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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.9, No.12

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2020-12-05

  1. Comparative Study of Conventional Desktop Computer and Compute Stick

    Authors: Aadarsh Sooraj; Sooraj G.

  2. Postpartum Rat Systolic Blood Pressure with Gynura Procumbens Leaf Extract

    Authors: Erna Yovi Kurniawati; Mariza Mustika Dewi

  3. The Politics of Indo-Nepal Map

    Authors: Telore Babasaheb Haridas

  4. Exponential Regression via Linear Modeling using Stochastic Gradient Descent and Optimization

    Authors: Jogimol Joseph; Dr. K. Mathew

  5. Need of Parental Training of Mothers in the Current Scenario

    Authors: Jyoti Chauhan

  6. Numerical Simulation of a Microwave Argon PACVD Plasma Reactor at Low Pressure

    Authors: Mohamed El Haim; Mohamed Atounti

  7. Orthodontic Interceptive Appliance for Unilateral Posterior Crossbite in Mixed Dentition: A Case Report

    Authors: Annisa; Inne Suherna Sasmita

  8. Internal FBE Coating Procedure

    Authors: Sunil Kumar Sharma

  9. Loyalty of Seafarers in the Shipping Industry in Jakarta Province, Indonesia

    Authors: Degdo Suprayitno; Wibowo; Husein Umar

  10. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge of Mothers of Under-Five Children Regarding Acute Respiratory Tract Infections in Selected Area of Nainwa, Dist.- Bundi (Rajasthan)

    Authors: Suresh Kumar Jangid

  11. Sustainable Development of Soybean Crop and Farmers

    Authors: Ashok Satwaji Hanwate

  12. Effect of Integrated Soil Fertility Management on Disease Severity and Cassava Quality in Southern Cote dIvoire

    Authors: Ebah Djedji Bomoh Catherine; Gnahoua Jean-Baptiste Gnelie; Ettien Djetchi Jean Baptiste; De Neve Stefaan; Boeckx Pascal

  13. Analysis of Indonesian Youth Reproductive Health Survey (IYRHS) 2012: Determinant Study of Anemia among Adolescent

    Authors: Ni Komang Yuni Rahyani; Ni Wayan Suarniti; Ni Wayan Armini; Ni Luh Putu Sri Erawati; I Komang Lindayani; Ni Made Dwi Mahayati

  14. Public Perceptions on Climate Change and Adaptation Special Reference to Periyakulama Area

    Authors: J. Juliyat Roshani

  15. Effectiveness of Physics Education Technology (PhET) Interactive Simulations in Teaching Physical Science

    Authors: Richelyn R. Jornales

  16. Prevention and Detection of Diabetes (Type-I&Type-II) using Data Warehousing and Data Mining Techniques in Andaman&Nicobar Islands

    Authors: Deepa.S; Dr. B. Booba

  17. Performance Enhancement of Lead Acid Batteries using Different Surface Areas of Carbon Additives on the Negative Plate

    Authors: Jagannathan Punjabkesar; Heinrich Coetzer; Kelvin Nalan Naidoo; S. P. Daniel Chowdhury

  18. CBCD Methods in Video Copy Detection

    Authors: Jan Mary Thomas

  19. A New Algebraic Method for IBFS of a Transportation Problem and Comparison with NWC Method

    Authors: S. D. Manjarekar; A. P. Bhadane

  20. Mechanism of Formation and Giving Related News Ethnic and Religion in the Tay Nguyen Area, Vietnam

    Authors: Lu Thi Mai Oanh; Nguyen Thi Nhu Thuy

  21. Relationship between Achievement Motivation and Anxiety of Teenage Students

    Authors: Musthafa Mohamed Firose

  22. Development of NCAM Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    Authors: Ogunjirin O. A.; A. A. Adewunmi; P. Nwaobilor; F. A. Willoughby; F. U. Ogini

  23. Natural State Modeling for a Geothermal System using Artificial Intelligence

    Authors: Sudjati Rachmat; Adrianto; Zuher Syihab

  24. Determinants of Environmental Accounting Disclosure of Listed Oil and Gas Firms in Nigeria

    Authors: Baba Sabo

  25. The Response of Potato to Differences in the Watering Intervals and Composition of the Growing Media in the Medium Plains

    Authors: Jajang Sauman Hamdani; Sumadi Kusumiyati; Wawan Sutari; Maria Kristina

  26. Geochemistry of Siliciclastic Rocks from the Koira Group of Western Iron Ore Group, Singhbhum Craton, Eastern India: Implications for Provenance, Paleo-Weathering, and Tectonic Setting

    Authors: Pawan Kumar Yadav; Manorama Das

  27. Diffusion and Dynamics of COVID-19 in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India: A Geospatial Analysis

    Authors: Mir Sumira; Shamim Ahmad Shah; Dr. M Shafi Bhat

  28. A Review Paper on Big Data Hadoop Frame Work

    Authors: Sindhu Daniel

  29. The Effect of Internal Displacement of Syrian Refugees on Gingival Status

    Authors: Firas Hatahet; Mohammed Monzer Alsabbagh

  30. Sign Language Translation Using Ladder Network

    Authors: Chandramani

  31. GPS Tracking System Using LoRaWan

    Authors: Aniket Parashar; Farah Deeba

  32. Diagnosing Abnormal Intraepithelial Lesion of Cervix to Screen for Cervical Cancer

    Authors: Dr. Uma Jain; Dr. Aditya Jain; Dr. Dilip Jain

  33. Product Recommendation System Using Machine Learning Based Collaborative Filtering Technique

    Authors: Mrunal Gandhi; Tushar Nikam; Akshay Shahane; Mayur Shete; Dr. Kamini C. Nalavade

  34. Azygos Vein Aneurysm: A Rare Cause of Posterior Mediastinal Mass

    Authors: Dr. Daxa Chavda; Dr. Priyanka Jikadara; Dr. Mahammedwasim Patel

  35. A Study of Lipid Profile Inpatients of Hypothyroidism

    Authors: Dr. Alpesh R. Vora; Dr. Dasare Anand Balaji

  36. Chemical Analysis of Improvised Limestone Ore Concentrate: A Resource for Teaching the Concept of Qualitative Analysis in Practical Chemistry

    Authors: Ugbe Agioliwhuugbe; Charles Igiri Egonyi

  37. Analytical Studies and Identification of Water Pollutants in Quarry and Oil Zones: A Resource for Teaching the Concept of Pollution in Environmental Chemistry

    Authors: James Igui Umoru; Ugbe Agioliwhuugbe

  38. Impact of Less is More in Present Time

    Authors: Surbhi Porwal; Suman Sharma

  39. A Comparative Study of Omar Khayyams Poetry and the Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley

    Authors: Abdulkadhim Ajaj Hameed Al-bujasim

  40. The Novel of Vehicle Dynamics

    Authors: Ramcharan Vuyyala

  41. Study of UPI/BHIM Payment System in India

    Authors: Dinesh M. Kolte; Dr. Veena R. Humbe

  42. Prevalence of Secretor Antigen and Association with Blood Group among Blood Donors Attending a Tertiary Care Blood Bank in Kerala

    Authors: Dr Vijayalakshmi Kuttath; Shana B Nambiar

  43. A Brief Review of Recent Nanotechnological and Pharmacological Potentials with Special Reference to Plectranthus amboinicus

    Authors: Surya Gundu

  44. Recharge of Groundwater using Abandoned Mine Pits with Treated Wastewater

    Authors: Dr S. K. Sharma; Shuchi Mishra

  45. ASB in Postmenopausal Women with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Vishnumoorthy; Smitha Bhat

  46. Risk Factor Analysis of Planning Stage of Lumpsum Hydropower EPC Project Impacted to Quality and Time Performance

    Authors: Arwan Kahfi; Bambang Purwoko Kusumo Bintoro; Rosalendro Eddy Nugroho

  47. Ultrasonographic Placental Thickness - Its Correlation to Gestational Age

    Authors: Dr. Nehal Sahay; Dr. Rekha Jakhar

  48. Impact of Biophilia in Interiors of Future Restaurants

    Authors: Mohammed Martuza Ahmed Talukdar; Harshneet Kaur

  49. Self Powered Nanopiezoelectric Device Based on ZnO Nanorod Array on Flexible Conjugated Copolymer Hybrid

    Authors: Elsa Sneha Thomas

  50. Triple Burden of Mental Illness on Women: Illness, Stigmatization and Abandonment

    Authors: A Kohli

  51. Business Process Intelligence: A Case Study of Request a Ride

    Authors: Zelal Shearah; Somayah Aljohi; Salma Althebiani; Nedaa Almuallim; Salma Alhag

  52. A Secure Code Based Storage System in Cloud

    Authors: Dr. K. Karuppasamy; Margret Sharmila

  53. Quantitative Analysis of Caffeine by Percent Degradation Assay and Iodometric Titration

    Authors: Bhailume Meenal V.; Shinde Shubhangi R

  54. Comparison between Measurement of Central Corneal Thickness by Non-Contact Clinical Specular Microscope and Ocular Coherence Tomography

    Authors: Dr. Vimal J. Vyas; Dr. Mihir V. Vaidya

  55. New Look at Building Facades: Creative Low Energy Efficieny Facades

    Authors: Nikhil Harry; Neelam Kushwah

  56. Administration of Bajakah (Spatholobus littoralis Hassk) Stem Ethanol Extract Increased the Number of Leydig Cells and Testosterone Levels in Male Wistar Rats (Rattus Norvegicus) with Excessive Swimming Activity

    Authors: Monika Indriani Kurnianto; Wimpie Pangkahila; A. A. A. N. Susraini

  57. The Role of Stigma Cost in Child Labor

    Authors: Saptorshi Gupta

  58. Blended Learning: Investigative the Role of Sangapac Online Learning Platform in the Growth of First Grade Students Khmer Vocabulary Scores

    Authors: Bunlot Khoy

  59. ICT Applications in Management

    Authors: Dr D S Kushwaha; Sushmita Singh; Kaushal Chandra

  60. Acceptance of Type 2 Diabetes Patients in Veitchia merrillii Fruits (Bunga de Tsina) as an Alternative Medicine in Lowering Blood Sugar Level

    Authors: Gemma DC Santos

  61. The Duel of Women on Menopausal Dilemmas

    Authors: Reynaldo J. Ilumin; Gemma DC Santos

  62. Proposing Solutions to Prevent Standard Deviations in the Scientific Community on the Basis of Combined Buddhist Philosophy and Scientific Standards

    Authors: Dao Thi My Dung

  63. Smoking Should be Restricted in all Public Places: A Case Study Focus on Cyberjaya Inhabitant, Malaysia

    Authors: Farzana Nazera; Mohamed K. Haq

  64. Critical Overview on Present Education System of Bangladesh: Quality vs. Quantity

    Authors: Sumya Alam

  65. Phraseology as an Independent Branch of Linguistics

    Authors: Sotvaldieva Hilola Musinovna; Masharipova Anar Tadjibaevna

  66. Isolation and Identification of Canine Parvovirus Type 2 in Dogs from Algeria

    Authors: Brahimi Mahfoud; Ghrici Mohamed; Mohd Zain Siti Nursheena et; Douadi Benacer

  67. Role of Calcium in the Control of Cytoplasmic Streaming in Permeabilized Nitella Cell

    Authors: Dr. Md. Anzer Alam

  68. Development of Environmental Quality Index for Environmental Sustainability and in Surface Mines in West Bengal

    Authors: Dr. Shatrajit Goswami

  69. Role of University Grants Commission in Promoting Library Services

    Authors: Basawaraj Malipatil

  70. A Rolling Ball Pulse Generator through Piezoelectric Transduction Aimed at Wireless Sensing Devices

    Authors: Hanifi Gul Habib

  71. Study of Corneal Endothelial Cell Count in Diabetes Mellitus Patients

    Authors: Dr. Neeti R Sheth; Dr. Prapti K Nisarta

  72. BP Evaluation and Re-engineering: Case Study Acquiring Travel Plan Quotations

    Authors: Asma AL Zahrani; Reham Al Wadai; Redha AL Sulami; Zinah Matar; Salma Mahgoub

  73. Administration of Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Leaves Ethanol Extract Increased the Number of Leydig Cells and Testosteron Levels in Cigarette Smoke-Exposed Male Wistar Rats (Rattus norvegicus)

    Authors: Diany Natasha; Wimpie Pangkahila; A.A.A.N. Susraini

  74. Prevalence of Anaemia in Pregnancy at the First Antenatal Visit

    Authors: Dr. G. S. Sailekshmi; Dr. B. M. Logeswari; Dr. Siddarth Vincent Raji

  75. Study of Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer Thickness in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Patients by OCT

    Authors: Dr. Kamal R. Dodiya; Dr. Monica M. Thacker

  76. Mental Health Tsunami (Life is Like a Wave Flow with it)

    Authors: Prof. Dr. Induja.S; Mohanapriya

  77. Study of Some Biochemical Parameters of the Drink Tchakpalo (Sugar Must) Sold in Cotonou Schools in the Republic of Benin

    Authors: Aikou N.; R.A. Lapo; Coulibaly F. A.; Ahoyo A. T.; Ade S.; Moutawakilou G.; Aikou N. L. M.; Aikou A. N. E.; Zannou L.; Alkoare I.

  78. The Problem of Tenses among Second Language Speakers of English

    Authors: Shebli Younus; Nazanin Maeen

  79. Helical Submerged Arc Welded (HSAW) Pipe Manufacturing&Equipment Configuration

    Authors: Sunil Kumar Sharma

  80. Identification and Analysis of GeneExpression in Flies Brain: An Insilico Approach

    Authors: Arpita Parakh; Naveen Dhingra

  81. Medicolegal Study of Sex-Related Crimes against Children in Varanasi Region

    Authors: Nishant Purbey; Manoj Kumar Pathak; Rohini

  82. Diversity of Zooplankton in Water Bodies around the Parli-Vaijnath

    Authors: Gulbhile Vidya D.

  83. The Socket Shield Technique - A Case Report

    Authors: Santoshni Samal; Faheem Ahmed; Mukesh Kumar

  84. Assessment of Knowledge and Attitudes towards Preventive Dentistry amongst the Dentists of Prayagraj City, India

    Authors: Dr. Manish Raj; Dr. Jaspreet Singh Tuteja; Dr. Nidhi Pruthi Shukla; Dr. Devina Pradhan; Dr. Jyothi C; Dr. Divya Kashyap

  85. Adjustment of School Rythms and Student Performance

    Authors: Tchoutang Kombou Armel Pacome

  86. Tools for Planning Education and Professional Insertion of Students

    Authors: Abessolo Ondigui Raphal Landry

  87. Affordable Housing Techniques by Ar. Laurie Baker (Is the Techniques are Relevant in Indore?)

    Authors: Shruti Sharma; Suman Sharma

  88. Digital Optimization to Enhance Oil and Gas Recovery

    Authors: Rahul Sharma; Ravindra Kumar Jain; Mukesh Kumar Gupta

  89. Al-Quran-Based Script Fading to Reduce Aggression Behaviour of Autistic Child

    Authors: Zainul Anwar; Nadila Apriola Susanto; Hanifatul Qoniah; Shafa Alvita

  90. Regarding Clinical Response, Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation is More Effective than Neoadjuvant Radiation alone in the Treatment of Advanced Stage (Stage II and III) of Rectal Carcinoma

    Authors: Dr. Md. Zillur Rahman Bhuyain; Dr. Sharif Ahmed; Dr. Sadia Sharmin; Dr. Mamun OR Rasheed

  91. Investigating the Role of Language in Growth and Development

    Authors: Mohammad Ishaq Shaheedzooy; Muhibullah Muhib

  92. Endodontic Biofilms - A Review

    Authors: Karthika J R; Lekshmy S Devi; Lakshmi Aravind; Sreeja Sreedhar; Siddharth V Nair

  93. A Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting among Healthcare Professionals in North India and Identification of Causes of Under-Reporting

    Authors: A Kohli

  94. A Review on E-Learning, Platform and Virtual Reality

    Authors: Jwan Akram Sofar; Mohamed Najm Abdullah

  95. Design of Control System of Restaurant Conveyor Belt

    Authors: Lei Xinying

  96. An Assessment of Environmental Impact on River Bed Sand and Gravel Mining in Eastern Dooars, West Bengal: A Case Study on Raidak-II River

    Authors: Debasish Talukdar; Dr. Tapan Kumar Das

  97. Significance of Homoeopathic Medicines in Syncope

    Authors: Dr. Dhage Punam Suraj; Dr. Ghodake Pradnya Sevakdas

  98. Nanorobotics in Dentistry - Periodontal Point of View

    Authors: Dr. Naznin; Dr. Saraniya Devi

  99. Functional Characteristics of Cooperatives from the Perspective of Social Justice: Case Study of Village Cotton Producers Cooperatives in the Department of Alibori, Benin

    Authors: Ammadou SOULE ALASSANE MANNE; Ismail MOUMOUNI; Emmanuel SEKLOKA

  100. Fractional Order PID Controller Using Recursive Least Square Algorithm in MIMO Systems

    Authors: Athira Sivanandhan

  101. Artificial Neural Network Approach to Predict Milk Yield of Dairy Farm

    Authors: Nayomi Jeewanthi Gamlath

  102. Comparison of Breastfeeding Practices between Primigravida and Multigravida

    Authors: Dr. Madhvi Singh; Dr. B. M. Logeshwari; Dr. R. Shubhavee

  103. Determinants of State Funded Projects Performance in Kenya; A Case of National Youth Service, Mombasa County

    Authors: Mwang'ombe Bartholomew Baya; Dr. Johnbosco Kisimbii

  104. Bottom Fauna of Water Bodies of Uzbekistan

    Authors: Muratbay A. Matmuratov; Abdurahman D. Saparov

  105. Diabetic Ketoacidosisin Children with Type One Diabetes Mellitus: Risk Factors, Outcome and Complications

    Authors: Nahille Muthanna Majeed; Israa Hamid Salih

  106. The Influence of English Language Learning on Turkish People, Culture, and Identity

    Authors: Mahmoud Alloh; Veysel Kilic

  107. Management of Sthaulya (Obesity) Through Lekhana Basti Followed by Pathya-Apathya and Yogasana - A Case Study

    Authors: Dr. Mayuri Prabhu Waghadhare; Dr. Mukund D. Bamnikar

  108. Knowledge and Practice of Menstrual Hygiene among Adolescent Girls Living in Slums of Guwahati City

    Authors: Kanika K. Baruah; Azhanuo Khezhie

  109. Parents Knowledge and Awareness of Orthodontics and Orthodontic Treatment in Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Mohammad Y Tabbaa; Abdullah R Albarkheel; Sultan Al Mubarak

  110. Wild Olive Tree Mapping Extent, Distribution and Basic Attributes of Wild Olive Trees in the Al-Baha Region using Remote Sensing Technology

    Authors: Abdullah Saleh Al-Ghamdi

  111. A Comparative Study on Limno-Chemical Parameters of Two Water Bodies Varanda and Ankarsol Ka Naka of District Dungarpur, Rajasthan

    Authors: Rituraj Singh Chauhan; Sourindra Mohan Roy; Neeraj Pachori

  112. Degradation of Wetland Environment in Assam with Special Reference to Goalpara District

    Authors: Hem Chandra Kalita

  113. Unsteady Flow of Viscous Fluid through a Straight Long Porous Circular Tube Due to Constant and Exponentially Decaying Pressure Gradient

    Authors: S. Karmakar; P. K. Biswas; Dr. K. C. Nandy

  114. The Impact of Nutrition on COVID-19 Susceptibility and Long Term Consequences

    Authors: Tandon Palak; Dubey Prakash Ritu; Prof Dr. Prasad Ranu

  115. Magic in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

    Authors: Dr. Abdalatif Mamoun Hassan

  116. Effect of Developmental Toxicity in Drosophila melanogaster on Exposure to Different Food Dyes (Brilliant Blue and Sunset Yellow)

    Authors: Parameswara Bushan Kumar; Shalini Moses; Basayya Arunkumar; Divya Shree Ramamurthy

  117. The Study of Hemodynamics Phenomena in Intracranial Aneurysms with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): A PRISMA - Compliant Systematic Review

    Authors: Rafael do Espirito Santo

  118. Procedure of Standard Setting Using Borderline Regression Methods in Objective Structured Clinical Examination of Undergraduate Medical Education

    Authors: Shahid Hassan

  119. Effect of K+Sequence with Different pH Combination on Cytoplasmic Streaming in PermeabilizedNitella Cell

    Authors: Dr. Md. Anzer Alam

  120. Early Intervention in Reading: A Case Study of a 4Ps Beneficiary

    Authors: Reynaldo J. Ilumin

  121. A Study on Arrhythmias within 48 Hours of Acute Myocardial Infarction

    Authors: Dr. Eedarala Venkata Sathyanarayana; Dr. Krishna K. Lakhani

  122. Cytohistopathological Study of Central Nervous System Neoplasms

    Authors: Dr. Garima Pandey; Dr. Padam Kumari Agarwal; Dr. D. K. Chhabra

  123. Isolation and Characterization of Laccase Producing Bacteria from Soil Used for the Degradation of Malachite Green

    Authors: Pandey Alok R; Sathe Ganesh S

  124. Gender, Decision-Making on Land Ownership and Indegenous Rights in Cameroon: Searching for a Balance in Law

    Authors: Dr. KASPA Kingsley NYONGKAA

  125. Ethiopian Public Universities Leadership Behavior and Instructors Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Arba Minch University

    Authors: Zelalem Zekarias Oliso; Tefera Gebaba Kasa

  126. Effect of Organics on Sustainable Agriculture and Soil Quality

    Authors: Ravinder Kumar; Priyanka Sharma

  127. Social Media and Constitution

    Authors: Somalatha B

  128. Employee Engagement in Retail Sector

    Authors: Dr. Anupama Sundar D

  129. Association of Anemia with Postpartum Mood Disorders

    Authors: Dr. Idhalya Ravi; Dr Vidya; Dr A. Siddharthani

  130. Dentistrys Greener Future

    Authors: Dr. Divya Kashyap; Dr. Jyothi C; Dr. Nidhi Pruthi Shukla; Dr. Devina Pradhan; Dr. Swati Parsai; Dr. Manish Raj

  131. Laparoscopic Versus Open-Component Separation Technique with Mesh Reinforcement for Closure of Large Anterior Abdominal Wall Defect

    Authors: Mohamed M. Balbola; Al Metwaly R. Ibrahim; Abd El Hamid A. A. E Shama

  132. Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil: Experimental Application of Luffa Cylindrica (Sponge Gourd)

    Authors: Amoah Theophilus; Adotey Maame Afua Chadey; Amos T. Kabo-bah; Agyemang Opoku Nana Yaw; Saeed Ibn Idris K. Yeboah; Amoah Ofori Obed

  133. Shashi Mountains - An unexplored Major Plant Biodiversity Hotspot of Trans-Himalayan Region of District Kargil (Ladakh)

    Authors: Abul Qasim

  134. Determination of Major and Minor Elements in the Rhizome of Kaempferiaparviflora by Analytical Techniques

    Authors: Rameshor Singh Atom; Warjeet Singh Laitonjam; Rashmi Joshi; Bheeshma Pratap Singh; Raghumani Singh Ningthoujam; E. J. Singh

  135. Demystifying Bruxism: A Review

    Authors: Monika Nandan; Rudrax Jindal; Satheesh R; Rekha Gupta; Shubhra Gill

  136. Image Recognition in Agriculture and Landscape Protection

    Authors: Iftikhar B. Abbasov

  137. Effectiveness of Nutrition Education on Nutrition Parenting of Mother with Stunting Toddlers

    Authors: Resi Putri Naulia; Hendrawati; La Saudi

  138. Influence of Organisational and Human Values on Sustainable Organisational Performance

    Authors: Jainy Rajan

  139. Malignant Phyllodes Tumor with Heterologous Differentiation

    Authors: Sarita Mittal; Swati Girdhar; Maneesh Bagai

  140. Play-Based Pedagogy in ECE Centres: An Emphasis on Module Improvement for Expanse Students

    Authors: Getrude Chimfwembe-Gondwe

  141. Classroom Practices that Exist when University In-Service Students Teach Informal Geometry

    Authors: Getrude Chimfwembe

  142. Effect of Obesity on Quality of Life in Indian Adults - Cross Sectional Observational Study

    Authors: Dr. Shlesha Vaidya

  143. Analysis and Extraction of Electroencephalogram (EEG) wave for Brain-Computer Interfacing

    Authors: Pantha Protim Sarker

  144. Frequency of Sexual Crimes that have been Subject to Forensic Psychiatry in Bulgaria

    Authors: Lyudmil Tumbev

  145. Effect of Different Amendments of Leaf Litter Vermicompost on Growth of Cathranthusroseus

    Authors: Mushan. L. C.

  146. Detection and Classification of Food Consumption Using Convolutional Neural Networks

    Authors: Diksha Solanki

  147. Design Considerations of Anthropomorphic Exoskeleton

    Authors: Thabsheer Jafer.M

  148. The Engagement between the Brand and the Customer: Relationship Marketing as the New Paradigm

    Authors: Catarina Pimentel; Teresa Gouveia

  149. Economic Crises of Thailand

    Authors: Kuhu Sharma

  150. The Effect of Physical Exercise on Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease: An Article Review

    Authors: Alvin Hendellyn

  151. Study of Phenological Stages of Riparian Plant Species of Karban River, Iglas (Aligarh) in Rainy Season

    Authors: Preeti Sharma; Dr. Prabodh Srivastava

  152. Effect of Yellow-Split Chickpeas on Hepatosteatosis-Induced Serum Oxidative Damage in Rats

    Authors: Alaa S. El-Shall; Amany A. Sayed; Amel M. Soliman; Mohamed Marzouk

  153. Effectiveness of the Existing Regulatory Framework for Biosecurity Preparedness Atgarissa Level Five Hospital, Garissa County, Kenya

    Authors: Hassan A. Jimale; Dr. Duncan O. Ochieng; Dr. Martin Ouman

  154. Unilateral Optic Nerve Sheath Meningioma: A Rare Case Report

    Authors: Shikha Gupta; V K Malik; Sanjeev Kumar

  155. Dualism of Scientific Knowledge and Astrological Interpretations

    Authors: Dr. Miroslav KUKA

  156. The Relationship between Social Support, Self-Efficacy and PTSD Symptoms among Trauma Survivors in Nigerias Niger Delta region

    Authors: Endurance Avah Zacchaeus

  157. Hypertension: Prevalence in a Nigerian Adult Population

    Authors: Dominic F. Essiet; Humphrey B. Osadolor

  158. Constitutional Provisions and Practices of Electoral System in Nepal

    Authors: Shyam Prasad Phuyel; Dr. Amrit Kumar Shrestha; Dr. Tara Nath Ghimire

  159. Factors Determining Adoption of Block Chain in the Insurance Industry: A Case of Kenya

    Authors: Kanuku Musyoku; Shitanda Douglas; Nganu Margaret

  160. A Survey on Types of Crawlers and Web Searching Algorithms

    Authors: T. Yogameera; Dr. D. Shanthi

  161. The Effect of Educating Senior High School Students in Thailand Regarding Depressive Disorder

    Authors: Thansiri Paiboonwatanakul; Patrawadee Wongrujipairoj; Thanaphat Thanyaratsarun

  162. Accounts of Brazilian Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Abroad on Smartphones and the Internet: Weapons or Tools?

    Authors: Mindy Reynolds

  163. Solar Powered Bi-Directional Converter with a Two Wire Interface used in Microgrids

    Authors: Mohitha Venkit S

  164. Role of Mothers Care in Neonatal Growth and Development Primi-Parous vs Multi-Parous

    Authors: Dr. D. Pavithra; Dr. R. Nithya; Dr. Rahul Ulhas

  165. Dimensionless Current-Voltage Characteristics of Amorphous Semiconductor under Non-Constant Mobility Regime by Exact Method

    Authors: Jyoti Dalal; Y. K. Sharma; N. K. Pandey

  166. Variation in Hb Content Cyprinus carpio Fed with Tulsi Extract Supplemented Diet

    Authors: M. U. Bansode; Dr. N. R. Jaiswal

  167. The Effect of Wear and Softeners on the Sewability of Woven Structures

    Authors: Michail Karypidis; George Savvidis

  168. Comprehensive Study of Current Reverse Engineering Tools and Techniques

    Authors: Ohoud S. Al-Harthi; Emad S Al-Suwat

  169. Continual Improvement Using Jishu Hozen Pillar of Total Productive Maintenance in Manufacturing Organization

    Authors: Akash Kumar

  170. Kinetics of oxidation of m-Toluidine by Potassium Dichromate in Absence and Presence of CTAB

    Authors: Ritu Singh

  171. Microbiota: A Double-Edged Sword in Cancer Therapy

    Authors: Arpita Bhatt

  172. Hoarding Disorder

    Authors: Priyanka Thakur

  173. Developing a Multi Purpose Emergency Remote Teaching Tool during COVID Crisis for Partial Credit Assessment Using Digital Scratch-off (PCA-DS) Technique for Immediate Feedback and Readiness Assurance Test

    Authors: Shahid Hassn; Hasnain Zafar Baloch; Mohd Fadzil

  174. A Critical Analysis of Hypospadias Patients; Management and Complications

    Authors: Sunil V Revankar

  175. Clinico-Epidemiology Study of Facial Hypermelanosis at Griya Satya Clinic in January 2017-December 2019

    Authors: Satya Wydya Yenny; Yosep Prabowo

  176. Out of the Closet: Queer Love in Arabic Literature and Islamic Society

    Authors: Hadeel Safa Hadi Al-Bayati

  177. Mobility Aware Efficient Location based Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

    Authors: Jyoti R Maranur; Dr. Basavaraj Mathapati

  178. Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Chemical Parameters in Surface Waters of Bandama Catershed, Ivory Coast

    Authors: Amenan Kouadio; Aya Nelly Berthe Kouadio; Kandana Marthe Yeo; Droh Lancine Gone

  179. Analytical Relationship between the Electrical Parameters of the PV Array and External Factors based on the Lambert W-Function

    Authors: Mamadsho Ilolov; Khakim Ahmedov; Ahmadsho M. Ilolov; Anvar S. Qodirov; Jamshed Sh. Rahmatov; Narimon Sh. Yusufbekov

  180. Characteristics of Urolithiasis Patients in the Undata General Hospital during 2019

    Authors: Manik Adityaswara AAN; Aristo

  181. Endodontic Management of Radix - A Case Series

    Authors: Dr. Sourabh Sharma; Dr. Sonali Sharma; Dr. Anubhav Chakrabarty; Dr. Priyanka Malviya

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