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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.9, No.3

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2020-03-05

  1. Clinical Profile of Tuberculosis Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Mangalore

    Authors: Avinash N Shetty

  2. Development of Fragility Curves for Seismic Performance Comparison of Hammerhead and Multicolumn Bridge Pier

    Authors: Bhabuk Raj Aryal

  3. Assessment of Health Supply Chain Risks in Uganda: The Case of Uganda Health Supply Chain Project

    Authors: John Hans Wasswa

  4. Risk Management and Performance of Health Supply Chain Projects in Uganda. The Case of Uganda Health Supply Chain Project

    Authors: John Hans Wasswa

  5. Knowledge of Postnatal Mothers on Breast Milk Expression and Storage in a Selected Hospital of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

    Authors: Sugumar .S

  6. Quarantine of UV-Shine Itself Instead of Quarantine Infectious Agent as a Physical Control Method is the only Ever-Known Effective Method for Stopping the Spreading Potential of 2019-nCoV in China and Later Possibly Disseminate to the Global

    Authors: Yi Yu Lai

  7. Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Shampoo

    Authors: Priya D. Gaikwad

  8. Evaluation of Parental Awareness about Association of Premature Loss of Primary Maxillary Anterior Teeth and Speech Changes in Preschool Children: A Survey Study

    Authors: Rahul Lodaya

  9. To Study Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of Uropathogens at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Udaipur, Rajasthan

    Authors: Anshu Sharma

  10. Water Pollution Minimize to Protect the Life of Human Being

    Authors: Ratna Roy (Pathak)

  11. Salivary pH: A Diagnostic Biomarker of Gingivitis and Periodontitis Status

    Authors: Madhvi Gupta

  12. Quality of Life of Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Authors: W. Smaili

  13. Assessment of Prevalence of Tobacco Smoking and its Determinants among the Male Youth of a Selected Rural Community of Burdwan, West Bengal

    Authors: Indrani Banerjee (Mukherjee)

  14. Research on the Stress Test of Credit Risk in City Commercial Banks

    Authors: Mingjun Li

  15. India's Journey from Planning Commission to Niti Aayog

    Authors: Richa Srivastava

  16. Solution to Strengthen the Great Unity Block of the Nation in the Current Period

    Authors: Le Trong Tuyen

  17. Social Determinants of Mixed Relations between Midwives and Pregnant Women in the Health District of Abobo-East Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

    Authors: KOUADIO Akissi Bernadette

  18. Association between Quality of Life and Self-Efficacy in Mental Health Patients in Vlore, Albania

    Authors: Gentiana Xhelili

  19. Modern Approach to Vulnerable Plaque and Bifurcation Stenting

    Authors: Alexander Viller

  20. Importance of Motivation in Education

    Authors: Gopal Shrestha

  21. An Evaluation of Road Safety Performance for Selected Road Stretches in Kolhapur City

    Authors: Swati Prakash Mane

  22. Ultrasound Imaging of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder - Review

    Authors: M. Shanthi

  23. The Significance of Auditing in Project Management

    Authors: Crispin George

  24. Understanding the Concept of Project Termination in the Management of Projects

    Authors: Crispin George

  25. Study of Perinatal Outcome of a Tertiary Care Hospital in Urban Area

    Authors: Shraddha Satav

  26. Clinical Study of Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    Authors: Kaustubh Chaudhari

  27. Application of Livelihood Vulnerability Index in Assessing Local Vulnerabilities to Rapid Environment Change: A Case Study of South -Western Coastal Bangladesh

    Authors: Alamgir Kabir

  28. A Study on Consumer Brand Emotional Attachment towards Grooming Product

    Authors: Anupama Sundar D

  29. A Study on Effectiveness of Agricultural Marketing Information System

    Authors: Anupama Sundar D

  30. English Punctuation Marks

    Authors: Najat Abdul Muttalib M. Jawad

  31. A Geographical Analysis of Water Supply in Katraj Area of Pune City, Maharashtra

    Authors: Shalini M. Guldeokar

  32. In Vitro Anti-Hyaluronidase Activity Test of Alpiniazerumbet Rhizome Extract (Alpiniazerumbet (Pers.) B.L. Burttand R.M. Sm) and Preparation of Solid Lipid Nanoparticle

    Authors: Siti Umrah Noor

  33. A Study on Assessment of Knowledge Regarding Causes and Early Symptoms of Depression among Rural Women in a Selected Community at Gonda to Develop an Information Booklet

    Authors: Aspin .R

  34. Fuzzy Logic to Evaluate the Factors affecting the Promotion of Fashion Products through Social Media

    Authors: Afroza Rahman

  35. Case Report: A Rare Presentation of Quadriplegia as Gitelman Syndrome

    Authors: L S Patil

  36. Intra-Oral Fibro-Lipoma of the Palate: A Case Report

    Authors: S Vinod Thangaswamy

  37. Unravelling the Critical Role of Project Manager in Project Management Success

    Authors: Crispin George

  38. Formulation and Evaluation of Aripiprazole-IR Tablets by Direct Compression Method

    Authors: T. Lepakshi

  39. Nutrient Intake Analysis of African Giant Land Snail (Archachatina marginata) Fed Formulated Concentrate Diet and Municipal Organic Waste

    Authors: Eneruvie B.E

  40. Emergency Medical Service System in the Developing Nations: Kenyan Case

    Authors: Sum Jerotich Tecla

  41. The Impact of Non-Mandatory Employee Benefits on Organization?s Employee Turnover Intention: The Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment

    Authors: Victor Kutsaira

  42. Effects of 'Garcinia Kola' and 'Cola Nitida' on Human Behaviour: Epidemiological Investigation

    Authors: Augustin N'da Kouassi Kangah

  43. Hindrances and Opportunities to Effective Linking of Local Community and National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies in Zimbabwe: Lessons from Rural Communities in Mhondoro-Ngezi District

    Authors: Farai Ngwaru

  44. Role of MRI in Evaluation of Young Adults Present with Back Pain and its Association with their Occupation

    Authors: Shilpa Chudasama

  45. Infrequent Case of Aneurysmal Bone Cyst in First Decade with Femur Neck Fracture and its Management Strategy

    Authors: Tiwari V

  46. Construction of the Moscow-Simferopol Highway through the Territory Of Ukraine as a Factor of Integration of the Crimea into the Economic Complex of the Ukrssr (1948-1949)

    Authors: Satskyi Pavlo

  47. Comparative Qualitative and Quantitative Phytochemical Evaluation of Embelia ribes Burm F Obtained from Different Sources

    Authors: Syed Asadulla

  48. School Promotion to Smoking-Related Knowledge, Attitude, Self-Efficacy and Practice of Sundanese Students in Indonesia

    Authors: Laili Rahayuwati

  49. Opportunities and Constraints Affecting Service Delivery of Basic Emergency Obstetrics and Neonatal Care (BEmONC) in Resource Constrained Environment: West Pokot Kenya

    Authors: Sum Jerotich Tecla

  50. The Effectiveness of Enhanced Recasts in Education Structure

    Authors: Rachna Juyal

  51. Non-Performing Loan Determining Factors on Buku 4 Banks Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

    Authors: Nindya Ayunita

  52. Comprehensive Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of Severe Periodontal Disease: A Clinical Case Report

    Authors: Shabana Lone

  53. Newer Anti Epileptic Drugs

    Authors: Neera Chaudhry

  54. DNA-Chaos S-Box Generation for Modified Lightweight AES Algorithm for Data Packet Protection in MANET

    Authors: Muntaha A. Hatem

  55. Dietetic Cross Section Study on Vitamin D Deficiency in Tobruk, Libya

    Authors: Amal Rajab Agila

  56. Assessment of Level of Stress and Anxiety among Patients Suffering from CKD in a Tertiary Care Hospital

    Authors: Lt Col Soniya Saklani

  57. History of the Trade Union Organization of Karakalpakstan and its Personnel Policy in the 1930-? Years of the XX-Century

    Authors: T.A. Kudyarova

  58. Research of Adaptive Mechanisms of System of Circulation of Blood for Children in the Conditions of Southern Priaralie

    Authors: Mirametova Nadira Purkhanatdinovna

  59. Assess the Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) among Middle Aged Adults in Decided on Tertiary Area, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India

    Authors: Jeenamol Joseph

  60. Troubles and Determinants in Using ATMs: An Exploratory Study of a Sample Clients Opinions of the Iraqi Trade Bank - Dhi Qar branch

    Authors: Wafaa Chitheer Mezaal

  61. Issues in Child Development in Nigeria

    Authors: Barr. BerthaNnenna Otunta

  62. The Prevalence of Malocclusion in the Patient Reported to the Dental OPD of Tertiary Care Centre, Bihar: A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study

    Authors: Sanjay Kumar

  63. Maria vs. Maria

    Authors: Rosemarie Villapana Amaro

  64. Normative Values of Spino-Pelvic Parameters in Healthy Delhi State Population

    Authors: Piyush Joshi

  65. Origin of the Action

    Authors: Ing. Sisto Firrao

  66. Comparative Study on the Drone Policies of India, Norway and United States of America

    Authors: Varun VM

  67. Study on Efficacy of Nasal Steroids in Adenoid Hypertrophy and Otitis Media with Effusion in Pediatric Age Group

    Authors: KumKum Bora

  68. A Study on Usage of Vaccination Alerts by Hospitals with Respect to MedeG

    Authors: CH. Srikanth

  69. Meta-Analysis: A Higher Quality of Evidence in Clinical Research Pyramid

    Authors: Sonal Jain

  70. A Study of Aseptic Practices Related to Selected Nursing Care Activities Performed by Staff Nurses Working in an ICU of a Selected Hospital in Order to Develop and Administer a Need based On The Job Training (OJT) Program and Prepare a Booklet

    Authors: Hari Singh Nagar

  71. A Unique Case Report of Acromegaly in Post-Partum Woman

    Authors: Jainam Shah

  72. A Study to Assess Knowledge and Attitude among Parents of Epileptic Children Regarding Epilepsy with a View to Develop an Information Guide Sheet at Selected Hospitals, Gonda

    Authors: Aspin .R

  73. Human Development is an Engine of Sustainable Development - With Special Reference to Rural Housing Schemes in Mandya District

    Authors: Kiran Kumar P

  74. Hepatoprotective Effect of Cassia Auriculata in Ethanol Induced Albino Rats

    Authors: Aarthi BL

  75. Histopathological Studies of Hepatoproctective Effect of Cassia Auriculata in Ethanol Induced Albino Rats

    Authors: Aarthi BL

  76. Drought as a Disaster in the Namibian Context

    Authors: Ndapewa Fenny Nakanyete

  77. Impact of Globalization on Higher Education in North-East Region

    Authors: Bijoylakshmi Das

  78. Association between Total Bilirubin Levels and Diabetic Retinopathy in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Kushagra Sharma

  79. Self Help Groups: A Mechanism for Social Entrepreneurship

    Authors: Gaonkar Gopalakrishna M

  80. Ideal Direct Posterior Restoration: Yellow / Black / White - A Review

    Authors: Palani Selvi Kamaraj

  81. The Effect of the Instructors' Emotional Intelligence on Undergraduates' Academic Achievement in Major Elective Courses at LIU

    Authors: Salam Y. Syagha

  82. Mahasweta Devi: Life and Achievements

    Authors: Kumar Madar

  83. Identifying State-Level Policy and Provision Domains for Physical Education and Physical Activity in High School

    Authors: Pramod Madhavrao Vikhe

  84. COVID -19 A Once-in-a-Century Pandemic?

    Authors: Melba Elizabeth K

  85. Study of Fragility Syndrome in Elderly from an University Open to Third Age

    Authors: Filho Celso A. B.

  86. Predicting Factors of Post Operative Visual Outcome of Pediatric Cataract

    Authors: S. K. Rajak

  87. Evolving Options and Challenges in the Management of Traumatic Perforation of Tympanic Membrane, Pondicherry India, 2016

    Authors: Shyamala D

  88. Challenges in the Management of Epistaxis with Limited Resources Pondicherry India, 2016

    Authors: Sivasankar K

  89. Successful Conservative Therapy in Patient with Cholelithiasis and Acute Cholecystitis with Elevated Liver Enzymes: A Case Report

    Authors: Marco Rahardja

  90. Sputum Conversion as a Predictor to Treatment Outcome in Tuberculosis Control in Kenya

    Authors: Richard Kiplimo

  91. Relation Between the Last Terms and Common Ratios of Two Different Geometric Progressions [ S1 and S2] [For Finite Number of Terms]

    Authors: Chirag Gupta

  92. Changing Land Use / Land Cover Analysis in Contai (Kanthi) Coastal Belt, West Bengal and Odisha

    Authors: Swapan Kumar Tala

  93. Dynamic Changes of Vegetable Cover under Act of Anthropogenic and Technogenic Factors in the Conditions of Karakalpakstan

    Authors: Serekeeva Gulayim Abdiganievna

  94. Effectiveness of XP-EndoFinisher, Ultrasonic and EndoActivator on Debris and Smear Layer Removal in Curved Root Canals: A Scanning Electron Microscope Study

    Authors: Neha Saxena

  95. Evaluating the Plant Growth Promoting Efficiency of Freshwater Cyanobacteria using Maize (Zea mays L.) as an Experimental Crop

    Authors: Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam

  96. Dog Breed Identification Using Convolution Neural Network and Web Scraping

    Authors: Mohamed Sultan M

  97. Prediction of MS Graduate Admissions using Decision Tree Algorithm

    Authors: Janani P

  98. Gynecological Problems and Barriers to Health Seeking Behaviour among Women Working in Industrial Units of a Selected Panchayat in Thrissur

    Authors: Shalu Varghese

  99. Vanillylacetone Improves the Defense of Wheat Against Salt Stress

    Authors: Huseyin BULUT

  100. Role of Ultrasonography and Computed Tomography in Diagnosis of Pancreatitis

    Authors: Jainex Patel

  101. Getting Viscous Additives from Heavy Oil Fraction

    Authors: Elmurod Yakhshiboevich Yalgashev

  102. Dependency between Stock Movements Using the Clayton Copula Method (Ghana Stock Exchange)

    Authors: Adikah Israel

  103. Sparse Representation of Image with Immune Clone Algorithm based on Harmonic Wavelet Packet Dictionary

    Authors: WANG Li

  104. Implementation of Run Length Encoding Using Verilog HDL

    Authors: Hayder Waleed Shnain

  105. Territorial Decentralization in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Local Development in the City of Likasi

    Authors: Yav Musolo

  106. Survey on Different Methods on Mammogram Image Classification

    Authors: Ashoka S B

  107. Functional Styles of the English Language

    Authors: Oniani T. G.

  108. Effect of Six Months of Naturopathy Practice on Psychological Parameters in Hypothyroid Patients

    Authors: Ranjna Chawla

  109. Voice for the Voiceless - A Text to Speech and Graphic to Speech Converter

    Authors: Hamza Khan

  110. Effects of the Therapeutic Diagrams on the Biological Parameters of the Patients under Antiretroviral Treatment during the Monitoringin Integrated Centre for Bioclinical Research of Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire)

    Authors: KAMAGATE Soualio

  111. FIN Tech

    Authors: Pillamari Bharath Kumar

  112. Automated Waste Segregator Using IoT

    Authors: A. Pradeep

  113. The Right Therapy for Radiation Poisoning

    Authors: Ilija Lakicevic

  114. Prevalence of Helicobacter Pylori Infection among Adults undergoing Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

    Authors: Chandramohan Yadav

  115. Remimazolam: Revolutionizing Tiva

    Authors: Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti

  116. Anesthetic Considerations for Interventional Radiology in Acute Ischemic Cerebral Stroke (AIS)

    Authors: Chandraskhar Krishnamurti

  117. Industrie 4.0 - Advanced Engineering of Smart Products and Smart Production

    Authors: Sreedhara C J

  118. Cystic Artery Pseudoaneurysm Secondary to Xanthogranulomatous Cholecystitis: A Rare Manifestation

    Authors: Kritesh Goel

  119. Two Cases of Unsuspected Presence of Foreign Body in Ear, Nose and Throat Region

    Authors: R. Madhumittha

  120. Evaluate the Effects of Silodosin and Solifenacin Combination with Silodosin Alone in Reducing DJ Stent Related Symptoms

    Authors: Prashant Lavania

  121. Business Intelligence

    Authors: Manda Sreeja

  122. Evaluation of Human Behavior Weaknesses in Social Engineering

    Authors: Said Masihullah Hashimi

  123. Impact of MDA on Prevalence of Bancroftianfilariasis in 19 Villages of Hingnataluka of Nagpur District (Maharashtra)

    Authors: Vivek Saxena

  124. The Sound of Om Theory

    Authors: Nishikant M. Verma

  125. Indirect Sexism: Linguistic Representation of Women in Selected Egesa and Minto FM Call - In Shows

    Authors: Naftal Nyakundi

  126. FNAC and Histopathological Correlation of Benign Breast Lesions

    Authors: Sanjay G. Surase

  127. Laser Diffraction Analysis Application on the Grain Size Analysis of Mati River Delta Sediments (Albania)

    Authors: Emiriana Xhaferri

  128. End-End Authentication and Cryptography based on Mobile Number and Mac Address

    Authors: S Shunmuga Sundaram

  129. A Study of Pre-Operative Predictors of Difficult Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

    Authors: S Thirumuruganand M.S.

  130. A Study of Maternal and Perinatal Death at Western Regional Hospital, Ramghat, Pokhara, Nepal

    Authors: Yagya Raj Sigdel

  131. Stress Management

    Authors: Pothagoni Gowtham Goud

  132. Utilization of Solar Tunnel Dryer for Drying of Fodder Crop

    Authors: Chavan P.P.

  133. The Role of Disinfection in the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections in Operation Theatre

    Authors: Rakhi Dighe

  134. Microbiological Characteristics of Veillonella spp. in the Composition of Endodontic Infections

    Authors: D. Karayasheva

  135. Food Choice in Rural Families of Andhra Pradesh

    Authors: C. Anjali Devi

  136. Clinical Study and Management of Complications of Acute Pancreatitis

    Authors: D Jahagirdar

  137. A Common Fixed Point Theorem for Weakly Compatible Maps In complex Valued-b-Metric Space

    Authors: Venkatesh Bhatt

  138. Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty: Technique, Morphological and Functional Outcome in Uretero-Pelvic Junction Obstruction

    Authors: Dinesh Prasad

  139. Characterization of Sediments and Surface Waters of the Oued Guigou Watershed

    Authors: Akil Abboudi

  140. Influence of Contamination of Environment on the State of Health of Population in Southern Aral Sea Area

    Authors: Paluanova Gulmira

  141. Dental Care of Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders in India

    Authors: Swapna V Thampi

  142. To Study the Salinity Effect on the Chlorophyll Content of Different Species of Momordicacharantia L at Different Stages of Growth and Development under Different Salinity Levels in Pot Culture

    Authors: Nishtha Srivastava

  143. Program Educational Objectives Attainment: The Process

    Authors: Sumana Jayaprakash

  144. A Review: Contribution of Vitamin B17 as Oncological Inhibitor and its Pharmacological Ameliorative Activity

    Authors: Priyanka Pal

  145. Information Technology for India in the New Millennium: Scaling Up the Technology

    Authors: Sanjay Arora

  146. Microbiological Analysis, Physical-Chemical Analysis, and Acceptability of Deep Well Water of NEUST-SIC Tabon

    Authors: Junil A. Constantino

  147. A Prospective Study to Correlate Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HBA1C) with Central Corneal Thickness (CCT) and Intraocular Pressure (IOP) in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

    Authors: Abhijaat Chaturvedi

  148. IT Risk Register and Responses

    Authors: Anshuman Awasthi

  149. Experimental Investigation on the Modal Response of FRP Composites

    Authors: D Raviteja

  150. A Review on Bio-inspired Airfoil: Inspiration from Nature

    Authors: Md. Shafiqul Islam

  151. Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Menstrual Blood Stem Cells Banking among Nursing Students

    Authors: Ajitha TP

  152. Impact of Foreign Exchange Currency Market

    Authors: Vattem Mythri

  153. Girl-Child Education in the Western Area Rural District of Sierra Leone

    Authors: Crispin George

  154. Corporate Governance in Medium Size Organizations

    Authors: Raghav Dhingra

  155. Vendor Satisfaction with Reference to Sai Deepa Rock Drilling Tools

    Authors: V. Shilpa

  156. Mysterious Mass in the Retroperitonium Space: Case Report (Retroperitoneal Extra Adrenal Paraganglioma)

    Authors: Rakshith

  157. Breast Cancer Incidence in Diabetes Mellitus Patients on Insulin Glargine Compared with Human Neutral Protamine Hagedorn Insulin Treatment

    Authors: Noviana Joenputri

  158. Assessment of Skin Effective Dose and Radiation Risk for Chest, Abdomen and Pelvic During Conventional X-Ray Examinations

    Authors: Taha .T .M

  159. Surgical Repair of Traumatic Crop Fistula in a Yellow Footed Green Pigeon

    Authors: N. G. Amith

  160. Current Development on Meat Tenderization

    Authors: Divyani Madarkar

  161. The Perceived Value of Project Management Office Practices from Various Industries in Indonesia

    Authors: Mohammad Ichsan

  162. Consideration of Pre-Formulation Parameters to Develop Solid Dosage Form

    Authors: Keshav Jindal

  163. Response Spectrum-Based Pushover Analysis for Predicting Earthquake Induced Forces in Buildings

    Authors: Madhusudhan Reddy N

  164. Analytical Analysis of IEEE 802.11 MAC

    Authors: Vikas Pachisia

  165. Marketing Mix

    Authors: Earaboyina Karunakar Yadav

  166. Deconstruction of The Yellow Wall Paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

    Authors: Ercument Yasar

  167. Research and Practice on Key Technology of Drilling Ultra-deep Horizontal Wells at Southeast Block in Gulf of Mexico

    Authors: Wang Dou

  168. Modelling and Control of Hybrid Microgrid Based on Renewable Energy (PV and Wind Turbine) by Using Battery Management System with Help of Fuzzy Logic and PWM Inverter

    Authors: Reena Patel

  169. Green and Sustainable Supply Chain Management (GSCM and SSCM): A Comparative Literature Analysis of Definitions and the Identification of the Relationship between Environmental and Economic Pillars in GSCM

    Authors: K. Amrani Souhli

  170. A Study of Incidence of Ovarian Tumors in Oophorectomy Cases with Special Emphasis on Tribal Population of Jharkhand

    Authors: Sanjeev Kumar

  171. The Empirical Antibiotic Use in Bacterial Infection in General Hospital Jayanagar with Reference to ICMR Treatment Guidelines for Antimicrobial Use in Common Syndromes 2019

    Authors: Yogendra Shrestha

  172. Studies of Cerium Doped L-Alanine Alaninium Nitrate NLO Crystal

    Authors: M. Esthaku Peter

  173. Cricket Celebrated as the Only Sports in India: An Analysis

    Authors: Puneet Hooda

  174. Investigating the Influence of Ejection Diameter Size Parameter to Liquid Ejection by Molecular Dynamics Simulation Method

    Authors: Van Quang Nguyen

  175. Turnover Intention Influencing Factors of Employees: An Empirical Study of Commercial Joint Stock Bank in Vietnam

    Authors: Nguyen Van Thuy

  176. Common Fixed Point Theorems under Some Contractive Conditions

    Authors: Reena

  177. Case Report of Acute Myocarditis due to Mycoplasma Pneumoniae in a Healthy Adolescent in Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Rbab Taha

  178. Knowledge and Practice of Documentation among Nurses in TM University Teaching Hospital Moradabad, UP

    Authors: Sheuli Sen

  179. Nursing Student Affiliates' Level of Compliance with the Key Components of Standard Precautions for Infection Prevention and Control in a Selected Hospital: Basis for Proposed Guidelines for Curriculum Enrichment

    Authors: Amparo T. Miguel

  180. ICT in Teacher Education: Prospects and Challenges of E-Teaching in Nigeria

    Authors: Anthony

  181. Study of Job Anxiety among Post Graduate Teachers in Dehradun

    Authors: Bharat Kumar

  182. Application of SWAT Model for Estimating Runoff of Nethravathi River Basin using Sequential Uncertainty Fitting Technique

    Authors: Geethu Krishnan

  183. Volatile Flavour Compounds in the Tenderloin of the Donkey, Pork, Mutton and Beef and their Meat Flavour Nucleotide Contents

    Authors: Dauda Sa-adu Abiola

  184. Prospective Observational Study to Determine the Correlation between Iron Deficiency Anemia and Simple Febrile Seizures in Children

    Authors: Sri Raksha .S

  185. Government Schemes Available for Developing Women Entrepreneurship in India

    Authors: U. Rajeswari

  186. Design of Character-Based Learning in Islamic Elementary Schools with a Full Day System

    Authors: Prim Masrokan Mutohar

  187. Network Marketing

    Authors: Maroju Bharath Kumar Chary

  188. From e-Government to Public Value Creation

    Authors: Panagiota Xanthopoulou

  189. Training and Development: A Review of its Outcome to Productivity in the Tea Industry in Sri Lanka

    Authors: Waruna de Silva

  190. Web-based Learning: Characteristics, Practices, Challenges and Recommendations

    Authors: Khalid Soussi

  191. A Study on the Individual Differences in Employee Work Behaviour in Contemporary Business Organizations

    Authors: Nisha Kumari

  192. Comparative Study of Anti - Diabetic Effects of Ginger Lily (Costus afer Ker Gawl) Leaf and Snail (Archachatinamarginata) Slime on Alloxan Induced Swiss Albino Rat and their Absorptivity Characteristics

    Authors: Agu Matthew Onyema

  193. A Rare Case Report on Kaposiform Hemangioendothelioma with Kasabach Meritt Syndrome

    Authors: Ajay Vaid

  194. The Effect of Internet Addiction on Emotional Maturity of Collage Going Students

    Authors: Afsana A. Sama

  195. A Study of Palm-Coein Classification of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding and its Clinical-Histopathological Correlation in Perimenopausal Women at Umaid Hospital

    Authors: Krishna Soni

  196. Empirical Study on Endogeneity of Money Supply in China

    Authors: Kailin Chen

  197. Land Degradation and Cotton Growing in Farming Communities in Benin

    Authors: Alfred B. K. Dossa

  198. Terminological Synonymy: Corpus-Driven Translation

    Authors: Svitlana Matvieieva

  199. The Influence of Distributed Leadership towards PLC Implementation in Kelantan Residential Secondary School

    Authors: Zalina Binti Zakaria

  200. Energy-Efficient Technology Based on Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer

    Authors: Zhiyi Duan

  201. Social Characterization of Morbidities and Complications Related to Maternity: Case of the Baoule-Oualebo of Sakassou

    Authors: EKRA Amenan Marie-Noelle

  202. Clinical Study of Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy at a Tertiary Care Hospital

    Authors: Jyosna Devi R

  203. Econometric Model for Estimating the Keynesian Consumption Function in Sudan during the period 1990-2019

    Authors: Almahdi Musa Attahir Musa

  204. Surgical Management of Ventral Abdominal Hernia in a 8 Month Old Calf

    Authors: N. G. Amith

  205. Cotton Morbidity by Verticillosis Depending on the Load of the V. Dahliae KL Fungus

    Authors: A. A. Azimov

  206. The Role of Tribals in the Conservation of Biodiversity

    Authors: Lakshman Patra

  207. Trauma: Surgical Management of Floating Knee Injuries in Adults and Functional Outcome in our Institution

    Authors: K J Reddy

  208. The Concept of Self: Ramanuja

    Authors: Lakshman Patra

  209. The Ethics of the Gita

    Authors: Lakshman Patra

  210. Transition from Epistemology (First Philosophy) to Naturalized Epistemology

    Authors: Lakshman Patra

  211. Multiclass-classification of Alzheimer's Disease using 3-D CNN and Hyper-Parameter Optimization of Machine Learning Algorithms

    Authors: Chinmay Pathak

  212. Case Series: Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor

    Authors: B.C. Sikkerimath

  213. The Occurrence of Acalculous Cholecystitis in a Drug Hypersensitivity Reaction: A Case Report

    Authors: Noviana Joenputri

  214. Current Applications of PRP and SVF Fractions in Stem Cell Therapy

    Authors: Fasasi Olaleke Bashir

  215. Management of Labour and Obstetric Outcome of Pregnant Women in Latent Phase versus Active Phase of Labour at the Time of Admission

    Authors: Jayneel Shah

  216. Impact of Drug Abuse on Educational Life of Students: A Review Article

    Authors: Sudheesh .S

  217. Optimization of IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol

    Authors: Vikas Pachisia

  218. The Role of Political Parties in Consolidating Democracy and Good Governance in Afghanistan

    Authors: Ahmad Fawad Sediq

  219. Criminal Responsibility for Children Conflicting with Law, Criminal Travelers with Violence (Case Study Number:01/pid.sus.anak/2015/pn.mrs)

    Authors: Dadi Hakiki Wijaya

  220. Effect of Oxygen Compressed Cold Application VS Conventional Cold Application Level of Pain among Patients Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Randomized Control Trial

    Authors: Malarmathi .M

  221. Attenuation of Haemodynamic Responses to Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation using Esmolol and Lignocaine - A Comparative Study

    Authors: M. Venkat Rama Rao

  222. Some Expressions of Politeness in Uzbek Language

    Authors: Amanov Abdugani Telmanovich

  223. Clinical Study on Visual Outcome in Vitreous Haemorrhage in Diabetic Patients Underwent Early Vitrectomy

    Authors: Kabita Bora

  224. Response and Adaptation of Plants to Water Purchases

    Authors: Ratna Rositawati

  225. Indigent Students in the Academe: The Role of Motivations, Resiliency, Challenges and Needs in their Academic Journey

    Authors: Del Mark A. Cagatin EdD

  226. Enhancing the Brand Value of Commercial Bank

    Authors: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Duyen

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