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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.3, No.12

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2014-12-05

  1. Leadership Style, Gender and Job Satisfaction: A Situational Leadership Approach

    Authors: Shagufta Parveen; Adeel Tariq

  2. Study of Qtc Prolongation in Diabetes Mellitus- As an Indicator of Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy

    Authors: Amith R; Chethan Kumar K L; Yaram. Geetanjali

  3. A Review Paper on Image Segmentation and its Various Techniques in Image Processing

    Authors: Amanpreet Kaur

  4. Gesture Recognition based 3D HCI

    Authors: Ramandeep Kaur; Vijay Laxmi

  5. Lattice Points on the Cone X^2+9Y^2=50Z^2

    Authors: P. Jayakumar; K. Sangeetha

  6. Birds Biodiversity and Conservation Status of Keshopur Community Reserve, Gurdaspur, Punjab

    Authors: Kamal Mehta

  7. Antagonistic Compounds Produced by Consortium of Probiotic Bacteria against Fish Pathogens

    Authors: S.Nagarajan; S.Kulandaivel; R. Balaji; R. Santhanakaruppu; G.G. Nandhini

  8. Effect of Alcoholic Molecules (2-Propanol) Blending on Exfoliation of Graphite Flakes

    Authors: Lalit M. Manocha; Vishal S. Makadia

  9. Secured Mobile Communication using Audio Steganography by Mel-Frequency Cepstrum Analysis

    Authors: Aswin.V; Narmadha.V

  10. Design of Secure Log Management Over Cloud

    Authors: Harshal N. Kolhe; Imran R. Shaikh

  11. A Review on Extended Online Approach for Web Data Tables Integration

    Authors: Urmila Bavkar; Dr. Akhil Khare

  12. A Review on Efficient Method of Single Image Dehazing Centered on Multi-Scale Fusion

    Authors: Neha Padole; Dr. Akhil Khare

  13. Lower Jaw Reconstruction Using Prototype from Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Data

    Authors: D. Yovchev; P. Stanimirov; Hr. Mihaylova

  14. A Survey on Detection and Prevention of SQL Injection Attack

    Authors: S. M. Chaware; Sujata S. Wakchaure

  15. Participation of Public Health Students in Community Health Programs (CHPs)

    Authors: Mohammed A Elawad; Liga H. M. Salim

  16. SAP Solution Manager

    Authors: Viraj Yashwant Shetty; Rachana Rajendra Patil

  17. Direct Vector Switching Control Technique for 3? VSC for PFC

    Authors: K. Ramya; CH. Jayavardhana Rao; Dr. Venugopal

  18. Li-Fi: The Optical Version of Wi-Fi

    Authors: Snehal Patil; Shrikant Velankar; Ajit Khachane

  19. Multidimensional Sun Tracking Models for Maximum Power Generation

    Authors: Snehal Patil; Rajendra Patil

  20. Occurrence and Types of Associated Injuries in Patients with Maxillofacial Fractures

    Authors: E. Deliverska

  21. Physiological, Biochemical and Strength Profile of Indian Cyclists and Boxers - A Comparative Study

    Authors: Mrinal Dhawan; Shweta Shenoy; Jaspal Singh Sandhu

  22. An Overview on Developments in Biodiesel Production from Algae

    Authors: Jagadevkumar A Patil; Praveen Honaguntikar

  23. Encrypting Multiple Images Using Visual Secret Sharing Scheme

    Authors: Isha M. Padiya; G. D. Dalvi

  24. Cardio-Vascular Diseases in Vlora Hospital during 2009-2011, Screening and Prevention

    Authors: Msc. Juljana Xhindoli; Msc. Mimoza Llavdaniti

  25. Calcified Cystic Echinococcosis in Masseter Muscle-A Rare Case and Literature Review

    Authors: Deliverska.E; H. Stoyanov

  26. Robust Method of Power Saving Approach in Zigbee Connected WSN with TDMA

    Authors: V. Prathyusha; Y. Pavan Kumar

  27. Survey on Security in Personalized Web Search

    Authors: Kiran Jagdish Khandelwal; L. J. Sankpal

  28. Sustainable Curriculum to Face the Challenges of Housing Construction in Developing Countries

    Authors: Dr. Mrs. Abiola` Baba

  29. Hemangiopericytoma in the Mental Region: A Case Report

    Authors: E. Deliverska

  30. Hypothetical Model to Developing Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) Prospective Biology Teachers in Consecutive Approach

    Authors: Yenny Anwar; Nuryani Y Rustaman; Ari Widodo

  31. Privacy Preserving Auditing Protocol Using Cryptography for Cloud Storage Systems

    Authors: Anuradha Appasaheb Jagadale; Shilpa Gite

  32. Evading Flooding Attack in MANET Using Node Authentication

    Authors: Anup A. Wanjari; Vidya Dhamdhere

  33. Assessment of Lysozyme Activity in Bacteria Challenged Haemolymph of Achaea janata Larvae

    Authors: Ragamalika G; Ravindar G; Nagaraja Rao P

  34. LiDAR Mapping: A Remote Sensing Technology

    Authors: Rucha Ratnakar Sarwadnya; Moresh Mukhedkar

  35. Performance Comparison of PID and FLC Controller for Submarine Depth Control using LabVIEW

    Authors: K.Surendra; B. Leela Kumari

  36. A Survey on Backup of Data on Remote Server

    Authors: Manali Raje; Debajyoti Mukhopadhyay

  37. Enabling Indirect Mutual Trust and Secure Login Mechanism for Cloud Computing Storage Systems

    Authors: Yasha Gawande; Shilpa Gite

  38. Role of Ultrasound and Colour Doppler in Scrotal Pain

    Authors: Dr. Vikram Patil; Dr. SM Chandrashekar Shetty

  39. Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) Using Fuzzy Quantifier

    Authors: G. Nirmala; R. Anju

  40. Survey of Adaptive Novel Class Detection and Classification of Feature-Evolving Data Streams

    Authors: Punam D. Dhande; Dr. A. M. Dixit

  41. Impacts of Twelve Weeks Resistance Training and Sprinting After Resistance Training on Maximum Speed Maximum Leg Power and Elastic Leg Strength of Basketball Players

    Authors: Dr. M. Angelrobert

  42. A Survey on Novel Flow Marking IP Traceback Schemes

    Authors: S. M. Chaware; Shubhangi R. Sardar

  43. Production of Polyhydroxybutyrate (biopolymer) by Bacillus tequilensis NCS-3 Isolated from Municipal Waste Areas of Silchar, Assam

    Authors: Chandani N.; Mazumder P. B.; Bhattacharjee A.

  44. Environmental Effects of Growing E Waste

    Authors: Mamta Gupta

  45. Analysis of ECG Signal Using Base Filter Decomposition and Threshold Extraction

    Authors: Mayank Yadu; Jagvir Verma

  46. Analysis and Implementation of Data Center Virtualization at the ICT Center Fkip UNS

    Authors: Puspanda Hatta; Widyawan; Warsun Najib

  47. Developing Children's Linguistics Intelligence using Sodokoro Traditional Game

    Authors: Hilaluddin Hanafi; Aris Badara; Wa Kuasa Baka; Sartiah Yusran; Alberth

  48. The Influence of Self-Efficacy, Emotional Intelligence, Innovativeness and Organizational Commitment on the Performance of the Echelon III Employees in Palembang

    Authors: Aisyah A.R.

  49. Personality of Girls Studying in Primary Schools

    Authors: N. Srinivasulu; Dr. L. Uma Devi

  50. Survey on Content Based Face Image Retrieval and Attribute Detection

    Authors: Bharti S. Satpute; Archana A. Chaugule

  51. The Survey Paper on ASP2P: An Advanced Botnet Based on Social Networks over Hybrid P2P

    Authors: Saloni Shah; Vina M. Lomte

  52. Electromyographical Bilateral Asymmetry of the lower limbs in Volleyball Players

    Authors: Amar Kumar

  53. Efficient Data Security System Using Room Reservation Approach on Digital Images for Secret Sharing using Color Visual Cryptography

    Authors: Aparna T. Deshmukh; Jyoti Raghatwan

  54. Survey on Public key Encryption for Two Server Password only Authenticated Key Exchange

    Authors: Nishikant Burande; Gumaste S.V.

  55. Supervised, Unsupervised, and Semisupervised Classification Methods for Hyperspectral Image Classification-A Review

    Authors: Savita P. Sabale; Asst. Prof. Chhaya R. Jadhav

  56. Toxic and Growth Inhibitory Effects of Sapium indicum Willd Seed Extracts on the Rust Red Flour Beetle, Tribolium Castaneum (Herbst) and the Confused Flour Beetle, Tribolium Confusum (du Val.)

    Authors: Lutfe Ara Muslima Khanam; Ataur. Rahman Khan; Debashish Talukder; Istiak Mahfuz

  57. Review on SME Routing Protocol for Asymmetric Wireless Network

    Authors: Anuja H. Galphade; Dr. A. M. Dixit

  58. Photoconductive Properties of Pulse Plated In2Se3 Films

    Authors: M. Balasubramanian; K. R. Mural

  59. Preparation of Polyvinyl alcohol- Poly-acrylic acid- Cobalt Oxide Nanoparticles Nanocomposites and Study their Optical Properties

    Authors: Khudair Abass Dawood; Majeed Ali; Farhan Lafta; Basil Nasih; Safaa Nayyef; Ahmed Hashim

  60. Structural and Optical Properties of (PVA-PAA-FW) Composites

    Authors: Majeed Ali; Ahmed Hashim; Safaa Nayyef; Basil Nasih; Farhan Lafta

  61. Survey Paper on Applying Privacy to Healthcare Data Using Cloud

    Authors: Nikhita Nerkar; Vina M Lomte

  62. An Opposition based Harmony Search Approach for Performance Improvement in Linear FIR Filter Design

    Authors: Dharmendra; Nitin Jain

  63. Genetic Analysis of Cyto-sterile Lines in Rice (Oryza sativa L)

    Authors: Rajesh Singh; B Singh; S. K. Sahoo; R. P. Srivastava

  64. Environmental Natural Gamma Radiation Level and Activity of Uranium-238, Thorium-232 at Different Places Measured Using NaI (Tl) Scintillation Detector

    Authors: S. T. Mane; T. B. Mane; A. K. Sharma

  65. The Role of Information Technology in the Business Sector

    Authors: Prof. Krume Nikoloski PhD

  66. Secure Server Verification by using Encryption Algorithm and Visual Cryptography

    Authors: Shreya Zarkar; Sayali Vaidya; Achal Bharambe; Arifa Tadvi; Tanashree Chavan

  67. Vampire Attack: Energy Efficient Trust Based Solution

    Authors: Pritam M. Channawar; Dr. Y. V.Chavan

  68. Association of GSTM1&HMOX-1 Gene Polymorphisms in COPD: A study from South Indian Population

    Authors: Ashrafunnisa Begum; A. Venkateshwari; N Balakrishna; A. Jyothy

  69. High-Fat Diet Can Postpone Brain Aging: A Short Review

    Authors: Ifat Ara Begum

  70. Study on Bio-Fuels from Water borne Oleaginous Sources

    Authors: Chandrasekhar Chebiyyam; Dr T Siva Reddy; Dr. B. Sudheer Prem Kumar

  71. Synthesis of 1,4-bis (benzyloxy)Benzene Under Sonication and a Multi-Site Phase-Transfer Catalyst in Solid-Liquid Condition-Kinetic Aspects

    Authors: Pachaiyappan Abimannan; Venugopal Rajendran

  72. A Fuzzy Rule Based Clustering Development Novel

    Authors: Sachin Ashok Shinde; Seema Singh Solanki

  73. A Survey Report on: Methodology for Extraction of Information from Web Pages by Using Clustering Algorithm

    Authors: Mahesh Dabade; Shriniwas Gadage

  74. Lissencephaly: A Review with a Rare Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Anusha A.M

  75. An Approach for On-Demand Scalability in Platform as a Service

    Authors: Manodaya B. Gavali; N. D. Kale

  76. Stress in Medical Education and its Management

    Authors: Mohd Nazeer; Razia Sultana

  77. Simulating an IDC-Bio-Sensor to Detect Diabetics

    Authors: Shobha Bawiskar; Dr. Ramesh R. Manza; Dr. B. N. Dhole

  78. Heat Transfer Enhancement and Fluid Flow across Tube Banks Heat Exchanger with Passive Control Technique by Using Vortex Generator (A Review)

    Authors: Mohammed Saad Kamel

  79. Conventional&Microwave-Assisted Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Pyrimidine Azo Compounds

    Authors: Shahana Ehsan; Aneeqa Ishfaq; Bushra Khan; Tahira Saghir; Sehrish Ghafoor

  80. Deterministic Model of Decreased ACTH and Cortisol Responses to Stress in Healthy Adults with Childhood Maltreatment

    Authors: Geetha.T; Karthika.K

  81. Do Patients With Thalassaemia Major Manifest Endocrine Complications? Can We Solve Them?

    Authors: Manika Kreka; Eleni Nastas; Xhensila Prendushi; Irena Qendro; Bledi Kreka; Vjollca Shpata

  82. Traumatic Brain Injury: The Neglected Epidemic of Modern Society

    Authors: Tabish SA; Nabil Syed

  83. Gonarthrosis Treatment by Laser Therapy

    Authors: Dr. Irena KOLA; Dr. Sandr KOLA

  84. Design of Low Power CMOS Startup Charge Pump Based on Body Biasing Technique

    Authors: Juliet Abraham; Dr. B. Paulchamy

  85. Performance Analysis of Space Time Block Coding for Wireless System using SFT

    Authors: S. B. L Sachan; Malika Singh

  86. Health Problems Encountered by Mothers of Under-2 Children in the Coastal Area of Kochi, Kerala

    Authors: Dr. Sheelamma Jacob. K; Dr. K.S Kumari

  87. An Empirical Study: Emotional Influence of Indian Classical Raagas on Face

    Authors: Ashish A. Bardekar

  88. A CMOS Current-Mode Full-Adder Cell for Multi Valued Logic VLSI

    Authors: Ravi Ranjan Kumar; Priyanka Gautam

  89. Effects of Bookkeeping on Growth of Small and Medium Business Enterprises in Kabarnet Town, Baringo County, Kenya

    Authors: Joseph Kurwo Chelimo; Isaac Ole Sopia

  90. Survey on Public Auditing and Data Dynamics in Cloud Data Storage

    Authors: Snehal. P. Sawant; Aaradhana. A. Deshmukh

  91. Advanced Neural Network Algorithms for Prediction Applications

    Authors: Kanchan Bichkule

  92. Using Weight Windows in MCNPX to Calculate and Simulate Dose Distribute at Outside of Treatmean Room of Dong Nai General Hospital to Radiation Safety Assessment for this Area

    Authors: Nguyen Van Hai; Nguyen Van Hung

  93. A Concise and Convenient Synthesis of 6-Aryl Angular Phenothiazinones

    Authors: Ijeomah A.O; Okoro U.C.; Godwin-Nwakwasi E.U

  94. Comparative Study of Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Schinus terebinthifolius RADDI Fruits and Leaves Essential Oils

    Authors: Chokri Jeribi; Iness Jabri Karoui; Dorsaf Ben Hassine; Manef Abderrabba

  95. Emotional Competencies towards Counterproductive Work Behaviour in Banking Sector

    Authors: Piar Chand; Pawan Kumar Chand

  96. A Multicriteria Decision Model in Sustainable Land Revitalization Planning

    Authors: Wiwin Apriani; Rika Afrianti; Atfaiyah Harahap; Herman Mawengkang

  97. Phosphate Solubilizing of Carob (Ceratonia siliqua L) Associative Bacteria Analyzed by Molecular Technique ARDRA

    Authors: Ibrahim KONATE; Annick KOULIBALY; Ibourahema COULIBALY; El Bekkay BERRAHO

  98. BER Performance Analysis of Alamouti Coding Technique in Rayleigh Fading Channel

    Authors: Sumit Kumar Roy; Nitin Jain

  99. Nexus between Economic Growth and the Economic Structure in Indian Economy: An Empirical Analysis

    Authors: Md. Samsur Jaman; L. Debendra Singh

  100. Symbolism in Hindu Temple Architecture and Fractal Geometry - Thought Behind Form

    Authors: Tanisha Dutta; Vinayak S. Adane

  101. Biosurfactant Production by Bacillus cereus, B7 from Lubricant Oil Waste

    Authors: Sidkey; Nagwa M.; Al Hadry; Eman A.

  102. A Survey on Continuous User Identity Verification Using Biometric Traits for Secure Internet Services

    Authors: Harshal A. Kute; D. N. Rewadkar

  103. Allowing Genuine Users and Blocking Bad Users in Anonymizing Network: The Nymble

    Authors: Anand A. Maha; P. B. Kumbarkar

  104. Privacy Preserving System Using Attribute Based Encryption for e-Health Cloud

    Authors: Kushal P. Kulkarni; Arati M.Dixit

  105. Review On: Advanced and Robust Personalized Mobile Search Engine

    Authors: Yogesh B. Jadhao; Shyam S. Gupta

  106. Knowledge Fusion Technique Using Classifier Ensemble by Combining the Sets of Classification Rules

    Authors: Jaydeep B. Patil; Vaishali Nandedkar

  107. Implementation of Fixed-Point LMS Adaptive Filter with Efficient Area-Power-Delay

    Authors: D. Senthilraja; K. Kalaiselvi

  108. The Enhancement of Scripted in the Development of Cloned Sheep Embryos

    Authors: Alhimaidi A.; AlGady M.; Iwamoto D.; Almutary M.; Alfuraje M.; Alzeer F.; Barakat I.; Kandeel S; Iritani A.

  109. A New Model of Genetic Algorithm Using a Bipartite Graph and the Action of Largest Subgroup of Dihedral Group Dn on Invariance Markov Basis, n is a Multiple of 6

    Authors: Husein Hadi Abbass; Hussein Salman Mohammed Hussein

  110. Phase Morphology in Liquid Crystals Mixtures

    Authors: Rita A. Gharde; Jyoti R. Amare; Madhavi S. Pradhan; Santosh A. Mani

  111. Assessment of Sugar Levels in Different Soft Drinks: A Measure to Check National Food Security

    Authors: Sodamade.A

  112. How Much Privacy We Still Have?

    Authors: Ayn Nur Azhana Binti Azhar Amanullah; Nur Faizah Binti Ab Aziz; Maya Novia Sari; Jamaludin Bin Ibrahim

  113. Energy Conservation for Datacenters in Cloud Computing using Genetic Algorithms

    Authors: Vijaya Kumar; Dr. G. A. Ramachandra

  114. A Review on Histogram Shifting for Reversible Watermarking Technique

    Authors: Naina Gaharwar; Dr. Reena Gunjan

  115. Extracting Spread Spectrum Data from Image

    Authors: Sahej Redekar; Dr. Reena Gunjan

  116. Advanced Methodologies Employed in Ensemble of Classifiers: A Survey

    Authors: Vikas Singh; Madhavi Ajay Pradhan

  117. Risk Reduction of SSO and Enhance the Stability in DFIG Control Systems Using Multi-Input Multi-Output State Space Methodology

    Authors: G. Rajeswari; A. Anuradha

  118. Power and North East: The Hydro Power Scenario of North East

    Authors: Kaushik Handique; Angshuman Dutta

  119. Survey Report on: EDM for Prediction of Academic Trends&Patterns

    Authors: Trupti S. Diwan; Bharati Dixit

  120. Models of Making Management Decisions

    Authors: Olena Kryvoruchko; Yevgeniy Borodavka

  121. Design Method for Nearly Linear-Phase IIR Filters Using Constrained Optimization

    Authors: Vamsee Krishna.A; A. K. Jagadish Kumar

  122. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Isolated Polycystic Ovary Morphology: A case-Control Study

    Authors: Chiman K. Mawlood; Shahla K. Alalaf; Talha Alshawaf

  123. Pre-Disposing Factors Contributing to the Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infections (IPI) among the HIV/AIDS Patients in Bungoma County, Kenya

    Authors: Fredrick Wabwile Wanyama; Albert Mwongula Wanjala; Elijah Oyoo-Okoth

  124. Optimization of Power Consumption in MIMO Cellular Networks using Dynamic Semi Definite Relaxation

    Authors: Tavleen Kaur; Jaspreet Kaur

  125. Solving False Positive Problem in Client Side XSS Filter

    Authors: Dr. Nitin Mishra; Saumya Chaturvedi; Chandrashekhar Dewangan; Sakshi Jain

  126. Bio fortification: Enhancing Nutrition in Agricultural Crops

    Authors: Suvendhu S. Dutta; A. Pattanayak; Shantanu Das

  127. Weight Reduction&Stress Analysis of Air-Conditioning Compressor Crankshaft

    Authors: Shaik Zubair Ahmed; G. Adi Narayana

  128. Adult Paratesticular Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma ? A Rare Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Patel B; Dr. Rao N; Dr. Kumar S; Dr. Bapat S S

  129. A Better Approach for Privacy Preserving Data Publishing by Slicing

    Authors: Mohd Faquroddin; G. Kiran Kumar

  130. An Introduction of Advanced Encryption Algorithm: A Preview

    Authors: Asfiya Shireen Shaikh Mukhtar; Ghousiya Farheen Shaikh Mukhtar

  131. Health Status of Women and Children: A Case Study of Two Slum Pockets of Jorhat Municipal Area

    Authors: Sangeeta Saikia Kalita; Dr. Minakshi P.Hazarika

  132. Isolation of Lycopene from Tomato and Study of Its Antimicrobial Activity

    Authors: Sohan Sunil Dhanawade; Aditya Vikas Sakhare

  133. Effect of Shilajit on Testosterone Induced Benign Prostrate Hyperplasia in Rats

    Authors: Aditya Vikas Sakhare; Suraj Ashok Bhagat

  134. Review on Medical Care Ontologies

    Authors: Parminder Kaur; Aditya Khamparia

  135. An Evaluation of Projection Based Multiplicative Data Perturbation for KNN Classification

    Authors: Bhupendra Kumar Pandya; Umesh Kumar Singh; Keerti Dixit

  136. Cascading the Images based on S-R Algorithm

    Authors: Teja Dhanawade; Varsha Bobade

  137. Anomaly Detection of Online Data using Oversampling Principal Component Analysis

    Authors: Supriya A. Bagane; J. L. Chaudhari

  138. A Survey on Fast Clustering Based Feature Selection Algorithm for High Dimensional Data

    Authors: Swapnil A. Sutar; Prof. Devendra P. Gadekar

  139. Psychosocial Status of HIV Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) Paediatric Populations in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case of Eldoret Municipality, Kenya

    Authors: Mary W. Chege Joshua Akong'a Elijah Oyoo-Okoth

  140. Privacy-Preserving Two-Party Distributed Association Rules Mining on Horizontally Partitioned Data

    Authors: Patil Suraj Kakaso; Gadage Shriniwas

  141. Log Gabor Filter Based Feature Detection in Image Verification Application

    Authors: P. Pradeep Kumar; I. Krishna Rao

  142. A Review on Efficient Algorithms for Mining High Utility Item Sets

    Authors: Nutan Sarode; Devendra Gadekar

  143. Graphical Representation of Conjugacy Classes in the Order ? Preserving Partial One ? One Transformation Semigroup

    Authors: Mogbonju M. M.; Ojo O. A.; Ogunleke I.A.

  144. Real Time Implementation of Telugu Character Recognition using Raspberry Pi

    Authors: Naga Deepa. Ch.; C. Sri Divya; Dr. N. Balaji; Dr. V. Padmaja

  145. Nutritional Screening of Allium tuberosum from Western Himalayan Region of India

    Authors: Farha Sultana; M. Mohsin

  146. Clipboard Logger-For Windows Platform

    Authors: Pratik R. Tambekar; T. R. Ravi

  147. Survey Paper on Alleviation of Cloud Internal Denial of Service Attacks

    Authors: Nikhita Nerkar; Vina M Lomte

  148. Relationship between the Habit of Daydreaming and Creative Writing in English Among High School Students

    Authors: Dr Usha Parvathy; Revathy T.S.

  149. Priority Queuing Approach for Video Streaming Over Mobile Adhoc Network Using WEAC Protocol

    Authors: A. Kamatchi; Dr. Annasaro Vijendran

  150. Relationship between Caretakers Variable on Age and Coping Strategies of Primary Caretakers Attending to Children with Cardiac Problems

    Authors: Y. D. Haritha; Dr. Nasreenbanu

  151. Occurrence of Fungal Contamination due to Unhealthy Haircutting during Hajj

    Authors: Omar B Ahmed; Atif H Asghar; Bassam H. Mashat; Ibrahim HA Abd El-Rahim; Hegazy AI

  152. A Survey on Duplicate Detection in Hierarchical Data

    Authors: Nikhil Gawande; S. R. Todamal

  153. Power Allocation in OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Systems

    Authors: Dharmendra Verma; Gaurav Sharma

  154. Comparative Study of Soft Computing Techniques on Medical Datasets

    Authors: Mangesh Metkari; M.A. Pradhan

  155. Holographic Dark Energy in Higher-Dimensions

    Authors: Gitumani Sarma

  156. Behavior of Black Cotton Soil after Stabilization with Marble Powder

    Authors: Sachin N. Bhavsar; Ankit J. Patel

  157. Information Security in ICT from an Islamic Perspective

    Authors: Jamaludin Ibrahim; Fatima Ahmed Mohamed Nuhaabdulaziz Alyami Effra Altaf Haqani

  158. Structural, Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Activity of ZnO and ZrO2 Doped ZnO Nanoparticles

    Authors: Sohair Abd El Hakam; Shady Mohamed El-Dafrawy; Salah Fawzy; Shawky Mohamed Hassan

  159. Study of Execution Mechanism of Intelligent Mobile Agents

    Authors: Sanjay Yede; Dr. V. N. Chavan

  160. Ecotourism Potential and its Role for Sustainable Development and Livelihood in Awash National Park, Ethiopia

    Authors: Sintayehu W. Dejene; Henock Seyoum; R. Uttama Ready

  161. A Novel Methodology for Feature Subset Selection using TLBO Algorithm

    Authors: Rajeev; Dr. Rajdev Tiwari

  162. The Variations of Diction in Advocating News from Some Islamic Media in Indonesia

    Authors: Drs. Ayub Khan; M.Si.

  163. Performance of Fuzzy Based Shunt Active Power Filter Using Indirect Current Control Technique

    Authors: CH. Sujatha; Dr. K. Chandra Sekhar; Ravi Teja.Boppa

  164. Isolation of Lycopene from Papaya and Study of its Antimicrobial Activity

    Authors: Suraj Ashok Bhagat; Aditya Vikas Sakhare; Sohan Sunil Dhanawade

  165. Parent Teacher Communication in School: An Analysis in terms of Enabling and Disabling Factors as Perceived by Teachers

    Authors: Dr. Vijay Kumar Grover

  166. An Improved Framework for Outlier Periodic Pattern Detection in Time Series

    Authors: Sulochana Gagare-Kadam

  167. Decision of Unstable Human Sentiments Using Bio Signals

    Authors: Nishchal P. Bhole; Ayesha Butalia

  168. Crowd Behavior Analysis

    Authors: Kinjal Y. Joshi; Safvan A. Vohra

  169. Reliable Transmission with Fault Node Recovery Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Ayesha Mulla; Komal Mohite; Madhuri Mane

  170. Assessment of Stress Management, Risk Management&Security Management in Events

    Authors: Ashlesha M. Tambde; Nikhil A. Maske

  171. An Ontology-based Comprehensive D-matrix Construction for Accurate FDD

    Authors: Madhuri Mahesh Varma; Jyoti Nandimath

  172. A Review - Translation, Rotation and Scale-Invariant Image Retrieval

    Authors: Gajendra Paradhi; S. B. Nimbekar

  173. Evaluating the Change in Print Quality Due to Liner in Self Adhesive Labels

    Authors: Rashmi Bhat

  174. Predictive Modeling of Clinical Data Using Random Forest Algorithm and Soft Computing

    Authors: Sanika Shah; M. A. Pradhan

  175. A Comparison of Selected Legal Ontologies for the Design of Legal Process Optimization Ontology

    Authors: R. K. Ahmadh Rifai Kariapper; Prasad M Jayaweera

  176. Effect of Preparation Conditions on Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) Shape's and Size

    Authors: Raad S. Sabry; Rahma Alobaid

  177. A Review on Intrusion Detection and Security of Wormhole Attacks in MANET

    Authors: Ankita Khanna; P.U.Dere

  178. Evaluation of Proximate Composition and Phytochemical analysis of Terminalia catappa L. from Nagapattinam Region

    Authors: Vijaya Packirisamy; Dr. Vijayalakshmi Krishnamorthi

  179. A Review - Secure Route Discovery for Preventing Black Hole Attacks on AODV-based MANETs

    Authors: Hansraj Bhakte; Rahul Kulkarni

  180. Survey on Algorithms Predicting Performance of Keyword Queries

    Authors: Snehal Borole

  181. Floristic Composition and Ethnobotanical Observation in Angul-Talcher Mining Area, Odisha, India

    Authors: Gyanranjan Mahalik; Sandeep Kumar Nayak; Ashirbad Mohapatra; Kunja Bihari Satapathy

  182. Biomechanical Analysis of Intra-Cycle Gait Structure of Female Athletes

    Authors: Amar Kumar; Sukanta Goswami

  183. A Review on Pattern Classification Using Multilevel and Other Fuzzy Min Max Neural Network Classifier

    Authors: Rakesh K. Jambhulkar

  184. Effective Text Clustering Method Based on Huffman Encoding Algorithm

    Authors: Nikhil Pawar

  185. Effect of Substitution of Iron by Cobalt on Hydrogenation Properties of TiFe

    Authors: M. Boulghallat; A. Jouaiti; L. Lallam

  186. Biomass and Lipid Accumulation of Microalgae Grown on Dairy Wastewater as a Possible Feedstock for Biodiesel Production

    Authors: Mahendraperumal Guruvaiah; Deval Shah; Ekta Shah

  187. Sexual Harassment against Women at Educational Institutions

    Authors: M. Reena; Dr. Onnur Saheab

  188. A Survey on IT Women Entrepreneurship in India

    Authors: Savitha N; K. B. Drakshayini; Apoorva N.J

  189. Potential Biofertilizer Application for the Enhancement of Tree Legumes

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