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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.3, No.11

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2014-11-05

  1. Personalized Ads Using Smart Phones over Cloud Environment

    Authors: T. Lalitha; M. Chandra Naik

  2. A Trusted Cryptography Key Framework for User Data Storage in Cloud Environment

    Authors: Yogeswararao Gairaboina; Y. Siva Prasad

  3. An Ensemble Classification Framework to Evolving Data Streams

    Authors: Naga Chithra Devi. R

  4. Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Some New Functionalized Derivatives of 4-amino-5-benzyl-4H-[1,2,4]-triazole-3-thiol

    Authors: Ahmed M. Abo-Bakr

  5. Deployment of ICT for Effective Transportation System in Nigeria: A Design model of Nigerian Intelligent Transportation System

    Authors: Amadi E.C.; Ahaiwe J.; Etus C.; Akpabio N

  6. Self Medication Practice among the People Residing in Hilly Area

    Authors: Garud S K; Durgawale P M; Shinde M B; Durgawale P P

  7. Assessment of 99mTc Dose Calibrator Performance in Nuclear Medicine Department

    Authors: Ahmed Y. A. Mohamed; Magadha H.O. Mudthir; Yousif Mohamed Y. Abdallah

  8. Enhancing Teaching and Learning of Mathematics: Adoption of Blended Learning pedagogy in University of Uyo

    Authors: Amos F. Awodeyi; Ekemini T. Akpan; Ifiok J.Udo

  9. Tasar Culture: Impact of Training on Knowledge Level of Different Types of Participants: A Case Study

    Authors: Dr. P. M. Muniswamy Reddy; Tenzing Marak

  10. Challenges of Radio Frequency Identification Technique

    Authors: Gaurav Sethi; Dr. Andhe Dharani

  11. Effect of Islamic Banking Financing Strategies on Customer Satisfaction in Kenya

    Authors: Ali Yarrow Ismael

  12. Effect of Garden Cress Seeds Incorporated Health Mix among Selected Anaemic Adolescent Girls (12-15 Years) in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu, India

    Authors: M. Angel; K. P. Vasantha Devi

  13. Analytic Approach to the Study of Women's Empowerment through Participation in Household Decision-Making in Nigeria

    Authors: Asabe Ibrahim; Prof. Sushama Tripathi

  14. The Status of Biodiesel as an Alternative fuels Amoora, Surahonne and other oils used for Diesel Engine - An Overview

    Authors: S. S. Saddu; Dr S. B. Kivade

  15. Influence of Community Knowledge Management towards the Implementation of Community Based Projects in Njoro Sub-County

    Authors: Godfrey Omalla Nyangori; Juma Wangoki

  16. Analysis of the Significance of Risk Management Practices in Supply Chain Performance in Kenya: A Case Study of County Government of Kericho

    Authors: Cherono Winny; Juma Wagoki

  17. On Markovian Queuing Models

    Authors: Tonui Benard C.; Langat Reuben C.; Gichengo Joel M.

  18. Promotion of Rooting and Growth of Some Types of Bougainvilleas Cutting by Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) in Combination with Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA)

    Authors: Sayed S.A. Abdel-Rahman; Abdel-Razik I. El-Naggar

  19. Alleviatory Effects of Salt Stress by Mycorrhizal Fungi and Gibberellic Acid on Chamomile Plant

    Authors: Ali E.F.; Hassan F. A. S.

  20. Physico-Chemical Study of Foliar Chemicals of Neem (Azadirachta Indica A. Juss) in Different Seasons, around Amarkantak Thermal Power Plant, Chachai (Madhya Pradesh) India

    Authors: Ashok Kumar Tripathi; M. K. Bhatnagar

  21. Effect of Strategic Material Sourcing on Operational Performance of Manufacturing Firms: A Case of East African Breweries Ltd, Kenya

    Authors: Karanja N. Susan; Juma Wagoki

  22. Diagnosis for Leverage and Influence in Mixture Experiments for Engine Management System

    Authors: Chetan; Ratna Raj Laxmi

  23. Prevalence of Diabetes and Associated Risk Factors among Selected Type 2 Diabetes

    Authors: V. Kavitha; V. Saradha Ramadas

  24. Optimal Sizing and Sitting of Distributed Genetation for Power System using Bacterial Foraging Algorithm

    Authors: Mahdi Jabbari

  25. The Impact of Pesticides on Farmer's Health: A Case Study of Fruit Bowl of Himachal Pradesh

    Authors: Shanta Kumari; Hansraj Sharma

  26. Impact of Adoption of IFRS in Nigeria Capital Market, Preparers of Financial Statements and Auditors

    Authors: Paul N. Onulaka

  27. Analysis of Low Power Test Pattern Generator by Using Low Power Linear Feedback Shift Register (LP-LFSR)

    Authors: Nelli Shireesha; Katakam Divya

  28. Synthesis of Nano Crystalline Compound [Pr 1-x Crx (SH) (OH) 2H2O] By Solvent Matrix Method

    Authors: C. P. Gupta

  29. The Analysis and Interpretation of FakhredinAraqi's Lyric: (Problem-Solving Lock of Hair)

    Authors: Iran Naseri Sisakht

  30. The Spiritual Music in the Poetry of Fakhredin Araqi

    Authors: Hossein Aghahosseini; Iran naseri siskaht

  31. An Unorthodox Attempt at Treating Inguinal Hernia: A Case Report

    Authors: Dr. U. D. Babayo; Dr. U. S. Bello; Dr. B. S. Mohammed

  32. Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Studies on Some Mixed Ligand La (III) Complexes

    Authors: Maharudra Kekare; Vikas Vaidya; Jagdish Thakur; Sunil Patil; Bhushan Langi

  33. Salinity Tolerance of Taif Roses by Gibberellic Acid (GA3)

    Authors: Ali E.F.; Bazaid. S.A.; Hassan F.A.S.

  34. The Image-Making Elements outside Explanation

    Authors: Abdolqani Irvanizadeh; Iran Nasseri Sisakht

  35. Sufism, from Movement to Government

    Authors: Iran Nasseri Sisakht

  36. Tracking Mobile Targets through WirelessHART

    Authors: Vaibhav V. Ukarande; Shaikh F. I.

  37. Application of Empirical Mode Decomposition in Denoising a Speech Signal

    Authors: Sonam Maheshwari; Dimpy

  38. Effect of Financing Decisions on Liquidity of Listed Commercial Banks in Kenya

    Authors: Dorcas Wambui N.; Willy Muturi

  39. High Speed and High Reliable OFDM System with Radix 4

    Authors: Prabakaran.P; Prabhakaran.S

  40. A Secured Data Hiding Technique Using Video Sequences

    Authors: Y. Mahendhar; B. Satish Chandra

  41. The Order of the Set of -Class for Semigroup of Order-Preserving and Order-Decreasing Partial Transformation

    Authors: Mbah Moses Anayo; Ugbene Ifeanyichukwu Jeff; Bakare Getta Naimat

  42. Motion Object Detection in a Video Sequence Using Background Subtraction

    Authors: Penchala Pranay; Adigoppula Sreeramulu

  43. Relationship Characteristic and Heat Pressure with Blood Pressure Increased at Pt. Pln (Persero) Sulseltrabar Tello Regional Generation

    Authors: Maarifah Dahlan S.KM; Mas Udi Prihanto; S.ST; Mandy Muskita S.KM; DR. Yustinus Denny Ardyanto Wahyudino Ir.M.S.

  44. Security Enhancement System through Reversible Data Embedding Technique in Encrypted Images

    Authors: E. Famidha; G. Gajalakshmi; S. Devisaranya

  45. Fatal Road Accident Characteristics in Metro-Plus Cities of India

    Authors: C. Vigneshkumar

  46. Effect of Strategic Management Practices on Bank Loan Recovery by Commercial Banks in Kenya: A Case of Family Bank Limited

    Authors: Kamau John G.; Wagoki Juma

  47. Kinetics and Mechanism of the Selective Oxidation of Benzoic and Isonicotinic Acid Hydrazides to their Corresponding Acids by Thallium (III) in Aqueous 1, 4-Dioxane Medium

    Authors: Dr. Amit Shrikant Varale

  48. Brain Tumor Segmentation by FCM and Enhancement by ANN, using GLCM Based Feature Extraction

    Authors: Salabha Varghese

  49. A Study of Organizational Problems Faced by Pakistani Student Writers

    Authors: Rao Muhammad Aqeel; M Amin Sajid

  50. An Assessment of the Effects of Recruitment Outsourcing On Performance of Flowers Firms in Nakuru County, Kenya

    Authors: Trizer Mwende Kinyua; Josephat Kwasira

  51. A Flexible Crypto Mechanism for Secure Sharing In Cloud Environment

    Authors: Majeti Abhinav; N. Bhagya Lakshmi

  52. Posterolateral Rotatory Instability Following Radial Head Excision: A Prospective Study

    Authors: Dr. Ashok Kumar P; Dr. Yashavantha Kumar C; Dr. Chandan Shetty; Dr. Niranthar Ganesh

  53. Age-Related Changes in Agility Time in Children and Adolescents

    Authors: Erika Zemkov; Duan Hamar

  54. Mitigation of Lower Order Harmonics in a Grid-Connected Single-Phase PV Inverter

    Authors: M. Siva Kumar Reddy; Dr. G. Jayakrishna

  55. Seed Mycobiota of Plumbago zeylanica, Seed Transmission and its Control

    Authors: Parashurama T. R; M. B Shivanna

  56. Three-Dimensional Radar Imaging

    Authors: G. Nagaraja; Dr. SVS Prasad

  57. The Integration between CAD and Digital Closerange Photogrammetriy for Accuracy Studies

    Authors: Mostafa Abdel-BaryEBRAHIM; Farrag Ali FARRAG

  58. Morphometric Study of Anterior and Posterior Talofibular Ligament of Ankle by MRI

    Authors: Dr. Apoorva D; Dr. Lalitha C; Dr. Girish V. Patil

  59. Fault Detection and Classification in Transmission Line Using FPGA

    Authors: Sumit S. Chincholkar; Dr. S. A. Naveed

  60. Viper Bite Presenting as Acute Ischemic Stroke

    Authors: Chandrashekar; Dr. Anikethana G V.; Kalinga B. E.

  61. Deltoid Ligament Study in Terms of its Shape and Size

    Authors: Dr. Apoorva D; Dr. Lalitha C; Dr. Girish Patil

  62. Social Network: Is This Trying To Tell A Different Story

    Authors: Ranjana N Naik; Dr. Shishirkumar

  63. Phytoplankton Community Structure of River Chenab, Jammu and Kashmir (J & K)

    Authors: D. I. Baba; K. K. Sharma; Shvetambri

  64. Calculation of the Amounts of Fission Products (85Kr,129I,137Cs) in Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR)

    Authors: Ali. K. Hasan; Najim. A. Askouri; Haidar. M. Talib

  65. Combined use of a Fogarty Balloon Catheter, Bronchoscope, and Tracheostomy for the Controlled Retrieval of an Endobronchial Foreign Body: A Case Report

    Authors: Raman Wadhera; Sharad Hernot; Sat Paul Gulati; Vijay Kalra; Madhuri Kaintura; Aditi Singla

  66. A Semi-Automatic Control Mechanism for Automobile Driver Assistance

    Authors: K. Sundar; E. V. Narayana

  67. Analyzing the Terrorist Operations in Baghdad Using the RS and GIS Techniques

    Authors: S. M. Ali; Fouad K. Mashee

  68. Retrospective Study of Choledochal Cyst: Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment

    Authors: Saswat Kumar Dandpat M. S; Ram Prajapati M. S; Monty Khajanchi M.S; R.R Satoskar M.S

  69. Catalyst Effect of Transition Metal Nano Oxides on the Decomposition of Lanthanum Oxalate Hydrate: A Thermogravimetric Study

    Authors: H. Nayak; Ashish K. Jena

  70. Factors Influencing Sustainability of Community-Driven Development Approach of World Bank Assisted Projects in South Western Nigeria

    Authors: Adeyemo; P. A.; Kayode; A. O.

  71. Screening of Tomato Genotypes for Resistance to Early Blight (Alternaria Solani)

    Authors: Khaidem Malemnganba Meitei; G.C. Bora; P.K. Borah

  72. Use of ?2/3-norm Sparse Representation for Facial Expression Recognition

    Authors: Sandeep Rangari; Sandeep Gonnade

  73. Design&Analysis of Multimode Monitoring of Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Electromyography (EMG) Signals with USB interface or Human Computer Interaction System

    Authors: Pradeep Kumar Jaisal; Dr. Sushil Kumar; Dr. S. P. Shukla

  74. Cementoblastoma of the Maxilla ? Case Report

    Authors: Stanimirov P.; Gateva N.; Dimitrov M.; Mihaylova Hr.

  75. Convergence Angle of Prepared Typodont Teeth for Full Veneer Crowns Achieved by Dental Students

    Authors: Dimitar N. Kirov; Stefka S. Kazakova; Dimo S. Krastev

  76. Irrigation Intervals and Nitrogen Fertilizer on Yield and Water Use Effeciency of Sorghum Fodder

    Authors: HUSSEIN; M.M.; Sabbour; M.M.

  77. A Study on Complete Absence of the Suprascapular Notch

    Authors: Dr. Md. Jawed Akhtar; Dr. Premjeet Kumar Madhukar

  78. Designing an Efficient Image Encryption-Then-Compression System with Haar, Daubechies and Symlet Wavelet

    Authors: Ambika; Neha

  79. The Influence of Innovation Strategies on Customer Service Delivery in Kenya Power Company, Kenya

    Authors: Muchina M. Wanjiru; Obino S. Mokaya

  80. Energy Management System Implementation for A DC Micro Grid System Using Fuzzy Control

    Authors: S. Abdul Muqsit; A. Mallikarjuna Prasad

  81. Impact of Guidance and Counselling Services on Students? Social and Emotional Adjustment in Public Urban and Rural Secondary Schools in Nakuru and Uasin Gishu Counties, Kenya

    Authors: Davis M. Gatua

  82. Breast Cancer Awareness among Saudi Females in Taif, Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Rania Mohammed; Magda A. M. Mansour; Laila SH. Dorgham

  83. Effects of Procurement Planning on Institutional Performance: A Case Study of Mombasa Law Court

    Authors: Celestine Joan Onyango

  84. Production, Characterization and Process Variables of Biodiesel from Non-Edible Plant Oil (Neem&Soapnut): A Review

    Authors: Abdullahi Isiyaku Kankia; Abdullahi Musa Abubaka; Daha Umar Ishaq

  85. Data Hiding Using Steganography: A Review

    Authors: Nishigandha P. Mangle; Prof. Sanjay S. Dhopte

  86. Globalisation of Herbal Drugs: A Bliss and Concern

    Authors: Jyoti Ahlawat; Nidhi Verma; Anita R. Sehrawat

  87. Centrifugal Compressor Analysis by CFD

    Authors: Shalini Bhardwaj; Dr. K. K.Gupta

  88. Green Engine

    Authors: V. Lohit; V. Nikita Verrabahu

  89. Performance Comparison of FFT&Dwt Based OFDM with Alamouti Encoding Over Reyleigh Fading Channel

    Authors: J. Sudha Rani; K. J. Arvind Chary

  90. A Proposed Security Framework Module of Agent Communication Manager for Mobile Ad Hoc Network

    Authors: Rajesh Kumar; S. Niranjan

  91. Play Preferences of Preschool Children at Home and School

    Authors: B. Swaroopa Rani

  92. Investigation of Ethanol Soluble Bioactive Compounds in Tender Fruits of Thespesia Populnea

    Authors: Mitter C. S.

  93. Determination of Suitable Landfill Site Using Geospatial Techniques and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis: A Case Study of Nakuru Town, Kenya

    Authors: Fides K. Kirimi; Edward H. Waithaka

  94. Isolation of L-Asparaginase Producing Endophytic Bacteria from Plants Recommended for Cancer Therapy

    Authors: Joshi R D; Dr. N S Kulkarni

  95. GAIT Recognition using PAL and PAL entropy with LDA and MDA

    Authors: Neha; Ambika Chambyal

  96. Prediction of Group and Individual Behaviours on Social Web Sites

    Authors: Siriplakota Balaji; Jhansi Lakshmi Vaddelle; B. Lakshmi

  97. Implementation of Digital Signature Verification Using Relative Slope Algorithm

    Authors: P. N. Ganorkar; Kalyani Pendke; Hemant Turkar

  98. Psychological Impact of Lung Cancer on the Newly Diagnosed Patients

    Authors: Ominyi Jude Nweze; Nwodom Maureen U

  99. An Elementary Proof of Fermat-Wiles Theorem and Generalization to Beal Conjecture

    Authors: Jamel Ghanouchi

  100. DSP Based Wireless Reflectance Pulse Oximeter for Photoplethysmograms

    Authors: P. Vignesh; T. Jayakumar

  101. Ethnobotanical uses of Plants in and Around Kanji Wildlife Sanctuary, North West Himalaya

    Authors: Abdul Hamid; Anil K. Raina

  102. The Acceptance of Technological Innovation by the Academics

    Authors: Khairani R Siregar; Ilham Perdana; Indira Rachmawati

  103. Psychological Impact of Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction

    Authors: Ominyi; Jude Nweze; Nwodom; Maureen U

  104. Edge Detection with Execution Time Using Different Optimization Techniques&Their Comparative Analysis

    Authors: Harinder Singh; Sukhjit Singh

  105. Neuro Fuzzy Based Auxilary Switch Control of a Bidirectional DC-D Converter

    Authors: Manoj Kumar. R; Dr. A. Satheesh

  106. Respiratory Sound Analysis for Identifying Lung Diseases: A Review

    Authors: Sibghatullah I. Khan

  107. A Survey on Channel Allocation in Hybrid Multichannel Multiradio Wireless Mesh Networks

    Authors: Prof. L. B Bhagwat; Sudeep Naik

  108. Histogenetic and Morphogenetic Concepts of Salivary Gland Neoplasms

    Authors: Ajay Kumar Jagdish; Jananee Janarthanam; Subbulakshmi Parthasarathy; Kalpana Santosham

  109. Optimization of Harmonic Function in Hybrid Multilevel Inverter Using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Ravichandran.V; Dhana Malathi.K

  110. In Silico, Study of Flavonoids and their potential application as Anti-Cancer Agents

    Authors: Shahnawaz Ahmad; Amit Chattree; Sikander Dar

  111. Defending Against Resource Depletion Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Cauvery Raju

  112. A Study on Quality of Women Employees in Medical Transcription

    Authors: K. Padminii; Dr. D. Venkatramaraju; Dr G Brindha

  113. Life Skills and Self-Concept of Adolescents

    Authors: Dr. K. Anuradha

  114. Huge Fibroid Polyp with Pregnancy-A Rare Case Report

    Authors: Lopamudra Jena; Shyama Kanungo

  115. Placental Tissues- From Reproductive to Regenerative Biology

    Authors: Dr. Swati Gupta; Dr. Richa Gupta

  116. Search Engine Based on Mobile User Customization

    Authors: Talluri Chakradhar; Miryala Venkatesh

  117. Customized Travel Itinerary Mining for Tourism Services

    Authors: Bonuguntla Saranya; Miryala Venkatesh

  118. Data Hiding In Digital Image Using MD5 and DES

    Authors: Harsimranjeet Kaur

  119. Radium and Radon Exhalation Studies in Some Soil Samples from Singa and Rabak Towns, Sudan using CR-39

    Authors: Abd-Elmoniem A. Elzain; Y. Sh. Mohammed; Kh. Sh. Mohammed; Sumaia S. M

  120. Multimodal Biometric Security System with Stegnographic Technique

    Authors: Prerana Kamble; Sangita Nikumbh

  121. Comparative Study of Molecular Interaction in Ternary Liquid Mixtures of Polar and Non-Polar Solvents by Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements

    Authors: Manoj Kumar Praharaj; Sarmistha Mishra

  122. Improvement in Recognition Rate by Using Linear Regression with Principal Component Analysis

    Authors: Tanvi Ahuja; Vinit Agarwal

  123. Watermark Detection for Security of Multimedia Data through MPC Privacy of Multimedia Data on the Cloud

    Authors: Ujwala Pawar; Dhara Kurian

  124. Comparative Evaluation of Oral Gabapentin and Pregabalin Premedication for Attenuation of Pressor Response to Endotracheal Intubation under General Anaesthesia

    Authors: Namratha. S. Urs; ShobhaD

  125. A Survey on Buffered Clock Tree Synthesis for Skew Optimization

    Authors: Anju Rose Tom; K. Gnana Sheela

  126. A Survey on VLSI Based Energy Conservation Techniques

    Authors: Rakhi B. Menon; Gnana Sheela K

  127. Review on Various Methods Used for Secure Data Transfer

    Authors: Anagha A; Gnana Sheela K

  128. Optimized Energy Conservation in WLAN Using Dynamic Sleep Scheduling

    Authors: Ajesh. P. A; R. Gowthamani

  129. The Engineering of Organization to Increase Added the Value Cocoa Beans in South Konawe Regency

    Authors: Endro Sukotjo; Alida Palilati; Djukrana; Salma Saleh; La Hatani

  130. Prevalence of MTB/NTM Infection in Pulmonary and Extrapulmonary Samples among Tuberculosis Suspects in India

    Authors: Singh Premraj; Bhatia Vinay; Verma Rachna; Dutt Sarjana

  131. FEA of Double Shear Lug Joint by Varying Material Combinations

    Authors: B. Vijaya Kumar; F. Anand Raju

  132. Effect of Presence of Rock on Surface of Soil on Buried Object Detection

    Authors: Abhay N Gaikwad; Shailesh R Rokade

  133. Development Fun-Chem Learning Materials Integrated Socio-Science Issues to Increase Students Scientific Literacy

    Authors: Anita Fibonacci; Sudarmin

  134. Cytological Changes in Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) under Water Deficit Stress Induced by PEG-6000

    Authors: Srabani Nandi; Tinkari Dalal

  135. Urban Poverty Vis-A-Vis Informal Sector

    Authors: Gouri Manoj Sattigeri

  136. Anti-Acetylcholinesterase Activity of Methanolextract of Calotropis Procera Leaves

    Authors: OlajuyinAyobami Matthew; OluwatosinAdekunle Adaramoye

  137. Analysis of Metering Pump and Problem Solution during Work

    Authors: Narendra Mal; Jay Joshi

  138. Resolution Enhancement of Satellite Image Using DT-CWT and EPS

    Authors: Y. Haribabu; Shaik. Taj Mahaboob; Dr. S. Narayana Reddy

  139. Adsorption Study of Cr (VI) from Aqueous Solution Using Annona Reticulata and Pouteria Sapota

    Authors: V. Collins Arun Prakash; V. Karthika; M. Masi; S. R. Xavier Rajarathinam

  140. Study of Serum Insulin and Insulin Resistance in Hypothyroid Patients in Jodhpur Region (Rajasthan)

    Authors: Gupta Ritu; Dr. Mathur Ranjana; Kumar Rohitash

  141. A Survey of Friendbook Recommendation Services

    Authors: Pankaj L. Pingate; S. M. Rokade

  142. Continuous Improvement Application in an Excavator Assembly Line

    Authors: Rayappa Mahale; P. Rajashekar Reddy; Shrinivas A. Kulkarni

  143. A Review of Protect the Integrity of Outsourced Data Using Third Party Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage

    Authors: Yogesh Shinde; Omprakash Tembhurne

  144. ECO Tourism in Sunderbans...A Life Line For Local People and the Ecology

    Authors: Moushumi Banerjee

  145. Magnetic Properties of Nanoparticle CuxCo1-xFe2-2yAl2yO4 Ferrite System

    Authors: S. S. Karande; B. R. Karche

  146. High Speed Advanced Encryption Standard Using Pipelining

    Authors: Mradul Upadhyay; Utsav Malviya

  147. Evaluating Characteristics of k-Most User Influenced Products with Expected Potential Customers Strength

    Authors: Kadiyam. Ramaiah; P. Anitha Rani

  148. Effect of Sperm Quality of Beef Cattle on Fertility Percentage

    Authors: Alragubi. S. M

  149. Study of Physico-Chemical Properties of Glycerol Ester Based Non-Ionic Gemini Surfactant

    Authors: Ishwar T. Gawali; Ghayas. A. Usmani

  150. A Review of Web Service Recommendation Systems

    Authors: Udhav S. Lahane; K.N.Shedge

  151. Bayesian Approach for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio

    Authors: Seeta M. Kanawade; Sheetal Gundal

  152. Contra-Cyclical Capital Buffering Solutions for Banks

    Authors: Dr. N. Krishna Kumar

  153. Detection and Analysis of Urban Change in Remotely Sensed Imagery by Principal Component Analysis of Image Data

    Authors: Ramesh A; Rubina Parveen; Dr. Priya Narayanan

  154. A Boundedness of a Batch Gradient Method with Smoothing L_(1?2)Regularization for Pi-sigma Neural Networks

    Authors: Kh. Sh. Mohamed; Y. Sh. Mohammed; Abd Elmoniem A. Elzain; Mohamed El-Hafiz M. N; and Elnoor. A. A. Noh

  155. Neural Systems Approach for Ammography Finding by Utilizing Wavelet Features

    Authors: A. Mallareddy; A. Priyanka

  156. Application of Fuzzy If-Then Rule in a Fuzzy Graph with Modus Ponens

    Authors: Dr. G. Nirmala; S. Prabavathi

  157. Fault Diagnosis and Automatic Classification of Roller Bearings Using Time-Domain Features and Artificial Neural Network

    Authors: Stalin S. S

  158. An Efficient User Authentication using Captcha and Graphical Passwords-A Survey

    Authors: S. Karthika; Dr. P. Devaki

  159. Novel Sensorless Drive Method for BLDC Machine

    Authors: V. Swetha Reddy; G. Rupa; Shankar Moguthala

  160. Comparative Predictive Behaviour of Two Numerical Techniques to Simulator Design of a Reservoir with Surfactant Mixture in Enhanced Oil Recovery Process

    Authors: Kamilu Folorunsho Oyedeko; Alfred AkpovetaSusu

  161. Conservation Soil and Agriculture in Tribal Community in Nalamala Forest

    Authors: Nageswara Rao Naik B.; Z. Vishnuvardhan

  162. Challenges of Soil Health Management by Small-Holder Farmers in Western Kenya: The C:N (Carbon: Nitrogen) Ratio Context in Composting

    Authors: Enos G. Okolo; Dr. Benard O. Abongo

  163. The Potential and Anticipation of Social Conflicts in the Region Transmigration: (Studies in Moramo Sub-District of South Konawe Regency)

    Authors: Dr. Bahtiar; M.Si.

  164. Design New Security Protocol against Online Password Guessing Attacks

    Authors: Nitin. R. Shinde; S. K. Sonkar

  165. Binary Data Packing Method for Database Optimization

    Authors: Yevgeniy Borodavka; Mykola Tsiutsiura

  166. Difficult Airway Management in an Ankylosing Spondilitis Patient

    Authors: Esra Mercanoglu Efe; Tolga Yazc; Gltekin Orhan; Aysun Ylmazlar

  167. Implementation of 100BASE-T4 Network Repeater Using FPGA

    Authors: Sudarshan M. Dighade; Pranav P. Kulkarni

  168. Epidemiological Study of Unnatural Death Pattern in Varanasi, India

    Authors: Dr. Awdhesh Kumar

  169. Prevention Methods for Discrimination in Data Mining

    Authors: K. Madhavi; Krishna Naik Mudavath

  170. QR Code Based Indoor Navigation with Voice Response

    Authors: Josymol Joseph

  171. PLC and SCADA Based Automation in Testing of Water and Drinking Water Supplying Unit

    Authors: G. Sathishkumar; M. Prabu

  172. Tensor Fascia Lataemuscle Pedicle Bone Grafting for a Neglected Fracture Neck of Femur using Fiber Wire Suture, A Case Report

    Authors: Sharath K. R.; Daksh Gadi; Amit Grover

  173. Lighting Impact on Consumers Shopping Behaviour in Retail Cloth Stores

    Authors: J. Deepika; T. Neeraja

  174. Novel Existence of canted Spins on Octahedral Sites of CdxMg1-xFe2O4 Ferrites as a Third Active Mode of Vibrations

    Authors: B. R. Karche

  175. Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System Using ARM9

    Authors: Aarthi. K; Elango.S

  176. Checkbit Prediction for Logic Functions By Using Dongs Code Method

    Authors: Dinesh Babu.N; Ramani.G

  177. An Overview of Multi-Platform Mobile Application with Mobile Push Message Technology

    Authors: R. Jayaraj

  178. The Analysis of Syllabus Suitability and Learning Materials In Science Teaching

    Authors: Sulistiawati; Ahmad Mudzakir; Wahyu Sopandi

  179. Impact of Lighting on the Perception of Visual Discomfort, Mood and Alertness of Sales Person in Retail Cloth Stores

    Authors: J. Deepika; T. Neeraja

  180. Identification of Ovarian Mass: A Survey

    Authors: Hemita Pathak; Vrushali Kulkarni; Sarika Bobde

  181. Assessment of Nutritional Status, Nutritional Knowledge and Impact of Nutrition Education among Selected Sports Persons of Coimbatore District

    Authors: K. Mahalakshmi Sangeetha; Lalitha Ramaswamy; Jisna P K

  182. Ranking Based Mining for Expert Human Resources on the World Wide Web

    Authors: K. Ashesh; G. Vamsi Krishna

  183. Pragmatic and Linguistic Etiquette of Greeting in Gikuyu Language Speakers in Kenya

    Authors: NancyIKaria-Maina

  184. Study of Techniques on Information Hiding Using QR Barcode

    Authors: K. C. Aarthi; A. Rajeswari

  185. Coil Antenna Design-Radio Frequency Identification Systems

    Authors: Shailesh D. Rokade; Swati U. Kadlag; Dr. Abhay N. Gaikwad

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