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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.5, No.8

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2016-08-05

  1. The Use of Remote Sensing Techniques for the Detection of Salinization of the Euphrates River in the Provinces of Qadisiyah, Muthannain Iraq

    Authors: Abdel-Muhsen A. Radhi Al-Jabery; Aula Hussein Al-Obeidi

  2. A Study of Prevalence of Asymptomatic Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis in Cirrhotic Patients with Ascites

    Authors: Dr. V. Uvaraj Muruganandam; Dr. P. S. Manshur

  3. Geological Lineament Extraction Using Landsat 8 (OLI) in Parts of Osun State, Southwestern Nigeria

    Authors: Christopher Oche Albert; Alaga Abayomi Taofeek

  4. Discovering Concealed Semantics in Web Documents Using Fuzzy Clustering By Feature Matrix Methodology

    Authors: Aditya Deshpande; Dr. Pramod Patil

  5. Pediatric Giant Bladder Stone Causing Renal Failure?A Catastrophic Sequel: A Case Report and Review of Literature

    Authors: Amit Kumar Sinha; Bindey Kumar; Prem Kumar

  6. Brain Tumor Detection and its Area Measurement using K-Means Clustering baesd on Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Arnavi A. Patil; S. S. Badhe; A. A. Mulajkar

  7. Optimization of Kalina Cycle

    Authors: M. N. Karimi; Moghees Ahmad

  8. The Teaching of Ataturk as a Historical Hero in the Social Studies Lesson: A Study on Social Studies Teacher Candidates

    Authors: Ali Altkulac

  9. Possible Chiral Doublet Bands in 122Cs

    Authors: Rajesh Kumar; Anil Kumar

  10. The Effect of Principal Managerial Competence in Developing Cultural Organization and Job Satisfaction MTs Teacher in Jambi

    Authors: Alius; Hamzah; Kompri; Dr. Maisah M.Pd.I

  11. A Study to Identify the People with Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Assess the Prevalence of Hypertension among them in Selected Community Area, Kancheepuram District, Tamilnadu, India

    Authors: Pillanni Shri Pill Topu; Pushpakala K.J

  12. Effect of Ph Changes on the Corrosion Resistance of Anodizing Titanium Dental Implant with Cobalt Chromium Bar Attachment

    Authors: Narjes Fadel Mohsen; Magdi Abd El-Meguid Awadallah; Seham Ahmed Hanafy

  13. Singular Two-Point Boundary Value Problems of Finite Element method

    Authors: Weiwei Zhang

  14. Systemic Diseases in Pregnant Women-A Survey

    Authors: Chanchal Katariya; Dr. M. P. Brundha Suresh

  15. Media and Social Work

    Authors: Afrin Jahan; Md. Mahbubur Rahman

  16. Effect of Partial Replacement of Fine and Coarse Aggregate (10mm) with Ceramic Waste on the Properties of Concrete

    Authors: Vikas Rajora; Gurtej Singh Sidhu

  17. Influence of Waste Marble Powder on Characteristics of Clayey Soil

    Authors: Hitesh Bansal; Gurtej Singh Sidhu

  18. Disease Identification System: System Implementation and Attack

    Authors: Prasanna Shivaji Shinde; Avinash Shrivas

  19. Impact of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 on Oral Health among Out Patient Department of Saveetha Dental College and Hospital

    Authors: Vaishnavi Sivakali Subramanian; Dr. Preetha

  20. Utilization of Waste Papers to Produce Ecofriendly Bricks

    Authors: Rohit Kumar Arya; Rajeev Kansal

  21. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - In Modern Banking

    Authors: Sharmiladevi Parthiban; Sakthi Priya E.

  22. The Relationship of Educational Supervision Supervisory Knowledge to Guidance and Labor Education Teacher Motivation Work in the Madrasah Aliyah Jambi City

    Authors: Muhammad Ridwan; Nurzila; Abdullah Saman; Maisah

  23. Effects of Immigration in Europe

    Authors: Winfred M. Mutheu; David O. Ouma; Njoki N. Njonjo; Chemilil Kibet; Mumtaz Musa

  24. Cutaneous Paraneoplastic Syndroma of Breast Cancer : About 2 Cases

    Authors: Hadidane Manel; Slimane M; Chemlali Molka; Henchiri Houda; Ben Hassouna Jamel; Rahal Khaled

  25. Control Scheme for a Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion System

    Authors: Saket Bihari; Preeti Gupta

  26. Performance Analysis of MIMO OFDM Systems for Wireless Communication using Adaptive Modulation Technique

    Authors: Lanjewar Rajesh Krushnarao; Akhila S

  27. Evaporative Emissions in a Two Wheeler Gasoline Fuel Tank: Cause and Calculation

    Authors: Prabhanjan Kushwaha; Anshul Srivastava

  28. Apoptosis - A Distinctive Form of Cell Death as Biochemical, Molecular and Morphological Changes

    Authors: Rajesh K. Bhaskar

  29. Security Issues in Nigeria: A Re-reading of Lk 12:39-42 in the Light of the Terror within and Its Consequences on Vision 20:2020 [1]

    Authors: Chris Ukachukwu Manus; Dr. Bolaji O. Bateye

  30. Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Identified as Potentially Suitable for Biosimilar Infliximabin Europe

    Authors: Siva Narayanan; Yao Lu; Richard Hutchings; Amanda Baskett; Sam Mentzer

  31. Development of a WSN Framework for Mining & Civil Safety Monitoring Purposes

    Authors: Pournima S. Sawai; C. Satyanarayana

  32. Effect of Intake of Blueberries in Hypertensive Patients

    Authors: Joshini Shanmugam; Dr. Preetha S

  33. Morphometric Analysis of Jugular Foramen

    Authors: Joshini Shanmugam; Dr. K. Yuvraj Babu

  34. Adoption of Oral Disease-Modifying Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis in Europe and the United States between 2012 and 2015

    Authors: Siva Narayanan; Simone Gabriele; Joanna White; Emily Hautamaki

  35. Product Reputation Analysis System Based on Partial Supervised Word Alignment Model

    Authors: Nikita N. Khose; Prof. V. V. Dakhode

  36. Nefarious Effect of E-Waste on Environment & Health Hazardous

    Authors: Pradip Kumar Maity

  37. Joint Beam Forming Power and Channel Allocation in Multi User and Multi Channel using Multiple Relay MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks

    Authors: P. Prabhu Justin; G. Rama Krishna

  38. WSEECM: Wireless Sensor Network System with Secure and Energy Efficient Cluster Management

    Authors: Ruchika Jain

  39. Sustainable Development of Hibiscus Sabdariffa- Indigenous Practices

    Authors: Juhi Agarwal; Dr. Ela Dedhia

  40. The Practice of Aligning HRM to Business Strategy and It's Impact on Performance: At Afar Regional State Service Sector Organizations

    Authors: Gebremicael Weldegebriel Kidanemariam

  41. Effect of Basketball Dribbling Practice on Cursive Handwriting of Primary School Children

    Authors: Dr. S. Akila

  42. Novel Synthesis of Tetrazolopyrrolopyrimidines as Antifungal Agents

    Authors: Shah Rina; Shah Nirmal M; Ramani Vivek

  43. Cone Features and Parallel Coherencies of F-K Filtered Data-The Processing Significance

    Authors: Dr. Madu Anthony Joseph Chinenyeze

  44. Reviewing of General Polymer Types, Properties and Application in Medical Field

    Authors: Nuha Salih Mustafa; Mohammed A. Ali Omer; Mohamed E. M. Garlnabi; Hamed A. Ismail

  45. Possibility Using Camphene as Biorational Insecticide against the Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Colioptera: Curculionedae)

    Authors: Aziza Sharaby; Mona EL-Dosary

  46. In vitro Plant Regeneration from the Nodal Explants of Spermacoce articularis L. f.

    Authors: Biula Preethi C.; Velayutham P.; Karthi C.

  47. Comparative Study of Morphology and Optical Properties of SrAl4O7 Nano- Phosphors

    Authors: V. T. Jisha

  48. M -Mode Ultrasound Evaluation of Diaphragm-An Useful Modality in Clinical Practice

    Authors: Dr. Vishwanath. T. Thimmaiah; Dr. Rajesh Raman; Dr. Keval P Jain

  49. Surgical Management of Comminuted Unstable Intertrochanteric Fracture with Proximal Femoral Nail: - A Retrospective Study

    Authors: Dr Jairam Jagiasi; Dr Ankit Prasad; Dr Amit Joshi

  50. Pattern and Determined Factors of Local Foods Consumption of SIKKATO in Kendari City Southeast Sulawesi

    Authors: Musadar; U. Rianse; W. Widiyanti dan W. Gusmiarti

  51. Modeling the Major Ailments of Petroleum Workers with Associated Risk Factors using Logistic Regression Approach

    Authors: K.G.D.P. Gunarathne; A.M.C.H. Attanayake; D.D.M. Jayasundara

  52. Power Quality Enhancement using Hybrid Filter in Interconnected Grid System

    Authors: Kavitha.D; K. Rajangam

  53. Studying the Mental Health Status of Soldiers and Related Factors: A Descriptive Study

    Authors: Fatemeh Mirzaie; Hosien Shahdadi; Esmat Bandani

  54. A Trophic Structure Model of the Douala-Edea Reserve Mangrove (Cameroon) with Consideration of Sustainable Utilization of its Resources

    Authors: Longonje Simon; Findi Emilien

  55. Denture Adhesives - A Review

    Authors: Ilakkiya. E

  56. Histological Study of Recipient Wound Bed Healing by Ultrasound Therapy in Dogs

    Authors: Dr. M. Gokulakrishnan; Dr. L. Nagarajan; Dr. Ramani; Dr. T. A. Kannan; Dr. Mohammed Safiuzamma; Dr. Geetha Ramesh

  57. Study of Some Heavy Metals in Ground Water in Saline Track of Buldana District and its Remediation by Rhizofiltration

    Authors: B. M. Tayde; B. B. Wankhade

  58. A Novel Energy Regeneration Technique in Brushless DC Motor for Electric Vehicles

    Authors: Lulu Joseph; Sreerag K S

  59. Clinical Evaluation of Levobupivacaine in Subarachnoid Block - A Randomized, Double Blind, Controlled Study with Bupivacaine

    Authors: Vijal Patel; Shilpa Doshi

  60. Study on Co-operative Communication for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Isha; Varsha

  61. A Study to Assess Hand Hygiene Knowledge and Practices among Health Care Workers in a Teaching Hospital in Ghana

    Authors: Immanuel Amissah BSc MD; Soziema Salia MBChB; Joshua Panyin Craymah MSc

  62. Correlation between Serum Homocysteine and Cerebral Ischemic Stroke in an Urban South Indian Population

    Authors: T. B. Umadevi; S. Chandrasekar

  63. Impact of Academic Staff Establishment on the Masters Degree Programmes in Kenyan Public Universities; A Case of Departments of Educational Foundations From 1993 to 2014

    Authors: Sogoni Hardley Musiega; Daniel K Gakunga; Musembi Nungu

  64. Hydrocarbon Generation Modeling of Abu Gabra Formation in Northern Muglad Basin, Sudan

    Authors: Mohamed Elfatih Z. Gandol

  65. Interpretation of Bouguer Anomaly Maps, Geothermal Gradient Data and Exploratory Wells Results - A Case Study of Dungunab Area in Red Sea Coast Region, Northeastern Sudan

    Authors: Mohamed Elfatih Z. Gandol

  66. Centroidal Mean Derivative - Based Closed Newton Cotes Quadrature

    Authors: T. Ramachandran; R. Parimala

  67. Effects of Intake of Oatmeal in Serum Cholesterol

    Authors: Joshini Shanmugam; Dr. Vishnu Priya

  68. Establishment of a New Rat Model of Alzheimer's Disease Using Copper Sulfate

    Authors: Ashraf Khaled Awaad Hassan Fayed Passainte Hassan

  69. Effectiveness of Muscle Energy Technique and Passive Stretching on Posterior Shoulder Tightness in Cricket Bowlers - A Randomized Clinical Trial

    Authors: Khushboo Bathia; Charu Eapen; Zulfeequer CP.

  70. Ground State Energy Eigenvalues of an Octic Oscillator with Quartic and Sextic Anharmonicities

    Authors: Gayathri G. M.; B. A. Kagali; T. Shivalingaswamy

  71. Acceptability of PPIUCD versus Interval IUCD Insertion

    Authors: Sonil Srivastava; Imam Bano

  72. Pharyngo-Oesophageal Reconstruction with Colon Bypass Plus Pectoralis Major Myocutaneous Flap For Corrosive Injury of Upper Gastrointestinal Tract

    Authors: Dr. Chandan Kumar Saha; Dr. Sayar Kumar Munshi

  73. Confidence Intervals Estimation for ROC Curve, AUC and Brier Score under the Constant Shape Bi-Weibull Distribution

    Authors: A. Lavanya; T. Leo Alexander

  74. Adoption of Green Banking in India: Challenges and Prospects

    Authors: Dr. Bibhu Prasad Sahoo; Amandeep Singh

  75. Design of Compact Microstrip Antenna with High Gain & Bandwidth for LTE System

    Authors: Poonam Devi; Dr. Sunil Kumar

  76. Spatial Wave Function Diminishing Due to Friction Force

    Authors: Arafa Ahmed Mohamed Yagob; M. Dirar Abd Allah; Kh.M. Haroun

  77. Peat Water Treatment with Natural Inorganic Coagulant

    Authors: Ardiansyah; Syaiful Bahri; Saryono; Wawan

  78. On P-p-Connected Space in a Topological Space

    Authors: M. Priyadarshini; R. Selvi

  79. Functional Status among Rural Geriatric Population

    Authors: Dr. Shubha Dube; Kirti Sharma

  80. Object-Oriented Programming Languages: Tools for Effective Communication on Application's User Interface

    Authors: ONU Fergus U.; BAAH Barida; AKIENE Promise T. K.

  81. Effectiveness of Back Massage Therapy in Promoting Sleep Quality among Post Operative Patients after Cardiac Surgery

    Authors: Jasmine Joys R. M.Sc N; Stella Suguna Kumari M.Sc N

  82. A Survey on Subordination

    Authors: P. N. Kamble; M. G. Shrigan

  83. Thermal Conversion of Terminalia catappa Wood using Ni/NZA Catalyst to Produce pyrolysis Oil

    Authors: Syaiful Bahri; Arbhy Indera Ikhwansyah; Edy Saputra; Muhdarina

  84. USG Evaluation of Traumatic and Inflammatory Conditions of Musculoskeletal System

    Authors: Ajita Nawale; Sneha Pai; Arvind Borde

  85. Phenotypic, Biochemical and Molecular Diversity of Phoma lingam Fungal Isolates Collected from Saskatchewan, Canada

    Authors: Rafiq Ahad; Ginette Sguin-Swartz; Richard K. Gugel; Birger Koopmann

  86. A New Approach to DNA Cryptography Using 8x8 Playfair Cipher and Ramanujam Square Matrix

    Authors: Dr. K. Meena; Dr. K. Menaka

  87. Barriers to Comprehensive Care in Intensive Care Units

    Authors: Nutan Potdar; Mahadeo B. Shinde; Sharvari Sadare

  88. Candidemia in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Jammu (J and K) - A Comparison of Conventional Methods and CHROMagar Technique for Speciation

    Authors: Shashi S Sudan; Preeti Sharma; Monika Sharma; Sorabh Singh Sambyal

  89. Technique for Preserving Privacy and Security to the Online Social Network

    Authors: Swati Pulkurte; V. V. Dakhode

  90. Impact of Land Use Changes on Wildlife Population in Nairobi National Park and Kitengela Dispersal Areas in Kenya

    Authors: Lynnette Mwari Kiboro; Christopher Nkonge Kiboro

  91. Predator Prey Optimization Technique for the Design of High Pass Digital FIR Filter

    Authors: Vishakha Devi; Balraj Singh

  92. GC-MS Analysis of Cnidoscolus aconitifolius Leaf Aqueous Extracts

    Authors: Otitolaiye C A; Asokan C

  93. A Prospective Randomized Comparative Evaluation of Oral Diltiazem and Topical Diltiazem (2%) Ointment in the Treatment of Chronic Anal Fissure

    Authors: A R Bansal; Samir Anand; Pradeep Yadav

  94. An Investigation of the Relationship Between Job Satisfaction, Job Stress and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Research on Librarians in Nigerian University Libraries

    Authors: Ikonne Chinyere N. Ph.D; Madukoma; Ezinwanyi Ph.D

  95. Strengthening of RC Beam Using Wire Mesh? Epoxy Composite

    Authors: Anju Mary Ealias; Binu P

  96. Mapping of the Forest Cover based on Multi-criteria Analysis: A Case Study on Jhargram Sector in Paschim Medinipur District

    Authors: Goutam Kumar Das; Rabin Das

  97. Urban Development and the Increasing Trend of Flood Risk in Gombe Metropolis, Nigeria

    Authors: Saidu Idris; Lal Merving Dharmasiri

  98. A Study on the Impact of Climate Change on the Productivity and Women Employment in Coffee and Tea Plantations in India

    Authors: Kavya Shree. K

  99. Conflict Resolution Model: A Case on Placement of Capital Government in North Buton

    Authors: La Ode Muhammad Umran; Samiruddin; Masrul; Hasriyani Amin

  100. An Informative Overview on Classical Inference and Bayesian Inference

    Authors: Maitreya N. Acharya

  101. A Simulation Scheme for Improving the Data Security in Mobile Ad-hoc Network

    Authors: Najiya Sultana; S. S. Sarangdevat

  102. Beneficial Role of Rhizosphere Mycoflora in the Field of Agriculture: An Overview

    Authors: Prakash Deshmukh; Sheela Shinde

  103. Graph Mining ? To Extract Information Using Human Interaction based on Pattern Discovery

    Authors: Dr. D. Durga Bhavani

  104. Solution to Traffic Congestions: An IOT Based Development Perspective

    Authors: Siddhant Wade

  105. The Burning Issues of Conflict: A Case Study of Chitwan National Park, Nepal

    Authors: Rakshya Thapa

  106. Total Quality Management in Pathological Laboratories: An Overview with Emphasis on Need for Structured National Policy

    Authors: Vikash Gaur; Geetika Saxena; Narendra S Raghav

  107. Spectrophotometric Determination of Copper Complex by Bismarck Brown Y in Environmental and Pharmaceutical Samples

    Authors: Etesh K. Janghel; Yasmeen Pervez; Santosh Kumar Sar

  108. Application of Augmented Reality to Interactive Learning Systems

    Authors: Pallavi P. Ahire; Pankaj A.Salunkhe

  109. Undergraduate Health Professional Student Perceptions/Attitudes towards Interprofessional Education (IPE): A Qualitative Study

    Authors: A. D. P Perera

  110. Correlation of Gross Motor Function With Quality of Life in Cerebral Palsy Children of Madhya Pradesh, India

    Authors: Divya Khare; Ankita Prajapati

  111. Anti-Stress Effect of Morus alba Extract on Biochemical Parameters and Histology of Liver in Stressed Mice Induced by Epinephrine

    Authors: Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari; Vijai Kumar Srivastava; Vijai Chitravanshi

  112. CT Correlation of Coin Lesion on Chest X-Ray

    Authors: Dr. Rahul Sharma; Dr. Purvi Desai; Dr. Girish Ghodadara

  113. Role of Ultrasonography and Computed Tomography in Diagnosis of Pancreatitis

    Authors: Dr. Dileep Kumar Jha; Dr. Mahesh Vadel; Dr. Rahul Sharma

  114. Effective Analysis of Multilayer Perceptron and Sequential Minimal Optimization in Prediction of Dyscalculia among Primary School Children

    Authors: Sampada Margaj; Dr. Seema Purohit

  115. Assessment of Medical Waste Management in Port Sudan Teaching Hospital, Sudan

    Authors: Tahani Babiker ELya; Babiker Ahmed Babiker

  116. ACE Gene Polymorphism Frequency in Steroid Resistance and Steroid Sensitive in Patients with Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome

    Authors: Hussam Ahmed El-Gayar; Faeza El-Dahtory; Ezz El-Gamal; Sahar Hamed

  117. Evaluation of Thyroid Dysfunction in Egyptian Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Cirrhotic Patients Complicated with Portal Hypertension

    Authors: Waseem M. Seleem MD; Fady M. Wadea MD

  118. Hybrid Feature Classification Model with Probabilistic Classification of the Image Forgery Detection

    Authors: Samiksha Singla; Harpreet Tiwana

  119. Allelochemicals of Phragmites karka Enhanced the Growth of Rice Seedlings

    Authors: Dr. Rajendra Kumar

  120. Role of Fluoridation in Caries Prevention among Children- Long Term Follow-Up

    Authors: Vito Antonio Malagnino MD DDS; Mimoza Canga MD PhD

  121. Leisure Boredom, Loneliness and Self-Control in Women Candy Crush Gamers

    Authors: Nandini Sanyal; Tina Fernandes; Aarthi Jain

  122. Precision Direction Finding of Radars from an Airborne Platform

    Authors: Lavanya Ganesh

  123. Antidiabetic Potential of Some Indian Medicinal Plants on Albino Rats

    Authors: P. H. Rohankar

  124. Functional Design of Eccentric Adjusting Mechanism of Heat Insulation Pipe

    Authors: Jing Shu

  125. Ventilatory Strategy: Useful in Acute Severe Asthma

    Authors: Dr Zara Wani; Dr Meenaxi Sharma

  126. The Western Ghats: A Political Economy, Institutions and Environmental Ethics Perspective

    Authors: Ankita Singh

  127. Nutritional Status of Women Suffering with Hypothyroidism in Sultanpur District Hospital

    Authors: Jyotima; Pratibha

  128. Nutrition Education for Adolescents

    Authors: Pratibha

  129. nMASE - A Search Engine for Network Trace

    Authors: Abhishek Chandratre; Prerit Auti; Ritesh Porey; Vipul Chaskar

  130. Nondestructive Detection of Pesticide Residue on Banana Surface Based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy

    Authors: Rohinee M. Misal; Dr. Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh

  131. Durability Aspects of Flyash Based Geopolymer Concrete

    Authors: A. Iftiqar Ahmed; Dr. S. Siddiraju

  132. Dynamic Profile Management Using Network Traffic Parameters

    Authors: Priyanka D. Chinewar; Ashish Manusmare

  133. Immunomodulatory Effect of Triphala Bio fortification in Oreochromis mossambicus

    Authors: Jayasree S; Usha S; A. Akhila Thomas

  134. Degree of Approximation of a Function Belonging To Lip (?(t), p) And W(L_r,?(t) ) Class By (C,2) (E,1) Means of Its Fourier Series And Conjugate Fourier Series

    Authors: Shobha Shukla; U. K. Shrivastav

  135. An Automated Approach for Providing Advanced Data in Educational Institutions

    Authors: MD. Parvezuddeen; M. Shyam Sunder

  136. Efficacy of Adsorption of Cu (II), Pb (II) and Cd (II) Ions onto Acid Activated Watermelon Peels Biomass from Water

    Authors: Nthiga Esther Wanja; Prof. Jane Murungi; Prof Ahmed Hassanali; Prof Ruth Wanjau

  137. Study of Solubility and Speciation of Iron Sulfates in Phosphoric Acid Milieu ?5.5-14 Mole?


  138. GSM based Energy Meter Reading and Billing

    Authors: Vanishree k Rao; Sri G N Madhu

  139. A Case of a Dog Bite Causing Avulsion of the Upper Eyelid

    Authors: Himali Kapania; Mansi Karia; Nupur Chakravarty

  140. Clematis roylei Rehder (Ranunculaceae): A Threatened Plant from Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Jharkhand

    Authors: Kumari Meenu; Shukla Kiran

  141. A Survey on Face Spoofing Detection

    Authors: Farsana N U; Selin M

  142. Business Intelligence on Hadoop (BIoH)

    Authors: Rakesh Kumar Sahoo; Kaumod Mishra

  143. Prevalence of HBsAg and HCV Infection in Pregnant Females of Lahore

    Authors: Mati Ullah; Muhammad Atif; Romman Aziz; Muhammad Imran; Muhammad Imran; Ahmed Bilal Waqar

  144. Towards an Efficient Interface for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: P. Ravali; G. Purna Chendar Rao

  145. Studies on Tyre Aggregate Concrete with Fly Ash

    Authors: Vishal Porwal; Ravi Dwivedi

  146. A Study on the Green Revolution of Online Education in India: An Emergence of the Transformation in the Education Scenario

    Authors: A. Karthik; Dr. G. Brindha

  147. Magneto-Optical Features of Amorphous Ribbon (CoFe)75Si10B15

    Authors: Aida Isayeva

  148. Oriented Keys to Overcome Problems in Small-Scale Gold Mining Sector in Tanzania: A Review

    Authors: Olga Ibragimova; John Rugarabamu

  149. Sinus Lift: Future Matters???

    Authors: Dr. Pranav S Patil; Dr. M. L. Bhongade

  150. Design and Performance Analysis of Adaptive Discriminator

    Authors: Sanjay Kumar Sharma

  151. Adaptive Selection of Antennas for Optimum Transmission using STBC

    Authors: Adithya. B

  152. Analysis of Phase Resolved Partial Discharge Patterns using Statistical Techniques

    Authors: Kajol Kothoke

  153. Maternal Health Status of Choukhutiya Bhunjia Tribe of Gariyaband District of Chhattisgarh, India

    Authors: Satyajeet Singh Kosariya; Moyna Chakravarty

  154. Radiometric Study in the Putlur and Yellanur Mandals of Ananthapur District, Andhra Pradesh

    Authors: Preeti. M; Ramadass. G

  155. A Correlative Cytological and Histopathological Study of Lesions of Salivary Gland

    Authors: Malliga.S; Sivaelangovan.R

  156. Elastic Constants and Pressure Derivatives of Iron-Platinum Alloy

    Authors: Vinu T P

  157. Analysis of Blocking Technique in Volleyball

    Authors: Amritpal Singh Sidhu

  158. Women Workforce Participation in India- A Study

    Authors: Shweta Borkar

  159. Some Biochemical and Haematological Studies on the Effect of Black seed and Curcumin in Vaccinated Broiler with Gumboro

    Authors: Azza A.Hassan; Ghada A. Abd El-Diem

  160. Empowerment of Women Teachers in Improving Quality of Education in the 25 State Junior High School Sarolangun

    Authors: Norainun

  161. Analysis Factors Supporting and Inhibiting Principal in Promoting Guidance and Counselling Teacher in 7State Senior High School Sarolangun

    Authors: Siti Rofiqoh

  162. A Hierarchical Model to Classify Brain Cancer using GLCM

    Authors: Vaishnavi. B; Uma. R

  163. Scheming of Efficient Blood Banks by Usage of Embedded System

    Authors: Thangellapally Sravya; Ch. Ramesh Babu

  164. Designing of a Monitoring System for Kitchen Environment

    Authors: Nagapuri Srilekha; P.Venkateshwarlu

  165. Modeling of Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering System using Bond Graph Technique

    Authors: Karandeep; Aman Kumar Maini

  166. Comparative Study of Water Quality for Pre Monsoon 2015 and Pre Monsoon 2016 in and around Gandhidham, Kachchh, Gujarat, India

    Authors: Madhu D. Nathani; Dr. Mrugesh M Trivedi

  167. Extraction and Analysis of Melanin Pigment Produced by Clostridium tertium Isolated from Water Sample of Saline Belt in West Vidardha Region

    Authors: Kshitija R. Deshmukh; Archana S. Pethe

  168. Determination of Shape Factor of Fixed Dome and Spherical Shape of Biogas Digester by Method of Thermal Simulation

    Authors: Manish Dewangan; Shashank Shekhar Mishra

  169. A Research on Passengers? Satisfaction in Airways ? In Coimbatore City

    Authors: C. Murugesan; Dr. R. Perumalsamy

  170. Implementation of a Novel Model for Monitoring Health Conditions

    Authors: R. Sukumari M. Santhosh Kumar

  171. Building of a Novel System for Detection of Stolen Vehicles

    Authors: Kommula Monika; J. Hemanth

  172. Effectiveness of SIM on Knowledge & Practice among Nurses Regarding Prevention of UTI in Patients with Indwelling Catheter

    Authors: Christy Annie Zachariah

  173. Effect of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Practice Regarding Foot Care among Chronic Diabetic Patients

    Authors: Sruthy Vinod

  174. An Exposure towards Modelling a System of Energy Saving

    Authors: Matteda Jyothi; G. Ramesh

  175. A New Class of Quasi-Cubic Trigonometric Bezier Curve and Surfaces

    Authors: Mridula Dube; Urvashi Mishra

  176. Postoperative Bleeding Risk Under Continued the P2Y12 Receptor Antagonists Ticagrelor

    Authors: TRAN Thanh Huyen MD; PHAM Thanh Dat MD

  177. Emergence of Malayalam as an Independent Classical Language-An Overview

    Authors: Parvathy Prasad.S; Rose Mary.A

  178. Study of the Incidence of Post-Operative Astigmatism in Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS) done by 3rd Year Residents

    Authors: Dr. Kamal R. Dodiya; Dr. Neha S. Parmar

  179. Improved Security and Avoid Clone Attack in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Kulwinder Singh; Sheenam Malhotra

  180. Development and Evaluation of Paper from Corn Husks (Zea mays L.) and Snake Plant Fibers (Sansevieria zeylanica)

    Authors: Rainer R. Fiscal; Kristoffer Bryan V. Dandan

  181. A Retrospective Analysis on Etiopathogenesis and Clinical Outcomes of Atraumatic Perforation Admitted Over a Period of 3 Years

    Authors: Dr. Raviraj Jadhav; Dr. Gayatri Tahiliani; Dr. Ali Reza Shojai; Dr. Ashok Kalyanshetti

  182. Role of Upper GI Scopy in Preventing Postcholecystectomy Pain in Patients with Cholelithiasis

    Authors: Dr. B.N Anandaravi; Dr. Deepak. HL

  183. Seismic Analysis of Steel Concrete Composite System and its Contrast with RCC Structures

    Authors: K. Mukesh Kumar; H. Sudarsana Rao

  184. Multiple Arterial Thrombosis in Anti Thrombin III Deficiency

    Authors: Dhruvin Shah; Hetal Pandya; Siraj Vadhvaniya

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