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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.10, No.4

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2021-04-05

  1. Operations Management as a Function of Business has been Fundamental in Keeping Businesses Afloat during the Current Uncertain Times

    Authors: Yasin Halai

  2. Cracking Impact on the Serviceability Enhancement of RC Fibrous Concrete: A Review

    Authors: Mahmoud Abo El-Wafa

  3. Case Report on Von Recklinghausen Disease - An Array of Challenges for the Anaesthesiologist in the Era of COVID Pandemic

    Authors: Dr. P. Veena

  4. Comparative Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Betadien versus Chlorohexdien Solution on Episiotomy Wound Healing among the Postnatal Mothers Admitted in the Obstetrics ward at SGT Hospital Budhera, Gururam

    Authors: Geeta

  5. Professional Life towards Family Life in the Context of COVID-19: Application in Mining Companies in the Former Katanga

    Authors: Sylvain Mangala Manda

  6. Fibroids and Homoeopathy

    Authors: Dr Shradha Thakkar

  7. Glaucoma Detection Using Machine Learning

    Authors: Sharanya S

  8. Teacher Education in India: A Training Programme in ESL

    Authors: Burra Sridhar Kumar

  9. Effects of Different Type of Processing Methods on Biochemical Changes of Skipjack Tuna Katsuwonus pelamis

    Authors: Chandravathany Devadawson

  10. Efficacy of Theragun and Surge Faradic Stimulation in Subjects with Trapezitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

    Authors: Yash Seju

  11. Effectiveness of Theragun and Ergonomic Advice in Patients with Low Back Pain among Bus Drivers - A Randomized Controlled Trial

    Authors: Urvej Mansuri

  12. Professional Interest of Students of Pedagogical Humanities and Parental Influence in the Choice of the University Track

    Authors: Ebal' Ambun Angwelemben Patience

  13. Hirschsprung's Disease (Congenital Mega-Colon)

    Authors: Mo. Faishal

  14. Effect of Post Operative Physiotherapy in Patients with CABG to Improve Cardiovascular Endurance - A Randomised Controlled Trial

    Authors: Priyal Kansara

  15. Determinants of Premarital Sex among Undergraduate Students in Ekiti State, Nigeria

    Authors: Alade T. T.

  16. Effectiveness of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Technique along with the Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation Protocol in Subjects with Foot Drop - An Experimental Study

    Authors: Nilay Dave

  17. Training Needs in Instructional Supervision

    Authors: Anne Rose L. Calimlim

  18. Database Failure Prediction Based on Deep Learning Model

    Authors: Siva Karthick Chaganty

  19. Efficiency of Water Users' Association of Lepcha Community in Construction of Irrigation Canal: Evidence from Rong Rural Municipality of Nepal

    Authors: Sadiksha Katwal

  20. Design and Analysis of Spherical Dome

    Authors: Milind Kumar Jaiswal

  21. A Study on the Attitude of Students towards Environment based Model for Teaching / Learning Botany at Higher Secondary Level

    Authors: Dr Renuka Sonny L R

  22. An Overview on Buccal Patches

    Authors: Vasireddy Praveen

  23. Microbiological Trends of Candidemia and Antifungal Susceptibility Pattern: Seven Year?s Experience at a Multi Super - Specialty Center in Northern India

    Authors: Eshani Dewan

  24. The Theoretical Foundation of Physical Reality

    Authors: Thomas Nordstrom

  25. Selection and Methodological Organization of Educational Material for a Professionally Oriented Textbook in a Foreign Language for Students of Humanitarian Specialties

    Authors: Ashurova Nigina Alimdjanovna

  26. Men's Health and Sexuality: Stories of Elderly Men Living with HIV/AIDS

    Authors: Cerqueira

  27. Factors Affecting Online Customers' Satisfaction in Rajasthan

    Authors: Ankita Ochani

  28. Analysis onto the Evolving Cyber-Attack Trends during COVID-19 Pandemic

    Authors: Senthuran Nallainathan

  29. Burning Mouth Syndrome and Prosthetic Dentistry: General Data, Epidemiology, Clinical Picture

    Authors: Dr. Rada Torezova Kazakova

  30. Burning Mouth Syndrome and Prosthetic Dentistry: Pathogenesis, Assessment and Diagnosis

    Authors: Dr. Rada Torezova Kazakova

  31. Burning Mouth Syndrome and Prosthetic Dentistry: Etiology

    Authors: Dr. Rada Torezova Kazakova

  32. Safety Measures Adopted for the Technicians Working in Laboratory during COVID-19 at Chennai

    Authors: Mathura K

  33. New Economic Reforms and Changes in Trends of India's Engineering Goods Export's

    Authors: Dr. MD Mahmood Alam

  34. Transmutation

    Authors: Ilija Lakicevic

  35. A Study on Comparison between Ziehl Neelsen Staining with Auramine Rhodamine Staining in Diagnosis of Paucibacillary Leprosy

    Authors: Ashwini Kodigehalli Chikkanna Swamy

  36. Application of Remote Sensing for Above-Ground Biomass Estimation

    Authors: Harsimran Singh Sodhi

  37. Micronutrients Technique (MNT) with Constructed Wetlands (CWs) at CTM Jiangmen Waste Water Treatment Plant

    Authors: Anthony See-Yuen To

  38. The Theoretical Foundation of Medicine

    Authors: Thomas Nordstrom

  39. An Overview of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) of India

    Authors: Rameshbhai G. Pawar

  40. Radioclinical Spectrum in Ameloblastoma in 3 Patients

    Authors: Dr. Sapna Dhiman

  41. The Effectiveness of Posterior Femoral Glide Technique for Iliopsoas Pain and Tightness in Contemporary Dancers

    Authors: Mathiyarasi .R

  42. Comparative Studies of Prevalence of Ectoparasites of Cows and Goats Sold In Lokoja Area of Kogi State

    Authors: Egbunu Abiodun Abosede

  43. Ion Chromatography Method Development and Validation for Assay of Sodium Thiosulfate

    Authors: Chanakya Thaker

  44. Is Climate Change Becoming Threats to Human Rights? Brief Study on Climate Change and its Litigation

    Authors: Sheoshree Adhikary

  45. School Social Work: Enhancing Learners in Zimbabwe to Reach their Full Potential

    Authors: Chipo Chitereka

  46. Operative Management of Adenomyosis

    Authors: I Gde Satra Winata

  47. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of In Vitro Phytochemical Screening and Antioxidant Activity of Jamun (Eufenia jambolana) Medicinal Plants

    Authors: Ranu Tiwari

  48. Pregnancy with Didelphys Uterus and Omphalocele Infant: A Case Report

    Authors: Leony Lim

  49. Role of Social Media in Tourism Sector with Special Reference to Karnataka

    Authors: Dr. B.R. Parineetha

  50. Socio-Psychological Assessment and Management of Universal Inclusion Process Effectiveness

    Authors: Papoyan Varduhi R.

  51. Cempedak (Artocarpus integer) Leaves Ethanol Extract Cream 2.5% Prevented the Increase of Tyrosinase Enzyme and Melanin in the Ultraviolet B-Exposed Male Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus) Skin

    Authors: Bunga Cifha Ramadhani

  52. Effectiveness of Reflective Judgment Model on the Critical Thinking Skills of Grade 7 Students

    Authors: Miralona M. Elarcosa

  53. Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser (MRKH) Syndrome: A Case Report

    Authors: Ines Kurniaty Hartono

  54. Social Security Schemes in India and Its Relevance during COVID-19 2020

    Authors: Dr. Sharmila Bose

  55. Intra-Hepatic Perforation of Gall Bladder Causing Liver Abscess Mimicking Malignancy: A Rare Presentation

    Authors: Dr. Prekshit Chhaparwal

  56. Influence of High Energy Radiation on the Structural Properties of Gallium Nitride Films

    Authors: Rana M. Al-Marshedy

  57. Image Processing and Arduino Interface Applications of an Automated Desk

    Authors: Roucoz El MORR

  58. Silicone Coating on Porcelain Insulator

    Authors: Melchor S. de Roma

  59. Comparative Study of Binary Classification Algorithms to Analyze the Students' Performance on Virtual Machine

    Authors: Rajathi .M

  60. Training of Athletes in Sports Acrobatics

    Authors: Jalolov Mirshokhid Erkinjonovich

  61. Quantification of Cyclophosphamide Impurities in Cyclophosphamide Drug Substance and formulations by Ion chromatography

    Authors: Dr. Chetan Chavan

  62. Using Smart Materials in Enhancing the Seismic Behavior of Structures State-of-the-Art Report

    Authors: Mohamed Omar

  63. SME Financing in Morocco

    Authors: EL HADDAD Salim

  64. Evaluation of Hemodynamic Changes and Recovery Time in Patients under Going Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy - A Clinical Comparison between Desflurane and Sevoflurane

    Authors: Dr. M. Raghu Praveen Kumar

  65. Hazardous Waste Management Practices of Public and Private Clinics in Iba, Zambales

    Authors: Rosa D. Devera

  66. "Hello Mam, Would You Like to Say Something"? but Only After I am done

    Authors: Dr. Dhananjay Mankar

  67. Vibro Finishing Machine

    Authors: Krupal Bharadwa

  68. Capital and Risk from the Perspective of Solvency Regulation of Moroccan Insurance Companies: Dynamic Estimation by Simultaneous Equations with Panel Data

    Authors: Lakhdar Karima

  69. Glossophobia or Commonly Called as Speech Anxiety Where Mostly Suffer From Strong Fear in Social Performances

    Authors: Apple Gay Relox Ambit

  70. Level of Income Inequality and Youth Engagement in Conflict Activities in Machakos County, Kenya

    Authors: Mike Senga

  71. Stock Market Prediction using Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Averages (ARIMA)

    Authors: K Murali

  72. Hydrogen Desorption Mechanism of Sodium Alanate Doped with different Catalyst

    Authors: Dr. Jameel Khan

  73. Study of Changes in Biochemical Parameter Ca-125 in Ovarian Tumors before and after Chemotherapy

    Authors: Dr. Goda Veena Murty

  74. Study of Changes in Biochemical Parameter Cholesterol in Ovarian Tumors before and after Chemotherapy

    Authors: Dr. Goda Veena Murty

  75. Ocular Manifestations in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

    Authors: Sindu Sulekha Chigiri

  76. Selection of Citrus Plants in Uzbekistan

    Authors: Fakhriddinov M.Z.

  77. The Theoretical Foundation of Chemistry

    Authors: Thomas Nordstrom

  78. Effect of Education on ICS Adoption Level

    Authors: Apondo Stephen Ochieng

  79. Combining 3D Robust Smoothing Filtering and Adaptive Clustering Analysis for Geophysical Signal de-nosing and Image Segmentation

    Authors: Liu Weiqiang

  80. Study of Traffic Management Impact on Business Facility Construction

    Authors: Dody Taufik Absor Sibuea

  81. Space, Main Actor of Quantum and Relativistic Theories

    Authors: Jose Oreste Mazzini

  82. Effect of Therapeutic Burn with Copper Rod (Agnikarma with Tamrashalaka) in the Management of Osteoarthritis of Knee (JanusandhigatVata)

    Authors: Dr. Manjula Chavan-Matekar

  83. Primary Ovarian Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: A Case Report of a 31-Year-Old of Bali Woman

    Authors: Sawitri Ellena Juniarti

  84. Pregnancy with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Case Report

    Authors: Hadi Susanto

  85. Urban Development and Mediation for Harmonious Coexistence and Peace in a Municipality of Zacatecas, Mexico

    Authors: Laura Gemma Flores Garcia

  86. Samiweng Ti Umili through the Lens of Ecocriticism

    Authors: Linnette T. Wakit

  87. Buckling Analysis of Stiffened Plate with Varying Stifenner and Various Load Position

    Authors: Shipra Maurya

  88. Role of Nutrition in Prevention and Prognosis of the COVID-19 Infection - A Review

    Authors: Uma Chitra

  89. Teacher's Perception of Math Applications in the New Era: A Case Study

    Authors: Abeer Katib

  90. Awareness of Radiation Protection Safety and Hazards among Healthcare Workers and Paramedical Students

    Authors: Shrija Indukuri

  91. Sediment Modeling of Kobadak River by Hecras

    Authors: A. Haque

  92. Roost Site Selection of Indian Flying Fox (Pteropus giganteus) in Girva Tehsil of Udaipur District, Rajasthan, India

    Authors: Rekha Salvi

  93. Dental Extracion in Patients on Warfarin Treatment

    Authors: Shamina Kosar

  94. Functional and Radiological Outcomes in Ipsilateral Femur and Tibiafractures (Floating Knee)

    Authors: Vanamali Seetharam

  95. A Curious Connection between Fermat's Number and Multiple Factoriangular Numbers

    Authors: Swati Bisht

  96. Comparison of Efficacy Outcome of Side to Side End to Side Radiocephalic Arteriovenous Fistula in Patients of Chronic Kidney Disease

    Authors: Vazir S Rathee

  97. Comparison between Oral Administration of Kaempferia galanga Rhizome Extract and Simvastatin in Improving Lipid Profile of Dyslipidemic Male Wistar Rats

    Authors: Sonia Hermawan

  98. Factors Affecting Dynamic Competitiveness of Veterinary Drug Manufacturing Enterprises in Vietnam

    Authors: Pham Dac Thang

  99. The Gaddang Legends in the Lens of Structuralist View

    Authors: Kristopher R. Lopez

  100. Gender and Ecology: Spiritual and Cultural Elements of Indigenous Eco-feministic Thought

    Authors: Pankaj Gupta

  101. Low Expression of Lysyl Oxidase-Like 1 (LOXL1) on the Sacrouterine Ligament as a Risk Factor of Stage III-IV Uterine Prolapse

    Authors: Yapi Rendy Tarigan

  102. Computational Group Theoretical Study for Obtaining the Isotropy Subgroup

    Authors: Un-Son Jong

  103. Women Empowerment in India

    Authors: Sheela Asopa

  104. Current Trends and Concepts in Prosthodontics

    Authors: Dr. Claudia Peter

  105. Vaccine Genocide Plan and its Neutralization

    Authors: Ilija Lakicevic

  106. Community Pharmacists Centered Rural Mobile Role in Diabetic Retinopathy

    Authors: A. Sachin Prakash

  107. Comparison between Oral Ethanol Vegetable Fern Leaves (Diplazium esculentum) Extract and Simvastatin to Improve Lipid Profile and Decrease F2-isoprostane Level in Wistar Male Rats (Rattus norvegicus) With Dyslipidemia

    Authors: Marlene Irawan

  108. A Rare Case of Brain Gliosarcoma in a Paediatric Age Group: A Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Tushar Soni

  109. Elevated hs TROPONIN -I in RT-PCR Positive COVID-19 Patients without Cardiac Symptoms

    Authors: M. Anuradha

  110. A Survey on Oral Hygiene Methods Practiced Amongst Patients Reporting Dentistry Department of IGIMS - A Tertiary Care Centre

    Authors: Dr. Nivedita

  111. The Contribution of Local Leaders in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building in Mogdishu - Somalia

    Authors: Hassan Mohamed Yusuf 'UKUMEY'

  112. Efficacy of Silver-Nanoparticles in PMMA - For Antimicrobial Effect a Systematic Review

    Authors: Dr. Harshini

  113. Impact of Climate: An Analysis of Transmission and Pattern of Infection of COVID-19 Pandemic with the Change of Weather with Special Reference to Ujjain District (M.P.), India

    Authors: Dr. Shuchita Chandorkar

  114. Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction - A Rare and Late Complication of Organophosphorus Poisoning

    Authors: Dr. Arjun

  115. Teachers' Perception of EFL Students' Poor Writing Skills: The Challenges, Causes, and Remedies

    Authors: Khaled Alostath

  116. To Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Identification and Management of Selected Psychiatric Emergencies among Final Year B.Sc Nursing Students of Government College of Nursing and Paramedical Sciences Shireen Ba

    Authors: Ruqeeb Jan

  117. Analyzing the Daylight Performance and its Impact on the Energy Consumption Rate of Selected Yeka Abado Condominium Buildings

    Authors: Mehret Ayalew

  118. A Rare Case of a Large Intraventricular Meningioma: A Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Tushar Soni

  119. Efficacy of Intravenousalpha2 Agonists / Opioids to Atenuate Shivering in Parturiants Undergoing Elective LSCS under Intrathecal Bupivacaine

    Authors: Dr. Manisha Kapdi

  120. Accidental Industrial Oven Blast Injury: A Case Report

    Authors: Rajeev Kumar

  121. Effect of Timing of Umbilical Cord Clamping on Neonatal Jaundice in Preterm Newborns between Gestational Age 32-36 Weeks: An Observational Study

    Authors: Dr. Nidhi Rao

  122. Improving the MapReduce Performance using Symmetric Key Algorithm

    Authors: G. Siva Brindha

  123. Impact of COVID-19 on Stocks - An Empirical Evidence from Vaccine - Developing Pharmaceutical Companies in India and the USA

    Authors: Rahul Kotecha

  124. A Technical Report on Solid Waste Management of Mumbai

    Authors: Ankita Mazumdar

  125. Effects of Wearing Mask on Breathing in Population of North Gujarat during COVID 19: A Survey

    Authors: Ankush Patel

  126. Rare Case of Vitamin D Deficiency without Elevation of Alkaline Phosphatase

    Authors: Dr. Kapil Bainade

  127. Character Recognition using KNN Algorithm

    Authors: Sai Jahnavi Bachu

  128. Socio-Cultural Values and its Influence on Education of Jangal Mahal in West Bengal

    Authors: Uttam Mandal

  129. Scanning Electron Microscopic Study of Shear Bond Strength with Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride Applied before Acid Etching

    Authors: G Viswanathan

  130. A Descriptive Study to Assess Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness among Antenatal Primigravida Mothers in a Selected Hospital of Guwahati, Assam

    Authors: Trishna Rani Deka

  131. Design of a 50 kW Solar PV Powered Charging Station for EV's

    Authors: Yazan Aloqaily

  132. Comparison of Nalbuphine / Fentanyl as Opioid Adjuvant to Propofol based TIVA for Laser Surgery of Larynx

    Authors: Dr. Rupal J. Shah

  133. An Analytical Study on: Life with Cloud in COVID-19 Era

    Authors: Dr. Arati Pradhan

  134. The Effect of COVID-19 on E-Commerce and E-Learning

    Authors: Areej Alabduljabbar

  135. Analysis of the Workload Measurement Using Cardiovascular Load (CVL) and NASA Task Load Index (NASA-TLX) in XYZ Inc.

    Authors: Chalis Fajri Hasibuan

  136. The Theoretical Foundation of Logic

    Authors: Thomas Nordstrom

  137. Family Head: Traits and Responsibility

    Authors: Dr. Jyotirmayee Udgata

  138. Getting Lost in Virtual World: All about Internet Gaming Disorder

    Authors: Suja Kumari S

  139. Lost Heritage as Dispossessed Reminiscence in Moore's Graveyard

    Authors: Basanth Thomas Babu

  140. A Helpline Application in COVID-19 Pandemic Situation

    Authors: G. Muni Venkatesh

  141. Nursing Procedure: Back Care

    Authors: Betsy Chakraborty

  142. A New Cryptography Algorithm Based on ASCII Code

    Authors: Yaser M.A. Abualkas

  143. m-RNA Degradation in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes: A Comparison Study of E.Coli and S. Cerevisiae

    Authors: Rajan Malhotra

  144. Tumorous Type of Chromoblastomycosis: A Case Report

    Authors: Roveline Anissa

  145. Enhancing the Legal Awareness of Vietnamese Basic Officers

    Authors: Tran Thuy Linh

  146. Grid Voltage-Oriented Vector Control for the Grid Side Converter of the Wind Turbine Doubly-Fed Induction Generator

    Authors: Wafa ABUKWEIK

  147. The Role of Civil Society in Democracy in Indonesia Post 1998 Reform

    Authors: Jamhur Poti

  148. To Study the Diagnostic Accuracy of Spot Urinary Protein-Creatinine Ratio for Proteinuria in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

    Authors: Gupta S

  149. Comparison of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with Conventional dressing in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers with Non-Revascularisable Peripheral Vascular Disease

    Authors: Dr. R S K Karthik Nerusu

  150. Proactive Stress Coping Strategies among Higher Secondary School Students

    Authors: Fr. (Dr.) Sibichen K. K.

  151. Association between SCIM III - Self Component in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury

    Authors: Dr. Rabina Sanjay Nayak

  152. Comparative Studies on Soil Quality Evaluation (For Heavy Metals) in Coastal Region of PSR Nellore Dist, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Authors: C. Masthan

  153. The Effect of Respiratory Muscle Stretch Gymnastic (RMSG) on Pulmonary Function Test among Pregnant Ladies: An Experimental Study

    Authors: Khyati Bhambhi

  154. Preparing the Visual Approach Chart using GIS Technology - Tirana Airport Case Study

    Authors: Senada Mehmeti

  155. Kaluza-Klein Universe in f (R, T) Gravity with Constant Deceleration Parameter in Presence of Quark Matter

    Authors: Samadhan L. Munde

  156. Cloud Computing: Issues and Challenges

    Authors: Daharatu Musa Abbas

  157. Preliminary Investigation into the Ability of Tropical Rhizobia to Degrade Petroleum Products as Environmental Pollutants and Chemical Bases for Some Syhnthetic Pesticides

    Authors: Olusoji A. A.

  158. Development and Evaluation of Pummelo (Citrus grandis L.) Fruit Sorter

    Authors: Leo C. Radores

  159. Nanobots: An Application in Sustainable Packaging

    Authors: Saif Aslam

  160. Ecology and Management of Chital (Axis Axis) in Pench Tiger Reserve in Central India

    Authors: Naveen Kumar Chourasia

  161. A Review of Underpinning of Various Structures

    Authors: Anirudha Anil Desai

  162. Haematimetric Parameters in Sickle Cell Patients in a Critical and Interictal Period at the National Sickle Cell Reference Center in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo

    Authors: Edwige Paola Chancelle LOUANGA NANITELAMIO

  163. The Theoretical Foundation of Biology

    Authors: Thomas Nordstrom

  164. The Role of Private Sector in the Development of Higher Education in India

    Authors: Jayabrata Ghosh

  165. Integration of Homoeopathy with Non -Pharmacological Approach in Hypertension: A Narrative Review

    Authors: Kanagavalli Mathivathanan

  166. An Efficient Synthesis for Novel 2, 3-Disubstituted -4-Thiazolidones and Antimicrobial Evaluation

    Authors: Kishor Huge

  167. Behavior of Taxpayers and Payable against Property Taxes and Taxes on Rental Income in Lubumbashi, Congo (DRC)

    Authors: Mawuwa Mpemba Fifi

  168. Community-Based Mangrove Forest Management Sustainability: The Case of Some Asian Countries

    Authors: Mark Joseph J. Buncag

  169. A Comparative Study of P-Possum Vs Apache II Scoring System in Predicting Postoperative Mortality and Morbidity in Gastrointestinal Surgeries

    Authors: Dr. Prudhvivardhan Reddy

  170. The Relationship between Illness Behavior and Health Expenses of Patients with Multiple Somatoform Syndrome in General Practice

    Authors: Ivo Natsov

  171. Evaluation of Implementation of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme at Urban Primary Health Center, Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

    Authors: Dr. Suneet Kumar Peepre

  172. Pancreatic Tuberculosis-Report on a Rare Presentation of a Not So Rare Disease

    Authors: Dr. Prekshit Chhaparwal

  173. Cheating Detection and Cancellation in (MDA-ALM) Protocol in Application-Level Multicast Networks

    Authors: Rasha Sahawish

  174. Overview on the Effects of Eco-Driving Strategies on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Road Safety

    Authors: Salem Garfan

  175. An Assessment of the Information System of Out Patient Dental Clinics in Base Hospitals and Divisional Hospitals in a Selected Regional Director of Health Services Area in Sri Lanka

    Authors: Onisha Basnayake

  176. University Event Management System

    Authors: V. Balu

  177. Enhanced Ad Personalization Using Search Engine Optimization

    Authors: Dr. P. Shanmugapriya

  178. Psychometric Characteristics of a Scale for Assessing the Effectiveness of Group Inpatient Psychotherapy with Psychotic Patients

    Authors: Veronika Ivanova

  179. India and Its Approach for Ensuring Gender Equality

    Authors: Mayank Sethi

  180. Research and Development Research on Patella Lock Bone Plate Based on Finite Element Analysis

    Authors: Chuntao Hou

  181. From Antiquity to Renaissance: The Early of Neuroarchitecture

    Authors: Nada Ibrahimi

  182. Linear Programming Using ABS Method

    Authors: Mohammad Yasin Sorosh

  183. Exploring Factors Contributing to Weak Math Skills in Saudi Engineering Undergraduate Students and their Influence on the Students' Study Achievements

    Authors: Mostafa A-B Ebrahim

  184. A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Watermelon on Blood Pressure among Patient with Hypertension Attending Outpatient Department at Primary Health Centre, Adaikampatti, Perambalur

    Authors: Prakash

  185. Spectrum of Chest Radiographic Findings in Indian Patients Admitted with COVID-19 Infection

    Authors: Dr Mridula M Muthe

  186. COVID-DAS: Preparing for Post-COVID Depression Epidemic

    Authors: Dr. Shazia Kousar

  187. Substance Use Disorder: A Review

    Authors: Sudhakar Kaushik

  188. Follicular Ameloblastoma

    Authors: Dr Siddharth Pandit

  189. Level of Adjustment in Relation to Academic Achievement among Adolescent Students at Spring Buds Educational Institute, Ompora, Budgam, Kashmir

    Authors: Sumeena

  190. Rainfall Distribution and Trend Analysis of the Godavari River Basin, India during 1901-2012

    Authors: Dr. A. Sravani

  191. A Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Neonatal Resuscitation among the Nursing Staff of a Tertiary Care Hospital

    Authors: Chanpreet Kaur

  192. Impact of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) on the Platelet Activity and Coagulation System

    Authors: Dr Osama M Alshehri

  193. Molecular Impact Theory for Dynamic Lift in Airfoils

    Authors: Edwin Muendo

  194. Anatomy Concerning Leaf of Ficus Carica Linn.

    Authors: Sneha Y. Ingle

  195. Assamese Theatre

    Authors: Daisy Bhattacharjee

  196. Auricular Hematoma in a Dog Treated by Homeopathic Therapy - Case Report

    Authors: Ana Catarina Viana Valle

  197. Why and Why not Surname (s)? Understanding the Caste Discrimination in Linkage with Suffix Nomenclature Identity

    Authors: Sandeep Chopra

  198. Challenges of Rehabilitation and Community Reintegration for People Living with Spinal Cord Injuries in Rural Areas of Limpopo Province-South Africa

    Authors: E E Mohamed

  199. An Analytical Study on Financial Performance of the ICICI Bank

    Authors: Dr. Syed Shujat Husain

  200. Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Module (STM) on Knowledge Regarding Health Hazards of Plastic Waste among Housewives Residing in Rural, Maharashtra

    Authors: Shirish W. Gawai

  201. Using Security Cameras, Doorbell Cameras, and Trap Cameras to Monitor the Behavior of Wild Boar (Sus Scrofa), in Liri, South East Pelion, Greece

    Authors: Taklis Chris

  202. To Evaluate the Effectiveness of Targeted Versus Syndromic Management in Women with Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

    Authors: Dr. Rajni Tiwari

  203. A Study to Find out Effect of Mechanical Knee Traction versus IFT on Pain and Functional Disability in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis - An Interventional Study

    Authors: Rajvee Manvar

  204. Feelings and Motivation of COVID Ward Nurses: Psychological Impact of COVID 19

    Authors: Sophia Vijayananthan

  205. Study of Corrosion Resistance of Ferritic Stainless Steel 444 on Artificial Saliva

    Authors: Aldinor Setiawan

  206. Predicting the Toxicity of Chemicals and Drugs using Machine Learning Models

    Authors: Shraddha Surana

  207. Conceptual Modeling of a Tramcar

    Authors: Iftikhar B. Abbasov

  208. The Life LUCA Originated in the Sedimentary Deposits in the Flood Plains at the Palaeomouths of the Fresh Water Flows / Rivers perhaps in about 3.750 Billion Years ago on the Hadean surface in the Archaean Eon

    Authors: J. S. Rawat

  209. The Theoretical Foundation of Society

    Authors: Thomas Nordstrom

  210. Energy Transformation Cycle Theory for Elementary Partial

    Authors: Keerthivasan Chandrasekaran

  211. A Clinical Evaluation of Panchanimba Choorna and Arkataila in the Management of Vicharchika W.S.R. to Eczema

    Authors: Dr. Sanjay A. Dhurve

  212. Implementation of Long Range Wireless IoT Device for Agriculture Using Multi-Hop Topology Design

    Authors: Anchla Rajput

  213. Numerical Analysis of Bearing Capacity of Loose Sand overlying Clay

    Authors: Mohamed Ramadan

  214. Growth of Tourism Resources in Haryana

    Authors: Rajesh Kumar

  215. A Perspective of Community at Flood Prone Zone on ICT for Flood Risks Communication

    Authors: Dwi Noraduola

  216. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Current Irrigation Scheduling Strategies in Perkerra Irrigation Scheme, Kenya

    Authors: Kennedy O. Okuku

  217. Determination of Land Surface Temperature in Relation to Changing Land-Use / Land Cover Pattern at Urban Area of Bilaspur City [CG] through Temporal Remote Sensing and GIS

    Authors: Dr. P K Gupta

  218. The Periodontal - Endodontic Inter-Relationship: A Review on Management

    Authors: Prasanna Guru .E

  219. An Overview of Definitions of Riemann-Liouville's Fractional Derivative and Caputo's Fractional Derivative

    Authors: Meena B. Labade

  220. Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data to Analyze the Acceptance of Aadhaar

    Authors: Aarushi Thakral

  221. Spinal Anaesthesia in a Case of Kyphoscoliosis

    Authors: Dr. Sanjolisoni

  222. Place of Tracheotomy in Management of Air Way Obstruction for a Child with Hunter Syndrome Case Report

    Authors: Dr Madi Sihem

  223. Cuprizon - Induced MS Mouse Model of Breviscapine: The Role and Mechanism of the Study

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