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International Journal for Scientific Research and Development | IJSRD >>

Vol.3, No.11

Publisher: IJSRD

Publishing Date: 2016-02-01

  1. Utilization of E-waste as a Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate in Concrete

    Authors: Bharat Dawande; Devansh Jain; Gyanendra Singh

  2. Four switch Three-Level Soft Switched Converter

    Authors: Vijay Dubey; C. S. Sharma

  3. Effect of Coconut Shell and Plastic Waste on the Properties of Concrete

    Authors: Nitin Pandagre; Devansh Jain; Gyanendra Singh

  4. Experimental Study of Stabilization on Natural Soil Subgrade Using Rice Husk Ash

    Authors: Vikash Kumar Singh; A. K. Saxena; T. R. Arora

  5. Implementation of Lean in Raw Mill Separator Air Slide to Eliminate Non Value Components

    Authors: Susheem Nonhare; Devesh Shrivastava

  6. Implementation of Sensor System for Automotive Crash Prediction

    Authors: K.Saranya

  7. Using Lean Philosophy to Eliminate the Non Value Factors in Additive Hopper Feeding Belt Conveyor

    Authors: Susheem Nonhare; Devesh Srivastava

  8. Secure Transmission For Digital Watermarking using 4-level Stationary Wavelet Transform with SVD

    Authors: Keerti Shrivastava

  9. Design of Residential Building and Analysis with STAAD Pro

    Authors: Pabba Mounika; Maroju Navya; Syed Viqar Malik

  10. Black hole Gray hole detection or prevention by using table driven voting approach in MANET

    Authors: Sweta Dixit; Krishna K Joshi

  11. Paramatic Study of Stabilization on Natural Soil Subgrade Using Sugarcane Bagasse Ash

    Authors: vikash kumar singh; A. K. Saxena; T. R. Arora

  12. Detection or Prevention of DDOS attack in WSN using Clustering

    Authors: Ravi Parashar

  13. Review on Seismic Analysis of Elevated Storage Reservoir

    Authors: Parth D. Daxini; Tarak P. Vora

  14. Characteristic Analysis of Mechanical Properties on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic

    Authors: Asha Rani M

  15. Find Secure Location using AODV trust calculation in VANET

    Authors: Kumud Dixit; Krishna K Joshi

  16. Effect Of Fuselage Frame And Tear Strap In Arresting A Two-Bay Crack In Fuselage Structure

    Authors: Syed Faizus Salam Quadri; Ambadas Kadam

  17. Experimental Analysis of Mechanical Behaviour of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Plastic Welded Through the Fabricated Experimental Set-up for Hot Air Welding

    Authors: Md Shakibul Haque; Inayat Hussain; Gaurav Agarwal; Khwaja Moeed; Mohd Anees Siddiqui

  18. Seismic Performance Study of R.C. Buildings having Vertical Geometric Irregularity using Pushover Analysis

    Authors: Anilkumar S Katageri; Sharanabasava G

  19. Seismic Performance Study of R.C. Buildings having Plan Irregularity using Pushover Analysis

    Authors: Anilkumar S Katageri; Sharanabasava G

  20. A Survey on protecting information in datasets

    Authors: Chaitrali S. Waghchaure; Jyoti R. Yemul

  21. Synthesis and Characterization of NiO Nanoparticles by Thermal Decomposition Method

    Authors: E. Kumar; D. Muthuraj; A.Jenufa Begam; S.Karthiga Devi

  22. Optimization of Turning Process Parameters for Mild Steel

    Authors: Alpesh R. Patel; Lalit S. Patel; Tejas C. Patel

  23. Factors Involved in the Design of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

    Authors: Mohammed Al Riyaz.D; Dr.P.K.PALANI

  24. Induced Electron Transfer Reactions in Pentaammine Cobalt(III) Complexes of αlpha-Hydroxy Acids By Quinoxalinium Bromo Chromate in Aqueous Acetic acid (50%v/v) Medium: A Kinetic Study

    Authors: S.Chandrasekaran; K.Subramani

  25. Optimization of Process Parameters of SS 202 on Vertical Milling Machine Using Grey Relational Analysis

    Authors: Gurnam Singh; Sahil

  26. Application of Queuing model on Hospital OPD

    Authors: Nilesh Sheth; Prashant Makwana

  27. Optimization of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

    Authors: Dangar Sunilbhai Dhanjibhai; Abhishek Arya

  28. A Critical Literature Review on Evaluation and Identification of Factors Governing Cost of Residential Construction Project Works in Gujarat

    Authors: Mehulkumar Parmar; Jaydev Bhavsar; Jayeshkumar Pitroda

  29. A Review Paper on Performance Investigation of Journal Bearing with Hybrid Nano-additives in lubricating oil

    Authors: Rashmi Deshmukh; R. J. Patil

  30. Multi-Parameter Patient Monitoring Platform With Wireless Transmission

    Authors: Santosh N Vasist; K Vijaylakshmi

  31. Land Use and Land Cover Analysis of Sub watersheds in Belgaum Using Remote Sensing and GIS

    Authors: Vinod Kumar H A; Paresh Chandra Deka

  32. A Real Time Design and Development of Fixture for Unloading of Control Assembly in an Industry

    Authors: Harshal Dalvi; Harshal Dalvi; C.C Handa

  33. Purifying Weakly Labeled Web Facial Images Using Auto Face Annotation Technique

    Authors: Dhokchaule Sagar; Patare Swati; Patare Rushikesh; Makhare Priyanka; Prof.Borude Krishna

  34. Stock Market Prediction Using the ARIMA Model

    Authors: Narendra Pahuja; Abhishek Oturkar; Kailash Sharma; Jatin Shrivastava; Dimple Bohra

  35. High Pf and Low THD Buck-Boost Power Driver for Led Lamps Using PI Controller

    Authors: Kavuri.Tanuja; K.Venkateswara Rao

  36. Modeling of Progressive Die for Chain Adjuster Bracket

    Authors: Rohit O. Tembhurkar; Pankaj K. Bhoyar; Prafulla S. Thakare

  37. Induced electron transfer reaction of Cobalt (III) complexes of α�Hydroxy acids by 2, 2�-bipyridinium bromo chromate (BPBC) in the presence of surfactant medium

    Authors: C.Vijayakumar; Dr.K.Subramani

  38. Evolution of Concrete Using Sugarcane Bagasse Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete

    Authors: M.S Suresh; Abhishek Kumar Tiwari

  39. Experimental Study of Self-Compacting Concrete

    Authors: Kunal Songra; Vishal Gupta; Rajendra Singh Dangi

  40. Study of Geo-Grid Reinforcement on Soil

    Authors: Abhay Raj Singh

  41. Performance Evolution of GTS Based Wireless Sensor Networks under CSMA/CA with Variable Clear Channel Assessment Exponent

    Authors: Sachin Sharma; K C Roy; Dinesh Goyal

  42. Identity Based Localization Technique in Microcontroller Using GSM

    Authors: Mrs.N.Dhanalakshmi; B.Kirubakaran; P.Dinesh

  43. Effects Ceramic Waste and Brick Aggregates in Cement Concrete

    Authors: Anjani Kumar; Abhishek Kumar Tiwari

  44. Techniques and Tools for Password Attack

    Authors: P S Lokhande; B B Meshram

  45. Performance Evolution of Tie Rod in Suspension System of Car Using Finite Element Approach

    Authors: Ganesh B. Baraskar; V.S. Joshi

  46. Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Tie rod in Suspension System of Car for a Buckling study using Theoretical and Experimental approach

    Authors: Ganesh B. Baraskar; Ganesh B. Baraskar; V.S. Joshi; M.P. Nagarkar

  47. BIOMETRICS : Selecting the best solution

    Authors: Shirish Joshi

  48. Seismic analysis of High Rise R.C Building with Underneath Satellite Bus Stop including an Intermediate Service Soft Storey

    Authors: Mohammed Parvez; Prof Vishwanath. B. Patil

  49. A Solar - Powered charger with Neural Network Implemented on FPGA

    Authors: Mayuri Vasantrao Patil; Prof.A.P.Hatkar

  50. Performance And Emission Characteristic of Single Cylinder CI Engine Using Fish Oil as a Bio diesel with Varying injection Pressure

    Authors: Ashwath Narayana; Mohamad Khaisar; Mahesh

  51. A Review - Comparative Study & Optimization of Different Tool Material On AISI 2136 (Plastic Mould Steel) in EDM

    Authors: Rahulkumar B. Chaudhary; V. D. Patel; Priyesh N. Santoki

  52. A Review - Comparative Study & Optimization of Different Tool Material On AISI 2136 (Plastic Mould Steel) in EDM

    Authors: Review of Coverage; Connectivity Issues in Deployment Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks

  53. Review Paper on an Investigation of Joining Of Dissimilar Aluminum Alloys & Steel through Laser Welding By Application of Regression Analysis

    Authors: Vishal.A.Vadhel; Bhavna M.Kori; Harsh S.Mehta; Prof.A.J.Patel

  54. Model Split Analysis for the Selected Corridor- Bangalore City

    Authors: Lohit Talawar

  55. Synthesis and Characterization of Monosodium Urate (MSU) Nano Particals

    Authors: Nirali S. Tank; Gaurav K. Nanani

  56. Microcontroller Based Elevator Design

    Authors: Hiren S. Parmar; Ankur V. Gondha

  57. Simulation Circuit Analysis of Shunt Active Power Filter

    Authors: Vivek Rajoria; Sanjeev Gupta; Meenakshi Parihar

  58. Simulation of PV Module Based on Grid Connected Load

    Authors: Satyapal Singh Uchariya; Sanjeev Gupta; Vivek Rajoria

  59. A Review on Different Methods of Smart Train Positioning System

    Authors: Sonia Shah

  60. Design and Analysis of Thin-Rimmed Gears Using Finite Element Modelling

    Authors: Sachin Dholya

  61. An expermental study of hvac load calculation

    Authors: K.Ramesh Babu; R.Bharathi Raja; S.Ragunath; P.Vineeth Kumar

  62. Obstacle Detection and Path Crossover Using Fire Bird V Robot

    Authors: Rm.Nachammai; G.Lavanya; N.Mrujool Kansara; R.Gopalakrishnan

  63. Cell Suspension Culture and Secondary Metabolite Production of Curculigo orchioides Gaertn. - An Endangered Medicinal Plant

    Authors: Sudha Sahay; Vincent J Braganza

  64. Investigation on the Effects of Antioxidant Additive in A DI-Diesel Engine Fuelled with Calophyllum Inophyllum Methyl Ester Diesel Blend

    Authors: N.Bhuvanesh; K.Ramesh; R.Sakthivel

  65. Multiple Repeated Slots Fractal Antenna For WiMAX/WLAN Application

    Authors: Surjeet Raikwar; Ashish Chaudhary; Arun Shukla

  66. Comparison of Variable N-Stroke Petrol Engine

    Authors: S.Karthik; M.Prabhu

  67. An Optimum Solution for Solving Fuzzy Pentagonal Transportation Problem

    Authors: R.Anandhi; D.Ramesh Kumar; S.Deva Arul

  68. An Optimum Solution for Solving Fuzzy Pentagonal Transportation Problem

    Authors: Srikanth Porandla; L. Sasi Rekha

  69. Methods of Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Different Surfaces Inserts : A Review

    Authors: Nitin Pundlikrao Ingole

  70. Security & Privacy of Big Data: Big Challenge for an Organization

    Authors: Rikita Patel

  71. Evaluation of Optimal Parameters for Machining Of SS 410 With EDM Using Grey Relational Analysis

    Authors: Abhimanyu Chauhan; Deepak Gupta

  72. Comparison of Modelling and Analysis of Crane Hook with Modified Crane Hook

    Authors: Dhaval H.Patel

  73. Study Flow Analysis on Hull of a MAYA-AUV

    Authors: Ravi Sandeep Kumar Kona; Sk.Himam Saheb; M.Yashwanth Kumar

  74. Study Flow Analysis on Hull of a MAYA-AUV

    Authors: S. P. Pingat; Dhondu Wathore; Manish Rane; Shailesh Kamble; Riyaj Pathan

  75. A Survey on Different Disease and Image Processing Techniques in Sugarcane Crops

    Authors: D.Devi Aruna

  76. A Review of Different Wireless Mesh Networks

    Authors: Sonali Ekka

  77. Shear Resistance and Stability Study of Embankments Using Different Shear Resistance Parameters of Soft Soils from Laboratory and Field Tests: A Case Study of Hai Phong City, Viet Nam

    Authors: Binh Thai Pham; Manh Duc Nguyen; Anh Hoang Le

  78. Photoluminescence Studies of Silver Ion Induced PEN

    Authors: Kusam Devgan

  79. Detection & Classification of Brain Tumour

    Authors: Archana Avinash Mali; Prof.Savita R Pawar

  80. An Experimental Investigation for the Application of Zeolite as Concrete Ingredient

    Authors: Author s Yudhishthir V. Sharma

  81. Survey on Efficient Feature Subset Selection Technique on High Dimensional Small Sized Data

    Authors: Chaudhari Apurva Yashwant; S. S. Banait

  82. Survey on Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network Protocols

    Authors: Priyanka babubhai Dastanvala; Trushna Khatri

  83. A Literature Review on Optimization of Cutting Parameters of P20 Steel by Using Taguchi Method for Minimizing Surface Roughness in End milling Process

    Authors: Khan Wasim; Irshad Shaikh; Niyati Raut

  84. A Review on Issues Related To Manual Core Making Process in Foundry Industry

    Authors: Amarjeet R Gupta; Sanjay N. Aloni; Rajkumar H. Binzade

  85. A Survey on Image Retrieval Techniques for Capturing User Intention

    Authors: Pooja S.Junonkar

  86. Effect of Aspiration Pressure on Convergent nozzle employed for gas atomization of Liquid Metals

    Authors: Sanjay Phatige; T.N. Srinivasa

  87. A Survey on Various Feature Selection Methodologies

    Authors: Rajlakshmi S Saner; S. S. Sane

  88. A literature review on Process parameter optimization of Powder Mixed Electric Discharge Machining (PMEDM) using design of experiment

    Authors: Irshad Shaikh; Wasim Khan; Arun Kumar

  89. DREAMS: Run-time Partitioning Skew Mitigation

    Authors: Rutul D. Dhomse

  90. A Review on Casting Defect Minimization through Simulation

    Authors: Mahipalsinh G. Jadeja; Manojkumar V. Sheladiya; Mayursinh Gohil

  91. A Review on Face Photo-Sketch Synthesis

    Authors: Madhuri Shinde; N. M. Shahane

  92. Linear Static Analysis of Regular Space Frame with & Without Fixed Base

    Authors: Mantesh A. Hatti; Akshaya Ghalimath; Sheetal More; Chaitrali Jamadar

  93. Arduino Controlled Lawn Mower

    Authors: Tanvi Patil; Vipul Patel; Pratik Sarvankar; Kashif Shah; Sunny Harbans Singh Nannade

  94. Performance Analysis of Diesel Engine with Two Biodiesels Blended With Diesel

    Authors: Agnish N; Dr.R.Malayalamurthi

  95. A Survey on Various Approaches for Weblog Analysis Using Hadoop

    Authors: DHRUV V KAPATEL; Dr.Premal J Patel

  96. A Review on Content Based Image Retrieval using Mixture Model for Image Representation

    Authors: Jaadhav Shweta Dinkar; N. M. Shahane

  97. UWB Antenna With Slots And Notched Characteristic At Bands 7.25-8.39 GHz And 5.15-5.82 GHz

    Authors: Dinesh Sethi; Ripu Ranjan Sinha

  98. Utilization of Glass Powder in Cement Concrete Paver Blocks

    Authors: Arunesh Kumar; Abhishek Kumar Tiwari

  99. Effect of the Different Shapes of Pylons on the Dynamic Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridge Using SAP2000

    Authors: Hussain Hararwala

  100. Fossil Fuel to Solar PV Transition - The Prospects

    Authors: A K Sharma

  101. Hybrid Multistage Global Denoising Approach Using PCA for Standard Images

    Authors: Gunjan Sethi; Sukhvir Kaur; Jagdeep Singh

  102. Review on Multilabel Classification Algorithms

    Authors: Prajakta Chaudhari; Prof.Dr.S.S.Sane

  103. Manufacturing of Spring Making Machine

    Authors: Saif Ali Nirban; Hafizur Rehman Khan; Imran Khan; Rahul Rao; Ravi Verma

  104. A Review on Privacy Preserving Data Mining

    Authors: Shradha Patel; Ronak patel

  105. Http://

    Authors: Hariprasad M; Manjunatha A

  106. Survey On Discovering Deep Web Interfaces Using Data Mining

    Authors: Roshana R. Bangar; Kahate S.A.; Deokate G.D.

  107. Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of a Simple Quarter Car Vibration Model

    Authors: Tejas Turakhia; M.J.Modi

  108. Green Revolution-Removal of Lead from Battery Industrial Effluent by Phytoremediation using Eichhornia Crassipes

    Authors: Pamila. D; Sivalingam. A; Thirumarimurugan. M; Dinesh Kumar. M

  109. Dynamic Ride-Sharing - A Next Innovative Approach

    Authors: Supriya Chandak; Mrunalini Dhawanjewar; Poonam Ambure; Preeti Dhage

  110. Study of Symmetric Key Network Security Algorithms

    Authors: Mohana Priya.A; T. Christopher

  111. A Review on Human Activity Recognition Using HOG Feature

    Authors: Aarsh Joshi; Chandani Shah; Khyati Jain; Hetal Parmar; Vaishali R Patel

  112. Filter Rod Detection By Using Poka Yoke

    Authors: Girase Karishma; Jain Aditi; Yavankar Sakshi

  113. Web Services and Its Composition - Survey

    Authors: Surya.K; Karthik.R

  114. A study on Crash and Impact Strength Analysis of Structural component of the vehicle for Occupant Safety

    Authors: Gauri B. Mahajan; Dinesh N. Kamble

  115. Design and Analysis of IIR Peak & Notch Filter

    Authors: Ravi Choudhary

  116. Resume Processing using Hadoop Application

    Authors: Ramesh Sadgir; Prajakta Benke; Sonali Jadhav; Sonal Kumbhar

  117. ARM Based Solar Power Water Quality Measurement System Using Zigbee Module

    Authors: Jawale Bajirao Shivdas; Kawade Sudhir; Jadhav Ashish Ashokrao; Deokar Dipak Parmeshwar; Ingale Swapnil Devidas

  118. Experimental Investigation of Machining Time in Turning Mild Steel Component using Multi Tool Turning Method

    Authors: Pradeep T Patokar; S P Trikal; Chinmay V Patil

  119. Autonomous Floor Cleaner

    Authors: Pradeep Yadav; Ankit Maurya; Vineeth Pillai; Rameez Syed; Sunny Nanade

  120. Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System By Using Solar Energy

    Authors: Pravinkumar Pisal; Narale Pravin; Shende Onkar; Shende kiran; Sawant Rahul

  121. A Review Paper on Video Compression Using Motion Compensation and SPIHT

    Authors: Jayant Kumar Rai

  122. CFD Trials for Comparative Evaluation and Recommendation of Nozzle Geometry for Gas Atomization of Aluminum Alloys

    Authors: Sanjay Phatige; Srinivasa T.N.

  123. A Survey on Heterogeneous Face Matching: NIR Images to VIS Images

    Authors: Sandhya R.Wadhavane; Prof.Dr.S.M.Kamlapur

  124. A Review: Automatic Identification and Data Collection and its Application in Manufacturing

    Authors: Harun Pinjari; Salman Jamadar

  125. Applications and Challenges of Internet-of-Things- A Survey

    Authors: Chethan C; Tejaswini N.P

  126. TIMETABLE Alert Application

    Authors: Talele Dalesh P.; Jagtap Avinash P.; Dahale Girish A.; Deshmukh Sameer A.

  127. Wormhole: A Time Travel Portal

    Authors: Ekta Bajaj; Manish Kumar

  128. Effects on Index Properties of Black Cotton Soil by Alakali Content Sodium Hydroxide (NAoh)

    Authors: Dharmendra Sahu; Rajesh Jain

  129. FPGA To PC Ethernet Communication Using Media Independent Interface (MII) Mode

    Authors: Preeti Kumari; Sidharth Kashyap; Ajit Jain; Lokesh Sharma

  130. Thermal Effect on Mechanical and Tribological Performance of Polyether-Ether-Keton

    Authors: Karpe Ganesh Gorakshanath; C.L. Dhamejani

  131. Wireless Home Automation System using ZigBee with Voice Recognition

    Authors: Bhavna Savaliya; Sagar Paneliya; Gohel Vimal; Chetan Bambhroliya

  132. Highly Secured System to Find Improper Impressions of Fingerprints in Hostel

    Authors: K Sabeha; K.K.Resma; P.Sukumar

  133. Experimental Investigation On Partial Replacement Of Cement By Sugar Cane Bagasse Ash In Cement Concrete


  134. Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna for PCS and WLAN

    Authors: Ashwini Sawant; M. M. Wankhade; S. B. Takale

  135. A Refinement on the Theory of Number System and Scale of Notation with a Model of Extension to Higher Dimension

    Authors: Santanu Kumar Patro

  136. E-Waste Management and Its Concern In Today's Environment

    Authors: Gagandeep Singh Chhabra

  137. A Review on Experimental Analysis of Solar Water Heater Using Pulsating Heat Pipe

    Authors: Dnyaneshwar Ashokrao More; Pramod R. Pachghare

  138. Erroneous Electric Field Intensity Analysis in the Near-Field Regime due to Dipole and Waveguide As Measuring Probes

    Authors: Jagadish M; Nataraj S D; Pramod V Rampur; Yogeesha G

  139. Structural Analysis of a Composite Wind Turbine Blade to Optimize Its Constructional Parameters Using a Fea Software

    Authors: Tukesh Singh Thakur; Brijesh Patel

  140. A Survey on Matching and Retrieval of Near Duplicate Images

    Authors: Vishakha B. Pawar; J. R. Mankar

  141. Comparative Analysis of Adaptive Recursive Filters For Noise Reduction in C-Arm Fluoroscopic X-Ray Images

    Authors: Aveen M; K. B. Ramesh; Dipjyoti Bharali

  142. Paradigm Model based Hybrid Morph Analyzer for Gujarati using Partial Stemmer

    Authors: Chirag Patel; Montu Patel

  143. Real Time plant monitoring system using zigbee module

    Authors: Prathamesh Chitodkar; Arman Pathan; Karan Ghadge; Abhijeet Chavan; Saudagar Barde

  144. Approach of Thought Control using Electro-Oculogram signal for different Eyeball positions

    Authors: Susmita Das; Sagar Patra; Mugdha Mondal; Swarup Dasgupta; Debojyoti Gupta Sharma

  145. Obstacle Avoidance by Spider

    Authors: Shende Vaibhav Dhanaji; Shinde Archana Kisanrao; Shinde Tejas Dhananjay

  146. Zigbee Transceiver Verification Model Using Matlab/Simulink

    Authors: Dipak V. Vaniya; Sajani P. Mendapara

  147. E-Milk Producers Co-Operative Society System

    Authors: S.Athinarayanan; R.Ramya; J.Augusta; R.Rajeshkumar; V.Surender

  148. Real-time Fire Detection for Video Surveillance Applications using Multi Experts System

    Authors: Sanket Raju Salve; Siddhant Shinde; Sayali Patil; Vikas Shelke

  149. Modelling And Analysis Of Rock Drilling Machine Gear Box Assembly Using FEA

    Authors: Madhu J V; Mohamed Haneef; Syed Zameer

  150. Retiming Of Delayed Least Mean Square Algorithm for Adaptive Filter: A Review

    Authors: Bhavana V. Hood; R.N.Mandavgane; Prof.J.D.Dhande

  151. Application Migration to Cutting Edge Technology

    Authors: Dattatraya Ekbote

  152. A Review on Road Traffic Monitoring System

    Authors: Ruby Verma

  153. Evaluation of Bacopa monnieri as a Suitable Hyperaccumulant for Copper Contaminated Soil Using in vitro Techniques

    Authors: Sharada Mallubhotla; Sonia Chowdhary; Gurleen Kour; Deepika Slathia; Rajinder Gupta

  154. A Novel Approach for Finding Representative Pattern Sets

    Authors: Neha Omprakash Chaure; S.S.Sane

  155. Aerodynamic Analysis of Air foil in Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

    Authors: P.P.Mahalingam; Dr.P.Vijian

  156. A Comparative Study of Fuzzy Logic with Artificial Neural Network Techniques in Cancer Detection

    Authors: Rucha Thakur

  157. Wind Power Generation Monitoring System

    Authors: Pandit Pritam Shankar; Nadaf Shabnam Ajij; Sawant Pradnya Shrirang

  158. Android Based Car Black Box

    Authors: Ashwini Raghunath Gade; Aarti Shankar Dalvi; Mohini Bhagvat Buchude

  159. A Survey: Hypergraph Partitioning Techniques

    Authors: Chandani Jain; Snehal M. Kamalapur

  160. Optimization of Machining Parameters Using Steel En 9 Work Material in Turning Operation by Tungsten Carbide Tool Employing Taguchi Method

    Authors: Jagdip Chauhan; Sunil

  161. Data Hiding and Retrieval on Image Using MSB Encoding Technique

    Authors: Abhishek Dahale; Mayur Khairnar; Sameer Vaidya; Tanmay Kale; Sachin Dhande

  162. Electronic Eye for Modern House

    Authors: Jankar Sachin Dadaso; Gholap Janardhan S.

  163. Automatic Dishwashing Machine

    Authors: Chavan Shrikant Yashwant; Kawade Sudhir B.; Dhumal Chetan A.; Take Pradip R.

  164. SMART CITY: Arm Based Management System for Solid wastage, Street light and Zonesign

    Authors: Vilas Ashok Bodke; Darpana Nikumbh; Dinkar Babaji Ugale; Divya Rajendra Pujari

  165. Data Mining on Heathcare Management System

    Authors: Rohini

  166. Network Analysis System for Detecting Unknown Attack Using SVM and Network Intrusion: A Review

    Authors: Snehal Padmakar Bhende; P. Kulurkar

  167. An Experimental Study on Pozzolanic Activity of Sugar Cane Bagasse Ash as Partial Replacement for Cement in Recycled Aggregate Concrete

    Authors: Sowmya N; Yashwanth M K; Devanand R

  168. Improving Association Rule Mining with Apriori Algorithm and Charm

    Authors: Karuna Rambhau Badole; P. Kulurkar

  169. Simulation of Mould Filling in Injection Moulding

    Authors: Ravi Pratap Singh

  170. GPS Based Intelligence Speed Control System

    Authors: T.Uvashri; A.Kasthuri; S.Saranya

  171. Social Networking Site for College

    Authors: Kaustubh Jagasia; Parimal Aglawe; Arthi C I

  172. Development of An Integrated Website for Art Training

    Authors: Priyanka Wagh; Hema Vijria; John Rido; Arthi C.I.

  173. Feature Selection Techniques: A Review

    Authors: Prajakta Kulkarni; S. M. Kamalapur

  174. Designing and Development Of Product With Lean Manufacturing

    Authors: Rahul A. Raikwar; Yogendra M. Verma; Shubham B. Kurrewar; Lushank Shambharkar; Aswad Sagdeo

  175. Prediction of Compaction Parameters Using Regression and ANN Tools

    Authors: Ankit Kumar Shrivastava; P. K. Jain

  176. Design, Analysis and Optimization of Single Pass Seedbed Preparation Attachment for Low Power Tractors

    Authors: Hemant Jagannathrao Gatfane

  177. A Novel approach for internet voting system using efficient visual cryptography

    Authors: Chakranarayan Vikas Simon; Shinde Gaurav Rajendra; Gagre Shrikant Narayan; Jagtap Rahul Tukaram; Nale Komal Nanasaheb

  178. Harvester cum Destroyer Robot using Fire Bird V Robot

    Authors: Rm.Nachammai; G.Lavanya; N.Mrujool Kansara; R.Gopalakrishnan

  179. Performance Evaluation of Pulley Arm Design

    Authors: Mohsin khan manzoor khan; Umesh M. Mohod; Naved anjum ansar shaikh

  180. Study of Different Techniques for Load Forecasting-A Review

    Authors: Vivek Kumar Verma; Yashwant Singh; R.S. Bajpai

  181. Authenticate User Location Using Auditor and Locate Nearest People

    Authors: Sagar R Suryawanshi; Shekhar R Pagare; Shahebaz H Shaikh

  182. Plant Clinic - A Mobile App for Grape Plant Disease Detection and Remedies

    Authors: Shilpa G Gujjar

  183. Providing Network Security Using Intrusion Detection System With Generating Meta Alerts

    Authors: Borhade Sushama R; Kahate S. A.

  184. Comparison of Different Techniques for Distribution System Load Flow Analysis-A Review

    Authors: Vijay Laxmi Mishra; Manish Kumar Madhav; R.S. Bajpai

  185. A Study Of Chemical Constitution Of Lignin Of Leucaena Leuccephala

    Authors: Mekhala Sharma; R.N Shukla

  186. Automatic Pallet Carrier for Small Workshop

    Authors: Malve A. C.; Wayal Vishal Radheshyam; Shaikh Nausherwan Adil; Zende Kiran Ashok; Pawar Jivan Keshavrao

  187. Performance Evaluation of Tractor Mounted Hydraulic Elevator

    Authors: Deepak Shahajirao Patil; Dr.Kishor P.Kolhe

  188. Characterisation of WTO (Waste Transformer Oil) & Diesel by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy & Effect of Additives on Properties of WTO-Diesel Blends

    Authors: Tarun B Patel; Prof K D Panchal; Dr A S Shah

  189. Comparison of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Spam E-Mail Filtering

    Authors: Nidhi

  190. A Review on Privacy-Preserving Web Application Using Data as A Service (DaaS)

    Authors: Mrunali A. Borikar; Ashvini P. Ingole; Ashwini Durge; Shradha Aglawe; Rahul Shende

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