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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.6, No.5

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2017-05-05

  1. Academic Writing among Saudi University Students: Problems and Solutions

    Authors: Dr. Ammar Mohammed Ahmed Mudawy; Dr. Albushari Abdoun Elbushra Mousa

  2. Assessment of Land Resources and Biodiversity for Sustainable Peace and Development. Abyei Area, West Kordofan State, Sudan

    Authors: El Abbas Doka M. Ali; Amna Ahmad Hamid; Mohamed F. Almula

  3. An Integrated Approach towards Natural Resources Management and Prevention of Resource-Based Conflicts in Sudan

    Authors: Amna Ahmed Hamid; EL Abbas Doka Mohamed Ali; Eltayeb Osman Adam

  4. Geomorphology and Soil Properties at the Middle and Lower Eastern Clay Plains - Nuba Mountains. South Kordofan, Sudan

    Authors: El-Abbas Doka M. Ali; Omima Omer A. Showgi; Hashim Ali Dawoud

  5. Geomorphology and Soil Properties at the Upper Eastern Clay Plains of Nuba Mountains - South Kordofan, Sudan

    Authors: Omima Omer A. Showgi; El-Abbas Doka M. Ali; Osman A. A. El Tom

  6. Assessment of the Quality of Residual Alveolar Bone after Edentulism, Based on Dental CT Imaging for the Needs of Dental Implantology

    Authors: Vladimir Nikolov; Teodora Nikolova

  7. Survival of Red Blood Cell in Hereditary Spherocytosis

    Authors: Kaviena Baskaran

  8. Pharmacological Activities of Calendula Officinalis

    Authors: Kaviena Baskaran

  9. Iron Deficiency Anaemia

    Authors: Kaviena Baskaran

  10. Denture Stomatitis

    Authors: Kaviena Baskaran

  11. Incidence of Group B Streptococcus Vaginal Colonization Causing Preterm Births and Early Onset Sepsis

    Authors: Dr. A. V. Kanchana

  12. Comparison of the Image Quality of Intraoral Radiograph (IOPA) and Orthopantomograms (OPG)

    Authors: Kaviena Baskaran

  13. A Systemic Review of Patients Appearing to Dental Professionals with Trigeminal Neuralgia Arising From Intracranial Tumours

    Authors: Kaviena Baskaran

  14. Comparative Study of Patient Satisfaction on Receiving Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) and Conventional Complete Denture

    Authors: Kaviena Baskaran

  15. Management of Internal Root Resorption: A Review

    Authors: Kaviena Baskaran

  16. Evaluating Perception on Oral Hygiene, Practice and Reason for it and Exploring Gender Differences among Outpatients Visiting a Private Dental College Hospital

    Authors: Kaviena Baskaran

  17. The Incidence of Secondary Sjogren Syndrome in Relation to Disease Activity&Disease Duration of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

    Authors: Fatma A. Abdulkareem; Fawaz D. AL-Aswad; Mohammed H. Alasami

  18. Quality Assessment of Green Leafy Vegetables Collected from Different Market Sites of Shegaon and Akola

    Authors: Megha B. Lahukar; Swati N. Zodpe

  19. Effect of Moisture Content in the Sandy, Clay and Loamy Soil using Humidity Sensor YL69

    Authors: Sudha.L.K; Ankit Sinha

  20. Influence of Myofascial Pain Disorder on Mandibular Border Movements and Bennett Angle Values

    Authors: Hamzah W. Alkuhla; Fawaz D. Alaswad

  21. Assessment of the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme Regarding Selected Needs of Under - Five Children among Mothers in a Selected Rural Community

    Authors: Navdeep Gauri

  22. Extraction of High Quality DNA from Mucilaginous Plants with a New Improved Method, Suitable for Detection of Geminiviruses and Downstream Applications

    Authors: Buddhadeb Roy; Ang Rinzing Sherpa

  23. The Effect of Exercise Phase Preparation Combination Special of Sport Massage toward Resistance of Muscle, Flexibility and Explosive Power of Muscle on Students Non Athlete

    Authors: Novita Sari Harahap; Aznanlelo; Ambrosius Purba; Rosita Juwita Sembiring

  24. Sport Special School Achievement Athlete of Ragunan

    Authors: Imran Akhmad

  25. Automatic Water Level Controller

    Authors: Vardaan Mittal

  26. Performance Analysis of a Domestic Refrigerator Using Various Alternative Refrigerants

    Authors: Sarthak Thakar; R. P. Prajapati

  27. Post Monsoon Study of Characteristics of Solid Waste as per Depth at Phursungi Dumping Yard in Pune Region

    Authors: Chetan G. More; Sagar M. Gawande

  28. The Effect of Red Fruit Oil on Hematological Parameters and Endurance Performance at the Maximal Physical Activity

    Authors: Fajar Apollo Sinaga

  29. Development of Coaching Model at the School of Football Medan

    Authors: Budi Valianto

  30. Detection of Toxoplasmagondii Infection among Pregnant Women in Hail, Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Omar H. Amer; AliS. AL Salem; Husam K. Albluwe; Bashr K. Alghazi; Ibrahim H. Alshammari

  31. An Analysis of the UG Course Content Environmental Studies

    Authors: Daisy Caroline Mary.A; Dr. S. Kalavathy

  32. Applying Water Quality Index Technique to Estimate Tigris Rivers Stability for Drinking in Saouira North Wasit Government, Iraq

    Authors: Dr. Raad Mahmoad Nasif Al-Khafaji

  33. Effectiveness of Stuctured Teaching Programme on Breast Cancer&its Prevention for Pre-University Adolescent Girls (2011)

    Authors: Hemalatha

  34. Biofilm On Dental Implants-A Review

    Authors: Umme Salma Durbar; Dr. Dhanraj

  35. New Position Vectors of Space Curves in Euclidean Three-Dimensional Space E^3According to Type-2 Bishop Frame with Constant Curvatures

    Authors: Fathi Mohamed Daw-Albait Elzaki

  36. Transfer Factor of Radionuclides from Soil to Plant

    Authors: Saja Salam Kadim; Basim Khalaf Rejha; Nidhala H. K. AL-ANI; Yousif Muhsien Zair; Ali Abdulsahib Mezaal

  37. Cuticular Hydrocarbons as Chemotaxonomic Characters for Two Species of Genus Alphitobius Stephens (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Tenebrioninae), A. diaperinus (Panzer, 1797) and A. laevigatus (Fabricius, 1781) in Egypt

    Authors: Manal E. A. Elshaier; Galhoum A. M. M.; Dalia A. Elshewy; Neven E. Elmetwaly

  38. Observations of Total Electron Content at Equatorial Anomaly Station Bhopal during Highly Disturbed Geomagnetic Condition

    Authors: Gupta C. Rashmi; Choudhary.S; Gwal A. K.

  39. Big Data Analytics Techniques for Credit Card Fraud Detection: A Review

    Authors: M. Sathyapriya; Dr. V. Thiagarasu

  40. Heavy Metal Accumulation in Commonly Used Vegetables: A Review

    Authors: S. Sadhu; M. Bhavsar; B. R. Bamniya

  41. Reconstruction of Pesse Na Siri? Budgeting Concept: A Postmodernism Study in East Luwu Regency

    Authors: Andi Mattingaragau T; Iwan Triyuwono; Darwis Said; R. A. Damayanti

  42. Solid Pseudopapillary Neoplasm of Pancreas: A Case Report

    Authors: Shashikala Kosam; Pratima Kujur; Mrityunjai Saraf

  43. Assessment of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Level in Makurdi, Benue State

    Authors: D. K. Kaki; N. B. Akaagerger; V. K. Gyaase

  44. Clinicopathological Study of Gestational Trophoblastic Diseases

    Authors: Archana Devi Sankaran; A. L. Shanthi

  45. Assessment of Nursing Students Knowledge Regarding Hepatitis B Virusat Iraqi Nursing Colleges

    Authors: Jumaa Jubar Abid-Redha; Haider Mohammed Majeed

  46. Percutaneous CT guided true cut lung Biopsy: Efficacy in Histo Morphological Diagnosis and Complications, A Prospective Study

    Authors: Dr. Kalyani Prava Gouda; Dr Pramod Kumar Palai; Dr. Priyadarsini Biswal; Dr. Manoj Nayak

  47. A Review - Comparison between Response Spectrum Method and Time History Method for Dynamic Analysis of Multistoried Building

    Authors: Prakriti Chandrakar; Dr. P. S. Bokare

  48. Mitigation of Power Quality Problems of Grid Connected System with UPQC using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)

    Authors: Dr. R. Muthukumar; K. V. Gazal

  49. Correlation between Serum CD4 Count and Neuropathic Pain in HIV / AIDS Patients

    Authors: I Putu Eka Widyadharma; Putu Gede Rothaarnada; Thomas Eko Purwata

  50. Management of Deep Bite in Adults?A Combination of Myofunctional Appliances and Fixed Technique

    Authors: Miroslava Dinkova

  51. Differentiation of Benign, Borderline and Malignant Phyllodes Tumor by Three Tiered Grading System

    Authors: Archanadevi Sankaran; Siluvaimuthu Ashok

  52. Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude about Breast Cancer and Breast Self Examination among Women of 20-50 Years of Age in a Selected Hospital of Haryana

    Authors: Poonam Sharma; Rebecca Dillu

  53. Impact of Vernacular Language in Effective Science Communication

    Authors: Barjinder Bhalla; Rajesh Grover

  54. Cross Domain Recommendation System

    Authors: Komal Shresth; Varshaa; Bhawesmita

  55. A New DC Charging Station to Control Power Flows on Low Voltage Grids

    Authors: Dario De Santis

  56. Assessment of Upper Dental Arch Symmetry in Class I Iraqi Adults

    Authors: Yassir Rudha Allabban; Jinan Eliewy Saloom; Haider Mohamed Ali

  57. Gaussian Integer Solutions of an Infinite Elliptic Cone 5X^2+5Y^2+9Z^2+46XY-34YZ-22XZ=0

    Authors: Manju Somanath; J. Kannan; K. Raja

  58. Analysis of EEG Changes during Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle in Adult Females

    Authors: Dr. Sudipta Patnaik; Dr. Rajat Mohanty

  59. Organic Materials the Effective Source for Activated Carbon Preparation and Applications of Prepared Activated Carbon in Water and Wastewater Treatment - A State of Art

    Authors: Sagar M. Gawande; Anuja A Mane; Niharika S Belwalkar

  60. Why the Universe is Neither Controllable Nor Observable. The Solution of the State-Space Matrix Can Answer Everything about the Universe

    Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

  61. Management of Power in AC/DC Hybrid Microgrid and its Harmonic Analysis by using D-STATCOM

    Authors: Babita Nanda; K. Balasriram

  62. IOT Based Industrial Automation

    Authors: Rohan Jacob; Akash Patil; Sheetal Patil; Rupa Patta

  63. Case Study on Cracks in Public Buildings and their Remedies

    Authors: Rishabh Pathak; Deepak Rastogi

  64. Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of High Strength Concrete for M60 Grade Concrete

    Authors: Devananda Reddy; G. R. Krishnamurthy

  65. Human Body Extraction From Single Images Based on the Multiple Segmentation Algorithm and SPLINE Approach

    Authors: Manjushri Warad; S. B. Mudda

  66. Block Chain for Securing Internet of Things

    Authors: Astha Kumari; Sayed Sohail; Ritwik Giri

  67. An Empirical Study of Human-Capital as a Mediator on the Relationship between Strategic Leadership Styles and Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Iraqi Private Universities

    Authors: Nada Ismaeel Jabbouri; Ibrahim Zahari

  68. Effect of Graphene Oxide on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Polypropylene Nanocomposites

    Authors: Daniel N. Njoroge

  69. Evaluation of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on the Yield and Yield Components of Cucumber under different Irrigation Regimes and Cropping Seasons

    Authors: S. E. Embiowei; U. N. Emiri

  70. Role of Prostaglandin in Reproductive Physiology

    Authors: R. Preethi; I. Pavithra; Dr. Gowri Sethu

  71. Demonstration of Control System by using Microcontroller

    Authors: Rashi Jain

  72. SSSC Based Wide-Area PSS for Stability Enhancement of Interconnected Power System under Small Disturbance

    Authors: Manoj Kumar Sahu; Kumar Prabhakar

  73. Corrosive Iron and Corrosion Inhibitor Cupper Surface Effects of Natural Calotropis procera Emulsion

    Authors: Nejib Hussein Mekni; Faten Medini; Omer Sakin Omer

  74. Evaluating some Mechanical and Physical Properties of Vertex Thermosens Denture base Material in Comparison with Heat Cure Acrylicdenture Base Material

    Authors: Mohsin H.A.; Abdul-Hadi N.F.; Mustafa Mahdi Jassim

  75. Significance of Antibody Screening and Identification in Pretransfusion Testing-A Retrospective Study

    Authors: Dr Lakshika Chauhan; Dr Rani Premkumar

  76. To Study about the Implications of Micro-Financing on the Lower Income Households in Mumbai

    Authors: Ashay Shah; Prakhar Mittal; Tushar Pal

  77. A Study to Determine the Prevalence of School Dropouts and its Association with Selected Factors among Children of 6-19 Years, Residing in a Rural Community of West Bengal

    Authors: Baisakhi Sarkar

  78. Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 2A

    Authors: I Made Pande Dwipayana; Adrian Tri Sutjahjo

  79. Study on Effect of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag on the Properties of Black Cotton Soil and Red Soil

    Authors: Habung Duyu; Tao Tania; Mukul Dhake

  80. Influence of Artificial Weathering on Some Properties of Nano Silicon Dioxide Incorporated Into Maxillofacial Silicone

    Authors: Jehad Atta Allah; Mohammed Moudhaffer

  81. A Novel Approach to Monitor Health condition Using Android Application

    Authors: Palak Parmar; Bhavna Pancholi

  82. Seasonal Performance Study of Solar Cooling System under Indian Climatic Conditions

    Authors: A. Mahesh

  83. A Protective Scheme for Wind Power Plant Using Co-ordination of Overcurrent Relay

    Authors: Monali B. Yawale; Y. D. Shahakar

  84. The Severe CNS effects of Alcohols: An Informative Article

    Authors: Gurinderdeep Singh

  85. A Review on Comparative Study on Bitumen Modification Using Synthetic and Natural Fiber

    Authors: Midhila V S; Veena G Raj

  86. Speech Enhancement Based on ICA and Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding in Stationary and Non Stationary Noise Environment

    Authors: Mohini S. Avatade; Shivganga Gavhane; Ketaki Bhoyar

  87. Assessment of Microvessel Density (Angiogenesis) and its Correlation with Hormonal Status of Carcinoma Breast

    Authors: Dr. P. Vijaya Baskar; Dr. M. Gunasundari

  88. Haptic Hat for Visually Impaired

    Authors: Asha T S; Gopika Krishnan.J; J. S. Sreelakshmi; Jyothish K. J.; Lavanya R. K.

  89. Occurrence of Volcanic Ash in Sagileru River Valley, Cuddapah District, Southern India

    Authors: Vijaya Kumari Oddepogu; Dr. Madhu Teliki; Brahmaiah Thallapalli

  90. Knowledge and Awareness about Cryosurgery among Dental Practitioners

    Authors: S. Aishwarya; Dr. Dhanraj; Dr. Sangeetha

  91. Effect of Fine Motor Skill Training on Decoding Skills in School Going Children

    Authors: Jasneet Kaur; Preeti Gazbare

  92. Prevalence of IgG anti H PyloriAmong Nurses of Wangaya Hospital Denpasar by Immunochromatography Method using M Bio Pylori Rapid Test

    Authors: I Made Suma Wirawan

  93. Relationship between Continuous Assessment Scores and Examination Scores

    Authors: Kumur J. H.; Siya T. K.

  94. Core Stability Training and Jump Performance in Young Basketball Players

    Authors: Italo Sannicandro; Giacomo Cofano

  95. Solar Refrigeration System

    Authors: Subbarao Chamarthi; Aditya Saxena; Siddhant Ratna

  96. Chondroblastoma in Dog ? A Rare Case

    Authors: N. G. Amith; B. N. Nagaraja

  97. Retinopathy Secondary to Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

    Authors: Dr. Ashish Ahuja; Dr. Kailash Prasad; Dr. Apurva Navale; Dr. Arjun Ahuja

  98. Pathogenicity of Colletotrichum kahawae in Kenya

    Authors: Fredrick M. Njoka; Owaka Margaret; Chrispine Omondi; Elijah Kathurima

  99. Clinico-Pathological Significances of Snail 1 & Cox2 Co-Expression in Serous Ovarian Carcinoma

    Authors: Walid S. H. Elsayed; Mona Saeed Mohamed

  100. Bioassay on Metal Silver and Toxicity Studies in Freshwater Fish Cyprinus carpio

    Authors: P. Ranganayaki; Dr. Y. Thangam; Dr. M. Rabeeth

  101. Preparation and Characterization of Polystyrene-Sulfonyl-Thiosemicarbazide Chelating Compound for Treatment of Wastewater Containing Heavy Metal Ions

    Authors: El-Sayed M. E. Mansour; Wagih A. Sadik; Abdel-Ghaffar M. El-Demerdash; Moustafa El-Nhas

  102. Youth Awareness&Acceptance for Gender Equality in Present Scenario

    Authors: Ravi Kumar

  103. Use of Technology in Education

    Authors: Divya Baliga B

  104. Effect of Change Management Practices on Performance of Teachers Service Commission

    Authors: Lilian Wachira; Abel Anyieni

  105. A Systematic Review on the Quality of Life among Hemodialysis Patients in the Middle East Countries

    Authors: Jeffrey Navarro Rojas

  106. A Study on Capacitor Placement in Radial Distribution Systems for Loss Reduction using Fuzzy Logic

    Authors: P. Gayathri

  107. Five Pen Computer Technology

    Authors: Jayesh S. Pednekar; Pratibha M. Deshmukh

  108. Assessment Nursing Care in Neonatal Respiratory Distress

    Authors: Qusay H.Mansi; Afifa R. Aziz

  109. Jerusalems Gates and Towers in the Book of Nehemiah: A Comparative Semitic Linguistic Study

    Authors: Qusay Abdul-Hadi Rashid

  110. A System for Vehicle Detection using Machine Learning

    Authors: Suryam Sharma; Swapnil Nivangune

  111. Effects of Occupational Safety and Health Management Practices on Work Environment in the Water Service Industry within Kisumu County - Kenya

    Authors: Ibrahim Oluoch; Paul Njogu; Jared O. H. Ndeda

  112. Do Olive Leaves (Olea europaea) have the Ability to Lower Glucose and Cholesterol Levels in Adult Mice?

    Authors: Zena Abdullah Khalaf; Ali Mosa Rashid Al-Yasari

  113. Application of Homotopy Analysis Method in Model Based Controls

    Authors: Sampoorna Dhruvaraj Athani; Srinivas Suripeddi; Tumkur Ramamohan

  114. Salivary Alpha Amylase as a Marker to Predict Diabetes Mellitus in Children with Family History of Diabetes

    Authors: Ameena Ryhan Diaji; Lamia Ibrahim Sood; Rasha Abbas Azeez

  115. Digital Marketing: A Survey Account of the Ongoing Evolution

    Authors: Achinta Kumar Palit

  116. Developing Early-Flowering or Photoperiod-Insensitive Mutants from Rice var. Ayarmin (Machando) by Using Gamma Radiation from 60Co Source

    Authors: Nay Aung; Aye Aye Khai

  117. Survey on Object Oriented Mutation Testing

    Authors: Snehal R. Takawale; Sandeep Kadam

  118. The Addition of Contract Relax Stretching Method is Better in Increasing The Range of Motion of Knee Osteoarthritis

    Authors: Rudianto; Tjokorda Gde Bagus Mahadewa; Sugijanto

  119. On Rate of Convergence of Jungck-Picard-S. Iterative Scheme

    Authors: Zeana Z. Jamil; Assma K. Abdullateef

  120. On the Security of Permutation-Only Image Encryption Schemes and Steganography

    Authors: Soja Prasannan; Devi Murali

  121. Pregnancy Outcome after Diagnosis of Oligohydramnios

    Authors: Dr Sudha.H.C; Dr. Sunanda; K. M.

  122. A Survey on Various Data Mining Techniques in Field of Agriculture for Prediction of Crop Yield

    Authors: Huma Khan; Shahista Navaz; Dr. S. M. Ghosh

  123. Effect of Mercuric Chloride on Biochemical and Hematological Parameters in Male Albino Mice

    Authors: Enas Sultan Al-Zubaidi; Adel Mashaan Rabee

  124. Essentials of Building Virtual Instruments with LabVIEW and Arduino for Lab Automation Applications

    Authors: Jianghua Bai; Andres La Rosa

  125. Analysis of the Appropriateness of Actual Land Use to Land Use in Spatial Planning in the Catchment Area of the Koto Panjang Hydro Power Plant Reservoir

    Authors: Nurdin; S. Bahri

  126. A Review Paper On Non ? Contrast Respiration System

    Authors: Pawandeep Kaur; Harpreet Kaur

  127. Optimisation and Economic and Energy Efficiency in Investments from the Facility Management Perspective

    Authors: Gabriela Mehedintu

  128. Improvement of Oil Engine Performance with Homogenous Mixture of Petrol Fuel Injection System

    Authors: Yenumula Venkata Durgaprasad

  129. A Comparative Study of Intraocular Pressure Measurement Using Tonopen and Goldmann Applanation Tonometer

    Authors: Dr. Rajesh R Nayak; Dr. Pooja Kandula; Dr. Bhavini Johri; Dr. Shobha G Pai; Dr. Sumana J Kamath

  130. Effect of Inorganic Fertilizer, Vermicompost and Bio-Fertilizer on Quality, Content and Uptake of Nutrients in Sweet Corn (Zea mays L. var. saccharata)

    Authors: Nazir Khan Mohammadi; R. M. Pankhaniya; Maitrik.P Joshi

  131. Exclusive Breastfeeding Prevalence and Feeding Patterns of Children Living at Rural Areas in Serba Jadi Sub District, Indonesia

    Authors: Haripin Togap Sinaga; Idau Ginting; Endang Susilawati; Bernike Doloksaribu

  132. Action Recognition Using Action Unit Based Feature Extraction and SURF Descriptor

    Authors: Arya P Muraleedharan; Amrutha V Nair

  133. Channel Estimation and Signal Detection of Pulse Code Modulated Optical Scattering Communication

    Authors: Ancy K. George; Sangeeta T. R.

  134. Comparison of Intraoperative and Post-Operative Outcome between Intrathecal Ropivacaine and Ropivacaine with Dexmedetomidine for Lower Limb Surgeries

    Authors: Larissa D'Silva Balakrishna Achar

  135. Utilization of Lateritic Soil to Make Fast and Bouncy Cricket Pitches

    Authors: Renjith.R.P; Binil Gopinath

  136. Significance of Silica Fume and Glass Fiber on the Mechanical Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

    Authors: N. Vinay Kumar; P. S. S. Anjaneya Babu

  137. Portable Health Monitoring and Medicine Reminder for Old Age People

    Authors: Sameer Batra; Sunny Batra

  138. Global SNR Estimation of Speech Signals

    Authors: Sreelakshmi M.S.; Ann Nita Netto

  139. Writer-dependent Offline Signature Verification Using SVM Classifier

    Authors: Prejitha S. Anand; Nitha S

  140. Cepstrum to Abate Noise in OFDM Symbols

    Authors: Reshma Rajendran; Ann Nita Netto

  141. Non-Linear Distortion Noise Removal by Introducing a Static Pre-distortion at the Transmitter

    Authors: Chinnu Viswan; Jisha Anu Jose

  142. Analysis the Effect of Internal and External Factors the Return of Infrastructure Stocks and Supporting

    Authors: Reyland Herdt; Lukytawati Anggraeni; Bunasor Sanim

  143. Study on Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Baclofen in Albino Rats

    Authors: Dr. Mangala Devi.R; Dr. Sarojini.R; Dr. Ahil.M.S; Dr. Vasanth.S

  144. A Clinical Profile of Cerebral Malaria with P. Falciparum Infection

    Authors: More Abhijeet; Kanjani Indira; Patil Sumit

  145. Mutual Funds in India: SWOT Analysis

    Authors: P. Deepa; Dr. A. Latha

  146. Nurses Knowledge and Practices towards Prevention of Pressure Ulcer in Tertiary Care Hospital

    Authors: Neelam Sawant; Mahadeo Shinde

  147. Strength Improvement of Lateritic Soil Using Flyash and Tyre Chips

    Authors: Nidhin G. Raj; Binil Gopinath

  148. Reinforcement of High Density Polyethylene Strips and Fibers

    Authors: Vivek R; Dr. Mariamma Jacob

  149. Analysis of Risks Exploration Campaign Iron on Site Akom2

    Authors: K. Njeudjang; N. Djongyang; J. K. Domra; R. Tchinda

  150. Algebraic Structures on Multi Groups I

    Authors: S.F. El-Hadidi

  151. Studies on the Growth and Characterization of Zinc Phthalate Crystal

    Authors: L. Ruby Nirmala; C. Marie Quintine Sherly

  152. Power Factor Correction for Boost Converter

    Authors: Vineeth V; ArunUday; TenyNinan Mathew; Krishnakumar A S; Saranya Natarajan

  153. Analysis of Ambient Dry Bulb Temperature and Relative Humidity Data of Ikeja, Nigeria for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

    Authors: D.O. Ariyo; J.A. Olorunmaiye

  154. Equilibrium and Kinetics of Adsorption of Ni (II) and Pb (II) Ions on Cow Bone ASH

    Authors: Orodu; V.E.; Abasi; C.Y.

  155. Location Based Profile Manager

    Authors: Srinivas H; Tulasi Raghavendra; Krashna; Naresh Babu P; D Sai Madhavi

  156. A Study on Performance of an Urban Arterial Corridor

    Authors: Guggilla Raju; Rontala Ashwini

  157. Workability and Compressive Strength Behavior of Glass Concrete Made Using Bagasse Ash Cement

    Authors: Brian Mwendwa Mutua; Dr. Timothy Nyomboi; Raphael Ndisya Mutuku

  158. Detection of Synthetic Colours in Selected Foods&Beverages Available in Colombo District, Sri Lanka

    Authors: G. Kumudu M. Rajapaksha; M.A. Jagath Wansapala; A. Buddhika G. Silva

  159. Cylinder Tensile Split and Flexural Strength Behavior of Glass Concrete Made Using Bagasse Ash Cement

    Authors: Brian Mwendwa Mutua; Dr. Timothy Nyomboi; Raphael Ndisya Mutuku

  160. Relationship between Cylinder Tensile Split and Flexural Strengths with Compressive Strength of Glass Concrete Made Using Bagasse Ash Cement

    Authors: Brian Mwendwa Mutua; Dr. Timothy Nyomboi; Raphael Ndisya Mutuku

  161. United States Presidential Debates - A Machine Learning and Multivariate Purview

    Authors: Dr. T. Leo Alexander; C. Amelia Betsy

  162. Testing and Characterization of Nano-structured Alumina Coating Prepared by Different Methods on Ti-6Al-4V alloy (Comparative Study)

    Authors: Saadi; Basima M.A. Hussain

  163. The Impact of Colonization and Cultural Change on the Igbo People: A Study of Chinua Achebes Novel Things Fall Apart

    Authors: Banik Aparna; Dawar Shobharam

  164. Genetic Tuned PID Controller for Speed Control of DC Motor

    Authors: Priyanka Suresh; M S Aspalli

  165. Possibility of Using Nanoparticles (ZnNPs, MgONPs) in Keeping Cucurbit Fruit from Infection by Pythium aphanidermatum

    Authors: Halima Z. Hussein; Eman K. Abdul-Karim; Shamael S. Mutar

  166. Optimized Thunderstorm and Lightning Detection System

    Authors: Rasika Kalbende; Nitin Shelke

  167. Parallel in Ekistics&Vedic Philosophy towards Ideal Human Settlement

    Authors: Harish Tripathi; Taiyaba Rashid

  168. Islamic Family Education in Resolving Youth Social Pathology in the Neighborhood of Muslimat Al Washliyah Medan City, the Province of North Sumatera Indonesia

    Authors: Dr. Hasnil Aida MA

  169. Skewed Sex Ratio and Women's Reproductive Rights in India: Issues and Challenges

    Authors: Akhil Bhat; Manoj Bhatt

  170. Studies on the Growth and Characterization of N-methyl-4-nitroaniline Organic Single Crystal Grown by Slow Evaporation Technique

    Authors: R. Lakshmi; P. Prabukanthan

  171. Synthesis, Growth and Characterization of L-Lysine Nickel Maleate Crystal

    Authors: L. Ruby Nirmala; S. Babiyana

  172. Political Dynamics of Urban Fringe

    Authors: Efa Tadesse Debele

  173. Determining the Causes for Loss of Teeth by Using Preoperative Dental CT Study for the Needs of Dental Implantology

    Authors: Vladimir Nikolov; Teodora Nikolova

  174. Knowledge and Awareness of Insulin Usage among Diabetic Patients in Chennai

    Authors: Joshini Shanmugam; Dr. Anitha Roy

  175. The Effect of Mouth Wash Containing Chlorhexidine on Force Degradation of Colored Elastomeric Chains

    Authors: Reem A. Rafeeq; Shaymaa Sh. Taha; Alan I. Saleem; Ali M. Al-Attar

  176. Assessment of the Proximate and Mineral Compositions of Acacia ataxacantha Leaves

    Authors: Janet M. Daben; Dayil A. Dashak; Olakotun Praise; Esther Ogbole; Miriam A. Agba

  177. Effect of Trigonella Foenumgraecum Seeds on the Productive, Reproductive Performance and Some Biochemical Traits in the Local Rabbits

    Authors: Dawood T. N.; Al-Deri A. H.; Kareem E. H.

  178. Predictive Analysis of Heart Disease using Stochas-tic Gradient Boosting along with Recursive Feature Elimination

    Authors: V Kakulapati; Ankith Kirti; Vaibhav Kulkarni; Charan Pandit Raj

  179. Influenced of Epiphyte Flavonoid Tea Scurrula Artropurpurea Danser in Apoptosis Induction for Tissue Isolation of Cervical Cell Cancer

    Authors: Budi Susatia

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  500. Shadow Attacks Based On Password Patterns Password Reuses

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  512. Principal Instructional Leadership: A Key for School Improvement

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  529. Evolution of Posts - From Rigidity to Flexibility

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  530. Cyber Security - A Business Accelerator??

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  533. Experimental Study on High Strength Self Compacting Concrete Using Nano Silica

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  534. On Normality in Soft Topological Spaces

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  539. ICT Personnel Competence and Adoption of Digital Online Marketing by Medium Enterprises in Nairobi

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  540. Fast Dictionary Construction using Data Structure and Numeration Methodology with Double Hashing

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