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International Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science (IRJAES) >>

Vol.4, No.3

Publisher: International Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science (IRJAES)

Publishing Date: 2019-15-07

  1. Extracting CRM Requirements - Waterfall or Agile: A Comparative Study

    Authors: Dalia Ahmed Refaat Mohamed Nagy Ramadan Darwish

  2. An Alternate Method to Evaluate Public Transportation Performance

    Authors: Rendy Muhammad Mubarok Ludfi Djakfar

  3. The Relationship between Vital Statistics with Pregnant Body Weight of Etawah Cross Bred Goat in Malang District, Indonesia

    Authors: Rifa'i Puguh Surjowardojo dan Tri Eko Susilorini

  4. Overcoming Design Challenges on Ultra-Thin Substrate-based Packages

    Authors: Ernesto Antilano Jr

  5. Antibacterial Activity of Azadirachta indica (Neem) Seed Oil against Bacteria Associated with Ear Infection

    Authors: Halima Isa Alice A. Mbidomti

  6. Evaluation of Exposure Index (S-Value) in Radiological Examination of Posterior Anterior Thorax as the Effort of Improving Patient Radiation Protection

    Authors: Aris Samsul Johan AE Noor Yuyun YPW

  7. Design and Fabrication of Equipment for Extraction of Coconut Milk from Shells

    Authors: Alberto Paulo Cercado

  8. Transforming Mold Process Capability towards a Cost Effective Solution

    Authors: Ernesto Antilano Jr.

  9. Analysis Effect of Side Frictions against Vehicles Speed at Ahmad Yani Street Kupang City Using the MKJI and PKJI Formulation Approach

    Authors: Ari Esclesias Sinaga Achmad Wicaksono Ludfi Djakfar

  10. Increasing Chip Functionality in a Limited Package Footprint through Innovative Multiple Die Design and Assembly Process

    Authors: Ian Harvey Arellano

  11. Study the Maximum Solar Radiation by Determining the Best Direction of the Solar Collectors

    Authors: Moafaq K.S. Al-Ghezi

  12. Specialized Mold Chase Design for Semiconductor QFN Leadframe Package

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  13. Semiconductor IC Package EMI Shield using Bare Die

    Authors: Frederick Ray I. Gomez Nerie R. Gomez Rennier S. Rodriguez

  14. EMG-Biofeedback Therapy in Knee Rehabilitation: A Review

    Authors: N.D.P.U. Nakandala

  15. Quad Flat Package with Embedded ESD Diode on Leads

    Authors: Frederick Ray I. Gomez Nerie R. Gomez Rennier S. Rodriguez

  16. Analysis of Flood Management of Linei River at Toboali City Using SWMM 5.1 (Case Study of the Rawabangun Region)

    Authors: Faskal Sumiadi Andre Primantyo Hendrawan

  17. The Performance Assessment of Solar & Wind Hybrid System in Iraqi Climatic Conditions

    Authors: Ali A Al-Waeli Kadhem A N Al-Asadi Khaleel I Abass

  18. Smart Waste-Bin Monitoring System

    Authors: Chizea D. Francis Akachukwu M. Chichebe

  19. Business Type and Location of Small Scale Enterprises as Determinant of Alternative Source of Electrical Energy in Lagos State

    Authors: Satilehin John Agbejoye

  20. Sustaining Batujai Reservoir Operation Using Simulation and Recursive Optimization

    Authors: Muhammad Yura Kafiansyah Donny Harisuseno Widandi Soetopo

  21. Post-Disaster Livelihood Management Strategy (Case Study of Farmers After Mount Kelud Eruption)

    Authors: Rif ‗atul Imaniyah Arief Rachmansyah Harsuko Riniwati

  22. Discrimination of Women Worker with Disabilities

    Authors: Na'ilatul Muinah Audiyah Fadillah Putra Wike

  23. Production Performances of Bali Cattle Reared at Different Altitudes in Belu District, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

    Authors: Bere Edelnia Kristina Woro Busono Sri Wahjuningsih

  24. Project Implementation Strategy for Environmental Limitations in TNBTS

    Authors: Wahyudi Mukhamad Nur Qoyum Intan Febriana Nur Hamida

  25. The Influence of Pay Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment on Turnover Intention on Employees of PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk Medan

    Authors: Sahrun Joni Hasibuan Emmy Mariatin Fahmi Ananda

  26. Investigation of Gamma Radiation Shielding Characteristics for Various Wood Slabs by Using Gamma Attenuation Method

    Authors: Yee Yee Aung Khin Thanda Tun

  27. Genetic Length and Variation in mtDNA NADH Dehydrogenase Subunit I (ND1) of Sumba Ongole (SO) and Peranakan Ongole (PO) Cattle

    Authors: Sultan Mubarak Z Kuswati Nurgiartiningsih V.M.A. Tri Eko Susilorini P. P. Agung

  28. Errors in Forecasting Deadlines for the Transition to E-Mobility

    Authors: Ileana GAVRILESCU

  29. Analysis of CI/CD Application Based on Cloud Computing Services on Fintech Company

    Authors: Asfin Achdian M Akbar Marwan

  30. Relationship between Mental Health with Incarceration Period on Inmates of Class IIA Women's Prison in Medan

    Authors: Putri Afriani Ade; Hasnida; Tuapattinaja Josetta M.R

  31. Evaluation the Effect of Overseer's Performance on Quality Building Construction Work in Malang Regency

    Authors: Wahyudi Taufikkurrahman Mukhamad Nur Qoyum

  32. The Role of Emotional Regulation on SelfAcceptance of the Inmates

    Authors: Utami. Maghfiratul septi Hasnida Saragih Juliana I

  33. Industrial Land Use Interaction Model - Road Network to Know the Effect of Goods Vehicles on Road Performance

    Authors: Ratna Kusumawardhani Ludfi Djakfar Budi S.W.

  34. Evaluation of the Use Flour Kenikir (Cosmos caudatus Kunth) as an Organic Feed Additive on External Eggs Quality of Laying Hens

    Authors: Maria Selfiana Pasi M. Halim Natsir Irfan H. Djunaidi

  35. The Implementation of Project-Based Learning Mastercam Module Development in Vocational High School

    Authors: M Iksan ardiyansyah Waskito Ambiyar

  36. Development of Website Based Modules on Basic Networks and Computer Subjects at SMK Negeri 5 Padang

    Authors: Indah Permata Edi Sukardi Wawan Purwanto

  37. IC Package Design and Process Improvement for Topside Crack of Plastic Encapsulant

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Maiden Grace R. Maming Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  38. ESD Diode on Die of Semiconductor QFN Device

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  39. Mechanical and Chemical Treatment for Copper Burr Elimination in Wettable Flank QFN

    Authors: Ernesto Antilano Jr. Ian Harvey Arellano

  40. Redefining Substrate Pre-Bake Method for Strip Warpage Improvement

    Authors: Michael D. Capili Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  41. Mold Culls for Die Attach Adhesive Filler

    Authors: Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

  42. Solder Land Pad Augmentation for Screen Printing Process Improvement

    Authors: Bryan Christian S. Bacquian Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  43. A Collaborative Approach in Understanding the Die Crack Occurrence during Die Attach Assembly

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  44. Analyze the Figures Need Real Operations and Irrigation Maintenance Based on Irrigation Conditions (Case Study: Pakis Irrigation Area Malang District)

    Authors: Maria Kurniaty Lete Widandi Soetopo Tri Budi Prayogo

  45. Kinship of Several Indonesian Local Cattles by Using DNA Mitochondrial COI (Cytochrome Oxidase Sub-unit I)

    Authors: Anisa Wulandari V. M. Ani Nurgiartiningsih Kuswati Tri Eko Susilorini Paskah Agung Partogi

  46. Restructuring a QFN I/O-Bondpad Interconnect for a Robust Wiring Configuration

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Maiden Grace R. Maming Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

  47. Overview of Differences between Servo and Stepper Motor Technology

    Authors: Thin Thin Hlaing Tin Tin Nwet Soe Myat

  48. Overview of Differences between Servo and Stepper Motor Technology

    Authors: Thin Thin Hlaing Tin Tin Nwet Soe Myat

  49. Analysis of Infiltration and Runoff Using KINEROS Model in Kali Genteng Sub-catchment, Malang

    Authors: Ariet Setiawan Mohammad Bisri Ussy Andawayanti

  50. Electronic Package with ESD/EOS Protection Component

    Authors: Frederick Ray I. Gomez Edwin M. Graycochea Jr. Rammil A. Seguido

  51. Risk Analysis of the Groundwater Pollution in Sidoarjo Regency Based on Groundwater Quality Test and Vulnerability Mapping

    Authors: Andina Yasintasari Emma Yuliani Riyanto Haribowo

  52. Numerical Modeling for Flood Hazard Mapping of Kedurus River Basin

    Authors: Sintya Maghfira Ismawati Umboro Lasminto Edijatno

  53. Inundation Numerical Modeling in the Eastern Part of Surabaya

    Authors: Aninda Rahmaningtyas Umboro Lasminto Edijatno

  54. Fingerprints of Epoxy Bleed-out on Porous Ceramic Surface

    Authors: Ian Harvey Arellano

  55. Knowledge Management Mapping from Helpdesk Application of Core System State Institutions Social Security in Indonesia

    Authors: Muhamad Iqbal

  56. A Practical Study of the Effect of Vacuum Hole Design of Rubbertip in the Manufacturability of Thin Silicon Technology

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  57. Estimation of Repeatability and Heritability of the Weaning Weight and Adult Weight for Friesian Holstein Dairy Cattle in BBPTU-HPT Baturraden, Purwokerto

    Authors: Maria Tarsisia Luju Luqman Hakim Sucik Maylinda

  58. Numerical Modeling of Variation in Spillway Dimensions and Variation in the Shape of Spillway for the Effectiveness of Boezem

    Authors: Faradilla Ayu Rizki Shiami Umboro Lasminto

  59. Model of the Effect of Advanced Sea Water in Lamong Bay Due to Global Warming on the Drainage System in Surabaya City

    Authors: Rezky Karuru Umboro Lasminto

  60. Website Quality Evaluation of Visitor Satisfaction (Case Study: SBMPTN website)

    Authors: Fahmi Arnes Yuhilza Hanum

  61. Integration of Mechanical Interlocking Design on Silicon Die

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

  62. Semen Production of Simmental Bulls based on Different Body Weight at National Artificial Insemination Center (NAIC), Singosari Indonesia

    Authors: Rafika Febriani Putri Woro Busono Suyadi

  63. Big-Integer

    Authors: Riya Tyagi Anmol Agarwal

  64. Influence of Land Cover Type, Slope, and Soil Density of Surface Runoff

    Authors: Ratu Husniah Nadjadji Anwar Mahendra Andiek Maulana

  65. Physical Hydraulic Model Test for the Flow Pattern of Pool Passes Fishway

    Authors: Dyan Eka Nurhayati Nadjadji Anwar Wasis Wardoyo

  66. Tape and Reel Punch Hole Augmentation for Machine Detection Improvement

    Authors: Edwin M. Graycochea Jr. Antonio R. Sumagpang Jr. Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  67. The Effect of Emotional Quotient on Aggressive Behavior in Adolescents in Medan City

    Authors: Fatma Indriani Raras Sutatminingsih Eka Ervika

  68. An Enhanced Algorithm for Association Rule Mining in Huge Temporal Database

    Authors: Abdel Rahman Mahmoud Nagy Ramadan Abdel Moniem Helmy

  69. Application of a New Transportation Algorithm for Cost Minimization

    Authors: Arifuzzaman Sabrina Tasnim Salehin Ferdous Iftakhar Hossain

  70. Road Network Handling Strategies in Katingan District

    Authors: Hendy Jaya Saputra Ludfi Djakfar Achmad Wicaksono

  71. The Influence of Peer Social Support on Adolescent Adjustment in Islamic Boarding School

    Authors: Febriani Rahma Raras Sutatminingsih Elvi Andriani Yusuf

  72. A Randomized Approach to Sparse Subspace Clustering using Spectral clustering

    Authors: Samson Hansen Sackey Samuel Nartey Kofie Abdul Karim Armah

  73. Genetic Parameters Estimation on the Reproductive Characteristics of Friesian Holstein Crossbred (PFH) Dairy Cows

    Authors: Sucik Maylinda Ganda Pria Bachtiar

  74. The Effect of Maltose in Tris-Aminomethane Egg Yolk Base Extender on Semen Quality of Taiwan Native Rooster Following Frozen Storage

    Authors: Fredyan Isnan Effendi Suyadi Shao-Yu Peng Perng-Chih Shen

  75. Electronic Package Design with Specialized Marker for Die Placement

    Authors: Michael D. Capili Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  76. Chopper Cut Set-up: Breakthrough Approach for Blade Height Accuracy

    Authors: Bryan Christian S. Bacquian Ernesto T. Antilano Jr

  77. Performance of Thermoelectric (TEG) for DC Electricity Power Source using Application of Stoves Rocket Heats with Resistance Variations

    Authors: Alfi Tranggono Agus Salim Fredy Susanto Nanang Romandhoni Indra Laksmana Megaratri Kusuma Putra

  78. Simulation Model for Sludge Thickener Performance in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Authors: El Nadi. M.H. Fergala. M.A. Emam. F. M

  79. Analysis of the Need for Information Technology Infrastructure Supporting Main Application Implementation PT. XYZ

    Authors: Meralih Sukma Henny Medyawati

  80. Impact of Organizational Climate on Readiness for Change in Belawan Marine Police Personnel

    Authors: Jose Bastian Manik Eka Danta Jaya Ginting

  81. Pepper Pot Design Augmentation for Small Die Sizes

    Authors: Edwin M. Graycochea Jr Rennier S. Rodriguez Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

  82. Die Backside Surface Subtractive Method for Thin Die Application

    Authors: Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

  83. E-government: Designing IT Operating Model for Managing IT Services

    Authors: Hamdi Riady Nur Sultan Salahuddin

  84. Warpage Improvement at Wirebond Assembly Process of Semiconductor QFN Device

    Authors: Jonathan C. Pulido Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  85. Improvement in Stencil Printing for Solder Paste Process of Semiconductor Device

    Authors: Edwin M. Graycochea Jr. Frederick Ray I. Gomez Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

  86. Critical Insights in the Design and Application of Die Attach Tooling per Carrier Construction

    Authors: Edwin M. Graycochea Jr. Frederick Ray I. Gomez Rennier S. Rodriguez

  87. Understanding the Impact of Underfill Fillet: A Key to Die Crack Elimination in FCBGA Packages

    Authors: Jefferson S. Talledo

  88. Realization of a QFN with Multiple I/O Interconnection Robustness

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Maiden Grace R. Maming Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

  89. Analysis of Complete Levels and Level of Maturity Security Information Social Insurance Companies Using Kami Index Version 3.1

    Authors: Mardi Kurnianto Dyah Anggrain

  90. Effect of Academic Resilience on Subjective WellBeing of Students in Islamic Boarding Schools

    Authors: Fajrina Rahmi Hasnida Rr. Lita Hadiati Wulandari

  91. Performance Testing of e-Payment Website Using JMeter

    Authors: Rianto Hidayanto Peni Sawitri

  92. Analysis of Penetration Testing Knowledge Web Application Base FAQ XYZ Company Using the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

    Authors: Muchridho Hustinawaty

  93. Analyzing Failure in a Micromodule Package using Stress Modeling Approach

    Authors: Jefferson S. Talledo

  94. Reduction of Silicon Die Tilting Rejection through Indirect Material Enhancement

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez

  95. Optimization Nitrogen Fertilizer Application for a New Mutant Rice Variety var. Sin Shwe Se by Using Isotopic 15N Tracer

    Authors: Khine Zar Linn Nyo Nyo Mar Hnin Pwint Wai Ni Ni Myint Bo Minn Aung Myat Minn

  96. The Satisfaction of Marriage to Men Who Have Been Divorced

    Authors: Maqhfirah DR Kresna Bayu Senoaji

  97. Analysis and Penetration Testing Eprocurement Application with SQL Injection

    Authors: Muhammad Rizal Efendi Novrina

  98. Cloud Computing Application to Manage Smart Grid System

    Authors: Dong X.D

  99. Integration of Mechanical Interlocking Design on Leadframe-Based Device for Interfacial Strength Improvement

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Ian Harvey J. Arellano

  100. Flexible Anvil Block Design for Automated Processing of Semiconductor Device

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Edwin Graychochea Jr Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

  101. Diversity and Distribution of Aquatic Snails in the Upper Bandama Fauna and Flora Reserve (Northcenter Côte d'Ivoire)

    Authors: Kressou Armand Bony Kotchi Yves Allouko Jean-Renaud Konan Koffi Félix

  102. Online Game Addiction among Mobile Legends’s Players

    Authors: Rahma Safitri Raras Sutatminingsih Rodiatul Hasanah Siregar

  103. The Effect of Father Involvement Towards the Tendency of Delinquent Behavior among Adolescents in Batak Toba Ethnic

    Authors: Fadhilah Cut Rafyqa; Sutatminingsih Raras; Marini Liza

  104. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Angkuta Stop and Route in Malang City

    Authors: Kholis Hapsari Pratiwi M. Ruslin Anwar

  105. Die Attach Process Advancement for Reduction of Damaged Substrate Strips for Thin Applications

    Authors: Michael D. Capili Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  106. Realization of a Miniaturized BGA Package

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  107. Stress Transmission During Punching Operation of a Smart Card Module

    Authors: Jefferson S. Talledo

  108. A Jig-less Ejector Needle Design for a Robust Die Attach Process

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez

  109. Die Attach Pre-bond Optimization for NickelPalladium-Gold Roughened Leadframe

    Authors: Michael D. Capili

  110. Enhanced cDAF Material: A Process Improvement for Die Attach focusing on Die Shear Strength

    Authors: Edwin M. Graycochea Jr. Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

  111. Employees’ Readiness for Change of an Indonesian State-owned Plantation Company

    Authors: Gustrispa Naomi Sirait

  112. Performance Analysis Air Quality Monitoring Based on Arduino with Web Server

    Authors: R. Gaguk Pratama Yudha Alfi Tranggono Agus Salim Rakhmad Gusta Putra R. Oktav Yama Hendra

  113. A System Improvement to Control the Die Attach Materials

    Authors: Michael D. Capili

  114. Innovative Approach Controlling the Epoxy Fillet Height for Thinner Die

    Authors: Michael D. Capili

  115. Supplementation Mannan-Rich Fraction (MRF) and / or Combination with Probiotic-Enhanced Water Acidifier on Dietary Female Broiler at 28 days as Natural Growth Promoters (NGPs)

    Authors: D. N. Adli Y. Chi J. W. Lee O. Sjofjan

  116. Supplementation Mannan-Rich Fraction (MRF) and / or Combination with Probiotic-Enhanced Water Acidifier on Dietary Male Broiler at 28 on Intestinal Micro Flora and Ratio of Lactobacillus / Coliform

    Authors: D. N. Adli Y. Chi J. W. Lee O. Sjofjan

  117. The Effect of Work Involvement on the Readiness to Change at PT. Mutifa Medan

    Authors: Windhika Siahaan Eka Danta Jaya Ginting

  118. The Effect of Work Involvement on the Readiness to Change at PT. Mutifa Medan

    Authors: Windhika Siahaan Eka Danta Jaya Ginting

  119. Dough Proportion Optimization of High Albumin “Kerupuk Basah” of Toman Fish, A Traditional Food From Kapuas Hulu West Kalimantan, Indonesia

    Authors: Sabina Endang Kiki Fibrianto Aji Sutrisno

  120. Risk Management Analysis of Public Services Information System Case Study: PT ABC

    Authors: Robi Agusdinata Rina Noviana

  121. Optimization of the Formulation of Antidiabetic Functional Drinks According to Sorghum, Red Ginger, and Aromatic Pandan Leaves in Type II Diabetes Rats

    Authors: Emmy Noviarini Ningtiyas Tri Dewanti Widyaningsih Aji Sutrisno

  122. Improving the Robustness of a Board-Mounted DFN Package

    Authors: Jefferson S. Talledo

  123. Automated Die Attach Oven Cure with Smart Console

    Authors: Michael D. Capili

  124. Improved cDAF for Reducing Adhesive Film Remains in Die Attach Pick-up Process

    Authors: Edwin M. Graycochea Jr Bryan Christian S. Bacquian Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  125. Hybrid Biological Reactor for Wastewater Treatment

    Authors: Abdel-Latief M. M.; Ibrahim A.

  126. Realization of Wettable Sidewall for Quad Flat NoLead Devices

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Ian Harvey Arellano

  127. The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Employee Engagement at PT. Dextonindo Persada

    Authors: Lubis Eky Juliany Famy; Mariatin Emmy; Novliadi Ferry

  128. The Influence of Social Media Marketing to Visit Intention through Brand Equity in Jatim Park 3

    Authors: Dimas Eka Pratama Nazief Nirwanto Achmad Firdiansjah

  129. Modeling Solder Crack and the Relationship with Resin Delamination in a Power Leadframe Package

    Authors: Jefferson S. Talledo

  130. Preticial Sexual Behavior in Adolescents in the City of Lhokseumawe

    Authors: Yusuf. Yusreida; Mukhtar Desvi Yanti; Hasyim Eka Ervika

  131. Leadframe Paddle Enhancement for DelaminationFree Packaging

    Authors: Edwin Graycochea Jr. Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

  132. Assessment of Point of Use Household Water Treatment Technologies in Nzoia River Basin, Kenya

    Authors: Ernest Othieno Odwori

  133. Critical Insights in the Effect of Tool Dimension to the Tilting Behavior of Silicon Die

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez

  134. Pipe Materials Selection for Water Networks

    Authors: Abdel Aleem M. T. Abdel Razik M. H. Ibrahim M. S.A Hussein H. M.

  135. Six Sigma Approach in Resolving Tapeless QFN Top Backetching Defect

    Authors: Ernani Padilla

  136. Probond Approach a Key to Minimizing the Effects of Bond Pad Anomaly

    Authors: Ernani Padilla Conrado Villanueva

  137. HVQFN Onemap Process Robustification through Mold Compound Size Optimization

    Authors: Ernani Padilla Lester Belalo

  138. Package Voids Elimination in Fragile Flip Chip System in Package Device

    Authors: Ernani Padilla

  139. Addressing Tape Delamination on Complex QFN through Tape Supplier Collaboration

    Authors: Ernani Padilla

  140. Characterization of Mold Surface Morphology to Achieve Optimum Scan Yield in a Complex Mark Format

    Authors: Ernani Padilla Emmanuel Birog

  141. Feasibility Analysis of Employee E-Recruitment Application System Social Security Companies Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Methods

    Authors: Santo Tulus Adji Singgih Jatmiko

  142. A Study on Efficient Management by Analyzing Revenue and Expenses of Mega Hospitals

    Authors: Soobin Cho

  143. Green Computing A Way to Reduce Environmental Impacts of E-Waste in Manufacturing Companies in Meru County

    Authors: Dorothy Bundi Amos Chege Jenu John

  144. Insights into the Thermal Management Performance of QFN Package with Embossed Die Pad

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Ian Harvey J. Arellano

  145. Improved and Cost-Effective Coating Film for Wafer Level Electronic Package

    Authors: Antonio R. Sumagpang Jr. Edwin M. Graycochea Jr. Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  146. A Semiconductor IC Packaging Solution for Device Miniaturization

    Authors: Frederick Ray I. Gomez Rennier S. Rodriguez

  147. Reduction of Tape Sticking Effect on Leadframe Platform for Thin Applications

    Authors: Rennier S. Rodriguez Rammil A. Seguido Frederick Ray I. Gomez

  148. Performance Characteristics between Titanium and Stainless Steel Materials as Electrodes on Dry Cell Type HHO Gas Generator

    Authors: Alfi Tranggono Agus Salim R. Gaguk Pratama Yudha Kanjeng Sunan Lawu Ahmad Yusuf

  149. Diamond Saw Blade with Enhanced Dual Concentration

    Authors: Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

  150. Modeling Wire Bonding on Overhang Die to Ensure No Die Crack in Thin BGA Packages

    Authors: Jefferson S. Talledo

  151. Business Intelligence for Strategic Decision Making Using Balance Scorecard

    Authors: Suharnam Dyah Anggraini

  152. Reduction of Copper(II) Oxide on Bare Leadframe Through N2 Atmosphere Curing

    Authors: Edwin Graycochea Jr. Rennier S. Rodriguez Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

  153. Study of the Effect of Organic Geopolymer for Soil Stabilization Materials as Main Road Subgrade

    Authors: Pakar Gunawan Manalu Rusdiansyah