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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.6, No.6

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2017-06-05

  1. Memory Forensics: Tools Comparison

    Authors: Pooja Salave; Atisha Wakdikar

  2. Influence of Modernity and Christianity on the Status of Tangkhul Women

    Authors: Dr. Shangpam Kashung

  3. How Predictive is Selection Test as Admission Criteria to Academic Success of Baccalaureate Nursing Program?

    Authors: Kiran Taneja

  4. Analysis Effectiveness and Efficiency Depot Distribution of Bandung to Increase Sales

    Authors: Louis Apriell; Sahara; Dan Kirbrandoko

  5. A Survey on Ensemble Computing Method for Rainfall Prediction in Different Regions of Chhattisgarh

    Authors: Shahista Navaz; Huma Khan; Dr. S. M. Ghosh

  6. The Effect of Financial Management and Practices on Financial Sustainability of NGOs in Nairobi County: A Case Study of Local NGOs

    Authors: Purity Chepkemoi; Dr. Agnes Njeru

  7. Derivation of Cycle Index Formulas for Dihedral Group Acting on Unordered Triples

    Authors: Geoffrey Muthoka

  8. Influence of Perceptions of Transparency on Organizational Strategy Implementation, A Case of the Kenya Forest Services

    Authors: Louis Gerald Okeyo; Dr. Dennis Juma

  9. Mullerian Anomalies: A Cause of Primary Amenorrhoea

    Authors: Dr. Richa Jha; Dr. Renu Rohatgi

  10. Differential Approaches to Improve Recommendation System: Issues and Challenges

    Authors: Vikas P. Mapari

  11. Polydactyly in Two Siblings with Overwhelming Family History ? 2 Case Reports

    Authors: Dr Shadrick G Lungu

  12. Assessment of the Flow Regime Alterations in the Veleka River, Bulgaria

    Authors: Bernardo Lizama Rivas; Ivanka Koleva-Lizama

  13. Alterations in Antioxidant Defense System and Oxidative Damage in Experimental Hepatorenal Toxicity Induced by Isoniazid and Rifampicin in Rats: Effect of N-Acetyl Cysteine and White Tea Extract

    Authors: Rokaya M. Hussein; Samy A. AbdelAzim; Amany H. Mahmoud Elgoly; Mohamed R. Rizk

  14. Bad Oral Habits and Associated Malocclusion among 8-9 Years Old Children

    Authors: Mostafa Ibraheemjaafa; Noor A. Kadoum B.D.S.

  15. Carbapenamase Detection: An Imperative Call

    Authors: Kanika Gupta; Anubhav Gupta; Divya Shrivastava; Indrani Jadhav

  16. Chemistry Teachers Characteristics of Cordiality and Punctuality as Perceived by Students in the Teaching of Chemistry in Senior Secondary Schools

    Authors: Iheanyi O. Igwe

  17. Effect of Organizational Values on Employee Performance a Case of Urban Roads Authority

    Authors: Nyaribo Lilian Otwori; Dr. Dennis Juma

  18. Investigating Difficulties that Face Sudanese Students in Understanding English Idiomatic Expressions

    Authors: Elbushari Abdoun Elbushra Mousa

  19. Impaired Beta Amyloid Synthesis in Alzheimer's Disease

    Authors: Davinaa Jayasilan

  20. The Effectiveness of Polishing after Oral Prophylaxis Using Ultrasonic Scaler Unit on Plaque Accumulation on the Tooth Surface ? A Split Mouth Study

    Authors: Davinaa Jayasilan

  21. Oral Changes in Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy

    Authors: Davinaa Jayasilan

  22. Osteonecrosis of the Jaws and its Relation to Bisphosphonates

    Authors: Davinaa Jayasilan

  23. Anticonvulsant Activity in Herbal Extract

    Authors: Davinaa Jayasilan

  24. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices towards Blood Donation among Dental Undergraduates

    Authors: Faazila Fathima; Dr. Gheena.S

  25. Appropriateness Investigations on Nimonic 901 and Rane 77 made Guide Vanes of Gas Turbine with Showerhead Cooling

    Authors: Dr. R. Saravanan; G. Vinod Reddy

  26. How Do You Treat a Severely Resorbed Mandibular Ridge?

    Authors: Shorouq Majid Abass; Bahaa Ali Sameer; Bayan S. Khalaf; Muna Saleem Khalaf

  27. Surface Water Quality Assessment around Chania Catchment in Kenya and Determination of Metal Concentrations by TXRF Technique

    Authors: P. M. Githinji; P. M. Njogu; L. Gitu

  28. Investigating Problematic Consonants and Vowels for Sudanese University Students Majoring in English: A Case Study of Third Year Students at Khartoum University, Faculty of Arts, English Department

    Authors: Sumia Mohamed Nour Abayazeed; Abdalla Yassin Abdalla

  29. Investigating the Causes behind Pronunciation Problems Facing Sudanese University Students Majoring in English: A Case Study of Khartoum University Faculty of Arts, English Department

    Authors: Sumia Mohamed Nour Abayazeed; Abdalla Yassin Abdalla

  30. Cost Estimation Process for Construction Residential Projects by Using Multifactor Linear Regression Technique

    Authors: Abbas Mohammed Burhan Alshemosi; Humam Saad Hussein Alsaad

  31. Biology Module Development Using Think Pair Share Strategy to Improve Critical Thinking Skill of Vocational High School Students

    Authors: Husnul Chotimah; Herawati Susilo; Mimien Henie Irawati Al Muhdhar; Ibrohim

  32. An Adaptive Approach to Improve Canny Method for Edge Detection

    Authors: Isaack Kamanga

  33. Comparative Analysis of Import Payable Transactions at the Time of Open Position and the Use of Hedging Currency Techniques [Case Study : PT. PINDAD (Persero)]

    Authors: Muhammad Mara Ikbar; Taufiq Faturohman

  34. Study of Coral Reef Ecosystem Vulnerability using Sediment Transport Modeling in Bungus Bay, West Sumatera

    Authors: Ibnu Faizal; Nita Yuanita

  35. Chaoticlaser Networks

    Authors: S. S. Ahmed

  36. Assessment of Resilience against Stress in Medical Students

    Authors: Gayatri Bhatia; Nilesh Naphade; Jyoti Shetty

  37. Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Irrigation in the Southern Coastal Area of Kannur District, Kerala

    Authors: Shyni M; C. Unnikrishnan Warrier

  38. Performance of Solar PV System with Self Regulating Module for Micro DC Submersible Pump

    Authors: V. R. Bhore; S. B. Thombare; P. V. Walke

  39. Age at Natural Menopause and Socio-demographic Factors among Women 45-64 Years in Tirana, Albania

    Authors: Miranda Hajdini; Vanesa Osmani

  40. Effect of Reducing Curing Time on the Shear Bond Strength of Metal Orthodontic Brackets: An In Vitro Comparative Study

    Authors: Mustafa M. Al-Khatieeb; Mohammed Nahidh; Noor F. K. Al-Khawaja

  41. Model for Estimation of Intrauterine Fetal Weight for Sudanese

    Authors: Dr. Elsir Ali Saeed Taha

  42. Estimation of Gestational Age for Sudanese in 2nd and 3rd Trimester

    Authors: Dr. Elsir Ali Saeed Taha

  43. Variation in the CD4 Counts of HIV/AIDS Patients: A Discriminant Analysis Approach

    Authors: Ijomah Maxwell Azubuike; Biu Oyinebifun Emmanuel

  44. Ripoprinting Studies on the Effect of Mobile Phone Radiations on Mice

    Authors: Mohammed H. Awwad; Safaa A.M. El-Zawahry; Reham M.Sh. Ouf

  45. Inducible Clindamycin Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus Isolates in a Community Setting

    Authors: Harshi Abeygoonawardena; Mahendra Gunewardane

  46. Antimicrobial Activity of Pseudomonas Spp under Different pH, Temperature and Nutritional Values

    Authors: Uqba Mehmood; Shahida Hasnain

  47. Study of IVS 1-5 (G?C) Mutation in the Beta Thalassaemia Patients of a Tertiary Care Hospital of North East India

    Authors: Monalisha Saikia Borah; Prasanta Kumar Bhattacharya; MauchumiSaikia Pathak

  48. Metabolic Syndrome and Psychosis: Role of Atypical Antipsychotics

    Authors: Ranjeet Singh Chaudhary; Dr. Jyoti Shetty

  49. Evaluation of Effect of Epidural Anaesthesia on Pulmonary Functions in Patients Undergoing Upper Abdominal Surgery under General Anaesthesia

    Authors: Dr. R. Kavitha M.D.; Dr. Vijaya M.D.

  50. Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process in Evaluation of Best Sewage Treatment Plant

    Authors: Kshitij Upadhyay

  51. An Analysis of Bio-Medical Waste for Bijnor City: Design of Incineration Plant

    Authors: Kshitij Upadhyay

  52. Assessment and Studies on Physiochemical and Biological Parameter of Ganga River at local Barrage using Environmental and Multivariate Statistical Techniques

    Authors: Kshitij Upadhyay

  53. The Effect of Cyber-Crime Response Costs on the Development of Financial Products: A Case of NIC Bank of Kenya

    Authors: Elizabeth Njoroge; Dr. Agnes Njeru

  54. Study of New Vegetable Oil Based Eco-Friendly Cutting Fluid for Machining Operation

    Authors: Aromal Kannnan; Tony Gim K

  55. A Questionnaire Based Study for the Evaluation of over the Counter Usage of Analgesic Drugs among Diabetic Industrial Worker's in Madurai

    Authors: Dr. Meenambal.S; Dr. Geetha.K M. D.; Dr. Raadhika.K M. D; Dr. Parameswari.R M. D.

  56. Evaluation of the Effect of Intravenous Lidocaine on Propofol Requirements during General Anaesthesia- A Randomized Doubleblinded Study

    Authors: Dr. S. Sekar; Dr. Tajunisha V

  57. Assessing the Roles of Water Resources Users Associations in line with the Principles of Integrated River Basin Management: Case Study of the Kuywa Water Resources Users Association

    Authors: David Wakhisi Liambila

  58. Ethnobotany of Butea Monosperma (LAM.) Kuntze. in Jammu and Kashmir, India

    Authors: Sanjeev Kumar Gupta

  59. Impact of Parenting on Emotional Awareness of Children

    Authors: Aastha Dwivedi; Dr. Nadeem Luqman

  60. Assessment of Caregiver Burden in Psychiatric Patients

    Authors: Dr. Surabhi Agarwal; Dr. Nilesh Naphade; Dr. Jyoti Shetty

  61. Influence of Information Communication Technology on Monitoring of Strategic Plans in Top 100 Mid Size Companies in Kenya

    Authors: Alfred Kiptoo Kipkoech

  62. Insight in Patients of Schizophrenia

    Authors: Khwaja Khayyam; Jyoti Shetty

  63. Knowledge, Awareness and Practice among Dental Practitioners Regarding Porcelain Repair System

    Authors: B. John Rozar Raj; Dr. Dhanraj; Dr. Anandhi

  64. The Use Of Social Network Websites for Retaining Customers in Turkish Companies

    Authors: Ilgar Asgarli; Dr. Burcin Kaplan

  65. Detection of Lung Diseases using Nearest Neighbor Classification Technique

    Authors: Alyaa Hussein Ali Zahra Jaafer Abod Jasim

  66. Teachers Perception on the Level of Preparedness in Implementing Early Grade Reading Programme in Kenya Public Primary Schools

    Authors: Salinah Bartilol

  67. A Prospective Study on Clinical Outcome following Surgically Managed Displaced Proximal Humerus Fractures using Proximal Humerus Internal Locking System

    Authors: Pradyumna R Gowda; Praveen M Anvekar; Manjunath J

  68. Patriarchal System in Aborigine Women in James Tucker's The Adventures of Ralph Rashleigh

    Authors: Rina Marliana; Burhanuddin Arafah; Herawaty

  69. Analysis of Gating System of a Casting to Increase the Productivity and Yield

    Authors: Snehal Sunthakar; Prajakta Patil; G. N. Maranholkar

  70. Static Analysis of Tubular Testrig KT Joint

    Authors: Nusra S; Anu A

  71. An Optimized Approach for Processing Small Files in HDFS

    Authors: Deepika

  72. Productivity Improvement through Lean, Green and Six Sigma Techniques

    Authors: M Yogesh; Dr M T Simon

  73. Prediction of Payload Drop Point

    Authors: Jaiesh Sunil Pahlajani; Ramendra Tripathi

  74. Performance analysis of PID and Fuzzy Controllers in Process Instrumentation

    Authors: Brean Richard P; R. P. Behera

  75. Status of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Tree Species from Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India

    Authors: S. Vinoth Ponpandian; A. Egbert Selwin Rose

  76. The Indian Scenario of the E-Banking and Future Prospectus

    Authors: D. Mohanasundari; Dr. A. Latha

  77. Salivary Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP-8) in Relation to Periodontal Health Status among a Group of Patients with Acquired Coronary Heart Disease

    Authors: Eman Zuhair Almudaris; Nadia Aftan AlRawi

  78. Path Analysis of the Factors that Influence the Prevention of Leprosy Clients Depression in Leprosy Hospital Sumberglagah Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia

    Authors: Resti Utami; Joni Haryanto; Muhammad Sajidin

  79. Energy Saving Based Routing Algorithms in SDN Environment

    Authors: Dr. Mohammed Najm Abdulla; Bassam Noori Shaker

  80. Comparative Assessment of Carbide Insert and Cermet Insert on Surface Roughness in Boring of ASTM A48 Grey Cast Iron

    Authors: Ajay Sankar; Soumyalata.D

  81. A Study on the Rainfall Changes of Orathanadu Taluk Thanjavur District Tamil Nadu Using GIS

    Authors: P. Sujatha; Dr. R Baskaran

  82. Assessment of Wastewater Drainages in Urban and Rural Region of Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh, India) through Water Quality Index (WQI)

    Authors: Arti Yadav; Pawan Kumar Yadav

  83. Quick Response Code and Securities

    Authors: Prathamesh A. Wakde; Zahir Mulani

  84. Prevalence of Obesity among Early Adolescent at Secondary School in AL-Nasiriyah City

    Authors: Jaber Q. Jaber BSN; Khamees B. Obaid PhD

  85. Surrogacy in India

    Authors: Kanwaljeet Kaur Sahota

  86. Dental Caries and Treatment Needs among 14 and 15 years Old Intermediate School Male Students in Al-Khalis City/Iraq

    Authors: Karrar N. Al-Mujamaii; Baydaa Hussein

  87. Studies of Sadan-Toraja Gayang Traditional Knive as Symbolic Function and Meaning

    Authors: Karta Jayadi

  88. Dental Caries and Treatment Needs among Secondary School Female Students Aged 16-17 Years Old in Kirkuk City/Iraq

    Authors: Jihan A. Ibrahim; Baydaa Hussein

  89. Optimization of Abrasive Waterjet Machining Process Parameters Using Taguchi&Anova on Aluminium Al-6061: A Review

    Authors: Madhu Keshav Sharma; Himanshu Chaudhary; Ashwani Kumar

  90. Integrative Measurement through Nutritional Status: A Case Study of Purvanchal, Uttar Pradesh

    Authors: Dr. Tabassum Yasmeen; Dr. Lubna Siddiqui; Masood Ahsan Siddiqui

  91. A Study on Problems of Vocabulary Teaching Techniques English Teachers Use in Holeta Primary Schools: Grade Seven in Focus

    Authors: Dessalegn Oljira

  92. Automated Demand Response Program and Energy Efficiency Integration-It's Time to Change

    Authors: Eva Gupta; Nand Jee Kanu

  93. Role of Biochar to Improve the Soil Conditions (A Study on Trifolium Alexandrinum)

    Authors: Varinder Kaur; Praveen Sharma

  94. Evaluation of Two Haemorrhoidectomy Techniques: Ferguson's Haemorrhoidectomy and Harmonic Scalpel Haemorrhoidectomy

    Authors: Deepak Sharma; Brijesh Sharma; Mahesh Solanki

  95. A Observational Study to Measure Anti-Epileptic Drug Adherence

    Authors: Shubham Babu Gupta; Shahnaz Begum; Shaik Saaduddin

  96. A Survey of Prediction Analysis TRE System to Reduce Cloud Bandwidth and Cost

    Authors: Priyanka M. Gawande; A. A. Nikose

  97. Efficient Iterative Method for Initial and Boundary Value Problems Appear in Engineering and Applied Sciences

    Authors: Majeed Ahmed AL-Jawary; Mustafa Mahmood Azeez

  98. Association between Gram-Negative Enteric Rods, Porphyromonas gingivalis and Changes in Clinical Parameters in Chronic Periodontitis: An Observational Study

    Authors: Bhavya.B; Ashwini.S; Shruthi.K.R

  99. A Study on Groundwater and Solute Transport Modeling Using Visual Modflow

    Authors: Sumit Kumar Gautam; Vipin Kumar Swaroop

  100. Frequency of blaPER-1 Extended-spectrum ?-Lactamase Gene among Different Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi Isolated from Human and Chicken Meat Samples

    Authors: Marwa Hameed M. Alkhafaji; Nadheema Hammood Hussein; Heba K. Tawfeeq

  101. The Judicial Review

    Authors: Mauro Taddeo

  102. Cloning and Expression Analysis of Protein Kinase C Alpha Isolated from MCF7 Cell Line

    Authors: Aya Sheha; Abdelhadi AA; Haggag S. Zein; Naglaa A. Abdallah

  103. Static Structural Analysis and Optimization of Pneumatic Compressor Connecting Rod

    Authors: V. D. Kolate; M. B. Charaple

  104. Image Variety on Purchasing Decision of Rice Seeds in Sidrap

    Authors: Fitriani R; Rahman Laba; Sutinah Made

  105. A Natural Hand Gesture and EYE Movement System for Intelligent HCI and Medical Assistance

    Authors: Sahane S. T.; Ubale V. S.

  106. Literature Review on the Seismic Performance of Multi-Storey Building with Different Locations of Shear Wall and Diagrid

    Authors: S. P. Sharma; J. P. Bhandari

  107. Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks: Address Configuration and Routing Protocols

    Authors: Shilpa Sharma; Harpreet Kaur

  108. Strength Characteristics of Concrete Using Eco-Friendly Materials

    Authors: Kota Sai Krishna

  109. Waste Heat Recovery using Phase Change Material Coupled Steam Generator

    Authors: Mayank Giri; Ankur Agrawal

  110. Exploring the Diversity in Feeding Practices among the Urban Slum Children of Raipur, Chhattisgarh

    Authors: Sharmistha Roy; Dr Aruna Palta

  111. DNA Barcoding of Four Ornamental Fishes of Genus Botia from Eastern Himalaya

    Authors: Arpita Dey; Debapriya Sarkar; Mahender Singh; Sudip Barat

  112. Measuring Employee Satisfaction towards Information Systems Usage - A Study on Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

    Authors: Fariha Tasneem

  113. Influence of Government Regulation on Adoption of Islamic Banking by Kenya Commercial Banks

    Authors: Patrick Macharia Ndirangu; Agnes Njeru

  114. Effect of Electric Fields on Normal Fibroblast (BJ) Cells

    Authors: Omat Rachmat; Ilma Fidayanti; Dewi Ratih; Endang Sutedja; Darmadji Ismono; Nucki N Hidajat

  115. A Study on Analysis of Bop Trends with Reference to India

    Authors: Ch. Hymavathi; Dr. K. Kalpana

  116. Celebrity Endorsement and Purchase Intention of Telecommunication Industry in Sri Lanka

    Authors: K. C. Koththagoda; Sudath Weerasiri

  117. Tomato Fulfillment Supply Strategy (Based on Company's Internal ? External Analysis)

    Authors: Mohamad Faris Abdulfatah; Mukhamad Najib; Bunasor Sanim

  118. An Empirical Review of Models for Evaluation of Computer Hardware and Software Vendors

    Authors: Daniel K. Samoei; K. S. Buigutt

  119. Intelligent Mechanical Sensorless MPPT Control for Wind Energy Systems

    Authors: A. J. Gaikwad; P. C. Tapre

  120. What Junior Researchers Must Know Before and After Data Collection: Difference between Parametric and Nonparametric Statistics

    Authors: Joanita Kataike; Jowel Kulaba; Xavier Gellynck

  121. The Association between the Facial and Dental Arch Forms

    Authors: Mohammed Nahidh; Haider M. A. Ahmed; Ammar Salim Kadhum; Ali M. Al-Attar

  122. Condition Monitoring of Single Point Cutting for Lathe Machine Using FFT Analyzer-A Review

    Authors: Snehatai S. Khandait; Dr. A. V. Vanalkar

  123. Hidden Markov Model to Detect Anxiety in Human Face

    Authors: Anupma Soni; Rahul Verma

  124. Reliable and Secure Classification Techniques for Spotting Malware in Mobile

    Authors: Pooja B. Kote; S. M. Rokade

  125. Assessment of Zinc, Copper, Iron and Glycated Hemoglobin in Sudanese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and their First Degree Relatives

    Authors: Elshima Elemam Omer; Adel Nasr Morsi

  126. A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude of Adolescents Regarding Mismanagement of Plastic Wastes and its Environmental Hazards in Selected Community Area, Nelamangala

    Authors: Henna Malik; Kusum Roy

  127. Bayesian Estimation of the Parameter of Inverse ? Maxwell Distribution under SELF and Precautionary Loss Functions

    Authors: Kusum Lata Singh; R. S. Srivastava

  128. Vehicle Parking System

    Authors: G. Latha; V. K. Annapurna

  129. Spectra Fibre Reinforced Composite - A Review

    Authors: S. Sathyaraj; Dr. R. Murali Kannan

  130. Application of Viirs-Dnb Satellite Data to Detect Ship Distribution Patterns, Fishing Activity Index and Planning Instrument of Pelagic Capture Fisheries in Bone Bay Waters

    Authors: Urif Syarifudin; Darmawan Salman; Syamsu Alam Ali; Budimawan

  131. A Review on PAPR Reduction Technique in OFDM

    Authors: Siddhika Gupta; Sandeep Agrawal

  132. Effects of Problem Based Learning Strategy and Achievement Motivation on the Student's Critical Thinking Abilities

    Authors: Firman Dwiyanto; Punaji Setyosari; Wahjoedi; Wasis Djoko Dwiyogo

  133. Access to All - A Step towards Gwalior as a Smart City

    Authors: Ashish Sharma

  134. Rural Literacy in Punjab and Haryana: A Comparative Current Scenario and Changes during the Last Four Decades

    Authors: Vishal Singh

  135. Performance Evaluation and Emission Testing of Sea Mango Seeds Oil Biodiesel Blends in CI Engine

    Authors: Sumod K. Pawar; Dr. Abhay A. Pawar

  136. Distributive Control Framework for Lighting Applications

    Authors: Shwetha R; Vishalakshi Prabhu; Manmath Ray

  137. Avifaunal Diversity and Abundance of Jalikhara and Etila Beel (wetland) of Kamrup (metro) District, Assam, India

    Authors: Trishna Medhi; Suraj Sharma

  138. Diagnostic Reference Levels as a Quality Assurance Tool for Routine X-ray Examinations in Sudan

    Authors: Nagla Abdllha Mansor; Ahmed Abu Kuna; Naji I. Ali; Bader Abu Naib; Nadia S. Ali

  139. Design and Development of Anti-Roll Back Mechanism

    Authors: V. D. Kolate; R. R. Kurup; A. M. Latake

  140. Generation of Cholinergic Neurons from Human Olfactory Bulb Neural Stem Cells Using BMP9 Treatment

    Authors: Camelia A. Abdel Malak; Hany E. Marei; Mohammad Omran; Asmaa A. Moeit

  141. The Impact of Mobile Advertisement on the Students of Manipur University

    Authors: Dr. Ganesh Sethi; M. Indrakumar Singh

  142. Virological Study about Avipox virus in Local Birds of Iraq

    Authors: Hussein A. Mohammed Al. Bayati

  143. Surface Epidermis Study of Leaf, Stems and Crystals for Two Species of the Genus Tradescantia L.

    Authors: Dr. Israa Kareem Nassrullah; Marwan Nori Mohammed

  144. Functional Properties of Finger Millet and Barnyard Millet Flours and Flour Blends

    Authors: Renu Shrestha; Sarita Srivastava

  145. Speed Control of a Train using Fuzzy Logic

    Authors: Aakash Kumar Sinha; Akshay Kumar Jha

  146. Efficient Top-k List Extraction from the Web

    Authors: Jyoti H. Yadav; M. M. Deshpande

  147. Oral Manifestations of Drug Reactions

    Authors: Aishwarya.P.S

  148. Role of Recombinant DNA Technology in Medicine

    Authors: Agisha Raaje P

  149. Scene Text Recognition Using Part-Based Tree Structured Models and Linguistic Knowledge

    Authors: Namrata R. Purohit; Dr. Vinayak G. Kottawar

  150. Precise Solutions of a Viscoelastic Fluid Flow in an Annular Pipe under an Impulsive Pressure with the Fractional Generalized Burgers Model

    Authors: Hanan F. Qasim; Ghada H. Ibraheem

  151. Risk Management: Importance, Methods and Process

    Authors: Dr. A. Jaganathan; T. Poonkodi

  152. A Study on Small Tea Growers Satisfaction Level and Problems with Special Reference to the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu

    Authors: Dr. A. Jaganathan; Dr. K. Palanichamy

  153. Flow Injection Turbidimetric Determination of Vitamin B1using LEDs as a Source of Irradiation and Two Solar Cells as an Energy Transducer

    Authors: Proph. Nagam Shakir Al-Awadi; Rana Adnan Kamal Aldeen

  154. Developing Business Intelligence Model in Higher Education

    Authors: Hanady Al-Zagheer

  155. A Study on Stress Management among College Teachers in Andhra Pradesh

    Authors: Ch. Lakshmi Narahari; Dr. Kalpana Koneru

  156. Psychological Status of Cancer Patients

    Authors: Aishwariya.P.S

  157. Treatment and Drugs for Pregnant Dental Patients

    Authors: Aishwarya.P.S

  158. Determinants Decisions of Wetland Paddy Farmers Switch to Fishery at South Sumatera Indonesia

    Authors: Fifian Permatasari; Andy Mulyana; Najib Asmani; Yunita

  159. Comparison of Effect of Pre-Emtive use of Oral Flupirtine and Oral Pregabalin for Post Operative Analgesia in Abdominal Hysterectomy

    Authors: Dr. Rhythm Mathur; Dr. Swati Choudhary; Dr. Rama Chatterjee; Dr. C. S. Chatterjee; Dr. Fareed Ahemad

  160. Physico-Chemical Analysis of Soil Status of Various Degraded Sites in an around Dimoria Tribal Belt of Assam, India

    Authors: Nabanita Bhuyan; Suraj Sharma

  161. New Zoogeographic Record for the Silvered Bat, Glauconycteris argentata (Dobson, 1875) from the Sudan

    Authors: Mohamed Ali Omer Rahoum

  162. Multi Light Intensity Image Fusion for High Quality Imaging

    Authors: Pravin F. Rane; Lakshman K

  163. An Ultra-Low-Power Frequency Multiplier based on Mixed-Mode DLL with Output Frequency from 4 to 6 GHz

    Authors: Priyadharshini M; Paul Richardson Gnanaraj J

  164. Incidence of Pulpstones in Orthopantomograph

    Authors: Aishwariya.P. S

  165. Optimization of Abrasive Waterjet Machining Process Parameters on Aluminium AL-6061

    Authors: Madhu Keshav Sharma; Himanshu Chaudhary; Ashwani Kumar

  166. Significance of Socioeconomic Characteristics and Construction Strategies Adopted on Informal Low-Cost Housing in Abeokuta Nigeria

    Authors: Jolaoso B. A.; Arayela O.; Taiwo A.A.; Folorunso C. O.

  167. Traumatic First Rib Fracture as Isolated Thoracic Injury, A Rare Presentation - Case Report

    Authors: Dr Vijay Ahlawat; Dr Devender; Dr Vikas; Dr Pradeep Garg; Dr Rajesh Godara

  168. Statin Induced Diabetes

    Authors: Agisha Raaje.P

  169. Occupational Hazards in Histopathological Labs due to Xylene

    Authors: Agisha Raaje.P

  170. Anti-Entero Bacterial Activity of Herbal Extracts for Management of Diarrhoea

    Authors: Agisha Raaje.P

  171. Knowledge and Perception about Wisdom Teeth among Dentists

    Authors: Agisha Raaje.P

  172. Route Discovery in VANETs Using Routing Protocols with Reliable and Connective Metrics

    Authors: Sachin Prabhu; Smitha Shekar B; Harish.G

  173. Knowledge about Cross Infection Procedures among Dentists

    Authors: Agisha Raaje.P

  174. Detection KIT D 816 Mutation and its Association with Outcome of Sudanese Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Patients at Khartoum State

    Authors: Israa A. Bashir; Ibrahim K. Ibrahim; Babiker A. Mohamed

  175. To Study the Prevalence of Scapular Dyskinesia in Gymers and Non Gymers

    Authors: Divya Khare; Supriya Vinay Deshmukh

  176. Clinical Anatomy of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block

    Authors: Agisha Raaje.P

  177. Objects Detection and Angles Effectiveness by Ultrasonic Sensors HC-SR04

    Authors: Dr. Haider Kadhim Hoomod; Sadeem Marouf M. Al-Chalabi

  178. Public and Domestic Roles of Bugis Women in Pangaderreng

    Authors: Dewi Anggariani; Supriadi Hamdat; Yamin Sani; Ansar Arifin

  179. A Questionnaire based Assessment of Postgraduate's and Clinician's View on Pharmacogenomics in a Tertiary Care Centre

    Authors: Dr. Vinothini.V; Dr. Geetha.K; Dr. Sarojini.V; Dr. Parameswari.R

  180. Two Factor Access Control for Dynamic Group in the Cloud Environment

    Authors: Deokate Rakhi N.; S. V. Todkari

  181. How to Improve Efficiency of Banking System with Big Data (A Case Study of Nigeria Banks)

    Authors: Sanni Hafiz Oluwasola

  182. Kinetics and Mechanistic Approach of the Selective Oxidation of n-Butyric Acid Hydrazide to the Corresponding Acid by Thallium (III) in 1, 4-Dioxane Medium

    Authors: Dr. Amit Shrikant Varale

  183. Simulation of Hydraulic Clutch in Automobiles for Torque Transfer during Slipping

    Authors: Naveen Kumar S N

  184. Methods of Rebar Protection and Repair Techniques on Concrete Structures

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  294. Verifiable Attribute-Based Through Text and Image Search with Fine-Grained Owner-Enforced Search Authorization in the Cloud

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  313. Hybrid Solar Box Type Dryer cum Cooker of Chilly Drying For Domestic Usage

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  314. Small Countries in West Balkan and their Economic Advantages

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  316. Investigation into the Modes of Failure and the Causes of Failure of Water Pipeline Materials for Water Supply Schemes: Case of the Central Coastal Area of Namibia

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  318. Personalizing Search Based on User Profile by Using Anonymization

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  320. Brief Description of Artificial Neuron

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  321. Predicate Project Outcomes Using Machine Learning

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  325. Energy Efficient Routing in MANET Using a Centralized Scheduler

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  326. Perceived Environmental Barriers to Community Participation in Stroke Patients

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  327. Automated Billing System in Super Markets Using RFID Technology

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  328. Renewable Energy Resources-Space Based Solar Systems

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  329. The One of its Kind- Non Healing Uterocutaneous Sinus- Managed Surgically and Medically

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  330. Development and Application of HIS Module for Biomedical Engineers

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  332. Assessment of Interleukin-1? and Myeloperoxidase Levels around Implants versus Natural Teeth with the Impact of Aloe Vera

    Authors: Ahlam T. Mohammed; Nadia Aftan AL-Rawi; Batool Hassan AL-Ghurabi

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    Authors: Jahanara Rahman; Nargis Ahmed

  334. Live Data Stream Classification for Reducing Query Processing Time: Design and Analysis

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  335. Vampire Attack Detection and Prevention to Defending WSN Based Application

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  336. Enhancement of Load Voltage Profile in Isolated Substations and Multiple Loop Distribution Systems using FACTS Devices

    Authors: T. Sridevi

  337. The Relationship between Traditional Advertisement and Customer Retention in Conventional and Budget Hotels in Uasin Gishu, Kenya

    Authors: Phyllis Walaba

  338. The Relationship between Directional Advertisements Customer Retention in Conventional and Budget Hotels in Uasin Gishu, Kenya

    Authors: Phyllis Walaba

  339. The Relationship between Internet-based Advertisements Customer Retention in Conventional and Budget Hotels in Uasin Gishu, Kenya

    Authors: Phyllis Walaba

  340. An Application of Finite Affine Plane of Order n, in an Experiment Planning

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  342. Minimization of Leakage Current of 6T SRAM using Optimal Technology

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  343. Obtaining Minimum Error of Classification with Modified Fisher's Cutoff Point

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  344. Time and Cost Comparison of PSC Superstructure with RCC for River Bridge

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  345. Optimal Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbines Using Adaptive Fuzzy Controller

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  346. Harmonic Reduction of Permanent magnet Synchronous Generator based Wind energy Conversion System with LC Filters

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  347. Prevalence of Oral Soft Tissue Lesions in Assam ? India

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  348. Role of Happiness, Hope and Gratitude on Health and Wellbeing among Young Adults

    Authors: Sanjeevini Dixit; Dr. Meeta Malhotra

  349. Time is Either Positive Evolution or Negative Evolution of Matter-Energy to Attain New State of Equilibrium or New State of Stability: The Rate of Change of States of Matter is Evolution and Hence, Time

    Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

  350. Plasma: Pursuit of Dentistry

    Authors: Aishwariya P. S.; Mohamed Jubair.M

  351. CFD Analysis of Centrifugal Pump with Various Blade Outlet Angle Hangling Viscous Fluids

    Authors: M R Arul Muthu Kumaran

  352. Multi-Stakeholder ICT Framework for Technical Vocational Education and Training in Namibia

    Authors: Rejoice Quest

  353. Comparative Analysis of PAPR for various OFDM-IDMA Methodologies

    Authors: Siddhika Gupta Sandeep Agrawal

  354. The Lateral Violence Experienced among Nurses on the Workplace

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  355. First Principle Calculation of Lattice Constants for Generalised Quasirandom Structures of Ingan Alloy

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  356. Adoption of IFRS in India and the Perception of Stakeholders

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  357. Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of new Quinazolinone Derivative as Organic Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbon Steel in 1M HCl Solution

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  358. The Reality of the White A1 vs A2 Milk- A Critical Review

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  360. Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Pavana River, Pune, India

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  549. A Survey on Efficient Energy Routing Protocols for AODV in MANET

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