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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.5, No.2

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2016-02-01

  1. A Data Acquisition System for Tele-Health Monitoring

    Authors: Ashwini A. Mankari; D. S. Bhosale

  2. The Moroccan Tax System and the Challenges of Economic Efficiency: Opportunities and Threats

    Authors: Abdelkader Khanfor; Youssef ELWAZANI

  3. Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Patients with COPD

    Authors: Ledi Necaj; Edmond Pistulli

  4. Role of Big Data and Analytics in Smart Cities

    Authors: Sanjeev Kumar; Anand Prakash

  5. Synthesis, Structure and Microstructure of Bi1.5CuV1.5O7

    Authors: Math Shivalingayya; R L Raibagkar

  6. Survey on Fraud Ranking in Mobile Apps

    Authors: Monali Zende; Aruna Gupta

  7. A Rare Case of Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumour

    Authors: Dr. A. Ajay Raja; Dr. M. Ganesan; Dr. A. Avinash

  8. Molar Tooth Sign in Joubert Syndrome: A Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Brig. K. Sahoo; Dr. Shweta Bhairagond; Dr. Pramod Shaha; Dr. Jainesh Dodia

  9. The Role of Uterine Artery Doppler Sonography in Predicting Pre Eclampsia at 14-20 Weeks of Gestation

    Authors: Dr. Brig K. Sahoo; Dr. Pramod Shaha; Dr. Shweta Bhairagond; Dr. Vinay Raj R.

  10. Plant Existence as a Main Factor Affecting Water Availability in Deserts

    Authors: Dr. Wail M. Omran

  11. Tunneling-based Routing and Handover Decision Model for Proxy Mobile IPv6 Networks

    Authors: Yunes Abdussalam Amgahd; Raghav Yadav

  12. F-wave Latency of Ulnar Nerve Conduction among Normal Sudanese Adults

    Authors: Wafaa Abdel Raouf Hussein; Ammar Eltahir

  13. Clients Location Hiding in Geosocial Recommendation Applications

    Authors: Khadke Shriram Bhanudasrao; Mahadik Pravin B.

  14. Prevention of Phishing Threats using Visual Cryptography and One Time Password (OTP)

    Authors: Sneha M. Shelke; Prachi A. Joshi

  15. An Evolving Expert System for Maize Plant Nutrient Deficiency using Image Processing Technique

    Authors: S. Sridevy; Dr. Anna Saro Vijendran

  16. The Role of Reproductive Hormones on Fertility with Beta-Thalassemia

    Authors: Muhammad O. Al-Muhammadi; Bushra J. Al-Rubaie; Mais A. Al-Turaihi

  17. A Secured Dynamic Group Sharing with V2 Signature and Encryption Techniques in Public Cloud

    Authors: Rajani Sajjan; Vijay Ghorpade; Nayantara Yerate

  18. Updating Policy with Access Control Using Multi Authority in the Cloud

    Authors: V. Kalpana; J. Daphney Joann

  19. Study on Decision Making Process with reference to Risk Taking Behaviour of Rural Woman Vegetables Growers in Jobat Block of Alirajpur District, Madhya Pradesh, India

    Authors: Sarala Chouhan; Dr. Sandhya Choudhary; Dr. V. K. Swarnakar

  20. Growth of Cassia Siamea Lam in Semi- Arid Agroecosystems

    Authors: Ramesh Chand Meena; Ramavtar Sharma

  21. Subperiosteal Implants in Treatment of Total and Partial Edentulism - A Long Term Follow Up

    Authors: Stefan Peev; Elitsa Sabeva

  22. Effect of Andrographis Paniculata to the Expression of IL-6, IL-17, IL-10, TGF?, and the Ratio of Treg / Th17 in Sprague Dawley Rats with Atherosclerosis Diet and Cigarette Smoke

    Authors: Benadette Dian Novita Dewi; Imelda Theodora; Wahyu Dewi Tamayanti; Adi Pramono

  23. Relevance of Business Ethics of Jain Philosophy in Modern Corporate World

    Authors: Dr. Alka Jain

  24. State University of Medan Student's Perception on Tarung Derajat Martial Arts in Unimed Rehearsal Unit

    Authors: Muhammad Chairad

  25. Investigation of 2-GHz Threshold Levels for Radio Waves in the NIGER Delta Region, CRS, Nigeria

    Authors: Okon Bernard Edem

  26. Maternal Healthcare Services and its Effect on child Health in India

    Authors: Gulnawaz Usmani

  27. Effect of Maize (Zea mays.L) on Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Yield and its Components in Maize-Bean Intercropping

    Authors: Addisu Getahun; Seltene Abady

  28. Reducing Defects in RCC Member by using Six Sigma Principle

    Authors: Neha Bagdiya; Sneha Sawant

  29. Medicinal and Nutritional Importance of C. decidua (Forssk.) Edgew. (Capparaceae): A Review

    Authors: Sadia Chishty; Monika

  30. Pandas: A Rare Case Report

    Authors: Y. Kulkarni; R. Warkari

  31. Service Recovery-A Promising Strategy for Customer Loyalty

    Authors: Dr. A. Kumudha; Barkath Unissa.A

  32. HPLC Analysis of In-Shell Walnuts for the Natural Incidence and Co-Occurrence of Fusarial Toxins - Zearalenone, Zearalenol and Deoxynivalenol

    Authors: Rohini Sharma; Geeta Sumbali

  33. Issues Associated with Decimeter Waves Propagation at 0.6, 1.0 and 2.0 Peak Fresnel Zone Levels

    Authors: D. E. Bassey; R. C. Okoro; B. E. Okon

  34. Issues of Variance of Extreme Values in a Heterogeneous Teletraffic Environment

    Authors: D.E. Bassey; R. C. Okoro; B. E. Okon

  35. An Improved Efficiency of Integrated Inverter / Converter for Dual Mode EV/HEV Application

    Authors: A. S. S. Veerendra Babu; P. Bala Krishna; R. Venkatesh

  36. Determination of Optimum Preservative Treatment Time for Green Bamboo using Boucherie Apparatus: Jagriti

    Authors: Dhruba Gurung; Runumi Borthakur; R. K. Borah

  37. Effect of Temperature and Time on the Kraft Pulping of Egyptian Bagasse

    Authors: Mohamed Bassiouni Morsy Ghazy

  38. Design and Implementation of Power Efficient 8:1 Multiplexer Based on Adiabatic Logic

    Authors: Vijendra Pratap Singh; Dr. S. R. P. Sinha

  39. Determination of Target Number of Peaks for Automatic Peak Detection Threshold Determination

    Authors: Gideon Kanji Damaryam

  40. Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Mg(OH)2 and MgO

    Authors: S. RSoniya; V. Manikantan Nair

  41. OCT based Comparison of RNFL Thickness in Low to Moderate Myopic Eyes with NORMAL and Raised IOP

    Authors: Snigdha Sen; Himanshu Yadav; Tirupati Nath; Arpita Gupta

  42. Research on Development Trend of College Sports Teaching under Sunlight Sports Background

    Authors: Yongmao Zhang

  43. Novelty Dimension Overview in Tourist Satisfaction: GCC Case

    Authors: Muatasim Al Salmi; Norlena Hasnan

  44. Abnormalities in Semen Parameters of Men Due to Consumption of Alcohol

    Authors: Kadiri Pullanna; Dereddy Nagalinga Reddy; Gundala Harold Philip

  45. A Review Paper on Preventing Forged Acknowledgement in Manets

    Authors: Ajit N. Gedam; M. P. Wankhade

  46. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in West Bengal-An Inter-District Analysis

    Authors: Krishna Sen; Seikh Salim

  47. Parental Reaction to the Diagnosis of their Child with Febrile Seizures

    Authors: Artan Haruni; Marsela Haruni

  48. Fibromuscular Dysplasia ? A Rare Cause of Reno-Vascular Hypertension

    Authors: Manjunath F V; Taruni Ng; Pranab Kanti Datta; Sanjiv Kumar Sharma

  49. Epidemiologic Observations about Pediatric NHL in Albania

    Authors: Xhafa Mirela; Godo Anila; Cenko Fabian; Nastas Eleni; Bali Donjeta; Maliqari Numila; Shundi Lila

  50. Mucocutaneous Manifestations in HIV Patients

    Authors: A. Vijaya Kumari; K. Penchalaiah; R. Sreenivasulu Naik

  51. An Data Analytics Applied for Crime Identification over IOT

    Authors: Pulim. Pradeep Reddy; D. Rajesh

  52. Improved Clustering Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Naziya Naved Shaikh; Dr. M. U. Kharat

  53. An Exponential Fourier Series for I-Function of Several Complex Variables

    Authors: V. G. Gupta; Nawal Kishor Jangid

  54. Leadership Development Programs to Integrate Business and People - Continuous Journey

    Authors: Soumya R. S.; Dr. M. M. Bagali

  55. The Outcomes of a Two-Stage Otoacustic Emissions / Auditory Brainstem Response Newborn Hearing Screening in Albania 2009-2011

    Authors: Edlira Beqiri; Sara Beqiri

  56. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Infection among the Staff Nurses Working in Hemodialysis unit in Selected Hospitals in Chhattisgarh state, India

    Authors: Lisa Louis Philip

  57. Pattern of Thyroid Disease in Hail Region, Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Dr. Safia Moussa; Amal Alshammari; Gada Alshammari; Kawther Alshammar; Maram Alanzi; Nadia Alanzi; Zainab Alshammari

  58. A Review of Steelmaking Technologies

    Authors: Sudipto Shekhor Mondol

  59. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Liver Space Occupying Lesions - A Study of 57 Cases from a Tertiary Care Centre

    Authors: Neeraj Dhameja; Varnika Rai; Rajeev Singh

  60. Evaluation of Thermal Properties of Ferrite Nanoparticles for Magnetic Hyperthermia Treatment

    Authors: E. I. A. Elbeshir

  61. Smart Security by Predicting Future Crime with GIS and LBS Technology on Mobile Device

    Authors: Gaurav Kumar; P. S. Game

  62. Ossifying Fibroma of the Mandible ? Case Report and Literature Review

    Authors: Deliverska E.; M. Rubiev

  63. The Role of Maxillofacial Surgeon in Treatment of Patients with Combined Trauma. Algorithm for a Complex Diagnostic Evaluation

    Authors: E. Deliverska

  64. Performance Comparison of Devanagari and Gurmukhi Handwritten Numerals Recognition

    Authors: Gita Sinha; Rakesh Kumar Roshan

  65. Factors Influencing Meat Buying Behaviour among Rural, Semi-Urban and Urban Households

    Authors: T. Senthilkumar; V. Muralidhar

  66. Synchronous Tuberculosis and Breast Cancer Metastasis in Axillary Lymph Nodes: A Case Report

    Authors: Ramanjis Tallari; Veenita Yogi; O. P. Singh

  67. IoT for Healthcare

    Authors: B. Sobhan Babu; K. Srikanth; T. Ramanjaneyulu; I. Lakshmi Narayana

  68. Design Optimization of Crush Beams of SUV Chassis for Crashworthiness

    Authors: Ramesh Koora; Ramavath Suman; Syed Azam Pasha Quadri

  69. Biomimicry Applications in Agriculture to Benefit from Water Renewable Resources

    Authors: Dr. Wail M. Omran

  70. Modeling of Radio Waves Transmission in Buildings Located Around Niger Delta Urban Microcell Environment Using ?Ray Tracing Techniques?

    Authors: D. E. Bassey; R. C. Okoro; B. E. Okon

  71. Effect of Swimming, Cycling, Walking and Yoga Exercise on Blood Glucose in Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Dr. P. H. Rohankar; Dr. M. W. Jagtap; S. A. Kale

  72. Approach for Initial Treatment of Combined Trauma Patients. Treatment Protocol in Maxillofacial Trauma Patients Admitted at Department of Maxillofacial Surgery

    Authors: E. Deliverska

  73. Caecum Volvulus: A Short Case Series

    Authors: Duncan D Mugala; Alick Mwambungu; Nathan Siulapwa; Womba Kadochi; Muhumpu Kafwamfwa

  74. Banana Xanthomonas Wilt: Occurrence and Means of Transmission in Kagera, Mwanza and Mara Regions of Tanzania

    Authors: Ibrahim Hashim; Robert B. Mabagala

  75. The Improvement of Cadres Knowledge Throught Strengthening of Social Capital in Agam District Year 2014

    Authors: Fauziah Elytha; Rizanda Machmud; Rita Damayanti; Nusyirwan Effendi

  76. Analysis of Job Management Method Oriented by People-Post Matching

    Authors: Jie Rong

  77. Susceptibility Assessment above Underground Mining Exploitations ? A Case Study in Bulqiza Mine

    Authors: Gafur Muka

  78. Effect of Methanol Extract of Carica papaya Seed on Some Hormone Function in Male Albino Rats

    Authors: Reuben A.; Wurochekke A. U.; Mahmoud S. J.

  79. Correlation between Optic Disc Damages and Functional Glaucoma Changes

    Authors: Tomi Petri; Sulejman Zhugli

  80. Overview on Nanotechnology: The Future of Seawater Desalination

    Authors: Dr. Amrita Khatri

  81. Adravya Chikitsa - A Review

    Authors: Dr. Shivani Sanjeev Gavande

  82. M/D/1 Feedback Queueing Models with Retention of Reneged Customers

    Authors: Dr. S. K. Tiwari; Dr. V. K. Gupta; Tabi Nandan Joshi

  83. Network Analysis using GIS Techniques: A Case of Chandigarh City

    Authors: Parveen Kumar; Dinesh Kumar

  84. Role of C-Reactive Protein in Development of Hypertension

    Authors: Mohd Shakeel; Shiv Prakash Rathore; Dharmveer Yadav; Praveen Sharma

  85. A Geographical Study of Rainfall Variability in Nandurbar District

    Authors: Dr. Vanmala R. Tadvi

  86. Implementation of VLSI Based Robust Router Architecture

    Authors: M. N. Karanjkar; Pramod Kulkarni

  87. Non Linearities & Dispersion Management in Advanced Communication

    Authors: N. S. Murti Sarma; S. P. Venu madhava Rao

  88. The Underlying Simplicity at the Subatomic Domain Can Describe the Diverse and Complex Universe - Where Matter and Energy are the Flipped Side of the Same Coin

    Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

  89. Automatic Text Summarization: A Detailed Study

    Authors: Nimisha Dheer; Chetan Kumar

  90. Application of GIS Technologies in Optimal Routes Modelling of Water Utilities to Spur Development

    Authors: Peter W Kathuo; Kenneth Mubea

  91. Study of Eimeria canadensis in Bos indicus from Marathwada Region

    Authors: V. K. Bansode; S. V. Nikam; S. R. Sable

  92. Personal Authentication Based on Iris Recognition

    Authors: Law Kumar Singh; Praveen Gupta

  93. Tracing the Conceptual Framework of Multimedia-based Instructional Package for Enhancing English Language Skills

    Authors: Hemant Lata Sharma; Kiran Rani

  94. Preparation & Characterization of Insulating Rice Husk Ash Refractory using Rice Husk as Pore Forming Agent

    Authors: SK Saddam Hossain; Aman Bhardwaj; Manas Ranjan Majhi

  95. Insidence of Superficial Mycotic Infections in Surguja, Chhattisgarh

    Authors: Ashok K. Shukla

  96. Forms for Addressing in the Macedonian and English Language ? Trends in the Television Shows

    Authors: Kostadinovska Bisera; Janueva Violeta

  97. UHF Wave Propagation Losses Beyond 40 Percent Fresnel Zone Radius in South-South, Nigeria

    Authors: D. E. Bassey; Aniefiok O. Akpan; E Udoeno

  98. Comparative Study of Urine Albumin Creatinine Ratio v/s Intima Media Thickening as a Marker of Atherogenicity in Ischaemic Heart Diseases

    Authors: Talib S. H.; Patil Sumit; Dase R. K.; Pagar Bhushan; Kanjani Indira; Kurhade Aniket

  99. Neural Decoding Technique to Reconstruct Stimulus from the Evoked fMRI Voxel Responses

    Authors: Mupparathy Babu Liby; Jini Cheriyan

  100. MFCC-Based Voice Recognition System for Home Automation Using Dynamic Programming

    Authors: Sandeep Joshi; Sneha Nagar

  101. Some New Challenges before Indian Democracy and Present Government

    Authors: Dr. Bina Rai

  102. A Literature Review of Satellite Image Enhancement Methods

    Authors: Gauri Rode; V. K. Shandilya

  103. Analyze the Expression of Cytokeratin 5 on the Epithelial Cells of the Buccal Mucosa in Batik Workers

    Authors: Juni Handajani; Dhinintya Hyta Narissi

  104. First Documented Study of Mycoplasma Wenyonii of Cattle in Iraq

    Authors: Basima. A; Baraa. A

  105. Rare Case of Mycetoma Foot without any Discharging Sinuses: A Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Ashwini Sankhe; Dr. Jernail Singh Bava; Dr. Swapnil Patil; Dr. Kiran Kale

  106. The Use of Homonymy in Iraqi Colloquial Poetry

    Authors: Tawfeeq AL-Ghazali

  107. Clinical Outcomes of Patients Presenting As Fever with Thrombocytopenia in Marathwada Region

    Authors: Nikalje Anand; Talib S.H.; Pagar Bhushan; Patil Sumit; Patil Piyush; Kurhade Aniket

  108. Drivers? Comprehension of the Traffic Signs

    Authors: Sodikin; Ahmad Munawar; Bagus H. Setiadji

  109. Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Load Deformation Behavior of a Reinforced Concrete Beam

    Authors: Kavitha.S; Dr. T. Felix Kala

  110. Secure Anonymity Communication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Karan Mashal; Kajal Mungase

  111. Farmers? Knowledge and Perceptions of Rice yellow mottle virus in Selected Rice Growing Areas in Tanzania

    Authors: Judith Hubert; Ashura Luzi-Kihupi; Eugenie Hebrard; Herman John Faraji Lyimo

  112. Caregiver's Burden on Patients with Neurological Disorders

    Authors: Dr. P. Akila; Agnes Monica.V

  113. Electric Conductivity of Gum Arabic from Acacia Senegal

    Authors: Leila Mokhtar

  114. Economic Analysis of Black Pepper Cultivation in Kerala

    Authors: S Regeena

  115. The Impact of Work-Life Balance on the Wellbeing of Employees in the Telecom Sector

    Authors: S. Vijaya Kumari; Dr. A. Manor Selvi

  116. Production, Characterization and Application of a New Biosurfactant Derived from Egyptian Sunflower Seeds

    Authors: A. Diab; Shereen Sami; A. A. Diab

  117. A Study on Disclosure and Avoidance of SQL Injection Attack

    Authors: Monali Rajurkar; S. A. Mane

  118. Virtual Instruments in the Open Source World ? A Review

    Authors: Namit Gupta; Denim Jaiswal

  119. An Efficient Steganography Using Mosaic Image with Enhanced Security

    Authors: Anisha S; Neethu Maria John

  120. Application of Jigsaw Teaching Method in Logistics Cost Management

    Authors: Meixiang Hong

  121. Adolescents? Aggression in Relation to Peer Pressure and Family Relationship

    Authors: Rajesh Kumar; Beenu Varma

  122. Knowledge Regarding Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illnesses (IMNCI) Among ANMS

    Authors: Radhika.M; Dr. Mrs. Kasthuri.G

  123. Post-operative anal Sphincteric Study by Anorectal Manometer after Duhamel's Procedure for Hirschsprung's Disease

    Authors: Dr. Punit Srivastava; Dr. Richa Jaiman

  124. Change in Femoral Neck Anteversion Relative to the Retrocondylar Coordinate System and Computed Tomography Axial Plane

    Authors: Norio Imai; Dai Miyasaka; Shinya Ibuchi; Hayato Suzuki; Ken Suda; Naoto Endo

  125. The Impact of Director Board's Characteristics on Firm Value: A Study on HOSE

    Authors: Duong Trong Nhan; Vo Thi Quy

  126. Characterization of Liver Disease using Image Texture Analysis

    Authors: Babkir A. Awad Alla; Abdoelrahman Hassan A. B; Mohamed Elfadil M. Gar-elnabi; Asma I. Ahmed

  127. Evaluation of a Newly Formulated Thermoplastic Monomer Free Complete Denture Base Material (Microbiological Study)

    Authors: Ahmed Abdelhamid; Medhat Ashour; Abdelrahman Mohamed Abdelrahman

  128. Comparison between Nickel and Chromium Levels in Saliva of Children Having Space Maintainers versus Stainless Steel Crowns (Comparative Study)

    Authors: Ahmed Abd-Elrahman Mohamed; Amel Mahmoud Ahmed; Tasneem Tarek Mahmoud

  129. Simulation of a Low Cost Powered Ankle-Foot Prosthesis during Stair Ascent and Descent Gaits

    Authors: Tejbinder Singh; Rajmeet Singh

  130. Project Management as an Aid to Six Sigma

    Authors: K P Rao

  131. Rapid and Template Free Synthesis of ZnO Nanorods and Analysis of their LPG Sensing Properties

    Authors: Sujata Patil; Pradip Patil

  132. The Effect of Self-Instructional Module on Knowledge of Caregivers of Children with Cerebral Palsy

    Authors: Iman Badran

  133. Survey of Web Database Clustering Techniques

    Authors: Chaitali R. Hokam; Vaishali P. Suryawanshi

  134. Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behavior & Awareness towards Organic Food: A Study of Chandigarh & Panchkula Consumers

    Authors: Dr. Geetika Sharma; Dr. Rakhee Dewan; Santosh Bali

  135. Sexuality Education in Christian Homes: Knowledge and Perception of Young People in Ife Central Local Government Osun State

    Authors: Ogunsanmi Ololade; Afolabi Ibukunoluwa; Olaoye Titilayo; Ajike Saratu

  136. Survey on Car Detection Techniques Using Aerial Images

    Authors: Azharoddin Inamdar; Zameer Farooqui

  137. Determination of Irregular Antibodies in Donated Blood at the National Central Laboratory, Nairobi Kenya

    Authors: Katsutsu D. A.; Waithaka S. K.; Wesongah J. O.

  138. Fixed Column Study for the Removal of Zinc (II) Ions from Waste Water by Bone Char Rice Husks Ash and Water Hyacinth Composite-Mixture

    Authors: Genson Murithi; Karanja wa-Thiongo; Kariuki S. Warui; Wachira Muthengia

  139. Reduced Call Drop Rate in a 4G Network using Vertical Handoff Algorithm

    Authors: Prachi P. Patil; Urmila Birada

  140. Study on Self-Adaptive Control System - View of Internal Adaptation

    Authors: Hussam Mohammed-ElHassan Ibrahim Dafaalla; Dalia Mahmoud

  141. Description o Nymphal Instars of Chrysocoris stolli Wolf (Heteroptera_Pentatomidae Scutellerinae)

    Authors: P. K. Sehgal; S. C. Dhiman

  142. Reset Control System - View of Internal Concept

    Authors: Hussam Mohammed-ElHassan Ibrahim Dafaalla; Dalia Mahmoud

  143. Computer Network Performance Optimization Approaches based on Distributed System with the Cloud Computing Environment

    Authors: Song Jiajia

  144. Application of Raspberry Pi and PIR Sensor for Monitoring of Smart Surveillance System

    Authors: Yogita Vijay Narkhede; S. G. Khadke

  145. Intelligent Home Automation and Environment Creation Using Arm9

    Authors: Chetana Naresh Nemade; M. D. Bagde

  146. A Multi-Tenant Framework for an Enterprise System on Cloud

    Authors: Dr. Sarvjit Singh Bhatia; Vikram Gupta

  147. Fire Sensors Data Acquisition System and its Transmission by Using C8051 MCU

    Authors: Ramadhani M. Ally; Zhang Jun

  148. Sustainable Agricultural Intensification: Evolving Adaptation Fissures and Ecosystem Services Resilience

    Authors: Nkpeebo A. Yesutanbul; Madyanga P. Juvenary; Nuamah Seth

  149. Caffeine Habits among Medical Students in King Saud University

    Authors: Yousif Al-turki; Basel Alenazy; Abdulrhman Algadheeb; Mazi Alanazi; Abdulsalam Almarzouqi; Abdulrahman Alanazi; Abdulelah Alanazi; Mohammed Alanazi

  150. Optimisation of the Regulatory Regime and its Impact on Women Empowerment?A Case Study of Karnataka

    Authors: Seema Sinha

  151. Monitoring of Power Quality at Small Hydropower Plant ? Case Study

    Authors: Boris CFARKU; Nako HOBDARI; Astrit BARDHI

  152. A Study on Pattern of Identity Development among Adolescents

    Authors: G. Swarupa Rani; Dr. M. Sarada Devi

  153. To Reduce Magnetic Inrush Current by Point Wave Switching Method

    Authors: Pawar Akash; Kamal Sundeep

  154. Early Detection of Drug Susceptibility Test for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis by Slide DST Method Using Two Media- Middle Brook 7H9 Broth and Human Blood Media

    Authors: Amruta Patil; Dr. P. B. Desai

  155. Relationship Good Governance with Welfare Society Mediated by Local Government Financial Disclosure and Audit Report Opinion (Study on Local Government South Southeast Sulawesi)

    Authors: Mulyati Akib; Abdul Hamid Habbe; Yohanis Rura; Adnan Hakim

  156. Reproductive Morbidity in Rajasthan: A Situational Analysis

    Authors: Dr. Firdous Ansari

  157. Effects of Botanical Extracts on Fungal Load of Sesame (SesamumindicumL.) Seeds

    Authors: Anjorin Samuel Toba; Salako Ezekiel Adebayo; Oluchi Nwogbo

  158. Influence of Common Interest Group Membership on Productivity of Smallholder Indigenous Chicken Enterprise in Kisumu County

    Authors: Onyango R; Obara J.J; Bebe B.O

  159. Interspecies Variation in Pupation Site Preference on Exposure to Different Anti Epileptic Drugs - A Study in Few Species of Drosophila

    Authors: B. P. Harini

  160. Studies on Morphological Features and Biological Activities of the Genus Annona of Ethiopia, N. E. Africa with a Special Emphasis on Graviola: A Review

    Authors: Harikrishna Ramaprasad Saripalli; Prasanna Kumar Dixit

  161. A Study on Cotton Fiber Stabilize Soil and its Effect on CBR Value

    Authors: Brajesh Mishra

  162. A Case Study of Dexmedetomidine as an Intrathecal Adjuvant for Postoperative Analgesia in Orthopedic Lower Limb Surgeries

    Authors: Dr. Athyun.G; Dr. Malathi.C.N; Dr. Nalini Kotekar

  163. ISP Traffic Engineering by Optimizing Routing Options: A Case of ZAMNET Communication Systems

    Authors: Lazarous Tute; Jackson Phiri; Ariel Phiri

  164. Face Recognition using TSF Model and DWT based Multilevel Illumination Normalization

    Authors: Midhun Madhusoodanan; Jini Cheriyan

  165. Effects of Cooked Starches and Sucrose or their Combination on Salivary ?-Amylase Activity and Oral pH

    Authors: Wafaa Abdelraouf Khalil; Mohamed Yusuf Sukkar; Bakri G Gismalla

  166. An Analysis of Power Enhancement of Gas Turbine Power Plant Using Different Types of Air Cooling System

    Authors: D. Muthukumaran

  167. Evidence by Multi-Scale Analysis of Lineaments Derived from Gravity Anomalies in the Batouri Area (Eastern-Cameroon)

    Authors: Ngoumou Paul Claude; Owona Angue Marie-Louise Clotilde; Bikoro Bi Alou Marcelin; Wandji Kamwa Joseph Antoine; Owono Amougou Olivier Ulrich Igor; Ndougsa Mbarga Theophile

  168. An Effective Learning of Exposition Text Writing with Sequential Jigsaw Method

    Authors: Yakub Nasucha; Haris Mudjiman

  169. Impact of Human Resource Quality and Bureaucracy Behaviour on Organizational Performance Effectiveness

    Authors: Samiruddin; Yasir Syam Husain

  170. Testing the Validity of Proposed Model for Measuring the Crisis Management in the Central Tripoli Hospital-Libya ?Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis?

    Authors: Naser Ramadan Abu Oun; Kamaluddin Nurdin Marjuni

  171. Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (Syndroma Moschkowitz), Severe Disease with Potential Fatal Outcome

    Authors: Svetlana Stankovikj; Kata Martinova; Vera Stankovikj

  172. Study of Zernike Polynomials Properties for Oblique Elliptical Aperture at an Angle (? / 4) with X-Axis

    Authors: Sanaa G. Abd; Sundus Y. Hasan

  173. Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Malfunction by Plastic Piece: Case Report

    Authors: Mittal K; Mittal A; Sonika P; Aggarwal HK

  174. Comparison of Pilates Exercises and Proprioceptive Exercises on Joint Position Sense in People with Knee Osteoarthritis

    Authors: Kaur Rajinder; Kaur Harneet

  175. Geometric Decomposition of Spider Tree

    Authors: E. Ebin Raja Merly; D. Subitha

  176. Determination of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Fractals

    Authors: Dr. V. Shanthoshini Deviha

  177. A Novel Palmprint Recognition System based on GIST and ELM

    Authors: Dr. S. Chidambaranathan

  178. Factors Affecting Childrens Satisfaction with Open Spaces with the Residential Complexes

    Authors: Dr. Esmail Zarghami Engineer. Fateme Sadat Safari

  179. One Point Perspective Vanishing Point Estimation for Mobile Robot Vision Based Navigation System

    Authors: Gideon Kanji Damaryam

  180. Thermodynamic, Stability, Potentiometric and Solution Studies of Mixed Metal Complexes Involving Transition Metals and EGTA Ligand

    Authors: Seema Yadav Kumari; Pratibha Paliwal Bhatele

  181. PRISM: Phase and Resource Information-Aware Scheduler for MapReduce

    Authors: P Ramesh Naidu; Dr. Guruprasad

  182. Phyco-diversity of Birla Talab in BITS Pilani of Jhunjhunu District (Raj.) India

    Authors: Sunita Verma; J. B. Khan

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