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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal for Scientific Research and Development | IJSRD >>

Vol.3, No.12

Publisher: IJSRD

Publishing Date: 2016-03-01

  1. Comparative Study on Reconstruction of Shredded Documents Based on Various Image Processing Techniques

    Authors: Mukund Gohil; Shefali Srivastava; Viraj Dabhi; Kruti J. Dangarwala

  2. Review on Salt Spray Humidifier

    Authors: Akshay Bhaguji Adhav; Achyut Sudhakar Akolkar; Nitin Anil Gulaskar; Akshay Sunildatta Kulkarni; Prashant Sarjerao Munfan

  3. A Review Study on Experimental Investigation on Improving Performance Of I.C. Engine by Varying Advance Piston Coating Materials

    Authors: Chudasama Mahesh Masaribhai; Y. D. Vora; Prof Rajendra J. Jani

  4. Search Engine Big Data Management and Computing

    Authors: Ragavan N; AthiNarayanan

  5. Credit Risk Evaluation System on Big Data using Neurorule

    Authors: Rajiv Ranjan

  6. Factors Contributing to Successful Public Private Partnership Projects for Highway Projects in Indian Context

    Authors: Shakil S. Malek; P. V. Akalkotkar

  7. First Notification of Loss (FNOL) Machine Learning Process Used for Telematics

    Authors: Sanjay Phatige; Sreenivasa T.N.

  8. A Review on Bus Driver Scheduling And Optimization

    Authors: Dhruti N. Radadiya; Asst. Milan P. Pandya

  9. Survey Paper on Designing of FIR Filter using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Surabhi Chaturvedi; Navneet Sahu

  10. Smart Vehicle Control System based on ARM 7 and RTOS

    Authors: Snehal A Shitole; Dr Prof.Y.S.Angal

  11. A Survey on Hard Computing Techniques based on Classification Problem

    Authors: Ankita Mishra; Abha Choubey; Bed Prakash

  12. Wall Painting Mechanism

    Authors: Kolgiri.S.G; Aivale Bharat Narayan; Gadhave Shekhar Walchand; Lambate Suraj Ganpat; Mane Sambhaji Balu

  13. Simulation of Fluid Flow Behaviour during Co2 Sequestration using Comsol Multiphysics In Coal Bed

    Authors: Manasi Manjari Mohanty; Bhatu Kumar Pal

  14. Utilization of Glass Powder in Concrete Production

    Authors: Ravi Bhushan Dwivedi; Deepak Garg

  15. Evolution of Properties of Fly Ash Bricks with Glass powder

    Authors: Colonel Ravindra poras; Shishir Gupta

  16. Lifetime and throughput optimization in wireless body area network

    Authors: Chinkee Kalra; Vikas Chauhan

  17. Power Quality Improvement in Distribution System Using D-Statcom

    Authors: Yadav Hardik Dilipkumar; yadav hardik; DUBEY YOGESH; KEVAL PATEL; PARIXIT SHARMA

  18. A Survey on Searchable Encryption Schemes

    Authors: Akash A. Khandagale; Nitin Gadave; Abhijit Dhok; Suvarna Sabale

  19. A Review Paper of improvement in security of images using Genetic Technique

    Authors: Shekharan Deep Bindra; Navneet Bawa

  20. Significance of Eco-tourism as a Tool for Natural Resource Management in Kurseong Hill Area under Darjeeling District

    Authors: Rwitabrata Mallick; Pranabes Sanyal; Anandadeb Mukhopadhyay

  21. 30kW Cross linear solar concentration pilot project at RGPV Bhopal

    Authors: Sandeep Patidar; Anurag Gour; Mukesh Pandey

  22. Electro-Encephalogram Signal Acquisition, Analysis and Alert System for Epilepsy

    Authors: Arun Kumar V; Niranjan K R

  23. Highly Efficient Micropropagation of Grand Naine Banana

    Authors: Ratnesh Kumar Singh; Prashant Kumar Mishra

  24. Soil Friability Its Effect on Soil Aggregate Stability

    Authors: P Anand; Dr.Guruprasad Hugar; Md.Khaja Moniuddin; S B Jagdish

  25. Android Based Application for Tracking of Nearest Hospital and Emergency Healthcare System

    Authors: Pankaj Prasad Raje; Pankaj Raje; Alpesh Nandola; Dhiraj Bhujbal; Avadhut Batwal

  26. Machine Health Monitoring and Control System using LabVIEW

    Authors: Pritee V. Nikam; K. Sujatha

  27. Massive Open Online Courses: Challenges and Opportunities for Education in India

    Authors: Agughasi Victor Ikechukwu; Thampan; A V

  28. Review on Design and Development of Advanced Chulha

    Authors: Mohite Rahul Nanasaheb; Suryawanshi Abhijit Vijaykumar; Alai Bhushan Sanjay; Mane Shantanu Sanjiv; Munfan Prashant Sarjerao

  29. Spectral Efficiency Performance of MIMO with Orthogonal Space Time Block Code Using FEC and Various Modulation Techniques

    Authors: Pratik Jain

  30. Design, Analysis & Optimization of Pivot of Rocker Arm

    Authors: Ambare Amol Dattatraya; Dr.Sanjay B. Zope; Amol R. Patil

  31. BER Performance of MIMO with Orthogonal Space Time Block Code Using FEC and Various Modulation Techniques

    Authors: Pratik Jain

  32. Virtual Exercise Using Kinect Sensor

    Authors: Hitesh Sanjay Shukla; Hitesh Shukla; Dinesh Cholake; Sagar Mutha

  33. RFID Based Traffic Sign Recognition

    Authors: Pratiksha Ghadge; Pritam Kanase; Tejaswi pawa

  34. Study on various GDI techniques for low power, high speed Full adder design

    Authors: Haseeb Pasha; Sangeeta Mangesh

  35. SmartDigger: A Two-stage Crawler for Efficiently Harvesting Deep-Web

    Authors: Vishal S Sancheti; Asmita G Sarawade; Laxmi M Waghmare; Sanket D Rachcha; Pallavi Shejwa

  36. A Survey on Subgraph Matching Algorithm for Graph Database

    Authors: Maninder Kaur Rajput; Snehal Kamalapur

  37. Design of Steering System in Race Cars


  38. The study of effects of quarry dust on the strength of non-traffic paver block

    Authors: Aruna Yadav; Sanjay Saraswat

  39. Intrusion Detection System Using Genetic Algorithm : A Survey

    Authors: Vaibhavi M Pandya; Assi. Gargi Chauhan

  40. An Efficient Secured System for Identifying Malicious Network Activity Using Scalable Honeypot

    Authors: Rahul Patil; Ajinkya Virkud; Swapnil Miniyar; Ajay Sagar

  41. Biological Treatment of Wastewater for Institutions Using Activated Sludge Process

    Authors: D.Sathiyasree Dhanasekaran; R.Aswini Rajendiran

  42. A Survey Paper on Video Steganography

    Authors: Ankita Patel; Ajay Barot

  43. Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks: A Survey

    Authors: Nupur Shah

  44. Experimental Investigation of Welder Modification at PLTCM

    Authors: Vijay Kumar B H; Jagannath Reddy

  45. A Review on Reconfigurable PLC Development, Synthesis & Implementation for Industrial Application

    Authors: Paramveer Prabhakar Teli; P. C.Bhaskar

  46. A Review on Reconfigurable Multisoft core architecture on FPGA

    Authors: Pooja Hanmant Mane

  47. Comparative Network Intrusion Detection technique DPI-AD for Regular Expression Detection in wireless Ad-hoc network

    Authors: Girish M. Wandhare; S. N. Gujar; V. M. Thakare

  48. A Review on Skirt to Dished end Joint of Pressure Vessel

    Authors: Gaurang A Parmar; Mau Badi; Prof.M.M.Makwana

  49. Enhancing the Efficiency of the Website by Mining Web Server Log Files

    Authors: Jigar H. Jobanputra; Banshi D. Soni

  50. A Review on Common Encryption Techniques to Brute Force Shielded Technique: Honey Encryption

    Authors: Taunk Mayur G; Laxmi Saraswat

  51. Flex Based Glove System for Dumb People

    Authors: Bhagyashree Nagarkar; Amruta Sankhe; Monica Akhade; Prof.A.R.Kadu

  52. Seismic Analysis of 10 Storey Building For Fixed and Flexible Base with and Without Bracing

    Authors: Chaitrali Amasiddha Jamadar; Akshaya G. Ghalimath; Chaitrali Amasiddha Jamadar

  53. Heat Transfer Augmentation Technique for Combined Coiled Insert and Dimple Tube: A Review

    Authors: Ghodake Ganesh Ramchandra; Rahulkumar S. Hingole

  54. Nitinol chassis: Accidentals Car Chassis Free Charge Repair

    Authors: Vimal Shingala

  55. Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: A Review

    Authors: Vimal Chhaya

  56. IDS with Honey Bee Server for Secure Communication in Cloud Computing: A Literature Survey Effort

    Authors: Uday Patkar; Sayali Rasakar; Vasudha Kamble; Sayli Naik; Sarala Patil

  57. Removal of Chemical Oxygen Demand from Textile Industrial Wastewater by Anaerobic Digestion

    Authors: Ameer Uzma; Shahshikant R. Mise

  58. Feasibility Study on Lightweight Aggregates in Concrete - A Review

    Authors: N.Sellakkannu; C.Tamilarasan

  59. Rural Area Three Phase Load Schedule Management Using Arm7 Industrial Appliances

    Authors: Rekha Bankar; Pooja Rathi; Pranjali Korade

  60. Plant Growth Monitoring and Control

    Authors: N.Mrujool Kansara; G.Lavanya; RM.Nachammai; R.Gopalakrishnan

  61. Study & Analysis of Threshold Perception using an Agent Environment

    Authors: Vishwanath Y; M V Vijayakumar

  62. Li-Fi Technology - A New Life in the Wireless Communication

    Authors: Navya Prakash; Priyanka V; Agughasi Victor Ikechukwu

  63. Column Tracer Experiment on Removal of Arsenic by Adsorption using Activated Carbon Derived from Ziziphus Mauritiana

    Authors: Mohammad Yaseen Farrukh; Shahshikant R. Mise

  64. Column Studies on Removal of Colour from Silk Filature Composite Wastewater by Using Activated Carbon Derived from Ziziphus Mauritiana

    Authors: Kavyashree A.K; Shahshikant R. Mise

  65. Appraisal of PSO Algorithm over Genetic Algorithm in WSN Using NS2

    Authors: Vishwaraj; Tathappa Rachannanavr

  66. A Location Determination Technique for Network Aided Positioning System Using Received Signal Strength Indicator

    Authors: C. Sangeetha; Ishita Raj; Abhinav Tiwari; Mohit Shukla

  67. Combinational Adaptive LMS Algorithms For Speech Enhancement- A Review

    Authors: Prachi Sanjay Gosavi; P.C.Bhaskar

  68. Land Resource Management towards Sustainable Development in Kurseong Sub-division

    Authors: Rwitabrata Mallick

  69. Stress Analysis of High Speed Single Helical Gear by Changing Design Parameter Using FEA Approach

    Authors: Parth J. Bhatt; Pranav B. Bhatt

  70. Some Issues for Construction and Maintenance of Roads in Afghanistan

    Authors: Faiz Mohammad Spinwal; PK Agarwal; Sandeep Choudhary

  71. A Review on the Journey to OUTERNET

    Authors: Aditya; Aarushi Khera

  72. Harmonic Reduction and Unity Power Factor by Using PWM Controlling In Dc Motor Load

    Authors: Sandhya Soni

  73. Multivariate Analysis for Underground Mine Worker's Accident Investigations

    Authors: Mithilesh Kumar Singh; Utpal K. Dey; Sankha Sarkhel

  74. Achieve Confidentiality and Authentication for Cloud Computing Using Hybrid Approach

    Authors: Nikita Mehta; Khushboo Pawar

  75. My Online Railway Pass System

    Authors: Medha Kulkarni; Vrushali Ugaonkar; Bhakti Ghursale; Madhuri Khandare; Sneha Yadav

  76. Detecting Content Based Image Spam in E-mail

    Authors: Khushali Panasala; Priyanka Sharma

  77. Algorithm for Position Specific Approximate Pattern matching to determine Transcription Factor Binding Sites

    Authors: Anu Sebastian; Joby George

  78. Survey on image segmentation methods from blood microscopic images for detecting leukemia

    Authors: Nimi T P; Divya T V

  79. A Novel Technique to Encrypt the Digital Image Based On Hybrid DCT And DWT And Bilateral Smoothing

    Authors: Richa Gupta; Amandeep Kaur

  80. Removal of Heavy Metal in The Godavari River Basin using Corncob Adsorbent

    Authors: Hanit Kumar Thapak; Maharshi Garg; Mohammed Aqeel; Govardhan Reddy

  81. CFD Analysis of Convergent-Divergent Nozzle using Standard K-ÃŽâ?¢ Model

    Authors: Praveen Kumar Kasare; Arun Kasare; Veerendra Patle

  82. Stegnographic Method for Biometric Authentication

    Authors: K.Naga Sowjanya; K.Kannamma

  83. Climbing and Hoisting Devices for Multi-Storey Building Construction

    Authors: Nishant R Shimpi; GHRCE Nagpur; D J Tidke; GHRCE Nagpur

  84. Web Interaction Content Filtering And Security

    Authors: Ketan Ramesh Dhakate; Rahul Ankush Junghare; Utkarsha Jagdish Doiphode

  85. A study on State Awareness toward Resiliency in Cyber Physical System

    Authors: Lokesh M R; Meghana S; Mohamed Nafeel K.P; Jayashree B S; Sarang Sakethathil

  86. Tuning of PI Controller using Integral Performance Criteria for FOPTD System

    Authors: Varsha Jagannath Gaikwad; Amruta S.Jondhale; Pradip S.Bhosale

  87. Android Application on Location Based Profile Manager

    Authors: Hiresh Joshi; Naitik Kachhadia; Vishal Harsora; Prateek Kakirde

  88. Effect and Analysis of Electrically Driven Centrifugal Compressor in Single Cylinder Direct Ignition System

    Authors: Praveen Kumar K; Naveen Kumar; Nallamurugan M; Manikandan K; A.Elango

  89. HoloLens - The Technology Beyond Imagination

    Authors: Rajendra Singh; Priyank Singh

  90. Comparative Studies of Different Theories for Vibration Analysis of FGM Plate by Using Higher Order Shear Deformation Theory

    Authors: Rahul Kumar; Jeeoot Singh; Manoj Kumar

  91. Issues And Challenges With IoT Revolution

    Authors: Kiran R. Bidua; Chhaya N. Patel

  92. An Autonomous Polyhouse Robot for Plant Health Indication and Detection of Plant Disease Using Image Processing

    Authors: Yeole Kajol Mukund; Wable Aparna; Bhongal Manisha Babasaheb; Bedke Amruta Acchutrao

  93. Groundwater Quality For Irrigation (Yadgir City), Karnataka , India

    Authors: Moulali; Shashikanth R. Mise

  94. Day of the Week Effect in Indian Automobile Sector With Reference To BSE Auto Index

    Authors: J.Sudarvel; R. Velmurugan

  95. Numerical Simulation and Analysis of A Cost Effective Digital Fibre Optic Link

    Authors: Pavithra R; Durga Devi R; Krishna Kumar V

  96. Review on Enhancement of Convective heat transfer using Nanofluids and Insert

    Authors: Manish A. Tathe; V. M. Kriplani; P. V. Walke

  97. Contour Free Level Set Method

    Authors: Kunalkumar Manjibhai Muchhadia; Bhagwat Kakde; Manish Trivedi

  98. Intelligent Translate System for Visually Challenged People

    Authors: Rajavenkatesan.T; M.Karthigaa; P.Ranjith; C.Arunkumar; M.Gowtham

  99. Real World Document Clustering Using Modified Balanced Iterative Reducing and Clustering using Hierarchies

    Authors: Sunita N. Chaudhari; Praveen Kumar Gautam

  100. Challenges in Accident Collision and Prevention in Cyber-Road Traffic Control System

    Authors: Lokesh. M. R; Manish Kumar Nagar; Jyothi Lakshmi; Dilsha S Unni; Lavanya S Nair

  101. Process Sniffing and Performance Tool

    Authors: Shoyeb Mohammad Shaikh; Prateek Shetty; Shubham Pandey; Sanjay Yadav