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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.10, No.5

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2021-05-05

  1. Prevalence of Mupirocin Resistance in Staphylococci Isolated from Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

    Authors: Kalpana Date

  2. Revisiting Television Programming: Family Values under the Spotlight

    Authors: Mohamed EL Kandoussi (PhD)

  3. Fractured Tracheostomy Tubes into the Tracheobronchial Tree

    Authors: Sihem Madi

  4. Transplacental Transmission of Macromolecules from Maternal to Foetal Compartments in the Gravid Sheep Uterus

    Authors: J. Violet Beaulah

  5. Back Analysis of 1135_1065mRL Slope Failure in Shaba Open PIT

    Authors: Kalonji Mbolelaarcel

  6. Controller Design for CubeSat Attitude Control with BLDCM and Raction Wheels

    Authors: Kuei-Tsun Chen

  7. Moderating Effect of Employee Attitude and Work Environment on Learning and Behaviour of the Employees: Evidence from Indian Steel Industry

    Authors: Y. Subbarayudu

  8. Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme (STP) on Knowledge Regarding Stroke Rehabilitation among Staff Nurses Serving in Tertiary Care Hospital of Maharashtra State

    Authors: Sonu K. Khandare

  9. The Paradigm of Relations

    Authors: Thomas Nordstrom

  10. Growth and Development of Higher Education in Punjab

    Authors: Ravinder Singh

  11. Viscum Album - Literature Review

    Authors: Ana Catarina Viana Valle

  12. Hypolipaedemic Activity of Ciraka CuraNam against Atherogenic Diet Induced Hyperlipaedemia in Wistar Albino Rats

    Authors: Sujeethasai K

  13. An Analysis of "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini

    Authors: Aryan Bammi

  14. E-Marketing Strategies and Online Consumer Buying Behavior: A Structural Equation Modeling on Jordanian Commercial Banks

    Authors: Awais Nahar M Alshraiedeh

  15. Emotional Intelligence and Academic Stress among Undergraduate Students

    Authors: Sona Roy

  16. Effect of Spirituality on Health and Physical Wellbeing in Chinese Young Adults

    Authors: Zhang Qiaoyi

  17. A Study on Possibilities of India for being $5 Trillion Economy till 2025 Considering COVID-19 Crises

    Authors: Somya Saran

  18. Content Marketing's Role in Company Branding and Business in Zimbabwe - A Case of Truworths

    Authors: Shuli Song

  19. Spring Pen; An Unusual Foreign Body Aspiration in a Child: A Case Report

    Authors: Sihemmadi

  20. Occurance of Interdunal Soda Depressions in the Mangagrass Land of Yobe State and their Impact on the Economic Geology

    Authors: B Musa

  21. Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Domestic and Irrigation Purposes in an Arid Zone of North Eastern Nigeria

    Authors: Galadima A L

  22. Study of Cow Urine and Medicinal Plant Extract as an Antibiotic Agent - A Review

    Authors: Siddhesh P. Kamble

  23. Morphological Variations of Placenta in South Coastal Andhra Pradesh

    Authors: Athota Vijaya Lakshmi Devi

  24. A Rare Case of Bilateral Purtscher's Retinopathy

    Authors: Aaradhana Reddy

  25. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in Diagnostic, Therapeutic, Operations and Data Analysis - Advantages and Disadvantages

    Authors: Pragnyasa Swain

  26. Energy to Mass for Atomic Elementary Particles

    Authors: Keerthivasan Chandrasekaran

  27. Extraction and Characterization of Oil from Algae

    Authors: Oluogun Mojeed O.

  28. Influence of Aggregates Treatment on Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

    Authors: Akash Somnath Choure

  29. A Review on Concept of Herbal Vs Synthetic Supplements

    Authors: Pooja Bhosale

  30. An Assessment of the Challenges Faced by Women Leaders in Tourism KwaZulu-Natal

    Authors: Usha Roopnarain

  31. Indo, Tibet and Japan the New Era of Relationship and Security

    Authors: Amit Chamoli

  32. A Correlational Study of Impact of COVID-19 on Stress

    Authors: Mahrukh Mirza

  33. Android Notes using Finger Print Authentication

    Authors: Vaibhav Garg

  34. Chemical Analysis of Winter Honeys Collected from Apisdorsata Hives of Mul Tahsil of Chandrapur District of Maharashtra State (India)

    Authors: Borkar Laxmikant

  35. Composite Culture as Reflected in Ancient Art and Architecture of Kashmir

    Authors: Abdul Adil Paray

  36. Medical Insurance Claims - An Introspection of Pre and Post COVID Scenario

    Authors: Vemuri Phani Pragneya

  37. A Rare Case of Erythema Induratum of Bazin

    Authors: Herkamela

  38. Review - COVID-19 Detection System Using Image Processing and Biomedical

    Authors: Prajkta D. Gawande

  39. The Divine Plan and Divine Protection

    Authors: Ilija Lakicevic

  40. Adolescent Health: A Venture to Gender Equality and Socio-Economic Development in India

    Authors: Seram Bhogendra Singh

  41. Case Report: A Rare Presentation of Large Abdomino-Pelvic Malignant GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor)

    Authors: Navin Kasliwal

  42. The Study of Shear Bond Strength with Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride Applied after Acid Etching - Sem Investigation

    Authors: G. Viswanathan

  43. Preliminary Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Celosia Argentea L.

    Authors: M. Sridevi

  44. Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma: Clinicopathologic and Outcome Analysis

    Authors: Nabeia Ali Gheryani

  45. Uterine Doppler Pulsatility Index in Prediction of Pre-eclampsia

    Authors: Ajoke Akinola

  46. Student Attributes and Outcome of a Screening Test (The Common Entrance Test for Medical Education) - A Descriptive Analysis

    Authors: Mohmmad Iqbal Pandit

  47. The Significance of Early Diagnosis and Clinical Suspicion in a Case of Bronchial Aspiration

    Authors: Sihemmadi

  48. The Demon Lover: A Ghost Story or a Story of War?

    Authors: Leonard D Souza

  49. Factors Determining the Growth of Software Project Management

    Authors: Rachida Radjabou

  50. Adequability of a Simplified Guide to the Discent Practice of Physiotherapy in an Intensive Care Unit - Pilot Study

    Authors: Luiz Euclides Coelho de Souza Filho

  51. Impact of Demonetization in India

    Authors: Jayabrata Ghosh

  52. Control of Power Flow in Large-Scale PV Microgrid with Load Control and Energy Storage System

    Authors: Wafiullah Fazalyar

  53. A Data Analysis of Global Pandemic Coronavirus using Machine Learning Algorithms

    Authors: Sakshi Jain

  54. A Comparative Study of Energy Consumption and CO2 Emission in Mud and Concrete Construction Systems

    Authors: Abroo Bashir

  55. The Deadlock Problem - A Review

    Authors: Naveen Dubey

  56. Consumer Satisfaction towards Patanjali Products - with Special Reference to Tiruvarur

    Authors: V. Yamuna

  57. Challenges Facing Amisom in its Bid to Restore Peace in Somalia

    Authors: Priscah Munyiva Mulinge

  58. Comparative Study on Effect of Natural and Synthetic Superdisintegrants in the Formulation of Metoclopramide HCL Mouth Dissolving Tablets

    Authors: Rajendra Pal

  59. Study and Design of Destroy and Treatment Bio and Chemical Waste Plant in Hospitals

    Authors: Ihab Ali Hasan

  60. By using ETABS, Study and Design the Lateral Resistance System to Reducing the Displacement in Multistory Buildings

    Authors: Mustafa Mushtaq

  61. Facial Lipoinjection: Corrective Benefits between the Simple Technique and the One Combined with Plasma Rich in Platelet

    Authors: Mariadel Carmen Franco Mora

  62. CCTV Cameras Hacking and Prevention Techniques

    Authors: Preeti Rana

  63. Educationists in the 21st Century: Differences in Gender and Organizations

    Authors: Selene Khosla

  64. Carotid Artery Stroke in Early Post Partum Period: A Case Report

    Authors: Souvik Nandy

  65. Evaluation of Analgesic Activity of Kadukkai Podi (Terminelachebula Retz) in Animal Models

    Authors: M. Rosalyn Shobanaa

  66. Emerging Nutrient Rich Space Crop - Microgreens and their Health Benefits

    Authors: Vamika Verma

  67. Spatio-Temporal Variation in Sex Ratio and Growth of Population in Rajasthan: A District Level Study

    Authors: Nishi Kumari

  68. The Theoretical Foundation of Theories

    Authors: Thomas Nordstrom

  69. Sanitation Behaviour: Regarding to Gender and Religion in Bishnupur District of Manipur

    Authors: H. Merina Devi

  70. Credence of Mahatma Gandhi towards Women Liberation and its Relevance in the Present Scenario

    Authors: Subhashree Bera

  71. Comparative Study of Infant Feeding Practices among Rural, Tribal and Urban Mothers in Telangana

    Authors: C. Anjali Devi

  72. Effectiveness of Trunk Stabilization Exercises Using a Gym Ball Along with Dynamic Myofascial Release on Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain

    Authors: Sivashalini .L

  73. Evaluation of Reaction Kinetics and Properties of Epoxy Resin with Two Hardeners

    Authors: Elias George K

  74. The Knowledge Regarding Awareness of Immunization Schedule, Practice and Attitude towards Immunization among Mothers of under Five Children Attending Pediatric Outpatient Department in a Selected Secondary Care Hospital, Himachal Pradesh

    Authors: Kanchan Bhandari

  75. Combined Sequential Spinal Epidural Anaesthesia in Geriatric with a STOP BANG Score of 6 for Total Knee Replacement Surgery - The Anaesthesiologist Plight

    Authors: P Veena

  76. Performing Attacks on Radio Frequency and Embedded based Systems

    Authors: Preeti Rana

  77. To Study of the Hepatitis B Virus Carrier Status in Health Care Workers at J.L.N. Medical College and Associated Group of Hospitals, Ajmer (Raj.)

    Authors: Ganpat Lal Kumawat

  78. Comparative Study of Sammoha Loha, Navayas Loha and Mustadi Churna in the Pandu Vyadhi W.S.R. Anaemia

    Authors: Sanjay A. Dhurve

  79. Jeannette Armstrong as a Native Writer: A Review

    Authors: Gokulapriya .T

  80. Significant Values of Rare Earth Element, Uranium and Thorium in Felsic Tuff from the Koira Group of Western Iron Ore Group, Singhbhum Craton, Eastern India

    Authors: Pawan Kumar Yadav

  81. Dreams and Human Nature: An African Viewpoint

    Authors: Ucheoma C. OSUJI

  82. Nexus of Self-Evident Plagiarisms

    Authors: Jamir Ahmed Choudhury

  83. Representation of Dalit Masculinity in Literature

    Authors: Athira Krishnan

  84. Assessment of Community Radio on Social and Economic Development: A Case Study of Spider Radio FM 1027 Kaduna Polytechnic Nigeria

    Authors: Zainab Abubakar

  85. Basics of Schr?dinger's Wave Equation

    Authors: Nikhil Singh

  86. A Descriptive Study to Assess the Level of Knowledge Regarding Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders in Children among Primary School Teachers in Selected Schools at Maharashtra

    Authors: Rani P. Mani

  87. Algae as a Food Supplement and Effects on Human Health

    Authors: Deepshikha

  88. Role of Free Off Products in Food Industry how Nutrition has Changed from Paleolithic Nutrition to Western Diets and Analysing Coexistence of Food Poverty and Obesity with a Focus on the Irish Case

    Authors: Deepshikha

  89. Isolation and Structural Elucidation of three Substituted Flavones from Croton Zambesicus (Mull) Fruit and Leaves

    Authors: Mustafa S.Koya

  90. Novel COVID-19, Many Faces of a New Menace: Experience with a Male, 54 Years of Age, on the Ventilator, Treated by ECMO

    Authors: Liaqat Ali Chaudhry

  91. COVID-19 Detection System Using Image Processing and Biomedical

    Authors: Prajkta D. Gawande

  92. Curtainless Windows - Approach to a Case of Aniridia

    Authors: Manmeet Singh

  93. A Study of Pilgrims and the Facilities Provided at Pilgrimage Center Velankanni District Nagpattanam, State of Tamilnadu, India

    Authors: Shalini M. Guldeokar

  94. To Study Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Breech Delivery

    Authors: Rupam

  95. Book Review: Ashtanga Hridaya - Sutrasthana (Vagbhatacharyarachit) Evam Maulik Siddhant

    Authors: Mugdha Pravinkumar Thakre

  96. Vulnerability for Deviant Behaviour among Women - A Critical Analysis

    Authors: Suphala S Kotian

  97. Light Weight WSN Authentication Protocol Suite

    Authors: Rahul K Drolia

  98. A Mathematical Framework that Matches Power Density of Nanoporous Membranes with Experimental Literature

    Authors: Pravalika Avugaddi

  99. Rehabilitation of Scan Water Stations in the North-West Region of Cameroon: The Need for Communication for Development

    Authors: Ndonko Peguy

  100. A Research Study on Java vs. Python Coverage of Introductory Programming Concepts

    Authors: Dharunikha J P Deepthayanis

  101. A Hybrid Machine Learning Technique for Prediction of Heart Diseases

    Authors: Reshu Choubey

  102. India, Corona Virus Second Wave, Reasons, Second Wave Virus, COVID-19 Disease: Analysing the Reason for Rise of Deaths

    Authors: Yerra Praneeth

  103. Unwelcomed Guest to the Heart: Secondary Cardiac Localization of Non-Hodgkin?s Lymphoma: About a Case and Review of Literature

    Authors: Soumia Faid

  104. Culture-Based Education Related Variables; Bases for Effective Program Implementation

    Authors: Umali Marvin A.

  105. Impact of Customer Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty in Banking Sector towards Ahmedabad

    Authors: Maitrey Bhagat

  106. Design, Assembly and Geometric Characterization of Linear Paul Trap using Solidworks, Microscope, and Collimated Laser Beam

    Authors: Naleli Jubert Matjelo

  107. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Program on Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) among Students of Class Seven to Nine in a Selected School of West Jaintia Hills District Jowai Meghalaya

    Authors: Lucy Suting

  108. Life Insurance in India and its Historical Perspectives

    Authors: Anindita Neogi

  109. Online Survey-based Research Using Likert-Scale Questionnaire as an Educational Tool during COVID-19: From Design and Development to Validation Process and Interpretation

    Authors: Shahid Hassan

  110. A Case of Pneumo-Mediastinum in a Patient with Severe COVID-19 Infection on Non-Invasive Ventilatory Support

    Authors: K. Arun Vishnu

  111. Online Teaching Excellence: A Case Study of EMC Institute Kishtwar during COVID-19 Lockdown

    Authors: Ashaq Hussain

  112. Blue Energy Scalable Renewable Energy Pilot Plant Industry

    Authors: Vishal V R Nandigana

  113. Solvency and Reinsurance Treaty of an Automobile Portfolio: Case of Sub-Saharian Countries

    Authors: Bukanga Maheshe Crispin

  114. A Comparison of the Efficacy of Turmeric Gel (2%) as Local Drug Delivery Agent with Scaling and Root Planing in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis: A Clinical Study

    Authors: Rosiline Savio Vadakkan

  115. Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera: General Principles and their Technical Considerations to Improve the Technical Skill for Better Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Orthodontics

    Authors: Ashish Kumar

  116. Research on Mongolian Cashmere Exports and its Impact on Economic Growth

    Authors: Enkhod Ochirpurev

  117. A Multi-Agent Self-Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization

    Authors: Tauqir Wahab

  118. Long Term Abuse of Domperidone causing Hyperprolactinemia

    Authors: Shubha Agrawal

  119. Hemorrhagic Pericardial Effusion in Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE) Prompt Diagnosis and Treatment

    Authors: I Gusti Ayu Made Dwisri Okadharma Liran

  120. Air Bearings-Application Review

    Authors: Sakshi Potdar

  121. A Survey based IoT Model to Maintain Social Distancing

    Authors: Deepa Sonal

  122. Network Analysis of AODV and AOMDV Routing Protocols for MANET

    Authors: K. Divya

  123. AI Algorithm System for Prediction of Diabetes Using Progressive Web Appand IBM Cloud

    Authors: Mohammed Abdul Raheem

  124. Developing a Gender Inclusive Environment in the Health Care System

    Authors: Shaivi Reddy

  125. Uses of Advanced Spacecraft Propulsion Systems for in-Space and Deep-Space Applications

    Authors: Kaushik Deo

  126. Studies of Regularities of Accumulation and Dispersion of Chemical Elements in Soils of the South Aral Regions

    Authors: Jumamuratov A

  127. Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behavior

    Authors: Akshay Kaushal

  128. Turmeric + Chilli Intercropping: Way towards Doubling Farmers Income

    Authors: Parashuram M Patil

  129. 4D Printing: A Revolution towards Sustainable Future

    Authors: Pradyumna Abu

  130. A Study to Assess the Effect of PTP regarding ANC Exercise among Antenatal Mothers Attending Antenatal Clinic in Supane PHC, Karad Taluka

    Authors: Snehal Dharmadhikari

  131. Pyrolysis of Sour Cherry Kernels: Physicochemical Characterization of Pyrolysis Oil in Blends of Diesel and n-butanol

    Authors: Arif Hakan Yalcin

  132. Deep Learning and Generative, Interactive Design for Multiphase Multiphysics Technologies

    Authors: Vishal V R Nandigana

  133. Fluidic Electronics: Logic Gates

    Authors: Vishal V R Nandigana

  134. Deep Learning and Generative, Interactive Design

    Authors: Vishal V R Nandigana

  135. Effects of Dothistroma Needle Blight on Growth and Disease Tolerance of Pinus Radiata D. Don, Progenies in the Rift Valley, Kenya

    Authors: Damaris Musyoka

  136. Temporal Vitrectomy: Have you Heard of it!!!

    Authors: Ruminder Kaur

  137. Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemosiderosis in a 8 Year Old Male Child: A Case Report

    Authors: Swathi Krishna

  138. Design Strategies for Energy Efficient Retrofits for School of Engineering Faculty Building in Federal University of Technology Akure

    Authors: OSUOLALE Mumini Damilola

  139. What is the Nature and Extent of the Influence of Educational Leadership on Staff Morale, Job Satisfaction and Motivation?

    Authors: Ruba Najia

  140. An Evaluation of Level of Competence of Kadhis in Handling Marriage Dissolution in Urban West District of Zanzibar

    Authors: Alye Said Abdalla

  141. Spinning Light Clocks Reveal Time Contraction in Spinning Noninertial Frames

    Authors: Tao Jia

  142. Review on Deep Learning and IoT Techniques on Corono Virus

    Authors: Mansi Kambli

  143. A Study: Inflammation Markers and their Trend in COVID-19 Patients

    Authors: Prasanta Kumar Dass

  144. Screening of Generalized Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms in Patients with more than Two Physical Diseases of Age 60-80 Years in General Practice

    Authors: Ivo Natsov

  145. Rotational Light Clocks and Visualization of Spins

    Authors: Tao Jia

  146. A Survey on the Evaluation of Dietary Intakes and Nutritional Knowledge in Female Patients with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Keya Sarkar

  147. Predicting the Trends of Quality Oriented Jobs

    Authors: Sahil Yadav

  148. High Expression of Caspase-9 and Low BcL-2 on Amnion Cells as the Risk Factor for Premature Rupture of Membranes

    Authors: I Putu Rian Cipta Pramana

  149. Artificial Intelligence in Smart Manufacturing: A Systematic Review on Applications, Future Trends, and Challenges

    Authors: Pratik Gulavani

  150. Perception of Undergraduate Nursing Students Regarding Online Learning during COVID-19 Second Wave

    Authors: Gyan Jyoti

  151. Digital Creation of Forgotten Motifs (Innovative Solutions in Field of Craft and Textiles)

    Authors: Shalini Singh

  152. Information Technology has Made Business Integration Strategies Easier to Implement

    Authors: Vidya Hattangadi

  153. Symbolic Regression with Genetic Programming in Forecasting Population Growth of the Philippines

    Authors: Teotima Evangelista Gorres - Abato

  154. Symbolic Regression via Genetic Programming; Philippines Population Prediction: 2010-2020

    Authors: Teotima Evangelista Gorres - Abato

  155. Modeling of Surface Roughness and Tool Wear in Turning using ANN and ANOVA

    Authors: Shanavas K P

  156. Comparative Observational Study of Low Doseintravaginal Misoprostol Tablet Versus Intracervical Dinoprostone Gel for Induction of Labor

    Authors: Punam Jain

  157. Women, Leadership and Mentoring in Higher Education in Africa: Barriers and Possibilities

    Authors: Endeley Margaret Nalova

  158. Capital Asset Pricing Model and Stock Return Variation: Evidence from Colombo Stock Exchange

    Authors: Thafani

  159. GIS Techniques Applied in the Administrative and Territorial Reform

    Authors: Genc Salja

  160. The Effect of Deceptive Marketing in Shaping Consumers' Attitude in the Telecommunication Services Area

    Authors: Bissan Mohammad Al-Batal

  161. Cross-Cultural Global Fashion Business

    Authors: Rebecca Dsouza

  162. Effects of Sub-Aerial Weathering on Hydrocarbon Distributions in Oil Sands (Athabasca Oil Sand, Canada and Parana Basin, Brazil)

    Authors: W. E. Osung

  163. Spiders Arachnida Araneae of Two Schools in Valencia City - A Preliminary Survey

    Authors: Joel T. Nacorda Jr

  164. Review on the Health Benefits of Green Tea

    Authors: Manisha Dagar

  165. Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and Attachment Styles among Working Professionals

    Authors: Sabiha Banu P R

  166. Exploring the Ways in Which the Golden Ratio can be Derived

    Authors: Sahil Kumar Singh

  167. Applications of Cryotherapy in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: A Review

    Authors: Anusha T. Solanki

  168. Left Bundle Branch Pacing in a Scoliosis Patient with Symptomatic Bradyarrhythmia: A Case Report

    Authors: Dilipkumar

  169. Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Basic Management of the Cerebral Palsy Children among the Family in Pune City

    Authors: Mamta Shukla Bhadauria

  170. An Analysis of Gaming Industry in India

    Authors: Kushal Dey

  171. ICT and Administrative Efficiency - A Study of E-Panchayatra in Andhra Pradesh

    Authors: Dasari Rajesh Babu

  172. Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of Cement by Prosopis Juliflora in Self Compacting Concrete

    Authors: Dharaneswari .V .K

  173. Paranormal Beliefs and Locus of Control among Young Adults

    Authors: Syeda Rahamathunnisa

  174. Prevalence of Toxygenic Micro-Organisms in Cocoa Peppers after the Fermentative and Drying Processes in the Agro-Forest System

    Authors: Jeferson Santana Quadros

  175. Fairness in the Criminal Sentencing for African Americans: Fact or Myth?

    Authors: Deborah S Le Blanc

  176. Christianity and Feminism

    Authors: Nani Cheishvili

  177. M87 Supermassive Black Hole Review

    Authors: Mekhala Ganguly

  178. Review on Core Collapse Supernova Explosion Mystery

    Authors: Mekhala Ganguly

  179. A Study on Light Pollution in India

    Authors: Mekhala Ganguly

  180. Effectiveness of Doula Care during Intra - Natal Period on Selected Outcome Variables among Labouring Mothers

    Authors: Heena Devi

  181. Study of Warm Dense Matter in Astrophysical Objects

    Authors: Mekhala Ganguly

  182. Studies on Biology and Host Specificity of Callosobruchus Analis (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) and their Management, using Indigenous Plant Extracts

    Authors: V. G. Asha

  183. Training Bachelor of Social Work in Hospitals Theoretical and Practical Issues in Vietnam

    Authors: Luong Manh Ha

  184. Conflict at the Core of International Relations in History

    Authors: Akash Chatterjee

  185. Hypertension: Types, Pathophysiology and Treatment

    Authors: Kiran Bhosale

  186. A Study on Effectiveness of TQM with Reference to Jenntex Engineering, Coimbatore, India

    Authors: T. Krishnasamy

  187. The Complex Relationship Between the Internet Overuse and Empathy

    Authors: Tanvi Nair

  188. Survey on Various Image Segmentation Techniques

    Authors: Babita Chauhan

  189. Mucormycosis: Black Fungus

    Authors: Nirmala M

  190. Ecofriendly Application of Mixed Hydrotropy for Titrimetric Analysis of Ibuprofen Tablets

    Authors: R. K. Maheshwari

  191. Analysis of Micronutrients and Antinutrients Components of Oha Seed (Pterocarpusmildbreadii)

    Authors: Ani Abosede Oluwakemi

  192. A Literature Study on Positive Disconfirmation and Negative Disconfirmation Theories and Models

    Authors: Dolorosa P. Jumawan MPA

  193. Recruitment and Training Process How Affects Employee Retention

    Authors: Savita Dwivedi

  194. Impact on Quality of Life of Glycolic Acid (35%) and Salicylic Acid (30%) Peels in Patients of Melasma

    Authors: Naina

  195. Research Problem on the Profitability of Mining Activities in DRC, Face to New Technologies: Critical Analysis of the Extraction Chain of Copper and Cobalt Deposits (From Raw Materials to Metal)

    Authors: Jimmy Kalenga Kaunde Kasongo

  196. Mapping with UAV Systems without the Need of Ground Control Points

    Authors: Genti Qirjazi

  197. Review on Various Data Gathering Techniques Using Artificial Intelligence

    Authors: Varsha Kumari

  198. Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia - A Clinical Study

    Authors: L. Rajitha

  199. IS THE C677T Substitution in the MTHFR Gene Associated with PRE-ECLAMPSIA in Indigenous Black Populations?

    Authors: Dibo Pughikumo

  200. Clinical Outcomes of Chronic Kidney Disease Patients with STEMI Treated with Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: A Single Centre Study

    Authors: Krishnakumar Prabhakaran

  201. IoT and ICTs Technologies in Smart Cities for Creating Sustainable Development

    Authors: Sami Abdul Qader Mohammed Al-Ademi

  202. Natural Course or Missed Block? A SARS-CoV-2 Case Report

    Authors: Amit Kumar

  203. A Critical Study on the Concept of Niadanatmak Vivechana in Amlapitta

    Authors: Sanjay A. Dhurve

  204. A Structural Approach on Short Stories Used in Teaching the Grade 6 Pupils

    Authors: Susana D. Dela Cruz

  205. Black Fungus: An Enigma in Management of COVID-19 Patients

    Authors: Prasanta Kumar Dass

  206. Changes in Hydrochemical Indicators of the Brine Water of Patos - Marinza Oil Field

    Authors: Dhurata Ndreko

  207. A Study to Assess Effectiveness of Planned Teaching on Knowledge Regarding Post-Menopausal Coping Strategies among Perimenopausal Women in selected City, Pune

    Authors: Meena Prakash Zore

  208. A Review of Health Effects Associated with Indoor Air Pollution in Women and Children

    Authors: Sonika Choudhary

  209. Non-Genomic Pathway Corticosteroid in HIV Patient with Pneumocystis Pneumonia - A Case Report

    Authors: Benny Tjan

  210. Women with Persistent Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunctionin Peripartum Cardiomyopathy - A Case Report

    Authors: I Putu Adi Palguna

  211. RITUXIMAB in Lupus Related Autoimmune Haemolytic Anemia

    Authors: Mohnish Patel

  212. The Effect of the E-Learning Teaching Model on Ocular Health during the COVID -19 Pandemic: a Cross-Sectional Questionnaire based Study on School Children

    Authors: Suhena Sarkar

  213. Modelling of the Therapeutic Itinerary of Households in the City of Bukavu

    Authors: Teiggy Birhula Mongane

  214. Monitoring, Evaluation Practices and Sustainability of Community Based Projects in Embu County, Kenya

    Authors: Mukaria Eric

  215. A Comparative Study of Logical Thinking, Social Behavior and ICT Use Ability of Secondary Level Students with Reference to Different Intellectual Level

    Authors: Priyanka Deb Sett

  216. Kafka and Existential Guilt

    Authors: Anshula Upadhyay

  217. Binary Pulsar: Natural Magnetism and Solar System [Electromagnetic Waves and Gravitational Waves]

    Authors: Jamir Ahmed Choudhury

  218. Prediction of Critical Limb Ischemia in Peripheral Arterial Disease by Comparing White Blood Cell to Mean Platelet Volume Ratio, Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio and Platelet to Lymphocyte Ratio

    Authors: Gaurav Mittal

  219. Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behaviour

    Authors: Amandeep Kaur

  220. The Parametric Analysis of Jabalpur Airport Based on IS 1893(Part I):2016 and IS16700:2017

    Authors: Amruta Salunkhe

  221. Can We Put a Break on Diabetic Complications?

    Authors: Prateet Priyadarshan

  222. To Study variations in Blood Pressure (BP) Recording by Mercurial Sphygmomanometer and by LED (Non-Mercurial) BP Machine in Individuals in Sitting Position in Same Arm - A Cross Sectional Study in Guwahati City

    Authors: Arijit Mazumdar

  223. To Study Variation of FEV1/FVC, with Respect to BMI (Body Mass Index) in Healthy Young Individuals in the Department of Physiology, Gauhati Medical College

    Authors: Arijit Mazumdar

  224. Music Recommendation System

    Authors: Nipun Prakash Gupta

  225. Situational Analysis of Cardio Vascular Diseases in India

    Authors: Anjali Devi C

  226. Assessment of Water Quality in Hyderabad, India

    Authors: Anjali Devi C

  227. Artificial Intelligence: The Backbone of Industry Evolution, Impact, and Future

    Authors: Ralph Tichafa Tawanda Chawatama

  228. Ecotourism a Boon to the State Manipur: North East India

    Authors: Pratima Saikhom

  229. Components for Planning Future Smart Hill Cities, Case Study Shimla (India)

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