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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT) >>

Vol.3, No.1

Publisher: Somil Mayur Shah

Publishing Date: 2014-01-30

  1. Design and Implementation of Map Decoding for DB Convolutional Turbo Decoder

    Authors: S.Sobana; M.Kasthuri; B.Poornema

  2. An Effective Estimation of Software Defect

    Authors: Bipin Shinde; Dr.S.D. Raut

  3. A Statcom-Control Scheme for Grid Connected Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System to Improve Power Quality

    Authors: Boopathi.R; Vijayakumar.G

  4. Assessment of Physico-chemical Water Quality Parameters of Surajkund Pondin Gorakhpur City

    Authors: Sushil Kumar Gupta; Govind Pandey

  5. Efficient Active Noise Cancellation for Decision Tree Technique of ANN

    Authors: Dhanasekaran.B

  6. Nanocomposite Based on Polymer Nanofiber Using Electrospinning process

    Authors: P.V. Thorat; Priyanka Thombre; Sweeti Sawarkar

  7. Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete & Its Properties

    Authors: Shrikant Harle; Nitesh Tantarpale

  8. Vertical and Horizontal Packet Integration Techniques for the Optical Internet

    Authors: V.Nallendiran; R.Asok Kumar

  9. Electrocardiogram (ECG) Signals Feature Extraction and Classification using Various Signal Analysis Techniques

    Authors: M.D. Ingole; S.V. Alaspure; D.T. Ingole

  10. Analysis and Design of Earthquake Resistant Multi-Storied Braced R.C.C. Building using NISA Software

    Authors: Shrikant Harle

  11. Free Mechanical Vibrations of Visco-Elastic Orthotropic Rectangular Plate with Exponential Varying Temperature

    Authors: Subodh Kumar Sharma

  12. A Clustering Mechanism for Energy Efficient Routing Path

    Authors: Nangai Abinaya S; Sudha R

  13. Vibration of Visco-elastic Rhombic Plate with Varying Thickness and Thermal Gradient

    Authors: Subodh Kumar Sharma

  14. A Review of Production of Ethanol from Corn

    Authors: A.Meenakshi; R.Kumaresan

  15. Proposed Technique to Improve VANET’s Vehicle Localization Accuracy in Multipath Environment

    Authors: Ashitosh A. Salunkhe; Mrs.Sunita S. Shinde

  16. Morphology Based Approach for Detection and Extraction of Blinking Region Scene from GIF Images

    Authors: Amit Pal; Amit Rajput

  17. Vehicle Number Plate Identification System (VNPIS)

    Authors: Bhupendra Dehariya; Amit Rajput

  18. A Review on Advanced Engines Technology

    Authors: Hitesh Bhargav; Hardik Patel; Arjun Kadivar

  19. Microcontroller Based Advanced Triggering Circuit for Converters/Inverters

    Authors: Zameer Ahmad; S.N. Singh

  20. Experimental Investigation & Analysis of Process Parameter in Machining Of Aluminum Based Metal Matrix Compoite

    Authors: Prakash Kumar Dalai?; Ajit Senapati?

  21. A Hybrid Technique for Image Retrieval Using Canny and Neural Network

    Authors: Palvi Rani; Poonam Tanwar

  22. Investigation & Analysis of Different Aluminium Alloys t

    Authors: Nibedita Sethi?; Ajit Senapati?

  23. Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete & Its Properties

    Authors: Shrikant Harle

  24. A Survey on Radio Frequency Identification and Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: S.Janani Devi; Dr.G.M.Tamil Selvan

  25. A Survey on Radio Frequency Identification and Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: S.Janani Devi; Dr.G.M.Tamil Selvan

  26. An invesgation of En8 Material on Abrasive Water jet Machine

    Authors: Vivek. K. Patel; Dr.Prashant Sharma

  27. An invesgation of En8 Material on Abrasive Water jet Machine

    Authors: Vivek. K. Patel; Dr.Prashant Sharma

  28. An invesgation of En8 Material on Abrasive Water jet Machine

    Authors: Vivek. K. Patel; Dr.Prashant Sharma

  29. Rheological Study of Petroleum Fluid and Oil-in-Water Emulsion

    Authors: Liyana Nadirah; M.S; Abdurahman H.N; Rizauddin; D.

  30. Biomethanation of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) By Ultrasonic Membrane Anaerobic System (UMAS) Using Pome as Substrate

    Authors: Abdurahman.H.Nour; Nuri

  31. Performance of Temperature Control Microwave Closed System (TCMCS)

    Authors: Faridah Kormin; Abdurrahman Hamid Nour; Rosli Mohd Yunus; Makson Rivai; Shaharuddin Kormin

  32. Flow Enhancement in Pipeline Transportation for Heavy Crude Oil Emulsion

    Authors: Abdurahman. H. Nour; NurulHafizabintinorden

  33. Position Based Protocol with QOS Parameters in VANETs

    Authors: Vigneshkanna.B; M.Manikandan

  34. Applications of Dominating Set of Graph in Computer Networks `

    Authors: A. Sasireka; A. H. Nandhu Kishore

  35. RFID Technology and its Application Areas: A Review Paper

    Authors: Gurpreet Singh

  36. Comparison of Image Compression Techniques Using Wavelet and Curvelet Transform

    Authors: Swati D. Pethapara; Devendra Patel; Bhumika Makwana

  37. A Review about Work flow of Biological Neural Network and Anaesthesia

    Authors: Sandeep Kumar Jhamta

  38. UPQC Control of Wind Turbine Fed FSIG under Asymmetric Faults

    Authors: P. Karthigeyan

  39. Malicious Code Analysis using Metalanguage

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  40. Assembly Language Analysis for Identification of Malicious Codes

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  41. Static Analysis for Malicious Codes Study

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  42. Data Mining Techniques for Computer Virus Detection

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  43. Hashing Techniques for Computer Virus Detection

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  44. Performance Modeling of Caution Message Delivery in VANET-A Survey and Comparison

    Authors: M.Sheela Devi; K.Malar

  45. Mobility Responsive Node Deployment and Tree Construction Framework for ZIGBEE Wireless Networks

    Authors: Prinslin.L; V.Janani

  46. Authenticated Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud

    Authors: Murali N.S.; D.Thilagavathy

  47. Cache Replication-An Efficient Cache Consistency Scheme for the Server Based Networks

    Authors: Bibiana Jenifer . J; Manikandan .M

  48. Efficient Certificate Revocation of Attacker nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    Authors: V. Kalaivani; M. Ashwin

  49. Generalized Beta Homeomorphisms in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces

    Authors: D. Jayanthi

  50. Process Re-Engineering of Automobile Truck Frame Assembly on Conveyor Line

    Authors: T. Raja Vijay

  51. Integrated Approach towards Grey Water Management

    Authors: Kamal Rana; Mitali Shah; Amita Upadhyay

  52. Performance Evaluation of AODV, DSDV and DSR Routing Protocols using NS-2 Simulator

    Authors: Anuja Thakur; Sharda Patel; Ashok Verma

  53. Plasma Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste: A Review

    Authors: Kartik Gonawala; Ankita Parmar

  54. Experimental Investigation of Biodiesel Production from Waste Mustard Oil

    Authors: Rajat Subhra Samanta; Mukunda Kumar Das

  55. Content Protection through Reversible Watermarking Technique

    Authors: Rupali S. Warkar; Priyanka More

  56. Speed Violation Detection System : A Review

    Authors: Sukhdeep Singh; Rishma Chawla

  57. Analysing the Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Using FEA

    Authors: A.Dyson Bruno; M.Baskaran

  58. A Review on ARM7 Based Accident Detection Using GSM, GPS and MEMS

    Authors: Yogesh J. Ingle; U. A. Rane

  59. Prediction of Evapotranspiration Using Artificial Neural Network Model and Compared With Measured Values

    Authors: S.K.Singh; Chhedi Lal Verma; D.K. Sharma

  60. Current Advancements in Wireless Communication Technology

    Authors: Md Touseef Sumer; Ismat Fathima

  61. An Artificial Immune Classification and Clustering Systems: A Survey

    Authors: Stephen Ajay Anurag Beri

  62. A Novel Method of Optimizing Lifetime and Reduction in Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Er. Anju Bala; Er. Saurabh Kumar

  63. Wireless Body Area Networks and Its Emerging Technologies in Real Time Applications

    Authors: Esther Evangelin; Dahlia Sam

  64. Peristaltic Motion with Porous Medium through Coaxial Vertical Channel: A Theoretical Study

    Authors: Dr.S.Ravi Kumar; Dr.N.Ameer Ahamad

  65. Peristaltic Motion with Porous Medium through Coaxial Vertical Channel: A Theoretical Study

    Authors: Dr.S.Ravi Kumar; Dr.N.Ameer Ahamad

  66. Comparative Study of Aluminium Alloy Plate AA2014/7075 under the Effect of Butt Welding Process

    Authors: K.Rajasuthan; S.Raja

  67. Design and Fabrication of Remote Controlled Multi-Axis Operation theatre BED

    Authors: B.Govinda Reddy; S. Madhava Reddy

  68. Novel Web Proxy Cache Replacement Algorithms using Machine Learning Techniques for Performance Enhancement

    Authors: P. N. Vijaya Kumar; V. Raghunatha Reddy

  69. Experimental and Theoretical Investigation Into Rotary Forging of Axi-Symmetric Aluminium Disc

    Authors: Debabrata Rath; Samir Kumar Panda

  70. An Efficient Pricing Mechanism for Mobile Video Streaming in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Binayak Parashar; S.Suresh

  71. Magnetohydrodynamic Flow past a Parabolic Started Isothermal Vertical Plate with Variable Mass Diffusion

    Authors: R. Muthucumaraswamy; A. Neel Armstrong

  72. A Review on Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Alok Haldar; Sudipta Biswas; Satyajit De

  73. Static Modulus of Elasticity Of Sand-Laterite Blocks

    Authors: Static Modulus of Elasticity Of Sand-Laterite Blocks

  74. Wireless Sensor Networks with Minimum Utilization and Maximum Life Time under Joint Routing

    Authors: R.Praba; P.Priyavadhana

  75. Performance, Emission, Combustion, Compression Ratio, Injection Timing and Injection Pressure on a Single Cylinder CI engine Operated with Mahua Methyl Ester

    Authors: R. SenthilKumar; R.Manimaran

  76. A Survey on Performance Analysis of AODV and DSR

    Authors: Er.Richa Sharma; Rajiv Mahajan

  77. Use of Coefficient of Skewness and Quartile Deviation of Auxiliary Variable for Improved Estimation of Population Mean

    Authors: Subhash Kumar Yadav; Sheela Misra; Alok Kumar Shukla; Vishwas Tiwari

  78. A New Simple UV Spectrophotometric Determination of Paliperidone Palmitate in Tablets

    Authors: Satya.T; Sivasankara Yadav.G.K; Chakravarthy.I.E

  79. Telemedicine Web Server Based on Embedded Serial Device

    Authors: Manisha U. Phutane; Patil R.S.

  80. Optimal Routing Algorithm used in Wireless Mesh Networks for Energy Efficiency

    Authors: K.Kumaravel; Mincy Sabu; Dr.A.Marimuthu

  81. An Approach to Code Generation from UML Diagrams

    Authors: Harshal D. Gurad; V. S. Mahalle

  82. A Review of Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Sushil R. Sawdekar; Prof.C.M.Mankar

  83. A Survey of an Integrated Scheduling Scheme with Long-Range and Short-Range Dependent Traffic

    Authors: A. Sakira Parveen

  84. Performance Analysis: Tree and Graph Based Topology Control Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: L.Jothi

  85. Landslide Monitoring System Based on Dual Receiver Measurements

    Authors: Anantha Selvi.S; Dr.G.Athisha

  86. A Finite Source Perishable Inventory System with Retrial Demands, Server Interruptions and Multiple Vacations

    Authors: K. Jeganathan

  87. Modelling, Thermal Design and Thermal Analysis of an Electronic Unit

    Authors: Basavarajappa S; Mallikarjuna V Bidari; Mujeebulla Khan Guttal

  88. Modeling of Ambient Air Pollutants through Artificial Neural Network in Industrial Area of Ujjain City

    Authors: Alka Srivastava; Ashok K. Sharma

  89. A Novel Approach to FPGA Realization of FIR Filters by Systolization Using Distributed Arithmetic

    Authors: M.Praveena

  90. Remote Reconfigurable MOTE Design for Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Natheswaran.S; Dr.G.Athisha

  91. Efficient Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Collectors Using Bounded Relay Hop Mobile Data Gathering

    Authors: Prabha.N; M.Ashwin

  92. Synchronization Techniques for OFDM System Performance

    Authors: Ritika Kondal; Ravi Kant Sharma; Abhay Sharma

  93. A Survey of Fast Analog Circuit Analysis Algorithm using SPICE

    Authors: T.Murugajothi

  94. Mining Tree Based Frequent Pattern from Human Interaction in Meeting

    Authors: Puja R. Kose; Pankaj K. Bharne