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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.4, No.6

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2015-06-05

  1. Fertility Desires of People Living With HIV in Enugu State Nigeria

    Authors: Ajuba Miriam

  2. Modeling Kenya's Vulnerability to Climate Change ? A Multifactor Approach

    Authors: Kenneth Kemucie Mwangi; Felix Mutua

  3. The Impact of Firewall Security for Wireless Performance

    Authors: Tagwa Ahmed Bakri Gali; Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa

  4. Low Power FPGA Architecture

    Authors: Abhijeet Khandale; Dr. H R Bhagyalakshmi

  5. Adopting Viscosity Grading System for Proper Selection of Paving Asphalt in Sudan

    Authors: Magdi M. E. Zumrawi

  6. Impact of Silicon Content on Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloys

    Authors: Milind G Kalhapure; Pradeep M Dighe

  7. Self Compacting Concrete

    Authors: B. Ankaiah; Dr. K. Chandra Sekhar Reddy

  8. Effects of Customer Retention Strategy on Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya

    Authors: Mutegi Nicholas Mugambi; Dr. Assumptah W. Kagiri

  9. Time Synchronized Fair Data Transmission in Secure UWSNs

    Authors: Sushma.V; Shanthi.M.B

  10. FOG Computing Future of Cloud Computing

    Authors: Kshamata Shenoy; Prachi Bhokare; Unnathi Pai

  11. The Hybrid Compressive Sensing Data Collection Method in Cluster Structure for Efficient Data Transmission in WSN

    Authors: Bibi Ameena; Prof. Mallanagouda Biradar

  12. Wind Analysis on Pentagonal Cylinder by Using Low Speed Subsonic Wind Tunnel

    Authors: Mohanraj.N

  13. Delay Optimization in Wireless Networks Using Packet Deviation Method

    Authors: Vijayadeepa Salimatha; Manoj Challa

  14. The Perspectives of Research in Educational Management and Role of Leadership

    Authors: Dr. Aladaham Khelaifah Alshammari

  15. Aseptic Growth Attributes of PEG-Stressed and BBTV-Infected Plants of Banana

    Authors: Ikram-ul Haq

  16. Establishment of Plant Regeneration Protocol in Cucumber: Fruit Juices Used as Carbon Source

    Authors: Ikram-ul Haq; Zahra Arshad; Taseer

  17. Unravelling Acute Abdomen ? A Clinical Study

    Authors: Dr. Harisha N S M.S; Dr. Hemanth Vupputuri M.S; Dr. Lakshmi Narayana G M.S

  18. Modeling and Energy Analysis of a Diesel and Biodiesel Fuelled Engine

    Authors: Sagar P. Potdukhe; M. M. Deshmukh

  19. Role of X ray to Detect the most common injury in KSA

    Authors: Dr Ibrahim Abdalla Mohamed elshikh; Dr Abdelhamid Albaid; Mr. Talal Ayad Bani Alrshidi

  20. DTN Technologies Used for Secure Data Retrieval in Decentralized Military Networks

    Authors: Dr. B R Prasad Babu; Kavyashree.G; T. Gayathri

  21. A Study on Techniques for Extracting Rare Itemsets

    Authors: B. Kiruthika; S. Nithya Roopa

  22. Experimental Damping Estimation of Material by Sinusoidal Base Excitation

    Authors: Amit Kumar Gupta; S K Mangal

  23. A Study On Cardiovascular Fitness of Sedentary College Students

    Authors: Richa Rai; Priyanka Chugh; M.P.S.Negi

  24. A Case Study of Watershed Development in Sangola-Maharashtra

    Authors: Sharada S. Tanavade; P. A. Hangargekar

  25. Study of Optical Properties for (PS-Y2O3) Nanocomposites

    Authors: Bahaa H. Rabee; Tayf Nabeel Khudair

  26. Low Grade Chondrosarcoma on FNAC: A Diagnostic Dilemma

    Authors: Mirza Asif Baig

  27. Conditions of Boundedness for Compact operators on Banach spaces

    Authors: Mohammed Ahamed Osman Tom

  28. Implementation of Android Client for Vehicular Accident Detection and Reporting System

    Authors: Yashpal Gupta S; Dr. Phaneendra H D

  29. FPGA Implementation of MD5 Algorithm for Password Storage

    Authors: Shadab Ahmad Khan

  30. Twin Gestation with a Complete Mole and Coexisting Normal Fetus

    Authors: Dr. Asha Swarup; Dr. Chaitra Shivananjaiah; Dr. Sundari N; Dr. Jyothi G S

  31. Successful Pregnancy Outcome in Primary Amenorrhoea

    Authors: Dr Rajini Uday; Dr Chaitra S; Dr Krupa; Dr Mamatha Shetty; Dr Sneha Gupta

  32. Design of Low Power Encoder through Domino Logic for 4 Bit Flash Analog to Digital Converter in 90nm Technology using Cadence Tool

    Authors: Rahul D. Marotkar; Dr. M. S. Nagmode

  33. Immobilization of Little Millet (Panicum sumatrense) ?-amylase

    Authors: B. Usha; K. P. J. Hemalatha

  34. Study of Process Parameters Affecting the Diameter and Morphology of Electrospun Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Nanofibers

    Authors: Dhananjay D. Pise; Dr. B. B. Ahuja; Dr. S. M. Shendokar

  35. Improved Methodology for Harmonics Reduction using Shunt Active Power Filter Based on p-q Theory

    Authors: Priyanka Zamade; Minal Tomar

  36. Significance of Telecommunication and Skilful Management in Human Development at the Global Scenario

    Authors: Dr. Dhruv Shankar

  37. A Review: Design and Simulation of Binary Floating Point Multiplier Using VHDL

    Authors: Ujjwala V. Chaudhari; Prof A. P. Dhande

  38. In vitro Activity of Tigecycline against Clinical Isolates of Extended Specrtum Beta Lactamase Producing Enterobacteriaceae in Tertiary Care Hospital

    Authors: Poonam S; Lamture A; Mangalkar S; Gaikwad V

  39. Inventorization of Spider Diversity from Vakoba, Devrai Region of Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary

    Authors: More S. B.

  40. Copper accumulation & carpophoroids/sclerotial bodies formation at elevated copper level in Boletus edulis Bull. ex Fr.

    Authors: Simerjit Kaur; I.B. Prasher

  41. Probabilistic Rough Classification in Information Systems with Fuzzy Decision Attributes

    Authors: B. Venkata Ramana; L. Padma Sree; M. Srinivasa Rao; G. Ganesan

  42. Comparison of the Traditional VSI & CSI with Novel ZSI for Study the Pre-Dominate Harmonics Effect

    Authors: Mohammad Abdul Hakeem; Hazeera Sulthana

  43. Experimental Investigation on Thermo-Electric Generator Used in Compression Ignition Engines

    Authors: G. Ganesh Kumar

  44. Supporting Staff in Antagonistic Environments by All-round Training with an Extension Approach

    Authors: Javad Tajmirriahi; Alireza Sadeghian

  45. New Types of Connected Spaces by Semi Cocompact Open Set

    Authors: Raad Aziz Al-Abdulla; Hadeel Husham Al-Zubaidi

  46. Creating HRM Value by Strategic Human Resources Management with an Extension Approach: Ten Steps to Strategic HR

    Authors: Javad Tajmirriahi; Alireza Sadeghian

  47. Area-Delay-Power Efficient Carry-Select Adder

    Authors: Shruthi Nataraj; Karthik.L

  48. Disaster Preparedness: Current Trends and Future Directions

    Authors: Tabish SA; Nabil Syed

  49. Loneliness in Ageing

    Authors: Pragya Sharma; Dr. Shubha Dube

  50. Bioreactor Landfill Technology

    Authors: Aromal Thampan; Munish Kumar Chandel

  51. Isolation and Characterization of Multifarious Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria Enterobacter ludwigii PGP 19 Isolated from Pearl Millet

    Authors: Rajnish Prakash Singh

  52. On Generalized S Topological Groups

    Authors: C. Selvi; R. Selvi

  53. Xeroderma pigmentosum with Malignant Ulcer Associated with Plenty of Live Maggots?A Rare Case Report

    Authors: K.Ramireddy; A.V. Pitchi Reddy

  54. Analysis of Five Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Variable Frequency Multi Carrier Pulse Width Modulation Techniques

    Authors: Shani M Vaidya; Kunal P Bhatt

  55. Prevalence of Endometrial Tuberculosis in Infertility Cases

    Authors: Dr. A. Shanti Sri; Dr.Nazia Khannum; Dr.P.Padmaja; Dr.Frsha.N.Taraporewalla

  56. Musculo-Skeletal Disorders(MSDs) Risk Assessment in Traditional Small Scale Industries by Using Reba(Rapid Entire Body Assessment) Method

    Authors: Dr. Chandni Shah; Dr. Neeta J. Vyas

  57. Congenital Talipes Equino Varus in Infants: Management By Ponseti Method and Outcome

    Authors: Dr A.Thirupathi Reddy; Dr K. Kishore Kumar; Dr B. Joseph Kartheek

  58. Conversion of Low Resolution Video into High Resolution Video using Super-resolution in Wavelet Domain

    Authors: Tanuja J Salunke; V. B. Baru

  59. Cluster-based Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Neha P. Dahihandekar; V. V. Kimbahune

  60. Rotation and Scale Invariant Intrusion Detection for Security Systems

    Authors: Rupali N. Wadekar; Dr. M. S. Nagmode

  61. Determining the Optimum Parameters of Plastic Injection Moulding for the Production of Bottle Cover

    Authors: Himanshu Arora; Dhirendra Pratap Singh; Sunil Kumar

  62. Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand of Some Selected Wells and Ponds in Bayero University, Kano and its Environs

    Authors: Abdullahi Muhammad; Lawan Sabo Ahmad

  63. Energy Efficient Link Adaptation Approach for Mobile Users in TDD Multi-User MIMO Systems

    Authors: Jinkala Kusuma Devi; P.Venkatramana

  64. Characterization of Kenaf Fibre-Retting Wastewater

    Authors: Z. Zawani; Luqman Chuah Abdullah; Khalina Abdan

  65. Exploiting Recommendation on Social Media Networks

    Authors: Swati A. Adhav; Sheetal A. Takale

  66. Pattern of Dental Caries among Adults in Purvanchal Region of Uttar Pradesh, India

    Authors: H C Baranwal; Deepak Pandiar; T B Singh

  67. Authentication in Mobile Ad Hoc Network for Secure Communication

    Authors: Tejashree Kokate; R.B.Joshi

  68. A Novel QoS-Based Approach for Web Service Recommendation and Visualization

    Authors: Pradip N. Shendage; Santosh A. Shinde

  69. Bioaccumulation of Mercury, Arsenic and Copper in Two Freshwater Fish Species from River Kaduna (Nigeria)

    Authors: Samson Baranzan Wayah; Bawa Shetaya Gadima

  70. Assessment of the Nutritional and Antinutritional Components of Tiger nut Residues

    Authors: Samson Baranzan Wayah; Safiya Shehu

  71. Design System for Discrimination Patterns Geometric Shapes using Neural Networks (Hamming @ Max net)

    Authors: Dr. Magdi Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Hamoda

  72. Synthesis, Characterization, Biological Activity and Use of Thiourea Derivative ( PhTTU ) Studies of dinitrate-1-phenyl-3-(thiazol-2-yl)-2-thioureato Cd(II) ion Complex

    Authors: Khalifa A. Alfallous; Moktar. M. Aburzeza

  73. A Steady-State Genetic Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem with Pickup and Delivery

    Authors: Monika Sharma; Deepak Sharma

  74. A Novel Hemagglutinin from Seeds of Dregea volubilis

    Authors: M.B. Patil; K.V.Deshpande

  75. Antimicrobial Efficacy of Preservatives used in Skin Care Products on Skin Micro Biota

    Authors: Chintha Lalitha; P.V.V.Prasada Rao

  76. Heart Valve Disease Classification Using Neural Network

    Authors: Ashish Shelke; V.B. Baru

  77. A Single Session of NCK Therapy in Ameliorating Excessive Pressure while Writing in a Child with Writing Difficulty: A Case Study

    Authors: N. Chandar Kumar

  78. Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols Over Multimedia Streaming In MANET

    Authors: Pooja Saini; Meenakshi Sharma

  79. Difference in Measure between Two Point Discrimination and Grip Strength among Diabetic and Non Diabetic

    Authors: Hammad Ahmed Siddiqui; Dr.Nusrat Hamdani PT; Dr.Asim Ali Khan MD UNANI

  80. Effect of WEDM Parameters on MRR of Carbidic Austempered Ductile Iron

    Authors: P. L. Pandit; Dr. S. A. Patil

  81. Study of Blood Component Therapy in Neonates

    Authors: Jeevaraj Giridharan; Raja Ramalingam.G; Rajendra S.Dhaka

  82. Study of Reactivities of Some Synthetic Non-Cyclic Oxo-Crown Ethers with Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metal Ions in Solid State

    Authors: Sourabh Muktibodh; Geetha Sarasan

  83. Impact of Minor Irrigation Project on Farm Productivity- A Study in Flood Affected Areas of Assam

    Authors: Rabinjyoti Khataniar; Shahnaaz Benazir

  84. Online Detection of Malicious Transactions from Database System

    Authors: Dhanashree Parchand; Harmeet Kaur Khanuja

  85. Text Based Emotion Recognition: A Survey

    Authors: Chetan R. Chopade

  86. Survey Paper on Despeckling of SAR Images on Different Transform Domain

    Authors: Akanksha Namdeo; Anish Vishwakarma; Neelmani Chhedaiya

  87. Complete Bug Report Summarization Using Task-Based Evaluation

    Authors: Miss. Rutuja K. Taware; Prof. S. A. Shinde

  88. Energy Efficient Approximate MAC Unit for High Speed DSP Application

    Authors: Sumant Mukherjee; Saurabh Mitra

  89. Android Application Supporting Old Age Life

    Authors: Yashika Tyagi; Alpana Kakkar

  90. Cloud Compiler Based on Android

    Authors: Abhishek Idnani; Himika Patel; Vijay Sonawane

  91. An Approach for Improving Security and Efficient Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Anil A Kumbar; Sagarika

  92. A Survey on MANETs in Disaster Rescue Operations

    Authors: C Ramakristanaiah; R. Praveen Sam

  93. Effects of Methanolic Extract of the bark of Khaya Senegalensis on Various Isolated Tissues Preparations

    Authors: Elagib.H.M; Shayoub.M.E; Mohammed.A.H; Osman.B.I; Abdoon.I; Elagib.S.M

  94. Efficacy and Safety Evaluation of Bresol Tablet in Allergic Rhinitis- A Double Blind Placebo Controlled Clinical Study

    Authors: Dr. Mohan Jagade; Dr. Kavitha Rajarathna

  95. New Parameters Estimation Using Numerical Method and Steady State Performance for Convensional and Converter Fed Induction Motor

    Authors: Chetana P. Sangani

  96. Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of a Herbal Formulation Evecare in the Management of Menstrual Irregularities: Meta-Analysis of 8 Clinical Studies

    Authors: Dr. Mukta P Umarji; Dr. Jyothi.G.S.

  97. Heavy Metal Pollution of Natural Waters in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

    Authors: D. C. Ozoko

  98. Policy based Collaborative Tagging for Privacy Protection

    Authors: Benazeer Inamdar; Gyankamal Chhajed

  99. Some Problems and Decisions in Endodontic Practice

    Authors: Gusiyska A.

  100. Indirect Biomimetic Restorations in Posterior Teeth - A Clinical Study of Main Principles - Case Series

    Authors: Gusiyska A.

  101. Thermal Analysis of Different Pyrazolone Azo Derivative and Their Complexes with Pd(II), Ni(II) and Ag(I)

    Authors: Aayad Ammar Syhood; Hussain J Mohammed

  102. Tendu Leaf waste Generation from Bidee Industries in Solapur City A Review

    Authors: Amol R. Naik; Sagar M. Gawande

  103. Seismic Soil Structure Interaction of Buildings with Rigid and Flexible Foundation

    Authors: Amar R Chougule; S S Dyavanal

  104. Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud

    Authors: Supriya Gade; P. B. Kumbharkar

  105. Isolation of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria from Wheat (Lok-1) rhizosphere

    Authors: Pande Anand; Kulkarni Nikhilesh

  106. Exploring Depression & Anxiety among College Going Students

    Authors: Preeti Sharma; Mustafa Nadeem Kirmani

  107. The Ifugao Hudhud: Its Peoples Knowledge of it

    Authors: Michele J. Dulay

  108. Survey on Forensic Document Clustering Using High Performance Clustering Algorithm

    Authors: Asmita V. Mane; Gitangali. R. Shinde

  109. Four-Year Follow-Up of the Healing Process in Periapical Lesions - A Conservative Approach in Two Cases

    Authors: Gusiyska A.

  110. Spy Tool for Your Facebook Account

    Authors: Dinesh Kumar Gupta; Sahil Kakkar; Alpana Kakkar

  111. Face Image Retrieval using Sparse Code and Age Group Estimation by using Face Angle

    Authors: Saheer P V; Faseela E

  112. An Evaluation of Media Audience Awareness of Community Broadcasting in Imo State, Nigeria

    Authors: Nkwam-Uwaoma; A.O. Ph.D

  113. Assessment of Three Phase Nanocomposite with Electrospun Nanofibers

    Authors: Sachin Chavan; Dr. S. M. Shendokar

  114. Review on Content Based Duplicate Image Detection

    Authors: Jagtap Ankita K.; Tidke B. A

  115. Effects of Stress Management Strategies on Enhancement of Students? Discipline in Secondary Schools In Elburgon Division, Molo Sub-County, Nakuru County, Kenya

    Authors: Maina M.N.; Njoroge T.

  116. Design and Development of Virtual Fence System for Agriculture Field using Laser and GSM Technology

    Authors: Satnamjit Kaur Sidhu; Tanvir Singh

  117. Study of the Prevalence of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in Hail Region

    Authors: Mahasin Gamal Alddin Yaqob; Alanoud Abdulrhman Almasood; Sada Matni Alshammary

  118. Epidemiological Study of Occupational Dermatitis

    Authors: Desantila Tahiraj; Ermira Vasili

  119. Liquidity and Profitability of Financial Institutions in Sri Lanka

    Authors: MACN. Shafana

  120. Sorptive Removal of Phenol from Aqueous Solution by Ammonium Chloride-Treated and Carbonized Moringa oleifera Seed Shells

    Authors: Raymond A Wuana; Lami A Nnamonu; John O Idoko

  121. An Application of SWOT Analysis in Development of Underutilized Plant Species in a Rural Hot Spur in Africa

    Authors: M. C. Onyema; N. C. Osuagwu; S. E. Ekpenyong

  122. Predation and Competition of Two Predators (Pardosa pseudoannulata and Verania lineata) on Different Densities of Nilaparvata lugens in Laboratory

    Authors: My Syahrawati; Edhi Martono; Nugroho Susetya Putra; Benito Heru Purwanto

  123. Global and Reactivity Descriptors Studies of Cyanuric Acid Tautomers in Different Solvents by using of Density Functional Theory (DFT)

    Authors: Numbury Surendra Babu; Didugu Jayaprakash

  124. Effect of Fuel Injection Pressure on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fueled with Cashew Nut Shell Biodiesel

    Authors: Thalari Vasantha; M. L. S. Deva Kumar

  125. Improved Steganographic Method for Hiding Secure Data Based on Efficient Keystream Generator

    Authors: Dr. Ismail K. Ali; Salah T. Allawi; May M. Abbas

  126. Public Sentiment Interpretation on Social Web: Twitter

    Authors: Devaki Ingule; Gyankamal Chhajed

  127. Searching Nearest Neighbor Based on Keywords using Spatial Inverted Index

    Authors: Shilpa B. Patil; Sushma S. Nandgaonkar

  128. Avifaunal Diversity of Tamkarada Forest, Near Malegaon Tehsil of Washim District

    Authors: Purushottam Ingle; Milind Sawdekar; Shivaji Bali

  129. Frequency Domain Based Robust Digital Image Watermarking Resilient to Desynchronization Attacks

    Authors: Mahesh R. Shimpi; S. V. Gumaste

  130. Optimizing Physical Dimension of Heat Exchanger Using Insert to Improve Its Portability

    Authors: Humair A. Ansari; Sanjay U. Bokade; Chandrakant C. Jadav

  131. Phytochemical Extraction and Characterization of the Leaves of Aloe vera barbadensis for its Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Oxidant Activity

    Authors: Priyanka Das; Alok Kumar Srivastav

  132. Impact of Liberalization Policies on Wage & Salary Administration, Social Security Measures and Welfare Facilities in Jute Industry of Visakhapatnam District

    Authors: P. Suseela Rani; Anup Samantray; Sunil Kumar Dhal

  133. Mycotic Corneal Ulcer Due to Curvularia Pallescens Boedijn

    Authors: Sagar K; Mangalkar S; Gohel T

  134. Parasites on Appendicularia (Oikopleura (Vexillaria) dioica) from Sea of Marmara, Turkey

    Authors: M. Levent Artz

  135. Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Febricidal Measures in Children among Mother's at Jabalpur District (M.P)

    Authors: Sangeeta Pillai; Malti Lodhi

  136. Students? Soft Skills Factor Analysis in Telkom University Department of Business Administration (Study Case in Class 2012)

    Authors: Mahendra Fakhri; Nurul Setyaningrum

  137. Comparative Studies on Conjugate Mixed Convection in Perforated Fins

    Authors: G. Ganesh Kumar

  138. Unsupervised Feature Selection Algorithms: A Survey

    Authors: P. Miruthula; S. Nithya Roopa

  139. Under the New Media Environment 3D Holographic Image Analysis of Artistic Language

    Authors: Ying Man Liu

  140. Tendu Leaf Waste Utilisation to Improve Soil Properties

    Authors: Amol R. Naik; Sagar M. Gawande

  141. Review on Optimization Techniques such as DOE and GRA used for Process Parameters of Resistance Spot Welding

    Authors: Manoj J. Ghag; M. Veerabhadra Rao

  142. Discovering Efficient Patterns for Text Mining Approach: A Survey

    Authors: Priyanka R. Magar; C. S. Biradar

  143. Survey on K-Nearest Neighbor Categorization over Semantically Protected Encrypted Relational Information

    Authors: Pranali D. Desai; Vinod S. Wadne

  144. Enhancing Top-Down Classification Method with Metaclassification for Large-scale Dataset

    Authors: Ankita Burungale; Dinesh Zende

  145. Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Market Prices in Nigeria: A Cointegration and Vector Error Correction Model Tests

    Authors: Gabriel Nkechukwu; Justus Onyeagba; Johnson Okoh

  146. Correlation of Factors Attributing to Patients with Substance Dependence and Demographic Characteristics in Eldoret town Municipality, Uasin-Gishu County, Kenya

    Authors: Edwin Simon Peter Nyaura; Jasper Edward Nyaura

  147. Capital Expenditure at Disaggregated level and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis

    Authors: Gabriel Chukwu Nkechukwu; Johnson Ifeanyi Okoh

  148. Foot Anthropometry: A Forensic and Prosthetic Application

    Authors: Ekezie Jervas

  149. Design of Cosine Modulated Filter Bank Using Unconstrained Optimization Technique

    Authors: Shaheen; Dinesh K. Dhaka

  150. RFID Security and Privacy

    Authors: Richa Mishra; Dr. Nitin Pandey

  151. Cloud Computing: A New Era of IT Opportunity and Challenges

    Authors: K Sampath Kumar; M Ronith; B Sanjay Krishna; Mohammed Jasam

  152. Effect of Different Materials and Coolant Channel Configurations on the Performance of Actively Cooled Panels

    Authors: Siva Karthik C V S S; Santhosh Kumar N; T Kishen Kumar Reddy

  153. Embedding of Ambient Intelligence in Mobile Phones

    Authors: Phalika Sharma; Sarika Jain

  154. Low Complexity Precoders for Multicell Multiuser (MU) MIMO System

    Authors: Md. Ashfaque Alam; Siddappaji

  155. Common Coupled Fixed Point Theorems for Geraghty - Type Contraction Mappings Using Monotone Property in Partially Ordered Partial b-Metric Spaces

    Authors: K. P. R. Sastry; K. K. M. Sarma; Ch. Srinivasa Rao; Vedula Perraju

  156. Impact of Data Warehouse in Decision Making Process

    Authors: Abhishek Dabas; Vandana Dabass; Heena Mehta

  157. Iris Recognition System Based On Morphological Bridged Canny Edge Detection and KNN Classifier

    Authors: Shrishti Pardhi; Shahana Gajala Qureshi

  158. Food Tourism: An Effective Marketing Tool for Indian Tourism Industry

    Authors: Moushumi Banerjee

  159. A Steganography Implementation Based On DCT Algorithm By Using MATLAB GUI Function

    Authors: Er. Yashpal Lather; Er. Megha Goyal

  160. Artificial Neural Network Controller for Induction Motor Drive

    Authors: Aakanksha Tripathi; Naveen Asati

  161. Medicolegal Study of Age by Dental Radiograph

    Authors: Dr. Manoj Kumar; Dr. S. K. Tripathi

  162. Pre-Monsoon Waste Characteristics in Gadhinglaj City

    Authors: Parag S. Dawane; Sagar M. Gawande

  163. Association Rule Mining with Fuzzy Logic: an Overview

    Authors: Anand V. Saurkar; S. A. Gode

  164. Successful Management of Downer Syndrome in Cow by Medicinal Treatment Along With Physiotherapy

    Authors: Nirmala Kumari; B. L. Kaswan

  165. A Novel Set Level Technique for Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Clustering and Self Organizing Map Network

    Authors: Nidhi Kaushal; Murlidhar Vishwakarma; Ravi Singh Pippal

  166. Optimization of Image Compression Technique: Huffman Coding by Using PCDA

    Authors: Rakhi Seth; Sanjivani Shantaiya

  167. Assessment of Physical Fitness in Relation to Body Mass Index using Treadmill in Female Adults

    Authors: T. Kamalaja; J. Deepika

  168. An Efficient Technique of Steganography

    Authors: Latika; Yogita Gulati

  169. Building Failures/Collapses and their Reputational Effect on Building Industry in Nigeria

    Authors: Anthony Nwafor U.

  170. Iris Localization: A Biometric Approach of Feature Recognition

    Authors: Amol M. Patil; D. S. Patil

  171. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Mulch on Growth of Troyer Citrange (Citrus sinensis x Poncirus trifoliata) Seedlings

    Authors: Tafesse Kibatu; Kebede Woldetsadik

  172. Preparation and Physicochemical Characterization of Poly (D, L-lactide-co-glycolide) Nanoparticles for Controlled Release of EGCG

    Authors: Sandip Pal; Chabita Saha

  173. Design and Implementation of Efficient FSM for AHB Master and Arbiter

    Authors: Muzammel Hoque; Owais Shah

  174. Experimental Investigation of Different Groove Geometry of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing On Mechanical Vibrations

    Authors: Rohit Prataprao Patil; Prof. M. B. Mandale

  175. Enhanced Training Phase Reduction with Feature Filtering for Malware Detection Using Ensemble SVM

    Authors: Shital Kuber; Prof. Digambar Padulkar

  176. ASIC Architectures for Implementing ECC Arithmetic over Finite Fields

    Authors: Hemanth Ravindra; Jalaja S

  177. An Active Power Filter Implemented with a 4-Leg VSI Using Predictive Control Scheme for Improving Power Quality

    Authors: Legala Sowjanya; M. Manohara

  178. Six Sense Technology

    Authors: Manish Gautam; Neetu Gupta

  179. Secured Greedy Geographical Reliable Reactive Routing for WSN

    Authors: Bhramitha B Shetty; Manimozhi Iyer

  180. Improved IUPQC Topology for Simultaneous Compensation of Voltage and Current in Adjacent Feeders

    Authors: CH. Rajender; Dr. A. Srujana

  181. Denoising of Speech Signals with Impulse Noise Using Optimal Wavelets

    Authors: N. Ravisankar; D. Leela Rani

  182. Effect of Supplementation with Flaxseed Powder on Roti Quality

    Authors: R. Manjula Sasikumar

  183. Effect of Horticulture Therapy on Level of Stress

    Authors: Akshara P.V; Manoj Kumar L

  184. Mucus Transport in the Human Lung Airways: Effect of Porosity Parameter and Air Velocity

    Authors: V.S. Verma; Vikash Rana

  185. Memetic Algorithm: Hybridization of Hill Climbing with Replacement Operator

    Authors: Gagandeep Sharma; Naveen Kumar; Ashu Khokhar

  186. The Relationship between Creativity and Psychological Distress

    Authors: Dr. Balbinder Singh; Dr. Navdeep Singh Tung

  187. Effect of Sensory Integration Therapy on Self-Stimulating and Self-Injurious Behaviours in Children with Autism: A Pilot Study

    Authors: Dr. U. Ganapathy Sankar

  188. Pre-Monsoon Sewage Analysis in Gadhinglaj City

    Authors: Sunil S. Pattanshetti; Sagar M. Gawande

  189. Quantifying Qualitative Analysis for Collaborations in Enhanced Virtual Social Platforms

    Authors: P. Siva Kumar; K. Srikanth

  190. Assessment of Nitrification and Ammonia Volatilization in Different Soils Texture Irrigated by Waste Water

    Authors: Dalshad Azeez Darwesh

  191. Convolution of Al-Tememe Transformation

    Authors: Ali Hassan Mohammed; Alaa Sallh Hadi; Hassan Nadem Rasoul

  192. A Comparative Study of Bertalmio and Exemplar Based Image Inpainting

    Authors: Prof. Tapan Kumar Hazra; Rajashree Mitra; Jayashree Bhattacharya

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