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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD ) >>

Vol.7, No.6

Publisher: TJPRC

Publishing Date: 2018-12-31

  1. Study of Mechanical Properties of Open Cell AL6061 Alloy Foam

    Authors: Raja Yateesh Yadav; E S Prakash

  2. An EPQ Model with Varying Rate of Deterioration and Mixed Demand Pattern

    Authors: Pankaj S. Ardak; Atul B. Borade

  3. Numerical Investigations for the Effect of Cold and Hot Air on Various Parameters of Flow through A Super Sonic Nozzle at Higher Altitudes

    Authors: P Srinivasa Rao CH V K N S N Moorthy; V Srinivas

  4. Experimental Investigation on Influence of Process Parameters in Selective Laser Sintering on Roundness Using Taguchi Medthod

    Authors: M. Naveen Kumar Sriram Venkatesh; M. Manzoor Hussain

  5. A Frequency based Free Vibration Analysis of a Hat Stiffened Plate for Identification of the Damage

    Authors: Atul V. Karanjkar; Nilotpal Banerjee

  6. Customer Relationship Management in the Manufacturing Industry using Data Mining Techniques

    Authors: P.Rajendiran K.R.Sekar B.Sinivasan; R.Manikandan

  7. Design of Low Power and Area Efficient Full Adder for ALU Using 90nm Process for Industrial Based CAD/CAM Manufacturing Units

    Authors: Hariharan K Raajan N.R Manikandan.R; Sekar K.R

  8. Simultaneous Testing of a Parabolic Dish Concentrated PCM and Non-PCM Solar Receiver

    Authors: R. Senthil; M. Cheralathan

  9. Trend Forecasting of Twitter Followers for Plan International

    Authors: Jolly Masih; Dheereaj Nim

  10. Raw Material Captcha Security, Applied Through Zopfia Technique

    Authors: P. Rajendiran K. R. Sekar B. Srinivasan; R. Manikandan

  11. Stress Analysis of Structural Components of Biomimetic Autonomous Subsea Vehicles

    Authors: Smitha. K. K; Nandakumar. C. G.

  12. Purchase Behaviour of Indian Customers Towards Environment Friendly Motor Vehicles

    Authors: Makarand Upadhyaya

  13. Computational Investigation on Thermo hydraulic Characterization of Liquid Hydrogen and Liquid Nitrogen in Micro channels

    Authors: Jeet Prakash Sharma; Aashish sharma

  14. Fabrication of Functionally Graded Composite Material using Powder Metallurgy Route: An Overview

    Authors: Aravind Tripathy Saroj Kumar Sarangi; Rashmikant Panda

  15. A Parametric Analysis of Deformation of Workpiece in Closed Die Forging

    Authors: Jasleen Kaur BS Pabla; SS Dhami

  16. Corrosion Fatigue of Welded Joints in Marine and Naval Structures: A Review

    Authors: J. Jagadesh Kumar G. Diwakar; V. V. Satyanarayana

  17. Experimental Results of Coconut Shell Polymer Matrix Composites

    Authors: Gopi E; Saleem M

  18. Recent Trends in Industry in Adopting Crowd Sourcing and Problem Solving for Employees Productivity and Efficiency with Special Reference to IT Industry

    Authors: Rethy B. Menon

  19. Effect of Chromium on Tensile and Fatigue Behaviour of Copper Nickel Spinodal Alloy

    Authors: Sagar C. Jirapure; Atul B. Borade

  20. Demand and Supply Analysis on Manufacturing of Cement for Monsoon Periods Using Dvorak Technique

    Authors: K.Rajesh K.R.Sekar V.Ramaswamy K.Kannan; R.Manikandan

  21. Design and Thermo Structural Stress Analysis of Axial Flow Gas Turbine Blisk

    Authors: Saleem M; J Udhyaprakash

  22. A Review on Thermodynamics Analysis and Waste Energy Utilization in Cement Industry

    Authors: Sachin Verma; . Sudhir Y Kumar

  23. Numerical Analysis of Flow Over NACA0012 at Fixed Mach Number using Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Authors: Pallavi Paturu Gandhi Mallela S. Jebarose Juliyana A. Divya Sadhana; M. Komaleswarao

  24. Optimization of PID Controller Gains of an Aircraft Pitch Control System Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

    Authors: Aditya Chowdhury; Vishnu G Nair

  25. Optimization of Wire EDM Process Parameters for Machining of AMCs (413/B4c) using Taguchi Technique

    Authors: J. Udaya Prakash S. Jebarose Juliyana S. Karthik; T. V. Moorthy

  26. Preliminary Testing and Analysis of an Optimized Robotic ARM for CT Image Guided Medical Procedures

    Authors: Gourishankar Mohapatro Ruby Mishra; Shah Shubham Kamlesh

  27. Finite Element Analysis of Mono Composite Leaf Spring of Varying Thickness and Varying Width used in Automotives

    Authors: S. Jebarose Juliyana J. Udaya Prakash Pallavi Paturu; A. Divya Sadhana

  28. Comparison of Power Output’s of Different Blends of Pyrolysis Plastic Oil & Diesel with Pure Diesel on Single Cylinder 4-S (VCR) Diesel Engine

    Authors: Prabhat Kumar Awasthi; Abhishek Gaikwad

  29. Development and Study of Tribological Properties of Biocomposite for Brake Pad Application

    Authors: P. Manoj Kumar Bachina harish S. Gowthaman; K. Rajesh

  30. Waste Pyrolysis Tire Oil as Alternative fuel for Diesel Engines

    Authors: Tanmay Soni; Abhishek Gaikwad

  31. Case Study on Illegal Sand Mining in Tamil Nadu: Alternate Solution by Replacing Natural Sand by M-Sand

    Authors: Elavenil S; Jenila Livingston L. M; K. Parameswari

  32. Wave-Likelocomotion of a Snake Robot: Mathematical Modelling and Simulation

    Authors: Himanth. M Bharath. L. V; Didymus. T. M

  33. Optimization and Analysis of Process Parameters in Micro-Drilling using Response Surface Methodology

    Authors: Ranadhir R. Landge; Atul B. Borade

  34. Corrosion Behaviour of Mg-Zr Alloy in Stimulated Body Fluid

    Authors: T. Judson Durai M. Sivapragash; M. Edwin Sahayaraj

  35. A Power Efficient Multiplier Architecture for FIR Filters used for Acoustic Models in Mechanical Diagnostics

    Authors: R. Manikandan K.Hariharan; Venkatesan. R

  36. Research of the Parameters of Cut For the Machining of the New Concretes

    Authors: A. Chaoufi A. Tafraoui M. Zaoui S. Tafraoui; M. Dahmani

  37. Thermal Analysis of Fins with Modified Tips

    Authors: M Rajagurunathan; Vishnu V

  38. CFD Analysis of Hydrodynamic Studies of a Bubbling Fluidized Bed

    Authors: B.J.M.Rao K.V.N.S.Rao; G. Ranga Janardhana

  39. Experimental Investigation of High Speed Drilling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) Composite Laminates Made up of Different Polymer Matrices

    Authors: R. Raja; Sabitha Jannet

  40. An Efficient Hybrid Analytical Approach To Film-Pore Diffusion Model Using Wavelets

    Authors: R. Rajaraman G. Hariharan; B. Sripathy

  41. A Comparative Study Between the Successive Screw Displacement and Quaternion Based Methods Used in Forward Kinematics of Serial Robot Manipulator

    Authors: Bharath LV; Himanth M

  42. Review on the Characteristical behavior of Advanced 3D Spacer Composites

    Authors: Jerrin Thadathil Varghese Sahith Reddy Madara; M. Chithirai Pon Selvan

  43. An Examination of the Essential Aspects in Execution of Enterprise Resource Planning in Manufacturing and Production Industries

    Authors: Sri Ranjini. S

  44. Optimization of the Process Parameter in Drilling of GFRP using HSS Drill

    Authors: K. Karthik A.Manimaran J.Veerendra Rayudu; Diva Sharma

  45. Aero-Structural Optimization of Aircraft Wing by Finite Element Method

    Authors: B.Ramesh S. Mohammed Iqbal; K.Logesh

  46. Performance and Emission Characteristics of Palm Oil as an Alternate Fuel in Diesel Engine

    Authors: Nagappan M; Ravichandran T

  47. A Study on Grievance Handling and Satisfaction Levels in R I Manufaturing Company Limited

    Authors: S.Poongavanam; Nisha

  48. Effect of Friction Stir Welding Processon Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of ZE42 Magnesium Alloy

    Authors: A. K. Darwins; M. Satheesh

  49. The Realization of Thin Sheets Stamping Tools With an Economical Material

    Authors: M. Zaoui A. Tafraoui A. Chaoufi S. Tafraoui; M. Dahmani

  50. Study of Composite Materials for the Engineering using Wavelet Analysis and Image Processing Technology

    Authors: Vyacheslav Lyashenko Mohammad Ayaz Ahmad Oleg Kobylin; Alveera Khan

  51. Investigation of the Effect of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) on the Machining of Titanium and its Alloys A Review

    Authors: Suleyman Cinar Cagan; Berat Baris Buldum

  52. Design and Fabrication of Low Cost Paper Recycling Equipment

    Authors: M. Naga Phani Sastry; K. Devaki Devi

  53. Study of Influence of Tool Geometry on Material Flow Pattern in Friction Stir Welding Process Using Finite Element Simulation

    Authors: Pavan Kumar Thimmaraju Krishnaiah Arakanti; G.Chandra Mohan Reddy

  54. Recent Trends and Advancements in the field of Micro Electrical and mechanical Systems (MEMS) Technology

    Authors: Mathew Alphonse R.Ramesh Kumar; M.Senthil Kumar

  55. Evaluation of Critical Success Factors For Six Sigma Implementation in Indian Manufacturing SMEs

    Authors: Dharmendra Tyagi V. K. Soni; V. K. Khare

  56. Impact of Engine Emissions From HCCI Engine: An Overview

    Authors: A.Devaraj I.Vinothkanna K.Manikandan; Jishuchandran

  57. Pre-Stress Modal Analysis of A Centrifugal Pump Impeller forDifferent Blade Thicknesses

    Authors: S. Sendilvelan; M. Prabhahar

  58. On a Delayed Differentiation Multi-Product FPR Model with Scrap and A Multi-Delivery Policy – II, using Two-Machine Production Scheme

    Authors: Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu Peng-Cheng Sung; Yung-Ping Liu

  59. Global Form Deviation Evaluation of Free-Form Surface using Coordinate Measuring Machine

    Authors: Goitom Tesfay; Rega Rajendra

  60. Model Order Reduction and Linear Quadratic Regulator Controller Design on a Large Scale Linear Time Invariant System

    Authors: N. V. A. Ravikumar; G. Saraswathi

  61. Operational Study of Circulating Fluidized Bed Steam Generator

    Authors: S. Bharath Subramaniam

  62. Optimizing Supply Chain in Reverse Logistics

    Authors: T. Sathish; J. Jayaprakash

  63. Study of Performance and Emission Analysis of Dual Biodiesel Fuelled on LHR Diesel Engine Supported by EGR System

    Authors: Sivakumar Ellappan Rahul Loganathan C. Satyasandeep; M. Vishnuvardhan

  64. Addressing Nox – Smoke Trade off in a Direction Injection Diesel Engine With Fuel Blends of Diethyl Ether and Diesel

    Authors: T. Vijayakumar C. Kannan B. Akshay; Priyankagarwal

  65. An Experimental Analysis of Direct Evaporative Cooler by Varying Materials of Cooling Pad

    Authors: Kapish T Dhakulkar M. R. Dharme; K. R. Gawande

  66. Impact of Green Production and Green Technology on Sustainability: Cases on Companies in India

    Authors: Prachi Trivedi; Meghna Sharma

  67. Stress Evaluation on Mechanical, Construction and its Allied Manufacturing Industry Employees and its Basic Impact on Productivity: A Case Study

    Authors: Shanmugasundaram M Karthiyaini S; Ammar Arif

  68. Influence of Moisture Absorption and their Effect on the Physico-Mechanical Properties of Coir-Luffa Fibre Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites

    Authors: Vineet Kumar Bhagat Anil Kumar Prasad; Arvind Kumar Lal Srivastava

  69. Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics of 1-Octanol Blended Bio-Diesel in a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

    Authors: V.Sriram Jeyajeevahan G.Mageshwaran G.Brittojoseph; R.B.Durairaj

  70. Electrical Flight Technology-A Short Review and Challenges

    Authors: Praveen Shaju Chelladhurai; Gokul Raj. D

  71. Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation with and Without Heat on the Fatigue Behavior of Below-Knee Prosthetic Sockets

    Authors: Zainab Yousif Hussien; Kadhim Kamil Resan

  72. Design of Compliant Mechanisms for New Age Industry Devices –A Topology Optimisation Approach

    Authors: G. Arunkumar S. Lakshmi Shankar; S. Padmagirisan

  73. An Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Behaviour of SiCp Reinforced Al 6061 MMC using Squeeze Casting Process

    Authors: Maharshi Singh L. Natrayan; M. Senthil Kumar

  74. Computational Analysis of Passive Cooling Technique Applied to A Room Under Naturally Induced Flow

    Authors: G. Mageshwaran R. B. Durairaj J. Jeyajeevahan V. Sriram; G. Britto Joseph

  75. Effect of Chevron on the Decay Characteristics of Compressible Round Jet

    Authors: S. Senthil Velavan; K. Vijayaraja