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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.9, No.11

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2020-11-05

  1. Review on Tumor Suppressor Genes and their Interplay in Breast Cancer: The Caretakers

    Authors: Rohit Chel

  2. Prevalence of Vancomycin and High Level Gentamycin Resistance in Enterococcus Isolates in a Tertiary Care Hospital

    Authors: Rahul Soni; Krishna Kant Sharma; Dr. Ved Prakash Mamoria

  3. Role of Maternal Lipid Profile and Cord Blood Lipid Profile in the GDM Mothers and their Infants

    Authors: Dr. Sanjukta Naik; Dr. Preeti Chauhan; Dr. Janani R; Dr. Roshnara P P

  4. A Comprehensive Review on Intents, Intention Mining and Intention Classification

    Authors: Saroj S. Date

  5. Extra-Judicial Killings: A Threat to Democracy

    Authors: Aman Kumar Sinha; Kumar Adarsh; Vedang Upadhayay

  6. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Vitamin A (Sources, Requirement&Prevention of Deficiency) among the Axillary Nurse Midwife Inselected Areas, Jhapa, Nepal

    Authors: Nirmala Dahal; Rakhi Chand

  7. Family Screening for Thrombocytopenia in Voluntary Blood Donors with Thrombocytopenia in Kashmir Valley

    Authors: Anil Kumar; Parvaiz A. Koul; Javid Rasool

  8. Correlation of Alexithymia with Anxiety Disorder

    Authors: Dr. Puja Pallavi; Dr. Kamlesh Chandra; Rajni Bala

  9. Techniques for Interpreting Abstruse English Collocations into Arabic

    Authors: Tareq Ali Edaroos Assaqaf

  10. Get to Know the Mirizzi Syndrome

    Authors: Marco Raharja; Marianto; Dian Daniella

  11. COVID-19 Vaccination Strategies and Challenges - A Literature Review

    Authors: Dr Vidit Majmundar; Dr Purva Shah

  12. Interpersonal Communication on Sexual and Reproductive Health in COVID-19 Era: An Analysis of Adolescent Girls in Urban Village of Delhi

    Authors: Rashmi Kumari

  13. Bacteriological Contamination in Different Drinking Water Sources of Katihar District and Its Health Impacts

    Authors: Meena Kumari; Sanjib Kumar

  14. What Makes Earths Objects Tick

    Authors: Shashikant Shivaji Zende

  15. Formulation of Calcium Carbonate Chewable Tablets

    Authors: Abdrhman Mahmoud Gamil; Huda Abd El-Gabar; Mohammed El-Hassan Al-Imam; Mehad Shams EL-den Mohammed; Safa Ahmed Jabr Allah

  16. A Comparative Clinical Trail to Evaluate the Efficacy of Indukanta Ghrita Matra Basti and Mustakarishta with Changeri Ghrita Matra Basti and Maha Kalyanaka Kashaya in the Management of Grahani Roga vis-a-vis Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

    Authors: Prapulla.K; V Rajendra

  17. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Iron Fortified Riceflakes on Hemoglobin Level among Preschoolers with Nutritional Anaemia at Selected Schools, Coimbatore

    Authors: Pamitha Elizabath Baby

  18. Performance Evaluation and Utilization on the Solar Steam Generation System for the Cooking Process in the Composite Climate

    Authors: Deepak Sharma; Ravindra Kumar Jain; Mukesh Kumar Gupta; Hemant Sharma

  19. Analysis the Human Rights of Artisans for Social Rescue of Tourism in Teotihuacan Valley, Visualized on Public Policy Networks Implementing ICT

    Authors: Susana Esquivel Rios; Norma Lizbet Gonzalez Corona; Adriana Bustamante Almaraz

  20. Observations of Growth Parameters and Digestibility of Indian Snake-Headed Murrel, Channa punctata to Various Dietary Conditions

    Authors: Abhijeet Sengupta; Amita Moitra

  21. Formulation and Characterization of Nifedipine loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers coated with Fenugreek Seed Polysaccharide

    Authors: Dr. S. C. Arora; Anuradha Kush; Chahat Singla; Renu Rani

  22. Correction of Simptomatic Flexible Flatfoot - A Review

    Authors: Edvin Selmani; Vilson Ruci

  23. Proximity Theorical Methodological Governance and Networks of Public Policy in the Mariposa Corridor Monarch Chincua-Campanario-Chivati-Huacal

    Authors: Susana Esquivel Rios; Norma Lizbet Gonzalez Corona; Adriana Bustamante Almaraz; Ricardo Colin Garcia

  24. A Comparative Cross Sectional Study to Assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Blood Donation among the College Student of Rural and Urban Area: In View to Developed Information Leaflet

    Authors: Kalpesh Pawar

  25. Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction using Preserved Insertion Hamstring Graft - A Prospective Short - Term Analysis

    Authors: Dr Rajiv Gupta; Dr Ankur Gupta; Dr R C Meena; Dr Mahesh Bansal; Dr Pooja Gupta

  26. IgM Profile of Patients Suspected to Have Toxoplasmosis among Bad Obstetrics History Group Attending at Integral Institute of Medical Science&Research, Integral University, Lucknow

    Authors: Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Thokar; Alka Verma; Dr. Arshiya Khan

  27. Are Intelligent Building&Sustainable Building Essentially the Same? (Is Intelligent Building Helping in Creating a Sustainable Environment?)

    Authors: Ratima Dagaonkar

  28. The Ancient Indian Science of Vaastu Shastra&Climate Responsive Buildings in 21st Century

    Authors: Ankur Pandey

  29. MPV as Prognostic Factor for Patients with Coronary Artery Diseases in Sudan

    Authors: Wala Eldin Osman Elradi; Elharam Ibrahim Abdallah; Eman Elimam Diab; Omar Mahmoud Ahmed; Abdulrab Ahmed M. Alkhanjaf; Elhashimi Eltayb Hassan

  30. Dynamic ECG Changes in Myasthenia Gravis

    Authors: Dr. A Hymavathi; Dr. Dharani Reddy; Dr Ashima Sharma

  31. The Effect of Static Stretching and PNF Hold-Relax Stretching on Increasing Flexibility of Shortened Hamstring Muscle among Sedentary Living Female Students - Randomized Controlled Trial

    Authors: Fiza Raza Rizvi; Nilofar Rasheed; Naveen H Simon; Apurva Chatterjee

  32. Seasonal Variation in Proline Content of the Leaves of Azadirachta Indica, Under the Influence of Marble Slurry Dust

    Authors: Vibha Khanna; Lata Gahlot

  33. Evaluation of Calcium Levels in Dengue Patient

    Authors: Meghana Sreenivas; Jayapraksh Alva

  34. A Study on Blood Transfusion in Obstetrics at Dhiraj Tertiary Care Hospital

    Authors: Dr. Kirtan Patel; Dr. Col. Rakesh Anand

  35. A Study to Assess Modalities Used To Relieve Menstrual Discomfort by Adolescent Girls in Selected Schools of Pune City

    Authors: Rupali Chaugule

  36. A Comparative Study of Serum Lipids and Lipoprotein - A Levels of Women with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) and Normal Pregnant Women

    Authors: Syeda Ayesha Fatima; Madhavi Latha; N. Vani

  37. Public Health Policies and Global COVID-19 Outbreak

    Authors: Marina Komaroff; Ahmed Amir Belhouchet

  38. Challenges Faced by Midwifery Facilitators in Providing Midwifery Education

    Authors: Pravina Mahadalkar; Dr. Supriya Pottal Ray; Dr. N. Sujita Devi

  39. Cross Cultural Adaptation and Assessment of Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire Gujarati Version

    Authors: Dhara Chavda; Dr. Neela Soni; Urmi Bhatt

  40. The Levels of Heavy Metals in Pigeon Feathers in Different Areas of Ajmer City (Rajasthan): Feather as an Indicator

    Authors: Krishna Mishra; Rajeshwari Acharya

  41. Influence of Microfinance Services on the Growth of Women Owned Enterprises in Bondo Town, Kenya

    Authors: Quenter Adhiambo; Dr. Ofwa Joanes Otieno Wu'Adongo; Dr. Michael Nyagol

  42. Investigating the Rate of Learning Mathematics among High School Students in Herat City

    Authors: Majabin Ehrari; Dost Mohammad Faizy

  43. A Brief Review on the Overview on Immunology of COVID-19: Current State of the Research

    Authors: Nobendu Mukerjee

  44. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Health Workers against COVID-19 Infection When Returning from Work, Mamuju District, Indonesia, 2020

    Authors: Rahmat Haji Saeni; Agus Erwin Ashari; Fajar Akbar; Fahrul Islam; Ashriady; Abbas Mahmud

  45. Lithopedion

    Authors: Alex Merlin

  46. Giant Left Atrial Appendage Aneurysm Presenting As Supraventricular Tachycardia

    Authors: Anil Kumar; Uttam Kumar Patnaik; Biswajit Das; Chandrakanta Mishra; Dipak Ranjan Das

  47. Hyperbolic Medicine. A Space-Time Synchronization External to the Human

    Authors: Jesus M. Gonzalez-Gonzalez

  48. New Exportable Tong Ifori Variety of Strawberry for Greenhouse Cultivation

    Authors: Fakhriddin Dekhkonovich Kirgyzboev

  49. Root-end Filling Materials: A Literature Review

    Authors: Alaaeldeen O. Mais; Amr M. Abdallah; Essam Osman

  50. An Unusual Case of Hodgkin's Lymphoma with Initial Presentation of Fever, Mediastinal Lymphadenopathy and Disseminated Nocardiosis

    Authors: Dr Deepak Rosha; Dr Ishan Gupta

  51. Effectiveness of Educational Intervention Regarding Prevention of Febrile Convulsion on Knowledge among Care Givers of Children with Fever

    Authors: Archana Negi; D. Y. Sorte; Preeti Prabha

  52. Efficacy of Homoeopathy Medicines in Treatment of Cervical Spondylosis in Computer Professionals

    Authors: Dr Amit Dash

  53. Sterically Hindered Organoantimony Compounds of TRIS (alpha-NAPHTHYL) Antimony (III)(alpha-Cless thansubgreater than10less than/subgreater thanHless thansubgreater than7less than/subgreater than)less thansubgreater thannless than/subgreater thanSbXless th

    Authors: Neeraj Kumar Verma

  54. A Study on Muscular Skeletal Problems Due to Excessive Use of Mobile Devices

    Authors: Ekta; Kavita Dua

  55. Soil Changes and Improvement Measures under Irrigation in the Middle Flow of Zarafshan River

    Authors: Adiba Burkhonovna Tursunkulova

  56. Pneumonia Severity Index and CURB-65 score as a Predictor of In-Hospital Mortality in Acute Exacerbation of COPD

    Authors: Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh; Dr. Mohit Bhatnagar; Dr. Sandeep Nimba Deore; Dr. Mandeep Joshi; Dr. Tausif Ahmed; Dr. Subhrojyoti Bhowmick; Dr. Shreya Verma

  57. Microscopic Evaluation of Two Different Sealers in Filling Artificial Internal Resorption Cavities in Mandibular Central Incisors - An in Vitro Study

    Authors: Hitika P Doda; Vaishali V Parekh; Aashray A Patel; Nupur R Vasava; Dhruv J Thakor

  58. Influence of Safety Communication on Implementation of Safety Oversight Program at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

    Authors: Jonah K. Kinyua; Dr. John Mbugua; Dr. John Bosco Kisimbii

  59. Architecture as a Device to Recycle the Scrap

    Authors: Nitisha Tiwari; Suman Sharma

  60. Expressionism, The Psychological Realism and Other Theatrical Devices Reflected in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

    Authors: K. G. Swarnananda Gamage

  61. Autocratic Leadership Style and Strategy Implementation in Non-Governmental Organizations in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

    Authors: Dr. Shitseswa E. Ayub

  62. Event Tourism and Economic Empowerment in Nigeria: A Case Study of Pus Kat Cultural Festivalin Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria

    Authors: Gubak Happy Danie; Kromtit Matthew Jesse; Gubam Dimas Solomon

  63. Studies on Food Habits of Calcium Urolithiasis Patients in Kishanganj District in Bihar, India

    Authors: Nilam Kumari; Dr. Naresh Kumar

  64. Batting in Gendered Spaces: Mapping the Struggle of Womens Cricket in India

    Authors: Manjula Veerappa; D Yogananda Rao

  65. A Controlled Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Shulahara Gritha Nasya in the Management of Apabhahuka Vis-A-Vis Frozen Shoulder

    Authors: Sujatha M; Rajendra V

  66. To Compare the Efficacy of Constitutional&Keynotes Prescribing in Cirrhosis of Liver

    Authors: Dr. Rohit Gupta

  67. Study of Sediment for Nutrient Enrichment of Gundolav Lake, Kishangarh (Ajmer), Rajasthan

    Authors: Dr. Anita Sharma

  68. The Role of Carbon Accounting in Managing the Climate Change Risks: Literature Review

    Authors: Ibrahim R. I. Elmadhoun; Dr. Gaddam Naresh Reddy

  69. Traffic Volume of Kangra - Shimla National Highway (NH 103) in Himachal Pradesh - A Case Study

    Authors: Gaurav; Moti Ram Sharma

  70. Influence of Marble Slurry Dust on Epidermal Characteristics of Selected Tree Species, in Reference to their Dust Holding Capacity

    Authors: Dr. Vibha Khanna; Lata Gahlot

  71. Changing Language of Tribal Culture by Contemporary Architecture Study of Bhilalas

    Authors: Ishan Natu

  72. Study of Clinical Profile of Concomitant Strabismus

    Authors: Dr Apeksha Kamath; Dr Shobhana Jorvekar

  73. Efficacy of Homoeopathy in the Cases of Leucorrhoea in 3rd and 4th Decade of Life

    Authors: Dr. Shashank Mundepi

  74. Influence of Yoga in Human Health

    Authors: Ajeeshkumar PA

  75. Efficacy of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy in Upper Limb Recovery after Stroke

    Authors: Udhaya Kumar Patturaj; Dhanpal Singh; Mohandas Kurup

  76. To Study the Utility of Synthesis Repertory in Cases of Hemorrhoids

    Authors: Dr. Vijay Singh

  77. Assessment of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of the Soil of Tribal Area of District Dhar, M.P. India

    Authors: Muwel SL; Mehta SC

  78. Efficacy of Homoeopathic Medicines in Cases of Acute Tonsillitis in Children

    Authors: Dr Gurtej Kaur

  79. Effect of Ligands attached to Fluorescein on the Photocurrent of Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

    Authors: P. M. Sirimanne; P. N. Dissanayake; G. R. A. Kumara

  80. Strategic Management Practices and Organization Performance of Selected Travel and Tour Agencies in Nairobi City County, Kenya

    Authors: Deborah Mokeira Kennedy; Elishiba Muthoni Murigi

  81. A Comparative Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Krshara Upanaha and Rasna Taila Janubasti in the Management of Janusandhigata Vata Vis-A-Vis Osteoarthritis of Knee Joint

    Authors: Dr. Chandrakala.R.K; Dr. Mythrey.R.C; Dr. Rajendra.V

  82. Bio-monitoring of Metals in Chicken Eggs

    Authors: Dr. Krishna Mishra; Dr. Rajeshwari Acharya

  83. A Controlled Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of Gandharvahastadi Kalka in the Management of Mutrashmari vis-a-vis Urolithiasis

    Authors: Shrutika Gadale; Dr. Gajanana Hegde; Dr. V Rajendra

  84. A Comparative Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Atarushadi Kwatha and Karanja Arka in the Management of Ekakushta vis-a-vis Chronic Plaque Psoriasis

    Authors: Chaitra B M; Mythrey R C; V Rajendra

  85. Assessment of Health Risks due to Exposure to Cadmium and Lead of the Population of Daloa through the Consumption of Choukouya

    Authors: AKESSE Djamatche Paul Valery; DALOGO Kacou Alain Paterne; KOFFI Akissi Chantal; MAMADOU Kone

  86. Role of Homoeopathy in the Management of Obesity in Childhood and Adolescent using Repertory of Homoeopathic Materia Medica by J.T Kent

    Authors: Dr. Rohit Kumar

  87. An Open Longitudinal Clinical Trial to Validate Chikitsa Sutra of Amavata vis-a-vis Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Authors: Dr. Prema.P; Dr. Sanjaykumar.MD; Dr. Rajendra.V

  88. Characteristics of Preterm Labor at Sanglah General Hospital Denpasar from January 1st, 2017- December 31st, 2018

    Authors: David Eriandi Ginting; Anak Agung Gede Putra Wiradnyana

  89. Three Novel Products from Leaves of Aloe barbadensis Miller

    Authors: Disha Vijaya Poojary; Abhijeet Bhagwat Badgujar

  90. Article on Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

    Authors: Ankita

  91. Sensory Analysis of Pomegranate Peel Powder in the Development of Value Added Food Products

    Authors: Tandon Palak; Dr. Prasad Ranu; Dr. Verma Anisha

  92. Studying the Effect of Establishing and Operating PMO in the Vice Presidency of King Abdulaziz University for Projects

    Authors: Ahmed Ali Ahmed Bagabas; Dr. Mohammed Basingab

  93. Is Astigmatism a Common Problem in Urban Population of South India

    Authors: Dr Sonali Kajla Singh; Dr Darshan Bhatt

  94. To Analyze the Effectiveness of Low-Level Laser Therapy and Sham Laser in Patients with Temporomandibular Disorder

    Authors: Syed Zubair Ahmed; Ranji Keerthika Veer; Shadab Rizwan Khan

  95. To Study the Attitude of Teachers and Parents of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya and Government Upper Primary Schools in Changlang and East Siang Districts of Arunachal Pradesh - A Comparative Study

    Authors: Bombi Riram; Prof. T. K. Lhungdim

  96. Effect of Alphacypermethrin (Pyrethroid) on the Thyroid Gland of Fresh Water Air-Breathing Fish Clarias Batrachus (Linn)

    Authors: Dr. Kumari Archna

  97. Case Study: ECBC Compliance Building, Wisdom Ark School Mohali, Punjab

    Authors: Rati Khandelwal; Ravindra Kumar Jain; Mukesh Kumar Gupta

  98. Artificial Intelligence for Hiring

    Authors: Ishan Borker; Ashok Veda

  99. Mathematical Model of Long - Term Dynamics of Phytocenoses in the Eastern Part of the Dry Bottom of the Aral Sea

    Authors: Tleumuratova B. S.; Kublanov J. J.; Kochkarova S. A.; Mambetullaeva S. M.

  100. Prevalence of Prediabetes in Healthy Young Adults of Ahmedabad: An Observational Study

    Authors: Hardini Prajapati; Yakshi Rajpura

  101. Ensuring Video Integrity Using Watermark - Chaining by SVD and DWT

    Authors: Aditya Tiwari; Ayush Pandey

  102. Insight into Remote Sensing and Algorithms to Study the Patterns in Universe

    Authors: Tutu Sengupta; Shagun Sengupta; Satish J Sharma

  103. Vitamin D Status in Women with Different Clothing Styles and its Correlation with their Dietary Intake

    Authors: Zobia Shaikh; Nisha Bellare

  104. Bioceramics as Root Canal Sealers: A Review

    Authors: Twincy Joseph; Joy Mathew; Joseph Joy; Krishnan Hari; Basil Joy

  105. Mode of Distribution of Tasks and Extra-Role Behaviors of Self-Service Employees of supermarkets in the City of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Authors: Kalumba Kawaya Daniel Floribert; Nseya Mulumba Kalaba; Mwilambwe Twite Makonga

  106. A Study of Microbial Isolates of Pyoderma in a Tertiary Care Hospital

    Authors: Dr. Nagasrilatha Bathala; Dr. Sasidhar Majeti

  107. Acacia-Senegal (Gum Arabic) Product Statistical Analysis Western Sudan: N. Kordofan State 1964 -2017

    Authors: Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Eltom

  108. Windshield and Walking Surveys in Community Health Nursing

    Authors: Namita Batra Guin

  109. Rapid Pace Construction Using Prefabrication

    Authors: Ar. Gaurav Nidariya; Ar. Sachin Paliwal

  110. Use of Goeinformatics in 3D Participatory Land Use Planning for Strengthening Land Management- A Case Study of Darfur Region

    Authors: Mahgoub Suliman Mohamedain; Eltaib Saeed Ganawa; Mohamed Salah Eldin Kinin; Adam Abdalla Adoma

  111. Behavioral Factors as a Determinant in Electronic Medical Record System Information Use: A Case of Kakamega County Referral Hospital Outpatient Department

    Authors: Peter Nandikove

  112. The Implementation of Grade 11 Science Program in Public Secondary Schools: Teachers Pedagogical Practices and Problems Encountered in Teaching Science

    Authors: Benjamin C. Abregado

  113. Examining the Role of Quizzing on Childrens Curiosity

    Authors: Tony Brian D'souza; Harsha Manjunath

  114. The Effect of Labor Allocation on Household Welfare in Rice Farming on Tidal Areas

    Authors: M. Huanza; Imron Zahri; Lifianthi

  115. Research on Energy Saving through Potential Energy Recovery System (PERS) of an Electric Forklift

    Authors: Langtone Rwodzi; Ning Chen

  116. On Classification of Moduli Space and its Implications

    Authors: Amrendra Kumar

  117. Developing an on-Line Machine-Status Monitoring System using Vibrations Analysis

    Authors: Naison Kunaka; Chen Ning

  118. Efficacy of Homoeopathy in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Authors: Dr Shradha Thakkar

  119. Informative Article on Wood Plastic Composite Door

    Authors: T. Daniel Raj

  120. Indirect Esthetic Restorations in Anterior Dentition - A Review

    Authors: Preethika Baby; Joy Mathew; Joseph Joy; Krishnan Hari; Feby Kuiakose

  121. Study of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate in Tribal Areas of Gujarat

    Authors: Dr. M. F. Shaikh; Dr. Hardik Dodia

  122. Understanding and Co-Relation of Expressions of Love and Hate and its Homeopathic Prospective in Different Repertories

    Authors: Dr. Pankaj Painyuli

  123. Recent Advances in Diagnostic and Treatment Modality Related Periodontal Infection

    Authors: S. Naznin; Dr. Anitha Logaranjini

  124. Can Nasal Secretion Dipstick Assay Predict Lund-Mackay Score in Chronic Rhinosinusitis?

    Authors: Imela Sari; Delfitri Munir; Ferryan Sofyan

  125. Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): A Possibility of Pregnancy and Vertical Transmission, our Experience at Zonal Military Hospital Jammu

    Authors: Dr Binay Mitra; Dr Dhananjay Borse; Dr Aparna Sharma

  126. Chronological Records and Development in the Field of Spintronics

    Authors: M. Kumari; J. N. Prasad

  127. Maternal and Child Health Outcomes in the Partnered and Unpartnered Model under Health Promotion Partnering Intervention Groups in Kakamega County, Kenya

    Authors: Consolata Namisi Lusweti; Peter Nandikove

  128. Communication Conduct of Hamur in Dealing with Consumerism

    Authors: Rina Astarika; Yuni Retnowati; Sudrajat

  129. Uses of Beehive Products by the Baoule Population, Central Cote dIvoire

    Authors: C. Assi Kaudjhis; Ebah E. Asseh; S. Savadogo

  130. To Study Relationship between Foot Posture and Low Back Pain among Female Cricket Players

    Authors: Arushi Bhaskar; Dr. Jyoti Kataria

  131. Socio-Demographic Predictors of Family Planning Methods Choice in Kakamega County Teaching Referral Hospital

    Authors: Peter Nandikove

  132. Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete Due to the Influence of High Volume Fly Ash

    Authors: D Nissi; K Venkatesh

  133. Livelihood and Natural Resources: A Socio-Cultural Study of the Paraja Tribe of Koraput District, Odisha, India

    Authors: Jyotiraditya Pattanaik

  134. A Brief Review On: Extraction of Natural Dyes from Barks of Mangrove&Walnut Tree and their Applications

    Authors: Vivek Murani; Kumar Joshi; Dr. Kuldeep R. Sharma; Archit Dave

  135. To Determine the Seroprevalance of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg) and ANTI-HCV Antibodies in Patients Undergoing Haemodialysis

    Authors: Krishna Kant Sharma; Rahul Soni; Dr. Sweta Gupta

  136. A Case of Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma

    Authors: Moushmi Gollamandala

  137. Common Errors Encountered by ESP Students during English-Vietnamese Interpreting Tests

    Authors: Nguyen Tran Uyen Nhi

  138. To Prove the Efficacy of the Kents Repertory in the Headache Cases Amidst Age 13 to 19 Years

    Authors: Dr. Twinkle Singh

  139. Experiences of Girls Dropping Out of Secondary School due to Unplanned Pregnancies in Southern Tanzania

    Authors: Emmy Metta; Athuman Chota; Melkizedeck Leshabari

  140. Effect of Pesticides on Yield Components of Rice (Oryza Sativa)

    Authors: Dr. Md. Anzer Alam; Kumari Bindu

  141. Physico-Chemical Analysis of Narmada River Water at Hoshangabad City, (M.P.)

    Authors: Dr. D. S. Saluja

  142. Treatment Strategies in Clinically and Radiologically Suspicious but RTPCR Negative Cases of COVID-19 (Case Report)

    Authors: Dr. Saurabh Tyagi; Dr. Frank P; Dr. Trinath Dash

  143. Supportiveness Analysis (Support) in the Sale and Purchase of Buying Interest in Purwakarta

    Authors: Rani Sri Wahyuni

  144. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Hazards of Plastic on Health and Environment among Adults in Selected Community Areas of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Ward No-4 Chitwan, Nepal

    Authors: Archana Poudel; Renjith Thomas

  145. Effects of Magnetic Parameter and Injection Velocity on Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic Fluid Flowover a Vertical Stretching Sheet in the Presence of Induced Magnetic Field

    Authors: Nyakebogo Abraham Osogo; Kerongo Joash Morara; Obogi Robert Karieko

  146. Paragenesis of Micro - and Nanominerals as Indicators of Fluid-Dynamic Conditions of Soil Formation in Oil and Gas - Bearing Intermountain Mud-Volcanic Depressions of the Baikal Region

    Authors: A.V. Tatarinov; L. I.Yalovik; V. L. Ubugunov; V. I. Ubugunova

  147. Utilization of Google Meet Application as the Communication Media for Distance Learning during COVID-19 (Descriptive Study of University Lecturer and Students in Jakarta)

    Authors: Wulan Purnawati; Ilona Vicenovie Oisina Situmeang; Siti Fatonah

  148. Epidemio-Clinical and Paraclinical Profile of Autoimmune Diseases Treated in the Rheumatology Department of Chu of Cocody-Abidjan

    Authors: TOVI Wahon Marie-Odile; COULIBALY Abidou Kawele; AFFY Mataphouet Emmanuel; BAMBA Mamouna; KOUAKOU Koffi

  149. An Update on Skin Cancers and Sun Exposure

    Authors: Dr. Bomma Vijayani; Dr. Surapaneni Bhavana

  150. Effect of CHX (Chlorexidine) in Preventing SARS COVID 2

    Authors: Dr. Bomma Vijayani; Dr. Surapaneni Bhavana

  151. NeoLISA - A New Method of Less Invasive Surfactant Administration Developed based on in Situ Simulation

    Authors: Dr. Shilpa Kalane; Dr Arti Rajhans

  152. Analog Rice from Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea L.) and Hibiscus rosa sinensis L. as a Low GI Dietary in the Mice Model of Diabetes Melitus (DM)

    Authors: Antari Arlita Leniseptaria; Indah Saraswati; Eva Annisaa; Astika Widy Utomo; David Pakaya

  153. Povidone-Iodine Solution as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Prophylaxis

    Authors: Dr. Surapaneni Bhavana; Dr. Vijayani Bomma

  154. An in Vitro Comparison of Antimicrobial Efficacy and Residual Antimicrobial Activity of Root Canal Irrigants Qmix, 3% Sodium Hypochlorite, 2% Chlorhexidine against Enterococcus Faecalis

    Authors: S Bindu; N Shubhashini; I B Geeta

  155. Risk of Melanoma Development from Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevi (GCMN) and Psychological Adjustment and Quality of Life in Children and Adolescents with GCMN - An Analysis of Self- and Parent Reports

    Authors: Dr. Surapaneni Bhavana; Dr. Bomma Vijayani

  156. Role of Telemedicine for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: In the Phase of COVID-19 Pandemic

    Authors: Dr. Subhransu Basu; Dr. Abhishek Biswas; Dr. Mouli Chakraborty; Dr. Sandeep K Pachisia; Dr. Rajarshi Banerjee

  157. Ergonomic and Sociodemographic Factors as Predictors of Bag-Use Related Musculoskeletal Pain among School Going Children

    Authors: Simon Ochieng Ogana

  158. Contribution of Rural Infrastructure Development to Small Holder Farmers Market Access: A Case Study of Purchase for Progress Project in Bugesera District

    Authors: Claudine Maniraguha Dusabe; Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

  159. Study of Electrolyte Status Inpatients with Acute Stroke and their Outcome

    Authors: Dr. Minakshi Kumari; Dr. Anand Kumar Jha; Dr. Santosh Kumar

  160. Management of Strengthening Character Education at Pondok Pesantren Nurul Ikhlas Tulang Bawang

    Authors: Helvi Mawarni; Irawan Suntoro; Sowiyah

  161. Late Onset and Long Term Recovery of Neuropsychiatric Side-Effects of Efavirenz in HIV Infected Adult: A Case Report

    Authors: Ketut Suryana

  162. Factors Affecting Recovery in Patients Suffering from Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus with its Homoeopathic Management

    Authors: Dr Ritika Singhal

  163. Anti Inflammatory Activity of Ferulic Acid against Carrageenan and Formalin Induced Paw Edema in Swiss Albino Mice

    Authors: Saratchandran A. Divakaran; Anitha CT

  164. Dhat Syndrome: A Case Report

    Authors: Dani Paul .D

  165. Distribution and Threats of Rufous-Necked Hornbill (Acerosnipalensis) in Bhutan

    Authors: Tej Kumar Nepal

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