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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.4, No.11

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2015-11-05

  1. Brouwers Fixed Point Theorem

    Authors: Yogesh Chandra C

  2. Extraction of Aspects from Drug Reviews Using Probabilistic Aspect Mining Model

    Authors: Pooja Gawande; Sandeep Gore

  3. Torque Ripple Minimization in Reaction Wheels Used in Satellites-A Comparison between Field Oriented Control of BLDCM and PMSM Using SVPWM

    Authors: Sumitra.K; M. K. Giridharan

  4. An Efficient Steganographic Method Using Reversible Texture Synthesis

    Authors: Munshidha K K; Anju Augustine

  5. The Prevalence of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Sausages at Khartoum State

    Authors: Nagwa B. Elhag; El Rakha B. Babiker; Ahmed A. Mahdi

  6. An Approach for Canny Edge Detection Algorithm on Face Recognition

    Authors: A. D. Chitra; Dr. P. Ponmuthuramalingam

  7. Simulation of MOSFET Based Inverter for Induction Heating In MATLAB

    Authors: A. Hakim A. Razzaque Shaikh; Shravan Kumar Akireddy

  8. Reversible Watermarking using Histogram Shifting and Pixel Differences with Inverse S-scan order and Local Prediction

    Authors: Naseera P. A

  9. Approach towards Detection of Drowsiness by Eyeball Position by Image Processing

    Authors: Susmita Das

  10. Web Page Recommendation Using Efficient Weight Based Prediction System

    Authors: Sheetal Kumrawat; Pramod S. Nair

  11. Denial of Service Attack to UMTS (Radio) Networks Using Sim-Less Devices to Increase Network Efficiency

    Authors: J Pramod Kumar; Abdul Wasay Mudasser

  12. A Survey on Detection of Jamming Attacks in Time-Critical Wireless Applications

    Authors: Sheetal S Shete; N. D. Kale

  13. A Review of Image Binarization Techniques for Ancient Degraded Documents

    Authors: Punam A. Mahajan; Swati A. Patil

  14. Implementation of New Congestion Control Mechanism in Manet Using Buffer Management

    Authors: Prachi Jain; Vijay Prakash

  15. Optical Absorption Measurement of Synthesized ZnO using Ultra Violet-Visible Spectrophotometer

    Authors: Nagla El Badri Mohammed Saeed El Badri; Kamal Mahir Sulieman

  16. Online Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Repair using RA

    Authors: Ankita Tripathi

  17. The Identification of Acute Post Streptococcus Glomerulonephritis Risk Factors in Children

    Authors: Suhardi; Husein Albar; Syarifuddin Rauf; Dasril Daud

  18. Regular Interval Valued Fuzzy Soft Matrices

    Authors: Dr. N. Sarala; M. Prabhavathi

  19. Implementation of Improved Steganography for Hiding Text on Digital Data

    Authors: Aditi Soni; Sujit K. Badodia

  20. Treatment of Hydrocele Testis with Aspiration and Sclerotherapy

    Authors: Kim Drasa Jr; Evin Dani

  21. Segregated the Protoscolices of Hydatid Cysts Parasite by Medical Image Processing

    Authors: Kawther H. Al-khafaji

  22. Multiple Error Recovery in FIR Filter using Reduced-Precision Redundancy (RPR)

    Authors: Cini George; Vrinda V. Gopal T

  23. Significance of Aerobic Fitness in Early Detection and Primordial Prevention of Hypertension

    Authors: Akansha Dixit

  24. Improved Prototype Text Mining for Data Knowledge Discovery

    Authors: Varikuti. Srividya; Pathuri Siva Kumar

  25. Feedback based Quality Enhancing Query Suggestion in E- Commerce Environment

    Authors: Govindu Lavanyeswari; Pathuri Siva Kumar

  26. Data Analysis and Knowledge Extraction in Educational Data Mining (EDM)

    Authors: K. Sirisha; Pathuri Siva Kumar

  27. An Survey and Adoption Framework for Customised Advertisement in Mobile Cloud Structures

    Authors: P. Naresh; Dasari Rajesh

  28. A Social Network Environment Based Analysis for Construction of Cancer Care

    Authors: Ilindra. Lakshmi Chandralekha; Dr. P. Siva Kumar

  29. An Optimised Query Retrival Methodology using user Customized Feedback System

    Authors: R. Navya; Pathuri Siva Kumar

  30. Correlative Users travel Pattern Discovery from Smart card Data

    Authors: Pathan. Ayub Khan; Dr. P. Siva Kumar

  31. A Novel Customised Anti Phishing Framework for Mobile Environment

    Authors: Shaik Shahid; Dasari Rajesh

  32. Data Searching In Cloud Computing Environment Based on Map Reduce

    Authors: Devarapalli Narasa Reddy; Dasari Rajesh

  33. Implementation of ANPR System based on Image Extraction and Segmentation

    Authors: Raghuvamsi Machiraju; Gunna Kishore

  34. Design and Implementation of k-most Library Users Mining

    Authors: Shaik Mahaboob Basha; Pilli Dharmendra Kumar

  35. Analysis and Design of Secured Privacy Data Mining Environment

    Authors: Gundapaneni Murali; Punugoti Pavan Kumar

  36. Improved Cloud Storage Security Framework Based on TTP Crypto Network

    Authors: T. Tejaswi; Gunna Kishore

  37. Designing Weed out undesirable Messages from Social Networking System (SNS)

    Authors: A. Mahesh; K. Narayana Rao

  38. Analysis of Knowledge Set Discovery in Mining Items with Enhanced Apriori Association Algorithm

    Authors: Gajula Bharathi; Gunna Kishore

  39. Security and Privacy Sustained Cloud Data Authentication using IDM

    Authors: Tanniru Hemalatha; Punugoti Pavan Kumar

  40. On Weakly f-? Continuous Functions

    Authors: Powar P. L.; Rajak K.; Tiwari V.

  41. Risk Optimum Allocation Model using Multiple Criteria Decision Making Techniques: A Case Study of Hormoz Petrochemical In Iran

    Authors: Mohammad Ebrahim Ebrahimi Malekshah

  42. Factors Influencing Credit Management as A Strategy on the Performance of SACCOS in Nairobi City County: A Case of Ukulima SACCO

    Authors: Jane Wambui Gichuki; Dr. Asumptah W. Kagiri

  43. The Impact of Electronic Management on Human Resource Development

    Authors: Assad Ahmad Abdelqader Alsakarneh; Shen Chao Hong

  44. Developing Logical Divisions of Ideas in University Students? Expository Essays

    Authors: Anselmus Sudirman; Luky Tiasari

  45. A Radiographic Assessment of the Prevalence of Pulp Stones in Molars Regarding to the Side

    Authors: Pavlina Aleksova

  46. Competitiveness Development Strategy in Textile Industry Center of Cigondewah Bandung, Indonesia

    Authors: Taufiqurrahman Baso; Yuhana Astuti

  47. Extraction and Estimation of Chlorophyll from Medicinal Plants

    Authors: Rajalakshmi.K; N. Banu

  48. Dynamic Bayesian Belief Network for Modeling Student Knowledge Tracing

    Authors: Habeebullah Saheb Shaik; N. Sharada

  49. Characterization and Antimicrobial Study of Nickel Nanoparticles Synthesized from Dioscorea (Elephant Yam) by Green Route

    Authors: Dr. S. Mary Helen; M. Hebzi Emalda Rani

  50. Diversity Status and Population Dynamics of Phytoplankton at Laxmiwadi Tank from Kolhapur District of Maharashtra, India

    Authors: S. A. Manjare

  51. Dictionary Based Renovation from Minuzie to Image

    Authors: R. Preethika; J. Naveen Kumar

  52. A Dynamic Two key Factor Technique Security Adoption in WSN (Improved LEACH)

    Authors: P. Sravani; R. Veerababu

  53. Access Control Model for Cloud Platforms Using Multi-Tier Graphical Authentication ? Research Paper

    Authors: Harvinder Singh; Amandeep Kaur

  54. Efficient Implementation of Class Based Decomposition Schemes for Naive Bayes Classifier

    Authors: Lateefa Shaik; N. Narasimha Swamy

  55. Mining Sequential Patterns from Probabilistic with Source Level Uncertainty

    Authors: Venkata Sasidhar Puli

  56. Mapping Vessel Path of Marine Traffic Density of Port Klang, Malaysia using Automatic Identification System (AIS) Data

    Authors: Masnawi Mustaffa; Noor Hasnita Ahmat; Shaharudin Ahmad

  57. Hepatocurative Effects of Methanolic Root Extract of Sodom Apple (C. PROCERA) on CCL4 Induced Hepatotoxicity Rats

    Authors: G. U.; Kanya; Alhassan; A. J.; Shehu Z.; Fatima I. B.

  58. Random Direction Based Model for Intrinsic Secrecy in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Ramesh L; Dr. A. Marimuthu

  59. Carry Select Adder Implementation using Asynchronous Fine Grain Power Gated Logic

    Authors: Nadisha E B; Akhila P R

  60. Implementation of Very Fast Decision Rules for Classification in Data Streams

    Authors: Vaddadi R V S Prasad

  61. MEMS Based Acoustic Energy Harvester

    Authors: S.B.Rudraswamy; Aditya D S; Harish G V; Pavan Kishore M; Vinay V

  62. Applications of Client Identity Information for Face Antispoofing

    Authors: Poonam Nemade; Deeksha Bhardwaj

  63. Motion Object Detection and Tracking in long Distance Imaging through Turbulent Medium

    Authors: Ashwini Thakare; Swati Nandusekar

  64. Strategic Factors Influencing the Destination Choice for Domestic Tourists in Kenya

    Authors: Mwanthi John Mawioo; Dr. Assumptah W. Kagiri

  65. Recommender System Challenges and Methodologies in Social Network: Survey

    Authors: Himgauri D. Ambulkar; Apashabi Pathan

  66. A Study on Engineering Behavior of Black Cotton Soil and its Stabilization by Use of Lime

    Authors: Brajesh Mishra

  67. Mood Prediction On Tweets Using Classification Algorithm

    Authors: Sameesksha Shrivastava; Dr. Pramod S. Nair

  68. A Review on Neural Network Methodology for Diagnosis of Kidney Stone

    Authors: Sneha A Mane; S R Chougule

  69. Biostratigraphic and Palaeoenvironmental Study of the Tob?ne Phosphatic Series (Western Senegal)

    Authors: Moustapha DIAGNE; Mamadou Fall; Raphal SARR; Mouhamadou Bachir Diouf; Ndye Penda Dione

  70. Microstructure and Dielectric Properties of ZnO-SiO2-NiO Composite

    Authors: Osama A. Desouky; Mostafa M. H. Khalil; Hamdy A. Kattab

  71. A Low Cost MSP430 Based Automated Manual Transmission System

    Authors: Aronee Dasgupta; Roopa Nagaraj

  72. BER Performance of Digital Modulation Schemes With and Without OFDM Model for AWGN, Rayleigh and Rician Channels

    Authors: Usha S. M.; Dr. K. R. Nataraj

  73. Comparison of DPC methods Using Two-Level and Three-Level Rectifiers

    Authors: Jawad Lamterkati; Mohamed Khafallah; Lahcen Ouboubker; Aziz Elafia

  74. Area Optimized Double Precision IEEE Floating Point Adder

    Authors: Elizabeth Joseph Mattam; Deepa Balakrishnan

  75. Antimicrobial Activity of Costus Plant Extract Against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA, I3)

    Authors: Sidkey Nagwa M.; Aytah Ameera A.; Al-Ahmadi Hind A.

  76. The Potential Protective Effects of Pomegranate Juice Against (S)-(-)-1-Methyl-2-(3-Pyridyl) Pyrrolidine(+)-Bitartrate Salt Induced Serum Biochemical Changes in Rabbits

    Authors: Gamal J. A. Aboulgasem; Azab Elsayed Azab

  77. Study of Semantic Models in Identifying Aspects in Customer Reviews

    Authors: Mily Lal; Akanksha Goel; Amruta Chore

  78. Multi Level Cryptographic Key Sharing for Secure Access and Authorization on Cloud Platforms

    Authors: Kuldeep Singh; Amandeep Kaur

  79. A Review: Devices used for Detecting Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy

    Authors: Supriya Mangalpalli; Kanchan Gorde

  80. Compliance with Therapeutic Regimen in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

    Authors: Jackson John; Haseena T A

  81. A Survey on Data Hiding in Encrypted Images

    Authors: Diptee D. Lad; Sindhu M. R.

  82. Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal Ions and Contaminants from Municipal Waste Dump Soil using Tagetus Erecta

    Authors: Nayana S. Shirbhate; S. N. Malode

  83. Study of Blood Urea, Serum Creatinine and Serum Electrolytes in Azotemic Patients Undergoing Dialysis

    Authors: Zahida Nasreen; Mohammed Siddique Ahmed Khan; Abdul Qadir; Maanasa

  84. Case of Urachal Cyst: A Rare Anomaly

    Authors: Dr. Bhavin Kothari

  85. Comparative Studies of Control Technique in Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement

    Authors: Shaik Babul Saheb; Nakka Narasimha Rao

  86. Literature Review of Energy Minimization Based Image Segmentation Methods

    Authors: Pranoti P. Mahakalkar; Dr. Aarti J. Vyavahare

  87. Solar Energy Entrepreneurship to Promote Universal Electricity Access in Rural India: Challenges and Opportunities

    Authors: D. V. Avasthi

  88. Numerical Calculation of the Wave-Vector Dependent Cole-Cole Diagram of Copper

    Authors: Abu El-Hassan Seoud; Mohammed Shihab

  89. Enchondroma - A Case Study

    Authors: Dr. Ravish V. N.; Dr. Vinod Kumar A. C.; Dr. Gaurav Sen

  90. Optimal Location of Shunt FACTS Devices for First-Swing Stability Enhancement in Inter-Area Power System

    Authors: Shaik Masood Basha; Shaik Hameed

  91. Effects of Natural Attenuation, Organic Amendments and Metal Toxicants on 2, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Dissipation Dynamics in Soil

    Authors: Henrietta C Ogbu; Raymond A Wuana; John O Igoli

  92. A Successful Pregnancy in a Patient with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Exposed to Nilotinib during the Entire First Trimester of Pregnancy

    Authors: Cili.A; Ivanaj.A

  93. Employee Employer Relationship in Ancient Tamil Literature: With Special Reference to Tirukkural

    Authors: Dr. Alka Jain

  94. Amniotic Band Syndrome ? Case Report of a Rare Congenital Condition Causing Undue Suffering through Delayed Diagnosis

    Authors: Dodampahala SH; Dodampahala SK; Dodampahala SD; Meegahawatta AR

  95. Balancing Energy and Control Traffic Congestion Using Dynamics of Video Viewer Retention

    Authors: Snehal Baravkar-Kakade; Sunita Nandgave

  96. Comparing the Effect of Seven Isolated Bacillus Thuringiensis against Tuta absoluta Infesting in Laboratory and Field Condition

    Authors: Sabbour Magda; Maysa E. Moharam

  97. Issues of Maternal and Child Health Care Services among Rural and Urban Population in Selected Districts of Assam

    Authors: Smrita Barua

  98. Interaction Effect of Self-Concept and Study Habits on Academic Achievement in Mathematics

    Authors: Parvinder Singh

  99. Structural and Transport Properties of Fine CoTi-ZnBaM Hexagonal Ferrite

    Authors: M. R. Eraky

  100. Biochemical Study of Serum Zinc in Patients of Breast Carcinoma in Bikaner District

    Authors: Chawla Kim; Gora Meenakshy; Jaipal Hanuman Prasad; Vyas RK

  101. Extended Capabilities of Feature-Extraction for Digital Image Sharing by Diverse Image Media

    Authors: Snehal Pawar; Shubhangi Suryawanshi

  102. Risk Factors Association with Cochlear Dysfunction on the First Hearing Screening in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

    Authors: Sri Hadzriati; A. Dwi Bahagia Febriani; Ema Alasiry; Dasril Daud; Eka Savitri

  103. Extraction of Ni (II) by Modified Magnetite Nanocomposite Adsorbent

    Authors: Nikhat Neyaz; Weqar. A. Siddiqui

  104. Mining Cadastre System a Necessity for Permits Management in Albania

    Authors: Arbi Shehu; Florjan Vladi

  105. Biological Activity and Field Persistence of Pelargonium graveolens (Geraniales: Geraniaceae) Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLNs) on Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller) (PTM) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

    Authors: Adel M.M.; Atwa W.A.; Hassan M.L.; Yoseif N.S; Farghaly D.S.; Ibrahim S.S

  106. Software Fault Prediction Using Data Reduction Techniques

    Authors: Jagruti R. Patil; Swapnaja Suryawanshi

  107. Isolation of High Quality DNA from Pulverized Rice Grain Samples by Tri-Phase Method

    Authors: Jithin Thomas; V. J. Dominic

  108. Environmental Degradation and Landscape Management of the Nallamalai and Erramalai Hills of the Rayalaseema Region, Andhra Pradesh, India Using Geospatial Technology

    Authors: Kommu Somanna; Mendu Sambasiva Rao

  109. Active Decentralised Control Approach for Neutral Current Elimination in Smart Grids

    Authors: Manish Mohandas; Arun Sebastin

  110. New Higher Education Policy: A Comprehensive Model

    Authors: R. P. Yadav

  111. The Effect of Abelmoschus esculentus in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Wistar Rat

    Authors: Ben-Chioma A.E.; Tamuno-Emine D.G.; Dan D.B.

  112. Factors Influencing the Performance of Health Workers: A Case Study of HIV/AIDS Programs in Msambweni Sub-County, Kwale County, Kenya

    Authors: Moses Oluoch Raminya; Fridah Theuri

  113. Comparative Study of Endovenous Laser Ablation over Conventional Surgery of Varicose Veins of Lower Limbs

    Authors: Dr. Sharad Sawant; Dr. Bhosale Dattatray; Dr. Anil Keskar

  114. Survey: IoT Vehicular Information Network

    Authors: Prarna Dhar; Poonam Gupta

  115. Comparison of Two Techniques of Reaming for Delayed-Union Long Bone Fractures of Lower Limb ? A New Innovative Technique

    Authors: Dr. Praveen Kumar Pandey; Dr. Jyoti Gupta

  116. Evaluation of Clinical Outcomes of Arm Sling versus Figure of ?8? Bandage for Pediatric Clavicle Fractures

    Authors: Dr. Praveen Kumar Pandey; Dr. Jyoti Gupta

  117. Removal of Maxlion Blue GRL Dye over Powdered Limestone Surface

    Authors: Hussein A. Esmael

  118. Standards of Design E-Learning Management Systems

    Authors: Ahmed Abdelgader Fadol Osman

  119. Design and Fluid Flow Analysis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

    Authors: B. Ravi Theja; Dr. M. Satyanarayana Gupta

  120. Study of Solubility and Speciation of Iron Sulfates in Phosphoric Acid Milieu


  121. Anthropometric Indices: Good Predictor of Diabetes Mellitus Type-2

    Authors: Sanjeev Dhakal; Uday N Singh; Subodh Kumar

  122. Study of suitable Audio Feature Extract and Classification Methods to be used for Indian Classical Music's Singer Identification

    Authors: Viraj Jamle; Sourabh Deshmukh

  123. Islamic Education Development Strategy In Facing The Global Challenges

    Authors: Dr. H. Achmad Asrori MA

  124. Premature Ejaculation and Its Pharmacological Treatment

    Authors: Kim M. Drasa; Jr. Vaso Vasili

  125. The Gynecological Disorders in Dairy Cattle on the Survey of Allahabad

    Authors: Ngangkham James Singh; Ajit Singh

  126. Improving Healthcare Management System using Efficient Geo-Spatial Data Analysis ? An Approach using QGIS

    Authors: Vishal Pandey; Tanveen Singh Bharaj; Umang Hans

  127. Classical Image Encryption and Decryption

    Authors: Noor Dhia Kadhm Al-Shakarchy; Hiba Jabbar Al- Eqabie; Huda Fawzi Al- Shahad

  128. Globalization and Aid from African Perspective: A Critical Review

    Authors: Temesgen Lemessa

  129. Determinants of Interest Rate Spread of Commercial Banks in Kenya

    Authors: Boniface Kimondo Njeri; Dr. Kepha Ombui; Dr. Assumptah W Kagiri

  130. Learning Achievement of UKI Students Eastern Indonesia

    Authors: Bernadetha Nadeak

  131. Yield Stress of CCSS Thin Rectangular Plate in Postbuckling Load Regimes

    Authors: Oguaghamba O. A.; Ibearugbulem M. O.; Mbachu V. C.

  132. Empirical Study of the Top Management, their Skills and Abilities Case: Firms in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Mexico

    Authors: Augusto Renato Perez Mayo PhD; Jose Alberto Hernandez Aguilar PhD; Luz Stella Vallejo Trujillo PhD

  133. Performance of Concrete Filled Steel Tube (CFST) Section: A Review

    Authors: Vishal V. Gore; Popat D. Kumbhar

  134. Inactivated Trivalent Vaccine for Leptospira in Andhra Pradesh

    Authors: Dr. D. Rani Prameela; Dr. D. Sreenivasulu; Dr. P. Eswara Prasad; Dr. P. Vijayachari; Dr. S. Vijaya Lakshmi

  135. Design and Fabrication of an Ion Exchange System

    Authors: Sunil Thomas; M.S. Sajna; V.P. Prakashan; A. Santhosh Kumar; Cyriac Joseph; N.V. Unnikrishnan

  136. Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Mn- Zn Ferrite Obtained by Decomposition of Precursor by Sunlight

    Authors: Vikas J. Pissurlekar

  137. Systemic Inflammation in Psoriasis Vulgaris (Study of hs-CRP and alfa-TNF in Albanian Psoriatic Patients)

    Authors: Migena Vargu; Petrit Vargu; Nevila Heta; Eliverta Kondi; Mimoza Lezha

  138. General Behavioural Pattern in Ostrich a Key for Better Management

    Authors: Dr. A. Aravinth; Dr. S. T. Selvan

  139. A Novel Hybrid Control Strategy of a STATCOM for Power Quality Improvement in a Grid Connected Wind Energy System

    Authors: Ketha Vamsikrishna; K.Sainadh Singh; Dr. B. Venkata Prasanth

  140. The Perception of Parents and Guardians in Abakaliki - Nigeria towards the Total Abolition of Paper and Pencil Test (PPT) in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME)

    Authors: Fergus U. Onu Ph.D

  141. QFD for the Motorcycle Service Quality Analysis and Improving Customer Satisfaction

    Authors: Arvindakarthik K S; Mohan Kumar K K; Gokul Sangar E

  142. Candidate Gene Predictions: Bioinformatics Significance in Linkage Analysis

    Authors: Naureen Aslam Khattak

  143. Isolation and Pure Culturing of Elite Strains of Blue Green Micro Algal forms for Biofertilizer as initial Cultures from Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University Nanded, Maharashtra

    Authors: R. M. Mulani; Pawar G. S.

  144. Recent Foraminifera from the Chilka Lake, Orissa, East Coast of India

    Authors: Anil kumar.R; Gangadhara Rao.K

  145. ARM based 3-Axis Seismic Data Acquisition System using Accelerometer Sensor

    Authors: Shubhangi Choure; R. H. Adekar

  146. 3D Printing and Prototyping Manifolds for Microtubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (mSOFCs)

    Authors: A. D. Meadowcroft; K. Gulia; K. Kendall

  147. Factors Affecting Implementation of Performance Appraisal in Public Secondary Schools in Kenya: A Survey of Kirinyaga Central Sub County

    Authors: Anne Nyokabi Ndirangu; Dr. Esther Waiganjo PhD

  148. Factors Influencing Employee Commitment in Kenya's Public Health Sector: A Case Study of Thika Level 5 Hospital

    Authors: James Kigotho Maina MSc; Dr. Esther Waiganjo PhD

  149. Human Cutaneous Anthrax ? A Re-emerging Zoonosis ? A Case Study

    Authors: Hemalatha Neeli; Manjula Borugadda

  150. Staphylococcus Aureus Thigh Abscess in A Systemic Lupus Erythomatosus Young Adolescent Patient

    Authors: Talib S H; Pagar Bhushan; Punde Gaurav; Hegde Rohan; Gunthe Sudarshan

  151. A New Fault Identification Method for HVDC Transmission Line

    Authors: Sherin Tom; Jaimol Thomas

  152. Self-Esteem and Academic Performance Levels of HIV/Aids Orphaned Primary School Pupils in Children's Homes in Nyeri South Sub-County, Kenya

    Authors: Kiragu; T.N.; Chepchieng; M. C.

  153. Gender Impact on Mental Health and its Psychological Factors

    Authors: V. Suriyakumar

  154. A Survey on Web Navigation Usability by Web Structure Modification with the Help of Actual and Anticipated Usage Comparison

    Authors: Jadhav Utkranti U.; A. R. Dani

  155. Determinants of Successful Implementation of Geothermal Projects in Kenya: A Survey of Menengai and Olkaria

    Authors: Jeremiah Kipngok; Dr. Daniel Wanyoike; Hosea Kemboi

  156. Isolation and Identification of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (VAM) in the Rhizosphere of Maize (Zea mays) in the Village of Lekopacing, Tanralili District of the Maros Regency

    Authors: B. Rini Widiati; Muh. Izzdin Idrus; Andi Nur Imran

  157. Indian Aviation Sector: As a Growing Service Sector in Indian Economy

    Authors: Anuradha Yadav

  158. Analysis of Land Use/Land Cover Change in Jammu District Using Geospatial Techniques

    Authors: Dr. Anuradha Sharma; Davinder Singh

  159. Design and Development of Computer Aided Device for Electroluminescence

    Authors: Dr. Ajay Kumar Mishra

  160. Histocytological Correlation Study of Thyroid Gland Lesions

    Authors: Dr. Mital J. Gamit; Dr Sanjay R. Talwelkar; Dr. Gauravi A. Dhruva

  161. The Battle between Toilets & Minds

    Authors: Jaideep Kharb

  162. Original Article: A Clinical Study of Pattern of Microbiological Colonization of Endotracheal Tube Aspirate on Mechanically Ventilated Patients

    Authors: Kiran Tandia MD; J. L. Wadhwani MD; Manuj Sharma DM

  163. Web Usage Mining for Comparing User Access Behavior using Clustering

    Authors: Amit Dipchandji Kasliwal; Dr. Girish S. Katkar

  164. Changes in Indigenous Coping Strategies over the last two Decades in Shanta-Abaq Division, Lagdera District, Garissa County, Kenya

    Authors: Nur Ibrahim Mohamed; Eric Kiprono Bor PhD; Professor Abdullahi A. Aboud PhD

  165. An Adaptive Partitioning Technique to Improve the Performance of Bigdata

    Authors: R. Siva Kumar; K. Nageswara Rao

  166. A Competitive Clustering on Bigdata

    Authors: N. Narasimha Swamy; Anita Kumari Singh

  167. Evaluation of Red Cell Transfusion Effects on Tissue Oxigenation, Based on Blood Lactate Levels As Sensitive Indicator of Tissue Oxygenation

    Authors: M. Lordian Nunci; Ilir Ohri Chef; Edi Grabocka

  168. A Clinico-Epidemiological Study of Acne in Adults

    Authors: Swathi G; Mamatha S Kusagur

  169. A Survey on to Enhance Security Approach Using Discretized Centralization for Captcha as Graphical Password

    Authors: Bhavana A. Barbole; Shubhangi Surywanshi

  170. Clinical Management of Marasmus Protocol (Case Study)

    Authors: Shadia Mohamed; Ali Adam Juma; Bashir Awil Ismail

  171. Hybrid Model of Ultrasonic Transducer for better Medical Imaging

    Authors: Apurva Y. Gandole; Y. B. Gandole

  172. Short Term Load Forecasting of Chhattisgarh Grid Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System

    Authors: Saurabh Ghore; Amit Goswami

  173. Dealing with Climate Change: Concerns and Options

    Authors: Pooja Arora; Smita Chaudhry

  174. Synthesis of Tin Oxide Nanofibers for Lung Cancer, Diabetes and Kidney Malfunction Detection

    Authors: Florina Regius; Shrey Jain

  175. Searching Keyword Using Public-Key Ciphertexts with Hidden Structures

    Authors: K. Maheshwari; S. Nithya

  176. Mitigation of Sybil Attack Using Location Aware Nodes in VANET

    Authors: Dalbir Singh; Manjot Kaur

  177. Energy Reduction in Mobile WSN using Dynamic Clustering & M-Leach Routing Approach

    Authors: Mohd. Yasser; Manjot Kaur

  178. Robust Real Time based Face Recognition using Support Vector Machine & Histogram Equalization Algorithm

    Authors: Dr. V. S. Manjula

  179. Instructional Design Quality: An Evaluation of Open Education Europa Networks? Open Courses using the First Principles of Instruction

    Authors: Emeka Joshua Chukwuemeka; Andrew Obida Yoila; Ersun Iscioglu

  180. A Study of Transition of the Expansion of the Universe from a Phase of Deceleration to Acceleration through a Conversion of Matter into Dark Energy in the Framework of Brans-Dicke Theory

    Authors: Sudipto Roy

  181. Occurrence of Viral Infection in Haemodialysed CKD Cases in Libya

    Authors: Khaled M. D.; A. Faiz; A. T. Abdelgader; S. Bioprabhu

  182. Design, Simulation, Implementation and Control of Digital Self-Compensating Method for Integral Cycle Power Control for Welding Application

    Authors: N. D. Mehta; Dr. D. K. Bhatt

  183. Metabolic Syndrome in Overweight and Obese Children

    Authors: Mokhammad Ikhsan Nurkholis; Aidah Juliaty A. Baso; Dasril Daud; Johan Setyawan Lisal

  184. Anal Fissure: A Frequent Reason of Anal Pain

    Authors: Dr. Bhavin Kothari

  185. Modal Analysis of Equal Spacing around Sun Gear Double Power Branch System

    Authors: Xigui Wang; Yongmei Wang; Xuezeng Zhao

  186. A Comparative Study on Achievement Motivation of Children of Employed and Non-Employed Mothers

    Authors: ASL Sowmya; Dr. E. Manjuvani

  187. Guidelines for Implementation of Cost Effective Technologies in Housing

    Authors: Ar. J. Jebaraj Samuel

  188. A Comprehensive Survey on Binarization of Degraded Document Images

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