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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology >>

Vol.2, No.4

Publisher: AI Publications

Publishing Date: 2017-07-02

  1. Proximate and heavy metals composition of Plantain (Musa paradisiaca L.) fruits harvested from some solid waste dumps in Uyo Metropolis, Nigeria

    Authors: Iniobong E. Okon; Uduakobong E. Akwaowo

  2. Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability by Gender in Agro-pastoral Communities of Tanzania

    Authors: Eliya Elias Mtupile; Emma T. Liwenga

  3. Management of True Vaginal Prolapse in Bitch

    Authors: Ankit Kumar Ahuja; Shivkumar; Ashwani Kumar Singh; Shahbaz Singh Dhindsa

  4. Squalene Extraction: Biological Sources and Extraction Methods

    Authors: Teresa Rosales-Garcia; Cristian Jimenez-Martinez; Gloria Davila-Ortiz

  5. Photosynthetic Pigments Content of Trapa Natans Specie in Skadar Lake

    Authors: Albana Temali; Arjana Ylli Kraja

  6. Bioremediating Effect of Glomus Hoi and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa on the Organic Content and Heavy Metals of Soil Polluted with Oil Refinery Effluent using Amaranthus Cruentus as a Test Plant

    Authors: Salami Abiodun Olusola; Owasoyo Dickson Oladele; Adebayo Princewill Orinami

  7. Relational Analysis of Profile of Beneficiaries of Farm Ponds and its Socio Economic Impact

    Authors: DV Supe; RP Kadam; GS Pawar

  8. Short Term Effect of Crop Residue and Different Nitrogen Levels on Grain yield of Wheat under Rice-Wheat System

    Authors: Narayan Khatri; Dev Raj Chalise; Nabin Rawal

  9. Property Development and Land Use Planning Regulations in Nigeria

    Authors: Ogbonna Chukwuemeka Godswill; Obinka Azubuike Nnaemeka; Aguguo Godlives Ukachukwu

  10. Development of Indices for Effectiveness of Renewable Energy Technologies Impacting Change in Quality of Life of Rural Residents

    Authors: Supriya; Sushma Goel; Pradeep Chandra Pant

  11. Change detection analysis of Cropland using Geospatial technique -A case Study of Narsinghpur District

    Authors: Upadhyay Renu; Nema R.K.; Awasthi M.K.; Tiwari Y.K.

  12. Comparative Alterations in the Compositional Profile of Selected Root and Vegetable Peels Subjected to Three Pretreatments for Enhanced Saccharification

    Authors: Mithra. M. G; Padmaja. G

  13. Coping Strategies of Diabetic Yam Farming Households in Benue State, Nigeria

    Authors: Teran A. D; Tsue P. T

  14. First record of the Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis (Temminck & Schlegel, 1844) from the coast off Sur, Sultanate of Oman

    Authors: Shama Zaki; Juma Al-Mamary; Abdul Aziz Al-Marzouqi; Lubna Al-Kharusi

  15. The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Health Sectors in Tanzania: A review

    Authors: Fredrick Ojija; Siri Abihudi; Beatus Mwendwa; Cecilia M. Leweri; Kafula Chisanga

  16. A case of Dystocia due to Fetal Ascites in Murrah Buffalo

    Authors: Ankit Kumar Ahuja; Pooja Dogra; Shivkumar; Shahbaz Singh Dhindsa; Harpreet Singh

  17. Study of the quality of fruits of the Hylocereusundatus (Haw) Britton & Rose and Hylocereusmegalanthus(K. Schum ex Vaupel) Ralf Baue (Red and Yellow Pitahaya) during the maturationperiod

    Authors: Fernandez Arguelles LorenzoRicardo; Alvarado Romero Jose Apolonio; Moreira Macias Ricardo; Miranda Martínez Migdalia; Carrillo Lavid Gabriela Alejandra

  18. Human Wildlife Conflicts to communities surrounding Mikumi National Parks in Tanzania: A case of selected villages

    Authors: Gabriel Mayengo; Fadhili Bwagalilo; Venance E. Kalumanga

  19. Ecosystem Carbon Storage and Partitioning in Chato Afromontane Forest: Its Climate Change Mitigation and Economic Potential

    Authors: Birhanu Iticha

  20. Ecosystem Carbon Storage and Partitioning in Chato Afromontane Forest: Its Climate Change Mitigation and Economic Potential

    Authors: Biplob Kumer Roy; Khan Shahidul Huque; Nani Gopal Das

  21. Study of Intake, Growth and Nutrient Utilization of Growing Bulls Fed Forages as Sole Diets

    Authors: Biplob Kumer Roy; Khan Shahidul Huque; Nani Gopal Das

  22. Immobilization of two endoglucanases from different sources

    Authors: Rosalba Sarcina; Concetta Valeria L. Giosafatto; Vincenza Faraco; Licia Lama; Marilena Esposito; Loredana Mariniello

  23. Rapid and sensitive methods for detection of Allorhizobium vitis, causal agent of grapevine crown gall

    Authors: Khaoula Habbadi; Basma Benbrahim; Abdellatif Benbouazza; Rachid Benkirane; El Hassan Achbani

  24. Economic profile of two species of Genus der Euterpe, producers of açaí fruits, from the Pará and Amazonas States - Brazil

    Authors: Claudia Blair e Matos; Paulo Sampaio; Alexandre A.A Rivas; Joao C.S Matos; Donald G. Hodges

  25. Economic and Environmental Evaluation of Nitrogen Fertilizer Taxation: A Review

    Authors: Flavio Gazzani

  26. Removal from wastewater and recycling of azo textile dyes by alginate-chitosan beads

    Authors: Paola Semeraro; Paola Fini; Marinella D'Addabbo; Vito Rizzi; Pinalysa Cosma

  27. Alleviation of Salinity Effects by Poultry Manure and Gibberellin Application on growth and Peroxidase activity in pepper

    Authors: Duraid Kamil Abass AlTaey

  28. Growth of Wheat Genotypes Influenced by Heat Stress

    Authors: Pronay Bala; Stipati Sikder

  29. The Content of Agar Seaweed Gracilaria verrucosa Fertilized with Vermicompost

    Authors: Andi Rahmad Rahim

  30. Egg quality characteristics of pullet chickens fed Neem (AzdirachtaIndica) leaf meal (NLM) managed under two housing systems

    Authors: Kargbo K.; Kanu S

  31. Study on Toxic Impact of Sugar Factory Effluent on the Gill of the Fresh Water Fish Rasbora Daniconius

    Authors: V. B. Kakade

  32. Increased Potential of Protein Content of Waxy Corn

    Authors: Edy; Sudirman N.; Baktiar I.

  33. Microbial Effect of Refuse Dump on the Composition of Leafy Vegetables Grown in the Vicinity of Dump Site Along River Benue, Mubi Road, Yola

    Authors: Enock Dashu

  34. Proximate and Microbial Profile of Couscous Yoghurt Produced from Soya Milk

    Authors: Kargbo Samuella; Kargbo Kabba

  35. A New Low Cost Biosorbent for a Cationic Dye Treatment

    Authors: Belbahloul Mounir; Msaad Asmaa; Beakou Buscotin; Houssaini Mohammed; Amine; Zouhri Abdeljalil; Anouar Abdellah

  36. Radioprotective action of venom of honey bee Apis mellifera Caucasica

    Authors: Topchiyeva Shafiga; Babayev Elmar

  37. Study of the Monthly and Annual Behavior of Temperature and its Impact on Climate Change in Iraq for the Period (1982-2012)

    Authors: Osama T. Al-Taai; Jamal S. A. Al-Rukabie; Iqbal H. Abdalkareem

  38. Exploration and Identification of Spermatophyta Plants Division that are potentially can be used for Medicine at Evergreen Forest taman Nasional Baluran Indonesia

    Authors: Joko Waluyo; Dwi Wahyuni; Pujiastuti; Nuri; Wiwien Suqih Utami

  39. Comparison of Different Models in Estimating Standard Evapotranspiration in Lampung Province, Indonesia

    Authors: Tumiar K Manik; Purba Sanjaya; R.A. Bustomi Rosadi

  40. Anthracnose Disease of Walnut- A Review

    Authors: Mudasir Hassan; Khurshid Ahmad

  41. Perceived Effect of Climate Variability on Arable Crop Production in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

    Authors: Okringbo I. J.; Ibe M. N.; Oduehie T. C.

  42. Effect of Different Levels of N.P.K. 15:15:15 Fertilizer Application on the Yield of Sweet Potato (Ipomea Batatas) in South-South Nigeria

    Authors: Nmor E.I; Okobia Uche B.

  43. 3D Arbitrary Channel Fabrication for Lab on a Chip Applications using Chemical Decomposition

    Authors: Jahan Zeb Gul; Jinhee Na; Kyung Hyun Choi

  44. Enhancement of protease production by Bacillus sp. and Micrococcus varians induced by UV-mutagenesis

    Authors: Chibani Hiba Rahman; Fellahi Soltana; Chibani Abdelwaheb