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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.136, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2023-03-16

  1. Synthesis of 4-phenyl-1,2,3-selenadiazole

    Authors: Zachinyaev Yaroslav Vasilevich; Zachinyaeva Anna Vladimirovna

  2. Synthesis of 4-phenyl-1,2,3-thiadiazole

    Authors: Zachinyaev Yaroslav Vasilevich; Zachinyaeva Anna Vladimirovna

  3. Technology for the preparation of canned food from non-traditional raw materials

    Authors: Dadaboeva Dilafruz Valizhonovna; Normurodova Kunduz Togaevna

  4. The composition of the fruits of the mulberry plant and its beneficial properties for human health

    Authors: Dadaboeva Dilafruz Valizhonovna; Normurodova Kunduz Togaevna

  5. Influence of the Ca2 + cation on the synthesis of alginate by the Azotbacter chroccocum XH-2018 strain. Phsical and chemical properties of alginates

    Authors: Muydinov Akhrorbek Maksudzhonovich; Rasulov Bakhtier Abdugafforovich

  6. General characteristics of bacteria, including the group of nitrogenic bacteria

    Authors: Muydinov Akhrorbek Maksudzhonovich; Rasulov Bakhtier Abdugafurovich

  7. On the issue of economic analysis of metrological support of engineering facilities

    Authors: Ershova Kseniya Aleksandrovna

  8. Rational technologies for the use of lime-containing waste for the eco-friendly increase of the raw material base of the building industry of the region

    Authors: Khalikov Rauf Muzagitovich; Popov Valeriy Petrovich

  9. The use of open source software as one of the import substitution measures

    Authors: Oleksin Ivan Viktorovich

  10. Improving the financial stability of the organization (on the example of Zhas-Dan LLP)

    Authors: Artemenko Yuliya Evgenevna

  11. Сhanges in the accounting procedure for leasing operations

    Authors: Lemesheva Elena Ivanovna

  12. Сhanges in the tax accounting of leasing transactions since 2022

    Authors: Lemesheva Elena Ivanovna

  13. Analysis of the video advertising of "Kommunarka as a tool of sensor marketing communications with the target audience 

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  14. Comparative analysis of PR communications Samsung and Apple

    Authors: Malinovskaya Valeriya Alekseevna

  15. Features of aromatization and tactile contact in food trading facilities (by the example of Belarusian confectionery factory Kommunarka)

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  16. Analysis of the financial stability of JSC "Plant "Meteor"

    Authors: Belova Marina Aleksandrovna

  17. Theoretical foundations of accounting and internal control of payments with staff

    Authors: Fedina Kseniya Yurevna

  18. The system of normative regulation of accounting for the calculations of payments in a budgetary institution

    Authors: Fedina Kseniya Yurevna; Ryabova Tatyana Sergeevna

  19. Methods and features of financial forecasting of the company

    Authors: Shaporeva Tatyana Sergeevna

  20. Problems of formation of income and expenses of non-profit organizations

    Authors: Lebedeva Svetlana Anatolevna

  21. Problems of formation and use of financial resources of the Pension Fund

    Authors: Lebedeva Svetlana Anatolevna

  22. Telescoping of words

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  23. Telescopic formation

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  24. Linguistic means of creating a media image of V.V. Putin and Russia

    Authors: Slobodyanyuk Tatyana Nikolaevna

  25. Linguistic and Rhetorical Approach to the study of K.D. Ushinsky idiodiscourse as a professional linguistic personality

    Authors: Marusevich Olga Yurevna

  26. How did the «Civil War» become an impetus for the diversity of American literature movements?

    Authors: Mirsalikhova Robiya Timurovna

  27. Sociolinguistic competence and the main characteristics of it

    Authors: Tursunova Gulchekhra Norboboevna

  28. Cross-cultural communication in contemporary society

    Authors: Khusanova Kamolakhon Dilshodkizi; Tursunova Gulchekhra Norboboevna

  29. Modern methods of secondary education school management

    Authors: Rasulova Zulaykho Ravshanovna

  30. English and Uzbek paremiological units related "Food"

    Authors: Mamatkulova Fatima Ashirkulovna; Ataniyazova Dilnoza Shavkatovna

  31. The specificity of the relationship between the brothers in the image of F.M. Dostoevsky (the brothers Karamazov)

    Authors: Zhindeeva Elena Aleksandrovna; Tarakanova Darya Vitalevna

  32. Approaches to investigate cross-cultural communication style

    Authors: Khusanova Kamolakhon Dilshodkizi; Tursunova Gulchekhra Norboboevna

  33. The importance of gender awareness in Uzbekistan

    Authors: Abdualimova Nasiba Bakhromovna; Saidova Mamura Suleymanovna

  34. Problems of defining the concept of corruption and other related concepts

    Authors: Satkangulov Arsen Zhumataevich

  35. Determination of corruption crimes

    Authors: Satkangulov Arsen Zhumataevich

  36. Methods for protecting proprietary rights of participants in equity construction in the insolvency of the developer

    Authors: Semenova Zamira Rashidovna

  37. Classification of civil legal relations

    Authors: Sobolev Andrey Aleksandrovich

  38. Bankruptcy of individuals: problems of judicial and arbitration practice

    Authors: Karibaev Niyaz Zhanarbekovich

  39. To the definition of the concept of "Relapse" and its types

    Authors: Sergeeva Zhanna Timofeevna

  40. Prospects for the development of norms on the postponement of serving sentences in relation to pregnant women and women with young children under the criminal legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

    Authors: Ustemirova Darina Samatovna

  41. The content of civil relations

    Authors: Streltsova Yuliya Anatolevna

  42. Specific features of the method of civil law regulation

    Authors: Streltsova Yuliya Anatolevna

  43. Running as a means of improving health

    Authors: Ivanova Elizaveta Sergeevna

  44. Fostering a love of work in school institutions

    Authors: Doshlakieva Zalina Bashirovna; Pogorova Zamira Magometovna

  45. Extracurricular work in geography, its types and organization

    Authors: Nakastkhoeva Iza Magomedovna; Pogorova Zamira Magometovna

  46. Features of interaction with gifted children

    Authors: Iskhakova Raliya Sabirzyanovna

  47. Organizational and methodological conditions for the development of mobility in the joints of SMG students with functional disorders of the spine

    Authors: Maksimikhin Danil Vladimirovich

  48. Butterfly swimmer training

    Authors: Kozlov Vladimir Viktorovich

  49. Features of teaching students swimming elements with consequences of child cerebral palsy in extracurricular activities in physical education

    Authors: Maksimikhina Elena Vladimirovna; Sukhanova Irina Mikhaylovna

  50. Technical means of teaching in school institutions

    Authors: Doshlakieva Zalina Bashirovna; Pogorova Zamira Magometovna

  51. New technologies for evaluating educational achievements and features of their application

    Authors: Kladinova Inna Anatolevna

  52. Project activities of students

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna

  53. Problems of formation of assessment competence of primary school teachers

    Authors: Kladinova Inna Anatolevna

  54. Work on compositions of different genres in russian language lessons as an effective means of developing the written language of younger schoolchildren

    Authors: Ryazapova Arina Igorevna

  55. Ways to improve the lesson of geography

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna

  56. Modern geography lesson at school

    Authors: Doshlakieva Zalina Bashirovna; Archakova Maret Bagaudinovna

  57. Analysis of the features of planning and conducting classes to familiarize primary school children with the russian literary fairy tale in the lessons of literary reading

    Authors: Sharifullina Regina Viktorovna

  58. Managing social interaction in the context of innovative education

    Authors: Albekova Zhanar Suygumbaevna

  59. The role of oral folk art in the education of primary school children

    Authors: Gayfullina Dina Khalilovna

  60. Oral folk art as a means of introducing a student to the national culture of the peoples of Russia

    Authors: Gayfullina Dina Khalilovna

  61. Features of the formation of universal educational activities in the digital era

    Authors: Iskhakova Raliya Sabirzyanovna

  62. Conditions for the Formation of Regulatory Universal Learning Actions in Primary School Students

    Authors: Iskhakova Raliya Sabirzyanovna

  63. Why brainstorming is useful for students?

    Authors: Kenesova Zhazira Bauyrzhanovna

  64. Hygienic assessment of nutrition of students of medical educations

    Authors: Dzhanoyan Izabella Armenovna; Shadrina Polina Igorevna

  65. On the relevance of the problem of adaptation to the educational and service activities of cadets of the penal system

    Authors: Madoyan Margarita Anatolevna; Vinogradov Evgeniy Sergeevich

  66. Using the mediation institute in Kazakhstan

    Authors: Badagulova Asemgul Beysenovna

  67. Environmental problems of the Russian Federation in the field of protection of forest resources

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna

  68. Salinity of the waters of the oceans

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna; Archakova Maret Bagaudinovna

  69. The temperature regime of the oceans

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna

  70. Assessment of the tourist region of China

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna; Archakova Maret Bagaudinovna

  71. Characteristics of cloud types

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna

  72. The main problems of pollution of the World ocean

    Authors: Doshlakieva Zalina Bashirovna; Archakova Maret Bagaudinovna

  73. Arctic deserts of Russia and their economic use

    Authors: Shabarov Anton Valerevich

  74. Orenburg region — endemic to iodine

    Authors: Pilipenko Mariya Sergeevna

  75. Tundra and their management

    Authors: Shabarov Anton Valerevich

  76. Features of the demographic situation in the Orenburg region

    Authors: Pilipenko Mariya Sergeevna