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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.11, No.2

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2022-02-05

  1. Atypical Presentation of Retained Products of Conception after Early Pregnancy Loss Mimicking Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

    Authors: Manisha Yadav; Arun Kalpdev

  2. A Rare Case of Afferent Loop Syndrome

    Authors: Dr. Anuraag Bedekar; Dr. S Rajendran

  3. Review of Neurological and Renal Manifestations of COVID 19 and its Management: A Narrative View

    Authors: Gargantiel MF; Padilla J.; Dean MD

  4. Prevalence of Depression in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Patients: A Cross Sectional Study

    Authors: Rohini N Chavan; Dr. Neha Deshpande

  5. The Uses and Threats of Indian Medicinal Plants - A Review

    Authors: Soumik Dhara; Jhumpa Majhi

  6. Survey of Ethnobotanical Plants Used by People Of Village Khanrotu (Rampur Bushhar), Shimla, Himachal Pradesh (India)

    Authors: Kalyani Supriya

  7. Aneurysmal Bone Cyst of the First Metatarsal Reconstructed Using Non Vascular Free Fibular Graft Transfer - A Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Pradeep Patel; Dr. K. K. Pandey; Dr. D. Peepra; Dr. U. Katakwar

  8. Effect of Calisthenic Strength Training Exercise on Upper Body Strength of Senior Citizen

    Authors: Mukesh Narwariya; Dr. Y. S. Rajpoot

  9. Lived Experiences of the Filipino English Teachers Abroad: The Drawbacks in Focus

    Authors: Gino G. Sumalinog

  10. Charcot's Neuroarthropathyin Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patient

    Authors: Made Adikosha Pranata; I GustiNgurah Mayura

  11. Information and Knowledge Management Systems

    Authors: B. Subbulakshmi; B. Muthulakshmi; B. Umalakshmi

  12. Agro Waste Mediated Production of Fibrinolytic Enzyme and Its Optimization and Application

    Authors: Sandeep Pramod Gond; Ravindra Ashok Sharma

  13. Analysis of Recommendation System in Cloud Platform

    Authors: Pushkar Pramod Wani

  14. Virtual Tennis Coach using Pose Estimation

    Authors: Taha Ali; Yashwant Yadav; Sunny Jayant; Jasraj Meena

  15. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Precipitating Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Controlled Diabetes Mellitus Patient: A Case Report

    Authors: Nyoman Angga Santosa; Dewi Catur Wulandari

  16. A Descriptive Study to Assess the Practices of Nursing Personnel Regarding Basic Life Support in Selected Hospital

    Authors: Sudhir Gupta; Nishu Sharma; Rashi Chaudary; Lokesh; Mandeep Kaur

  17. The Lost Loop: A Case of a Forgotten Lippes Loop in a Menopausal Woman Leading to Pyometra and Spontaneous Uterine Perforation

    Authors: Dr. Siddesh Mahadev Iyer; Dr. Kunal Chhatbar

  18. A Quasi Experimental Study to Determine the Effectiveness of Group Play Therapy in Terms of Adjustment and Perceived Social Isolation among People Residing at Selected Rehabilitation Homes Punjab (2019-2021)

    Authors: Mamta thunthraik; Dr. Bharat Pareek

  19. Uses, Threats and Conservation of Plant Species in Kisere Catchment Area of Kakamega Forest, Kenya

    Authors: Eliud Bwambok; Martha Konje

  20. Development of Antimicrobial Resistance in Salmonella Typhi and Challenges in Treatment

    Authors: Bhrigu Singh Parihar

  21. Risk Profile of Patients with Tinnitus and TMJ Dysfunction

    Authors: Boris Borisov

  22. A Case of Oligometastatic Breast Cancer with Situs Inversus Totalis: Case Report with Review of Literature

    Authors: Shinjini Chakrabarty; Janmenjoy Mondal; Annesha Sen Abhishek Basu

  23. Demographic Characteristics of Patients with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

    Authors: Boris Borisov

  24. Compare the Mood of Delivery between Booked and Un-Booked Primigravidae

    Authors: Tagwa H. Basheer Hassan; Mohamed Ahmed A. Gadir Elimam Ounsa; Hussam Zain; Khalid Attallah Mohamed Alkhalifa; Elabbas M. Ebaid; Ghazali Abdel Gadir Mohammed Abdel Gadir; Elsadig Yousif Mohamed

  25. A Pre-Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme (PTP) on Knowledge Regarding Use of Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs) among Patients Suffering with Asthma or COPD, Admitted in Selected Areas of I.G.M.C, Shimla (H.P.)

    Authors: Sunita Devi; Krishna Chauhan; Veena Ranaut

  26. Effect of Discrete Trial Training on Language Skills of Children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder

    Authors: D. Sajee; Dr. V. Thiruvalluvan

  27. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Program On Knowledge Regarding Pneumonia among the Second Year Basic BSc Nursing Students in Selected Nursing College

    Authors: Nayana Kalane

  28. Klinefelter's Syndrome Patient with Micropenis, Bilateral Cryptorchidism and Normal Proportionated Height, A Case Report

    Authors: Karen Tous-Barrios; Roberto Garcia-Bermejo

  29. A Comparative Model for Predicting Customer Churn using Supervised Machine Learning

    Authors: Muchatibaya Adrin; David Fadaralika

  30. The Gondaliga Community: Historical and Geographical Background: A Sociological Study in Karnataka

    Authors: Dr. Shivananda S Kempaller

  31. Life Outside the Forest: A Socio-Ecological Inquest To Voluntary Relocation From Protected Area In Kerala

    Authors: Dr. Aswathy V K

  32. Formulating Operating System Anonymization by Monolithic Keyring Subsystem Fabrication

    Authors: Ujas Dhami; Nisarg Shah

  33. Water Quality Index for Assessment of Water Quality of River Krishna at District Shamli, U. P.

    Authors: Neeraj Malik; Praveen Kumar

  34. Principle of Good Faith in Environment Pollution Case Study of Indonesia Supreme Court Decision No.2281 K/Pid.Sus/2015

    Authors: Johanes April Candra

  35. Case Report of Gossypiboma

    Authors: Dr Sanjay Kumar; Dr Robin; Dr Mohan; Dr Anupam Jhobta

  36. Ayurvedic Management of Shwitra (Vitiligo) - A Case Study

    Authors: Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj; Dr. Sujata Yadav

  37. Viscosity of N-Dodecane at Elevated Pressure and Temperature

    Authors: Dr. Jamuna Prasad

  38. Shared Economy: A Scientometric Analysis and of the Evolution and Thematic Impact of the Research Field

    Authors: Erico Souza Costa; Melissa Watanabe; Jaime Dagostim Picolo

  39. Students' and Teachers' Digital Literacy Skill: A Comparative Study between Schools, Classes, and Genders in Urban and Rural Areas

    Authors: Arsad Bahri; Asham Bin Jamaluddin; Arifah Novia Arifin; Saparuddin

  40. Mesenchymalchondrosarcoma as Expansile Lesion of Maxilla: A Rare Presentation

    Authors: Dr Sanjay Kumar; Dr Robin; Dr Suresh Thakur

  41. CFD Simulation of Pneumatic Valve for Energy Efficiency Studies

    Authors: Evelyn Melissa Serino Monteiro; Luciana Lima Monteiro; Jose Angelo Peixoto da Costa

  42. Risk of Subsequent Miscarriage Increases after Each Miscarriage in Patient visiting Shree Bhawani Hospital and Research Center

    Authors: Dr. Nagmani Ram; Sangita Rai

  43. Ecotourism Development Strategy of Kupang Bay Marine Nature Tourism Park

    Authors: Alexander S. Tanody; Ida Ayu Lochana Dewi; Naharuddin Sri

  44. Case Report of Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome associated with Renal Anomoly Diagnosed Incidently in a Patient with Acute Abdomen

    Authors: Dr. Sanjay Kumar; Dr. Mohan; Dr. Anupam Jhobta

  45. Attitude & Awareness, Problems & Solutions Related to Traffic in Hyderabad

    Authors: B. Priyanka; S. Saritha

  46. Impact of Lifestyle on Academic Performance among Undergraduate Students in Selected Nursing College of Moradabad District U. P.

    Authors: Jhelik Samanta; Shreenath K. Kulkarni

  47. Study of Clinical, Etiological and Laboratory Profile of Pericardial Effusion

    Authors: Jyoti M. Kharche; Sushen Limbaji Ghadge; Indrajit Vithalrao Suryavanshi

  48. Case Report of Obstructive Jejuno-Jejunal Intususception with Ischemia of Involved Bowel Segment

    Authors: Dr Sanjay Kumar; Dr Mohan; Dr Anupam Jhobta

  49. Incidence of Upper Cross Syndrome in Tailors

    Authors: Siddhi Kale; Divya Jethwani

  50. Skin Segmentation at the Pixel Level Using Fully Convolutional Neural Network

    Authors: Harsha B K; Indumathi G

  51. Symptomatology of Post Covid Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital Spmc Bikaner

    Authors: Dr. Surendra Kumar; Dr. Kokila R; Dr Harish Kumar; Dr. Manoj Mali; Dr. Surender Kumar; Dr. Sandeep Dangi; Dr. Chandra Pal; Dr. Sayed Wasim; Dr. Navneet

  52. Innovative Urban Land Management Techniques for Infrastructure Development

    Authors: Krupa Engineer

  53. A Quasi-experimental Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Jasmine Application in Reduction of Breast Engorgement among Postnatal Mothers in Selected Hospitals of Bangalore

    Authors: Jiji .V

  54. Review: The Utilization of Pegagan (Centella Asiatica) in Food Industry and Wound Healing Materials in Pharmaceutical

    Authors: Fenti Fatmawati; Eva Meliana BR Tambunan; Mohamad Isronijaya

  55. To Determine the Efficacy of HFNC Therapy against Conventional Oxygen Delivery Devices in Acute Respiratory Failure - A Systematic Review

    Authors: Subhadeep Pal

  56. The Study of Habit, Habitat, Web Pattern and Parental Care in Herennia multipunctata (Arachnida: Araneae) from Sahyadri Tiger Reserve

    Authors: Suvarna More; Swapnil Patil

  57. COVID-19 Impact on the Indian Economy

    Authors: Karan Raj Singh

  58. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme On Knowledge and Practice Regarding Breast Feeding Techniques among Postnatal Mothers at Selected Hospital in District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

    Authors: Suman

  59. Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Organ Donation among Nursing Students at Teaching Institute in the Northern Part of India

    Authors: Shivani Chaudhary; Suman Bodh; Anita Kumari; Urvashi

  60. Physical Analysis of Water from Various Associated Hospitals of Government Medical College Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir)

    Authors: Dr. Abdul Aziz Lone

  61. Mini-Screw Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion - A New Horizon to Correct Transverse Dimensions

    Authors: Sneha R Ismail; Madhav Manoj K; Roopesh R; Deepu Leander

  62. Biological Aids for Orthodontic Retention- A Review

    Authors: Chinchu Anna John; Roopesh R; Madhav Manoj K; Deepu Leander

  63. Graphical Passwords: Behind the Attainment of Goals

    Authors: Vikas Nandwana; Pranit Nehete; Ashutosh Patil

  64. Morphological Structure of Termite Mounds and Vertical Distribution of Royal Lodges of Pseudacanthotermes spiniger (Sjostedt) (Isoptera: Macrotermitinae) in Sugarcane Plantations of the Niari Valley (Republic of Congo)

    Authors: Valentin DIBANGOU; Mireille BELLE MBOU OKASSA; Grace NIANGA BIKOUTA

  65. Cash Management in Textile Industry - A Comparative Study in Arvind Mills Ltd. and Raymond Ltd.

    Authors: Dr. M. Sasi Bhushan; Dr. P. S. V. Padma Latha

  66. Working Capital Management Practices in Selected Indian Aluminium Companies - A Study

    Authors: Dr. M. Sasi Bhushan; R. Anka Rao

  67. Fast Speed Base of Two Multiplication

    Authors: Rohit Kumar

  68. Micro-Osteoperforation in Accelerated Tooth Movement

    Authors: Dynamol S; Roopesh R; Deepu Leander; Madhav Manoj K

  69. Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Discomfort in Auto-Risckshaw Driver Dwelling in Pune

    Authors: Ketki Jadhav; Dr. Mahendra Shende; Dr. Neerja Deshmukh

  70. Hyperbolic Medicine

    Authors: Jesus M. Gonzalez-Gonzalez

  71. Predictive Maintenance of the Transmission Overhead Lines to maintain the Reliability of the Overhead Transmission Lines Network: A Utility Experience

    Authors: Renato Orlina Padilla; Ashraf Abdulsalam Albawaleez; Shaikha Abdalla Al Marzooqi; Mohamed Mohamed Gharib; Ahmad Mohammed Hassan AlRedha

  72. Morphology, Anatomy and Phytochemical Analysis in Asparagus Racemosus Wild. (1) (Asparagaceae)

    Authors: Algunde S. M.

  73. Post Partum IUCD: Its Acceptability and Clinical Outcomes in Tertiarty Care Maternity Hospital of Kashmir

    Authors: Dr Kaiser; Dr Fariha Aman; Dr Sadiya Bashir

  74. Grades of Malnutrition among Gadaba Tribal Children of Koraput, Odisha

    Authors: Dr. Ajanta Nayak

  75. Is Our Democracy in Peril?

    Authors: Abdullah Murat Tuncer

  76. Investigating the Effectiveness of L2 Kiswahili Teaching Strategies in Kenyan Primary Schools

    Authors: Salome Jeromin Kotira; Lou Shizhou

  77. A Comparison between Mechanical Sulcular Debridement and Debridement by Diode Laser in Modified Widman Flap for Treatment of Periodontitis

    Authors: Aseel Ghithal Hayder; Samar Khalid Al-Adel; Basma Raad Omar

  78. Occult Primary Breast Carcinoma: A Rare Case Report with Review of Literature

    Authors: Dr. Divya Machevar; Dr. Surekha Bhalekar

  79. How Would We Know if We Were Living in a Multiverse?

    Authors: Avni Bansal

  80. Orthodontic Anchorage Reinforcement with Pharmacological Agents and Biomodulators: A Review

    Authors: Geethu Sunil Divakaran; Deepu Leander; Roopesh R; Madhav Manoj K

  81. Influence of Crime Management Strategies on Insecurity within Mukuru Kayaba Slums, Nairobi County, Kenya

    Authors: Harrison Kalimbo Dzombo; David N. Kiragu; Dr. Antony Ngugi

  82. Serum Visfatin Levels in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis

    Authors: Hassan Mohammed Abdelghaffar; Abdelmonem Mohamed Barrrak; Bahy Eldeen Elsayed ELbahnasawy; Ahmed Ali Ali Assem

  83. Analysis of Irrational Consumer Behaviour in Relation to the Freemium Model

    Authors: Dhruv Roongta; Shravan Haribalaraman

  84. Security Measures for Protecting of Information Technology Assets

    Authors: Masese Nelson

  85. H Pylori Associated Chronic Gastritis and Carcinogenic Effect

    Authors: Dr. Gayathri Elanchezhian; DR. Thanka .J; Dr. S. Mary Lilly

  86. In World First Transplant; A Man Received Genetically-Modified Pig Heart

    Authors: A. Pandey

  87. Formulation Development of Gentamicin Sulphate Ointment Using Rice Bran Wax as Novel Base for Topical Application

    Authors: Madhuri Nandgave; Upadesh B. Lade; Santosh Gotephode

  88. Effect of Ophthalmic Exercise in Reducing Refractive Error among School Going Children in Selected Schools of Maharashtra

    Authors: Rashmi S. Pande

  89. Remineralizing Effect of Nanoegg Shell and Gc Tooth Mousse On Initial Caries Like Lesions in Young Permanent Teeth - An Invitro Study

    Authors: Anusha A. S.; Jayalakshmi K. B.; Prasanna Latha Nadig; Sujatha I.; Sowmya B.

  90. Expounding Cosmology the Vedic Way - Purusa, Nasadiya, Hiranya Garbha Suktas

    Authors: Drakshayani Manduva

  91. On the Extensions of Virial and Feynman - Hellman Theorem

    Authors: Pratyusha Biswas Deb; S. Brajamani (Deceased); H.C. Mohanto; Soumya Das; P. S. Majumdar

  92. The Sphinx and the Conspiracies Related to IT

    Authors: Jeevanjyoti

  93. A Prospective Interventional Study to Study Changes in Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) after Phacoemulsification in Patients with Cataract and Primary Angle Closure Suspect, Primary Angle Closure or Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma

    Authors: Dr. Bhavesh Patel; Dr. Rupam Desai; Dr. Avni Patel

  94. Vernacular Medium Schools in Assam (India) and Teachings of English at Secondary Level with Special Focus on Bodo Medium Schools

    Authors: Dr. Bihung Brahma

  95. Presence of Chemical Nerve Agent in Agriculture Lands of India: Critical Information on Pesticide Degradation in the Environment?

    Authors: Chandini P. K.. Rajathy Sivalingam

  96. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding First Aid Management in a Selected School Bangalore

    Authors: Jyoti Sharma

  97. Antimicrobial Activity of Some Plant Extracts against Some Bacterial Strains

    Authors: Ehab Awad Rahim Awad; Taffaha A. Arhouma; Tamannouha I. Saaed Saad

  98. Openness to Taboo Themes in the Moroccan Cinema: "La source Des Femmes" as an Example

    Authors: Laabidi Abdelfattah

  99. The Traditional Local Product Gulo Puan in Chocolate Bar Making

    Authors: Kiki Yuliati; Basuni Hamzah

  100. An Empirical Study of Entrepreneurial Qualities Shown by Teaching Fraternity in India during COVID-19 Lockdown

    Authors: Akshita Bahuguna

  101. Comparative Developmental Assessment of Toddler Speech and Milestones among Working and Non-Working Mothers of Toddler at Selected Area of Moradabad

    Authors: Swati Sharma; Mahantesh Dasyal

  102. Structural Genome Variations Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), A Case Report

    Authors: Karen Tous-Barrios; Jesly Doria-Atencia; Roberto Garcia-Bermejo; Mauricio Guerrero-Roman

  103. Managing a Grossly Mutilated Mandibular Molar Using a Customized Orthodontic Molar Band under Magnification - A Case Report

    Authors: Remya Varghese; Vineetha Chakravarthy Srinivas

  104. Introducing Coding to Primary Students

    Authors: Ni Made Dwijayani

  105. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Helfer Skin Tap Technique on Level of Pain during Intramuscular Injection among Infants in Selected Hospitals, Moradabad

    Authors: Neeta Vaidya; Basavraj Mudhol

  106. Assessment of Knowledge and Practices Regarding Disposal of Biomedical Waste by Health Care Providers

    Authors: Poonam Thakur; Savita Kumari

  107. Nutritional Status of Diabetic Women in Bangalore City, India

    Authors: Deepti Giri; Usha Ravindra; V. L. Madhu Prasad

  108. The Public Order Act: A Controversial Law?

    Authors: Dr. Lloyd Zimba

  109. How Mass Moves in the Human Body

    Authors: Thomas Nordstrom

  110. Nutritional and Anti-Nutritional Chemical Composition of Green Leafy Vegetables

    Authors: Kalpana Singh

  111. Predatory Pricing Practices in India

    Authors: Tanya Suri

  112. A Case Study on the Issues in Quality Implementation for Municipality Registered MRT Designed Residential Buildings in Bhaktapur City of Nepal

    Authors: Ajay Khadka

  113. Understanding Diversity of Science Fiction Genre Definitions through Rhetorical Genre Theory as Socially Symbolic Action

    Authors: Rasti Atta Ali

  114. Bivariate Dependence Modelling of a Non-Life Insurance Company: Pair-Copula Construction

    Authors: Nurulain Farahtulnisa' Rozainee; Isaudin Ismail

  115. Influence of Policies on Professional Sports in the Run-up to the Olympics 2022 in Beijing

    Authors: Yi Lu

  116. Homoeopathy - Adopting and Adapting Digital Artificial Intelligence

    Authors: Dr. K. Sathish Kumar

  117. Feminism and Pseudo Feminism - A Legal Perspective

    Authors: Ashna Sharma

  118. Assessment of Nutritional Status & Fast Food Trends in College going Tribal Girls of Ambikapur, District Surguja, Chhattisgarh

    Authors: Alka Jain

  119. An Efficient Analysis Scheme for Classification of Heat-Shrinkable Material Based on Ageing with the Aid of Learning Techniques

    Authors: Kodathalapalli Sudheer; Dr. V. Veeranna

  120. A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Mechanical Ventilator among Staff Nurse Working in Critical Areas of Selected Hospitals, Kolhapur with a View to Develop an Informational Booklet

    Authors: Suraj Chopade

  121. Indication of Ambrosia Artemisiifoliain Treatment of Increased Allergic Response

    Authors: Vani Nanavati

  122. A Comparative Study of Repair of Complex Ventral Hernias with Double Mesh Repair (Sandwich Technique) and Single Mesh Repair in Adult Patients Admitted in General Surgical Wards

    Authors: Dr. Subham Anand; Dr. Jitendra Kumar Chaudhary; Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Dubey; Prof. Dr. Raj Shekhar Sharma

  123. In-Vitro Evaluation of Antimicrobial & Antiulcer Activity of Aqueous Extract of Psidium Guajava

    Authors: Anil Kumar; Garima Gupta; Amit Kumar

  124. Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Physiological Changes during Puberty among School Students

    Authors: Anita Kumari; Shivani Chaudhary; Suman Bodh

  125. Public Policies and Development: Methodology for Cultural Production and Consumption Strategies in Formal and Non-Formal Education in North-Central Mexico

    Authors: Laura Gemma Flores Garcia

  126. Effectiveness of Educational Package (EP) in Terms of Parental Ability Regarding Safe Administration of Medication in Children with Respiratory Disorders

    Authors: Sharma Pooja; Kumar Yogesh; Kaur Kuldeep

  127. World and Forms of Life in Wittgensteinian Philosophy

    Authors: Dr. Nazneen Ahmed

  128. Assessment of Eating Behaviors and Lifestyle Habits of Community Living Indian Adults, with and without Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Authors: Mrinali Dwivedi

  129. Adult-Onset Angioblastoma of Nagakawa: A Rare Case Report

    Authors: Dr. Samit Doshi; Dr. Ali Reza; Dr. Deepak Holkar; Dr. Rohit Sonawane; Dr. Shaunak Saha; Dr. Mohit Vardey; Dr. Megh Desai

  130. Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnancy-Recent Updates in Management Based On Evidence

    Authors: Hafizur Rahman; Tanma Saikia; Ezzat Khalda; Kirti Singh

  131. Balinese Green Arabica Coffee Bean (Coffea arabica) Extract Did Not Prevent the Increase of Malondialdehyde Level and Progressivity of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Male Wistar Rats (Rattus norvegicus) Induced High Calorie Diet

    Authors: Rynda; I Gusti Made Aman; Ni Putu Sriwidyani

  132. 21-Parameter Poincare Group in Six-dimensional Space-Time

    Authors: Prakash Chaudhary

  133. Problematic on the Court Execution of the Decision of the Commission for the Supervisor of Business Competition in Indonesia

    Authors: I Made Sari; Marwanto Marwanto

  134. A Study to Assess the Prevalence of Postnatal Depression among the Postnatal Mothers at Walaja Government Head Quarters Hospital, Vellore District Tamilnadu

    Authors: Victoriajebakani .D

  135. Efficacy of Phytolacca Mother Tincture Dealing with Treatment of Lipoma

    Authors: Dr. Anwat Sangita Shrikrushna

  136. Determination of Chloride, Sulfate, Trifluoroacetic acid, Phosphate, Sodium and Ammonium from Semaglutide by Ion Chromatography

    Authors: Chetan Chavan; Chanakya Thaker; Chetan Chaudhari

  137. 3D QSAR Analysis of a Set of Pneumocystis carinii DHFR Inhibitors through Pharmacophore Generation Approach

    Authors: Ruchi Mishra

  138. Business Development Strategy for Rooftop Solar Power Plant at PT XYZ

    Authors: Yantri Puspita Rani; Dr. M. Djoko Hanantijo

  139. Effectiveness of Respiratory Muscle Stretch and Chest Mobility Exercise on Pulmonary Function and Chest Expansion in Elderly Population

    Authors: Anusree Sreejith; Praveena D

  140. Dyeing of Woollen Fabric with Bixa Orellana (Annato Seeds)

    Authors: Dr. Maurya Srishti; Dr. Paul Susan

  141. Extraction of PPO Enzyme from Ridge Gourd and its Potential Use in Decolorizing Dyes used in Laboratories at Undergraduate Level to Reduce Organic Pollutants

    Authors: N. V. Swathi; S.Saritha

  142. Ureteral Endometriosis Masquerading As Urothelial Cancer

    Authors: Narayani Kalnawat; N. B. D'souza; Devyani Mahajan; H. B. Tongaonkar

  143. Ted Hughes: A Laureate of Animals

    Authors: Dr. Aruna Sharma

  144. Neuroimaging Clearance in Thrombolysis

    Authors: Jasmine Kalyani P

  145. To Compare Changes in Intraocular Pressure in Glaucomatous and Non Glaucomatous Subjects Pre and Post Phacoemulsification

    Authors: Akanksha Nirala; Vimlesh Sharma; Shanti Pandey; Nitin Mehrotra

  146. Burns Assessment Protocol on Knowledge and Practice among Staff Nurses Working in Burns Unit of IGGGH & PGI at Puducherry

    Authors: Soniya C

  147. The World is a Combination of Identical, Existed, Infinite Number of Elements and We Just Need to Survive with Them

    Authors: Shreyansnath Dhanal

  148. Cement industries Impact on Agriculture and Health in Damaracherla and Nereducherlamandals in Nalgonda District

    Authors: Saida Naik Nenavath; Ashok Kumar Lonavath

  149. The Effectivity of Ondansetron and Dexamethasone Combination as Post-Operative Nausea and Vomiting (PONV) Prophylaxis after Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy (TAH-BSO) Procedure at Mangusada General Hospital, Bali, Indonesia

    Authors: Putu Bagus Gin Gin Pramana; Made Adi Kusuma

  150. Comparative Analysis of the Financial Performance of Bumn & Busn Banks before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Authors: Eva Elisaputri Sion; Djoko Hanantijo

  151. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Ginger Preparation for Reducing Pain in Primary Dysmenorrhoea among Adolescent Girls of Selected College Hostel, Bangalore

    Authors: Urvashi Rana

  152. Statistical Analysis of Potable Water Quality Status of Machna River at District-Betul (M. P.)

    Authors: Dr. D. S. Saluja

  153. Factors Influencing the Demise of Private Newspapers in Rwanda

    Authors: TWIZEYUMUKIZA Alexandre

  154. Perceptions of Nursing Students towards Community Health Nursing Bag and Its Utilization

    Authors: Shikha Gupta

  155. Review on Current Trends of Gas Chromatography in Pharmaceutical Industry

    Authors: Pooja Badhe; Wagh Trupti; Shirapure Kajal; Khandare Ravi

  156. Effect of Placental Cord Drainage on the Third Stage of Labor

    Authors: MU. Alamelu Varsha; S. A Deshpande

  157. Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Lifestyle Modifications for Prevention of Modifiable Risk Factors for Myocardial Infarction among Cardiac Patients Admitted in Various Wards of Indira Gandhi Medical C

    Authors: Priya; Dr. Aditya Sharma

  158. An Overview of the Quality of Life of Cataract Patients after Cataract Surgery at the Tabanan Regional General Hospital

    Authors: Hindrata Aditia Esmond; I Putu Rustama Putra; Ni Wayan Sedani; Cynthia Dewi M

  159. RETT Syndrome: A Tryst with Development and Dilemma

    Authors: Subham Basu; Subhajit Saha

  160. Anesthesia Management in Emergency Laprotomy Patients in COVID 19

    Authors: Dr Dnyaneshwari S Munde; Dr Kunda Dhule; Dr Rashmee Deshmukh; Dr Sanhita Kulkarni

  161. Scrub Typhus in Children at a Tertiary Care Center: Clinical Profile and Complications

    Authors: Dr. Mohammed Kauser; Dr. K. Mahitha Krishna; Dr. M. Mahesh Kumar

  162. Floodplain Zone Modeling by Using HEC-RAS Model in Rushikulya River Basin of Ganjam District, Odisha, India

    Authors: Ranjeet Kaur; Dilip Kumar

  163. Smoking Habit among College Students

    Authors: Dr. Arun U. Deore

  164. Expenditure Elasticities for Major Food Groups in Yemen Pre and Post War

    Authors: Zeyad Mohammed Qasem Qaid; S. N. Yogish

  165. The Experimental Study to Assess the Knowledge on Life Skill Developments through Resilience and Positive Thinking

    Authors: Shikha Gupta

  166. Orality in The Seven Stages of Grieving by Wesley Enoch and Deborah Milman

    Authors: Raffl Hazim Mohsin; Thamir R. S. Az-Zubaidy

  167. Attacks and Damage by Termites in Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Fields in the Department of Agboville (South-Eastern C?te d'Ivoire)

    Authors: Oro Anne-Nathalie NANDO; Yao Kan Seraphin DIBY; Akpa Alexandre Moise AKPESSE; Kouassi Philippe KOUASSI

  168. Correlation Study between Non-Specific Low Back Pain and Back Extensor Endurance in Peons

    Authors: Samruddhi Kendhe; Dr. Mahendra Shende; Dr. Neerja Deshmukh

  169. A Comparative Prospective Study of Characteristics and Associated Morbidity in Culture Positive Liver Abscess (CPLA) with Culture Negative Liver Abscess (CNLA)

    Authors: Dr. Sneh Joshi; Dr Yogesh Satani; Dr Gaurav Aggrawal

  170. Crop Combination Analysis in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra

    Authors: Dr. Prakash N. Salve

  171. Effectiveness of Ginger Powder versus Regular Yoga Practices on the Selected Symptoms of Primary Dysmenorrhea among Adolescent Girls

    Authors: S. Kalaivani; Dr. Sukhda Sharma

  172. Control of Sexuality and the Widows of HIV / AIDS & Conflict Victim Widows in Imphal West District of Manipur

    Authors: Dr. Oinam Shantibala Devi

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