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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.6, No.10

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2017-10-05

  1. Impact of Personality on Higher Secondary Students on their Vocational Attitude

    Authors: Sapna Saxena Raizada; Dr. Saroj Jain

  2. Giant Cell Tumour of Proximal Phalanx of Thumb; an Extremely Rare Case Presentation

    Authors: Dr Siddharth Lamba; Dr Mrinal Mathur; Dr Indira Sarin

  3. Photodegrdation of Crystal Violet Dye by Synthesized Silver Nanoparticals using Extract of Tangerine Peel

    Authors: Ahlam Mohammed Farhan; Rasha abd Jasim; Muna Sarhan Sando

  4. Effectiveness of an Educational Program upon Nurses Knowledge toward the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machine in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at AL-Hussein and the Pediatric Teaching Hospital

    Authors: Murtadha Abbas Abdul-Hamza; Afifa R. Aziz

  5. To Compare the Surgically Induced Astigmatism in Small Incision Cataract Surgery: Superior Tunnel Incision versus Temporal Clear Corneal Incision

    Authors: Sheela P Kerkar; Ashish A. Ahuja; Nitin Pawar; Snehal C. Nikam

  6. Research Proposal for Wireless Power Transfer Resonance Inductive Coupling Circuit using a Modified Amplitude Modulation Wave for Powering a Load or Charging a Battery

    Authors: Jonas Tyler Doran

  7. Research Proposal to See if Possible HCV Epitopes Can be Used to Make a Recombinant Vaccine

    Authors: Jonas Tyler Doran

  8. Determination of Weathered Layers Characteristics of Field-K, Western Niger Delta, Nigeria Using Uphole Refraction (Borehole) Survey Technique

    Authors: Sofolabo A. O.; Ebeniro J. O.

  9. Health Care Applications of Different Biosurfactants: Review

    Authors: Jayeeta Sil; Parag Dandapat; Subhasish Das

  10. Inspection Visual of Acetic Acid (IVA) Strategy for Early Detection of Cervical Cancer at the Community Health Centre Namorambe Deli Serdang District

    Authors: Efendi Sianturi; Elisabet Surbakti; Rina dorina Pasaribu

  11. Influence of Aerobic Gymnastics against Premenstrual Syndrome in Teenagers in Padang Sidempuan Midwifery: Study Program of North Sumatra, Indonesia

    Authors: Maida Pardosi; Hotma Sauhur Hutagaol; Hanna Sriyanti Saragih

  12. Spectrum and Energy Efficiency Optimization for Heterogeneous Networks based on IEEE 802.22

    Authors: Y. D. Chincholkar; Mohammed Luay Abdulmunem

  13. A Study on Strength Properties of Expansive Soil Treated with Lime and Nano Silica

    Authors: V. Ramesh Babu; Chandrika Kasetty

  14. Doppler Ultrasound as Predictor of Obstetric Outcome in High Risk Pregnancy

    Authors: Dr Prerak R Modi; Dr Nikita Patel

  15. The Strategic Factors affecting Adoption of Rail Transport in Kenya

    Authors: Mohamed Dimbil Hassan; Stanley Kavale

  16. Application of Auxiliary Variables in Two-Step Semi-Parametric Multiple Imputation Procedure in Estimation of Population Mean

    Authors: Onyango O Ronald; Christopher Ouma Onyango

  17. Determining and Measuring the Shift of the Tigris Riverbanks at the Baghdad University Camp between the Years 1962- 2013 Using the Geometrical Method and GIS

    Authors: Mahdi Mustafa Ali; Alaa S. Mahdi

  18. Impact of Demonetization on Indian Economy: A Review

    Authors: Vaishnavi Pandey

  19. Sparse Matching of Salient Facial Curves for Recognizing 3D Faces

    Authors: Madhura Patil; L. J. Sankpal

  20. Translation as a means of Developing University Students Writing Skills (Case study: Batch36 Department of English ? University of Gezira - Sudan)

    Authors: Shirien Gaffar Mohammed

  21. Life Forms and Biological Spectrum of the Vegetation of Nasirabad Valley, Ajmer District, Rajasthan

    Authors: Surbhi Agarwal; Dilip Gena

  22. Efficiency Analysis of Educational Fund Expenditure in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY) and East Java Provinces

    Authors: Anna Angela Sitinjak; Esther Nababan

  23. A Comparative Study of Fentanyl and Dexmedetomidine with Ropivacaine for Epidural Anaesthesia in Major Abdominal Surgeries: Prospective, Randomised, Double Blind Study

    Authors: Dr. Prajna Anna Pinto; Dr. Sudhir Hegde

  24. Working Capital Management of Manufacturing Companies Listed in GCC

    Authors: Dr. Jeena Ann John

  25. Early Prediction of Student Success Using a Data Mining Classification Technique

    Authors: Mohamed Hegazy Mohamed; Hoda Mohamed Waguih

  26. The Effect of Psychological Capital on Midwife Performance in Achieving Exclusive Breastfeeding Coverage

    Authors: Reni Chairunnisah

  27. The Calculations of Ring Current of Some Benzenoids Using Randic Model

    Authors: Manal O. Hamzaha

  28. Knowledge Regarding Human Rights of Mentally Ill Persons among Adults: A Survey in Urban and Rural Wardha

    Authors: Rashmi Rohilla

  29. Comparative Study of Diabetic Patient Data Using Classi?cation Algorithm in Weaka

    Authors: Ahlam A. Sharief; Alaa F. Sheta; Talaat M. Wahbi

  30. Limited Agents Mix-Training in Operations ? A Call Center Case

    Authors: Ditila Ekmekciu

  31. Study of Comparison of Bite Force between Conventional and 3D Miniplate in Mandibular Fractures

    Authors: Dr Maninder Jambhulkar; Dr Sumit Gupta; Dr Hemant Gupta; Dr S Mohammad

  32. Abscess of the Nasal Septum and the Orbital Cavity Complicating an Acute Ethmoidomaxillary Sinusitis of the Child

    Authors: A. Elboukhari; M. Lagtoubi; N Touihem; K Nadour; H Attifi; M Zalagh; A Zouhair

  33. Aluminum Plate Fracture Analysis using CZM

    Authors: Vikas K. Tope; Dr. K. K. Dhande

  34. Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

    Authors: ALIU Dorina; HIDRI Besa; DOCAJ Arjeta

  35. The Use of Hematocrit in Evaluation of Patients with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

    Authors: Abeer Abdul-Rahman Al-Aghbary

  36. Purchase Intention of an Apartment: An Application of Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB)

    Authors: Rezki Tegar Wibawa; Hartoyo; Sri Hartoyo

  37. Synthesis of Newbis Polymers Derived from Poly Methyl Methacrylate

    Authors: Sameaa Jumaa Khammas; Wasanabdul Razzaq Mahmood; Tamador Ali Mahmood; Selvana Adwar Yousif

  38. A Pre- Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of the Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (IMNCI) among Health Care Providers at Selected Primary Health Centers,

    Authors: Sruthi Kanuganti

  39. A Survey to Evaluate the Examination Stress of Physiotherapy Undergraduates of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

    Authors: Senarath MKID; Thalwaththe STRD; Banneheka BMHSK

  40. Strategic Planning and its Impact on the Quality of Education Services

    Authors: Zahraa Ali Mohsen Al-Zubaydy; Suhair Adel Al Chader

  41. An Experimental Investigation of Unattended Methyl Ester of Paradise Oil as Fuel in Diesel Engine

    Authors: J. Murali Naik; Dr. B. Anjaneya Prasad

  42. Traumatic Brain Injury as a Risk Factor for Stroke

    Authors: Entela Basha; Brunilda Zllami; Jera Kruja

  43. Effect of Motivation as Factors on Employees Performance in Public Institutions: A Case Study of Rwamagana District

    Authors: Jacky FURAHA; Dr. Paul Muturi

  44. The Role of Community Radio in Promoting Child Nutrition in Rural Communities of Rwanda: A Case of Isangano Community Radio

    Authors: John Paul Sesonga; Dr. Margaret Jjuuko; Dr. Hellen Mberia

  45. Studies on Azadirachta Indica against Fever, Wound Infection and Vaginal Infection

    Authors: Rohit Shankar Mane

  46. Density Functional Studies of 2-(4-bromophenyl)-2-(4-fluorophenylamino) acetonitrile

    Authors: Sanjeev Kumar Trivedi

  47. Effect of Packaging in Biogenic Amine Production in Indian Squid (Loligo duvaucelii) Stored in Iced Condition

    Authors: Anju K A; Sankar T.V

  48. Analysis of Precipitation, Runoff and Tides of Water Level in Lebak Swamp Ogan Keramasan

    Authors: Puspitahati; Edward Saleh; M. Edi Armanto; Ngudiantoro

  49. Triple-Technique Diagnosis Using Machine Learned Classifiers

    Authors: Siddhant Gada; Het Sheth; Meet Chheda; Ashwini Swain; Kriti Srivastava

  50. Study of Some Shielding Parameters of Gamma Rays and Fast Neutrons for Various Shielding Materials

    Authors: Ahmed Fadhil Mkhaiber; Salwah Kareem Dawood

  51. Effect of Elevated Temperature on the Compressive Strength of Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) Containing Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

    Authors: Ikram Faraoun Ahmed; Tagreed Hassan Ibraheem

  52. Integration of Cloud Computing in Marketing

    Authors: Umme Mariya Siddiqui

  53. Relationship of Water Quality in the Presence of Soil Transmitted Helminthes (STH) in Fresh Basil at Food Stalls in Sentani District 2016

    Authors: Muhamad Abas; Marlin M. Jarona; Bruce Mehue

  54. The Study of Phenomenology: Hemodialysis Patients Experience in Addressing the Psychosocial Changes

    Authors: Rudini Agus Suradika Diana Irawati

  55. Optimization of Parameters on EDM Machine on H13 Using Taghuchi&ANOVA Technique

    Authors: Varun Singh; S. K. Sharma

  56. Seismic Response and Optimization of Multi Decked Water Tanks with Variations in Height / Diameter Ratio

    Authors: Prity Shridhar Tagde; Dr. Ganesh D. Awchat

  57. Biological Features and Economic Valuable Traits of Intraspecific Diversity of Afro-Asian and Indo-Chinese Species of Cotton

    Authors: Muminov Kh. A.; Ernazarova Z. A.

  58. Ice Bear Technology

    Authors: Wadaje Saraunsh Balasaheb; S. P. Muley

  59. Assessment of Greater Palatine Canal Anatomical Pathways in Iraqi People by using Cone Beam Computed Tomography

    Authors: Weaam H. Abdullah; Ali H. Abbas Alhussaini; Maisaa K. Muhamed Ali; Haydar Al-Shimmari

  60. Effect of Supplementing Heat Stressed Japanese Quail Hens with Withaniasomnifera root Ethanolic Extract and Crude Powder on Serum Lipids and Proteins

    Authors: Suad Kh. Ahmed

  61. Micro-Hydropower Project for Enhancing Rural Livelihood

    Authors: Rana B. Thapa

  62. Significance of Camel Rumen Content as a Feed for Broiler Chickens

    Authors: Alhaji Musa Abdullahi; Gambo Mohammed

  63. Evaluation of Mode of Delivery in Women with Previous Caesarean Section

    Authors: Dr. Bhoomika Chaudhari; Dr. Shirish Toshniwal

  64. Physico-Chemical Characteristics and Sustainable Diversity of Fishes of Taj Baj Ka Pokhra of Hajipur in North Bihar (India)

    Authors: Sushma Kumari; Sujeet Kumar

  65. Analytical Model for Construction of Interaction Diagram for RC Columns Strengthened by Steel Jacket

    Authors: Mohannad H. Al-Sherrawi; Hamza M. Salman

  66. A Review on the Psychophysiology of Working Memory in Non-Human Primates

    Authors: Manuel Alejandro Cruz-Aguilar; Miguel Angel Guevara; Marisela Hernandez-Gonzalez; Enrique Hernandez-Arteaga; Mayra Liliana Ramirez-Renteria

  67. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to Evaluate the Impact of Convection Currents of Liquid Food for Simulating High Pressure Processing

    Authors: Abdul Ghani Albaali; Suhad S. Hussein

  68. Abiotic Stress in Leguminous Crop Plants

    Authors: Uma Sankareswari R; Ilamurugu K

  69. Isolation of Temperature and Acid Tolerant Strains of Rhizobium sp. on Pulse Crops

    Authors: Uma Sankareswari R.; K. Ilamurugu

  70. Micromachining Techniques / Processes

    Authors: Edgaonkar Aniket Milind; A. G. Waghulde

  71. Path to Internationalization: Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

    Authors: Amisha Gupta

  72. Stroke Outcome and its Rehabilitation

    Authors: Entela Basha; Brunilda Zllami; Jera Kruja

  73. Family Burden and Coping in Caregivers of Chronic Schizophrenia ? A Hospital based Study

    Authors: Dr. Kavery Bora M.D.; Dr. Abhilekh Das PGT M.D.; Dr. Kamala Deka

  74. Methodology for 5G-Multi-tier Wireless Networks Capacity Optimization

    Authors: Haitham Al Fatli; M. M. Jadhav; M.N. Kakatkar

  75. The Efficacy of Ozonated Water on the Microbial Quality of Locally Produced Soft Cheese in Baghdad

    Authors: Zinasaab Khudhir; Abdullah Munther Mahdi

  76. Recovery Process of Sulphated Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries with Organic Polymer Compounds as Activator

    Authors: Gadipudi Murali; Lokesh H; Kosaraju Srinivas; Kurivella Suryanarayana Murthy; Mandava Jagadish

  77. Use of Solar Panel at Rural Areas in Bangladesh: Impacts, Financial Viability and Future Prospects

    Authors: Mohammad Ataur Rahman; Md. Ibrahim Kholilullah

  78. Effects of Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy

    Authors: Dr. Sowmya Sri. K; Dr. Pramod Kumar Korani Ratnam

  79. Sepsis in Adults: Microbiological Agents and Antimicrobial Prescribing Patterns at BPKIHS

    Authors: Shrivastav V. K.; Rai B. K.; Rauniyar G. P.; Khanal B.

  80. Patients Proclivity towards the Dental College Attached to Hospital or Private Dental Clinic

    Authors: Harshada Zagade; Karuna Pawashe; Shivsagar Tewary; Pronob Kumar Sanyal

  81. Behavior Based Safety (BBS) System Study ? An Effective Tool for Assessing Construction Safety Culture

    Authors: Samarth Ramprasad.K; Prabhat Kumar

  82. Counter-Terrorism Measures: The Balance between National Security and Civil Liberties in the UK and France ?Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far, To the Detriment of Civil Liberties??

    Authors: Nabeala Fiaz

  83. Application of the Electromagnetic VLF Method for the Detection of Fracture Areas in Cause of El Hajeb (Morocco)

    Authors: Hmad Bouikbane; Mustapha Boualoul; Ahmed Benamara

  84. Analysis and Minimizing Strategies for Conducted Emission for Packaging Machinery

    Authors: Poonam

  85. Comparison of Efficacy and Safety of Two Different Doses of Sublingual Misoprostol 400?g AND 200?g with Vaginal Misoprostol 400?g in Cervical Ripening in First Trimester Abortion

    Authors: Dr. K. Preethi

  86. The Hygienic Quality of Raw Milk of Different Species

    Authors: Najim H. Najim; Abier A. Hassan

  87. Integration of a Maxillary all Ceramic Fixed Partial Denture with Zirconia Framework: A Clinical Report

    Authors: Mohamed Chebil; Saida Ziada; Amani Adli; Moncef Omezine; Mounir Cherif

  88. A Case Report On Twins Pregnancy in Bicornuate Uterus with Ruptured Right Rudimentory Horn: A Rarest Entity

    Authors: Dr. Narbat Chaudhary; Dr. Hina V. Oza; Dr. Hafsa M. Vohra

  89. Biochar Improves Maize Nutritional Status and Yield under Two Soil Tillage Modes

    Authors: Boris Merlain Djousse Kanouo; Suzanne Edith Allaire; Alison D. Munson

  90. A Rare Case of Isolated Pneumopericardium Developed Following a Penetrating Thoracic Trauma

    Authors: Bilkay SEREZ; Mehmet Furkan SAHIN

  91. MRI Evaluation of Nontraumatic Hip Joint Pain

    Authors: Dr. Deepthi Kondeti; Dr. Swapna Gangishetty

  92. Bayesian Modelling of Extreme Rainfall Data: Construction of Priors Using WRF Model Outputs, A Case of Dar es Salaam Tanzania

    Authors: Edwin C. Rutalebwa

  93. 3D Seismic Genetic Inversion for Reservoir Characterization and Prospects Identification

    Authors: Ali M. Al-Rahim; Ahmed Abdullah Abdulateef

  94. The Effect of pH and Ionic Strength on the Bulk and Interfacial Properties of Starches

    Authors: Fateh Eltaboni; Abedelqader Imragaa; Hamida Altajury; Hana Alshelmany; Nora Omar; Ranya Ali

  95. A Prospective Study of Patients Coming in Future for Tubal Ligation after Discharge who are not Willing for Abdominal Tubal Ligation in Immediate Postpartum Period

    Authors: Dr. Prerak R. Modi; Dr. Nirmit Chaudhary

  96. Sanjhi Folk Art of Mewar: An Exploratory Study

    Authors: Sudha Babel; Latika Sanchiher

  97. Study of Soil Stabalization and Ground Amendment by Plasma Arc Torch Technology

    Authors: Dr. Subrat Roy; Saurabh Sinha

  98. Nano ZnO Catalyzed Synthesis of 2-(4-hydroxynaphthalen-1-yl)-N-methyl-2-Phenylacetamide and its Aggregation in Water

    Authors: K. S. Satheeshkumar; S. Subashkumar

  99. Sensorineural Hearing Loss in a Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Wira Gotera; Ketut Suastika; Made Ratna Saraswati; Made Pande Dwipayana; I Made Siswadi Semadi; Dewi Catur Wulandari; Januar Raya Gara Ama Mudamakin

  100. The Effect of Nano Graphene Additive on the A.C Electrical Properties for Epoxy-Copper Composites

    Authors: M. R. Mhel S. I. Hussain

  101. Medicine Caretaking Device

    Authors: Saurabh Singh; Rishabh Singh; Arshi Khan; Harjeet Matharu

  102. Ultrastructural and Morphometrical Study of Gestational Induced Changes in Mouse Liver

    Authors: Zahraa Fawzi A. Mohammed; May Fadhil AL-Habib

  103. Compression of Remotely Sensed Images using Hadmard Transform and (AMBTC)

    Authors: Dr. Ban Abd.Al-Razak; Aliaa Hussein Shukhair; Zena F. Rasheed

  104. Tall Al-Thahab Seals

    Authors: Dr. Awsam Bahar Churak

  105. Treating Wastewater of Pampa River during Pilgrimage Season with Vetiver Zizanioids

    Authors: Maya M Nair

  106. Library System Using RFID

    Authors: Abhinav Chamola; Karan Sharma

  107. Micro Investigation into Positron Annihilation, Tribological and Mechanical Properties of Compacted Zn, ZnO2 and Zn-ZSM-5 Nano Powders

    Authors: Hala M. Abo-Dief

  108. Interdental Area in the Aesthetic Zone of Maxilla ? Variations of Distance between Interdental Alveolar Crest and Interdental Contact Point in Relation with Age and Sex

    Authors: Irena Georgieva; Dobrinka Damyanova; Marya Miteva

  109. Residual Determination of (Pyroxsulam 4.5%OD) in Iraqi Wheat and Field Soil Using QuEChERS / HPLC

    Authors: Abdulkareem Jawad Ali; Sadeem Subhi Abed; Hanan Abdulsalam Kadhum

  110. Effect of Maternal Anemiaon Placental and Fetal Outcome

    Authors: Dr. Sowmya Sri. K; Dr. Pramod Kumar Korani Ratnam

  111. Effectiveness of Three Different Surfaces for Balance Training on Ambulant Stroke Patients - A Comparative Study

    Authors: Dr Astha Jain; Dr Chaitali Shah

  112. The Influence of Independence and Competence of Auditor on the Performance of Inspectorate Auditors District MAROS

    Authors: Sri Wahyuni Nur; Fitri

  113. Exercise and Chronic Diseases

    Authors: Oloo Micky Olutende; Issah W. Kweyu; Edna Sabiri

  114. Comparative Study of Multiple Sclerosis Therapy by Interferon-? and Methylprednisolone of Iraqi Patients via Adenosine Deaminase Activity

    Authors: Hazima Mossa K. Alabassi; Zahraa Hussein M. Kadri; Hind Qusay Ismail; Yasamine Jumaa Kadem; Hadeel Khlil Rahman

  115. Down Regulation of Jun Activation Domain-Binding Protein-1 Induces Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis in a Human Parotid Gland Cancer Cell

    Authors: Supriatno

  116. A Survey about Functional Impression Materials in Complete Dentures Fabrication

    Authors: Dobromira Shopova; Tanya Bozhkova; Diyan Slavchev; Ilian Hristov; Maria Hristozova

  117. Assessment of Risk Factors, Clinical Symptoms, LV Function and Angiographic Finding in Patients with LBBB

    Authors: Dr. Rajiv Girdhar; Dr. Yogesh Kothari; Dr. Ram Anil Raj; Dr. Narayan Raju; Dr. Kumar Kenchappa; Dr. Prasanth Rai; Dr. Tarif Singh; Dr. Harshitha.R

  118. Awareness of Oral Bacterial Infection among Chronic Nail Biting Individuals

    Authors: Ilakkiya.E

  119. The Effect of Marble-Slurry on Total Chlorophyll Content and Chlorophyll A/B Ratios in Some Tree Species

    Authors: Dr Vibha Khanna; Lata Gahlot

  120. Reproductive Health Status of Women in Rural Areas of Kerala, India

    Authors: Anjana; Dr. Sithara Balan V

  121. Quality of Life of Physically Disabled Adults at Thi Qar Rehabilitation Center in Al-Nasiriyah City

    Authors: Ahmed A. Khlaif; Qahtan Q. Mohammed

  122. Poverty, Inequality and the Social Causes of Crime: A Study between United States and Europe

    Authors: Salim Yaacoub

  123. Measurements of X-Ray Dose Delivered at Different Depths Applied on Water Phantom

    Authors: Manwar A-AL_Naqqash; Samar I. Essa; Raghdah H. Hasan

  124. Lithology and Fluid Discrimination Using Bulk Modulus and Mu-Rho Attributes Generated From Extended Elastic Impedance

    Authors: Balogun A. O; Ehirim C. N

  125. Comparing Different Bayes Estimator of Shape Parameter for Burr Type X

    Authors: Maha Adil Alagaidi

  126. A Novel Method to Determine the Bio-Impedance

    Authors: Nguyen Phan Kien; Tran Anh Vu; Dang Thanh Trungand Trinh Anh Duong

  127. Strangulated Paraumbilical Hernia with Gangrenous Stomach - A Rare Case

    Authors: Dr. Shashidhara.P; Dr. Harsha Narayana Swamy

  128. Comparative Study to Analyse the Results in Sutureless Pterygium Surgery with Fibrin Glue versus Without Glue by Autoconjunctival Graft

    Authors: Dr. Sajjan Sangai; Dr. J.P.Mishrikotkar; Dr. S.R.Thakre; Dr. Sarika Gadekar; Dr. Yogita Phadke; Dr. Sankalp Rao

  129. Effect of NaCl Concentration on the Agrophysiological and Biochemical Parameters of Tomato Varieties by a Chemometric Approach

    Authors: Kouame Kan Benjamin; Koko Anauma Casimir; Diomande Masse; Assidjo Nogbou Emmanuel

  130. Seroprevalence of High-Risk Human Papilloma virus type 18 (Hr-HPV-18) Infections among Women with HIV-1 Infection on Long Term Suppressive Anti-Retroviral Therapy in a Tertiary Hospital in Jos, Nigeria

    Authors: Joseph A. Anejo-Okopi; Danladi M. Dashuwa; David S. Adeniyi; Otobo I. Ujah

  131. A Dissimilarity based Hybrid Approach Along with Novel Score Exploration for Event Detection in Social Streams

    Authors: M. Vijaya Maheswari; Dr S. Manju Priya

  132. Physico-chemical Characterization of Sponge Iron Solid Waste of Maithan Steel Plant ? A Case Study

    Authors: Sanjay K Samal; Prafulla K Sahoo; Dillip K Behera

  133. Effectiveness of Dual Task Exercise to Improve Balance Walking Speed and Gait Pattern in Patient with CVA

    Authors: Piyush Wagh

  134. Design, Development&Analysis of Hydraulic Noise Suppressor

    Authors: Sumit A. Nehere; Milind S. Ramgir

  135. Comparison of Screening for Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy by OGCT v/s HBA1C

    Authors: Dr. Raikar Namrata Sayiprakash Dr. Prema D'Cunha

  136. Influence of Water Desiccation and Predator on Metamorphic Traits in the Indian Common Toad, Bufo Melanostictus

    Authors: Mallappa N Kullolli

  137. Factor affecting Consumer in Impulse Buying (On Hypermarket in Makassar City)

    Authors: Thomas Timotius Abraham; Carla Poli

  138. Effect of Trust and Easy on Decision Online Purchase toward Special Fashion Products

    Authors: Lita Limpo; Meryana

  139. Development of Entrepreneurship Education Model to Create Vocational School Students Entrepreneur Competency

    Authors: Abdul Muin Sibuea; Harun Sitompul

  140. Avian Diversity and Feeding Guilds within Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos State, Nigeria

    Authors: Oluwatimilehin E. Olabamiyo; Akinsola I. Akinpelu

  141. Relative Abundance of Birds and Vegetation Composition within the Grassland Region of Lekki Conservation Centre, Nigeria

    Authors: Oluwatimilehin E. Olabamiyo; Akinsola I. Akinpelu

  142. Environmental Factors of Road Accidents Involving Public Service Vehicles in Nairobi County, Kenya

    Authors: Ephraim Likuyi Angachi; Charles Mburu; Dr. Margaret Wachu Gichuhi

  143. Development of English Worktext in English 101

    Authors: Yolanda D. Reyes; Rowell G. De Guia

  144. Proximate and Elemental Composition of Methanolic Extract of Boswellia dalzielii Hutch. (Frankincense Tree: Burseracea)

    Authors: U. T. Mamza; O. A. Sodipo; F. I. Abdulrahman; I. Z. Khan

  145. Development of Sago Agribusiness in Facing Local Consumption Pattern

    Authors: Tribudi Prihatini Tarwoyo; Ahmad Ramadhan Siregar; Rahmadanih

  146. Carp Business Development Strategy in Cirata

    Authors: Randytio Samasta; Yandra Arkeman; Budhi Hascaryo Iskandar

  147. Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Respiratory Tract Infections among Plywood Industry Workers

    Authors: Sanjeev Badli

  148. Analysis of the Effect of Government Policy to the Return of Shares in Industry of Cigarettes

    Authors: Nursihan; Sri Hartoyo; Hendro Sasongko

  149. Wormian Bones - An Original Research Article

    Authors: Dr. V. Anitha; G. Jaiharish; S. Manoj Rishi; V. S. Rishwanth

  150. Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Agricultural Soil Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

    Authors: Oyewole O. Nather; Jimoh M. Abiodun

  151. Automatic Side Stand Retrieval System

    Authors: Bharat Krishan Nirmal

  152. Effects of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Performance in Non-Governmental Organizations; Case Study of Compassion International Tanzania

    Authors: Mary J. Kasanga; Dr. Samuel Obino Mokaya

  153. Preserve the Confidentiality of Information in E-government Through Steganography Based on AES technique and Unicode Standard

    Authors: Abdulrahman Ahmed Alzand; Omar Hisham Rished

  154. Coal Resources and Its Prospects in Jammu and Kashmir

    Authors: Sachin Changotra; Huny Sharma

  155. Impact of Adding Digestrom? and Biotronic?Top3 in Feed of Broilers Infected with Escherichia Coli

    Authors: Khalid Ali Mohammed; Dr. Sameer Mezher Abdullah

  156. Perception, Condom Use Among Secondary School Students in Kenya

    Authors: MUCUGU P. W.

  157. Transformational Leadership Improved Financial Perspective and Employess Satisfaction at Polyclinics of Zainoel Abidin Hospital Indonesia: A Descriptive Study

    Authors: Martunis; Ritha Dalimunthe; Khaira Amalia; Juanita

  158. Motivational Level of College Students in Physical Activity: A Concern for Public Health Education

    Authors: Samuel Joseph Bebeley; Wu Yi-Gang; Yang Liu

  159. Effects of Government Expenditure on Household Consumption in Kenya

    Authors: Gerald Mwangi Gichohi

  160. An Inventory Model with Price Dependent Demand Rate, Quadratic Holding Cost and Deteriorating Rate with Shortages

    Authors: Dr. R. Babu Krishnaraj; D. Dhivya

  161. The Influence of LMX, Job Demands, Job Resources and Personal Resources on Work Engagement: Case Studies on PT Evergreen Shipping Agency Indonesia Employee

    Authors: Didint Dwi Prehantoro S; Musa Hubeis; Farit Mochamad Afendi

  162. Bio-sorption of Zinc Ions by Green Algae Spirogyra

    Authors: Anamika Kushwah; Ruchi Chauhan; Mukesh Parmar; Pradeep Semil

  163. Diabetic Retinopathy in Libyan Patients; Severity and Relation to Systemic Risk Factors

    Authors: Hammad K Elzarrug; Tarek Makhlouf; Ruwida M.S Abdullah

  164. A Clinical Study to Evaluate the Refractive Errors Associated with Different Types of Cataract

    Authors: Hammad K Elzarrug; Tarek Makhlouf; Ruwida M.S Abdullah

  165. Determinants of Adoption of Electronic Payment Systems for Small and Medium Enterprises in Rwanda: A Case of R-Switch

    Authors: Eric Kimenyi Ntukanyagwe; Dr. Patrick Mulyugi

  166. Endoscopic Evaluation of Persistent Nasal Obstruction in Children of School Going Age

    Authors: Dr Zubair Ahmad Lone; Dr Omar Mohammad Shafi; Dr Qurat Ul Ain Batool; Sajad Majid Qazi

  167. Seasonal Assessment of Underground Water Quality

    Authors: Bitrus Wokhe Tukura; Taofeek Abdulrafiu

  168. Effect of Prices, Exchange Rate and Volume of Demand for Gold Price Volatility in Indonesia Stock Futures

    Authors: Samsu G

  169. Effective Web Usage Mining by Tracing Visitors Online Behaviors

    Authors: Neha Sharma

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