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Archived Papers for Journal

Galician Medical Journal >>

Vol.22, No.3

Publisher: Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University

Publishing Date: 2015-09-30

  1. Gonadotoxic Effects of Technogenic Pollution Factors

    Authors: L. S. Shvets; L. Ye. Kovalchuk

  2. Distribution of Receptors for Wheat Germ Lectins in Rat Testes after Exposure to Electromagnetic Field and Taking Tincture of Echinacea Purpurea

    Authors: E. N. Sharapova; E. G. Topka

  3. Morphological Features of Changes in Gastric Mucosa in Patients with Chronic Atrophic Gastritis

    Authors: O. B. Molodovets; N. Z. Pozur; S. B. Herashchenko; M. Z. Yurak

  4. Mineral Content of Compact Bone in Rats after the Induction of Mild Hypothermia

    Authors: S. V. Malyshkina; D. M. Poshelok; O. A. Nikolchenko; V. V. Velyaminova; A. A. Baturin; L. P. Fomina

  5. Features of Evaluation of the Six-Minute Walk Test Results in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure on the Basis of Hypertension with Metabolic Syndrome Signs

    Authors: R. I. Belehai

  6. Variant Anatomy of the Posterior Lobe of the Human Cerebellum

    Authors: O. Yu. Stepanenko; N. I. Maryenko

  7. Individual Specific Features and Variability of the Buccal Branches of the Facial Nerve

    Authors: A. P. Babuci; I. M. Catereniuc; T. M. Titiva; Z. A. Zorina; G. N. Certan; R. A. Angheliu

  8. Abilities of Renewable Changes of Pancreatic Ultrastructure on the Background of Medical Correction of Experimental Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: O. R. Ivantsiv

  9. Structural Features of the Lymphoid Tissue of Newborns’ Gastric Mucosa

    Authors: S. S. Kliuchko

  10. Features of Structural and Functional Organization of the Thyroid Gland in Rats with Microelementosis

    Authors: T. V. Guranych; Yu. V. Bortnyk; L. V. Nykolyshyn; N. M. Voronich-Semchenko; M. M. Bagriy

  11. “The Protocol of Drug Efficacy and Safety” as a Type of Students’ Independent Work in the Study of Clinical Pharmacology

    Authors: R. I. Belehai

  12. Computer Testing - Innovative Method of Student’s Knowledge and Learning Achievements Control

    Authors: V. M. Fedorak

  13. Topographical and Anatomical Peculiarities of the Lower Urinary System in the Early Neonatal Period

    Authors: O. M. Slobodian; I. S. Kashperuk-Karpiuk

  14. Mucogongival Surgery as a Necessary Element of Complex Treatment of Patients with Shallow Vestibule Suffering from Generalized Periodontitis

    Authors: N. P. Makhlynets

  15. Peculiarities of Acute Obstructive Bronchitis Course in Infants

    Authors: B. Ya. Dmytryshyn

  16. Abnormal Production of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein in Patients with Primary Hypothyroidism

    Authors: O. M. Didushko

  17. Stereomorphological Peculiarities of the Structure of Human Prostate and Complications of its Nomenclature

    Authors: O. A. Sherstyuk; R. L. Ustenko; A. V. Pilyugin; N. L. Svintsitskaya

  18. Changes in the Structure of the Gallbladder Wall in Patients with Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis with Concomitant Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: M. V. Pyuruk

  19. Changes in Some Immunological and Biochemical Parameters in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C with Increased Total Cardiovascular Risk and their Medical Correction

    Authors: O. Ya. Pryshliak; N. V. Vaskul

  20. Morphofunctional Features of Pancreatic Islets Structure in Three Months Old Rats and Their Alteration during the Tenth Week of Experimental Type 1Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: V. A. Miskiv; M. O. Kulynych-Miskiv; V. M. Zhurakivskyi; R. R. Grymaliuk

  21. Hypertension of Both the Pulmonary and Systemic Circulations and the Vasodilator Properties of L-Arginine (Acute Drug Testing)

    Authors: I. H. Kupnovytska; L. A. Dron

  22. Changes of Testis Cytohistological Parameters after Injury of The Blood Vessels of the Spermatic Cord during the Experiment

    Authors: B. V. Grytsulyak; V. B. Grytsulyak; I.. Y. Ivasiuk; T. A. Lisova; O. E. Khallo

  23. Energy of Scientists’ Encouragement

    Authors: S. M. Genyk

  24. Phase Composition of the Acetabular Bone Biomineral in Albino Rats with Defect in the Tibia after 60-Day Administration of Tartrazine

    Authors: G. V. Lukyantseva

  25. Macro- and Microscopic Structural Features of the Cerebellar Dentate Nucleus in Humans

    Authors: D. M. Shyian

  26. Gastrointestinal Failure in Newborns: Morphological Basis and Clinical Equivalents

    Authors: D. A. Shkurupiy; D. A. Kholod; R. Yu. Salo

  27. Characteristics of Polymorphic Variants of Nfκb1 Transcription Nuclear Factor as Predictors of Generalized Periodontitis Development

    Authors: N. V. Gasyuk; G. A. Yeroshenko

  28. The Morphological Changes of Hemomicrocirculatory Channel of Adrenal Glands after the Action of the Cold Factor

    Authors: T. V. Knyazevych-Chorna; L. A. Shutka; U. M. Dutchak

  29. Age-Related Peculiarities of Structural Reorganization of the Hepatic Lobules in Rats

    Authors: Yu. V. Bodnarchuk

  30. Teaching Course of General Surgery to English-Speaking Students According to European Credit Transfer System

    Authors: Yu. M. Kotik

  31. Features of Restructuring of the Excretory Ducts of the Submandibular Gland in Case of Experimental Diabetes Using the Principal Component Analysis

    Authors: T. L. Kotyk

  32. Modern Data about Morphofunctional Features of the Cervix

    Authors: O. V. Guzik; O. M. Slobodian; N. M. Navarchuk

  33. Morphological Changes in the Spleen of Rats in Late Periods after Skin Burn Injury and Use of Lactoprotein in Combination with Sorbitol

    Authors: I. V. Bulko

  34. Age-Related Characteristics of Linear Dimensions of the Renal Calyces in Mature and Elderly People

    Authors: I. Ya. Yevtushenko

  35. Lectin Histochemistry of Liver under the Conditions of Antihistamine Drugs Administration

    Authors: O. V. Dudok

  36. Morphofunctional peculiarities of temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscles in hypothyroidism

    Authors: R. S. Voyanskyy; N. T. Sahan; O. H. Popadynets; U. M. Dutchak; V. M. Pertsovych; O. D. Marchuk; N. M. Dubyna; A. S. Dmytrenko; M. I. Hryshchuk

  37. To the 75th Anniversary of the Birthday of the Famous Scientist-Anatomist from Prykarpattia Professor Shutka Bohdan Vasylovych

    Authors: M. M. Rozhko; O. H. Popadynets; Ya. I. Klypych; U. M. Dutchak; O. V. Sahan; L. A. Shutka

  38. Morphofunctional changes in the mucous membrane of the palate and cheek, gums and salivary glands in hypothyroidism

    Authors: I. M. Ananevych; R. R. Barchuk; O. M. Repetska; O. H. Popadynets; O. V. Sahan; M. B. Pastukh; V. M. Pertsovych; N. M. Dubyna; O. D. Marchuk

  39. Ultrastructure of Mineral of the Lower Incisor Dentin in Rats after 60-Day Sodium Glutamate Intake and Exposure to Ionizing Radiation

    Authors: K. T. Simrok

  40. Peculiarities of Multiple Sclerosis Depending on Changes of Vitamin D Concentration in the Blood Serum of Patients

    Authors: L. B. Orynchak

  41. Morphological Features of the Cerebellar Nuclei

    Authors: D. M. Shyian

  42. Excretion of Ammonia and Urea by the Kidneys after Liver Resection and Hyperbaric Oxygenation

    Authors: P. N. Savilov; D. V. Molchanov

  43. New Aspects in Nerve Regeneration

    Authors: Shimon Rochkind

  44. Symptom Complex of Dental Disease in Patients with Tuberculosis

    Authors: L. G. Ermakova

  45. Creating a Distal Limited Defect by Surgical Exposure of an Impacted Third Molar. Prognosis and Treatment

    Authors: Irina Beleva; Christo Kissov

  46. Sexual Dimorphism of Digital Dermatoglyphic Parameters among Population of Boyko Ethnic Group

    Authors: N. M. Kozan; Yu. Z. Kotsyubynska

  47. Ultrastructure of Injured Peripheral Nerve Epineurium after Surgery Using High-Frequency Electric Welding Technologies at Early Regeneration Stage

    Authors: A. V. Korsak

  48. Morphofunctional Peculiarities of Urinary-Genital System Organs in Experimentally Simulated Conditions

    Authors: O. H. Popadynets; O. M. Dudok; V. M. Pertsovych; A. B. Hrechyn; L. A. Shutka; O. V. Sahan; N. M. Dubyna; V. M. Fedorak

  49. Oxidative Stress as a Trigger Factor of Target Organs Damage at an Early Stage Development of Critical States

    Authors: M. R. Gerasymchuk

  50. Gonad Differentiation at the Beginning of Prefetal Period of Human Ontogenesis

    Authors: F. D. Marchuk; N. I. Haina; T. V. Protsak; S. I. Hnatkovych

  51. S-100 Protein Expression in Ganglion Layer of Rat’s Sensorimotor Cortex in Cases of Modelled Damage of Cerebral Circulation of Different Severity Degree

    Authors: L. M. Yaremenko; A. M. Grabovoy; V. E. Lavrinenko

  52. Influence of Extracellular Dehydration on Histomorphometrical Parameters of Rats’ Spleen

    Authors: O. O. Prykhodko

  53. Variability of thyroid cancer forms in human fetuses

    Authors: L. Ya. Lopushniak; T. V. Khmara; B. G. Makar