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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.3, No.3

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2014-03-15

  1. A Method for Mining Unexpected Temporal Associations and Detecting Adverse Drug Reactions

    Authors: S. Kiruthika, MS. A. Gokilavani

  2. Hepatoprotective Activity of the Methanolic Extract of the Bark of Khaya senegalensis in Rats against Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) -Induced Hepatotoxicity in Adose of (800mg/kg I.P)

    Authors: Elagib. H. M, Shadad .S .A, Muddathir .A. E., Mohammed .Y .O, Elagib.S.M

  3. Comparative Analysis of Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm with Simulated Annealing

    Authors: Nitin Kumar Jhankal, Dipak Adhyaru

  4. Quality of Life (QOL) of Women with Radiation Therapy

    Authors: Seema Satwe, Jyoti Salunkhe, Vandana Satave

  5. Effectiveness of Demonstration Regarding Feeding of Hemiplegia Patient among Caregivers

    Authors: Mahadeo Shinde, Shabana Anjum

  6. Area Efficient Architecture for Convolution Using Vedic Mathematics

    Authors: Karishma P Dighorikar, S. L. Haridas

  7. Socio-Economic and Health Problems of Age Old: A Cross-Sectional Study in Chikodi Taluk

    Authors: Shanta Y. Bangari , Anjanadevi N. Tamaragundi

  8. Concept of Eritrean Academic-Public Library Consortia: A Step toward the Information Society of an African Nation

    Authors: Yogesh Bajpai

  9. Multi Owner Data Sharing with Privacy Preserving in Cloud Security Mediator

    Authors: J. Suba, Seenivasan

  10. An Experimental Joint Modelling of RSSI and LQI to Reduce Energy Consumption in MANETs

    Authors: Srikanth. K, A. L. Vallikannu, Punithavathy Mohan

  11. Growth and Characterization of L-Alanine Crystals using FT-IR, UV Visible Spectra

    Authors: P. Anitha, N. Muruganantham

  12. A Novel Approach for Image Segmentation Enhancement through Multi-Region Clustering Technique

    Authors: P. B. Sambhare, Pankaj Kawadkar

  13. A Study on Fuzzy Transportation Problems under Modified Vogel’s Approximation Method

    Authors: S. Nareshkumar, B. Satheeshkumar, S. Kumaraghuru

  14. Design and Implementation of Ternary Bidirectional Barrel Shifter Using Multi-Valued Reversible Logic

    Authors: Sunil Thomas Paul, M. Rajmohan

  15. Overview of Area Planning Proposal for Medium Town: A Case Study of Kamrej Town, Surat District

    Authors: Yamee Thakkar, Dr. Krupesh A. Chauhan

  16. Information Hiding using Image Decomposing

    Authors: Shree Krishna Maharjan, Gu Qiaolun

  17. Synthesis and Characterization of Complexes of Co (II) and Hg (II) with 2’- Methoxy-2- Thioquinaldine Anilide

    Authors: Abha Sinha

  18. Policy Evaluation Study On Subsidy Policy, Qualitative Basis for Poverty Alleviationin Parepare, South Sulawesi

    Authors: Muhammad Rusdi, Hamsinah

  19. Adopting Elastic Net Penalization in Logistic Regression to Achieve Stability: A Case Study of University of UMTHBorno State Nigeria

    Authors: A. M. Baba, S. Maibulangu, A. Bishir

  20. Assessment of Hot Pepper (Capsicum species) Diseases in Southern Ethiopia

    Authors: Shiferaw Mekonen, Alemayehu Chala

  21. Optical and Structural Properties of the Sm3+ Ions in Sodium Zirconium Silicate Glasses

    Authors: V. Poli Reddy, M. Rami Reddy

  22. A Personality Assessment of Top Eight Interuniversity Female Recurve Archers in India

    Authors: Aryavart Dabas, Anjali, Dinesh P. Sharma

  23. The Coalbed Methane Potential from Sajau Coal in Eastern Part of Berau Basin, East Kalimantan

    Authors: Ahmad Helman Hamdani, Edi Sunardi, Yoga Adriana Sanjaya

  24. Design and Simulation of Four Stage Pipelining Architecture Using the Verilog

    Authors: Rakesh M. R

  25. Data Security in Local Networks Using Distributed Firewalls

    Authors: R. Maruthaveni, R. Latha

  26. Simulation of in Cylinder Processes Accounting SDR Fluctuations for Better Predictions Using Hemispherical Piston

    Authors: S. M. Jameel Basha

  27. Hepatoprotective Activity of the Methanolic Extract of the Bark of Khaya senegalensis in Rats against Paracetamol - Induced Hepatotoxicity

    Authors: Elagib .H .M, Shadad .S .A, Muddathir .A .E, Mohammed .Y .O, Elagib .S .M

  28. Hepatoprotective Activity of the Methanolic Extract of the Bark of Khaya senegalensis in Rats against Paracetamol - Induced Hepatotoxicity

    Authors: Elagib .H .M, Shadad .S .A, Muddathir .A .E, Mohammed .Y .O, Elagib .S .M

  29. Credit Risk Management for Banking

    Authors: B. Chitra, U. Vani

  30. Impact of Family Media Environment on Children’s Leisure Time Activities

    Authors: B. N. Neelima

  31. Drive by Wireless System for Vehicle Control using Steering Brake Throttle Sensors and Servo Actuator Wheels

    Authors: Joydeep Debnath, M Abraham

  32. Study on Knowledge about Organic Farming Practices Possessed by Farmers of Khargone District, Madhya Pradesh, India

    Authors: Anil Dohare, Sandhya Choudhary

  33. Environmental Education through Media

    Authors: B. N. Neelima, R. Uttama Reddy

  34. Evaluating the Prevalence of Candida Species in the Oral Cavity of Immunocompromised Patients

    Authors: Jyoti. D. Magare, R. S. Awasthi

  35. A Study on Physico-Chemical Properties of Ground Water Quality of Various Locations of Kanpur City

    Authors: Samreen Ahmad, Ashutosh Mishra

  36. A Study on Physico-Chemical Properties of Ground Water Quality of Various Locations of Kanpur City

    Authors: Samreen Ahmad, Ashutosh Mishra

  37. Baseband Processor of Multi-purpose RFID Tag using VHDL

    Authors: Anuj, Ramandeep Kaur

  38. Linear Programming Applied to Nurses Shifting Problems

    Authors: B. Satheeshkumar, S. Nareshkumar, S. Kumaraghuru

  39. A Study on Production, Performance and Emission Analysis of Tamanu Oil-Diesel Blends in a CI Engine

    Authors: Arun B

  40. QSAR Study of Inhibitors for Human 5α-Reductase of Type-2 by Using Different Descriptors

    Authors: P. N. Tripathi, Alok Pratap Singh, Kaleem Ahmad

  41. Attribute and Identity Based Face Image Retrieval

    Authors: Indulekha K, Suhara Salim

  42. Intelligent Shopping Cart Facility Using USB Firmware with PIC18f4550

    Authors: Jethava Hiren, Mukesh Saini

  43. Effects of Competitive Strategies on Customer Retention in G4s Security Services (K) Ltd

    Authors: Kihoro Cyrus Murigi, Kepha Ombui

  44. Effects of Pedometer Based Walking Program on Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Scores in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Ruchika Guglani, Shweta Shenoy, Jaspal S. Sandhu

  45. Chronic Tonsillitis and Its Relation with Childhood Asthma

    Authors: Rameez Shah, Md. Bahauddin, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Md. Shahriar Islam, S. M. Sadlee, Mostafa Kamal Arefin

  46. Management of Kaleka (Traditional Gardens) in Dayak community in Kapuas, Central Kalimantan

    Authors: Anggie Abban Rahu, Kliwon Hidayat, Mahrus Ariyadi, Luchman Hakim

  47. Practices of Self-Medication among Tribal Population North Maharashtra (Khandesh)

    Authors: P. M. Durgawale, Mahadeo .B Shinde, P. P. Durgawale, Nishant Agarwal

  48. Rudiments of Cloud to Green Cloud: Smartness in Power Redeeming

    Authors: Gaganpreet Kaur Sehdev

  49. System of Employee Performance Evaluation in the Regional Employment Board (BKD), South Sulawesi (An Assessment of the Performance-Based Management Perspective)

    Authors: Prof. Dr. Sangkala, M.Si, Dr. Hamsinah, M.Si

  50. The Impact of Open Waste Dumps on Rental Values of Residential Properties in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

    Authors: Ebiwari Wokekoro; Lilian Uruesheyi

  51. The Struggle between Spirituality and Sexuality in Sons and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence

    Authors: Fatima Sultan Shaikh

  52. Induction Motor Speed Control Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

    Authors: Girish Kavathekar; Sunil Kavathekar

  53. A Critical Study: Secure Gateway in Payment System for Electronic Transaction

    Authors: Gangadhar Sajjanar; Akram Pasha

  54. Efficient Algorithm for Maximizing Life Time of Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Ram Baksh; Ranjan Kumar Thakur; Arabind Kumar; Aditya Pratap Singh

  55. Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Arabind Kumar; Ram Baksh; Ranjan Kumar Thakur; Aditya Pratap Singh

  56. Post Disaster Relief Operations Communication Using Grid Location Services in Smartphone

    Authors: D. S. John Deva Prasanna; K. Rajarajan

  57. Research Library Development in Nigeria: The Role of Information Communication and Technology (ICT)

    Authors: Olaifa Taye Paul; Oyeniyi J. Oluwakemi

  58. "To Study High Temperature Erosion-Corrosion of Detonation Gun Sprayed Al2O3 Coated and Uncoated T-91 Boiler steel in Actual Environment of Boiler"

    Authors: Gurkamal Nain Singh; Tarlochan Singh

  59. Landscaping in Construction Projects

    Authors: Nitin Bhalerao

  60. Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) Based Implementation of Scheduling Aircraft at Runway

    Authors: Ranjan Kumar Thakur; Ram Baksh; Arabind Kumar; Aditya Pratap Singh

  61. Design of Stability Control Motorbike with Abs and Crash Location Sensing

    Authors: P. Kalaiselvan; K. Ramarethinam; P. Pandiaraj

  62. Fast and Accurate Incremental Entity Relationships

    Authors: Rajeshkumar S; Geofrin Shirly S

  63. Effectiveness of Slow Back Massage on Quality of Sleep among ICU Patent’s

    Authors: Mahadeo B Shinde; Shabana Anjum

  64. Smart Lawn Mower for Grass Trimming

    Authors: Sujendran .S; Vanitha .P

  65. Design and Analysis of Temperature Sensor Array by Using Comsol Multiphysics 4.3

    Authors: P. Mahalakshmi; S. Kalaiselvi

  66. Institutional Strengthening and the Capacity of NGOs to Deliver More Efficient and Effective Services: The Case of USAID/FANIKISHA Institutional Strengthening Project

    Authors: Otieno Stephen Odiwuor

  67. User Authentication Using Hand Images

    Authors: Aditya Pratap Singh; Ranjan Kumar Thakur; Arabind Kumar; Ram Baksh

  68. Kinematic Analysis and Simulation of a 6-DOF Industrial Manipulator

    Authors: Umar Abubakar; Wang Zhongmin; Gao Ying

  69. Smart Visitor Guidance Robot with Embedded Touch Screen Panel

    Authors: Nasharibha Lyngdoh; Kavitha. B. C

  70. An Efficient Divergence and Distribution Based Similarity Measure for Clustering Of Uncertain Data

    Authors: Geetha; Mary Shyla

  71. Helmet for Road Hazard Warning with Wireless Bike Authentication and Traffic Adaptive Mp3 Playback

    Authors: K. Sudarsan; P. Kumaraguru Diderot

  72. Livelihood Vulnerability Assessment in Context of Drought Hazard: A Case Study of Baringo County, Kenya

    Authors: Kipterer John Kapoi; Ndegwa Mundia; Charles

  73. Implementation, Detection and Prevention of Black hole Attack for Mobile Ad-hoc Network Scenario using NS-2

    Authors: Raghvendra Prasad; Kuntal Barua

  74. Injection Oxytocin versus Injection Methergine in Active Management of Third Stage of Labour

    Authors: Vandana Satwe; Seema Satwe; Jyoti Salunkhe; Sital Samson

  75. Role of Agnikarma and Rakta Mokshana Karma in Gidrasi WSR to Sciatica

    Authors: Chaturvedi Sonal; Katara Pankaj

  76. An Analysis of Software Process Model to Minimize the Software-Development Issues

    Authors: Mohamed Azharudheen .A; Natarajan .S

  77. Traffic Statistics Determination of Unified Threat Manager to Provide Threat Perception

    Authors: Neelutpol Gogoi; M. N. Sushmitha

  78. Host Based Intrusion Detection to Prevent Virtual Network System from Intruders in Cloud

    Authors: J. Sasi Devi; R. Sugumar

  79. Interactive Effect of Academic Procrastination and Academic Performance on Life Satisfaction

    Authors: J. J. Savithri

  80. Long Term Administration of Cannabis sativa Reduces Food, Water Intake and Body Weight in Mice

    Authors: V. E. Okon; A. O. Obembe; V. U. Nna; E. E. Osim

  81. Long Term Administration of Cannabis sativa Reduces Food, Water Intake and Body Weight in Mice

    Authors: V. E. Okon; A. O. Obembe; V. U. Nna; E. E. Osim

  82. Differential Fault Analysis on High Throughput AES

    Authors: T. Soundarya

  83. Structural Dimensions of India’s Agricultural Exports: An Analysis

    Authors: Rajashri S. Gudaganavar; Nagaraj V. Gudaganavar

  84. Response of the Sweet Corn (Zea mays L. saccharata) to Different Types and Timing of the Organic Fertilizer Application

    Authors: Yulian Abdullah; Setyono Yudo Tyasmoro; Titin Sumarni

  85. Analysis and Simulation of OFDM System

    Authors: Sara Riahi; Ali El Hore; Jamal El Kafi

  86. Multi Keyword Searching Techniques over Encrypted Cloud Data

    Authors: P. Shanmuga Priya; R. Sugumar

  87. A Study on Threats in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Muruganandam. A; Bagyalakshmi. P

  88. The Crater Configuration of Kelud Volcano, East Java, Indonesia after the 2014 Eruption

    Authors: Nana Sulaksana; Emi Sukiyah; Adjat Sudradjat; Ildrem Syafri

  89. A Novel Approach for Increased Depth Perception in Stereo Images

    Authors: Anju. J; Avani Nath. N. J

  90. A Second Order Runge Kutta Method to Solve Fuzzy Differential Equations with Fuzzy Initial Condition

    Authors: V. Parimala

  91. Minimizing Packet Loss Using Congestion Control Scheme for Video Streaming

    Authors: A. ThamaraiSelvan; R. Sethu Raman

  92. Automatic Car-License-Plate Detection using Vertical-Edge-Based Method

    Authors: S. Giridharan; N. Marie Claude

  93. Stress Analysis of Gas Turbine Multi Stage Rotor Assembly

    Authors: Ch .V Prudhvi Raj; K. Arun Kumar

  94. Car Detection and Recognition Based On Rear View and Back Light Features

    Authors: Nishant Tyagi; Anuj Kumar

  95. Role of Pedometer Based Walking In the Management of Type 2 Diabetes: A Review

    Authors: Ruchika Guglani; Shweta Shenoy; Jaspal S. Sandhu

  96. Proper Limit Rule

    Authors: Kanay Barik; Asha Rani Paul

  97. Design of Parallel Linear Phase FIR Digital Filter of Odd Length based on Fast FIR Algorithm

    Authors: Md Raju Ali; Jobbin Abraham Ben

  98. Dynamic Key for Secure Communication among the Flexible Nodes

    Authors: Vijay Kumar Mahto; D. Praveen Kumar

  99. 3D Gesture Recognition Based Wireless control System

    Authors: Jithin james; P. Ramesh

  100. Public Expenditure on Health and Economic Growth in Selected Indian States

    Authors: N. Rajeshkumar; P. Nalraj

  101. Increase of QR Code Usage over Other Codes Having Better Features

    Authors: Heena Patel; Dipal Modi; Pooja Thakar

  102. Decline and Overview of the Tang Dynasty

    Authors: Banwo Adetoro Olaniyi

  103. A Service Quality Model Applied On Indian Hotel Industry to Measure the Level of Customer Satisfaction

    Authors: Chandrashekhar Sharma

  104. Categories of Public Secondary Schools and its Effects on the Costs of the Development Projects in Bungoma West District, Bungoma County, Kenya

    Authors: Fredrick Ndinyo; Sarah Likoko; Herman Wachiye

  105. Alleloparthic Effect of Phyllanthus Maderaspatensis, Extracts On Germination and Seedling Growth of Jowar

    Authors: S. Swarupa Rani

  106. Cost Effective Bus Intimation System for the Public Using GPS and GSM Technology

    Authors: R. Pradeep Saravana Kumar; V. Goudham

  107. The Analysis of Concepts Mastery and Critical Thinking Skills on Invertebrate Zoology Course

    Authors: Riki Apriyandi Putra; Fransisca Sudargo; Sri Redjeki; Adianto

  108. XRD, TEM Techniques for Nano Crystalline Thin Films

    Authors: Paresh V. Modh

  109. Inventory Model Quadratic Back Order Costs, Lead Time Continuous for the (nQ, R, T) Model

    Authors: Martin Osawaru Omorodion

  110. A New approach for Design Technique of Multi-Rate Output Feedback Control using PID Controller

    Authors: Ashish Jaiswal; M. K. Bhaskar

  111. Power Efficient VM Consolidation using Live Migration- A step towards Green Computing

    Authors: Gaganpreet Kaur Sehdev; Anil Kumar

  112. Investigation of PAPR Reduction in MIMO-OFDM System using PTS and SLM Techniques

    Authors: Maan Singh; Vijay Kumar

  113. Cybercrime in “Credit Card Systems”: Case Study on the 2014 Korean Credit Bureau Data Leak

    Authors: Walter. T. Mambodza; Robert T. R. Shoniwa; V. M. Shenbagaraman

  114. Preserving User Privacy and Preventing Location Server Content in Location Based Service

    Authors: B. Dwarakanath; P. Adorin Rini

  115. Approximation by Stancu Type Generalization of Beta Operators

    Authors: Chandra Prakash; Rahul Tomar

  116. Facial Feature Extraction in Colour Images Based on Local Binary Pattern

    Authors: Lakshmy. R; Asha A. S

  117. Impact of Environmental Sustainability Reporting on Community-Business Relations: A Study of Selected Oil Rich Communities in South - South Nigeria

    Authors: Nnachi; Robert A.; Uguru; Leonard C.

  118. Anthropometry and Somatotype Characteristics of Male Provincial Youth League Soccer Players in Zimbabwe According to Playing Positions

    Authors: Vincent Masocha; Anyway Katanha

  119. Evaluation of Yarn Quality in Fabric using Image Processing Techniques

    Authors: Kartik Bahl, Jagdev Singh Kainth

  120. Usefulness of Telfairia occidentalis Waste for the Adsorption of Toxic Heavy Metals from Simulated Effluent

    Authors: F. U. Okwunodulu, S. A. Odoemelam

  121. Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Consideration of Cd2+, Ni2+ and Pb2+ Removal from Aqueous Solution onto Treated and Untreated Cola Nitida Waste Biomass

    Authors: F. U. Okwunodulu, N. O. Eddy

  122. An Assessment of Internal Control System on Financial Performance in Tertiary Training Institutions in Kenya: A Case Study of African Institute of Research and Development Studies

    Authors: Ndiwa Chebungwen, Kwasira .J

  123. A (2, n) and (3, n) Visual Cryptography Scheme for Black and White Images

    Authors: Maneesh Kumar, Rahul Singh

  124. Damping of Power Oscillations in a Series Compensated Transmission Line Using Gate Controlled Series Capacitor

    Authors: Ankamma Rao J, Srinivas S.T.P, B. Venkata Prasanth

  125. Knowledge of Contraceptives Methods and Appraisal of Health Education among Married Woman

    Authors: Shabana Anjum, P. M. Durgawale, Mahadeo Shinde

  126. A Complete Survey on Facts and Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Rashidha Begam .K, Savitha Devi .M

  127. A Novel Anonymous and Certificate Less Public Key Infrastructure for MANETs

    Authors: G. Anandhi, S. K. Srivatsa

  128. Enable Image Clarity Using Smooth Ordering of its Patches via Co-ordinates

    Authors: M. Saranya, V. Saranya

  129. Effect of Group Lending On Management of Loan Default Rates among Microfinance Institutions in Nakuru Town, Kenya

    Authors: Ngahu S. Thuo, Wagoki A. Juma

  130. Effect of Structured Education on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Cervical Cancer among A.N.M. Students

    Authors: Nootan R. Mali, Ramling Mali

  131. Effect of Self Instructional Module on Knowledge Regarding Medico Legal Responsibilities among Nurses

    Authors: Ramling Mali, Nootan R Mali

  132. A Study of Diagnosis and Treatment of ''Puttru Noi'' [Cancer] in Siddha and Traditional Systems of Medicine: A Literature Study

    Authors: S. Ketheeswaranathan, T. Soruban

  133. Non - Audible Murmur (NAM) Voice Conversion by Wavelet Transform

    Authors: K. Kalaiselvi, M. S. Vishnupriya

  134. Duty Cycle Scheduling Based On A-MAC Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: D. Antony Pradeesh, B. R. Shyamala Devi

  135. Low Power and Area Optimized VHDL Implementation of AES

    Authors: Suja Chackochan, K. Mathan

  136. Schistosomiasis an Issue in Flood Prone Area of Dambakurimaward 1, Muzarabani District of Zimbabwe

    Authors: Anyway Katanha, Vincent Masocha

  137. Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Cement with Coconut Shell Ash in Concrete

    Authors: Vignesh Kumar Nagarajan, S. Aruna Devi, S. P. Manohari, M. Maria Santha

  138. Biochemical, Anti-Microbial and Organoleptic Studies of Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus)

    Authors: Jyoti D. Vora, Lakshmi Rane, Swetha Ashokkumar

  139. Ontological IDS Monitoring On Defined Attack

    Authors: Vinod Kumar Shukla, D. B. Ojha

  140. Improvement of Security in Communication System Using Time Reversal Division Multiple Access

    Authors: Sreekutty .R, Helen Mascreen

  141. Determination of Heavy Metals in Water, Fish and Soil Samples from Antau River in Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria: A Case Study of Antau River in Keffi, Nasarawa North Central Nigeria

    Authors: D. F. Adewumi, I. A. Daniyan, A. O. Adeodu

  142. Phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of Spaghetti Squash towards Some Pathogenic Microbes

    Authors: P. Rama Devi, C. Babu, P. Kombiash

  143. Office Furniture Design ? Correlation of Worker and Chair Dimensions

    Authors: George Adu, Sylvia Adu, Bernard Effah,Kwasi Frimpong-Mensah, Nicholas Albert Darkwa

  144. Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Cardiac Arrhythmias

    Authors: Shobana K.

  145. Writer Adaptation for Handwriting Recognition in Hindi Language ? A Survey

    Authors: Nupur Gulalkari, Shreya Prabhu, Anjali Pachpute, Rekha Sugandhi, Kapil Mehrotra

  146. Automated Test Case Generation Using Multiple Modelling Techniques: A Survey

    Authors: Melvin Philips, Nikhil Pawar, Nitesh Joshi, Sanket Khandebharad, Sunil Deshmukh, Kailash Tambe

  147. The Fresh Yellow Latex of Argemone Mexicana Linn Used As Antibacterial of Wound

    Authors: Abdualdaim Mohammed Mukred

  148. Factors that Determine Monthly Revenue Returns from Mobile Payments in Kenya

    Authors: Kyalo Richard, Waititu Anthony, Wanjoya Anthony

  149. Design and Implementation of Convolutional Encoder and Parallel Processing Viterbi Decoder Using Verilog

    Authors: Vinay .B .K, Sunil .M .P

  150. Classification System for Oral Submucous Grading - A Review

    Authors: B. Priyadharshni

  151. Intelligent System for Train Engine with Automatic Gate Controlling using Wireless Technology in Bangladesh

    Authors: Kawshik Shikder

  152. An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Employee Motivation and Productivity of Executive Employees with Special Reference to the Apparel Industry in Sri Lanka

    Authors: S. M. D. Y Jayarathna

  153. Analysis of Income Distribution among Marginal and Small Farmers in Rural Punjab

    Authors: Sukhvir Kaur, Gian Singh

  154. Understanding Knowledge Sharing and Social Capital in Social Network Sites

    Authors: Adhi Prasetio

  155. Land Cover and Land Use Mapping and Change Detection of Mau Complex in Kenya Using Geospatial Technology

    Authors: Isaac Ongong’a Ayuyo, Leonard Sweta

  156. Transitional Challenges Affecting Family-Owned Businesses: A Global View

    Authors: Ericlee Nyaga Muciimi

  157. Smart Automation Tollgate Using Bloom Filter Algorithm

    Authors: S. Rajalakshmi, M. Sailaja

  158. Factors for Implementing Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the Development Process: Stakeholders’ Perspective from Ethiopia

    Authors: Teshome Tafesse Beyene

  159. Modified Booth Multiplier with FIR Filter

    Authors: B. Sireesha, Diana Aloshius

  160. Congestion Avoidance and Control Mechanism Using Border Gateway Protocol

    Authors: Akram H. Shaikh, Bharat K. Chaudhary

  161. Assembly Line Balancing ? A Review

    Authors: Vrittika Pachghare, R. S. Dalu

  162. Quantum (Photon) Theory of Dispersion

    Authors: Kanay Barik, Rajiv Kumar

  163. An Approach for Secure Data Storage Services in Cloud Computing

    Authors: S. Srinivas, Martha Sheshikala, Duvvada Rajeswara Rao

  164. Clustering Medical Data Using Subspace and Parallel Approximation Algorithm

    Authors: B. Thenmozhi, P. Shanthi

  165. A Study on Generalized Fuzzy Game Value for Three Players

    Authors: R. Senthil Kumar, S. Kumaraghuru

  166. Prevalence of Hypertension and its Risk Factors among Urban Sikh Population of Amritsar

    Authors: Amrinder Singh, Shweta Shenoy, Jaspal Singh Sandhu