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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.7, No.2

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2018-02-05

  1. Clinical Case of Multidrug-Resistant in King Khalid Hospital, Hail

    Authors: DR. Fahd Z. Eissa; Fayez Nashi Alshammari; Abdulrahman Ali Al Anazi

  2. Knowledge and Practice of Standard Precautions and Awareness Regarding Post Exposure Prophylaxis among Interns of B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal

    Authors: Dr. Bijaya Devi Aryal; AK Yadav

  3. Peristaltic Transport of Couple Stress Fluid through an Inclined Asymmetric and Non-Uniform Channel with Porous Medium

    Authors: Hanaa Abdulhussain; Ahmed M. Abdulhadi

  4. Diabetic Nephropathy and Albuminuria in Type 2 Diabetic Patients in Enugu State Nigeria

    Authors: Edwin N. Okafor; Ekene E. Chukwukelu; Martin C. Ugonabo

  5. The Role of Stakeholders in the Implementation of CSR Program by Pertamina Subang

    Authors: Rudi Saprudin Darwis; Risna Resnawaty

  6. The Linear Delay Fourth Order Eigen-Value Problems Solved By the Collocation Method

    Authors: Eman. A. Abdul-Razzaq; Sinan H. Abd Almjeed; Ahmed E. Abdul-Nabi

  7. Distribution of Lichen Planus at Extra Oral Site in Oral Lichen Planus Patients

    Authors: Zahra A. Al-hasnawi; Ban F. Al-Drobie

  8. Non Suicidal Self Injurious Behaviour among School going Adolescent Population - A Qualitative Study

    Authors: Dr. Sudha.M

  9. Waardenburg Syndrome: A Case Study of 2 Patients

    Authors: Dr Shruti Muddebihal; Dr Ravindra Banakar

  10. Cultivation of the Rootstocks of Cherry Lubskaya in Artificial Substrates with the Use of a Special Structure with a Regulated Microclimate Inside

    Authors: Islamov Sokhib Yakhshibekovich; Khalmirzaev Dilmurad Kamilovich

  11. The Importance of the Extending of Primary Reproducing Season of Living Silkworms in a Sharp Continental Climate Arias

    Authors: Jumagulov Kahramon Alievich; Juraeva Mokhinur Jonibekovna

  12. Determinants of Exchange Rate Instability in Nigeria

    Authors: Joshua D. Zoaka; Annah Yohanna; Waglati Ornan; Joseph Z. Maras

  13. Legal Protection toward a Deed Registered By Notary Due to Migrated Territory

    Authors: Dr. Rusdianto Sesung S.H. M.H.; Ary Ray Sang Rizaldi S.H.

  14. Legal Consequences Embedded on the Charity Institution Due to Uncompleted Synchronization Based on Constitution Number 28 Year 2014

    Authors: Dr. Rusdianto Sesung S.H. M.H.; Muhammad Iqbal S.H.

  15. The Analysis of the Plan and Design System of Humanistic Ecological Landscape - Taking the Tianjin Eco-City Wetland Landscape Planning as an Example

    Authors: ZHOU Qi

  16. Influence of Project Characteristics on Completion of Construction Projects in Public Secondary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya

    Authors: Josephine N. Ojiambo; Charles Rambo; Harriet Kidombo

  17. Analysis of Participation of Labour Based Road Contractors in Rural Road Works in Tanzania

    Authors: Amon R. Makenya Gerold C. Mng'ong'o

  18. Quality Control Management on Apparel Order Process: A Case Study in Bangladesh Garment Industry

    Authors: A. K. M. Shafiqur Rahman

  19. Factors that Affect the Performance of the Midwife in Conducting Early Detection of High Risk on Pregnant Women in the Health District of Jayapura

    Authors: Ruth Yogi; Muji Lestari

  20. Hepatomodulation of Cigarette Smoke Toxicity by Terminalia arjuna Stem Bark in Rats

    Authors: Rajni Singh; Asha Agarwal; Preeti Kumari

  21. Experimental Evidence of Optical Dynamics in Chaotic Semiconductor Laser by Optical Feedback

    Authors: S. S. A. Al Bassam; A. S. A Abo Saida

  22. Foraging Behavior of Endemic Dull-Blue Flycatcher (Eumyias sordidus) in Tropical Montane Cloud Forest Habitats of Sri Lanka

    Authors: W.D.S.C. Dharmarathne; W.A.D. Mahaulpatha

  23. Organizational Climate of the School and Teacher Performance Improvement in the 21st Century

    Authors: Mathias Gemnafle; Simon Petrus Waimuri; John Rafafy Batlolona

  24. Effect of Incorporating Processes of Fumed Silica on Marshall Properties of HMA Concrete

    Authors: Mahmood Khalid Jumaah Al-Obaidi

  25. Book Review: Circumcision: A History of the World's Most Controversial Surgery

    Authors: Adeloye Amoo Adeniji

  26. A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Structure Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Dengue Fever among Adults (20-40 Years) in Selected Rural Area, Nashik (M.S)

    Authors: Pravin Ramesh Gholap

  27. Analyzing Extreme Sports Perceptions of University Students

    Authors: Merve Ceylan; Hatice Dilhun Sukan

  28. Remote Sensing Based Agricultural Drought Assessment in Krishnagiri District

    Authors: Parthibanraja.A; Purushothaman.B.M

  29. High Dose Corticosteroids - A Boon or Bane in Dengue Fever with Thrombocytopenia: A Case Control Study

    Authors: Dr Sachin Nayak Sujir; Dr Narendra SS; Dr Ashray V; Dr Vijay Kumar

  30. Is Articane and Lidocaine the Same? Which is Safer?

    Authors: Dr. Rupal Jhanji; Dr. Ravi Narula; Dr. Karanjot Kaur; Dr. Monika Narula

  31. Isolated Left Ventricle Non-Compaction?Rare Form of Cardiomyopathy?Case Report

    Authors: Rajesh Agarwal; Amit Goel; Shahid Mahdi; Neeraj Bhalla

  32. Evaluation of the Computer Book for the First Grade According to Computer Culture

    Authors: Dr. Mayson Ryadh

  33. Effect of the Active Thinking Model in the Achievement of Students of the Fifth Grade Applied Science of Physics and Their Pivotal Thinking

    Authors: Dr. Majida Ibrahim Ali; Dr. Majed Saleem Aziz; Dr. Faez Salim Abd

  34. A Review on Antineoplastic Activity of Aegle Marmelos

    Authors: Simancha Panda; Dr. Ramprasad Padhy

  35. Seroprevelance of H.Pylori in Patients with Gastric Upset in Baquba City

    Authors: Burooj M. Razooqi Al-aajem

  36. A Study on Consumer Behaviour of Women in Durable Goods - With Special Reference to Tiruvarur

    Authors: P. Sathya; Dr. R. Indirajith

  37. Effect of Wateringon Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Plant Growth

    Authors: Astija dan Musdalifah

  38. Study of Maternal Outcome in Pregnancy with Heart Disease

    Authors: Radhika Mohan; Saral Bhatia

  39. Correlation between Red Cell Distribution Width and Glycemic Control in Diabetic Patients

    Authors: Dr. Peersab M Pinjar; Dr. Jithin George; Dr. Georgin Mani

  40. Anxiety and Stress and their Influence on Undergraduate Student Performance in Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Ghada Aljawawdeh; Yazan Alghazo

  41. A Brief Scenario on the Emergence and Occurrence of Dengue Fever in the Slum Dwelling Areas of Kolkata, West Bengal

    Authors: Rupa Chandra

  42. Effect of Various Interventions in Reducing Fuel-Wood from Forest in the Households of Different Watersheds of Sirsi Taluk

    Authors: Pallavi P. Banavasi; Koppad A. G.

  43. A Comparison of Kings Vision Video Laryngoscope with Macintosh Laryngoscope in Adult Patients Undergoing Elective Surgical Procedure

    Authors: Bina Patel; Jigisha Surti; Parul Jani; Pragna Vachharajani

  44. Prophylaxis against Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Patients undergoing Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgeries with Gabapentin alone and Gabapentin-Dexamethasone and their Comparison with Ondansetron

    Authors: Anas Wahab Ansari; Rajiv Gautam; L. S. Mishra

  45. Performance Comparison of EAP-GPSK, SAKE with AES-CCM and EAP-SAKE-FFX Authenticated Encryption Protocols for WiMAX Network Security

    Authors: B. Chandran Mahesh; Dr. B. Prabhakara Rao

  46. The Emotional Balance and Its Relation to the Sense of Inferiority among the Students of the Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences / Ibn al-Haytham

    Authors: Dr. Anan Ghazi Mahmoud Al-Safi

  47. Entomological Study of Ticks in Albania during 2010-2015

    Authors: Perparim Kadriaj; Enkelejda Velo; Silva Bino

  48. Evaluation of Fluoride Concentration in Water Treatment Plants of Baghdad City

    Authors: Sura K. Ali

  49. Effectiveness of Local Regulation of North Toraja Number 1 of 2013 Concerning Building

    Authors: Hanfree Bunga' Allo Abdul Razak Anshori Ilyas

  50. The Relationship between Age and Histological Types of Cervical Cancer

    Authors: Godstime I. Irabor; Edoise M. Isiwele; Martin A. Nnoli; Kenneth A. Omoruyi.

  51. The Importance of the Use of Computer on Students? Learning Process and its Impact on their Academic Performances

    Authors: Chapman Eze Nnadozie

  52. Household Capabilities, Perception of Water Vulnerability and Coping Strategies in the Western High Atlas: Case of the Anougal Valley

    Authors: Abdellah AHOUACH; Mohamed Cherkaoui

  53. Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction: It's Effect on Teachers on Turnover

    Authors: Ma'di Syarif Rugaiyah Nurhattati

  54. Shear Behaviour of Rock Joints

    Authors: Kamal Bakhatyapuri; Gaurav Dane

  55. Impact Premenstrual Syndrome on Psychological and Somatic Problem among Students Nursing College in Babylon City

    Authors: Iman H. Alwan

  56. Indias Arm Manufacturing in Defence Sector

    Authors: Kashif Kaularikar; Ajeet Yadav; Farheen Baig; Sabeeha Khan; Shehnaz Khan

  57. Acquaintance of Endodontic Dental Staff about Personal Protective Equipments at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Dr. Mesfer Saleh Alwadie

  58. Cardiovascular Manifestations of Rheumatic Diseases

    Authors: Singh Ummed; Gauri F. H.; Pise Harshal; Liyakat Nadeem; Fatima Quadir; Gauri L. A.

  59. Comparison of Intravenous Fentanyl vs Dexmedetomidine in Attenuation of Pressure Response during Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation

    Authors: Rinkal Bhadiyadra; Archana Vaghela; Subhash Patel; Pragna Vachharajani

  60. Evaluation of Tensile Strength and Percentage of Elongation for Pigmented and Non-Pigmented Maxillofacial Silicone Before and After Aging

    Authors: Noor M. Shihab; Faiza M. Abdul-Ameer

  61. System-Forming unit of a language-Lexico-Semantic Field (On the Basis of the Azerbaijani Language)

    Authors: Rufat Ibrahimov

  62. A Comparative Study of Effect of Propofol, Etomidate and Propofol Plus Etomidate Induction on Hemodynamic Response to Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation

    Authors: Dr. Hitesh S. Patel; Dr. Bina B. Patel; Dr. Divyang V. Shah; Dr. Pragna N. Vachhrajani

  63. Flood Prediction and Disaster Management (FloodAlert)

    Authors: Siddheshwari Raut; Pranjali Vaidya; Pranav Gupta; Prof. Rohit Barve

  64. A Study of ECG and 2D Echo Findings in Type?II Diabetes Mellitus Patients

    Authors: Dr. Uddhav Khaire; Dr. Shirish Shinde; Dr. Meenakshi Bhattacharya

  65. Tax Compliance Intention : Experimental Analysis Towards Belief, Feeling, and Attitude

    Authors: Supriyati; Bambang Tjahjadi; I Made Narsa; Heru Tjaraka

  66. Prosthetic Treatment in Patient with Maxillary Cancer Disease

    Authors: Ivan Gerdzhikov

  67. Consequences of Dental Caries in Children and its Association with Sociodemographic Variables

    Authors: Dr. Sheela Sreedharan; Dr. Suchithra.M.S; Dr. K. S. Sanuba

  68. To Study the Prevalence and Risk Factors of Retinopathy of Prematurity at a Tertiary Care Centre in Agra

    Authors: Dr. Snigdha Sen; Dr. Pankaj Kumar; Dr. Neetu Saharan; Dr. Moumita Barman

  69. Entomological Aspects in UGC Choice-based Credit System (CBCS) Curriculum at Tamil Nadu Educational Institutions

    Authors: Sahayaraj K

  70. Identification of Sarcocystis spp. by Transmission Electron Microscope

    Authors: Safa T. Whaeeb; Azhar A. Faraj

  71. Utilization of Natural Made Compost as Potential Source of Electricity

    Authors: Maria Eva E. Diongco Ed. D.; Catherine Del Rosario

  72. Diode Laser in Pediatric Dentistry

    Authors: Dr Ambika S; Dr Suchithra M S

  73. Energy Efficiency on Fatmawati Soekarno Bengkulu Airport

    Authors: Roilan

  74. On Fuzzy Measure and Fuzzy Integral on Fuzzy Set

    Authors: D. Rajan; A. Beulah

  75. Hypertonic Saline Infusion Minimizes Bacterial Translocation and Histological Degenerative Changes in Liver of Shocked Rats

    Authors: Abeer Nasser M Alghalbi

  76. Gas-forming Pyogenic Liver Abscess in an Immuno Competent Young Adult Male

    Authors: Dr. Sadhna Sharma; Dr. Kondala Rao Yedupati

  77. Continuous Multitopic Tweet Summarization and Timeline Generation using Clustering

    Authors: Seema Shivajirao Malkar; Dr. D. V. Kodavade

  78. Classification of Customer Requirements Using the Kano Model - A Case Study at the Project of (Basmaya Residential City)

    Authors: Mustafa Qusay Aboood; Dr. Fadhiela Salman Dawood

  79. The Effect of Forest Management Initiatives on Sustainability of Forests: Evidence from Uganda

    Authors: Rev. Niyongere Pierre Celestin; Dr. Gershom Atukunda PhD; Roberts Muriisa K

  80. MapReduce:Ordering and Large Scale Indexing in Large Cluster

    Authors: Iniyan Senthil Kumar.T; Poovaraghan.R

  81. Effectiveness of Education Training Program on Nurse-Midwives? Practices toward Immediate Mother and Newborn Skin to Skin Contact at Birth in Baghdad Maternity Hospitals

    Authors: Muntaha K. Mejbil; Rabea M. Ali; Afifa R. Aziz

  82. Effectiveness of Education Training Program on Nurse-Midwives? Knowledge about Immediate Mother and Newborn Skin to Skin Contact at Birth in Baghdad Maternity Hospitals

    Authors: MuntahaK. Mejbil; Rabea M. Ali; Afifa R. Aziz

  83. A Critical Analysis of Electronic Transactions and its Intricacies

    Authors: Chapman Eze Nnadozie

  84. Computation of Achievement Motivation among Young Rural Footballers

    Authors: Dr. Sudhira Chandel; Prakhar Rathore

  85. Coal Supplier Selection of PT. XYZ Trading Indonesia with Green Supplier Selection Approach

    Authors: Noparizal; M Syamsul Maarif; Yandra Arkeman

  86. Retroperitoneal Mass, A Case Report with Laparoscopic Excision

    Authors: Ziyad Nawaf Aljazi; Jazzam Alkholfi Alanazi; Talal Mohammed Alanazi

  87. Comparison of Butorphanol Versus Fentanyl on Intraoperative Anaesthesia Course and Post-Op Recovery Characteristic in Patient Undergoing Laparoscopic Surgery

    Authors: Dr. Bhavna H.Sojitra; Dr. Deepali L Patel; Dr. Pragna Vachharajani

  88. Employees Pay Satisfaction Affects Job Performance in Post-80s

    Authors: Ziqing Xu

  89. Creativity and Innovation in Google

    Authors: Abrar Alhajri

  90. Oxidative Stress Status in Hypertensive Patients on Capoten Treatment

    Authors: Bahaa Noor Madhloom; Ameena Ryhan Diajil

  91. DOS Attacks

    Authors: Rushikesh Gawande

  92. Factors Responsible for Consumer Behaviour towards Disposal of Plastic Goods

    Authors: Rohit Tandon; Dr Aparna Goyal

  93. Fixed Point in Cone Banach Space

    Authors: Buthainah A.A. Ahmed; Essraa A. Hasan

  94. Solution of Linear and Non-Linear Ordinary Differential Equations Using the Variational Iteration Method

    Authors: M. M. Yalwa; T. T. Ashezua; B. T. Enoch

  95. Measurement of Arrhenius Parameters of the Second-Order Decomposition of Ethanal (CH3CHO)

    Authors: P. N. Ekemezie

  96. Critical Analysis of Psychological Concepts in the Bhagavad Gita

    Authors: Mahendra Kumar Dhakad

  97. Music Recommendation System based on Context and EEG Data

    Authors: G. A. Vida Mastrika Giri; A.A. I. NgurahEka Karyawati

  98. CT System Parameters Determination based on Calibration Method

    Authors: Ling Liu; Hao Tang; Yuhan Zhou; Jun Ye

  99. New Fetal Independent Parameters for Estimating Gestational Age - Placental Thickness and Placental Tapering Angle

    Authors: Kinjal Kakadiya; Mona Shastri

  100. Computed Tomography Evaluation of Pathological Lesions and Normal Variants of Paranasal Sinuses

    Authors: Shreya P. Desai; Mona Shastri

  101. A Case of Spinoglenoid Notch Ganglion Causing Suprascapular Nerve Entrapment

    Authors: Kyatish Sharma; Nilanjan Roy

  102. Impact of Ill health Conditions on Productivity of Farmers Case Study in Galenbindunuwewa, Sri Lanka

    Authors: Amarasekara K.A.I.M; Rangana M.A.L

  103. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evaluation of Cruciate Ligament Injuries and Associated Knee Joint Injuries

    Authors: Mehul G. Mangukiya; Ekta Desai; Mona Shastri

  104. Prevalence of Varicose Veins among Healthcare Professionals: A Cross Sectional Study

    Authors: Akash Ramaswamy; Shibumon M. M.

  105. The Bugineses Knowledge of Traditional Medicine in South Sulawesi

    Authors: M. Dalyan Tahir; Nurhayati Rahman; Hunaeni; M. Amir P.; Fithyani Anwar

  106. Comparative Study on Behaviour of High Rise R.C.C Structure with Shear Wall and High Rise R.C.C. Composite Structure with Consideration of Non-Linear P-Delta Analysis

    Authors: Mohammed Imran; Dr.Uttam Kalwane

  107. The Impact of Increasing the Salinity of Shatt Al-Arab River Waters on the Density of Phytoplankton and Zooplankton

    Authors: Khadija Kadhem Hreeb; Nada Moufeed

  108. To Report a Rare Case of Goldenhar Syndrome

    Authors: Dr. Manjunath.B.H; Dr. Pooja.B

  109. Computer Assisted Characterization of Virulence Factors among Helicobacter Pylori Strains

    Authors: Akoo Benedict; Dr. Johnson Kinyua; Dr. Daniel Maina

  110. Behavior of the Total Column Ozone and Temperature above Iraq during 2012 Strong Geomagnetic Storms

    Authors: Zahra T. I.; Najat M. R. Al-Ubaidi

  111. A Study to the Educational Management for the Left-behind Children in Rural Areas in China of the New Era

    Authors: Peiling Yang

  112. Secondary Metabolite Compounds of Bee Pollen the Geniotrigona Incise Sakagami&Inoue. from Samarinda East Borneo

    Authors: Syafrizal; Daniel; A R Magdaleni

  113. Analysis of UAE Banking Sector

    Authors: Ayush Kabra; Maneesha Singh

  114. Environmental Impact of the Rainwater Catchment Systems in the ITSSNP

    Authors: Rivera Cruz Jorge Luis; Sosa Ortega Marcos; Garrido Rosado Rafael; Hernndez Corona Sergio

  115. An Analytical Study on the Determinants of Profitability on Manufacturing Industry Listed in GCC Stock Exchange

    Authors: Dr. Jeena Ann John

  116. Soft Tissue Angiomatosis: A Rare Cases Report

    Authors: I Wayan JuliSumadi; J. S. Leni Manna; I.G. A Sri Mahendra Dewi; Ni WayanWinarti; Eka W

  117. Effects of Currency War on Turkish Economy

    Authors: Most Gulnahar Banu; Mohammad Rasel

  118. A Pregnant Women Group and its Effects on Maternal and Neonatal Health Services around Labor, Birth and the First Days after Birth among Vulnerable Community of Makwanpur, Nepal

    Authors: Shrestha Bhagawan Das; Dr. Rimal Nirmal

  119. Potential Source Rocks of Ngaye Clayed Deposit (Northern Cameroon)

    Authors: Soureiyatou Fadil-Djenabou

  120. Numerical Simulation of a Building Collapse on Sandy Clay of Douala City in Cameroon

    Authors: A. Abanda Dr. D. Fokwa P. Eba'a

  121. A Comparative Study of Attenuation of Propofol Induced Pain by Lignocaine, Ondansetron, Dexamethasone and Cold Propofol per se.

    Authors: Mitesh Patel; Neepa Patel; Pragna Vachchrajani

  122. The Role of Internal Marketing Strategies for Human Resource in Achieving the Credibility of Service Organization Exploratory Research in the Iraqi Airways General Company

    Authors: Nisreen Jasim Mohammed; Basher Ismail Mahmud; Abd Alrahman Tahir

  123. Effects of MHD on Peristalsis Transport and Heat Transfer with Variables Viscosity in Porous Medium

    Authors: Mohammed R. Salman; Ahmed M. Abdulhadi

  124. Proposal for a Way to Counter the Falsification of e-Mails Exchanged using the Outlook E-Mail Client

    Authors: Assistant Bertin Lobo Minga

  125. Legal Protection of Children as a Practicer in the Criminal Justice Process

    Authors: Gerei Sambine

  126. Comparative Studies of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete under Ambient Condition

    Authors: Arpit Soni; Chetali Shrivastava Gangwal

  127. Intra-Oral Lipoma-Case Report and Look into the Differential Diagnoses

    Authors: Shruthi Kumbla; Bijo. Alexander

  128. The Model of Legal Democracy Construction (MHD) in Preventing Fraud / Violation Choice of the Head of the Region in South East Sulawesi

    Authors: Herman; Dr. Kamaruddin; Sitti Aisah Abdullah

  129. Effects of Simplified Kundalini Yoga Practices on Behavioral Attitude of School Teachers

    Authors: S. Aruna; G. R. Valliammal

  130. Improving the Innovation of Mathematics Education Undergraduate through Cooperative Learning

    Authors: Rahmat Jumri; Wahyu Widada; Dewi Herawaty

  131. Implementation of Lesson Study in Undergraduate to Improve Mathematics Communication Ability

    Authors: Rita Yemema Manulang; Wahyu Widada; Dewi Herawaty

  132. The Disharmony Relation between Indonesia-Malaysia in Post-Colonial Era

    Authors: I Ketut Surajaya

  133. Surgical Removal of Fractured Endodontic Instrument in Periapex of the Mandibular First Molar: A Case Report

    Authors: G. Genadiev. Radeva. Georgiev

  134. Refractive Index and Temperature Sensor by using HC-800 Infiltrating by Different Liquid Crystal

    Authors: Suha Mousa Khorsheed Alawsi; Mariam Abdul Jabbar; Soror A. Mahdi

  135. The Assassination Plan is Reviewed from a Legal Aspect of Pathology

    Authors: Achmad Attamimi

  136. Dengue Hemophagocytic Syndrome-Review Article

    Authors: Dr. M. Umakanth

  137. A Study on Association between Adjustment and Academic Achievement of Adolescent Studying in Different Types of Educational Boards

    Authors: Dr Nivedita Pathak; Dr Jyoti Ravi Tiwari; Neelkamal Patel

  138. Leadership and Performance: Case in Indonesia State University

    Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri; Meita Pragiwani

  139. Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia as a Paraneoplastic Syndrome

    Authors: Hala Aziz; Ali Al-Adhami

  140. Inclination of Pharmacological Drugs in Incidence of ADRs

    Authors: Misbahuddin Mk.; Dinesh Yella

  141. Yellow Epulis: A Case Report

    Authors: Abhinav Deshpande; Mala Baburaj

  142. Integration of Technology Acceptance Model and Theory of Planned Behaviour of Intention to Use Electronic Money

    Authors: Heddy Friadi; Ujang Sumarwan; Kirbrandoko

  143. Mitigation of Harmonics in Multilevel Inverter Using IGBT as a Switch

    Authors: Bhenuka Khare; Viswan Das

  144. The Role of Police Institutions in the Handling of Criminal Actions

    Authors: Doris Hadiana

  145. Simple Preparation of High Purity Potassium Nitrate

    Authors: Jingwen Ran; Hainan Wang; Linyong Huang

  146. One Year Study of Caesarean Section Rate in Govt. District Hospital with Robson TEN Group Classification

    Authors: O. Balajojamma; M. Hindumathi; N. Renukadevi

  147. Severe Anemia Complicating Pregnancy with Rare Bombay Blood Group: An Obstetric Challenge

    Authors: Dr. Neethi Scindia S; Dr. Vijaya Revanker; Dr. Sauda Alam

  148. Improvement of Gypsum Characteristics using (T.G.P.) and (P.V.A.) Additives

    Authors: Ali A. Abbood

  149. Efforts to Improve Commitment and Nurse Performance in Providing Nursing Care through Organizational Culture at Lavalette Hospital in Malang Indonesia

    Authors: Tutik Herawati

  150. Three-Phase High Frequency Isolated DC?DC Converter with PWM Generator

    Authors: Vinay Kumar Prajapati

  151. Durability of Concrete Using Manufactured Sand as a Complete Replacement of Natural Sand with Basalt Fibers

    Authors: Suman Luitel; Seema Thapa.K

  152. Occurrence and Removal of Three Antibiotics in Two Wastewater Treatment Plants in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

    Authors: Mohamed H.S.A; Uswege M; Robinson H.M

  153. A Comparative Study of Effects of Intravenous Nitroglycerine and Esmolol on Hemodynamic Response Following Tracheal Extubation

    Authors: Dr. Harminder Kaur; Dr. Sanjay Kumar Morwal; Dr. Fareed Ahmed; Dr. Monika Rathore

  154. Exploring the Nature of the Gap between Secondary School Mathematics and First-Year University Mathematics: The Case of South Africa

    Authors: Eric Machisi

  155. Assessing Students Experiences of Internal Quality Assurance Practices in Selected Private Higher Education Institutions

    Authors: Harry Barton Essel; Michael Boakye-Yiadom; Frank Amoako Kyeremeh

  156. Utilization of Heat from PV-Air Collectors in Residential Buildings

    Authors: Rohan Vijay Vichare; Sai Kishan Tanguturi

  157. Global Stability of a Cholera Carrier Epidemic Model with Nonlinear Incidence Functions

    Authors: Lawal Jibril; Sule Amiru

  158. Plastic and the Disappearance of Javanese Food Place Lexicon Vitality

    Authors: Edi Setiyanto

  159. A Testing of Semi-Strong Market Efficiency: Reverse Stock Split on Indonesia Stock Exchange Period 2007-2017

    Authors: Shafira Aljoefri; Irni Yunita

  160. Status and Diversity of Wetland Birds of Basavanahalli Lake and Hiremagaluru Lake, Chikmagaluru, Karnataka, India

    Authors: Annpurneshwari.H; Padmini.N

  161. Strategic Planning Based on Financial and Risk Performance on BPJS Kesehatan

    Authors: Daniel Elgar Kallista; Muhammad Firdaus; Hendro Sasongko

  162. Analysis of Language Styles Using in Social Media and the Effect on English Use with Student Engineering in STT Wastukancana

    Authors: Rani Sri Wahyuni

  163. Clinical and Pathological Characteristics of Bladder Cancer Patients at Sanglah General Hospital between January 2013 - December 2016

    Authors: Pratiwi Dinar Ayu; Yudiana Wayan; Oka AA Gde; Niryana Wayan; I Putu Eka Widyadharma

  164. Linear and Nonlinear Static Analysis of High-Rise Buildings Under Wind Load Using Direct Analysis Method

    Authors: Rafaa M. Abbas; Ahmed S. Dheeb

  165. Software Data Reduction Techniques for Effective Bug Triage

    Authors: Darshana M Padvi; Nilesh Choudhary

  166. Features Extraction of Soil Image

    Authors: Sneha Pethkar; S. V. Phakade

  167. Clean Healthy Living Behaviours (Phbs) Household Order Kampong Sarmi Regency Bonggo Subdistrict Armopa Papua in 2017

    Authors: Hermanus Arwam

  168. Analysis of Factors Influencing Adoption of Mobile Banking in Indonesia

    Authors: Andi Ilham Zulfauzy; Indira Rachmawati

  169. A Preliminary Study on the Spatial and Temporal Pattern of the Human Emotional States

    Authors: Sangeeta Kumari

  170. Comparison of Fracture Resistance of Three Recent Esthetic Post and Core Systems with Cast Metal Post and Core to Compressive Loading - An in vitro Study

    Authors: Rajini Jununthula; Sunanda Gaddalay

  171. A Study on Height of Human Being in Relation to Length of Radius

    Authors: Barnali Das; Rupsekhar Deka; K L Talukdar

  172. The Study of Fetomaternal Outcome in Obese Pregnant Females

    Authors: Jyoti Rokade; Yogita Darekar

  173. Assistive Guide for Learning Disabled

    Authors: Fatima Ansari; Sameed Ansari; Haris Ansari; Taha Noor; Abdullah Cutlerywala

  174. Fuzzy-Cellular Neural Network for Face Recognition HCI Authentication with Light Level Control

    Authors: Haider K. Hoomod; Ahmed A. Ali

  175. Proposed Email System Security based Bio-Chaos Modified Hash and Modified AES

    Authors: Dr. Haider K. Hoomod; Arkan Mohammed Radi

  176. Concept of Islam in Fashion

    Authors: Mohammed Ibrahim

  177. Processing of Thalipeeth Flour-Blend from Various Cereal-Pulse Malt Flour and Its Quality Evaluation during Storage

    Authors: Ranjeet Chunilal Kokani; T. V. Ranganathan

  178. The Implications of Ownership Structure on Companies Value with Financial Decision as Intervening Variable Manufacturing Sector in Indonesia Stock Exchange

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