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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.11, No.4

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2022-04-05

  1. Numerical Investigation of Hydromagnetic Natural Convection Flow of Heat Absorbing Fluid Past an Impulsively Moving Infinite Vertical Plate in the Presence of Uniform Transverse Magnetic Field

    Authors: Bala Erick; Johana K. Sigey; Jeconia A. Okelo; Emmah Marigi

  2. Analysis of Forced Convection on an Incompressible Fluid Flow in a Rectangular Enclosure

    Authors: Divinah K. Moogi; Johana K. Sigey; Jeconiah A. Okelo; Simeon K. Maritim

  3. Low-Cost Sex Reassignment Synthetic Model

    Authors: Alexandre Sa Pinto Da Nobrega Lucena; Pedro Lucena De Aquino; Ana Heloisa Feitosa De Macedo Pereira; Amanda De Andrade Cavalcante; Leticia Castelo Branco De Oliveira; Giana Lobo Amaral; Thalia De Souza Bezerra; Maria Yasmim Moura Martins; Anna Leticia Sil

  4. A Comparative Study to Assess the Knowledge and Expressed Practice of Over-the-Counter Antibiotics use in the Selected Urban and Rural Community of Shimla, H.P.

    Authors: Pallavi

  5. Therapeutic Aspects of Agnikarma and its Importance in Current Ayurvedic Practice

    Authors: Dr. Shaikh Amrin Chand; Dr. Mali Sandip

  6. Multiple Stromal Tumors in Von Recklinghausen Disease: A Real Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenge

    Authors: Nacir Oussama; Ait Errami Adil; Oubaha Sofia; Samlani Zouhour; Krati Khadija

  7. Dominance of Hardware Firewalls and Denial of Firewall Attacks (Case Study BlackNurse Attack)

    Authors: Thume Vamshi Krishna; Pulipati Karthik

  8. A Comparative Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Warm Compress versus NaCl Compress in Relieving Phlebitis among Patients with IV Cannulation Admitted at Selected Hospitals of Himachal Pradesh

    Authors: Poonam Thakur

  9. A Discrete Approach to Surface Embellishments on Rexene Accessories on Women?s Casual Wear Garments

    Authors: Sandhya Lekshmi K.

  10. Atopic Dermatitis in COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review

    Authors: Rika Desviorita

  11. Design and Depiction of 3D Printed Robotic Fish

    Authors: Jithin V A; V Ravichandra; MVS Praveen

  12. Promising Materials for Photoconductive Antenna for THz Generation

    Authors: Hemant Kumar

  13. Clofazimine: A New Hope in the Battle of Corona Pandemic!

    Authors: Jayasimha D; Dr. Davan B Bevoor; Dr. Ravindra P Choudhary; Dr. Hanumanthachar Joshi

  14. Dalit Consciousness and Search for Identity in Meena Kandasamy's Works

    Authors: Chaitra Pandurang Naik

  15. Evaluation of Broadcast Media and Voters? Education during Gubernatorial Election in Ekiti State, Nigeria

    Authors: Adepoju Oluwaseun Lois

  16. A Review of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer and Systemic Treatment

    Authors: Venkataramana Inagaluri

  17. Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching Module (VATM) on Knowledge Regarding Dual Task Exercise (DTE) among Patients with Cerebrovascular Accidents (CVA) Attending Tertiary Care Hospitals of Maharashtra State

    Authors: Ankita Rajendra Hiwarale

  18. Pyoderma Gangrenosum and Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease: About a Case Series and Review of the Literature

    Authors: Nacir Oussama; Aboutarik Fatima-Ezzahra; Ait Errami Adil; Oubaha Sofia; Samlani Zouhour; Krati Khadija; H. Taoufik; S. Amal

  19. Early Eocene Thermal Stages in the Senegalo-Mauritanian Sedimentary Basin (Western Africa)

    Authors: Malick THIAM; Moustapha DIAGNE; Pauline Y. D. Da COSTA; Raphael SARR

  20. Lepra Reactions: A Retrospective Clinical Study

    Authors: Dr. Bonnyma Rongpharpi

  21. Design of Real-Time Cobot Planetary Gear System Interfacing with Stepper Motor

    Authors: B. S. M. Vishwanth; MVS Praveen

  22. A Review of Big Data Analytics for Organizational Business Intelligence

    Authors: Soumayah Alghannam; Nourah Alsuqayh; Mehmet Sabih Aksoy

  23. Bio Mapping of Water Quality in the Catchment Area of Arkavathi River - Karihobanahalli Lake, Karnataka, India

    Authors: K. Raju; Ravi D. R.; Ramakrishna Hegde

  24. Prolactinoma - A Conclusive Guide

    Authors: Heer Gajjar

  25. People and Economy of the Hilly Region of Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India

    Authors: Deepa Bhattacharjee

  26. Prevalence of Diabetes among Residents of Theed Area of District Srinagar: A Descriptive Study

    Authors: Dr. Ishtiyaq Ahmad

  27. Methodological and Live Data Learning of Current Depression Trend

    Authors: Deepthi M; Jv Murugalal Jeyan

  28. Role of Regional Political Parties in the State Politics of Tripura: A Case Study of the Tripura Upajati Juba Samity (TUJS)

    Authors: Mainul Islam

  29. Adopting Micro-Systems for Monitoring of Teaching, Learning, Evaluation Practices: An Institutional Case

    Authors: P. M. Suresh Kumar

  30. Clinical-Profile of Rodenticide Poisoning Cases Treated at BPKIHS (A Tertiary Care Hospital in Eastern Nepal): A Retrospective Study

    Authors: Shrivastav V. K.; Yadav A.; Yadav A. K.; Chaudhary R.

  31. Effectiveness of Age Estimation in Adults using Pulp: Tooth Area Ratio with Computer Aided Software

    Authors: Neha Chauhan; Dr. Vela D. Desai

  32. Critical Analysis of NPE-1986 and NEP-2020

    Authors: Akshita Gupta

  33. Outcome of Endoscopic Decompression of Retrocalcaneal Space in Haglund?s Deformity

    Authors: Karan Arora; Arunim Swarup; Avinash Rastogi; Rahul Gupta

  34. Game-of-the-Generals: An Ethnography

    Authors: Vincent Ll. Padilla; Nathaniel G. Gido; Arlyn A. Padilla

  35. Sustaining a Community Extension in the Most Vulnerable Community

    Authors: April Faith D. Frisnedi; Anita D. Frisnedi; Alvin Espinas; Leah Digo

  36. Comparison of Different Algorithms for Disease Prediction and a Review of Already Existing Chatbots in Healthcare

    Authors: Harshpreet Kaur

  37. Overview of Vulnerability Floods and Avalanche Hazard in Himachal Pradesh

    Authors: Dr. Vinod Kumar

  38. Overview of Vulnerability Natural Hazards in Himachal Pradesh

    Authors: Dr. Vinod Kumar

  39. Effectiveness of Tactile Stimulation versus Auditory Stimulation on Neurobehavioral Development among Neonates in NICU in Selected Hospital

    Authors: Anusha .L; Dr. Radhika .M

  40. A Study to Compare the Effectiveness of Theraband Exercises versus Aerobic Exercises on Balance and Mobility among the Community Dwelling Elderly

    Authors: Balaji; Mythili; Balchandar

  41. Myofibroblastoma of Male Breast: A Rare Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Arijit ROY; Dr. Tamoghna Das; Dr. Riya Das

  42. Weiner Model

    Authors: Binayaka Mishra

  43. Intravenous Immunoglobulin Treatment on a Patient Presenting with Severe COVID-19 and Impending Respiratory Failure: A Case Report

    Authors: Ary Priadnyana; Anak Agung Gde Upeksha

  44. Effect of Educational Program on Use of Rotary Nickel-Titanium Endodontic Instruments: A Questionnaire Survey among Bulgarian Dental Practitioners

    Authors: Emilia Karova; Violeta Dogandziyska

  45. Laser Application and Root Canal Sealing of Endodontically Treated Teeth

    Authors: Violeta Dogandziyska; Emilia Karova

  46. Outcome Comparison Fresh versus Frozen Embryo Transfers in Bali Royal Hospital

    Authors: Ida Bagus Putra Adnyana; Made Angga Diningrat; Ida Bagus Putra Praja Adnyana; I Gusti Ngurah Bagus Surya Udayana

  47. Skills Inventory of BSHM Practicum Trainees

    Authors: Sunshine B. Bracero; Nino J. Libres; Christian Dave L. Medio; Richard C. Ravanta Jr.; Jessica M. Redona; Policronio A. Dorio Jr.; Rafael M. Bachanicha

  48. Impact Assessment of Student Volunteers on the Community Extension Services of the University amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

    Authors: Policronio A Dorio Jr.; Rafael M. Bachanicha; Jay Aaron D. Arboladura

  49. A Prospective Observation Study of Associated Causes of Single Umblical Artery and Its Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

    Authors: Dr. Renu Yadav; Dr. Deepika Verma

  50. Foreign Language Preference of University of Cebu Hospitality Management Students

    Authors: Faith Tricia D. Borres; Jesus I. Garcia III; Jim J. Hernandez; Catherine Kaye P. Mecaros; Cheska Therese B. Tarona; Grayfield T. Bajao; Regie C. Gabunada; Rafael M. Bachanicha

  51. Vietnam's Language Policy for Ethnic Minority Languages from 1975 to Now

    Authors: MA. Nguyen Thu Huyen; MA. Nguyen Thi Thuy

  52. To Enhance Enterprise Resource Planning with Blockchain: Food Supply Chain

    Authors: Pulipati Karthik; Thume Vamshi Krishna

  53. Is COVID-19 Proved to be Mental Financial Crises among Transgender Community?

    Authors: Sonam Kalra; Pooja Negi

  54. The Perceived Effects of Android-Based Assisted Learning to the Academic Performance of Students

    Authors: Dr. John C. Amar

  55. Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Situ Bagendit Garut Tourist Destinations

    Authors: Virly Cahyani; Naufaldi Imannudin Syakir; Wati Susilawati; Dini Turipanam Alamanda

  56. Development and Quality Evaluation of Biscuits from Sweet Potato and Minor Millets

    Authors: Suraj R. Ruke; Dr. A. A. Sawant; S. B. Kalse

  57. A Study on Effect of Food on Pharmacokinetics of Clindamycin: A Research

    Authors: Akshay S. Kshirsagar; Vipul M. Patil; Dr. Sachinkumar Patil

  58. Development of Learning Devices for Powers and Root Forms based on Problem Based Learning Models with a Scientific Approach in Class IX

    Authors: Genri R. I. Damasar; Philoteus E. A. Tuerah; Santje M. Salajang

  59. Middle Mesial Canals - A Review

    Authors: Niranjana Devi M; Benin Paulaian; Arvind Kumar; Dinesh Kumar AT

  60. Treatment Outcomes of Flexible Intramedullary Nailing in Fracture Shaft of Clavicle

    Authors: Areeb Ali Siddiqui; Avinash Rastogi; Rahul K. Gupta; Arunim Swarup

  61. Evaluation of Efficacy of Slot Head Screw with Philips Head Screw in Maxillofacial Fixation - A Comparative Study

    Authors: Dahare K; Thomas S; Kangloo S; Gupta M; Pawar P; Yadav P

  62. Technical Analysis of the 505 Pitting Project - Surface in the Kamoto Mine


  63. The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Childhood Obesity in "Ananda Bunda" Clinic, Bali

    Authors: Cokorda Gede Bagus Pradnyana Sanjaya

  64. A Pragmatic Study on the Implementation of the Golden Rules Debit and Credit in any Business Account

    Authors: Soumil Sardana

  65. Explication of Efficient Biomedical Waste Management

    Authors: Madishetty Rajeswari; Dr. Shubham Babu Gupta

  66. Phytosomal Nanotechnology Platform for the Topical Delivery of Bioactive Phytochemicals

    Authors: Jyoti Vaish; Pallavi Tiwari; Neha Kamal

  67. Sustainable Disruption of AI for Airport 4.0

    Authors: Lynn Frederick Dsouza

  68. Culinary Creative Economic Development Strategy with Soar Method

    Authors: Elvira Azis; Risang Ayu Aqidatul Izza

  69. Burnout Syndrome in Primary Health Care Nurses

    Authors: Maira Marques Duarte; Iacara Santos Barbosa Oliveira; Mariana Gondim Mariutti-Zeferino; Nariman de Felicio Bortucan Lenza; Amanda Aparecida Borges; Natassia Carmo Lopes Queiroz Ferreira; Walisete de Almeida Godinho Rosa

  70. Understanding Climate Change Awareness of Undergraduates of University of Delhi

    Authors: Anubha Das

  71. A Review on TNBS Model: Chemical and Procedure

    Authors: Puneet Kumar; Pooja; Pramod Kumar; Nisha Devi; Dr. Shivali Singla

  72. Detection and Mitigation of Rogue Access Points

    Authors: Hope Makoni

  73. Physiotherapy in Renal Transplant Patients: A Literature Review

    Authors: Neha Kashyap; Nidhi Kalra

  74. Review and Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles, Characterization and Application

    Authors: Vishal Sharma

  75. Anti-Cancer Potential of Cyclooxygenase-2-Inhibitors

    Authors: B. Baslur Rahman

  76. Seasonal Variation in Alkalinity of Mansi Wakal Dam of Udaipur District

    Authors: Teena Paliwal; Sabiha Sindhi

  77. A Review on Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment

    Authors: Puneet Kumar; Sunita Devi; Pramod Kumar; Nisha Devi; Dr. Shivali Singla

  78. Association between Normative Oral Health Status and Self - Rated Oral Health among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients Attending a Teaching Dental Hospital

    Authors: Yamini Reddy; Jyoti Kumari

  79. Xanthogranulomatous Appendicitis with Pseudodiverticulum Formation- A Rare Form of Appendiceal Inflammation: A Case Report and Brief Review of Literature

    Authors: Indira Shastry; Amit Singla; Ameya Tibude; Shreya Sambyal

  80. The Effect of Polarity of C2 and C3 Alcohols on the Extraction of Organic Insolubles of Crude Oil Residues

    Authors: Victoria Bennett

  81. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching on Prevention of Accidents among Mothers of Infants at Selected Village in Visakhapatnam District Andhra Pradesh

    Authors: Aruna Malla

  82. Comparison between Authoritative and Democratic Regimes

    Authors: Bhavna Dahiya

  83. An Observational Study to Assess Hormone Receptor Status and its Correlation with Age at Diagnosis, Tumor Size, Histological Grade and Lymph Node Metastasis in Breast Cancer

    Authors: Dr. Saurabh Gupta; Dr. Jeevan Kankaria

  84. Addressing Apprehensions amongst School Teachers in Predominance of ICT in Pedagogical Process Post COVID-19

    Authors: Renu Awasthi

  85. Solving Linear Optimization Problem with Max-Archimedean Interval-Valued Fuzzy Relation Equations as Constraints

    Authors: Vijay Lakshmi Tiwari; Antika Thapar; Richa Bansal

  86. Correlation of Vitamin D with Inflammatory Markers in COVID-19 Patient

    Authors: Sudeep Padival; Don Gregory Mascarenhas; Roshan M

  87. To Study Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio and Platelet - Lymphocyte Ratio in Patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Authors: Dr. Tarun Khan; Dr. P. D Meena; Dr. Ziya ul Haq

  88. Image Guided Percutaneous Transpedicular Spinal Biopsy

    Authors: S. M. Pandey; K. Swarn

  89. The Collatz Conjecture: A Case Study in Mathematical Problem Solving

    Authors: Maher Ali Rusho

  90. The Correlation between Clinical and MRI Diagnosis of Knee Pathology & Variants and Findings Atarthroscopy

    Authors: Ankem Saikishore; Puneet Prakash

  91. Impact of Metro on Urban Morphology and Para Transport System of Hyderabad

    Authors: Gowni Pranay Kumar

  92. Hibernoma of Axilla - A Rare Adipocytic Tumor - A Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Madhumita. D. Kurdukar; Dr. Snehal. H. Anantwar

  93. Dynamic Navigation System - A New Era in Endodontics

    Authors: Mageshwari M.; Ravishankar M. S.; Benin Paulaian; Arvind Kumar A.

  94. Intravenous Immunoglobulin versus Methylprednisolone in Children with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis: A Randomized Control Trial

    Authors: Dr. Goutam Goswami; Dr. Rajniti Prasad; Dr Indrasish Ray Chaudhuri

  95. Instrument Validation by Experts, For the Acceptance of Commercialization of Purified Water through E-Commerce

    Authors: Leticia Ramos Vazquez; Ma. Elizabeth Montiel Huerta; Katy Laura Vargas Matamoros; Alejandra Torres Lopez; Jose Luis Moreno Rivera

  96. A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation with Neural Mobilization versus Interferential Therapy with Neural Mobilization in the Management of Neck Disability among Subjects with Cervical Radiculopathy

    Authors: V. Balchandar; M. K. Franklin Shaju; R. Dhanalakshmi

  97. Review for Design Considerations of SAR ADC in CMOS 32 NM Technology

    Authors: Monu Thool; Dr. Girish D. Korde; Prof. Anant W. Hinganikar

  98. Graduate Students' Experiences, Issues, and Concerns during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Authors: Tarhata S. Guiamalon; Arbaya H. Boquia

  99. The Element of Racism on the Blacks in the Novel I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

    Authors: Bharatesh Iti

  100. Spectrum of Malignancies at a Tertiary Care Level Teaching Hospital in Ujjain

    Authors: Dr. Rajsshree Mukhiya; Dr. S. P. Mukhiya; Dr Shrishti Baurasi

  101. A Comparative Study of Homocysteine, Cyanocobalamine, Folate, Lipid Profile and Serum Creatinine Level in Hypothyroid Subjects before and During Treatment

    Authors: Kamlesh Tanwani; Deepa Thadani; Sarla Mahawar

  102. Dietary Behavioural Patterns of Urban Women Dwellers and Health Risk of Obesity (A Case Study of Freetown Municipality)

    Authors: Sanpha Kallon; Dr. Abdul Rahman Sesay; Dr. Tamba S. Sonda; Juliana Nyanda Squire

  103. C Programming Language - Still Ruling the World

    Authors: Saphalya Peta

  104. Reverse Vaccinology

    Authors: Kirti Malhotra

  105. Single Level Degenerative Lumbar Spondylolisthesis - Clinicoradiological Outcome of Treatment with Posterior Fusion with Instrumentation and Bone Graft (A Prospective Observational Study)

    Authors: Sachin Kumar; Puneet Prakash; Ankem Saikishore

  106. Expressive Speech Acts of Persuasion in English Presidential Election Speeches

    Authors: Luu Quy Khuong; Nguyen Thi Thanh Thanh

  107. Commissive Speech Acts of Persuasion in English Political Discourse

    Authors: Nguyen Van Long; Nguyen Thi Thanh Thanh

  108. Early Feeding is Feasible after Emergency Gastrointestinal Surgery

    Authors: Dr. Srishti Baurasi; Dr. Mrs. Rajshree Mukhiya; Dr. Satyendra Prasad Mukhiya

  109. Infertility in PCOD

    Authors: Tayiba Altaf Manzoor Ahmad Wani

  110. Narwa, Garwa, Ghurwa and Bari (NGGB) Program Development of Mardapotti Gram Panchayat, Kanker District: A Remote Sensing & GIS Approach

    Authors: Dipak Bej; Dr. S. Karmakar; Chhagan S. Verma

  111. Testicle Cancer and its Causes

    Authors: Thomas Nordstrom

  112. A Prospective Study on Successful Trial of Labour after Caesarean Section based on Indication of Previous Caesarean Section at a Tertiary Care Centre in Western Rajasthan

    Authors: Dr. Neetu Sharma; Dr. Rekha Jakhar; Dr. Ankita Choudhary

  113. Socio-Economic and Environmental Effects of Hydro-Agricultural Developments in the Hills Department (Benin, West Africa)

    Authors: Kouderin A. Lucie; Avahounlin Ringo F.; Kelome C. Nelly; Ligali Souleman; Ouassa Pierre; Mitchozounon Renaud; Avahounlin Josaphath; Vissin Expedit W.

  114. Studies on Exhaust Emissions of a Low Heat Rejection Engine using Fish Oil - Diesel Blends

    Authors: Chandrasekhar Chebiyyam; Dr T Ch Siva Reddy; Dr B. Sudheer Prem Kumar; Dr C M Varaprasad

  115. Incidence and Risk Factors of Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Special Neonatal Care Unit

    Authors: U Sai Anirudh Goud; G Rushmitha Krishna; L Rajesh; V Gowtham Krishna

  116. Science and Scientific Method

    Authors: Joao Gilberto Correa da Silva

  117. Formulation and Evaluation of Controlled Release Matrix Tablets Containing Sotalol Hydrochloride

    Authors: Nagendra R; Charan CS; K. Hanumanthachar Joshi

  118. Bullying among Adolescents

    Authors: Avishi Gupta

  119. Relative Abundance and Distribution of Damselflies (Sub-Order: Zygoptera) in Mysuru City, Karnataka, India

    Authors: Chethan .B .K

  120. Factors and Consequences of Early Marriage among Women in Community, Chitwan

    Authors: Gayatri Rana; Rajan Shrestha

  121. The Risk and Return, in 5 Crypto Currencies that have the Highest Transaction Volume and Market Capitalization

    Authors: Sadegh Rezaei

  122. A Review on Dual Band MIMO Antenna for 5G Communications

    Authors: Shweta J Meshram; Gajanan D Nagoshe

  123. Malignancy Look Alike: A Rare Case of Ovarian Serous Cystadeno-Fibroma; A Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Pratibha Lambodari; Dr. Ruchi Kishore; Dr. Anshu Agrawal; Dr. Anjum Khan; Dr. Neelam Singh

  124. Refugee Management in Post Partition West Bengal: A Queer Dilemma

    Authors: Lab Mahato

  125. Socio-Cultural Activities of Ancient Civilizations in Bengal

    Authors: Lab Mahato

  126. Investigating Realities and Misconceptions about Multimedia Learning

    Authors: Mariuam Jamal; Sadia Asif Syed; Amal Abdelsattar Metwally

  127. Benchmarking Machine Learning Methods COVID-19 Classification using MCDM technique

    Authors: Suad M. Shakor

  128. Alzheimer's Disease, Its Causes, Manifold Drugs and Treatment

    Authors: Thomas Nordstrom

  129. Neurological Complications with Delayed Onset in Post-COVID-19 Pediatric Patients

    Authors: Aida Bushati; Kristi Aleksi; Aferdita Tako; Armand Shehu

  130. Life Satisfaction, Self-Esteem, Psychological Well-Being of Pet Owners and Non-Pet Owners: A Comparative Study

    Authors: Mrinmayi Gudi

  131. A Study to Assess the Effect of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Emergency Crash Cart in Hospital among GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) 3rd Year Students at Selected College of Nursing, Lucknow

    Authors: Nisha Yadav

  132. Head Injury Patients at a Tertiary Health Care Center

    Authors: Dr. Gaurav Dhakre; Dr. Abhishek Nigam; Dr. Shivam Sharma

  133. Association between Psychological Stress and Neck Pain among Telecommuter's: A Questionnaire Based Cross Sectional Survey

    Authors: Padhiyar Krishma Bhupatsinh; Khyati Shah

  134. Selection of Tests for Assessment of Practically Academic Results for High-Quality Curriculum Majoring in Basketball of Sport Training Discipline under Bac Ninh Sport University

    Authors: Pham Duc Toan; Le Quy Phuong

  135. Microleakage of Different Restorative Materials in Class V Restorations: In-Vitro Study

    Authors: Mohamed Abuzaid; Hamdi Hamama

  136. Comparative Study of Application of Mesh in Front versus Behind the Fascia Transversalis in Inguinal Hernia Repair

    Authors: Dr. S P Hariramkrishna; Dr. Rajini Patel; Dr. Navneet Kumar

  137. The Role of Manpower Planning, Promotion and Training in Evaluating the Performance of Human Resources Management in Soft Drinks Manufacturing in Sudan (2008-2013)

    Authors: Dr. Amin Salih Al-Hassan Mohamed

  138. Comparative Evaluation of 0.75% Ropivacaine with Ropivacaione 0.75% and Dexmedetomidine in Combined Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Guided Sciatic-Femoral Nerve Block for Lower Limb Surgeries

    Authors: Dr. D. S. Negi; Dr. Atul Kumar Singh Patel

  139. Evaluating Rural Tourism Experience: An Exploratory Study

    Authors: Asif Ahmad Bhat; Faizan Ashraf Mir; Muzafar Ahmad Najar

  140. Possible Modulation of Dopamine (D2) Signalling in Alcohol Induced Neuropathic Pain in Rats

    Authors: Susheela Kumari; Puneet Kumar; Kiran Thakur

  141. The Physics of Time Travel

    Authors: Maher Ali Rusho

  142. Sanitary Waste Management - Glancing through Indian Scenario

    Authors: Dr. Bharat Bhushan Nagar

  143. Recent Trends in Homoeopathy

    Authors: Kapil Mayavanshi

  144. Impact of Globalization on Rural Market and Farmers in India

    Authors: Dr. K. Mahendran

  145. Dr Edward Bach Flower Remedies

    Authors: Kunal Mayavanshi

  146. Economic Empowerment of Tribal Women in Tripura through Self Help Groups: A Study in Sepahijala District

    Authors: Dr. Rajeshree Debbarma

  147. A Pilot Study: Evaluation of Fluoride in Groundwater of the Southern Part of Aravali Hill

    Authors: Keerti Singhvi; Dr. Mangal Shree Dulawat; Dr. Renu Rathore

  148. Men writing Women Constructions of Femininity through the Perspective of Men and the Quest to do Gender Well

    Authors: Haifaa Mohammad; Aaliya Ahmed

  149. Dengue Fever with Isolated Phrenic Nerve Involvement: A Case Report

    Authors: P Ram Prasaanth; NN Anand; Karthik Ramalingam; Nitharsha Prakash

  150. A Study of the Effectiveness of Podcasts in Teaching Computer Science as a Pedagogical Intervention for Effective Transaction

    Authors: Km. Savita; Dr. Shalini Yadava

  151. Cognitive Performance, Zeitgeber Entrainment Acknowledgement, Mitochondrial Activity, Work Hour Melanopic-Circadian Alignment and Improvement in Social Behaviour: (Includes) A Prospective Study of up to 19 Office Goers: Salvation Series

    Authors: Girish Bhardwaj

  152. Discovery of Potential SARS-CoV-2N Protein Inhibitors by Docking-Based Virtual Screening

    Authors: Debarshee Sengupta; Arghyadip Bose; Tilottama Dasgupta; Nandan Kumar Jana

  153. Detailed Investigation and Benefit Analysis of Chosen Millets for the Case Research Invention

    Authors: Anu John B; Bhavin Kumar; Jv Muruga Lal Jeyan

  154. Management of Mediastinal Mass and Superior vena Caval Syndrome, Radiation Oncologist Perspective!

    Authors: Major Retd M.Q Baig

  155. Assess the Knowledge of Newborn Care among Postnatal Mothers in Selected Area of Reckjoani, Rajarhat, Kolkata

    Authors: Sayani Samanta; Smriti Majumder; Sunanda Nanda; Tamalika Panja; Sudeshna Sardar; Tania Nandi; N. Suniakumari Devi

  156. A Study on Partial Replacement of Cement with Rice Husk Ash & Fine Aggregates with Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

    Authors: Srishti Saha

  157. Modified Model for Mobile Forensic

    Authors: Prachi Ankush Zinge; Late Dr. Madhumita Chatterjee; Dr. Prashant Nitnaware

  158. Detection of Arrhythmia and Auscultation Assistance through Screening Device': A Clinical Study by Larkai Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

    Authors: Pritam Dhalla

  159. Bioball Biofiltration and Avicennia Marina Phytoremediation as Greywater Treatment

    Authors: Pratiwi Hermiyanti; Fitri Rokhmalia; Rizki Amalia

  160. Research on Pronunciation Ability of Vietnamese Syllable Components before and after Using Cochlear Implants of Some Pre-School Children Groups (Case Study)

    Authors: Van Tu Anh

  161. Modi 2.0, An Analysis of the Media-Coverage of BJP's 2019 Electoral Victory

    Authors: Mohmad Yonus Bhat; Haifaa Mohammad

  162. Preferences of Contraceptive Method among Women Attending Family Planning Services in a Tertiary Care Center

    Authors: Dr. Seema Kalasua; Dr. Hanslata Gehlot

  163. In Vitro Culture, Isolation and Cytotoxic Effect of Solasodine from Solanum Trilobatum Linn.

    Authors: Rejitha Lr; Ashalatha S. Nair

  164. The Feminine Principle as a Source of Christian Mariology

    Authors: Fatima de Lira Uanday; Laura Gemma Flores Garcia

  165. Effect of Exercises on Energy Expenditure after Lower Limb Amputation - An Evidence Based Study

    Authors: Krupa Prabhakar; Dr. Anjali Bhise

  166. Normative Value for Physiological Cost Index in Young Adults of Gujarat: An Observational Study

    Authors: Krupa Prabhakar; Dr Anjali Bhise

  167. Validity and Reliability of Gujarati Version of Fullerton Advanced Balance (FAB) Scale

    Authors: Shaikh Anjuman; Khyati Shah

  168. Composition and Stratification of Pine Forests of Himalayan Region of North Kashmir

    Authors: Hind Lal Maurya; Javid Ahmad Kak; Dr Sonu Rahi; Dr Santosh Agnihotri

  169. The Buddhist Concept of Ecology and Environmental Ethics

    Authors: Nguyen Mong Thao Nguyen

  170. Effectiveness of Audio Assisted Teaching Programme among Parents Regarding Smartphone Usage and Its Adverse Effects among Under Five Year Children in a Selected Schools at Aurangabad District

    Authors: Prashant B Kulkarni; Dr. Anuradha B Mhaske

  171. A Study of Association between Serum Sodium Level and Severity of Liver Cirrhosis Complications at SMS Medical College, Jaipur

    Authors: Dr. Ziya Ul Haq; Dr. Mahendra Kumar Agarwal; Dr. Tarun Khan

  172. A Review: Artificial Intelligence in Medical Field

    Authors: Kiran Thakur; Puneet Kumar; Susheela Kumari; Ankit Sharma; Sunita Devi

  173. Corona Virus Pandemic: Answer to Concerns

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