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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.4, No.1

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2015-01-05

  1. Piezoelectric Diesel Injectors&Emission Control

    Authors: Shashank. M

  2. Selection of Plants Species Hanuman Langurs (Semnopithecus entellus) as Food In Chitrakoot Forest Range of M.P.

    Authors: Manoj Kumar Mishra; Dr. S. K. Chaturvedi

  3. A Rare Case of Lingual Thyroid with Hypothyroidism

    Authors: Dr. Sukhpreet Singh; Dr. Brinder Chopra; Dr. Ajmer Singh

  4. Evaluation of Clinical and Perinatal Outcomes of Teenage Pregnancies: A Study of 100 Pregnancies at a Tertiary Referral Center

    Authors: Sasikala Mootha; Swarnalatha Gudiwada; Usharani Bathula

  5. Socio-Economic Barriers to Agricultural Research Results Uptake among Africas Rural Communities: A Case Study of Yatta Division, Machakos County, Kenya

    Authors: Silvestar Kimeu; Samwel Auya

  6. A Survey Paper on Twitter Opinion Mining

    Authors: Geetanjali S. Potdar; Prof R. N. Phursule

  7. Testing of the Antimicrobial Efficiency of Helbo Laser and NaOCl againts Candida Albicans

    Authors: Mimoza Canga MD; PhD; Vito Malagnino MD; DDS

  8. Online Case Study On Phase Frequency Detector

    Authors: Ashwini Rajole

  9. Double Circuit Transmission Line Fault Distance Location Using Wavelet Transform and WMM Technique

    Authors: Ankamma Rao J; Bizuayehu Bogale

  10. Capital Budgeting Procedures and Practices of Unsung Entrepreneur in Delhi

    Authors: Anuradha Yadav

  11. Design of High Speed VLSI Architecturefor 1-D Discrete Wavelet Transform

    Authors: Rashmi Patil; Dr. M. T. Kolte

  12. Application of DNA Based Molecular Marker for the Assessment of Genetic Transformation in Citrus Sinensis

    Authors: Bidisha Mondal; Reeya Dutta; R. Saha

  13. Evaluation the Effect of Pretension on the Fatigue Life of Double Lap Bolted Joint - A Review

    Authors: Hanamant Kate; Sandeep Bhor

  14. Empirical Study on Venture Capital Spur Patenting Evidence from State-Level Cross-Sectional Data in United States

    Authors: ZHAO Yuan Jun

  15. AOMDV- Multipath Routing Protocol in Mobile Networks to Enhance Network Security

    Authors: G. Siva Brindha; M. Rajeswari

  16. A Survey on Data leakage Optimization and Prevention by Identifying Guilty Agent without Causing Disturbance and Inconvenience to Trusted Agent

    Authors: Sangramsinh B. Deshmukh; R. N. Phursule

  17. Longevity of Use of the Fixed Prosthetic Constructions in Relation to the Used Alloy

    Authors: Biljana Kapusevska

  18. Internet Voting

    Authors: Vishal B. Khobragade; Priyanka Dhasal

  19. Stingless Bees (Hymenoptera:Apidae:Meliponini): Diversity and Distribution in India

    Authors: A. Rahman; P. K. Das; P. Rajkumari; J. Saikia; D. Sharmah

  20. Content Based Image Retrieval Using BPNN and K-Mean Algorithm

    Authors: Gurpreet Kaur; Mnupreet Kaur

  21. An Intelligent System for Lung Cancer Diagnosis Using Fusion of Support Vector Machines and Back Propagation Neural Network

    Authors: Gurpreet Kaur; Harpreet Singh

  22. Predictive Models for Behavioral Outcomes through Crowdsourcing

    Authors: Veena M.E

  23. Socio-Economic Conditions of Female Workers in Brick Kilns - An Exploitation to Healthy Social Structure: A Case Study on Khejuri CD Blocks in Purba Medinipur, West Bengal

    Authors: Rabin Das

  24. Biological Control of Bacteria Onion Diseases using a Bacterium, Pantoeaagglomerans 2066-7

    Authors: S.Sadik; H. Mazouz; A. Bouaichi; A. Benbouazza; E. HAchbani

  25. Bullous Pemphigoid: IGA Autoantibodies Target Epitopes on of Bullous Pemphigoid Antigen 180 Using Recombinant Ectodomains of Collagen XVII

    Authors: Areida S.K.; Brinckmann J.

  26. Survey on Document Image Binarization for Degraded Document Images

    Authors: Yogita Kakad; Savita Bhosale

  27. VANET: A Survey on Secure Routing

    Authors: Omkar Shete; Sachin Godse

  28. A Descriptive Study to Assess the Level of Stress and Copying Strategies among the Relatives of Client Admitted in Medical Intensive Care Unit and Surgical Intensive Care Unit in Krishna Hospital, Karad

    Authors: Sangeeta Patil MSc. N; Jyoti A. Salunkhe M.Sc. N; K.S.Kapurkar MSc. N; Sandhya Jagdale MSc. N

  29. Steganography Technique for Binary Text Image

    Authors: Zainalabideen Abdual Samad Rasheed

  30. A Survey on Feature Based Product Recommendation System

    Authors: Akshay Giri; K. N. Honwadkar

  31. A Survey of E-Healthcare Information System based on Android Application

    Authors: Sonali L. Tupe; Nandkumar P. Kulkarni

  32. Quadruple Simultaneous Fourier series Equations Involving Heat Polynomials

    Authors: Gunjan Shukla; K.C. Tripathi

  33. Evaluation of Myopia as a Risk Factor for Glaucoma

    Authors: Archana Anand Pawar; Vipin Kumar Singh; Nameirakpam Mamota

  34. Knowledge Regarding Health Benefits to Mothers and Children in Relation to Birth Spacing, Among Mothers

    Authors: Pallavi Barde; Asha Khobragade; Vinay Gawali

  35. Efficacy of Planned Teaching on Knowledge Regarding Hazards of Open Defecation among People Residing at Rural Area

    Authors: Amar Paleriya; Asha Khobragade; Vinay Gawali

  36. Crowdedness Spot Acquisition by Using Mobility Based Clustering

    Authors: Sujit A. Navale; Yogesh B Gurav

  37. Micronutrients I2, Fe2+, Mg, K and Naconcentration in Typhalatifoliaand Cyperus papyrus reedSaltsof Busia and Lugari regions of Western Kenya

    Authors: Wangila Tsikhungu Phanice; Tsimbiri Pamella; Peter Nyongesa; Mule Shadrack; Wati Nakhone Lenah; Kinyanjui Thomas

  38. Pattern of Retinitis Pigmentosa in Manipur among the Patients Attending Retina Clinic Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal, Manipur, India

    Authors: Vipin Singh; Yumnam Chingsuingamba; Archana Pawar

  39. Customer 360 with Data Science

    Authors: Madhu Sudhan H V

  40. Stakeholders Involvement and Perception towards Guidance and Counselling in Kambaa Division Secondary Schools, Kiambu County, Kenya

    Authors: Mwaura Margaret Nduta; Chege Moses Gichuho

  41. Development of Rapid Cooking Green Gram for Fast Food Industry

    Authors: S. B. Navaratne

  42. Plasma Retinol and Malondialdehyde Levels among Hemodialysis Patients

    Authors: Fawzy Abdel fatah Elmesallamy; Khaled Abdel nabi Elhefnawy; Hanaa Hosni El Said

  43. Constraint Based Probabilistic Determination of Object State for Autonomous Robots

    Authors: Emin Elsa George; Mathews Vincent

  44. Performance Optimization in Multi-Media Over MANET

    Authors: Ezdehar Salman Mohammed Elkhier Elawad; Dr. Amin Babikr Abdal-nabi Mustafa

  45. A Review of Secure Data Sharing in Cloud using Key Aggregate Cryptosystem and Decoy Technology

    Authors: Rushikesh V.Mahalle; Prof. Parnal P.Pawade

  46. Survey Paper of the Energy-Efficient Assignment of Nodes in MAHCN for Disaster Management

    Authors: Amit Savyanavar; Renuka Suryawanshi

  47. Effect of Solvents and Solid-Liquid Ratio on Caffeine Extraction from Cote d'Ivoire Kola Nuts (Cola nitida)

    Authors: Y. Nyamien; F. Adj; F. Niamk; E. Koffi; O. Chatigre; A. Adima; H. G. Biego

  48. Simulation of Au and Mo Nanoparticles Effects

    Authors: Hasan Tuhmaz

  49. Psycho-Social Problems Faced by the HIV/AIDS Patients

    Authors: Darshan Narang; Jyoti Meena; Arti

  50. Medical Image Compression Using ISPIHT&Modified JPEG2000 Hybrid

    Authors: Yashpreet Sain; Sourav Garg

  51. QoS Comparison between UMTS 3G Network and WIMAX 4G Network

    Authors: Dina Mohammed Hassan Al-Zubair; Amen Babikr Abdal-Nabi

  52. Clinico-Pathological Analysis of 100 Ovarian Tumours at a High Volume Referral Hospital

    Authors: Sasikala Mootha; Ushasree Dasari

  53. Mona: Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing for Active Clusters in the Cloud

    Authors: Vinodkumar J. Shinde; Madhuri Patil

  54. Elucidating the Public Sentiment Fluctuations on Twitter

    Authors: Bhagyashree Kolte

  55. Face Recognition Using Singular Value Decomposition of Facial Colour Image Database

    Authors: Satonkar Suhas S.; Kurhe Ajay B.; Dr. Khanale Prakash B.

  56. Awareness, Attitude and Practice of Smoking among Medical Sciences & Non-Medical Sciences Students at Taif University: Comparative Study

    Authors: Magda. A.M.Mansour; Hanan.A. M. Youssef; Nabeel A. A. Al- Mawajdeh; Ibrahim R. A. Ayasreh

  57. A Survey on Batch Stream Processing using Query Replacement Technique to Avoid Database Risks

    Authors: Pranav Talwar; D. H. Kulkarni

  58. A Study of Parental Involvement, a Curricular Strategy on the Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Characteristics of Primary School Students

    Authors: Amar Veer Singh; Dr. Jai Pal Singh Vyast

  59. Production of Biodiesel from Castor Oil with its Performance and Emission Test

    Authors: R. Sattanathan

  60. Different Issues in Boarder Area of Sundarban Deltaic Rural Area with Special References to Hingalgaj Block, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India

    Authors: Bikash Mondal

  61. Ways of Assisting Married Women Who are Adventitiously Blinded in Machakos District, Kenya

    Authors: Ndathe Wangari Rachel; Chege Moses Gichuho

  62. Kasturi in Humans: Omphalolith - The Naval Stone with Foul Odour: A Rare Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Amey Doke; Dr. Shrirang Yadwadkar; Dr. Jayant Gadekar

  63. An Assessment of Coping Strategies for Drought Induced Food Shortages in Fedis District, East Hararghe Zone, Ethiopia

    Authors: Anteneh Derribew

  64. Effectiveness of Group-Based Counseling on Health Status and Dietary Intake of Women and Their Children

    Authors: Jaya Chakraborty; Nanda Gurwara

  65. A Rare Cause of Chronic Cough: Tracheobronchopathia Osteochondroplastica

    Authors: Pinar CIMEN; MD; Mehmet UNLU; MD

  66. Evaluation of Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) at a High Volume Tertiary Referral Centre: What are we Missing? A Study Spanning 85,404 Live Births Over 9 Years

    Authors: Sasikala Mootha; Usharani Bathula

  67. Data Security for Cloud Storage System Using Role Based Access Control

    Authors: Prachi Shah

  68. Noncollagenous NC16 Subdomains of Collagen XVII Important for Triple Helix Folding Direction

    Authors: Areida S. K.; Mller P. K.

  69. Successful Pregnancy in a Case of Bicornuate Uterus with Pre Eclampsia and IUGR - A Case Report

    Authors: SasikalaMootha; Usharani Bathula

  70. Innovative Front Line Demonstrations in Tribal Areas to Enhance Bt Cotton Income through Integrated Pest Management

    Authors: Mounica.D; V. Govardhan Rao

  71. Monitoring and Control System for Three Phase Induction Motor Using Poly Phase Multifunction Energy Metering IC ADE7758 and Zigbee Protocol

    Authors: M. P. Bodkhe; K. N. Pawar

  72. Twisted Ovarian Mass in Pregnancy

    Authors: Dr. Vaibhavi Vaghela

  73. Modelling and Structural Analysis of Planetary Geared Winch

    Authors: Aditya Nigam; Sandeep Jain

  74. An Advanced Information Retrieval System of Relational Keyword Search Scheme

    Authors: Gholap Dhananjay A.; Gumaste S. V.

  75. Survey Paper on Location Privacy Preserving and Finding Optimal Meeting Location using Secured Homomorphism

    Authors: Ritesh Thakur; Vilas Shelke

  76. A Survey on Content Based Lecture Video Retrieval Using Speech and Video Text Information

    Authors: Rupali Khollam; S. Pratap Singh

  77. Measures, Determinants and Commonality in Liquidity: Empirical Tests on Tunisian Stock Market

    Authors: Tarek Bouchaddekh; Abdelfatteh Bouri

  78. Reconfigurable Binary Image Processor for Brain Tumor Detection

    Authors: Sibin.P.A; D. Chidhambaram

  79. Link Prediction in Temporal Mobile Database

    Authors: Amol Dongre; Manoj Dhawan

  80. Local Governance and the Role of Associations in the Collective Management: The Case of the City of Agadir, Morocco

    Authors: Nawal ZBIR; Ahmed RHELLOU

  81. A Review on Coexistence of WI-FI and WIMAX Using Simulation OF HMM

    Authors: Gourav Gupta; Garima Khanna

  82. PMSE: Private Mobile Search Engine

    Authors: Auti Mayuri Arjun; Gumaste S.V.

  83. Detection of Cymbidium Mosaic Virus (CYMV) on Vanda Plants

    Authors: D. R. Sudha; G. Usha Rani

  84. Separable Reversible Data Hiding Using Matrix Addition Compression Approach For Color Images

    Authors: Sneshshree Dengle; Dr. Santosh Lomte

  85. A Classifier System for Unwanted Message Filtering From O.S.N User Space

    Authors: Sneha R. Harsule; Mininath K. Nighot

  86. Investigating the Adoption of Telemedicine in Health Care System in Iraq

    Authors: Ammar Wisam Abdulzhraa Altaher

  87. A Secure Third Party Image Reconstruction System in Cloud

    Authors: Shinde Nitanjali U.; Borole M.V.

  88. eDEW: Effective Data Extraction from Web

    Authors: Shalaka Patil

  89. WBANs for Patient Monitoring Systems: A Survey and Outlook

    Authors: Nikhil Walke; R.K. Bedi

  90. A Systematic Study for Electrical Properties of Chemically Treated Coir Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites with ANN Model

    Authors: Alveera Khan; M. Ayaz Ahmad; Shirish Joshi

  91. A Survey on Different Existing Technique for Detection of Black Hole Attack in MANETs

    Authors: Heta Changela; Amit Lathigara

  92. Achieving Efficiency of Encrypted Cloud Data with Synonym Based Search and Multi-Keyword Ranked Search

    Authors: Dipika Chavan; Dinesh Yadav

  93. A Survey on Parallel Method for Rough Set using MapReduce Technique for Data Mining

    Authors: Varda C. Dhande; B.V. Pawar

  94. Antimicrobial Effect of Herbal Nanosilver Finished Fabrics on Drug Resistant Pathogens

    Authors: Margi H. Patel; Pratibha B. Desai

  95. Study of Detection and Prevention Techniques for Flooding attack on AODV in MANET

    Authors: Shruti Bhalodiya; Krunal Vaghela

  96. Protection of Private Data in Association Rule Mining

    Authors: Ashwini B. Yadav; Vikas B. Maral

  97. A Review on Detection and Prevention Techniques of Wormhole Attack in MANETs

    Authors: Darshana Sorathiya; Haresh Rathod

  98. Cooperative Gray Hole Attack Detection and Prevention Techniques in MANET: Review

    Authors: Shani Makwana; Krunal Vaghela

  99. Survey Paper on Participatory Privacy: Enabling Privacy in Participatory Sensing

    Authors: Vishal R. Kamthe; S. Pratap Singh

  100. Survey on Exemplar Based Image Inpainting

    Authors: Raut Bhaskar; Ritesh Thakur

  101. A Clinical Study of Cholelithiasis in Rural Population

    Authors: Dr. Murali Mohan R; Dr. Murali Mohan R

  102. Application of Theoretical Models to the Kinetic Study of the TiFe0,5Co0,5 - H2 System

    Authors: M. Boulghallat; A. Jouaiti; L. Lallam

  103. Urban Area Change Analysis in the Rangpur Sadar Upazila, Bangladesh Using Landsat Imageries

    Authors: Md. Shareful Hassan; Syed Mahmud-ul-islam

  104. Comparison of Vaginal Misoprostol and Foley Catheter for Cervical Ripening

    Authors: Nasreen Noor; Mehkat Ansari S. Manazir Ali

  105. Optimal Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Sedimentation yield and Runoff in high flow season of Indus River at Besham Qila for Terbela Dam

    Authors: Akif Rahim; Amina Akif

  106. Implementation of Reliable Wireless Real Time Automation System Based on Android Mobile Phone and FPGA

    Authors: Supriya Rai; A. P. Thakare

  107. Study and Analysis of Cost Reduction Techniques in Press Part Production: A Case Study of Stamping Unit

    Authors: Anuroop Athalye; Pankaj Gera; Dr. A.R. Madan

  108. Phytochemical, GC-MS Analysis and Antibacterial Activity of Bioactive Compounds of Petroleum Ether Leaf Extracts of Salix viminalis

    Authors: Mohd Sadiq S. Zarger; Fehmeeda Khatoon

  109. Performance of BER Using IA Based Precoding in SISO-OFDM System

    Authors: Dr. Prakash. H. Patil; Sheetal. S. Kokare

  110. Clinicoradiological Outcome of Short Segment Fusion in Thoracolumbar Vertebral Fractures' - A Study of 20 Cases

    Authors: Dr. Ravi Kumar T.V.; Dr. Daksh Gadi; Dr. Madhava Pai; Dr. Raghavendra Rao

  111. A Novel Approach in Surgical Management, for Anesthesia Controlling

    Authors: Sristi V.N.S.Murthy; Sristi Jaya Mangala

  112. Accident Prevention System for Public Transport Vehicles

    Authors: Tejaswini Gunjal; A. D. Bhoi

  113. Multi-Focus Medical Image Fusion using Tetrolet Transform based on Global Thresholding Approach

    Authors: K.L. Naga Kishore; G. Prathibha

  114. Enhancing Security in Cloud by Self Destruction Mechanism

    Authors: Kshama D. Bothra; Sudipta Giri

  115. Online Virtual Subjective Examination System Based Under Ubiquitous Cloud

    Authors: Pranav Deshpande; Pooja Sonone; Gitanjali Patil; Aditya Achari

  116. Synthesis and Characterization of Pure and Fluorine Doped Tin-Oxide Nano-Particles by Sol-Gel Methods

    Authors: S. Kar; S. Kundoo

  117. The Alternative Treatment of Apical Cists with Diode Laser

    Authors: Agron Bytyqi Msc.; Arben Muaj D.D.S.; Neada Hysenaj Msc.

  118. A Computational Approach for Solving Singular Volterra Integral Equations with Abel Kernel and Logarithmic Singularities Using Block Pulse Functions

    Authors: Sharefa EISA ALI ALHAZMI

  119. Enhancing the Security of Playfair Square Cipher by Double Substitution and Transposition Techniques

    Authors: Jawad Ahmad Dar; Amit Verma

  120. Energy Analysis for New Office Buildings in Egypt

    Authors: Dr. George B. Hanna

  121. Paraquat Poisoning: A Case Series in South India

    Authors: Dr. Narendra S. S; Dr. S Vinaykumar

  122. Survey on Cluster Based Routing Protocol in MANETs

    Authors: Rajesh S. Paranjape; S.S. Barde

  123. Recommendation System Techniques in E-Commerce System

    Authors: Mohammad Daoud; S. K. Naqvi

  124. Survey of Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search Using Metric Prediction

    Authors: Sneha M. Durugkar; S. S. Barde

  125. Information Retrieval of K-Means Clustering For Forensic Analysis

    Authors: Prachi Gholap; Vikas Maral

  126. Survey on Nearest Duplicate Video Retrieval

    Authors: Shital Bhirud; P. S. Desai

  127. A Survey on Encryption Methods for Providing Security in Pub/Sub System

    Authors: Onkar P. Kasarlewar; P. S. Desai

  128. Jamming and Replay Packet Attack Detection in Time Critical Wireless Application

    Authors: Pratibha S. Gaikwad; S. P. Pingat

  129. A Survey on Hierarchical Merge for Hadoop-A

    Authors: Vaibhav Dhore; Sonali R. Jagtap

  130. Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

    Authors: Snigdha Rashmi; Bhanu Kumar; Sudarshan Murthy; Prasanna Kumar; Tejashwi. S. Hosmani

  131. Characterization of Porcelain Stoneware Tiles Based on Solid Ceramic Wastes

    Authors: E. El-Fadaly

  132. A Review Paper of Improving Task Division Assignment Using Heuristics

    Authors: Shripadrao Biradar; Deepika Pawar

  133. Towards Establishing World-Class Universities: A Conceptual Approach

    Authors: Tabish SA; Nabil Syed

  134. Orchestrating an Ensemble of MapReduce Workflow with Budget and Deadline constraints in Heterogeneous Clouds

    Authors: Harsha Daryani

  135. Design and Fabrication of Pedal Operated Air Compressor

    Authors: Vishal Gehlot; Abhinay Nigam; Kunal Marmat

  136. Data confidentiality in Online Social Networks: A Survey

    Authors: Vedashree K. Takalkar; P N.Mahalle

  137. Development and Standardization of Scale to Assess the Satisfaction and Expectation of Older Adults in Old Age Homes

    Authors: Shamsi Akbar; S.C.Tiwari; Rakesh Kumar Tripathi; Ambrish Kumar; Nisha Mani Pandey

  138. Evaluation of Fatigue Failure of Crankshaft Work on its Bearing and Crank Pin Analytically and Numerically - A Review

    Authors: Suryakant Rathod; Qaimi Mudassar

  139. Mitigating Denial-of-Service and Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks Using Server Hopping Model Using Distributed Firewall

    Authors: Prajyoti P.Sabale; Anjali B. Raut

  140. A Survey on k-Means: An Approach for Improved Web Site Structure

    Authors: Pramod B. Dhamdhere; Saba Siraj

  141. Studies of Aeromycoflora of Cassia tora L.

    Authors: Diksha Khare; K. L. Tiwari

  142. Experimental Study of Buoyancy Induced Flow and Heat Transfer Through Uniformly Heated Vertical Tube Air Heater

    Authors: Rajesh Thombre; Gajanan Awari; Shashikant Thombre

  143. A Survey on Community Detection

    Authors: Suhas S Thorat; Sharmila M Shinde

  144. Assessment of Knowledge on Minor Ailments of Pregnancy and Home Remedies

    Authors: Nitanjali Patil; Jyoti Salunkhe

  145. Role of Rush Nail in Fracture Forearm Bones with or Without Bone Graft

    Authors: Dr. Kanwarjit Singh Sandhu; Dr. Girish Sahni

  146. Segmentation of Brain in MRI Images Using Watershed-based Technique

    Authors: Yousif Mohamed Y. Abdallah; Abdalrahman Hassan

  147. Relationship between Caretakers Variable on Education and Coping Strategies of Primary Caretakers Attending to Children with Cardiac Problems

    Authors: Y. D. Haritha; Dr. Nasreenbanu

  148. Biogenic Synthesis and Characterization of Selenium Nanoparticles Using the Flower of Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd

    Authors: Deepa.B; Ganesan V

  149. A Survey on User Personalization using Ontology

    Authors: Sarika P. Aundhakar; Prof. N. B. Pokale

  150. A Secure Decentralized Erasure for Code-Based Cloud Storage System

    Authors: Shaik Fathima Zahera

  151. Survey on Visual Cryptography Schemes

    Authors: Prajakta Nikam; Dr. Kishor Kinage

  152. Analysis of C-H...F and O-H...N Intermolecular Interactions Involving Fluorine in A New Mixed Composite Material 5- Fluoro salicylaldehyde -Aniline

    Authors: R.Ida Malarselvi; C. Ramachandra Raja; Priscilla.R

  153. A Framework to maintain Access Control Mechanism for Relation Database

    Authors: Pranali A. Khatode; Jyoti N. Nandhimath

  154. Mineral Profile of Goats Milk and its Relationship to the Surrounding Environment of El Salam Canal Area, East Suez Canal, Egypt

    Authors: Donia G. R. Marwa M. Desouky

  155. Survey of Mining Order-Preserving Submatrices from Data with Repeated Measurements

    Authors: Swati Gaikwad

  156. Effective Method for Automatic Generation of Knowledge from Electronic Textbook

    Authors: Rasika A. Rode; Gitanjali Shinde

  157. Analysis of FFT Based Spectrum Detection Model using Modified Periodogram Algorithm

    Authors: C. Basavaraju; Dr. Chandrakanth.H.G

  158. Comparative Analysis of Privacy Preserving Techniques in Distributed Database

    Authors: Sapana Anant Patil; Dr. Abhijit Banubakode

  159. Fresh Water Cyanophycean Algae from Yelderi Dam Parbhani District (M. S.), India

    Authors: R. M. Mulani; M. D. Sonule

  160. Secure Spread Spectrum Data Embedding and Extraction

    Authors: Vaibhav Dhore; Pathan Md. Arfat

  161. A Survey of Content Aware Video based Social Recommendation System

    Authors: Pankaj Chaudhary; A. A. Deshmukh

  162. NMWD Model for Effect of Isotonic Saline, Hypertonic Saline on Plasma Renin

    Authors: Geetha.T; Balamurugan.K

  163. ICT and its Impact on Library and Information Services: A Case study of Kendriya Vidyalaya Libraries

    Authors: Anup Singh

  164. The Prevalence of delta508 in Cystic Fibrosis Patients with Low Bone Mineral Density in Republic of Macedonia

    Authors: Tatjana Jakovska; Tatjana Zorcec

  165. Optimizing the Cloud Multimedia Resources using Attribute Based Access through Virtualization

    Authors: Patil Siddharam; Rekha Patil

  166. Physics Practicum Matter Suitability to Skills Competency Vocational Investigation In Central Java Province Indonesia

    Authors: Ristiana Dyah Purwandari; Anna Permanasari; Agus Setiawan; Ida Hamidah

  167. Recycling of Demolished Concrete and E-waste

    Authors: S.P.Kale; H.I.Pathan

  168. Evaluation of Obstetric Ultrasound Biological Hazard

    Authors: Mohana Faroug Saeed Attia

  169. Implementation of Mobile To Mobile Calling through Wi-Fi

    Authors: Vishal S. Kasat; Rakesh Pandit

  170. Bianchi Type-II Cosmological Model in Presence of Bulk Stress with Varying- in General Relativity

    Authors: V. G. Mete; V.D.Elkar

  171. GUI Based Network Reconfiguration System for Loss Minimization in Distribution Network

    Authors: Ankur Agrawal; Prabodh Khamparia

  172. CCME&TM Method for WQI Calculations - A Comparison

    Authors: Priyanka Chugh; Amarjit Kaur; Harpreet Kaur; Satish Kumar; H.S. Sahota

  173. Predictive Algorithm for Critical Event Management in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Sulochana M. Gore; Dr. Sulochana B. Sonkamble

  174. Geo-Strategic Dimensions of India's Foreign Policy

    Authors: Zafar Alam Dr

  175. Survey Paper on Users Location Hiding In Geosocial Recommendation Applications

    Authors: Mayura Phadnis; Kanchan Varpe

  176. Comparative Study of Natural and Synthetic Food Additive Dye Amaranth through Photochemical Reactions

    Authors: E. M. Elgendy; N. A. Al-Zahrani

  177. Navigation of PowerPoint Using Hand Gestures

    Authors: Dnyanada R Jadhav; L. M. R. J Lobo

  178. Anesthetic Management of Obese Partuerent Coming for Emergency C- Section

    Authors: Dr. H.R.Swetha; Dr. Parashuram; Jajee

  179. Taxonomic Review of Indian Pipunculids in Comparison to Pipunculids of Other Countries

    Authors: Shailendra KumarAmogh; E.M. Ross; Prakash Michael

  180. Risky Health Behaviors among Albanian Youths: Smoking, Drinking, Body Mass Index (BMI) and their Correlates

    Authors: Pellumb Pipero; Alban Ylli; Elona Gjebrea; Alma Spaho; Julie DaVanzo; Mario Pipero

  181. A Rare Disease Requiring Quick Decision: Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection

    Authors: Emre ONER; MD; Mehmet UNLU; MD

  182. Correlation between DAS28 and Serum Hepcidin Levels in Patients with Anemia and Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Authors: Manolov V; Paskaleva-Peycheva V; Velizarova M; Atanasova B; Hadjidekova S; Vasilev V; Tzatchev K; Marinov B; Bogov I; Genchev G; Emilova R

  183. Diversity of Waterbirds in Lucknow District, Uttar Pradesh, India

    Authors: Amita Kanaujia; Adesh Kumar; Sonika Kushwaha; Akhilesh Kumar

  184. The Feasibility Study on Urban Horticulture for Sustainability- A Case Study on Robe Town

    Authors: Dr. Sreepada Hegde; Dr. Vijayalaxmi Hegde

  185. Estimation of Solar UV-B Radiation at Visakhapatnam and its Variability with Columnar Ozone

    Authors: N. V. Krishna Prasad; M.S.S.R.K.N.Sarma; S. Ramesh; K.S.D.L.K.Prasad; N. Madhavi

  186. Security Threats and Solution in Wireless Sensor Networks

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