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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.2, No.4

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2018-08-01

  1. The Behavior of the Television Audience by TV Rating with Social Networks

    Authors: S. Sowjanya R. Vijaya

  2. A Case Study of Traumatic Wound Treated with Jatyadi Ghrita

    Authors: Kumar Rajeev Sharma P. K Gupta A. K

  3. Modelling and Control of Wind / PV / Battery / Fuelcell based Hybrid Power System

    Authors: Akhter Hussain Shah

  4. Power Management in Grid Isolated Hybrid Power System Incorporating RERs and BESS

    Authors: Jaffer Amin Wani

  5. Modelling and Analysis of Grid Connected PV System under Different Penetration Level of PV

    Authors: Javeed Ahmad Khan

  6. Modelling and Simulation of Grid-Connected Solar-Hydro based Hybrid Power System

    Authors: Karan Sapotra

  7. Load Frequency Control in Three Area Power System using Fuzzy Logic Controller

    Authors: Nazia Kosser

  8. A Case Study for Optimum Sizing and Selection of Components in HRERs based Power Sysetm

    Authors: Reyaz Ahmed Bafanda

  9. Mitigation of Voltage dip in WECS using UPQC

    Authors: Sajid Bashir Gagan Deep Yadav

  10. Reactive Power Compensation and Limiting Harmonic Current using Shunt Active Power Filter

    Authors: Zahid Hassan Gagan Deep Yadav

  11. Improvement in Power Quality in Power system Through of DPFC

    Authors: Zeba Akram

  12. Biochemical Parameters of Blood Cows at Hight and Low Temperatures

    Authors: Ward M. Ashraf Abuargob M. Omry Hdud M. Ismail Elgusbi M. Tarek Ruban Y. Sergey

  13. Traditional Databases vs NOSQL

    Authors: Owais Noor Trumboo Jasra Nisar

  14. NOSQL: A Very Dynamic Approach for Managing Big Data

    Authors: Assira Amin Mudasir Ahmed Muttoo Kirti Bhatia

  15. Prediction of safe working frequencies of screening machine by Harmonic Analysis

    Authors: Hajare Prashantbhai A

  16. Effect of carbon dioxide on the performance of Spark Ignition Engine by Hydrogen Inject with Biogas Fuel

    Authors: Keyur D. Patel

  17. Biosynthesis of Silver (Ag) Nanoparticles using Plant Derivatives of Delonix elata

    Authors: K. Vinoth Kumar

  18. A modern review on scrum: Advance project management method

    Authors: Suvarna Shinde Pratibha Adkar

  19. Global Leadership: A Privation for Global Corporate

    Authors: Satya Subrahmanyam

  20. Productivity Improvement using Lean Manufacturing '“ A Case Study at Muththamizh Industries

    Authors: G. Saravanan R. Karthikeyan S. Mohamed Nasrulla

  21. Evolution of Smart Classroom Concept Integrated with Smart Devices

    Authors: Amogha Revanasiddappa Badami Arjun T Dhanush N Hitesh Kumar P Mr Jayanth C

  22. Traffic Sign Recognition

    Authors: Arunima Singh Ashok Kumar Sahoo

  23. The Role of Personal Ability as A Policy of Internet Use: Exploratory Study on Small and Medium Companies in Surabaya

    Authors: Lena Ellitan

  24. Impact of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) on Unemployment and Village Economy

    Authors: Mohd Ashraf Mir Vibha Doorwar Suheel Azad

  25. Service Quality and Patient Satisfaction in Public Hospitals (A Study of District Pulwama and Shopian in J&K)

    Authors: Suheel Azad Mohd. Ashraf Mir R C Gupta Dr.Vibha Doorwar Damsaz Indrabi

  26. Nutraceuticals: New Concept of Medicines

    Authors: Parvaiz Ahmad Parry Aadil Hussain Tantray Aadil Mustafa Shabir Ahmad Ganie Mr Rajan Kothari

  27. A New Weir Cum Causeway Design of Varachha Site under Surat Smart City Project

    Authors: Shivam H. Joshi

  28. A Comparative Study on Agricultural Crop Disease Detection Systems

    Authors: Sneha N Thota Santosh C R Manjunath

  29. To diminish the rates of medication errors and increase patient compliance: Using health information technology as tool

    Authors: Devesh Kapoor Ruchi B Vyas Diwakar Dadarwal

  30. Secure and Privacy-Preserving Summaries for Location-Based Activity

    Authors: P. Purnamani Sai K. Phaneendra

  31. A Novel Approach for Progressive Duplicate Detection for Quality Assurance

    Authors: S. Divya

  32. The Suture Line: Himalayan Belt

    Authors: Biplab Tripathy

  33. Design of multi -band dual linear polarized microstrip antenna for remote sensing applications

    Authors: Priya Kumari

  34. Processor Design Using 32 Bit Single Precision Floating Point Unit

    Authors: Anand S. Burud Pradip C. Bhaskar

  35. Research on Static Rate Monotonic Real Time Scheduling System

    Authors: Pallavi Ganeshpurkar

  36. A Review: Graphene A Key Material in Engineering and Medical Field

    Authors: Vaibhav Kodag Ajay Adsule Kishor Kamble

  37. Study and Application of Watershed Management Techniques for Self Reliant Village (KHOR BASIN)

    Authors: Vishal Karad Ravindra Bade Vinod Khade Shradha Ghorpade Geetanjali Gajbhar Ganga Abitkar Sunil Deshpande Vinayak B. Kale

  38. Mobile Application for the Agricultural Mandi using E-Auction

    Authors: Ritesh Kumar Bista Rahul Patidar Manjunath C R

  39. A Review on Cosmetic Preparation of Hair

    Authors: Abujam Nganthoi Devi Zakariya Noorani Gaurav Kumar Sharma

  40. Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Low Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) -A Review

    Authors: Abhishek S J Anirudh T S Murigendrayya Hiremath

  41. Performance Comparison and Correction of Two PM10 Measuring Instruments for the Reduction of the Cost

    Authors: Joon Tae Oh Gyu-Sik Kim

  42. A Survey on: Clustering Algorithms in Web Usage Mining

    Authors: Anandha Jothi Gayathri. P

  43. Attribute-Based Storage Supporting Secure Deduplication of Encrypted Data in Cloud

    Authors: R. Manimekalai M. Chandra Kumar Peter

  44. Dual Regularized KISS Metric Learning for Person Reidentification

    Authors: R. Muthumari S. Manjula

  45. Green Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles using Jasminum Fluminense Leaf Extract and its Spectral and Optical Characterization Studies

    Authors: S. Amudha

  46. Impact of GST on Pharmaceuticals: An Overview

    Authors: Kinjal Vaghasiya Parvaiz Ahmad Parry Neelam Somani

  47. An Augmented Implementation of Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) Routing for Internet of Things (IoT)

    Authors: Mohd Muntjir Mohd Rahul

  48. Evaluation Study of Common Map Users Requirements

    Authors: Nagi Zomrawi Mohammed Eiman Eisa Ahmed Elhaj

  49. In vitro anti-cancer activity of Piper betel leaf extract on HA -29 and its anti-oxidant activity

    Authors: Dinesh M. D Neethu George Abdul Bari. K. K Hima K. U S. Meenatchisundaram

  50. Do guests prefer Tech Savvy Rooms? A perspective from hotel guests

    Authors: Seema Zagade Meyola Fernandes

  51. Comparative Analysis of Ground Water & Surface Water of Kolhapur based on various Physico-Chemical Parameters

    Authors: A. A. Adsule G. S. Kulkarni

  52. Various Data Mining Techniques for Diabetes Prognosis: A Review

    Authors: Misba Reyaz Gagan Dhawan

  53. Women Health in Kerala Tribe - A Sociological Analysis of Muthuvan Community

    Authors: Anusha V. M Muhammed Atheeque. P. P

  54. Data Outsourcing with Secure Data Auditing in Cloud Computing

    Authors: J. Gopinadh

  55. A Study on Evaluation and Effectiveness of Herbal Hand Sanitizer and its Anti Bacterial Activity

    Authors: R. Kalaivani S. V. Bakiyalakshmi P. Arulmozhi

  56. A Review on SEO: Search Engine Optimization

    Authors: Kunal Karalkar Shripad Bhide

  57. Effect of various dyeing conditions on pure natural yellow dye from Turmeric for dyeing of wool yarn

    Authors: Dr Mamta Vashishtha

  58. Fruit Farm Surveillance Using Drones

    Authors: Adarsh A Pranav P M Manjunath C R Soumya K N

  59. A Study on E-Wallet

    Authors: Jinimol. P

  60. A Survey on Wireless Body Area Network Sensors and Security Issues

    Authors: Sandeep K S Hari Krishnan Soumya K N C R Manjunath

  61. HMM-Based Face Recognition System with SVD Parameter

    Authors: Neha Rana Bhavna Pancholi

  62. A Survey: Modernizing Agriculture in India

    Authors: Naren M S Nishita K Murthy Manjunath C R Soumya K N

  63. Next Generation Sequencing in Big Data

    Authors: Chinmayee C Amrita Nischal C R Manjunath Soumya K N

  64. Cloud Computing Adoption Approach towards Securing Data in Cloud Computing

    Authors: P. Anjaneyulu S. Srinivasa Reddy

  65. Single and Two Phase Pressure Drop in Fluid

    Authors: Dhruvkumar Joshi Upasna Sethi Hardik Tekwani

  66. Concrete Mixture Assembly Line Improvement using ARENA Simulation - A Case Study

    Authors: Tushar D. Kumbhani Mukesh C. Chaudhari

  67. Study and Optimization of Car Hood for Pedestrian Head Safety by Using Simulation Technique

    Authors: Mukesh C. Chaudhari Tushar D. Kumbhani

  68. Analysis of Windshield Repair Technology

    Authors: Abonyi Sylvester Emeka

  69. Comparative Analysis of Dispersion in Decagonal Structure of Photonic Crystal Fiber having Hole within Core

    Authors: Shivani Gangwal Vipra Bohara Laxmi Narayan Balai

  70. A review paper on comparative analysis of Diesel blends with different proportions of karanja oil Biodiesel

    Authors: Ajeet Kumar Prajapati Vipin Kumar Patel

  71. Floriculture using IoT in India

    Authors: Puneeth S Vijeth A Belle Manjunath C R Soumya K N

  72. Personalized Medicine Revolution Medicine based on Genomics Makeup

    Authors: Ajmal Rasi K P Puneeth Vishnukeerthy K

  73. Application of Big Data Analytics with Evidence Based Medicine

    Authors: Aravind G Varun K Manjunath C R Soumya K N

  74. Electrogenics

    Authors: Radhika Patil Bhangartalgi Priyanka

  75. A Survey on Feature Extraction Technique in Image Processing

    Authors: A. Hema R. Saravanakumar

  76. A Review on: Detecting a specific aspect category for sentiment analysis using association rule mining scheme

    Authors: Gayatri D. Khot H. A. Tirmare

  77. A Review on: Video Streaming using Cloud Computing Based on Android Application

    Authors: Shailja S. Panhalkar H. P. Khandagale

  78. New Adaptive Cooperative-MIMO for LTE Technology

    Authors: Sukhreet Kaur Amita Soni

  79. A Study on Content-Based Image Retrieval

    Authors: Shabnam Kumari Reema Yashika Kadian

  80. A Study on Security in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Shabnam Kumari Sumit Dalal Rashmi

  81. The Indian Magical Herb: '˜Sanjeevni' (Selaginella Bryopteris)

    Authors: Rohit Kumar Rajan Kothari Jayesh Gadhiya

  82. Identify the Impact of ICTs in Secondary School Education Students in Government and Private Schools

    Authors: Singh Shilpa Mishra Sunita

  83. Application of Industrial Engineering to increase the productivity of an E-Rickshaw factory

    Authors: Harshna Gupta Gaurav Chaudhary Krishna Mohan Singh Devendra Kumar Ashish Malik

  84. A Study on Performance of Commodities Derivatives Trading in India

    Authors: S. P. Dhandayuthapani Hari Sudha

  85. A Study on Performance Evaluation of Selected Diversifing of Mutual Funds Equity Schemes

    Authors: S. P. Dhandayuthapani M. K. Sindhu

  86. Contributions of the National Programme on Food Security (NPFS) on Household Food Security in Enugu State

    Authors: Onuoha Onyekachi Chibueze Onugu Charles Uchenna Edoga Juliet Chinenye

  87. A Pragmatics analysis of the phrases used by Former Prime-Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in his speech: A Case study

    Authors: Syed Umer Ahmad Qadri

  88. Segmentation of Front Viewed Single Phase Diamond

    Authors: Yash Jain N T. P. Deepa Riya Nayan Shah Kajal Jain

  89. Analysis and Design of Shear Wall with Various Openings Criteria

    Authors: M. S. Kukade T. S. Joshi V. R. Kale A. R. Bodake P. S. Kurumkar D. W. Gawatre

  90. Analysis of Climate Change for Sustainable Farming

    Authors: Qulsum Umer H Shaikh Anisha Raniwala

  91. Real-Time Tracking and Fuel Monitoring System for Vehicle

    Authors: Yashpalsinh Gohil Jay Desai

  92. V- Drop: Automatic Book Drop

    Authors: Swapnil Gamre Namrata Hande Ragini Mistri Abhishek Pandey

  93. Research of Malevolent Node in CGSR Network

    Authors: Neha Ranjan Kumar Singh

  94. Performance Evaluation of Radon Mitigating Materials for Building a Radon Resistant Dwelling

    Authors: Young Sub Lee Yong Hee Lee Yong Cheol Kim Gyu-Sik Kim

  95. Blind Navigation: Technologies for Visually Impaired

    Authors: Madhushree M Sushmitha M Manjunath C R Soumya K N

  96. Comparative Analysis of Different Numerical Methods of Solving First Order Differential Equation

    Authors: Chandrajeet Singh Yadav

  97. Elementary Theory of Wavelets and Filter Bank

    Authors: Pinal Choksi

  98. Impacts of Big Data on Smart Farming

    Authors: Akshatha S Kumar Deepthi S Kumar Manjunath C R Soumya K N

  99. The Threads of Emotions- Phulkari

    Authors: Prof Amarjeet Kaur Ankita Kallan

  100. Linear Programming Techniques to Optimize Bank of Baroda's Loan Portfolio

    Authors: Kashyap M. Gupta

  101. Security Threats in Indian Cyberspace by Social Media and Cyberhoaxes

    Authors: Ashok Koujalagi Thrupti N S Karuna Kurbet

  102. Effect of Static Load on Cast Iron Drainage Manhole Cover

    Authors: Dhruvkumar Joshi Hardik C. Tekwani

  103. Role of Ethics in Modern Business Paradigm

    Authors: Puja Mishra

  104. Effective Printing Text using Bluetooth Technology from Android Application

    Authors: Leena Nerkar Ankita Deore Priyanka Mali Mayuri Bahikar

  105. Railway Ticket Booking System with Restricted Wi-Fi Zone

    Authors: Gayatri Shelar Vikas Rathod Shital Patil

  106. The Task of Freedom Effort in Kamarajar

    Authors: R. Kalidass K. Krishnamoorthy

  107. Enclosure Design for 3D Printing

    Authors: Harshna Gupta Gaurav Chaudhary Krishna Mohan Singh Devendra Kumar Ashish Malik

  108. SQL Injection Attack Detection and Prevention Techniques to Secure Web-Site

    Authors: Vishal Andodariya

  109. A Review on Performance Enhancement of Catalytic Conveter by Making Geometrical Changes

    Authors: Vinayak Shukla Yogesh Tembhurne

  110. Extraction, Stability & Storage of Punica Granatum L. Peel Extract

    Authors: Akanksha Samuel Yogita Dobhal

  111. Reverse Aging by Punica granatum L. Peel Extract on Rat Model

    Authors: Akanksha Samuel Yogita Dobhal

  112. Survey Paper on 3-D Bio-Printing for Hard Tissue

    Authors: Addepalli Sardhak Beesu Venkat Mouneesh Reddy Manjunath C R Sahana Shetty

  113. Measuring the influence of Internal Service Quality on Health Care Delivery

    Authors: A. V. Nageswara Rao

  114. A Review on Airflow and Temperature Distribution in A Residential Building with an under Floor Air Distribution System

    Authors: Rajneesh Kumar Agrahari Yogesh Tembhurne

  115. A Review on 'œCFD Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Creating Triangular Fins on The Tube'

    Authors: Sudhanshu Pathak S. K. Bharti

  116. MED-CARE Using IoT

    Authors: Aishwarya C Ankita Vyas Sunil M P Manjunath C R

  117. Medication Adherence of TB Patients using IoT

    Authors: Manan Abhay Kumar Sahana S Soumya K. N C. R. Manjunath

  118. Effect of Load variation and thickness on deflection and operating stress of wave spring

    Authors: Hardik C. Tekwani Dhruv D. Joshi

  119. Scientific Review on Food Custom of Siddha

    Authors: G. Rathiga T. Lakshmi Kantham

  120. Extraction and Analysis of Pyrolysed Oil Derived From HDPE

    Authors: T. Kathiravan S. Mohamed Nasrulla G. Saravanan

  121. IoT Based Smart Clothing

    Authors: Thejashwini. K. S Sayeeqa Anjum Sowmya K. N C R Manjunath

  122. An Efficient Method K-Means Clustering for Detection of Tumour Volume in Brain MRI Scans

    Authors: Ananthagiri Vijaya Saradhi L. Srinivas

  123. An Advanced New Adaptive Alpha-Trimmed Median Filter for Removel of Salt and Pepper Noises for Recovering the Image Protecting Edge Data

    Authors: Sathuluri Ramarao L. Srinivas

  124. Experimental study on flexible concrete by using polyurethane fiber

    Authors: Dinesh W. Gawatre Ajay G. Gaund Dipali S. Dhondge Amol U. Gandhale Shubham Fartade

  125. Biodiesel Production & Performance Analysis on CI Engines '“ A Review

    Authors: Anshu Tiwari Harshita Goyal Mayank Bajpai Akshat Garg Aditya Kumar Ashish Malik

  126. Impact of Migration on Agriculture '“ A Study®

    Authors: B. Jayarama Bhat Nagesha B

  127. Representations of the Village through Religion and Society: A Study of Lalsalu(Tree Without Roots) by Syed Waliullah

    Authors: Dr.Madhumita Chakrabarty

  128. Synthesis of 64-Bit Triple Data Encryption Standard Algorithm using VHDL

    Authors: Simran Parminder Singh Jassal

  129. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana: Finance for all to end 'œFinancial Untouchability" True or Myth

    Authors: Vikash Chand Jayasawal

  130. A Survey: Silkworm Egg Counting and Monitoring Based on Image Processing and Internet of Things (IoT)

    Authors: Jayaraghavan V Manjunath C R Soumya K N

  131. A Note On Applications of Cycles & Trees

    Authors: Chandrajeet Singh Yadav

  132. Parametric Analysis of Reciprocating Friction and Wear Behaviour of PTFE Composite

    Authors: Pawan I. Patel Hemant Bhore R. R Arakerimath

  133. Data Imputation by Soft Computing

    Authors: Ritesh Kumar Pandey Dr Asha Ambhaikar

  134. Experimental Enhancement of Heat Transfer Analysis on Heat Pipe using SiO2 and TiO2 Nano Fluid

    Authors: Arunkumar. G P. Navaneetha Krishnan T. Senthil Kumar

  135. Design a Refractory Boiler Shell for Optimum Weight

    Authors: Sejal C. Patne Rachayya R. Arakerimath

  136. Bio-Toxicity of Materials at the Nanoscale Level

    Authors: K. Vinoth Kumar

  137. Data Imputation Methods and Technologies

    Authors: Ritesh Kumar Pandey Dr Asha Ambhaikar

  138. Study of Role of RTI ACT to prevent Corruption and Capacity building for delivery of government services: Socio-economic impact

    Authors: Vennapusa Aswartha Reddy

  139. Arsenic Contamination of Ground water and Health Risk

    Authors: Sanjay Kumar Verma Ajay Kr. Upadhyay

  140. Automation of Invigilations in College Examination Portal (Exam Click)

    Authors: Ch. Hampli K. Amulya V. Lakshmi Tejasri B. Indu Krishna

  141. Mechanical Investigation and Comparison of Coated Curved Tiller Shovels (Va, Mo, B, Ti) By Hardfacing

    Authors: Er. Satish Kumar Er. Kamaljeet Bhambri Er. Ajay Rana

  142. Simulation of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum for Wireless Communication Systems using Simulink

    Authors: Y.V.S Durga Prasad K. Venkateswarlu

  143. Hostel Management System

    Authors: Ritesh Kumar Bista Aman Jung Karki Beesu Venkat Mouneesh Reddy Utkarsh Aakash Rajasimha A Makaram Shilpa Das

  144. A Study on Linkage between Corporate Social Responsibility and Return on Net Worth (RONW) of 5 Public Companies

    Authors: Ms Kunika Bhargava Ritu Wadhwa

  145. Natural Rubber: Its Constraints in foothills of Siang Region, Arunachal Pradesh

    Authors: Shri Kiryi Potom Tomo Riba

  146. Impact of In-room Facilities on Repeat Business in Hotels in certain cities of Maharashtra (with reference to 3, 4, 5, and 5 star deluxe hotels in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur)

    Authors: Rasika R. Gumaste Shefali Joshi

  147. CDSS implementation with CDA generation and integration for health information exchange in cloud

    Authors: Pooja N. Umekar H R. Deshmukh O. A. Jaisinghani Prof S.V. Khedkar

  148. Review Paper on Improved Exhaust Emission Control by The Use of Cu-Zeolite Catalyst Based Catalytic Converter

    Authors: Akash Pathak K. Venkadeshwaran Alok Kumar Rohit Niranjan Kumar Naulakha

  149. Job Satisfaction of Female IT Professional in Coimbatore District

    Authors: S. Selvakumari

  150. Students with Learning Disabilities and Inclusion

    Authors: Saiju Khalid

  151. Children and Legal Literacy

    Authors: Nazarudeen. E

  152. Simulation based Performance Analysis of Histogram Shifting Method on Various Cover Images

    Authors: Garima Sharma Vipra Bohara Laxmi Narayan Balai

  153. Comparison Study Between Hydrogen Palladium Sensor and Hydrogen Manganese Dioxide Sensor

    Authors: Albashir Zomrawi K. AlNaimee

  154. Grievance Handling Procedure a case of Soft Zeal Technology Pvt. ltd, Pune

    Authors: Supriya Bhagat Gagandeep Virdi Roshen Raju

  155. Prototype of Automatic Fan

    Authors: Naveen Kumar Shivam Tyagi Vishal Tripathi

  156. Thermal Imaging based Search Operation using Drone

    Authors: Naveen Kumar Shivam Tyagi Vaibhav Prajapati Saurabh Kumar

  157. Green Marketing in India: A Sustainable Prospective

    Authors: Saurav Kumar

  158. Nosocomial Infections in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

    Authors: Sayali Daptardar

  159. Automatic Gemstone Setting Machine in Jewels

    Authors: Devendran. P Ranjith R Santhosh Balaji V Ajithkumar P Arun Prasath S

  160. Improvement of a Radon Counter Sensitivity Using High-Voltage Ion Chamber

    Authors: Chungyong Kim Gyu-Sik Kim

  161. Optimization of Cutting Parameters in CNC Turning of AISI 304 & AISI 316 Stainless Steel

    Authors: Nethaji Perumal A B. Kumaragurubaran T. Senthil Kumar

  162. Performance Improvement Analysis and Simulation of Solar PV/T Water Collector

    Authors: Amarnath. K Gopal. P Sridharan. M T. Senthil Kumar

  163. Performance Improvement Analysis on PV/T Solar Water Collectors Connected in Series and Parallel

    Authors: S. Paramaguru P. Sivakumar M. Sridharan T. Senthilkumar

  164. IoT Based Patient Monitoring

    Authors: Nakul S. Palkhede Sachin D. Mali Manisha S. Shelar

  165. Low Power Mix Logic Design Using Line Decoder: A Review

    Authors: Ku. Priyanka M. Raut R. M. Deshmukh

  166. Application of Convolution Theorem

    Authors: Dinesh Verma

  167. Factor Affecting Positive & Negative Word of Mouth in Restaurant Industry

    Authors: Praveen Moyal Swati Mishra

  168. Enablers and Impediments of Cashless Instruments with special reference to M-Wallet '“ A Case Study of Varanasi Region

    Authors: Vir Pratap Ganga Kumar Binha

  169. Situation invariant Face Recognition using Neural Networks

    Authors: Suryawanshi Rupali Vithalrao Kazi Kutubuddin Sayyad Liyakat

  170. Multifactor Based Top K Feature Extraction Using Summarized Customer Reviews

    Authors: Adarsh A Akshatha S Kumar Pranav P. M Saravana Balaji B ShruthiShree S. H

  171. A Review on Salesforce

    Authors: Rohit Ukarande Yogeshchandra Puranik

  172. Spy Detection for Android Devices

    Authors: Naren M S Nishita K Murthy Deepthi S Kumar Soumya K N

  173. Mechanical Characterization of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Composite

    Authors: M. Palpandi T. Ramakrishnan T. Rajkumar

  174. Does Corporate Governance influence Firms' Financial Performance? - A Study of Indian Nifty Fifty

    Authors: Yashasvi Rajpara

  175. Transmission of Wireless Power using Solar Power satellite Technology

    Authors: Kunwar Rajesh Ranjan Kumar Singh

  176. Cluster Based Resource Allocation for CoMP MU-MIMO 5G Network

    Authors: M. Rubas G. Kannan G. Gandhimathi

  177. Pongamia Bio Diesel '“ A Review

    Authors: N. Pavan Kumar K. Hanumantha Rao K. Radha Krishna

  178. Performance Characteristics of A Variable Compression Ratio Engine using Transesterified Mahua Oil

    Authors: D Pratyusha S Venkateswara Sateesh V T Ch Siva Reddy

  179. Factoring Business '“A Financial Revival Strategy

    Authors: K. Bala Krishna Satya Subrahmanyam G. Srinivasa Rao

  180. Detection and Analysis of Sag and Swell Power Quality Disturbances using Fractional Fourier Transform

    Authors: Mithilesh Kumar Thakur Tanuj Manglani

  181. The FTIR Spectra of Raw Magnesite and Sintered Magnesite

    Authors: D. Gopinath S. Gunasekaran

  182. Analysis on NoSQL: MongoDB Tool

    Authors: Deepa Suresh Wahane Mayuri Dhondiba Dendge

  183. Impact of Globalization on The Quality of Life in India

    Authors: Dinesh Adhikari

  184. An Efficient FIR Filter for Electrocardiogram Signal

    Authors: D. Kousaly. A B. Senthilkumar

  185. A Situation Aware Navigation System

    Authors: Ajinkya Gurav Sneha Botalji Rohan Lagare Rashmi Vaidya Vijayalaxmi Kanade

  186. Designing of IIR Filter using Radix-4 Multiplier by Precharging Technique

    Authors: Ushanandhini S. Shivkumar

  187. Assessment of the Adoption of Yam Minisett Technology in Lafia Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, Nigeria

    Authors: Jiriko Kefas Ruth

  188. On the issue of improving the reliability of consumer protection in unbalanced modes of low-voltage networks

    Authors: Zhalilov Rashid Sitdikov R. A

  189. Evaluation of Anti-Urolithiasis Activity in Coffea Arabica.Linn using Struvite Crystal Growth Inhibition Assay

    Authors: G. Rathiga M. Mohammed Fharook

  190. A Review on Codeigniter

    Authors: Rohit Jahagirdar Yogeshchandra Puranik

  191. Microservice Oriented Application Development

    Authors: Sumeet Baburao Patond Shubham Ramnath Satpute Smita Sidramappa Patil Aishwarya Shivkumar Kapase Prof.D.D.Sapkal

  192. Providing Security to Social Media using Unique Identification

    Authors: Pranav Jambare Anup Kulkarni Neha kharat Suvarna Ghule

  193. A Condition Aware Smart Navigation System

    Authors: Ajinkya Gurav Sneha Botalji Rohan Lagare Rashmi Vaidya

  194. Dynamic Analysis of Multistory RCC Building Frame with Flat Slab and Grid Slab

    Authors: Indrani V Shubha D. K Lavina E. J

  195. Effect of cytokinins on in vitro propagation of Petunia hybrida Hort. (Vilm)

    Authors: Rumeesa Habib Seema Singh Iram Bashir

  196. Comparison between FPGA Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform, Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Double Density Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform in Verilog HDL

    Authors: Richa Srivastava Ravi Mishra

  197. A Review - Study of the Thermo-Physical Properties of PCM with Dispersion of Nano Particles

    Authors: Vivek Baghel Yogesh Yadav

  198. CFD Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger creating Triangular Fin on the Tubes

    Authors: Sudhanshu Pathak H. S. Sahu

  199. Micro Finance and Women Empowerment with Special Reference to Self-Help Groups (SHG)

    Authors: Abhilash K

  200. A Study of Generation of Food Waste and Awareness Regarding the Food Waste Amongst Indian Households

    Authors: Kalyani Srinivas C Rina Dongre

  201. A Study on Productivity and Availability to Food Secure India- An Approach through Public Distribution System

    Authors: Karabi Biswas

  202. Combined Larvicidal and Pupicidal Action of Coriandrum sativum, Piper nigrum and Synthetic Insecticide Cypermethrin Against the Dengue Fever Mosquito, Aedes Aegypti L

    Authors: A. Noortheen B. Govindarajan Brabavathi C

  203. Implementation of a Radon Counter Measuring Apparatus using CCD Image Sensor Module

    Authors: Chungyong Kim Gyu-Sik Kim

  204. Study on Comparison of Structural Fundamental Period within UBC -97 and ASCE 7-05

    Authors: Htun Myint

  205. Corroborative Computational Network Using Specknet in Wireless Routing Algorithm

    Authors: Ashok Koujalagi Thrupti N. S

  206. Design of Family Mould Tool for Plastic Box

    Authors: Mohit Milind Sardare Vaibhav Bankar

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