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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD ) >>

Vol.10, No.3

Publisher: TJPRC

Publishing Date: 2020-06-30

  1. Administrative Capacity Building Needs of Principals for Effective Management of Public Secondary Schools in Enugu State, Nigeria

    Authors: Lambert K. Ejionueme Denis C. Agbo Frances A.Alimigbe M. Wali Clifford E. Ogheneakoke

  2. Walkmate-Automated Wheeled Plates

    Authors: Gayathri T Konjath Parvathi Ritu Rajan; Anju Babu

  3. Design and Simulation of an Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator for Low Power and Low Speed using Finite Elements

    Authors: S.T.Piracoca Peralta E.Rivas Trujillo; H.Montana Quintero

  4. Bess Classification in Levels of Adoption of Distributed Energy Resources (Der) with Focus on Transformation Elements

    Authors: Tays Estefania Gutierrez Castro Edwin Rivas Trujillo; Jesus Maria Lopez-Lezama

  5. Agents with Territorial Jurisdiction in San Juanito Municipality, Case ChingazaNatural National Park

    Authors: Castro Garzón Hernando Rodríguez Miranda Juan Pablo; Rivas Trujillo Edwin

  6. Adverse Environmental Insertion

    Authors: Peñaranda Galvis Vidal Fernando Rodríguez Miranda Juan Pablo; Rivas Trujillo Edwin

  7. Influence of Reciprocating Compressor Structure on Torque Diagram

    Authors: A.A. Kotlov L. G. Kuznetsov; А.V. Burakov

  8. Nvestigation of Hydroabrasive Resistance of Titanium Alloy VT6S Used for Centrifugal Compressor Wheels

    Authors: M.A. Kovalev A.D.Davydov O.V. Schvetsov D.V. Lyashenko; E.N. Pomorcev

  9. Influence of Structural Heterogeneity on the Perfomance of the Material of Large Diameter Pipes in Cold Climates

    Authors: N.O. Shaposhnikov B.S. Ermakov R.I. Valiakhmetov; V.V. Mikheev

  10. Peculiarities of Corrosion Cracking of High-Strength Pipe Steels in Hydrogen Sulfide Environment

    Authors: A.A.Alkhimenko B.S.Ermakov E.L.Alekseeva; S.Y.Mushnikova

  11. Production of Powders for Additive Machines by Plasma Spraying

    Authors: S.B. Ermakov E.L. Gyulikhondanov O.I. Sleptsov; G.N. Sleptsov

  12. Fuzzy Based Controller Design for Antilock Braking System in Motorcycle

    Authors: N. Vivekanandan; Ajay M. Fulambarkar

  13. Biometric Recognition as a Security Mechanism using GPS Systems

    Authors: Santiago Rubiños Juan Mendoza Freedy Sotelo Abilio Cuzcano Edwin Huarcaya Carolina Jiménez Edison Choque

  14. Design of a Monitoring System Applied to Solar Public Lighting Poles

    Authors: Sergio Villavicencio Omar Illesca Edilberto Calcina Abilio Cuzcano Jessica Meza Wilver Auccahuasi Juan Grados

  15. Failure of Stainless Steel 304L Water Tank due to Intergranular Corrosion Caused by Weld Defects and Chlorides

    Authors: M. A. Kovalev A.N. Karandashev; N.V.Zhukov

  16. Evaluation of the Corrosion Resistance of Precipitation Hardened Nickel Alloys in an Environment Simulating Operational Impact

    Authors: J.S Karzina L. Galata A.A. Lapechenkov I.A.Golubev; E.P.Sidorova

  17. Digital Aeronautical Design Lab by Example of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Aircraft Type)

    Authors: Maniak I.S Gorskii Y.A Voinov I.B Sundukov M.Y; Borovkov A.I

  18. Creation of Parametrized Model of Transonic Axial Compressor Flow Path for CFD-Researches

    Authors: L.N. Marenina O.A. Solovyeva A.A. Drozdov Yu.B. Galerkin V.L. Yusha; K. Kabalyk

  19. Additive Technologies as a Basis for the Implementation of Operational Repair of Marine Power Turbine Installations

    Authors: Gleb Turichin Valentin Kotov Rimma Reznikova Viktor Barskov Viktor Rassokhin Vladimir Yadikin; Andrey Bezborodov

  20. Investigation On Three Point Flexural Strength Of Alkaline Treated Banana Fiber Reinforced Cardanol Resin Polymer Composites By Response Surface Methodology

    Authors: A. Parre B. Karthikeyan A. Balaji; R.Udhayasankar

  21. Implementation of a Crypto-Steganographic System Based on the Aes-Cbc Algorithm

    Authors: A. Parre B. Karthikeyan A. Balaji; R.Udhayasankar

  22. Maximum Power Point Tracking Control using Boost Converter for a grid-Connected PV System

    Authors: Dang Danh Hoang; Tran Xuan Minh

  23. Applying Logical Operations and Table Replacements in Modeling Basic Transformations of Symmetric Block Encryption Algorithms

    Authors: Akbarov Davlatali Egitaliyevich; Umarov ShukhratjonAzizjonovich

  24. Selection of Rational Parameters of the Compression Process in Multi-Stage Reciprocating Compressors

    Authors: A.A. Kotlov А.V. Burakov; V.A. Chetvertakov

  25. Research of Operational Properties of Materials Applied in Iecp

    Authors: A. A. Alkhimenko N. O. Shaposhnikov M. L. Shishkova MisoSolesa; Evgeny Kiberev

  26. Mechanical and Metallurgical Study of Similar Filler Metal Manufactured from the Base Metal for Low Carbon Steel Welded Joint

    Authors: A. Nait Salah; M. Kaddami

  27. Modeling of a Linear Permanent Magnet Generator for Low Powers using Finite Elements

    Authors: J G Mora Santos E Rivas Trujillo; H Montana Quintero

  28. Evolution of Wind Power Technology

    Authors: H Montaña Quintero E Rivas Trujillo; G M Tarazona Bermudez

  29. Virtual Modeling, Optimization, and Testing in Design of High Altitude Air Propeller

    Authors: Leontiev V. L.; Kozhevnikov V. A.

  30. Software Systems for Visualizing the Centrifugal Compressor Stages Flow Path and Creating 3D Models of Impellers

    Authors: A. A. Kotlov A. A. Drozdov V. B. Semenovskiy; K. Kabalyk

  31. Viscous Hyperelastic Materials Modeling

    Authors: Semenov A. V Nasonovsky N. P Smirnov A. V Stepanov M. D Kharaldin N. A Stepanov A.V; Borovkov A. I

  32. Territorial Identification of the Chingaza National Natural Park in the San Juanito Meta Municipality

    Authors: Castro Garzón Hernando Rodríguez Miranda Juan Pablo; Rivas Trujillo Edwin

  33. Protection Areas of the San Juanito Meta Municipality, A Look from Local Development

    Authors: Castro Garzón Hernando Rodríguez Miranda Juan Pablo; Rivas Trujillo Edwin

  34. Post-Conflict, Values and Beligerance

    Authors: Peñaranda Galvis Vidal Fernando Castillo Pinilla Alvaro Fernando; Rivas Trujillo Edwin

  35. Environmental Security, Population and Conflict

    Authors: Peñaranda Galvis Vidal Fernando Peñaranda Fonseca Daniel Fernando; Rivas Trujillo Edwin

  36. Conflicts Present in the San Juanito Meta Municipality: A Community Perspective

    Authors: Castro Garzón Hernando Rodríguez Miranda Juan Pablo; Rivas Trujillo Edwin

  37. Monitoring Lurigancho-Chosica, Perú Landslideusing Insar Technology

    Authors: Lucero Rodas Jorge Huarniz Carmen Villon Rodolfo Moreno Wilver Auccahuas

  38. Application of Tomography Images to Composite Solid Propellents

    Authors: Lizandro Canales Juan Neyra Jose Luis Nery Ugarte Wilver Auccahuasi

  39. Centrifugal Compressor Stage. Vaneless Diffuser Preliminary Design By Universal Modeling Method

    Authors: O.Solovyeva Yu.Galerkin A.Rekstin K.Soldatova V.Yusha; K.Kabalyk

  40. Application of Finite Element Homogenization Technique for Efficient Modeling of Additively Manufactured Metamaterials

    Authors: Borovkov A.I Maslov L.B Ivanov K.S Kovaleva E.N Tarasenko F.D; Zhmaylo M.A

  41. Parametric Optimization of Amphibious Aircraft Profile Sketch

    Authors: P. A.Svechnikov M.A.Nikitin N.A.Kharaldin A.V.Stepanov M.V.Aleshin; A.I.Borovkov

  42. Failure Analysis of Plunger Rod and Barrel of Sucker Rod Pumps

    Authors: D.A. Strekalovskaya A.D. Davydov D.V. Lyashenko; Maxat Tleshev

  43. Circumferential Distortion (Temperature) Reduction of a Small-Size Gas Turbine Engine Combustion Chamber by Numerical Experimentation

    Authors: Vorobiev P. A Tikhonov A.S; Klyavin O.I

  44. Car Laundry in the City of Villavicencio Use and Disposal of Residual Water

    Authors: Castro Garzón Hernando Rodríguez Miranda Juan Pablo; Rivas Trujillo Edwin

  45. An Evaluation of the Concept of Effective Altruism in Peter Singer

    Authors: Joseph Nnaemeka Chukwuma Tobias Chukwuemeka Ozioko Obiora Anichebe Gabriel Chukwuebuka Otegbulu Charles Kenechukwu Okoro George Ohabuenyi Abah Collins Ikenna Ugwu Anthony Chukwudi Areji

  46. Cashless Policy Implementation Among Nigerian Banks and its Implications For Engineering Firms: A Qualitative Research

    Authors: Kanu Catherine Chiugo Kennedy O. Ololo Eddiefloyd Maduabuchi Igbo; Robert C. Ezeanwu

  47. Influence of Industrial Espionage on Organizational Profitability of Engineering Firms

    Authors: Kanu Catherine Chiugo Kennedy O. Ololo Eddiefloyd Maduabuchi Igbo; Robert C. Ezeanwu

  48. Optimal Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis Using New Simultaneous Design Method Modeled And Optimized By Microsoft Excel Solver

    Authors: Said M. Abdalla Moustafa E. Awad Mohamed A. Kaoud; Mohamed El Yamani

  49. Lakatos’ Heuristics in a Graph Theory Class

    Authors: Jader W. Cortes A Renné A. Peña M; Orlando García H

  50. Experimental Study of Concrete Prepared by Wood Ash and Wastepaper Sludge

    Authors: Bilal Wani; Vipasha Rishi

  51. Methodology for the Generation of Scientific Products in Government Research Institutions

    Authors: Wilver Auccahuasi Edgar Guevara Angel Tongo Lucero Rodas

  52. Generation of Digital Elevation Models with High-Resolution Optical Satellite Images

    Authors: Carmen Villon Yahayda Loaiza Lucero Rodas Wilver Auccahuasi

  53. Indoor & Outdoor Characterization for WLAN Environments

    Authors: Oscar F. Aviles Dario Amaya Elkin G. Muskus Rip

  54. Matrix Metalloproteinase-8 in Saliva and Gingival Crevicular Fluid After Scaling and Root Planing in Chronic Periodontitis With And Without Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Dorlina Rouli Viviana Siahaan Irma Ervina Santi Syafril Ameta Primasari; Rini Octavia Nasution

  55. Unparalyze: Control the World with your Eyes

    Authors: Rahul Sethumadhavan Thandassery Abhirami Ramanan Sona M S Divya Vinayan Vishnu Rajan

  56. Comparison of Smokers Employment Status in Retention Behavior among Community in Terengganu

    Authors: M. S. N. Abu Hassan M. S. Sa'id N. Nazarudin M.K.A. Kamaruddin M.I. Jaya; Mohd Armi Abu Samah

  57. Students’ Perception of Teachers’ Pedagogical Skills and its Influence on their Attitude towards Science: Implication for Science, Technology and Engineering Careers

    Authors: Ozichi O. Benson Chinwe R. Nwagbo Christian S. Ugwuanyi; Chinedu I.O. Okeke

  58. AI Based Digital Transformation for Rack Storage Management in Smart Factory

    Authors: Milan Kumar V. M. Shenbagaraman; N. Parthibhan

  59. Reliability And Maintainability Analysis Of Cement Manufacturing Patil

    Authors: Reena; Vineeta Basotia

  60. An Investigation Into Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer in a Vertical Porous Annular Cylinder with Outer Wall Subjected to Natural Convection

    Authors: Mukesh Patil

  61. Effect of Carbon Nanotubes on Erosive Wear Properties of Nicr Coatings on Turbine Steel Under Hydro Accelerated Conditions

    Authors: Mandeep Singh Khushdeep Goyal Bal Krishan Rakesh Goyal

  62. TRIZ as a Problem-Solving Approach for Architectural Design Education: The Case of Jordan

    Authors: Wael W. Al-Azhari

  63. Technology Enablers for the Protection of Workers in the Framework of Industry 4.0

    Authors: Vicente Reyes Mozo Holman Montiel Ariza Henry Montaña Quintero

  64. Effect of Feed Rate on Surface Integrity and Tool Wear during Short Turning of AISI 1045 Carbon Steel

    Authors: Norfauzi Tamin Mohd Hadzley Abu Bakar Umar Al Amani Azlan Mohd Fairuz Rashid; Safarudin Gazali Herawan

  65. Determination of Hydrodynamic Coefficients of Oblique Towing Test of a High-Speed Boat by Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Authors: Mohsen Mahdaviniaki; Mohsen Bagherzadeh

  66. Control for a Thermoformer using Matlab Ident and Control Toolbox

    Authors: Juan J. Arbelaez Oscar F Aviles Mauricio Mauledoux

  67. Design and Fabrication of Landmine Detecting Robot

    Authors: Muthuraju N P Arunkumar K N Ganesha B B Vinod B; Rohith K

  68. Wind Energy Conversion Using Fuzzy-PI Based Two Level Vector Controlled DFIG

    Authors: Jaya Singh; Vineet Kumar Tiwari

  69. Simulation of Four Different Splitter Angles of a Pelton Buket

    Authors: Alejandro Ruiz Sánchez; Jorge A. Sierra Del Rio

  70. Validated Finite Element Model of Build-Up I-Beam using Triangular Element under 4-Point Bending Load

    Authors: Moch Iqbal Rokhim Mohd Shukri Yob Ojo Kurdi; Mohd Mustafa Izahar

  71. Design and Fabrication of Automatic Electromagnetic Braking System

    Authors: Pavan Aiyappa C P Pavan Chaithanya Nithyananda H S; Amruth E

  72. Production of High Quality Casting Binders from Materials Containing Lignin

    Authors: Falah Mustafa Al-Saraireh; Yuri Svinoroev

  73. Autonomous Cars: The Sleeping-Giant

    Authors: Sachin Bhosle; Shrikant Mahadik

  74. Attract and Retain Talent Through Employer Branding – A Study in Ites

    Authors: Indranil Mukhopadhyay; Gouranga Patra

  75. Experimental Study of Non- Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Prepared by Bagasse Ash

    Authors: Nishant Kumar; Suneha Dhiman

  76. The Effects of Incorporating Hybrid Fibers in Self Compacting Concrete using Flyash

    Authors: Anuradha Vijayakumar; Dr.T.CH.Madhavi

  77. Study the Satisfaction Level of Intelligent Wheelchair with the Disables - A Statistical Analysis

    Authors: Krishnaveni. K; IDA Malarselvi. R

  78. Two-Stage Method of Cathode Electrolyte-Plasma Heating for Chemicothermal Treatment of Metal Materials

    Authors: Rakhadilov B.K Satbayeva Z.A Bayzhan D Kozhanova R.S

  79. Internal Stresses and Dislocation Structure of Low-Carbon Steel after Electrolyte-Plasma Nitrocementation

    Authors: Bayatanoval.B Rakhadilovb.K Satbayeva Z.A Popovan.A

  80. Natural Convection of Water-Cu Nanofluid in a Porous Cavity with Two Pairs of Heat Source-Sink and Magnetic Effect

    Authors: L. Jino A. Vanav Kumar

  81. Probability in Productivity Due To Fluctuation of Price in Construction Materials

    Authors: Ashique Muhammed. C; V.R Prasath Kumar

  82. Ensuring Information Security of a Special Geoinformation Platform

    Authors: Sergey Pankov Ernest Zhusupov; Gulzira Mukatay

  83. Creation and Development of Reserve Components of the Armed Forces of Various States

    Authors: Sergey Pankov Murat Egizbaev; Dmitriy Reshetnikov

  84. The Design and Performance Investigation of Solar E-Bike using Flexible Solar Panel by Different Battery Charging Controller

    Authors: Asrori Asrori Fatkhur Rohman Elka Faizal; Muhamad Karis

  85. Parametric Comparison of Combustion Performance Between Two Different Piston Head Configurations for Diesel Engines using Numerical Simulations

    Authors: Shouvik Bandopadhyay Soumyajeet Dey Abhijoy Ganguly; Nishchay Shailesh Sadrani

  86. Optimization of 3d Printing Parameters on Surface Roughness by Taguchi Method

    Authors: Seelam Ravinder; Chintireddy Sharath Reddy

  87. Effect of Indium Addition on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Al-Sb Alloys Rapidly Solidified from Melt

    Authors: Kareem.T. Abul-Nasr A. Raouf. Mohamed Rizk Mostafa Shalaby; Mustafa Kamal

  88. Enhancing Learners’ Grammar Knowledge of Tenses and Voice Through “Tense and Voice Structured Wheel”

    Authors: Nazifullah Nijat Abdul Qudos Karimi Wali Khan Monib MohdHizwan Bin Mohd Hisham; NorFarahWahidahbinti Abdul Rahman

  89. Multiuser Software Module for Spectral Decision-Making

    Authors: Jorge Rodríguez Camila Salgado; Cesar Hernández

  90. New Type of Voltage Amplifier Based on Field-Effect Transistor with On-Demand Amplification Factor


  91. On the Practice of Designing and Implementing Jet-Jet Turbines of the Lpi Design

    Authors: V. Rassokhin V.Barskov A. Smetankin O. Nikiforova V.Yadikin S.Besedin; G.Fokin

  92. Method of Highly Adequate Modeling of Additively Manufactured Materials

    Authors: Borovkov A.I. Maslov L.B. Ivanov K.S. Kovaleva E.N. Tarasenko F.D.; Zhmaylo M.A

  93. The Analogy of Fighting in Urbanized Areas in the Struggle for Castles, Fortresses and Modern Cities

    Authors: Sergey Pankov; Ernest Zhusupov

  94. Prospects of Geoinformation Technologies in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan

    Authors: Sergey Pankov Ernest Zhusupov; Erlan Zakiev

  95. Historical Experience of Mobilization of Troops

    Authors: Sergey Pankov Askhat Ryspaev; Oleg Massalimov

  96. Application of Gip for Automation of Military Control

    Authors: Sergey Pankov Ernest Zhusupov; Kuat Sagadiev

  97. To Study the Characteristics of Concrete by using High Range Water Reducing Admixture

    Authors: Jawad Ahmad Safi Ur Rehman Osama Zaid Aneel Manan Salmia Beddu Mushtaq Ahmad

  98. “A Socio-Cultural Analysis of Infertility Amongst Women in Delhi”

    Authors: Hitashi Shawani; Shruti Singh

  99. Natural Gas Hydrate Prevention by Using Combination of Two Thermodynamic Hydrate Inhibitors {Meg+Nacl} & {Meg+Kcl}

    Authors: M. Ramadan M. Kaoud S. Aly; M. E. Awad

  100. Waste Analysis and Lean Manufacturing Development in Heavy Equipment Component Industry

    Authors: FibiEko Putra ZulfaFitriIkatrinasari; HumirasHardiPurba

  101. Supply Chain Risk Management-A Literature Review

    Authors: HariharanGaneshan T Balamurugan DeepicaRajan Salman Ismail Hassan; Drishya S Kumar

  102. Fracture Toughness Testing of Nickel Alloyed Permanent Moulded Austempered Ductile Iron Using Single Edge Notch Bending Specimens

    Authors: Raghavendra J.V; K.NarasimhaMurthy

  103. Mathematical Models of the Optimal Distribution of Water in the Channels of Irrigation Systems

    Authors: А.V. Kabulov A.J. Seytov; A.A. Kudaybergenov

  104. Development of Al-Zn Die-Casting Alloys and Its Felxural Deformation Behavior

    Authors: S. Sivasankaran Fahad Al-Mufadi Yaser A. Alshataif; Osama M. Irfan

  105. Performance Analysis of Peristaltic Pump with Newtonian Fluid: An Experimental Investigation

    Authors: P. Srinivasa Rao; G. Bhanodaya Reddy

  106. Methodological Framework for Synthesis of Multiperiod Heat Exchanger Networks with Minimum Total Annual Cost Using an Optimization Model and Area Reassignment Technique

    Authors: Said Abdalla Moustafa Awad Mohamed Kaoud; Ahmed Mohamed Khalil

  107. Fighting in Urban Areas

    Authors: Sergey Pankov; Ernest Zhusupov

  108. Prospects of Geoinformation Technologies in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan

    Authors: Sergey Pankov Ernest Zhusupov; Erlan Zakiev

  109. The Analogy of Fighting in Urbanized Areas in the Struggle for Castles, Fortresses and Modern Cities

    Authors: Sergey Pankov; Ernest Zhusupov

  110. Investigation of the State of ECP Parts in Conditions Close to Operating Modes

    Authors: M. K. Kurakin V.A.Yakhimovich M. A. Kovalev M. L. Shishkova; Miso Solesa

  111. Investigation of the Ability of Metal Alloys to Storage at High Humidity Conditions

    Authors: A. S.Fedorov; A.A.Lapechenkov

  112. Sociology of Health and Sanitation in Anini, Dibang Valley District, Arunachal Pradesh: A Case Study

    Authors: Bikash Bage

  113. Conflict between Caste Superiority and Women Subjugation in Indira Goswami’s “The Offspring”

    Authors: Trishmita Borah

  114. AI Need in Digital Transformation in Indian Manufacturing Management Making it Intelligent Smart Factory

    Authors: Milan Kumar Revathi Venkataraman; N. Parthibhan

  115. Investigation on Effective Utilization of Blast Furnace Slag in Concrete

    Authors: G. Vimalanandan; S. Senthil Selvan

  116. To Study the Heat Resistance Features of Bread Wheat Varieties and Species for the Southern Regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    Authors: Diyor Turdikulovich Juraev Oybek Anvarovich Amanov Sherzod Dilmurodovich Dilmurodov Nurzod Bekmurodovich Boysunov; Meyliev Akmal Khushvaktovich

  117. Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of Luffa Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite

    Authors: M. Subbiah; A. Sajitha Banu

  118. Message Prototype for Transmission of a CDA with the Standard Hl7 for a Telediagnostic and Teleconsultation System

    Authors: Lilia E. Aparicio P Jaime A. Benítez; Miguel A. Ávila A

  119. In-Plane Free Vibration of Two-Member Open Frame with Transverse Crack with End Mass

    Authors: Mamatha Y P Bhanuprakash M J Praveenkumara B M; Rajesh Kumbara S K

  120. Effect of Glass Cover Angles on the Performance of Double Slope Solar Still: A CFD Simulation Analysis

    Authors: Akkala Siva Ram; Ajay Kumar Kaviti

  121. Performance Optimization and Emission Characteristics of Ci Engine Fuelled with Blends Of Wastes Chicken Fat Biodiesel with Exhaust Gas Recirculation

    Authors: Manjunatha R Byregowda HV; Panduranga Murthy G

  122. New Records of Carabid Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Eastern Visayas, Philippines

    Authors: Myra A. Abayon

  123. Lightweight Self-Compacting Concrete Using Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate

    Authors: Sarab Amir Al-Jubori Jinan Jawad Hassan Alwash; Rafea Flaih Hassan

  124. Diminishing the Earliness and Tardiness of AGV using PSBCSP Algorithm

    Authors: Mahalakshmi Swathi Pai M R Murugesan

  125. Turbidity Meter for Determination of Water Turbidity Level Based on Semiconductor Compound

    Authors: J.B. Sapaev A. Arifjanov B. Sapaev B.M.Kamanov L. Samiev Sh.H. Ismoilov

  126. The Implementation of the Optimized Drip Irrigation System in Agriculture

    Authors: J.B. Sapaev A.Arifjanov I.B. Sapaev G.E. Eshchanova B. Sapaev U.A.Nullaev A.M.Akhmedov D.E. Norbekov

  127. Problems and Technological Solutions for Maintaining The Stability of the Clay Rocks that Make Up the Wall of Oil and Gas Wells

    Authors: Sultanov Shavkat Abdullaevich Karimova Zarifa Umarovna; Xalilova Lola Mehriddinovna

  128. Creation of Technology and Pharmacological Research of New Anti-Hypoxic Dosage Forms Based on Heranium Kholmovaya Growing In Uzbekistan

    Authors: Pazilbekova Zamira Tanirbergenovna Nizomova Mahsuda Usmankulovna Umarova Firuza Alisherovna Aqseytov Janbolat Jetkergen Ugli; Kudaybergen Makulbaev Xojambergenovich

  129. Growth of the Rubia Tinctorum L (Painted Pigeon) Plant and its Role in the National Economy, the Composition, Biological Features and Extracts of Micro and Macroelements


  130. Integrative Use of Socio-Cognitive Theory, Stimulus-Organism-Response Model and Theory of Planned Behavior In Ecotourism Trips

    Authors: Chai Ching Tan

  131. TOPSIS Method in Search for Competitive Advantage and Firm-Performance

    Authors: Chai Ching Tan

  132. A Goal Programming Model for Rubber Plantation Planning in Western Ghats of Karnataka

    Authors: Swathi As Praveena Kumara K M Uday Kumar K N; Harish Babu G A

  133. The Comparative Study of IOT Based Systems for Monitoring and Detection of Rice Diseases

    Authors: Srikant Singh Anil Sharma Jatinder Singh

  134. Recommendations and Strategies for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Colombian Productive Sector

    Authors: Vicente Reyes Mozo Holman Montiel Ariza Henry Montaña Quintero

  135. Application of Vertical Flat Thermosyphon (VFT) Affecting on Performance Enhancement of Split Type Air Conditioner

    Authors: Kantapon Premprayoon; Bopit Bubphachot

  136. Soft Skills Integrated Learning Model in Electronic Practice Courses in Higher Education

    Authors: Hasanah Purnamawati Marwa

  137. A Metaheuristic Algorithm for Solving Simultaneous Scheduling Problems

    Authors: Prakash Babu Kanakavalli Vijaya Babu Vommi

  138. Design and Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Booster at Low Wind Speed

    Authors: Jai Kumar Sharma Aman Goyal Mukesh Pandey; Sateesh Kumar

  139. Derivatives Trading in India – Inception and Future Ahead

    Authors: A.V Sai Kiran

  140. With Initial Flow of Crane Type, Unsteadiness in Casson Fluid Flow Due to Sudden Introduction of Quadratic Free Convection and Stretching of Sheet

    Authors: R. Balamurugan; A. Vanav Kumar

  141. Current and Emerging Challenges in Vocational Education

    Authors: Deepak Chakravarty; Mahima Gupta

  142. The Correlation of Surface Morphology to the HHO Generator Gas Production

    Authors: Ajat Sudrajat Noreffendy Tamaldin Ahmad Kamal Mat Yamin; Muhd Ridzuan Mansor

  143. Stabilizing Effects of the Combination of Bagasse Ash and Bamboo Fiber on the Strength Properties of Expansive Soil

    Authors: Kamalneet Singh Irshad Malik; Amanpreet Tangri

  144. Thermo-Structural Analysis in Expansion Joints on Liner and Non-Linear Bellow

    Authors: Venkata Sai Prashanth Sudula

  145. The Effects of the Fuel Injection Pressure on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of VCR Engine Fuelled with Pupae Biodiesel-Diesel Blends

    Authors: Pradeep N R S Kumarappa B M Kulkarni

  146. Effect of Nano Clay on the Mechanical Properties of S-Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites

    Authors: N. Prudhviraj M. Somaiah ChowdaryR. Niranjan Kumar N. Sivateja

  147. Trash Cleaning Robot Rover

    Authors: Jibin P.S Resha Remesh Suramya Ramachandran; Chinchu Jose

  148. Numerical Investigation of Different RANS Model on Supersonic Jet in Presence of Passive Jet Controls

    Authors: Devendra KR. Lohia H.K. Paliwal; Shantanu Srivastava

  149. The Effect of Cyclone Surface Area towards Engine Performance, Intake Manifold Pressure and Exhaust Gas Emission

    Authors: Sugeng Hadi Susilo Nurhadi

  150. Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Al-Sb Based Alloys by Rapid Solidification Technology

    Authors: Kareem. T. Abul-Nasr A. R. Mohamed Mustafa Kamal Rizk Mostafa Shalaby

  151. Knowledge, Attitude And Practice About Hypertension Among People of Abha City Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Muneer Jan Abdulbari Ahmed Alzahrani Yahya Mohammed Alqahtani Abdussalam Mohammed A Alqhtani Mozoon Mohammed S Alqhtani; Rahaf Khalid Alqhtani

  152. An Objective Efficient Tabu Search Algorithm for Travelling Salesman Problem with Uncertain Parameters

    Authors: T. Leelavathy; K. Ganesan

  153. An Empirical Study on Impact of Sustainability-Oriented Total Quality Management Practices on Organizational Performance in Uae Based Organization

    Authors: Jacob Cherian; Gaikar Vilas B

  154. Analysis of the Problem in Colombia of Contamination by Explosivedevices in Risk Management Through the Gis Tool

    Authors: Irene Matilde Ortega Quiroz Miguel Antonio Ávila A; Julián R. Camargo L

  155. Analysis and Implementation of an Orbital Orientation Controlsystem for a Pico-Satellite

    Authors: Miguel A. Ávila A Julián R. Camargo L; Oscar D. Flórez C

  156. Evaluation of Mechanical Behaviour of Glass Fibre-Epoxy with Graphene Nano Powder Laminates

    Authors: Jalleda Anjaneyulu V. Harsha Vardhan; P.Chandra Kumar

  157. Cu-Water Nanofluid Natural Convective Heat and Fluid Flow in a Porous Cavity

    Authors: L. Jino A. Vanav Kumar

  158. Design and Analysis of Intake Valve of Si Engine

    Authors: Bulasara Siva Kumar; M. Balaji

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    Authors: http view-archives.php keyword; from date; to date; id; jtype; journal; page

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    Authors: http view-archives.php keyword; from date; to date; id; jtype; journal; page

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  1008. Machocig Limited–A Case Study

    Authors: Dimple Saini; Sanjit Kumar Dash

  1009. Development of Eco Friendly Feminine Hygiene Product

    Authors: T.R. Indumathi; Divya.R

  1010. A Review of Palladium Coated Copper Wire Bonding for Automotive Device

    Authors: Kok-Tee Lau; Chan Lam Cha

  1011. Impact of Politically Themed Advertisement on Political Literacy: Role of Media Planning

    Authors: Sonam Mahajan; Anshu Arora

  1012. An Experimental Study of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger Insulated with Vacuum Chamber under Natural Convection for Butanol and Methanol used as Functioning Fluid

    Authors: Sumit Kumar Rai Anjaney Pandey; Alok Chaube

  1013. Efficacy of Cloves Bud Extract (Syzygiumaromaticum L.) Towards Neutrophils Count on Post-Tooth Extraction Socket as Anti-Inflammatory Agent

    Authors: Rahmi Syafilda; Stephanie Sinulingga

  1014. Effectiveness Test of 90% Aloe Vera Gel Extract for the Time of Healing Post-Odontectomy Wounds in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Faculty of Dentistry, USU

    Authors: Rahmi Syafilda; Nico Purba

  1015. Influence of Waste Glass, Waste Foundry Sand& Glass Fiber on Mechanical Properties of Concrete

    Authors: Anand Bhagat Vikram Singh; Ankit Mahajan

  1016. Project-Based Learning of Robotics for Engineering Education improvement

    Authors: Nasr M. Ghaleb Hamed M. Almalki; Ayman A. Aly

  1017. Review of Single Sign-On Authentication Framework

    Authors: Aishwarya U; Chethana R Murthy

  1018. Correlation of Test Robotization Frameworks to Propose a Protected and Solid Technique

    Authors: B.K. Srinivas; Kavya S

  1019. A Selenium Based Approach to Automate Software Testing

    Authors: Thanuja Murthy S; Chethana R Murthy

  1020. French Green Purchase Intention of Palm Oil Free Nut Butter

    Authors: Bahaman Tuan Rifaaz Syriac Nellikunnel Devasia Maria Josephine William; Parameswaran Subramanian

  1021. Integrated Scheduling of Operations and Material Handling Systems using Evolutionary Algorithms in a Flexible Manufacturing System

    Authors: Adla Rajesh I. Rajasri Reddy; Ch. Vinay Kumar Reddy

  1022. Use of Parametric Tools to Generate Evolutionary Design Solutions Responsive to Auditorium Design

    Authors: Dinesh Raghavan E S

  1023. Improvement of the Structural Scheme of Technical and Technological Complex Management

    Authors: Vladimir Gruzin Aigul Tulembayeva; Aidar Berdibekov

  1024. Transformational Leadership, Learning Organization and Employee Empowerment: An Analysis of their Interrelationships and Functional Interdependence in the Automobile Industry

    Authors: Vinita Agrawal; Savita Yadav

  1025. Exploring Elements of Informality in Teams in Petroleum Industry

    Authors: Debasish Mukherjee; Nitin Arora

  1026. The Effect of Probiotics on the Natural Resistance and Quality of Chicken Meat

    Authors: Sergey Yu. Smolentsev Irina I. Strelnikova Leysan F. Yakupova Nikita V. Nikolaev Ali Kh. Volkov

  1027. Stress Strain Analysis of Standard and High Strength Concrete

    Authors: Bittla Sudheer; Jagdish Chand

  1028. Experimental Investigation of Light Weight Brick by Partial Replacement of Clay with Natural Waste Material

    Authors: Sermilirongpipi; Prince Sharma

  1029. Experimental Investigation of Cement and Fine Aggegates being Partially Replaced by Natural Waste Material like Marble Powder and Copper Slag in Concrete

    Authors: E. Chenchebeni Ngullie; Prince Sharma

  1030. Experimental Investigation on Properties of Concrete with Alccofine1203 as Partial Replacement of Cement Subjected to Different Curing Regimes

    Authors: Nista Lama Ghising; Vijay Kumar

  1031. Strength of SCC Incorporating Industrial by Products

    Authors: Kanwarpal Singh; Himanshu Guleria

  1032. Downstream Logistics Performance Mastery in Moroccan Automotive Industry -Inter-Organizational Coordination Mastery Approach

    Authors: Chouaib Elhammouchi; Abdellah Abouabdellah

  1033. Performance Analysis of Boiler Feed Pump

    Authors: Abhishek Kumar Shrikul Shrivastava Prabhat Kumar Mishra; Suryansh Gupta

  1034. An Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Towards Recycling Activity in Kuantan Pahang, Malaysia

    Authors: Mohdarmi Abu Samah Nabila Mat Yusoff Roslizamohd Salim; Mohdkhairulamri Kamarudin

  1035. Preliminary Study on the Natural Frequency of Additively Manufactured Bcc Lattice Structure with Hollow Struts

    Authors: Muhamad Syafwan Azmi; Rainah Ismail

  1036. Intrusion Detection System in A Hybrid Network using Data Mining-Resistance System

    Authors: Hasina A. Razzak. A. Karim Supriya P. Panda; M. V. Ramana Murthy

  1037. Intrusion Detection System in A Hybrid Network using Data Mining-Resistance System

    Authors: Hasina A. Razzak. A. Karim Supriya P. Panda; M. V. Ramana Murthy

  1038. Emission and Performance Characteristics of Compressed Ignition Engine Fueled with Hydrogen and Diesel

    Authors: Y. Dilipkumar; M. Yohan

  1039. Utilization and Cost based Performance Evaluation of Conventional Meta-Heuristic Scheduling Algorithms for Hybrid Cloud Environment

    Authors: Ashutosh Bhatt; Priti Dimri

  1040. Cuckoo-Entropy Algorithm Based Quality Function Deployment for Replacement Analysis

    Authors: P. Venu Archana S. Vasudev Francis Thomas; Noel Joseph Gom

  1041. Capital Budgeting in Hospitals – A Goal Programming Approach

    Authors: Veeresh Malagi Sandeep Kumar K; Harish Babu G A

  1042. Wind Energy Based Portable Power Generation

    Authors: P. Satish Kumar; M. Shiva Chander

  1043. SRF Control Algorithm Based DVR for Mitigation Balanced and Unbalanced Voltage Disturbances

    Authors: S. Vijayalaxmi I. L. B. Sowjanya; Bheemisetti Naga Pavan Kumar

  1044. Сharacterization of Rabbit Meat Productivity in Applying Mineral Additive

    Authors: Sergey Yu. Smolentsev Irina I. Strelnikova Natalia A. Shkaeva Giyosiddin Abdikakhkhorov

  1045. Study on Offshore Sand Use as Part of the Substitution of River Sand and M Sand

    Authors: Neethu S; D Tensing

  1046. Analysis of Community CSR Activities of Tata Chemicals Limited

    Authors: Aarti Chopra

  1047. Epizootology of Some Infectious and Invasive Diseases of Bees in The Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation

    Authors: Sergey Yu. Smolentsev Evgeniya V. Markova Irina N. Matveeva Marina S. Gugkaeva Irina I. Ktsoeva Elena V. Borisenko Elvira I. Shigabutdinova

  1048. Design and Fabrication of Economic Electric Bike with Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite

    Authors: Sasidhar Gurugubelli K. Santarao; Rajiv Aditya Jayanthi

  1049. Applying Flipped-Classroom Teaching Model to Natural Sciences to Improve the Ability of using Information and Communication Technologies for Pedagogical Students

    Authors: Nguyen Mau Duc; Nguyen Thi Ngoc

  1050. Capacity for Developing Training Program of Pedagogical Universities of Vietnam

    Authors: Nguyen Thitinh Ha Thi Kim Linh; Huynh Tan Hoi

  1051. Optimization of TIG Welding Process using Taguchi Method

    Authors: CH. Sivaramakrishna K. Taranikanth Yarrapragada. K.S.S. Rao SCV. Ramanamurtynaidu; Y. Seetha Rama Rao

  1052. Chakras, the Wheels of Life: A New Paradigm for Human Health, Relationship and Disease 

    Authors: C D. Marathe; Jagdish Acharya

  1053. Fresh Fruit Bunch Quality Effects for Oil Loss and Crude Palm Oil Production with Sem Pls Analysis Method

    Authors: Syufrianto Erry Rimawan Gusni Sushanti; Farida Elmi

  1054. Experimental Stress Analysis of Rocket Motor Casing using Elasto-Plastic Strain Theory

    Authors: G. Laxmaiah Dr S Solomon Raj; P V R. Ravindra Reddy

  1055. Application of LIBQUAL+TM Model to Evaluate Library Service Quality at Maharshi Dayanand University and Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak, Haryana

    Authors: Mithu Dey; Satish Kumar

  1056. Optimization and Comparative Study of the Turning Parameters of DCT Tool in the Machining of Commercial Steel

    Authors: S.V. Satya Prasad P. Prasanna Kumari A.V. Pradeep K. Vahini; P. Kiranmayi

  1057. Modelling of Submerged Optical Remote Correspondences with Low Losses

    Authors: Balaji K R.Nithya S. Ganesan N. Nishavithri; S. Sakthivel Murugan

  1058. Influence of Tool Rotational Speed on Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behaviour of Friction Stir Welded Aa 7068-T6 Aluminium Alloy

    Authors: Bindu M. D Tide P. S; Bhasi A. B

  1059. Fea Analysis of Refrigerator Compartment for Optimizing Thermal Efficiency

    Authors: Anubhav Kumar Anup; Dharamveer Singh

  1060. Mach Number of A Shock Wave: Effect of Vacuum Pressure and Diaphragm Thickness

    Authors: Ananya Kapoor Snigdha Mudgal; Nikunj Navinbhai Patel

  1061. Evaluating Impacts of a Six Factor Model on Dic Stock Price: A Case in Trading Sector in Vietnam And Factors Affecting Disclosure of Accounting Information

    Authors: Vu Xuan Thuy Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy Ngo Thuy Dung; Dinh Van Son

  1062. Risk Management and IT Management in Viet Nam Electric Power Industry During and After the Global Crisis 2007-2009

    Authors: Ngo Duc Tien Sylwia Gwoździewicz Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy Do Phuong Thao

  1063. Roles of Shadow Banking, P2P Lending and Solutions for Usury to Reduce Urban-Rural Discrepancies for Vietnam Social Economic Development in Integration ERA

    Authors: Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy Do Hong Nhung Nguyen Quynh Trang Tran Duc Thang

  1064. Experimental Study of Concrete Prepared by the Addition of Human Hair and Coconut Fiber

    Authors: Dipshi Kapoor; Nirbhay Thakur

  1065. Design and Optimization of Innovative Fixture and Gauge for a Landing Gear Stator

    Authors: Aruna Kumara P C D. Venkatesh; Shiva Krishna J

  1066. Sustainability as a Predominant Futuristic Approach of the Product Design

    Authors: Prof Tarek Ismail Mohamed

  1067. Energy and Exergy Analysis of a 3500 MW Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant using Cycle-Tempo

    Authors: Vishnu Rajeev M. Sreekanth M. Feroskhan; Joseph Daniel

  1068. Trust Force and Hole Quality Observation in Various Major Penetration Angle Drilling of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)

    Authors: M.F. Jaafar; Salleh

  1069. Design and Fabrication of Pipe Bending Machine Using Hydraulic System

    Authors: R. Sathish K. Aravinth R. Ashwin Chakravarthy; D. Jagatheeswaran

  1070. Industrial Revolution for Better Living

    Authors: J. Manoj Kumar

  1071. Optimization of Productivity of Seats Using Time Study and Assembly Line Balancing

    Authors: Muddineni Naresh Dhanunjay Kumar Ammisetti CH. Suresh; Pakanati Anil Kumar

  1072. Operative Measures for Mechanical Production after Relaxing the Lockdown in Pandemic Situation

    Authors: J. Chandrasekar

  1073. The Use of Solar Energy in Systems of Heat-Moisture Treatment of Air of Heliogreenhouse

    Authors: Uzakov Gulom Norboevich Aliyarova Lola Abdijabbarovna Davlonov Khayrulla Allamurotovich

  1074. Evaluation of Leverage Impact on the Risk Level of Viet Nam Water Industry

    Authors: Pham Tien Manh; Nguyen Thanh Phuong

  1075. Use of Artificial Intelligence in International Relations: Opportunities and Challenges

    Authors: Priyanka; S.S Bindra

  1076. Simulation of Shrinkage/Voids Formation in Lead Casting and its Experimental Validation

    Authors: Salim Ansari Amitesh Kumar Kamlesh Kumar Singh

  1077. Creation of Forecasting Information System for Delivery of Materials in Organization

    Authors: Vladimir Gruzin; Aidar Berdibekov

  1078. Digital Farming: Making Agriculture Sustainable, Profitable and Attractive for Indian Youth

    Authors: Sanjeev Kumar Sabharwal; Dr Prof Sanjay Mohan Johri

  1079. A Review of Computational Fluid Dynamics Approach for Analysis on Journal Bearing

    Authors: G. Dinesh Reddy L.S.V. Prasad; P.K. Sarma

  1080. Effect of Various Industrial Wastes on Mechanical Properties of Concrete

    Authors: Sachin Thakur; Ankit

  1081. Experimental Assessment of Jute Yarn and Stone Quarry Duston Concrete

    Authors: Rohit Kotla; Vijay Kumar

  1082. Effect of Tool Shapes on MRR and TWR in Die Sink EDM

    Authors: Moshim Gulab Mulla Anshuman Kumar Mukund Kavade; Rohit Ghulanavar

  1083. Challenges to the Utilization of Information and Communication Technology by Entrepreneurs in South-East, Nigeria

    Authors: Okeke Nkechi Mercy Uzoamaka Lucynda Koledoye Justina Ngozi Igwe Ann Ebere

  1084. Compression Ignition Engine Fuelling with Graphene Doped Diesel-Hybride Biodiesel Blend: Performance Analysis

    Authors: Satish L Hulamani Mahesh A Kamoji; Prasad G Hegde

  1085. Effects of Experimental Parameters on the Output Responses for Three-Stage Bevel Helical Gearboxes

    Authors: Tran Thi Hong Vu Luu Anh Tung Nguye Thi Thanh Nga; Vu Ngoc Pi

  1086. Progress of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY): A National Mission for Financial Inclusion in India

    Authors: Bhoirab Jyoti Konch; Chiranjib Hazarika

  1087. The Impact of E- Marketing on the Tourism Sector in Jordan Case Study

    Authors: Atalla Fahed Alserhan

  1088. Dynamic Tensile Response of Caprine Muscles using Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar

    Authors: Somnath H. Kadhane; Hemant N. Warhtakar

  1089. Navigation in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: A Brief Review of Literature

    Authors: Dyna Albert Jones Jayabalan; Muthusekhar

  1090. Sustainability Assessment: A Review of an Integration of Life Cycle Assessment Methodologies–Product, Process and from Companies Perspective

    Authors: Savita Sodhi; Anupam Ghosh

  1091. Reverse Migration: Blessing in Disguise for the Developing States


  1092. Characterization Study for Reducing Corrosion & Fracture Problemof Rail Track by Fabrication of Composite Material

    Authors: Amit Tiwari; Neeraj Kumar

  1093. A Study of Al2O3 Nanoparticle Effect on Lubricant to Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing

    Authors: Tuan-Anh Bui Duc-Do Le Van-Hung Pham Manh-Toan Nguyen; Ngoc-Tam Bui

  1094. Expreimental Study on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Biodegradable Natural Fiber Composites

    Authors: aga Lakshmi Pavani Puvvada; Polarao Ronanki

  1095. Effect of Cloth Winding Techniques for Compressive Strength on Composite Tubular Structure

    Authors: Abhijit Dehury; P.S. Venkatanarayanan

  1096. One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network (1d-Cnn) for Bearing Element Fault Diagnosis

    Authors: Yaser Ali Almatheel Jiang Hongkai Abu Bakar Alam; Mudassar Rehman

  1097. Customers Cognizance Factors Influencing Purchasing Decision of Designated Dairy Products

    Authors: S. Senthilkumar Sudhakar Kota K. Srividya A. Radhika; B.Jayalakshmi

  1098. Optimizing Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cast AISI-H11 Hot Work Tool Steel by Alloying with Niobium and Boron

    Authors: W. Elghazaly; R. Rashad


    Authors: Gomes Rodrigo F.S Antunes JR. J.A.V.; Lacerda Daniel. P

  1100. Development of Lightning Drotection Design using Methods Quality Control Circle (QCC) in the Coal Mining Industry

    Authors: Silvester Eka Jemali Erry Rimawan; Antonius Setyadi

  1101. A Comparative Study of Life Skill Education Awareness of Adolescent Students Between Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS) Students and the Students of Balasore District of Odisha

    Authors: Life Skill Education; Adolescent Students

  1102. Testing and Analysis of Recycled Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

    Authors: Akash Lagad TusharPawar ChaitanyaBarai; Adwait Ghanawat

  1103. Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm for Solving Optimization Problems

    Authors: D T. Muhamediyeva

  1104. Fluidity Change by Hydroxyl-Carboxyl Group Interaction with Asphaltenes in Heavy Crude Oil

    Authors: J.F. Perez-Sanchez E.J. Suarez-Domínguez A. Palacio-Perez A. Rodriguez-Valdes; E. Izquierdo-Kulich

  1105. Blow-Up Problem in Nonlinear Parabolic Equations

    Authors: Nurumova A.Yu

  1106. Effect of Welding Current and Electrodes on Weld Width in Shielded Metal Arc Welding Process

    Authors: Ajit Kumar Yadav Manoj Kumar Agrawal; Rudra Pratap Singh

  1107. Load Balancing in Software-Defined Networks using Adaptive Generic Master and Slave Architecture

    Authors: Akriti Jaswal; Sandeep Kang

  1108. Design and Analysis of a Disk with Titanium Alloy and Finding out Crack Propagation in Ansys Workbench

    Authors: Ch. Nithin Chakravarthy S. Sathees Kumar; R. Muthalagu

  1109. Developing Sustainable Urban-Rural Housing System: Formulating Implementation Framework sing Block Diagram And Heuristic Algorithm System

    Authors: Amusan M. Lekan Clinton Aigbavboa Aremu J. Adekunle; Adediran C. Ayodele

  1110. Influence on Mechanical Properties of Concrete using Stone Quarry Dust and PET Fiber

    Authors: Rahul; Nitin Verma

  1111. Emission Reduction in DI Diesel Engine using Various Selective Catalytic Reduction

    Authors: B. Jothi Thirumal R. Senthilkumar; K. Murugan

  1112. Six Sigma Application in Ketchup Industry for Damaged Glass Bottles: A Case Study

    Authors: Yatharth Sharma Sarmad Hassan; Rajat Kumar

  1113. Analysis on Vibration Signal Analysis Techniques used in Diagnosis of Faults in Rotating Machinery

    Authors: Prashant H. Jain; Santosh P. Bhosle

  1114. Skills Gap Identification of RAC Tvet-Based Curriculum among Practitioners

    Authors: Eugenio Ermac Mateo Alin JR. Nolasco Malabago Amelia Girly Aranas; Roberto Suson

  1115. The Effective Role of Graphic Recording in the Sustainable Informatics Development

    Authors: Maged Kamal Al-Din Muhammad

  1116. Key Technologies for the Formation of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

    Authors: Rustamova Rano Parpievna; Ohunov Ravshan Zafarovich

  1117. Use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Order to Increase the Intelligence Capabilities of Divisions

    Authors: Daulet Toibazarov Kuandyk Akshulakov Sandybek Tynybayev Yerlan Kairov; Dauren Kassenov

  1118. Process Approach to the Creation of a Domestic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Tactical Management

    Authors: Gani Baiseitov Kuandyk Akshulakov Maxet Arapov Niyaz Belgibekov; Dauren Kassenov

  1119. Emotional Intelligence Sword of Women Entrepreneur: in India

    Authors: Pratima Daipuria; Somya Jain

  1120. Controlling and Optimization of Machining Performance Parameters for WEDM Process by using Fuzzy Logic Control System

    Authors: Maha M. A. Lashin Ahmed M. Hewidy; Ghada Naif Alnemer

  1121. Impact of Balanced Time Management on Empowerment of Women Micro Entrepreneurs of Kudumbashree

    Authors: Latha. P; Rincy. V.Mathew

  1122. Strong Column Weak Beam Concept by Analysing RCC MRF Frame by Non-Linear Static Procedure

    Authors: Santosh Kumar; Nirbhay Thakur

  1123. Treatment of Tannery Effluvium by using Radiant-Fenton Oxidation Reactor

    Authors: Sampathkumar. V Jothi Lakshmi. N Manoj. S Gowrishankar. K S Ajith Kumar. D Ashokvaradhan. R; Chandru. K

  1124. Demographic Implications on Employee Commitment: An Empirical Study on it Employees

    Authors: Feleen Christy; Venkatesh. S

  1125. Planning Participatory Communication Interventions for Sustaining Women’s Collectives (Shgs): Field Evidence from India

    Authors: Mili Sharma; Sanjay Mohan Johri

  1126. An Approach to Self-Shielding Systems of Radiotherapy

    Authors: Rana Jamal Abd Elrahim Hourani

  1127. Reflection of Ethnic Voice in the Fictional World of Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi: A Critical Study of Thongchi’s Selective Novels

    Authors: Rima Rani Nath

  1128. Measuring Extent of Reliability of Deadly Covid - 2019 Using Goel-Okumoto SRGM

    Authors: Viresh Sharma; Divya Dhyani

  1129. Ameloblastoma by Hemimandibulectomy and Plate Reconstruction: In a Young Child: A Rare-Entity

    Authors: Abdul Rachman Saragih

  1130. Does Assistive Technology Help Children Having Disabilities in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region: A literature Review

    Authors: Amal. I. Khalil; Nusrath Yasmeen

  1131. Localized Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis in A Young Adult: A Case Report

    Authors: Abdul Rachman Saragih; M. Arfiza Putra

  1132. Experimental Study of Concrete Prepared by Eggshell Powder and Copper Slag

    Authors: Nipun Bhardwaj; Rajeev Kumar

  1133. A Systemic Approach to the Growth of Knowledge Driven Economy

    Authors: Q.C. Kanhukamwe P. B. Sharma Sanjeev Sharma; S. K. Garg

  1134. Design of Square Patch Antenna for Ka Band

    Authors: V. Chinnammal; P. Jothilakshmi

  1135. Effect of the Dry Season on Growth, Production of Seaweed Kappaphycus alvarezii in Tesabela Waters, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

    Authors: Marcelien D Ratoe Oedjoe Yulianus Linggi; Ridwan Tobuku

  1136. Mechanical Strength Characteristics of Bio Concrete with Two Different Bacteria

    Authors: Ritesh Kumar; Aditya Tiwari

  1137. Exploring Character Complexities and Storytelling Style of Amazon Prime’s Web Series Made in Heaven: Depiction of Cultural and Social Stigmas through Big Fat Indian Weddings

    Authors: Shivanshu Pathak; Alishah Syedain

  1138. Modeling and Analysis of Modified Piston with Different Heated Barrier Coating using Ansys

    Authors: R. Rajesh Dr .C. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy; B. Durga Prasad

  1139. Effect of Swirl Velocity on the Formation of Mixture and Combustion in a Four Stroke Diesel Engine

    Authors: V. V. Naga Deepthi; K. Govinda Rajulu

  1140. Gear Fault Diagnosis Based on Adaptive Time-Frequency Feature Extraction and Bsa-Svm Method

    Authors: Long Hoang Vantrong Thai; Tuanlinh Nguyen

  1141. Performance Evaluation of a Four Stroke Diesel Engine with Cotton Seed, Jatropha and Karanja Biodiesel Blends

    Authors: V. Naga Prasad Naidu

  1142. Simulation of a Class of Parabolic Systems of Quasilinear Reaction Diffusion Equations with Double Nonlinearity

    Authors: D. K. Muhamediyev

  1143. Enhancing Reading and Writing Skills among Students Through TBLT Method

    Authors: Anup Denzil Veigas; Dr David Wilson

  1144. Summing Through Triangle

    Authors: R. Sivaraman

  1145. Jute Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites: A Comprehensive Review

    Authors: M S. Rabbi Tansirul Islam; M M K. Bhuiya

  1146. Voltage Disturbances Mitigation using PSO based DVR Controller in Simplified ‘ABC’ Frame in Distribution Systems

    Authors: S. Vijaya Laxmi; G. Jaya Laxmi

  1147. Improving the Training of the Mobilization Reserve and Military-Patriotic Education in Military Departments at Civil Universities

    Authors: Zufar Burnayev; Aydin Ryskulbekov

  1148. Relationship between Inflation and Economic Growth

    Authors: Tamma Koti Reddy; Dr Irs Sarma

  1149. Effect of Dry Relaxation on Lengthwise Measurement Deviation of Polyester/Spandex Plated Knitted Tubes after Dyeing

    Authors: Rameesh Lakshan Bulathsinghala

  1150. Supply of Troops with Weapons, Equipment and Material and Technical Means: Problems, Trends of Changes, Prospects

    Authors: Aidar Berdibekov; Amanzhol Razbekov

  1151. Ansys Analysis of Vortex Enhanced Laminar Flow Mixing of Different Fluids

    Authors: Subhasmita Padhi; Vinal G Virani

  1152. Transient Analysis and Optimization of Annular Elliptical Fins with Mixed Boundary Condition

    Authors: Nagendrababu Mahapatruni Swathi Boosala; Srikanth Satish Kumar Darapu

  1153. Effect of Magnus Force on Spin Stabilized Missile in Normal Crosswind Conditions

    Authors: Manikandan S; Amit Kumar Thakur

  1154. Ath as a Filler of Vinylester Resin

    Authors: Deswan; Djoko Setyanto

  1155. The Quality of Meat and Eggs of Laying Hens When Adding Succinic Acid Drug to the Diet

    Authors: Sergey Yu. Smolentsev Irina I. Strelnikova Alisya R. Gabdrakhmanova Alinya R. Nurgalieva Elmira M

  1156. A Descriptive Analysis on Cyber Crimes: Types & Preventions in Financial Transactions

    Authors: Afreen Sulthana; N. Subramanyam

  1157. The Device for Determining the Achievement of the Target-Missile of the Required Level of Flight Altitude

    Authors: Marat Meyerbekov Kuandyk Zakariya Karassay Kurmanseitov; Adilbek Bekmagambetov

  1158. Blending of Polystyrene and Low Density Polythene to Enhance the Physical Properties by using Compatibilizer-Styrene Ethylene/Butylene Styrene

    Authors: B. Rajam

  1159. Effect of Al2o3 Nanoparticle on Rheologicalproperties of Oil


  1160. A (2x1) Array Antenna Design for 24 GHZ Application

    Authors: V.Chinnammal; P.Jothilakshmi

  1161. Evaluation of Quality of Cow’s Milk when using Immunostimulatory Preparations

    Authors: Sergey Yu. Smolentsev Irina I. Strelnikova Ellada K. Papunidi Galiya R. Yusupova Leisyan

  1162. Self Esteem and its Relationship To Life Satisfaction and Emotional Intelligence: An Exploratory Study Amongst Secondary

    Authors: Amit Kumar; Dayal Sandhu

  1163. Experimental Investigation on Metallurgical Characteristics and Surface Roughness of Inconel 825 using Micro Electrical Discharge Machining with Cryogenically Treated Brass Electrode

    Authors: N. Sulakshna; V. Chittaranjan Das

  1164. The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Purchase Intention and Brand Loyalty in the E-Commerce Industry

    Authors: Dewi Cherlia Brightokta; Novelia Refinda

  1165. Manufacturing and Testing of Composite Rod for Replacement of Mild Steel for Construction Purpose

    Authors: Varimadugu Sandhya; Jyothirmayi Narn

  1166. The Control System of a Promising Domestic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle of the Tactical Management Level

    Authors: Ulan Assylbekov Gani Baiseitov Aleksey Boiko Arman Temirbekuly; Adilet Orazkanov

  1167. Solving the Problem of Aircraft Safety during Combat Shooting by Air Defense Means

    Authors: Marat Meyerbekov Kuandyk Zakariya Karassay Kurmanseitov; Adilbek Bekmagambetov

  1168. Modern Trends in Military and Economic Policy in the Context of Regional Security

    Authors: Aigul Tulembayeva Gani Lessov Amanzhol Razbekov; Alexey Semchenko

  1169. The Art of Teaching Morals through the Short Stories with Reference to Ruskin Bond’s Select Short Stories

    Authors: Revathy. M; Aruna Arputhamalar. P

  1170. Improving Mechanisms for Ensuring the State's Defense and Security with Modern Equipment and Special Equipment based on Economic Pragmatism

    Authors: Aigul Tulembayeva Sharipkhanov Syrym Berdibekov; Kusainov Arman

  1171. Formalization of Quality Improving Task for Goods of Customs Control

    Authors: Jonibek Usmonov; Ziyoda Pulatova

  1172. Efficacy of Ragatherapy in Enhancing Well-Being

    Authors: Jyotiluxmi Tripathi; Seema Singh

  1173. Tensile Behavior of Laser Beam Welded (Lbw) Similar and Dissimilar Metals

    Authors: Gaurav. S Ganesan .C; Asokan. R

  1174. Loneliness and Isolation in Men without Women by Haruki Murakami

    Authors: Varnika Raizada; Tanu Kashyap

  1175. The Role of Oxygen/Nitrogen Bubbles in Flotation Deinking using a Commercial Surfactant and the Fatty Acid of MorindaCitrifolia L

    Authors: Trismawati Trismawati Darono Wikanaji Muji Setiyo Catur Harsito Aditya Rio Prabowo; Zainal Arifin

  1176. Experimental Investigation on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled with Various Blends of Water Melon Biodiesel

    Authors: R. Rajasekar; P. Naveenchandran

  1177. Folk Art and Nationalism in the 20th Century India

    Authors: Ritesh Ranjan

  1178. Effect of Different Tempering Temperatures on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Martensitic Stainless Steel

    Authors: Rajendra. P Pradeep Kumar. K V Sunithbabu. L

  1179. Measurement Correction of Two-Dimensional Wind Tunnel with Porous Walls using Singularity Method

    Authors: Taha Ahmed Abdullah; Mohammed Saleh Mohammed

  1180. Design and Fabrication of a Passive Evaporative Cooling System for Cooling Solar Photo-Voltaic Panel Cooling used in Domestic Applications

    Authors: Karthikeyan. S R. Rajaraman Khishen. R; Gagan Prakash. K

  1181. Design and Implementation of Mini Saudi Arduino CNC

    Authors: Abdulrhman A. Menbet Abdulazizalgahtani Ayman A. Aly

  1182. Smart Hybrid Energy Meter and Utilization

    Authors: Supriya Kurlekar Prafull Patil; Chetan Sadalge

  1183. Emerging Tendencies in Fintech

    Authors: D. Umarani; N.Subrahmanyam

  1184. Fabrication of Pedal Operated Lake Garbage Collector

    Authors: R.B. Choudary B. Ajayaram V.C. Sekhar; K. Manikanta

  1185. Efficiency of Hybrid Power Stations and Factors Affect the Efficiency

    Authors: Ahmed KH A. E. Alkhezim

  1186. Finite Element Analysis of Banana Fiber Reinforced Composites for Tensile Properties

    Authors: V.S. Jagadale S.N. Padhi; R.C. Mohanty

  1187. Investigation of Natural Frequencies of Composite Shaft using FFT and Numerical Method

    Authors: V.S. Jagadale S.N. Padhi; R.C. Mohanty

  1188. Optimization of Material Removal Rate in EDM Of D2 Steel by Taguchi Method

    Authors: S.D. Mohanty S.S. Mahapatra R.C. Mohanty; J. Mohapatra

  1189. Grinding, Sieve Shacking and Evolving a Material From Shells of Crabs used for Light Weight Bio Medical Applications

    Authors: K.S. Raghuram S.N. Padhi R.C. Mohanty; K. Suresh

  1190. Experimental Approach to Optimize the Fiber Volume Fraction and Orientation for Reinforced Banana Composites

    Authors: V.S. Jagadale S.N. Padhi; R.C. Mohanty

  1191. Power Generation Development based on Solar Potential at Urban and Rural Regions Selected Locations in Pakistan

    Authors: Muhammad Abid Khan Nuri Kayansayan; Abdelrahman Saber Nasser Mohanmed Ragab

  1192. Optimization of Injection Pressure and Compression Ratio of Vcr Ci Engine Fueled with Waste Plastic Oil Blended with Diesel

    Authors: Srinivas Kommana P. Gopinadh Chowdary; A. H. R. Madhuri

  1193. Trustworthiness of Stockpile Encourages Sales and Customer Loyalty

    Authors: Silbert Jose S. V Varly Luthra; Madhusudhanan. R

  1194. Performance Analysis of Vcr System using Tio 2 Nano Particles in Lubricant

    Authors: M. Naga Swapna Sri Anusha Peyyala N. V. V. S. Sudheer; K. Srividya

  1195. Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN Applications

    Authors: V. Chinnammal; A. Balaji

  1196. Mechanical Behaviour of Zn and Cu Reinforcement in Al-Sic Composite

    Authors: Abid Ali G. Durga Prasad B. Raghu Kumar; K. Ravi Prakash Babu

  1197. A Review: Botanical Pesticide an Ecofriendly Approach

    Authors: R. Naseema K. Gilbert Ross Rex R.S. David Paul Raj; N. Prabhu

  1198. Three Dimensional Stress-Strain Analysis of a Typical Gas Turbine Blade using Finite Element Method

    Authors: Sayel M. Fayyad

  1199. Experimental Study of Concrete Prepared by Eggshell Powder and Copper Slag

    Authors: Nipun Bhardwaj; Rajeev Kumar

  1200. IoT based Automating the Irrigation System

    Authors: M. Zahir Ahmed Shaik. Abdul Muneer Mohammed Waaiz; N. Uma Maheswara Redd

  1201. Optimal Utilization of Construction Resources for Efficient Project

    Authors: Rafiullah Amiri; Sandeep Salhotra

  1202. Countering Digital Crime in the Economy and its Legal Support

    Authors: Nguyen Huy Binh

  1203. Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beam under High Temperature using Finite Element Analysis

    Authors: N. Parthasarathi; K.S. Satyanarayanan

  1204. Prevention and Rehabilitation of Hamstring Injury in Football Players

    Authors: Harilal; Anusha Bhaskar

  1205. The Prevalence of Hamstring Tightness among the Football Players

    Authors: Harilal; Anusha Bhaskar

  1206. Numerical Study of Mhd Flow and Heat Transfer Over an Exponentially Permeable Stretching Surface of a Casson Fluid

    Authors: Hymavathi Talla

  1207. Compatibility of a Diesel Engine for Jatropha and Tamarind Seed Oil Mixed Biofuel and its Impact on Environment

    Authors: Radha Krishna Gopidesi Rajavarapu Rambabu Chunchu Balarama Krishna Yemineni Siva Sankara Rao; S. Srikanth Reddy Premkartikkumar Sr

  1208. Mechanical Properties Analysis of Treated and Un Treated Natural Filler Reinforced Epoxy Composite

    Authors: S. A. Abdul Sukkur; K. R. Vijayakumar

  1209. Pretreatment of Oil Produced Water Using Low Cost Adsorbents

    Authors: Omar Hamyar Al-Abri Nageswara Rao Lakkimsetty; Feroz Shaik

  1210. Problems of Earthen Products in Present Market: A Study of Bengal Pottery

    Authors: Kandarpa Kanti Hazra; Arup Barman

  1211. Quality Improvement of Shaped Metal Deposited components Using Non-Traditional Techniques: A Review

    Authors: Adnan A. Ugla Dhuha J. Kamil; Hassan J. Khaudair

  1212. Topological Optimization of Hollow Fiber Membranes to Enhance Hemodialyzer Efficiency

    Authors: Amareswara Prasad Chunduru

  1213. Essential & Inevitable Changes Teaching-Learning Processes Intechnical Education System

    Authors: Vismay K G Gururaja S Arun C Dixit U Shivashankar R S A Mohan Krishna; Reshma V

  1214. Cause, Effect and Minimizing Method of Construction Projects Delays in Outskirt Areas Afghanistan

    Authors: Hekmatullah rahimi; Gagandeep

  1215. Acceptance of Various Welding Techniques for Dissimilar Metals

    Authors: Syed Aqib Ali; Ravindra Kumar

  1216. Integrated Vision Guidance Systemand android Application to Two-Wheel Balancing Robot for Automatic Warehouse Application

    Authors: Anan Suebsomran Chanakarn Klavohm Thanakan Maliakrong; Nuchchada Witayaree

  1217. The Impact of External Knowledge, Internal Innovation and R&D on the Performance of Open Innovation in an Organization: Empirical Evidence from Indonesian SMES

    Authors: Yunita Wijaya Handranata; Firdaus Alamsjah

  1218. Enhancing Learning Outcomes of Science Undergraduates: the Brainstorming Technique Paradigm

    Authors: Olu-Ajayi Funmilayo Elizabeth

  1219. Government Response to Contain the Outbreak of Covid-19 with Special Reference to Public Transportation System in India

    Authors: Prakashkumar Hasmukhbhai Patel Niharika Shah Kunjal Sinha; Hetal Thakar

  1220. Appraisal of Storm Water Runoff In Industrial Area-Autonagar Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Authors: Srikonda Ramesh Rns Murthy; Monogna Sai

  1221. Vietnamese Youth and the Standards of Family and Social Success

    Authors: Nguyen Thitinh Kieuthi Thu Chung Huynh Tan Hoi; Dongthi Thao Nguyen

  1222. The Effects of Stress Concentration Factor on Metallic Rack-Pinion Drive

    Authors: Nazieh Hasan

  1223. Aerodynamic Design and Analysis of a Transonic Axial Flow Compressor Stage

    Authors: Nilesh P Salunke

  1224. Optimization of High Pressure Ratio Compressor Blade Section

    Authors: Nilesh P. Salunke; S. A Channiwala

  1225. Transformation in Education and Importance of E-Learning Post Covid-19

    Authors: Deepak Chakravarty; Mahima Gupta

  1226. The Use of Virtual Mechatronics in Teaching Court Decision Annotation during the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Authors: Usep Saepullah

  1227. The Inception of Blockchain Technology in Agriculture and its Contribution to Economic Reform of the Agricultural Sector

    Authors: T. Jemima Jebaseeli K. Ramalakshmi; R. Venkatesan

  1228. Herzberg’s Two Factor Motivation Theory as Revealed by National Government Agencies in Tawi-Tawi

    Authors: Edward R. Lee

  1229. Infill Development and its Attendant Consequences on Neighbourhood Property Value: Evidence from Gwarinpa, Abuja, Nigeria

    Authors: Nkolika J. Peter Tosin B. Fateye Hilary I. Okagbue Godson Abonta; Abayomi S. Ibisola

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    Authors: Ammaiappan. M Muthaiyan. P M. Uma Maguesvari; K. Natarajan

  1231. A Study on Managers Perception about Training and Development in Manufacturing Inudstries with Reference to Chittoor District

    Authors: C. Rajanikanth; C. Jyothsna

  1232. Cultural Indicators of Male Hegemony and Managerial System of Mass Mediaas Constraint to Gender Balance and Development

    Authors: Oluyemo Catherine Ajoke; Oluforijimi A. Badej

  1233. Virtualizing Document Algorithms using Predictive Semantic Data

    Authors: Muhammad Usman Tariq

  1234. Relative Difference in the Personality Traits of the Children of Working Mothers and Home Makers

    Authors: Mrs . Dora Thompson; Monica R Seth

  1235. Precise Control of Small Satellites in Close Clusters using Simplified Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

    Authors: Ajay Gautam

  1236. Improving Service Quality of Smart Banking using Quality Management Methods in Uae

    Authors: Fatima Abdulazi Alhosani; Muhammad Usman Tariq

  1237. Improving Registration Process and Service Quality in Dental Care Department in a Uae Hospital using Lean Six Sigma Methodology

    Authors: Amal Obaid Al-Shamsi; Muhammad Usman Tariq

  1238. Numerical Simulation of Reacting and Non-Reacting Flow in Solid Fuel Scramjet Engine Combustor

    Authors: Ritul. V. Ambetkar; Yash Pal

  1239. Experimental Study on Characteristics of Direct Injection Compressed Ignition Engine using Waste Plastic Oil and Biodiesel Blends

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  1240. Studies on Parameters Affecting Low-Velocity Impact of Composite Materials

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  1241. Optimization of Axial Flow Compressor Blades Using Genetic Algorithm and Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Authors: Nilesh P Salunke; S. A. Channiwala

  1242. The Development of Supra – Professional Competence of Students of Technical Universities as Competencies of the Future

    Authors: Irina Alekseevna pogrebnaya; Svetlana Viktorovna Mikhailova

  1243. The Ethnic Greek Minority Newspapers in Albania during World War II (1939-1945)

    Authors: Manjola Sulaj; Olieta Polo

  1244. An Investigation on Structural Performance of Tall Building Embedded with Core & Outrigger System

    Authors: Atul S. Kurzekar Vivek. D. Jayale Sagar. W. Dhengare; Jayant. M. Raut

  1245. Oscillation and Nonoscillation Theorems for a Class of Fourth Order Quasilinear Generalized α-Difference Equations

    Authors: V. Srimanju; S K. Khadar Babu

  1246. Growth and Yield of High Protein Corn (Zea Mays L.) as Influenced by Plant Spacing and NPK Levels

    Authors: Arnold V. Damaso

  1247. FDI Performance to Explore the Growth of the Indian Economy

    Authors: R. Lavanya Kumari

  1248. Design and Implementation of an Automated Speech Recognition based Transport Enquiry System

    Authors: Sundeep V V S Akella Hemanth. D Kakarla Ajay Kumar Reddy CH. Vijayendra Sai; Prashant R Nair

  1249. Application of Finslerian Spaces in Electromagnetism and Solid Mechanics

    Authors: Pooja Swaroop Saxena

  1250. An Experimental Investigation on Mechanical and Durability Aspect due to Partial Substitution of Cement with Nano-Particles

    Authors: Sneha Kumari Bejay Yadav; Showmen Saha

  1251. A Study on the Impact of Reverse Culture Shock among NRI Student Repatriates

    Authors: Vinod Kumar Ammu Suresh Amrita Lakshmi Prakash Anjana Pankajakshan Pillai; Krishna Ashok

  1252. A View on Gender Discrimination and Women's Development in India

    Authors: A. Nafeesa Begum; G. Brindha

  1253. Tax Evasion and Modelling

    Authors: Le Trung Kien

  1254. Self- Directed Learning Through Youtube: Challenges, Opportunities, and Trends in the United Arab Emirates

    Authors: Muhammad Usman Tariq Shahzia Khan; Zehra C. Araci

  1255. Performance Study of A Ci Engine Fuelled with Kerosene and Raw Cardanol Blends

    Authors: Ravindra M. Aruna Harsha Vardhan; Dilip Kumar K

  1256. Foremost Influential Factors of Female Employee Retention Strategies In Chennai It Industry

    Authors: A. Nafeesa Begum; G. Brindha

  1257. A Study on Optimization of Centerless Grinding 3h13 Steel

    Authors: Nguyen Hong Son; Do Duc Trung

  1258. Experimental Investigations on Material Removal Rate and Surface Roughness in Turning of En 8 Steel

    Authors: CH. Lakshmi Srinivas P. Umamaheswarrao T. Srinag; M. Chandra Sekhar

  1259. Experimental Investigation on Effect of Nano Lubrication in a VCR System using R410a Refrigerant with Al 2 O 3 Nano Particles

    Authors: Anusha Peyyala M. Naga Swapna Sri N.V.V.S. Sudheer; K. CH. Kishor Kumar

  1260. Design and Manufacture of Thermoplastic Hub Nut

    Authors: N. Someswara Rao R. Nagarjuna M. Balaji; M. Rajyalakshmi

  1261. Design and Fabrication of Automatic Seed Sowing Robotic Vehicle

    Authors: G. Vijay Kumar; M. V. Ramesh

  1262. Reused Sunflower Oil as Dielectric Fluid for Electric Discharge Machining Process

    Authors: M. Dastagiri P. Srinivasa Rao Ippli Harish Santosh Patro

  1263. Electrical Power Generation by using Waste Heat from IC Engine

    Authors: K. Chandrasekhar B. Sudheerpremkumar; D. Elayaraja

  1264. Risk Assessment of Viet Nam Telecommunication Industry under Financial Leverage and Role of New ICT and Cybersecurity at the Sector Challenges

    Authors: Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy Nguyen Thu Thuy Nguyen Thuy Dung Sylwia Gwoździewicz; Nguyen Duy Mau

  1265. New Trends in Technology Application in Education and Capacities of Universities Lecturers during the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Authors: Dongthi Thao Nguyen; Kieuthi Thu Chung

  1266. Keeping Forest Green for Tourism Development in Vietnam

    Authors: Nguyen Tan Danh

  1267. Enhancing Tool Life and Surface Finish by Supplying Cool Air in Dry Machining of MS and AISI-202

    Authors: K. Mohan P. Snehalatha P. Aravinda Keerthi; P. Vindhya

  1268. Repercussion of Neem Oil & Palm Oil Biodiesel Blends (B5 & B10) and Diethyl Ether & 1-Butanol with Palm Oil Biodiesel Blends on Performance of a Unmodified Diesel Engine

    Authors: Abhishek Samanta; Prokash C. Roy

  1269. Green Energy – Utilization and Barriers of Solar and Hydro Power Technologies

    Authors: Snehita Kilari P. Anantha Lakshmi; Pallavi Uppala

  1270. Impact of Nozzle Hole Number on Combustion, Performance and Emission in a Diesel Engine, Fueled with Diesel Like Fuel Produced from Waste Engine Oil

    Authors: K. Veeranjaneyulu

  1271. Detection of Nature of the Fabricated Material by Upset Forging: An Experimental and Simulation Study

    Authors: CH. L. Aslesha U.S. Ramakanth; Rajaratna Kumar. V

  1272. Possibilities of Treatment of HIV/AIDS and Other Sexual Diseases using Phytotherapy

    Authors: Ramiza Idrizovic Brankica Dupanovic Milan Jovanovic Milena Djurovic; Bogdanka Andric

  1273. The Suggestion of Limited Corporate Governance Standards in Nigeria and South Africa-Implications for Management and Governance in Developing Countries

    Authors: Pham Van Tuan; Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy

  1274. Smart Gestro: A Computer Vision based Gesture Controlled Device

    Authors: R. Mouleeshuwarapprabu T. Kalavathi Devi S. Niviyadharshini K.M. Sathish T. Sudharsan; M. Yashar Arafath

  1275. Remineralization of Enamel Surface in Situ by Nano-Chitosan Hydroxyapatite

    Authors: Batubara Fy Trimurni Abidin; Harry Agusnar

  1276. Interleukin-6 in Saliva & GCF Level after SRP in Chronic Periodontitis with & without Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Darius Pranajaya Ongko Irma Ervina Santi Syafril Ameta Primasari Aini Hariyani Nasution; Rini Octavia Nasution

  1277. Interleukin-6 Levels and Clinical Parameters in Chronic Periodontitis Patients with and without Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Jevin Febry Tandian Irma Ervina Dharma Lindarto Ameta Primasari; Aini H. Nasution

  1278. The Application of Reliability Methods for Helicopter Aircraft Periodic Major Overhaul Inspection

    Authors: Hesham A. Al-Momani Osamaalmeanazel Morad Etier; Mutaz O. Faouri

  1279. Food Security to the People in the State of Goa through Public Distribution System Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic: An Empirical Study

    Authors: Anthony Sathish; Narendra B. Gaonka

  1280. Business Management Via Measuring How Much Corporate Tax Affect Risk in Viet Nam Airlines and Tourism Industry

    Authors: Duong Thi Hong Nhung Pham Minh Dat Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy; Do Minh Phuong

  1281. A Survey on Various Communication Applications

    Authors: Babita Bhagat Srijita Bhattacharjee; Sushila Ratre

  1282. A Study of Social Skills of Special Children

    Authors: Aparna Mathur; S.K. Mahto

  1283. A Study of Attributes of Children with Learning Disabilities

    Authors: Aparna Mathur; S.K. Mahto

  1284. The Utilization of Google Classroom in the Learning Procedure and Implement in Yemen

    Authors: Ali A. AL-Bakhrani Abdulnaser A. Hagar Husam H. Abdulmughni Ahmed A. Hamoud Bharti W. Gawali Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh Ramesh Manza Manasi Baheti; Sunil Nimbhore

  1285. Performance of Cement Mix Plus and Styrene Butadiene Rubber Polymers in slag Based Concrete

    Authors: K. Naga Rajesh P. Markandaya Raju Kapileswar Mishra; P. Srinivasa Rao

  1286. Parametric Optimization of Machining Parameters by using Annealed Copper Wire Electrode on Wire Electric Discharge Machining

    Authors: I. Harish Santosh Patro; P Srinivasa Rao

  1287. Parametric Optimization of Machining Parameters by using Brass Wire Electrode on Wire Electric Discharge Machining

    Authors: I. Harish Santosh Patro; P. Srinivasa Rao

  1288. Parametric Optimization of Machining Parameters by using Coated Copper Wire Electrode on Wire Electric Discharge Machining

    Authors: I. Harish Santosh Patro; P Srinivasa Rao

  1289. Global Pandemics that Shook the World: What Sets Apart the COVID-19 Experience?

    Authors: Abhijeet Nandy

  1290. Management, IT Security and Risk Management Issues in Viet Nam Tourism Industry

    Authors: Pham Minh Dat Duong Thi Hong Nhung Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy Do Thi Thu Huyen Nguyen Duy Mau

  1291. Modelling and Fabrication of Microcontroller based Speed Control System in Hydro Turbine

    Authors: E. Kavitha Ismail Kakaravada; M. R. S. Satyanarayana

  1292. Fabrication of Al Alloy Composite Reinforced with Silicon Carbide and Graphite through Stir Casting Process and Wear Analysis

    Authors: K. Srividya CH. Mohan Sumanth J. Surendra; V. Sankararao

  1293. Dynamic Analysis of Coaxial Rotor Systems

    Authors: Vivek Singh Abhishek Kanani Nisargkumar Panchal; Hans Mathur

  1294. Surface Modifications and Properties for Caryota Urens Cellulose Fibers Reinforced Polymer Composites

    Authors: CH. Venkata Prasad K L. Narayana; V V. Subba Rao

  1295. Radiation and Hall Current Effects on MHD Flow

    Authors: K. Ramaprasasd; CH. Baby Rani

  1296. Performance Analysis of Diesel Engine with Waste Cooking Oil and SC5D Additive

    Authors: P. Vindhya P. Aravinda Keerthi P. Snehalatha; K. Moha

  1297. Experimental Investigation of Dual Biodiesel by using VCR Engine

    Authors: Muthuluru Rajesh Y.V. HanumanthaRao P.S. Srinivas; Srinivas Prasad Sanaka

  1298. Combination of Regenerative Procedure and Endodontic Treatment in Endo-Perio Lesion: A Case Report

    Authors: Wilson Armia Syahputra Dwi Pusparani; Trimurni Abidin

  1299. Modified Impression Technique to Overcome Flabby Anterior Maxillary Ridge and Severe Residual Mandibular Ridge Resorption - A Case Report

    Authors: Wennie Fransisca Ismet Danial Nasution; Ricca Chairunnisa

  1300. An Experimental Investigation of R12 and R134a Refrigerants in a Two - Phase Ejector Expansion Refrigeration

    Authors: K. Simhadri P. Srinivasa Rao; M K. Paswan

  1301. Reflection on Spatial Visualization for Enhanced Learning – A Comprehensive Review

    Authors: P. Srinivasa Rao G V S S. Sharma; B. Surendra Babu

  1302. Influence of Transverse Vibrations on the Fatigue Life of Aluminum Alloy Weld Connections

    Authors: M Vykunta Rao P. Srinivasa Rao; Potnuru Govinda Rao

  1303. Influence of Flexural Strength on Welded Joints under the Effect of Electrode Vibratory Welding Process

    Authors: Bade Venkata Suresh P.Srinivasa Rao Potnuru Govinda Rao

  1304. Analysis of CVT as Transmission in Bev & HEV

    Authors: Adhirath Mandal; Haengmuk Cho

  1305. Parents’ Perception towards Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) at Secondary Schools of Lakhimpur District of Assam

    Authors: Mithun Mondal

  1306. Impact of Money Supply and Inflation on Stocks of Nifty 50 Listed Companies: An Analysis of Granger Causality

    Authors: Himadri Srivastava Amit Kumar Mishra; Satyendra Pratap Singh

  1307. Analysis of Production Scheduling Initiatives in the Manufacturing Systems

    Authors: Sunday A. Afolalu Omolayo M. Ikumapayi Samson O. Ongbali Samuel O. Afolabi

  1308. Potentiodynamic Polarization and Mathematical Modelling Study of Corrosion Resistance Properties of Zinc Galvanized Roofing Sheet In 0.5m Hcl

    Authors: R. E. Elewa S.A. Afolalu O.S.I. Fayomi; O. Agboola

  1309. Control of Exhaust Emissions in Catalytic Activated SI Engine with Induction of Magnetism

    Authors: N. Venkateswara Rao; M.V.S. Murali Krishna

  1310. Forward Kinematics Analysis of 5 Dof Robotic Arm

    Authors: Anurag Singh; Rashmi Arora

  1311. Preventive Model on Quality of Service in IOT Applications

    Authors: T. Manivannan; P. Radhakrishnan

  1312. A Sub-Maximal Eccentric Training Coupling with Eurycoma Longifolia Jack Supplementation Induced Quadriceps Muscular Strength and Thickness in Young Elite Rugby Players

    Authors: Zakaria A.Z Washif J.A Lim B.H Amin M.Q.A; Razali M.R

  1313. Mental Toughness Measurement for Psychological Skills Training Intervention: Translation and Adaptation

    Authors: Jamatul Shahidah Shaari Lim Boon Hooi Jamilah Ahmad Radzi Siswantoyo Sri Sumartininggsih; Nor Eeza Zainal Abidin

  1314. A Study on Accessing Factors Leading to the Purchase of Byju’s “Educational Learning App” as a Curriculum


  1315. A Survey on Multilevel Inverter Topologies and Control Schemes with Harmonic Elimination

    Authors: Chithra M

  1316. Finding Centre of Gravity of Posture Sequences of Asanas Using Skeletal Information as Joint Angle Differences

    Authors: Ponmozhi Chezhiyan Dr.P.Deepa Lakshmi; Dr.Anisha M

  1317. A Study on Emotional Intelligence of Secondary School Teachers of Assam

    Authors: Juritiborgohain; Mithunmondal

  1318. Appropriating the Title–A Study of the Novella Os Ki Boond by Rahi Masoom Raza

    Authors: Ayushi Khera; Tanu Kashyap

  1319. Influence of Process Parameter on the Height Deviation of Weld Bead in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

    Authors: Nor Ana Rosli Mohd Rizal Alkahari Faiz Redza Ramli; Mohd Fadzli Abdollah

  1320. Third Party Funding for Litigation in Dispute Resolution Mechanism and its Recent Developments in International Commercial Arbitration

    Authors: Seemasmiti Pattjoshi; Puranjoy Ghosh

  1321. Shivaswaroday An Ancient Indian Science: A Study of Nasal or Nostril Cycles and Its Applications

    Authors: C D Marathe; Jagdish Acharya

  1322. Exploring the Potential of Animal Fats and Vegetable Oils as Potential Metal Cutting Fluids

    Authors: B.U. Anyanwu D.A. Fadare O.S.I. Fayomi P.O. Aiyedun; O. Agboola

  1323. Impact of Spark Ignition Timing on Pollutants of Modified Combustion Chamber of Si Engine

    Authors: Nagini Yarramsetty Maddali Vs Muralikrishna; S. Nagasarada

  1324. Experimental Analysis of Composite Brake Linings

    Authors: Bvs Rao; P. Anjani Devi

  1325. MHD Nanofluid Flow and Heat Transfer due to Rotating Disk with Boundary Condition of Third Kind

    Authors: D. Prakash; Narsu Sivakumar

  1326. Characterization of Mechanical and Fractural Behavior in Tailored Made Al (8081) Nano Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced with Zr/Mg/TiO2

    Authors: Karaka. V.V.N.R. Chandra Mouli Balla Srinivasa Prasad; A.V. Sridhar

  1327. Thermodynamic Performance Improvement in Vapour Compression Refrigeration System with use of Eco-Friendly Primary Refrigerants and Brine Mixed with Nano Particles as Secondary Refrigerant

    Authors: Uma Shankar Prasad Randip Kumar Das; Radhey Shyam Mishra

  1328. Optimization on the Material Properties Prediction of Steels using Instrumented Indentation

    Authors: I N. Budiarsa; I N. Gde Antara

  1329. Experimental Study on Micro Electrochemical Machining of SS 316L using Teaching Learning based Optimization

    Authors: Sudharsan Gunasekaran Suresh Periyagounder Sivalingam. A Saravanan Annamalai

  1330. Research on Combustion and Emissions of RCCI Engine

    Authors: Changchun Xu; Haengmukcho

  1331. Fnite Element Analysis of an Implant Genesis Aktiv Model in the Determination of Insertion Torque and Occlusal Force

    Authors: Kode Jaya Prakash Balla Srinivasa Prasad; Arvind UD

  1332. Disc Tool Profiling for Complex Helical Surfaces Machining using Boolean Envelope Method with Undercutting Problem

    Authors: Long Hoang

  1333. Cross Bore Size and Thickness Ratio Effects on Stress Distribution along the Transverse Plane of a Radial Circular Cross Bore in Elastic Pressurized Pressure Vessels

    Authors: P. K. Nziu; L. M. Masu

  1334. Linear Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Thick Beams Carrying Porosities under Thermal Load

    Authors: Ibnorachid Zakaria Boutahar Lhoucine; El Bikri Khalid

  1335. Comparative Study by Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer in Circular Tube by using Hybrid Nanofluids

    Authors: K. V. Narasimha Rao Golla Vannappa Gari Radha Talasila Vamsidhar; G. Murali

  1336. Investigation of the Engine Combustion Emissions and Engine Combustion Performance when N-Butanol as Additive Into Biodiesel

    Authors: Changchun Xu; Haengmukcho

  1337. Simulation Study and Performance Analysis for the Interaction Between Npp and Electrical Grid Based on Matlab Simulink

    Authors: Asmaa M. Elsotohy Mohamed A. Mehanna Ayman A. Eisa; Ahmed S. Adail

  1338. Effect of End Profile on Dissimilar Metal Friction Welds of Pure Aluminium and Pure Copper

    Authors: Pratyusha. M Venkata Ramana. P; Prasanthi. G

  1339. Sail-Aerodynamic Wind Power Station with Automatically Changing Blade-Swept Area

    Authors: Buktukov N.S Buktukov B.ZH Moldabayeva G.ZH

  1340. Research on the Longitudinal Stability of Fighter Aircraft using Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Method

    Authors: Thuong Dao Huy Minh Tran; Hai Anh Nguyen

  1341. Motion Results of a Self-Mobile System With Mentioning the Stochastic Characteristic in the Friction Force

    Authors: The-Hung Duong; The-Thinhnguyen

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