    Authors: Nazneen G. Kundgol; B. Kasturiba; K.K. Math

  93. Landsliding and its Management in Naseeranager, Meppadi, Wayanad, Kerala

    Authors: Dr. Girish V. Patil; Dr. Shishirkumar

  94. Communication of Multi Mobile-Robots Based On ZigBee Network

    Authors: Taskeen Sultana; Zeenath

  95. Production of Masa Using Maize-Sorghum Blends

    Authors: Kehinde Tope Adegbehingbe

  96. The Health Impact of Improving Environmental Sanitation through Community Involvement in Karrari Locality, Khartoum State (2011)

    Authors: Dr. HatimRahamtAlla Mohammed Ahmmed; Dr. SomiyaGutbi Salim Mohammed

  97. Engineering Industry in India: Essay and SWOT Analysis

    Authors: Veena Sharma

  98. Need of The Hour/Diversificatio in Punjab

    Authors: Dr Veena Sharma

  99. Epidemiological Study of Road Traffic Fatalities: 5 Years Retrospective Autopsied Cases Study in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

    Authors: Dr. Awdhesh Kumar; Dr. S. K. Pandey

  100. Serum Calcium Level in HIV Patients at Federal Medical Center Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

    Authors: Bright E. Shadrack; Dr. Kesta A. Digban; Dr. Adamu A. Ishiaku; Dr. Debola Olayinka; Dr. Patrick Nguku; Lucky E. Bright

  101. Graph-based Attack Detection in Cloud using KDD CUP 99 Dataset

    Authors: Swapnali G. Game; S. B. Natikar

  102. Analyze the Affective Factors of Job Satisfaction: A Case Study of Telecom Sector in India

    Authors: Dr. Rajeev Singh; Neha Gupta

  103. Impact of Shift Timings and Income on Work Life Balance of Employees in Shipping Organization

    Authors: Vidhya Sadhu Kshirsagar; Ashwini S. Kadam

  104. Mining Method for Long Pattern from Database

    Authors: Madhu Nashipudimath; Monali Deshmukh

  105. Parameter Estimation of COCOMO II using Simulated Annealing

    Authors: Aashima Kundu; Vikas Sethi

  106. Efficacy of Bauhinia Blakeana against Selected Microbes

    Authors: Viji Saral Elezabeth D; Ramachandran P

  107. Simplified Filtering Technique to Edge Reconstruction and Comparison of Original Image in Low to High Density Noise Values

    Authors: Dr. N. Naveen Kumar; K. Chandra Sekhar; K. Chokkanathan

  108. Role of CK-MB and Troponin-I in Diagnosing Non-ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction

    Authors: Kiran R Bagale; Avinash S. Ingle

  109. Enhancing Social and Emotional Competence of Adolescents using Mindfulness-Based Rational Emotive Behavioural Counselling: A Pilot Study

    Authors: Viju P. Devassy; S. John Michael Raj

  110. Recognition of Word using different Feature Extraction Methods

    Authors: Kavita Babalad; Laxmidevi Noolvi; Dr. Jharna Majumdar

  111. A Relational Analysis of Family History Contribution to Suicide Ideation and Attempts in Public Secondary Schools in Kenya

    Authors: Anne Muiru

  112. Implementation of Quantum dot Cellular Automata based Novel Full Adder and Full Subtractor

    Authors: Peer Zahoor Ahmad; Firdous Ahmad; Syed Muzaffar Ahmad; Dr. Rafiq Ahmad Khan

  113. Assessment of Factors Affecting Sustainability of Rural Water Supply Schemes in Nyandarua County, Kenya: A Case of Kangui Water Scheme

    Authors: Kibuika F. Mwnagi; Wanyoike Daniel

  114. Study on Mechanical Characteristics of Unidirectional Sisal/Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Hybrid Composites

    Authors: Sanjay.M.R; Arpitha.G.R; Vasundhara.M.G; B.Yogesha

  115. Shell-Model Study of Neutron Rich Even-Even 52,54,56Cr Isotopes

    Authors: Fouad A. Majeed; Abeer J. Ejam

  116. Geophone Accident Prevention System

    Authors: Deepak Singh

  117. Intelligent Traffic Management Service for High-Speed Networks Using Fuzzy Logic Control

    Authors: G. Ravi; Rahul Kumar

  118. Secured Data Handling for Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Barla. Bhavani; T. Madhavi Kumari

  119. Measurement and Modeling of Path Loss for GSM Signal in a Sub Urban Environment over Irregular Terrain-Review

    Authors: Danladi Ali; Natalia V. A.

  120. Advance Robust Watermarking Of Compressed and Encrypted Digital Media

    Authors: Mohammad Asif Iqbal; Kemal Koche

  121. Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols (AODV, DSR, GRP) in Indoor and Outdoor Surroundings

    Authors: Amandeep Kaur; Kanwal Preet Singh

  122. Does Male Out-Migration and Household Structure Matter in Maternal Health Services Utilization in India?

    Authors: Amit Kumar

  123. Rayleigh-Ritz Variational Method for Spin-Less Relativistic Particles

    Authors: T. Shivalingaswamy; B. A. Kagali

  124. Food and Feeding Habits of Two Freshwater Catfish, Mystus cavasius and Xenentodon cancila from Chambal River (M.P)

    Authors: Jaya Chaturvedi; Deepa Singh Parihar

  125. Privatization and Commercialization of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Oil Refineries in Nigeria

    Authors: Taiwo A. Gbenga; Ademuyiwa A. Mukaila; Adedokun O. Micheal; Sojobi Olayiwola A.

  126. Socialistic Decision Making Approach for Bipolar Fuzzy Soft H-Ideals over Hemi Rings

    Authors: Dr. R. Nagarajan; Dr. K. Venugopal

  127. Determination of Spontaneous Ignition Behaviour of Biochar Accumulations

    Authors: Junice Dzonzi-Undi; Ondrej Masek; Olusegun Abass

  128. Artificial Intelligence&its Applications for Speech Recognition

    Authors: G. Harsha Vardhan; G. Hari Charan

  129. Automatic Gate Bias Control of RISC Processor ARM LPC148

    Authors: Sneha Dravyekar; Pooja Thakre

  130. A Rare Existence of Significant Number of Wormian Bones in the Lambdoid Suture

    Authors: Dr. Vishali. N; T. Jones Ebenraj; T. C. Rojomon

  131. Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies of HYD1

    Authors: Cephas Mawere; Suresh Kumar G

  132. Autopsy Findings of Alveolar Carcinoma Due to Betel Quid Chewing - A Case Report

    Authors: Manoj Kumar; Navin Kumar

  133. Active Watermarking Approach in Detecting Encrypted Traffic Attack by Making Correlation Scheme Robust

    Authors: Saptshree Dengle; Dr. Santosh Lomte

  134. Growth and Characterization of Uric Acid Crystals

    Authors: G. Vasuki; R. Selvaraju

  135. Bioethanol Production from Ziziphus abyssinica Agroresidues: a Comparison of Effect of Different Pretreatment Approaches on Amount of Glucose

    Authors: Samson Baranzan Wayah; Waheedah Abdallah

  136. Adsorption of Copper Metal Ions from aqueous Solution Using Rice Husk and Groundnut Shell

    Authors: Prabha R. T.; Dr. Udayashankara T. H.

  137. Structural and Electronic Properties of Doped Silicon Nanowire

    Authors: Anurag Srivastava; Florina Regius

  138. PAPR Reduction in MIMO OFDM System Using ZCT Technique

    Authors: Roshni Gulwani; Ekant Sharma

  139. Performance Improvement in a Wireless Sensor Network by Reduction Chain Complexity using Honey Bee Optimization

    Authors: Parul Mittal; Paramjeet Singh

  140. Optimization of COCOMOII Model Coefficients using Tabu Search

    Authors: Richika Chadha; Shakti Nagpal

  141. Koh-I-Noor -Mountain of Light?

    Authors: Satwinder Kaur

  142. Review of a New Distinguishing Attack Using Block Cipher with a Neural Network

    Authors: Vina M. Lomte; Archana D. Shinde

  143. Performance Analysis of Content Based Video Retrieval System Using Clustering

    Authors: Poonam O. Raut; Nita S. Patil

  144. Face and Expression Recognition Using Local Directional Number Pattern

    Authors: Gopu Prasoona; Dasu Vaman Ravi Prasad

  145. Sensorless Control of PMSG in Wind Energy Conversion System Using PID Controller

    Authors: Pallavi Kashyap; K. Venkateshwarlu

  146. Design of Compact Multipurpose Mobile Based Health Care Device with Location Tracker Using Wearable Technology

    Authors: D. Vishnu Vardhan; G. Yateesh

  147. Inculcation of Simultaneous Clock Gating and Power Gating in Sequential Design

    Authors: Vivek Dadheech; Ghanshyam Jangid

  148. Decide a Finest Path in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

    Authors: Priti; Dr. Priti Sharma

  149. Hand Gesture Recognition Application for Physically Disabled People

    Authors: D. Vishnu Vardhan; P. Penchala Prasad

  150. The Great Indian Digital Divide

    Authors: Ridhi Malik

  151. Effect of Glycerin as Plasticizer in Orodissloving Films of Losartan Potassium

    Authors: Aditya V. Sakhare

  152. Investigation of Characterization of (PEO+ NaClO3+Plasticizer) Based Polymer Electrolytes

    Authors: T. Sreekanth

  153. Enhanced Optimal Routing Leach Protocol Using Genetic Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Gagandeep Singh; Virpal Kaur Sandhu

  154. Study of Text Mining Using Hybrid Agglomerative Clustering With ACO Algorithms

    Authors: Manpreet Kaur; Sukhpreet Kaur

  155. Impact of Transformational Leadership Style: A Review of Global Studies in the Past 5 years

    Authors: Arun Antony Chully; N. Sandhya

  156. Linear and Nonlinear Optical Studies on Novel NLO BaTr Single Crystal

    Authors: K. Rajesh; P. Praveen Kumar

  157. Role Played by Elements of Marketing Mix in Customer Retention in Retail Banking: An Empirical Study

    Authors: Niharika Maharishi; Nitin Bhardwaj

  158. Bioethanol Production by A. Niger Produced Cellulase by Solid State Fermentation

    Authors: Neelam Maurya; Rekha Sirohi; Veeru Prakash

  159. NGO in Electoral Reforms of Mizoram: A Challenge

    Authors: H. S. Lalbiakengi

  160. Corrosion Behaviour of FLC Wire Ropes

    Authors: Mousumi Mallick; Swapan Kumar Mitra; Debasish Basak

  161. Solar Irradiance Modelling

    Authors: V S Rohini

  162. Comparison of Video Shot Detection and Video Summarization Techniques

    Authors: Vijay Kumar D; Santhosh Kumar K.L; Jharna Majumdar

  163. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of the Structured Teaching Programme, on Knowledge Regarding Swine Flu Among Secondary School Going Children in Selected School at Karad

    Authors: Nandkumar R.Kakade; Dr. S. V. Kakade

  164. Study on Microbiological Quality of Safflower and Groundnut Milk, Paneer and Halwa: A Value-Added Dairy Products

    Authors: Ashwini Meeshi; Umadevi Hiremath

  165. Review on Image Segmentation Using Mapping Method

    Authors: Sukhpreet Singh; Dr. Rinkesh Mittal

  166. Phytochemical, Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activity of Andrographis paniculata Nees

    Authors: Nagaraja Y. P; Chandrashekhar Biradar

  167. Recovery of Sulfur in Coke Oven By-Product Plant

    Authors: Shamik Pushkar

  168. Performance Evaluation of QoS in WLAN-UMTS Network Using OPNET Modeller

    Authors: Vijay Verma; Silki Baghla

  169. Development of RIE Processes for the Etching of Single Crystal Silicon, Silicon Dioxide

    Authors: Rekha Chaudhary; Dhirender Kumar; Supriyo Das; B. D. Pant

  170. Why Elephants Attack the Human Civilization in and Around Western Ghats in South India

    Authors: Dr. Shishirkumar; Dr. Girish V Patil; Dr. Thejeshwari H.G

  171. Study and Analysis of Small Signal Parameters, Slew Rate and Power Dissipation of Bipolar Junction Transistor and Complementary MOS Amplifiers With and Without Negative Feedback Using T-Spice

    Authors: Kumar Rishi; Nidhi Goyal

  172. Study and Analysis of Power Dissipation and Different Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp) Parameters of BJT (741) Op-Amp and CMOS Op-Amp Using T-SPICE

    Authors: Ashish Kumar Singh; Nidhi Goyal

  173. Effect of Selected Plyometric Exercises on Explosive Strength, Speed and Agility

    Authors: Dr. Mantu Baro; Ainu Sonowal

  174. Comparative Structural Analysis of the SCF E3 Ligase Component Hrt1p and its Mutant (C81Y) of S.cerevisiae by Homology Modelling

    Authors: Shagun Sharma; Surbhi Gupta; V. Verma; Narendra K Bairwa

  175. India: Welfare vs Well-being

    Authors: Dr. Veena Sharma

  176. A Case of Resolving Non-Immune Hydrops

    Authors: S. H. Dodampahala; Dr. M. S. Eranda Karunadasa

  177. Population Dynamics of Mosquito Larvae in Village Ponds and its Correlation with Physico-Chemical Parameters

    Authors: D. K. Kocher; Dipti

  178. Parental Involvement and Primary School Academic Performance in Teso North District

    Authors: Anne Muiru; Dr. Ruth Thingur; Amos Njagi; Susan Ngunu

  179. Modern Trends of Mathematical Application in Geographical Thoughts and Its Environment - Increasing Relevance in Geo-scientific Study

    Authors: Rabin Das

  180. Smooth Graceful Graphs And Its Application To Construct Graceful Graphs

    Authors: V J Kaneria; M M Jariya

  181. Role of FDI in Indian Retail Business

    Authors: Dr. Veena Sharma

  182. Enhancement of Nuclear Medicine Images using Filtering Technique

    Authors: Yousif Mohamed Y. Abdallah; Eltayeb Wagiallah

  183. Design and Implementation of Smart Reliable Router Switch for Dynamic NOC

    Authors: Kakarla Amaravathi; Vaibhav. A. Meshram

  184. A New Method for Video Shot Detection Using Visual Bag Using Corner Detector

    Authors: Vindhya G. B; Dr. Jharna Majumdar

  185. Role of PACS Technology for the Development of Radiology Diagnostic Imaging Services

    Authors: Dr. Mwahib Sid Ahmed Mohamed Osman Aldosh

  186. Using of astA and uidA Genes Characterization in Detection of Escherichia coli Prevalence from Human Gallstone

    Authors: Abdalnabi J. Abid; Sama J. AL-zuwainy

  187. Estimation and Simulation of Solar Radiation in Certain Iraqi Governorates

    Authors: Dr. Abdullateef A. Jadallah; Dr. Dhari Y. Mahmood; Zaid A. Abdulqader

  188. Fatigue Life Estimation of Fuselage Structure Due to Fluctuating Bending Loads

    Authors: Mallikarjun; Vidyadhar Pujar

  189. A Practical Approach on SDS PAGE for Separation of Protein

    Authors: Suvra Roy; Vikash Kumar

  190. Modelling Coastal Flood Hazard Using ArcGIS Spatial Analysis tools and Satellite Image

    Authors: Sailesh Samanta; Cathy Koloa

  191. Fuzzy Based Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme for Security in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Navjeet Singh; Rimple Ahuja

  192. A Review on Recent Developments in Wire EDM

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