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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.3, No.10

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2014-10-05

  1. A Worksheet Based Model for Adsorption of Pollutants on Sorbents with Multiple Sites and Sorption Mechanisms

    Authors: Giora Rytwo; Sivan Margalit

  2. Comparative Effectiveness of Mulligan's Traction Straight Leg Raise and Bent Leg Raise in Low Back Ache with Radiculopathy - A Randomized Clinical Trial

    Authors: Dr. Amrutkuvar H. Pawar; Dr. Santosh Metgud

  3. Anomaly Detection via Online Over-Sampling Principal Component Analysis

    Authors: Pachunoori Naresh; Garine Bindu Madhavi

  4. Effects of Social and Religious Context of Women Protection Bill 2006 on the Future Prospects of Female Higher Education in Pakistan

    Authors: Dr. Almas Kiyani; Muhammad Asif Chuadhry

  5. Analysis of the Key Drivers of Sustainable Procurement in Public Organizations in Kenya: A Case of Kengen Olkaria Geothermal Station Naivasha

    Authors: Maina Samuel Kariuki; Josphat Witaba Kwasira

  6. Effect of Enterprise Resource Planning in Enhancing Service Delivery in the Procurement Function in Public Universities in Kenya, A Case study of Egerton University- Njoro, Kenya

    Authors: Mwove R. Musyoka; Kwasira Josphat

  7. Phytochemical, Antioxidant Activity and Determination of Genetic Diversity in Artocarpus Heterophyllus Using RAPD Molecular Markers

    Authors: Prasad M. P.; Kirti Prasad; Ceera M.

  8. Gender Differences in Attitude towards Science Teaching and Learning Styles among Adolescents

    Authors: Souda Nalina Kumari; Dr. Mrs. K. Saraladevi

  9. The Effect of Mckenzie Approach and Mulligan's Mobilisation (SNAGS) in Lumbar Disc Prolapse with Unilateral Radiculopathy

    Authors: Trupti Warude; S. Shanmugam

  10. Lung Segmentation and Tumor Identification from CT Scan Images Using SVM

    Authors: Ganesh Sable; Harsha Bodhey

  11. External Debt: A Tool For, or a Threat to the Economic Growth of Nigeria

    Authors: Mbanasor Christian Okechukwu; Okere Peter Anele

  12. Distress in the Nigerian Banking Industry - Causes, Effects and Strategies for Solution

    Authors: uzokwe Nnamdi.J.; ohaeri Chibuikem.S.

  13. The Effect of Dominion Irrigation Project on Environmental Conservation in Yala Swamp, Siaya District, Kenya

    Authors: Patricia Owiyo; Bor; Erick Kiprono; Paul Sutter

  14. Monoclonal Anti 38-KD Immunohistochemistry: A Novel Method for Improving the Diagnosis of Pediatric Tuberculous Lymphadenitis

    Authors: Ihab Hamed Nourein; Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed; Hassan Elsiddig Hassan; Mohammed Ayed Huneif; Abdelrahman Mohamed Abdelrahman; Abuobieda Balla Abusharib

  15. Identification of SSR Markers for Testing of Hybridity and Seed Genetic Purity in Maize (Zea Mays L.)

    Authors: Sudharani M; Rao PS; Subba Rao LV

  16. Validity of Short Gravitational Insecurity Assessment among Indian Children

    Authors: Ganapathy Sankar U.; Prema.A

  17. A Note on a Subcode of a Linear q - Ary Code of Length N and an Algorithm for Calculating Minimum Distance

    Authors: Dr. M. Mary Jansi Rani; M. Manikandan

  18. Climate Change and Economic Adaptability of Indian Sunderban

    Authors: Subhadip Gupta; Gargi Sarkar

  19. Formula for Computation of Wigner Function for Two Mode Quantized Electromagnetic Field and its Application in Detection of Nonclassicality

    Authors: Sushamana Sharma; J.K. Sharma

  20. A Comparative Study on the Antibacterial Activity of Trypsin Inhibitors from the Seeds of Abelmoschus Moschatus L.

    Authors: Muni Kumar.D; Siva Prasad. D

  21. A New Modified Porcelain Adsorbent for the Removal and Preconcentration of Toxic Phenols in Wastewater

    Authors: Jameel M.Dhabab; Mohammed Hikmet; Zuhair A-A Khammas

  22. Probiotic Effect of Lactobacillus, Leuconostoc and Candida Strains against Vibrio Alginolyticus Infection in Dicentrarchus Labrax Larvae

    Authors: Hamza A.; Dhiaf A.; Bayar S.; Zouiten D.; Fdhila K; Masmoudi A.

  23. Planar Monopole Rectangular Antenna With Fractal Stub For Dual Band Applications

    Authors: Amrita Mardikar; Ravi Mohan; Mahima Arrawatia; Girish Kumar

  24. High Density Salt and Pepper Noise Removal Using Adapted Decision Based Unsymmetrical Trimmed Mean Filter Cascaded With Gaussian Filter

    Authors: Priyanka Priyadarshni; Shivam Sharma

  25. Seroprevalence of Typhoid Fever among Subjects with Acute Febrile Manifestations at Tertiary Care Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Authors: Jelkeba Bali Weyesa

  26. Spatial Variations of Atmospheric Particulate Matters in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Turki M. Habeebullah; Atef M.F. Mohammed; Essam A. Morsy

  27. Speciation of Metallic Elements in Tannery Waste Water Case Study: Mohammedia Tannery Morocco

    Authors: Imane Ilou; Salah Souabi; Digua Khalid

  28. Effect of Radio Frequency Irradiation on Hepatocarcinoma

    Authors: Hala Moustafa Ahmed. Moustafa Moustafa Ahmed; Amira Hamed Mohamed. Mohamed Sameh Nasr

  29. Diminution of MANET Attacks by HOOSC Scheme

    Authors: Amanpreet Kaur; Manjot Kaur Sidhu

  30. An Optimized Cost-Free Learning Using ABC-SVM Approach in the Class Imbalance Problem

    Authors: K. Sasikala; Dr. V. Anuratha

  31. Strength Analysis of Concrete by Using Iron Slag as a Partial Replacement of Normal Aggregate (Coarse) in Concrete

    Authors: Khalid Raza; Apoorv Singh; R. D. Patel

  32. Haematological Response of Rastrineobola argentea Exposed To Subchronic Doses of Inorganic Cadmium (Cd), Methylmercury and Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) via Dietary Exposure Pathway

    Authors: Emily Jepyegon Chemoiwa; Elijah Oyoo-Okoth

  33. Status of Human Waste Management in Informal Settlements within the Urban Areas in Developing Countries: Case Study in Eldoret Municipality, Kenya

    Authors: George Kwedho; Pancras Grephas Opata; Elijah Oyoo-Okoth

  34. Object Sorting System Using Wireless Media and Sensor Technology

    Authors: Chalamkuru Sarath; P. Syamala Devi

  35. RADNET Routing Enhancement by Red Algorithm

    Authors: Sakshi Sharma; Manjot Kaur Sidhu

  36. Photo-To-Sketch Matching Using Gabor Wavelet Transform

    Authors: Shaimaa M. Osman; Gamal Selim; Gouda I. Salama

  37. Face Recognition Application of Blur-Robust

    Authors: Pitta Santhosh Kumar; Ankush Jain

  38. Macroeconomic Variables Effect on Financial Sector Performance in Emerging Sri Lankan Stock Market

    Authors: MACN. Shafana

  39. Management of Large Scale Data

    Authors: Neha Upadhyaya

  40. Dispersion in Optical Fiber Communication

    Authors: Pawan Kumar Dubey; Vibha Shukla

  41. An Analytical Study on the Phytoresources and Vegetation Ecology of Coastal Medinipur of West Bengal in India

    Authors: Rabin Das

  42. Comparative Performance of Neural Network and Wavelet Based for Path Loss Prediction on Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) in an Urban Environment

    Authors: Danladi Ali; Medugu D. W.

  43. Systematic Surveys of Root-Knot Nematodes from Rice and Soybean Fields of Pakistan

    Authors: A. R. Musarrat; F. Shahina; K. Feroza

  44. Modification of Abrasive Wear Testing Machine and Testing of Materials

    Authors: Hareesha M; Jeevan T. P.

  45. Male Infertility As Seen in University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital North-Eastern Nigeria

    Authors: Ibrahim A. G.; Aliyu S.; Ali N.; Lawan A. M.

  46. Big Data Processing Using Hadoop: Survey on Scheduling

    Authors: Harshawardhan S. Bhosale; Devendra P. Gadekar

  47. Inert Dusts -Better Alternatives for the Management of Angoumois Grain Moth, Sitotroga cerealella in Stored Rice

    Authors: Rajasri M; Rao P S; Meena Kumari KVS

  48. Effect of Change in Shear Wall Location with Uniform and Varying Thickness in High Rise Building

    Authors: G.S Hiremath; Md Saddam Hussain

  49. Concurrent Infections and Louse-Flea Borne Typhus Fever in Acute Febrile Patients Diagnosed Serologically In International Clinical Laboratories, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Authors: Jelkeba Bali Weyesa

  50. Performance Analysis of AODV and TORA under DDoS Attack in MANETs

    Authors: Sachin Garg

  51. Simple and Effective Method for Substitution Triazole Rings of Amino Esters by Imidazole Group

    Authors: Mabrouk El houssine; El Hallaoui Abdelilah

  52. Cassava Processing Technology Adoption and Poverty Reduction among Operators in Benue State, Nigeria

    Authors: Joseph Fefa; Christopher O. Obute; Samuel Igbabee Ucherwuhe

  53. An Epidemiological Study on Health Status of Cement Workers

    Authors: Saji K. G.; Varghese P.R.

  54. A Comparative Study of Motives for Choosing Physical Education as a Profession

    Authors: Mahesh Kumar

  55. Effect of Soil NPK on Symbiotic Association of Glomus macrocarpum with Allium cepa

    Authors: Dr. K. Amutha; Surjith Singh

  56. Resolution by the Finite Elements of the Equations of Couples Transfers Masses and Energy in a Porous Wood Environment: Case of the Drying of the Iroko

    Authors: L. Monkam; Bonoma B.; D. Njomo; J. Essomba

  57. Calculation of Proton Range in some organic Compounds Energies (10-900) keV

    Authors: Abothur. G. Mohammed; Rashid. A. Kadhum; Hussan. M. Almosswi

  58. An Improved Incremental Conductance Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Solar Photovoltaic Panels

    Authors: Duy C. Huynh

  59. Biomechanical Analysis of Selected Holding Positions on Parallel Bar in Gymnastic

    Authors: Y.S.Rajpoot; G. D. Ghai; Amritashish Bagchi

  60. Relationship of Selected Anthropometric and Biomechanical Variables to the Technique of Front Foot on - Drive in Cricket

    Authors: Bagchi; Amritashish

  61. The Influence of Knowledge Management Capabilities on Organizational Performance: A Study of Private University in Malaysia

    Authors: Huda Hussein Mohammad; Farah Hussein Mohammad; Samera Ali; Dr. Norashikin Binti Ali

  62. Automation of Drilling Process Using Electro-Pneumatics System

    Authors: Akshay R Mahendraker

  63. CO2 Removal from Industrial Flue Gas using Botryococcus braunii for Simultaneous Lipid Production

    Authors: K. Pooja; V. Himabindu

  64. Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder Presenting with Ocular and Generalized Skin Metastasis

    Authors: Dr. S. Aliyu; Dr. U.S. Bello; Dr. B.S. Mohammed; Dr. A.G. Ibrahim; Dr. H.A. Nggada; Dr. B. Askira

  65. Calculation of Energy Expectation Values for He Atom by Using Improved Wave Function 2014

    Authors: Aliaaa A. Hassan

  66. A Ubiquitous M-Health Application Using Android Appliances

    Authors: Mayur Sanjay Potdar; Ishwar Bapu Pawar

  67. Digital P-I-D Controller Implementation for Speed Control Applications Using FPGA

    Authors: C. Pratibha Rohini; A. M. Prasad

  68. Study and Analysis of a Noisy Signal by Viterbi Decoding

    Authors: Sara Riahi; Ali El Hore; Jamal El Kafi

  69. Experimental Study on the Effect of Cloud on Solar Photovoltaic Panel in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

    Authors: Shubham Khandelwal; Hari Kumar Singh; Dr. P. B. L. Chaurasia

  70. Parkinson`s Disease: Influence of Cannabinoid and Peptidergic Systems on Pain

    Authors: Dimitar Kochev; Hristina Nocheva; Dimo Krastev; Lachezar Traikov

  71. Conversion Efficiency in AgGa(Se1-xSx)2 Crystals

    Authors: Rena J. Kasumova

  72. Clutch Pedal Acceleration

    Authors: Karthikeyan Rajendiran; Mohammed Sameer H.M.

  73. Algebraic Rational Expressions in Mathematics

    Authors: Risto Maleski; Valentina Gogovska; Katerina Anevska

  74. Development of Full Mould Casting using Polystyrene Cutting Machine

    Authors: Dhrisya K P; Dr. N. M. Nagarajan

  75. Survey on Brain Tumor Detection Techniques Using Magnetic Resonance Images

    Authors: Vijay S. Gaikwad; Prof. S.M.Rokade

  76. Recovering Multiple Failure Nodes in Wireless Sensor-Actor Networks with Least Distance Movements

    Authors: J.Padma Kalyani; P. Anjaiah

  77. Effect of Mechanical Traction in Osteoarthritis Knee

    Authors: Vaishali Jagtap; S. Shanmugam

  78. Nasal Mass: Extramedullary plasmacytoma, A Rare Entity: Case Report

    Authors: Bhushan Kathuria; Himani Dhingra

  79. Strategic Factors Influencing the Growth of Islamic Banks in Nakuru Sub-County, Kenya

    Authors: Mohamed S. Issak; Josphat Kwasira

  80. Variability of alpha/szlig Inversion Temperatures of Natural Quartz

    Authors: M. Blasy

  81. The Singular and Combined Effects of Entomopathogenic Fungi Beauveriabrongniartii and the Insecticide Imidaclorprid against Corn Pests under Laboratory and Field Conditions in Egypt

    Authors: Sabbour M.M.; Hussein; M.M.

  82. Signs of Dental Compression Syndrome in Patients with Temporomandibular Disorders

    Authors: Dimitar N. Kirov; Dimo S. Krastev

  83. Implementation of High Efficient LED Lighting System with Security

    Authors: Ponnam Kishore; Ch Madhuri Devi

  84. Web User Interface of Hadoop Distributed File System

    Authors: D Dhananjay; Dr. G. Venkata Rami Reddy

  85. Interconnect Delay and Power Optimization Using Schmitt Trigger as Alternate Approach to Buffer Insertion

    Authors: R.S.G.Bhavani; M.Manikumari

  86. Lung Adenocarcinoma Presenting as Diffuse Alveolar Haemorrhage in a Young Adult

    Authors: Jeenam Shah; Milind Baldi; Jairaj Nair; Amita Athavale

  87. Identification of Twenty-One Brassica Genotypes through Physiological Parameters

    Authors: Nation Chamling; P. G. Devhade

  88. IS: 800-General Construction in Steel and its Comparison with International Codes

    Authors: Vinesh S. Thorat; Amruta G. Whatte

  89. Application of GA with SVM for Stock Price Prediction in Financial Market

    Authors: Om Prakash Jena; Dr. Sudarsan Padhy

  90. A Space Having the Homotopy Type with Fuzzy Modules

    Authors: Dr. Pravanjan Kumar Rana

  91. Association of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) Variant (rs6265) with Overweight/Obesity orOverfatness, and Effect of Physical Activity Levels in Adolescents Population

    Authors: Jaafaru Sani Mohammed; Muthu Kumar Veerapen; Zoe Yi Ng; Renee Lim Lay Hong

  92. A New Bisecting K-means algorithm For Inferring User Search Goals Engine

    Authors: Agale Deepali B.; Chaudhari J.L.

  93. Knowledge of Building and Construction Materials among Polytechnic Students

    Authors: Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Kamaruddeen; Bldr. Halimat Omuya Chatta; Bashir Hussain Yahaya

  94. A Novel Approach of Node Clone Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: G. David; K. Srujana

  95. Cohesion in conversation: A Discourse Stylistics Approach on Amitav Gosh's Sea of Poppies

    Authors: Flergin Antony

  96. Analysis of Zero Voltage Switching, Power Factor Correction for four switches Three Phase Three Level Boost Rectifier

    Authors: Arpit Panchratan; Shobhit Jain

  97. The Influence of Project Monitoring and Evaluation on Effective Utilization of CDF Funds in BaringoCentral, Baringo County

    Authors: Michael Kepkemoi; Josephat Kwasira; Cyrus Muigai

  98. In-Vitro Studies on the Germination of Atropa belladonna Seeds under Different Conditions

    Authors: Asha Rani N.S; Prasad M.P

  99. Physiotherapeutic Approach at Treating Luxatio Humeri Immediately After the Immobilization Period - Corrections at Previously Used Methods in the Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Yasen Study Period from 2012-2014 Year

    Authors: Dimo S. Krastev; Alexa I. Mladenova

  100. Girl Child Friendly (NPEGEL) Schools and its Impact on Enrollment and Retention of Girl Child

    Authors: Dr. L. Uma Devi; J. Kavitha Kiran; B. Prashanti

  101. An Assessment of Dropout among Tribal Children of Dooars Region of India

    Authors: Dr. Prasenjit Deb; Gour Sundar Ghosh

  102. Carbon Storage Potential of Trees Outside Forests under Private and Communal Tenure Regimes in Ngiresi Village, Arumeru District, Tanzania

    Authors: Chamalindi Bugingo Muriga; Prof. R. E. Malimbwi; Dr. Eliakimu Zahabu

  103. Synthesis, Characterization and Some Properties of Glycerol Ester Based Non-Ionic Gemini Surfactant with 1, 2, 7, 8 -Diepoxideoctane as Spacer

    Authors: Ishwar T. Gawali; Ghayas. A. Usmani

  104. Survey Paper on Big Data Processing and Hadoop Components

    Authors: Poonam S. Patil; Rajesh. N. Phursule

  105. Resistance of Enterobacter in a Tertiary Hospital and the Isolation of Enterobacter Amnigenus Multiresistant Strain

    Authors: Vasilika Mano; Betim Byku

  106. A Case Report- Dentigerous Cyst with Ectopic Tooth in Maxillary Sinus of a Child - A Rare Occurrence

    Authors: Dr. Dimple Sahni; Dr. Girish Sahni

  107. Practices and Challenges of Women in Leadership and Development Activities of Some Selected Woredas of Bench Maji Zone, Ethiopia

    Authors: Miressa Yadessa Eba

  108. A Survey Based on Fingerprint Recognition - Minutiae

    Authors: Annapoorani. D; Caroline Viola Stella Mery. M

  109. The Implementation of UEFA Financial Fair Play: An Analysis of Financial Performance of Manchester United

    Authors: Ardi Gunardi

  110. A Survey: By Using Frequent Pattern Growth Infrequent Weighted Itemset Mining

    Authors: Vaidya Seema Bhagwan; A. B. Bagwan

  111. A Review Paper on Material Analysis Using Image Processing

    Authors: Amanpreet Kaur

  112. Factors Affecting Management of Finances in Kenyas Public Sector: A Survey of Parastatals in Nakuru Town

    Authors: Naomih Wairimu Macharia

  113. Free Gluten Cake and Tortilla from Cassava and Pre Geltnized White Rice Flours

    Authors: Sawsan Y.El-Faham; Abd El-Rahiem E.A.; Ola S. Saleh

  114. Trend of FDI in India and Its Impact on Economic Growth

    Authors: Vinay Kumar

  115. 6-Bit Flash ADC for High speed Applications

    Authors: N. Bharat Kumar Reddy; Sri D. Sharath Babu Rao

  116. A Systematic Mapping Study on Diploid Genetic Algorithms

    Authors: Surbhi Bhatia; Kamiya Arora

  117. An Approach for the Load Balancing in Cloud Based on the Dynamic Threshold

    Authors: Pavan Gurve; Aishwarya Mishra

  118. Effects of Fibre on Strength Properties of Soil at Different Depth of Soil Layers

    Authors: Dilip Kumar; Ashish Gupta

  119. Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Achyranthes Bidentata Leaf Extract and its Larvicidal Activity

    Authors: Usha C; Saishree M; Gladys Angelin Rachel D

  120. Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Complexes Derived from Dimedone Derivatives

    Authors: Anandrao A. Kale

  121. Rare Presentation of SLE-Convulsion without Stroke before the Appearance of Malar Rash: A Case Study

    Authors: Dr. Vijaykumar S. Gulwe; Dr. Ajeya N. Ukadgaonkar; Dr. Vishal R. Dalvi; Dr. Sandeep Sanap; Dr. Vajed Mogal

  122. Hydrogen Peroxide in Exhaled Breath Condensate in Common Colds

    Authors: Amey Paranjape; Jairaj P. Nair; Amita U. Athavale; Shishir Singh

  123. Role of ICT in Teaching to Reduce Learned Helplessness in Mathematics

    Authors: Manju Gera; Sanju Verma

  124. An Evolving Approach on Efficient Web Crawler using Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: P. Jaganathan; T. Karthikeyan

  125. Acoustical Studies of Some Bio-Molecule Aqueous Solution at Different Temperatures Using Ultrasonic Technique

    Authors: Sangita Shinde

  126. Enhancing the Construction and Appropriation of Scientific Knowledge for Reinvestment in Seeking Solutions to Problems in New Contexts: Case of a Lesson on Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants among Second Year Learners of General Secondary Education i

    Authors: G. N. Nditafon; E. Noumi

  127. Forest Resource: An Appraisal of Mandla District, Madhya Pradesh

    Authors: Ghanshyam Prasad Jhariya; C.K. Jain

  128. Pena-Shokier Syndrome: A Case Report

    Authors: Ashok K. Shukla

  129. Fault Prediction and Relay Node Placement in Wireless Sensor Network - A Survey

    Authors: Smita S. Kharade; Simran Khiani

  130. Technological Revolution in Drying of Fruit and Vegetables

    Authors: Singham Pragati; Birwal Preeti

  131. Region Growing and Object Extraction Techniques

    Authors: Amarpreet Kaur; Navpreet Singh

  132. Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies of 4-butanoyl-3-methyl-1-phenylpyrazol-5-one and its Manganese (II), Lanthanum (III), Zirconium (III), Vanadium (V) and Tungsten (VI) Complexes

    Authors: Ehirim; A.I.C.; Elenwoke; U.E.; Ogwuegbu; M.O.C.

  133. Evaluation of the Antifungal Activity of the Potent Fraction of Hexane Extract Obtained from the bark of Acacia Nilotica

    Authors: Satya Prakash Rai; Manisha S. Prasad; Khushboo Singh

  134. A Review: General Base Catalysis Hydrolysis of Organophosphorus Insectisides by Different Amines

    Authors: Arpita Kulshreshtha; C. P. Shinde

  135. A Survey of Intrusion Detection on Spontaneous Wireless Adhoc Networks

    Authors: Thangaraj E; Arockia Jayadhas S

  136. Land Use Land Cover Changes and Implications for Food Production: A Case Study of Keumbu Region Kisii County, Kenya

    Authors: Benard Abere Ogechi; Waithaka Edward Hunja

  137. Predators and Parasitoids on Ricefield of Back Swamp and Tidal SwampLands in South Kalimantan

    Authors: Helda Orbani Rosa; Mariana

  138. Fuzzy and Rough Set Theory Based Gene Selection Method

    Authors: C. Kalaiselvi; Dr. G. M. Nasira

  139. Effectiveness of Interactive Teaching Strategies Based on Learners Learning Style on Science Achievement

    Authors: Megha Uplane; Gangotri Rokade

  140. Implementation of Fast Transmission to Remote Cooperative Groups: A New Key Management Scenario in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: P. Harikrishna; K. V. Srinivasa Rao

  141. Prevalence of Hearing Impairment in the Medinipur Sadar Subdivision, Paschim Medinipore District, West Bengal, India

    Authors: Dr. Kausik Chatterjee; Dr. Dipak Kumar Bhuniya

  142. A Study on Morphometry of Articular Cartilage of Superior Articulating Surface of Talus

    Authors: Dr. Shishirkumar; Dr. Satheesha Nambiar

  143. Activities Test of Ethanol Extract to the three Varieties of Zingiber officinale Rosc Rhizomes to Coptotermes curvignathus Holmgren

    Authors: Achmad Djunaedy; Sukardiman; Aty Widyawaruyanti

  144. Rapid Kinetics of Chlorination of Regioisomers of Nitrophenol by Molecular Chlorine in Aqueous Medium Using Rotating Platinum Electrode (RPE)

    Authors: S. L. Bonde; R. P. Bhadane; V. T. Dangat; T. M. Sukul

  145. Postural Discomfort among Sanitation Workers

    Authors: Parul Gangwar; U. V. Kiran

  146. Blunt Abdominal Trauma in RTA Patient - A State of Industrial Anarchy

    Authors: N. S. Sude; P. R. Suryawanshi

  147. Writing a Review Article: For the Beginners in Research

    Authors: Shreya Agarwal

  148. Working Capital Financing with Specific Reference to Cash Credit Policies of Indian Overseas Bank

    Authors: Souvik Ghosh

  149. Assessment of Ground Water Quality in NTPC Seepat Area of Chhattisgarh State

    Authors: D. K. Shrivastava; A. L. S. Chandel

  150. Investigations on the Effect of Temperature Change on Activation Energy and Infinite Viscosity of Some Liquids

    Authors: Dikko A. B.; Ahmed A. D.

  151. State Creation as a Tool for Resolving Ethnic Conflicts in Nigeria: A Myth or Reality?

    Authors: Agbegbedia Oghenevwoke Anthony; Ejegbavwo Fidelis

  152. Mobile Web Volet

    Authors: V. Senthooran; K. H. M. S. P. Kasthurisinghe

  153. Modified Air Cooler with Split Cooling Unit

    Authors: Nishant Dhanore; Krishna Shrivastava

  154. Randomized Controlled Study on Kangaroo Mother Care in the Management of Low Birth Weight Babies

    Authors: Dr. Elwis Elias; Dr. Balu Ramu

  155. Serum Magnesium Level in Febrile Convulsions

    Authors: Dr. Sherlin; Dr. Balu Ramu

  156. The Curcuminoids Extract of Curcuma xanthorrhiza RoxB. Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles

    Authors: Laksmi Ambarsari; Waras Nurcholis; Latifah K Darusman; Muslih Abdul Mujib; Rudi Heryanto

  157. Characterization of Thin Films of Mixed Complexes of Rare Earth, Mo and W ions

    Authors: C. P. Gupta; Lakshmi; S. Shukla

  158. Light Pollution and Impact of Light Pollution

    Authors: Dr. Rasna Rajkhowa

  159. Identification of Gait Disorders Using Fuzzy Expert System

    Authors: Dr. M. Pushparani; B. Kalaivani

  160. Analysis of Password based Multi-server Authentication Schemes

    Authors: Swati Nema; Anamika Soni

  161. Creative Education as an Engine of Innovative Talents Cultivation

    Authors: Olga Ibragimova

  162. A Novel Design of an Adaptive PID Controller for Cardiac Pacemaker

    Authors: Achu Govind K. R; Aravind Sekhar R; Vinod B. R

  163. The Role of Emotional Attachment of Teachers in the Development of Self-confidence, Learning Habits and Social Adjustment of Children in the Primary Schools

    Authors: Yogeshver Prasad Sharma; Amar Veer Singh

  164. ECG Arrhythmia Detection using PCA and Elman Neural Network

    Authors: Harpreet Kaur; Rupinder Kaur

  165. Removal of PCA Based Estimated Noise in Processed Images

    Authors: Neethu Mohan

  166. Surgical Management of Middle Third Clavicle Fracture In Adults by Cannulated Lag Screw

    Authors: Dr. S. P. Rai; Dr. R. S. Topwal

  167. Lead Poisoning Effect on Human Health in a Megacity (India)

    Authors: Dipak Kumar Bhuniya; Sudipta Bhuniya

  168. Kannada Handwritten Character Recognition Using Multi Feature Extraction Techniques

    Authors: Aravinda.C.V; Dr. H. N.Prakash; Lavanya S

  169. Competencies of Pre-Service Teacher Trainees in Computer Use in Mathematics Instruction in Secondary Schools in Kenya

    Authors: Polycarp Ishenyi; Edwin Masibo; Sarah Likoko

  170. Design and Simulation of a Quarter Wavelength Gap Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna

    Authors: Sanjay M. Palhade; S. P. Yawale

  171. Atom The Energy Ball

    Authors: Rajatava Mukhopadhyay

  172. Effect of Salinity Levels on the Morpho-Physiological Characteristics and Yield Attributes of Sweetpotato Genotypes

    Authors: Hossain K. M. Delowar; M. A. Hakim

  173. Study of Some Important Morpho-Physiological Feature and Yield Attributes In Three Pea Genotypes

    Authors: Hossain K. M. Delowar; M. A. Hakim

  174. A Novel Approach to Enhance Personalized Recommendation

    Authors: G. Venkatesh; M. Sri Devi

  175. Comparison of Z-Source Converter and T-Source Converter Supported Pulse Width Modulation Techniques

    Authors: Velagani Venugopal; B. Urmila

  176. Prevalence of Signs and Symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorders in Patients Wearing Complete Dentures

    Authors: Dimitar N. Kirov; Dimo S. Krastev

  177. Efficacy of Stabilization Splint in Management of Myogenous Temporomandibular Disorders

    Authors: Dimitar N. Kirov; Dimo S. Krastev

  178. Pteridophytic Composition in Banajalaya Forest Region, Karnataka, South India

    Authors: Ashwini S.; Parashurama T. R.

  179. A Study to Assess the Knowledge of Primary School Children Regarding Sources, Deficiencies and Importance of Vitamin - A in Selected School of Vadagaon Haveli

    Authors: Nandkumar R. Kakade; Sneha N. Kakade

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